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Bank Murders, Accidents and Suicides
some car and plane crashes or unusual accidents included

12/10/1886 Suicide Death of Oscar Simons, President of First National Bank and Jenny Electric In Fort Wayne (in the presence of his brother-in-law), a man with no problems or worries, it was said...

Robert H. Plant, sole director and owner of failed I.C. Plant's Son and president of failed First National Bank shot himself in Macon, Georgia 5/21/1904

S.E. Damon, of a prominent Hawaiian family and affiliated in the banking industry was killed in Honolulu by three Puerto Ricans 9/28/1904

Chenoa, Illinois bank cashier and Mayor Charles Nickel was shot by his brother-in-law at the Chenoa bank 10/28/1905

Ohio Banker and farmer R.K. Lewis murdered at home by a swarthy stranger 1/21/1906

BANK OF COMMERCE 0 Filed 01/22/1906 State FL DISSOLVED 10/21/1974

W.H. Sylvester, president of First National Bank in Montezuma, Indiana, was shot by his brother 5/10/1906

T.T. Murrah, prominent banker and merchant of Chipley, Georgia was shot and killed by a farmer (who later escaped from jail) 6/11/1906

KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS THE OF NO : Creation : 1/02/1907 Inactive : 1/1/1970

INB Banking Company, Northeast 200 East Berry Street Fort Wayne, IN : April 7, 1907

Officer of failed Lincoln Trust Company, Philadelphia, Harry B. Weymer of Landsdowne found dead at a park table, committed suicide by poisoning 8/07/1907

BRITISH-AMERICAN OIL COMPANY, LTD. Filed: 8/26/1907 California: Status: dissolved

#4393 Old National Bank est. 11/11/1834 merged into #3832 Old National Bank est. 08/27/1907

Elwood T. Hance, treasurer of Union Trust Co., Detroit shot himself 3/06/1908

Paris banker Auguste Remy was killed with a dessert knife by an unknown guest in his mansion 6/07/1908

3/04/1909 The Florida Fruit Lands Company A.O.I.

John Byron Sayleh murdered in his home in Crescent City Illinois 7/11/1909

Herman P. Jahn former president of First National Bank, Ironwood, Michigan, under indictment, shot himself at home 9/06/1909

9/09/1909 Ohio National Life Insurance Cincinnati A.O.I. 9/09/1909


THE AMERICAN FARM MACHINERY COMPANY Sep 09 1909 Springfield Clark Ohio; cancel 3/15/1920

John W. Castles, head of Union Trust Company found with his slashed throat with a razor, ruled suicide 9/13/1909


The body of the deceased French banker Jules Edouard Gouin, governor of the Bank of Paris, was found under a train in Paris 12/17/1909

Spencer Trask, once head of a bankers firm which were fiscal agents of the Queen Victoria, was crushed to death in his private compartment on The New York Central 1/01/1910

Railroad officials could not explain this accident on the train called Montreal Express

(Labor leader Ray Mason was found shot in a Warsaw, Indiana marsh 11/12/1910)

He owned extensive property in Union City

Tate L. Earnest, cashier of Unaka National Bank, Johnsonville, Tennessee, shot himself in a hunting accident 11/12/1910

He was treasurer of the Tennessee State Bankers Association and the brother-in-law of former state senator R. Walter Dickinson, a wealthy resident of Virginia.

The above articles appeared one over the other in the same column of The Washington Post 11/13/1910

Henry F. Allen, 73 year-; old. an attorney with Allen, Movius & Wilcox and formerly a judge of the Court of Claims; jumped from the window of his office on the tenth floor ot the Mutual Life Building, Buffalo, 12/18/1910

A New York Hungarian Banker was murdered in his office 3/27/1911



Chinese banker Dr. J.W. Lim was killed by revolutionaries in Torreon Mexico 5/21/1911

Walter E. Barr, prominent Winchester, Virginia banker, land owner and merchant, was killed under a freight train during a course of treatment at Pikesville Sanitarium 4/28/1913

M.D. Garrison, Thorpe, Wisconsin cashier of the People's Bank, was killed when his steering gear gave way 9/15/1913

President of the Elkhart County Trust Company Putnam R. Judkins was killed attempting to beat the New York Limited 4/08/1914

He was also director of the Home Telegraph Company of Elkhart County.

Dohrman Sinclair, banker and millionaire financier of Steubenville, Ohio was struck and killed by a Cleveland & Pittsburgh Railroad train 8/07/1915

He had recovered from injuries due to a previous assassination attempt.

While inspecting a farm at Lakeview, Ohio, Thornton Mitchell, cashier of the City Bank at Lima, was killed when he was struck by a car driven by the postmaster and hurled in front of a car owned by the sheriff  9/08/1915

J.M. Turner, vice president of The First National Bank (Blairsville, Pennsylvania) was struck and run down by a passenger train on the Indiana branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad 11/18/1915

Detroit banker Joseph Krewszuski shot while alone in his private bank on West Jefferson Avenue 2/10/1916

Foreign Profit FLORIDA-MICHIGAN HIGHLANDS COMPANY Filed 06/06/1916 State MI DISSOLVED 06/04/1936

Wills Point, Texas banker, his wife, and daughter Mrs. R.L. Morgan murdered at their home 6/08/1916

Former Chicago banker Henry Pontorno, whose bank had failed, found was shot on a lonely road in Benton Harbor 8/04/1916

Prominent banker John Deering killed by a stray bullet while seated at his home in New York 4/11/1917

Isaac N. Seligman, member of the International Banking House of J. & W. Seligman & Co., killed by a fractured skull obtained in an unknown manner while horseback riding 10/02/1917

Peoria, Illinois J. Barker was shot in his home by an unknown assailant 10/10/1917

Clinton, Iowa banker W.F. Coan, state counsel for the Lincoln Highway shot himself 2/13/1918

The wife of California banker George Greenwood, vice-president of the Union Savings Bank & Trust of San Francisco was killed by a bomb in her garden 3/18/1919

7/15/1919 Dr. Bryan Barlow, medical director of the Lincoln Life was killed at Walker, MN

George F. Rand, president of Marine National of Buffalo, New York, was killed when he fell from a plane in England 12/12/1919

Retired Sheldon, Nebraska Banker H.J. Robbins was murdered on the street in Los Angeles 5/05/1920

Clair Connell, cashier of the Farmers State Bank of Leith (North Dakota) was found by his brother at the bottom of a 40' coal shaft 10/08/1920

Funeral services were held at the Knights of Pythias Hall

Mitchell, South Dakota assistant cashier R.G. Stapleton of the (Cor?) State Bank was killed by bandits 2/04/1921

Young and beloved Jamaican banker Mahlon Heater was killed in a car accident of unknown cause 3/16/1921

On March 19, 1921 Mexican railroad workers settled a month old strike. Union leaders sent messages to their organizations calling off the strike.

Dodge Center First National Bank vice-president killed by a youth who entered the bank when the vice-president was alone 9/15/1921

James Soffel, president of the Maywood State Bank, Chicago, was killed by bandits who absconded with the payroll of the American Can Company 1/5/1922

Vice-president and director of National City Bank in Indianapolis James M. M'Intosh shot himself around 12/11/1922

Charles St. Raymond , vice-president and cashier of Citizens Bank and Trust shot himself in his home in New Orleans 1/28/1923

Bank president later announced a shortage in his accounts

Ernest E. Rohif, cashier of the First National Bank of Hayward was killed when his car plunged of a cliff 10/29/1923

A. Hofman Mitchell, South Dakota banker, jumped off bridge and drowned 3/27/1924

Bandits killed Frank Buchanan, stockholder, while robbing the Bank of Clintonville in Kentucky 6/11/1924

Fred D. Hall, former cashier of Citizens Trust & Savings, Los Angeles, was shot in his palatial Esondido home by a gold miner 7/06/1924

Charles T. Dairey, Jr., Jacksonville banker and son of Charles T. Dairey , Sr., vice-president of the Central Georgia Railroad, was killed when his car ran off the road on the way to the banker's convention in St. Petersburg, Florida 12/07/1925

Masillon, Ohio bank auditor Albert J. Albright, whose went off a cliff was ruled a suicide 11/24/1926

James L. Browning, cashier of the People's Bank Co. of Frazeysburg, Ohio, was killed when a pistol fell off a shelf in the vault just as he walked in, shooting him in the head 12/15/1926

J.P. Biggs, Arrow Rock, Missouri, committed suicide and left a note saying he was only one that knew his bank had been failing for five years 9/20/1927

Yonkers, New York retired banker killed himself presumably out of grief for his dogs lost in a fire 10/19/1927

Toledo banker James M. Morgan was killed when his car plunged over a cliff in Pinesville, Kentucky 3/06/1928

Philip J. Schaefer, vice-president of the First National Bank of Marshfield (Wisconsin) was found dead of carbon monoxide asphyxiation 3/21/1928

He was also president of the Schaefer-Thompson Construction Company

J.W. Bradshaw, former cashier of The Citizens National Bank and The First National Bank of Zanesville and The First National and Fourth National Banks of Columbus, Ohio, was killed when he stepped in front of a street car 3/28/1928

Stanislaws Silberman, Viennese bank director was killed when he jumped or fell from the fourth floor of the Hotel Imperial on Ringstrasse 8/29/1928

A plane carrying delegates to the Investment Bankers Association convention crashed near Atlantic city, injuring the passengers and killing banker W.O. Chanute, of Denver, Colorado10/23/1928

The body of Don Maple, vice-president of Sullivan National Bank, Sullivan, Indiana was found on the floor of the bank when it opened 1/16/1929

Sherman Mills, cashier of The First National Bank at West Alexandria, near Dayton, Ohio, shot himself when according to police his plan for a cover-up robbery did not materialize 4/01/1929

Leigh Miltz Marlow, son of Helena, Montana banker C. Thomas A. Marlow, also a member of the finance committee of the Republican national committee was killed from an eight story plunge through a window following what was told to police was a drinking party 5/27/1929

Though enormously wealthy, J.J. Riordan, head of the Important County Trust Company, New York, shot himself 11/10/1929

The body of John A. Barton, wealthiest man in Two Harbors, Minnesota and president of The First National Bank, and the body of his invalid daughter were found in the Barton car on a county road 11/19/1929

Bank officials assured police that the bank was in good shape, and it was concluded he must have been despondent over his daughters health, killing her, then himself.

William Conrad, son of C.D. Conrad, president of the Conrad National Bank, was killed in a Kalispell, Montana hunting accident while by himself and his gun theoretically became lodged in some underbrush and shot him in the chest 1/01/1930

Brooklyn banker Vito Bonventre was shot by what police called "business rivals" 7/16/1930

The body of Samuel I. Lipp, Cincinnati, Ohio banker thought to have fallen from the train, was found on the tracks of the New York Central Railroad 8/21/1930

He was vice-president and attorney of the Security Savings & Loan Company, Cincinnati, member of the Ohio Grand Lodge of Masons, past chancellor of the Knights of Pythias and a memeber of the Cincinnati Elks Club.

Columbus, Ohio banker William C. Willard shot himself at his athletic club 12/12/1930

Was vice-president of Huntington National Bank, vice-president and treasurer of Columbus Savings Bank, director of Columbus Railway Power and Light Company

11/12/1931 TRUST COMPANY PRESIDENT A SUICIDE Terre Haute, Ind., Nov. 12.-(UP)-James Cooper, 57, pres. ident of the Terre Haute Trust company, committed suicide at his home here today. Cooper slashed his throat with a razor. Last Monday Cooper suffered a nervous breakdown. He had been under the care of a physician since. Cooper formerly residde in Indianapolis, being admitted to the bar there in 1900. He was born in New Harmony, Ind

A. Robert Morton, former vice-president of the National Bank of Commerce, Seattle, Washington, shot himself at his country home 7/35/1932

Banker Luther D. Marr was shot returning from Kansas City for foreclosure of a 500 acre farm 2/02/1933

J.H. Stewart, vice-president of The First National Bank of Wichita Kansas was killed when his car plunged off a cliff 9/19/1933

10/09/1933 Gangster Gus Winkler was shot 111 times in front of a beer distribution agency on Roscoe Street in Chicago.

Alfred C. Andrews, retired New York banker jumped or fell from his fifth floor Park Avenue apartment 1/21/1937

Clarence H. Amster, president of The American Security Company of New Albany, was killed by machine gun fire in Jeffersonville, IN while at the barbecue stand of Walter Maddox 7/02/1937.

Ohio Banker John W. Vodfrey was killed when his automobile overturned near East Liverpool 3/24/1941

Henry C. Heinz, former vice-president of Central Bank and Trust Company (son-in-law of Asa Candler, Coca-cola bank), vice-president Citizens & Southern National Bank, shot by an intruder in his Atlanta home 9/29/1943

He was also past president of Kiwanis International.

Banker Robert E. Tod, former commissioner of immigration under Harding, committed suicide in Syossett, New York 11/09/1944

Wife of First National Bank bookkeeper in Santa Fe, who was also the daughter of a Denver banker found slashed in bathtub 11/21/1945

Edward H. Lamport, transit manger of the Penn-Central National Bank, was killed by hit-and-run in Philadelphia 11/25/1945

J.W. Moore, president of Newton County Bank in Jasper, Ark. was shot on the courthouse lawn by an assailant whose motive was unknown 6/01/1949

Howard E. Haworth, manager of the Fallon branch of The First National Bank of Nevada, was killed in a car crash 11/30/1949

Family members filed suit against the driver, another First National employee, for recklessness.


Robert R. Young, New York Central RR tycoon



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