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1905 Fort Wayne Banks and Trust Companies
1971 Estate of Dale W. McMillen et ux
A Case of Highwar Robbery
A Farewell to Armpits
"Alas for you lawyers!",
Another Invention of The International Harvester Co
A Poor Will Lodged Against Us
Aspects of the Florida Time Line
Assets in Allen County, Indiana Financial Institutions
Banker Murder and Suicide
Bank of England or Bank of America?
Barnett, Sebring ,$ The North American Plan
Berrying the Competition
BestBank/Key Bank
Big Soy- Why We Are Eating It
Carlyle Group Notes
Central Sugar, Central Soy
Changes in the Old Homestead
Clayton, Dubilier & Rice Notes
Coal Baron's Castle in Colorado Indictment
Colorado- Indiana- Florida Consolidated
Control Number 9999110006:
Countrymark Crossovers
Crossing the Allen County Bar
Dates in USDOJ Cases Linked to the Indiana Time Line
DEA /Transtar/North American
Double BS/BO: Big Soy, Big Sugar, Big Oil, Bank One
Draining the Everglades
E.H. Harriman, Union Pacific and Illinois Central RR
Eldest Bloodiest Bank in Indiana!

Farm Bureaus, Credit, and Agricultural Reinsurance
FDIC? What We Need Are G-MEN

First and Tri-State Corporation
Financial Typhoid Mary
Flemings in Our Groceries
Fort Wayne Bank Building
Gary Indiana MacSteel Deal : Indy MacDonaldstrump & IndyFriedKrupp or choose the x-press meal
Global B.S.
Global Money Management
Gold STD
Gus Winkler was Shot in 1933
Helmke, Beams, Boyer, and Kryder
Historical Phases of Fort Wayne National Corporation
Articles of Incorporation
Law Firms, Lawyers and Their Roles
Officers and Directors
Direct and Interlocking Directorates of FWNC
Financial Events 1983-1998
Reported Holdings as of 3/27/1998
Hierarchical Schematic of FWNC
Kryder Real Estate/Fort Wayne Law Firms
History of the Central Bank and Trust Corporation
History of the Wayne Township Trustee
How Banks Are Failed in Florida and Collateral States
I'm Happy at Jardines
Indymac, Why Are You Coming Back?
G.W.B. 1963
"How Cheap I am Accounted!"
James M. Barrett- Fort Wayne Traction Days
Jardine Fleming, Klansmen, Royal Bank of Scotland
Katherine's Dinner Guest, the SAINT
"Let Us Invent Charges Against Him"
Lincoln, Lincoln
Lincoln National Corporation
Merry Christmas from The Kryder Company
Minnie V.Goes to Washington, D.C.
Newest Fleming and Norfolk Southern and Norfolk and Western Notes
North American Exploitation

Ohio's Most Obnoxious Non-Profit Corporations
Old National Money: inside The Two Towers
Our Forefather, Abraham
Pepsi Brings Your Ancestors Back from the Grave
Pepsi Lies
Pipelines, Van lines, & Timelines
The Poop on Lincoln National
Railroads, Failed Banks, and Systems, Inc.
ReMax and Our Max
Reserve Foundation
Ruination of the Standard Trust of Cleveland
San Diego Global Fraud
Schemes of the North Americaneers

Shirt-tail Kin Tend the Family Plot

South American Exploitation
The Big 'Ho
The Deed to 215 E Berry
The Family of Harrison Kryder
The German American Lincoln Continental Beerbank
The Grave of Frank Harry Kryder
The Great Lincoln National Bank Heist
The Importance of Lincoln Tower
The Pepsi Generation
The Plot to Get Henry Ford
The Poop on Lincoln
The Road to Sebring
The SAINT, Leslie Charteris & Ian Fleming
The Standard Building Company
The Suburban Building Company of Fort Wayne, Indiana
The Two Towers
The Union Pacific Railroad
Tough Luck for Foreign Steel Workers
Townsend and Stephenson
Typhoid Minnie
Union Banking Corp.: Thyssen, Bush, and Harriman
USDOJ Cases Linked to the Main Time Line

Warehouse Banking
Which Indicates He Died a Pauper
Who in the World is George M. Green?
Who Was the Majority Stockholder?
Wyoming 1-5 Offshore Shell Banking
Zapata Offshore and More

Indiana Florida Corporations


Index of Estate Documents
Kryder Real Estate Asset Timeline
Recorded Assets of the Kryders in Allen County, Indiana:
Section 28 of Cedar Creek Township
Hough's Outlots/Kryder's Additions
Original Plat of Waynedale
Waynedale Gardens 2nd Addition
Fairfield Terrace A
Fairfield Terrace B
1929 Real Estate Section of Polk's
1929 R.L. Romy's Subdivision
1941 The Kryders are Marked Polk's City Directory
1950 Rm 309 Kryder Real Estate
1950 Lot 209 Avondale
1950 Fairfield Trust Re-recorded November 1,
1960 Thomas M. Moorhead Attorney for Minnie's Estate
1963 G.W. Bordner's Kryder Company Resolution
1963 Azar Appraisal of Minnie's Estate
1963 Incorporation of NAVPAC
1963 Closing of Minnie Kryder's Estate
1966 Allegations of Jean Mason
1966 Incorporation of Fort Wayne Bank Building, Inc.
1967 Disappearing Estate of Edith Michels
1967 Bordner Had the Books of The Kryder Company
1968 Codicil to the Will of Frank Freimann
1968 Last Will and Testament of James I. Evans
1969 Incorporation of Fort Wayne National Corporation
1976 Helmke and Boyer Warrant for Frank Kryder
1981 Trust and Probate of James I. Evans .
1982 Helmke to Walters Deed to 215 East Berry
1982 Bordner Moving Assets of Nancy Ethel Kryder
1982 Bordner Keeps The Change from Nancy's Funeral
1982 Helmke to Bruggeman Deed to Pt 200 E Main
1983 Dissolution of Evans Properties, Inc
1991 Dissolution of Fort Wayne Bank Building, Inc.
1995 Letter of Thomas M. Moorhead
1996 Letter of Felger of Bordner and Felger

Business Entities of the Kryders
Kryder and Ayers
Kryder and Berry
Partnership of C.F. and F.H. Kryder
The Kryder Company (Realtors)
The Kryder Company, Inc.
Kryder Insurance Agency
Hoopingarner Construction Company, Inc.,
The Suburban Building Company of Ft. Wayne, Indiana, Inc.
Kryder Realty
Kryder Real Estate

Kryder Addresses
R.R.#1 Waterloo, Indiana
328-329 Utility Building ("Kryder and Ayers," "Kryder and Berry")
305-306 Carroll Building ("Kryder Company Realtors")
224 East Berry ("Kryder Company Realtors")
215 East Berry Street ("Kryder Company, Inc."; "Kryder Insurance")
Standard Building, Rms 202-203, 204 ("Kryder Insurance Agency"), 224, 225("Suburban Building Company," "Hoopingarner Construction"), 226; Rm 309("Kryder Company" )
807 Ft. Wayne Bank Building
Worthington Apartments
Hartford City
Blackford County
Adams County

Time Lines
Dates throughout the site link to the Main Indiana Time Line

Capital /Reserve Links
Carlyle Group
Charitable Foundations
First American Florida
First American Indiana
Mostly Fort Wayne History
Movers & Storers
North American

Ohio, Colonial Westfield
Shamrock Georgia
The Sixties



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New Mexico Partnerships
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South Carolina
West Virginia

Research Resources

Allen County Library Digital Image Collection

Allen County Recorder's Office Search Property Records
Allen County Assessor Seacrh Property Cards

Bonds of the Government of the United States
Cuyahoga County Recorder
FDIC Bank Find

Federal Reserve National Information Center Institution Search
Hamilton County, OH Recorder
History and Policies of the Home Owners Loan Corporation
History of Aetna
Indiana Unclaimed Property
Dade County Official Public Records Search
San Francisco County Recorder
Sarasota County Recorder
Wayne County
, MI Recorder


Photographs/ Images
Archer, Florida
Banking with Abraham Lincoln
Citizens Trust Company 1907
Clarence and Minnie with Cedarville Kin c.1923
Clarence and Minnie with Their Heirs c.1935
Kryder Realty Asset Time Line
Historical Plats of Cedarville/Cedar Creek Township
Old Leo Cemetery: Mary Ann Treace; Samuel Disler
Leslie Charteris
Lincoln National Life Insurance/Elektron Standard Building
The Ku Klux Klan at Interurban Terminal
Fodder for Americans 1943
Fort Wayne National Corporation
Frank H. Kryder at Cree Lake c.1939
1942 C.F. Kryder and Fairfield Avenue Elevation of the Nickelplate Railroad
Katherine Kryder- Miss American Pie
Rebecca Louise Kryder- I called her "Toti"
Merry Christmas from The Kryder Company
New Leo Cemetery: Clarence, Minnie, Frank
Northeastern Indiana Railroad Maps
A Moorhead, a Moss, and a New City/County Complex
Pepsi, Coffee, and Norfolk Western
The Union Pacific Railroad

Allen County Bank and Trust
Anthony Wayne Bank
Farmer's Trust

First and Tri-State Bank
Fort Wayne National Bank

Grabill Bank
Lincoln National Bank
National City Bank
People's Trust
Salin Bank
Summit Bank
White National Bank

Associated Individuals on Recorded Documents or other Record
Farmer's Trust Bank,Trustee
First and Tri-State National Bank
Old First National Bank
People's Trust and Savings,Trustee
Ft. Wayne National Bank (now National City)
Henry E. Branning, Jr., Trustee
Main Hardware
Jack DuBrove

Hoffman and Hoffman
Colonial Mortgage Company
Moss Engineering Fort Wayne
Moss Engineering.Louisiana
Walter P. Helmke
R. David Boyer
Thomas M. Moorhead
Glenn W. Bordner
Melvin A. Azar

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Forensic Accounting Ask Hal.com
Political Moneyline
Probate Code of Indiana
The United States Code
White Collar Crime- an Overview

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