Where is Kryder's Money?
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Minnie V. Goes to Washington, D.C.
Now Updated for the 2004 Presidential Election!

In The Wake of C.F. Kryder: Clarence Frank Kryder (third gent from the left) examines blueprints for the proposed Fairfield Avenue Elevation of the Nickel Plate Railroad, Fort Wayne, Indiana, June 2 , 1942. Inextricably tied to his missing real estate and insurance fortune through North American Properties, Inc., are (left to right) the Fort Wayne International Harvester and Magnavox Companies, Lincoln Tower, and the Fort Wayne Bank Building.
His estate was "off the books" before a Will was illegally admitted to Probate four years after his death, and since that time its securities have been concealed and held inside the Lincoln National, Central Soya, North American/Allied/International, Bechtel and Halliburton cartel of our present day.

Clarence Frank and Minnie V. Kryder were lifelong neighbors of the founding family of Central Soya whose interests were ultimately mingled with Roy Disney's via Fort Wayne National Corporation in a fund called SHAMROCK.

The Law Firm of Barrett and McNagny occupies the former site of the Kryder realty and insurance offices.

Ewing as Carlyle CEO and practically the sole owner of U.S. Marine Repair in 2002


"Minnie V. Kryder, devout Methodist, avid gardener, and President of the Kryder Company, Inc., never dreamed her life's work would be buried by lawyers and insurance institutions for thirty years, only to turn up in the midst of The Carlyle Group which along with General Dynamics in the year 2004 controls today's amalgamated U.S. defense contracting, transportation, soy, steel, oil, glass, lumber, gravel, insurance, and aeronautical industry." Minnie's cryptic journey to the nation's capitol appears to have a lot to do with persons motivated by a "shirt-tail" cousin Kenneth W. Maxfield. In Leo, Indiana, some of Maxfield's lifelong neighbors never knew he was "of counsel" in the law firm of the Allen County Attorney, Beers, Mallers, Backs, and Salin.

Maxfield's protégé B. Edward Ewing, aka Bernie E. Ewing and "Ed," appears to have discovered both the fountain of youth and a pot-of-gold at the end of the rainbow. Born too poor to buy coal in Jasper, Indiana he is now hoping to be a billionaire. His career began in 1965 as a draftsman "where he advanced through a number of management positions in engineering, manufacturing and material in the North American Truck Group." Without any formal education, he became Vice President of General Dynamics when Magnavox seemingly shut down the Fort Wayne operations to hide out in California long enough for locals to have forgotten the past.

About the time Magnavox Defense Electronics was acquired by the Carlyle Group Ewing became Chief Executive Officer of Carlyle Management Group based in Dallas, Texas, founded in Indianapolis in 1969 and 1985. After wrapping up a brilliant U.S. tour of duty buying up defense "turn-arounds" for The Carlyle Group prior to the War on Terror, he commenced buying up the remains of the for decades bankrupted aeronautical trade just in time for the new boom in U.S. space exploration.

The biography of another Fort Wayne star, Tim Berry, the 2002 Indiana State Treasurer reads that "Prior to his election as Treasurer of State, Berry served as Allen County Treasurer from September 1990 to February 1999. Berry was first elected, at age 29... As Allen County Treasurer, Berry earned record interest income through efficient investment of tax dollars. Berry also cut the County Treasurer’s office operating expenses, to achieve the lowest per capita operating budget of any of Indiana’s 92 county treasurers... Before entering public life, Tim Berry spent five years with North American Van Lines in finance and operations analysis."

(Now, it is a fact that state treasurers invest state pension funds with the Carlyle Group. Some State Treasurers even had pensions invested in ENRON). Ian Rolland, who became President of Lincoln National Life Insurance in Fort Wayne in 1977, the year K.W. Maxfield became President of North American Van Lines, retired from all that to become Chair of the Indiana State Pension in 2000.

Another member of the Carlyle Group is former Indiana Senator Dan Coats (German Ambassador), who heartily supported former Fort Wayne Mayor Paul Helmke in his race for the Senate against Evan Bayh.

In 2002, Paul Helmke announced his upcoming candidacy for a congressional seat. A photo caption from the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel read:

"Helmke joins race today... Paul Helmke stands with Ian Rolland, and his father, Walter Helmke, as he waits at the Republican headquarters to announce his candidacy for the 3rd District congressional seat."

Walter P. Helmke's office address at Room 309 Standard Building was also the address of the Kryder Company when Clarence died in 1950. Also in the office simultaneously in 1950 was Moss Engineering. The Louisiana Branch of Moss Engineering has ties to the old "Avondale Industries" corporation which is now owned by Northrop Grumman which is owned in part by the Carlyle Group.

While occupying Room 309 in 1950, Moss Engineering and Kryder Company were listed as Hotel/Motel Builders.

In 1989 Azar Corporation sold "Shoney's" to Marriott Corporation and then changed its name to "Truste Hotels, Inc." Marriott Corporation acquired a number of Indiana Hotels, amongst which was the original "Fairfield Inn" name forerunner to today's "Marriott Fairfield." Melvin A. Azar was County Auditor when Minnie Kryder's Estate Closed while yet another Azar was a Director of Lincoln National Corporation.

In 1995, The Carlyle Group was the owner of Marriott Fairfield Fort Wayne; Carlyle sold "Magnavox Defense Electronics" a Fort Wayne operation, and B. Edward Ewing became CEO of Carlyle Management Group.

In 1996 Indiana citizens voted to allow investment of state pension funds in stocks and equities. In the year 2000, Ian M. Rolland was Chair of the Indiana State Pension fund.

When Salin Bancshares opened up shop in Fort Wayne, its ATMs were installed in Azar stores.


March 27, 2000 Bush of Arabia by DAVID CORN and PAUL LASHMAR
Enjoy this Feature Story Reprint from The Nation about the Carlyle Group, founded in 1987

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Onsite History of North American/Allied /Global/Atlas
A Kryder Company/Indiana Corporation Time Line

Location of Some of Clarence and Minnie Viola "Disler" Kryder's Realty:
Rural 1894-1919:
Cedarville, Cedar Creek Township, Leo, S28 T32 R13, Grabill, Decatur

Beginning 1919 Fort Wayne:

Elmwood Addition
Forest Park Addition
Comparet's Addition
Bayer's 2nd Addition
Lillie Place
Bayer's Addition
Weisser Park
Eliza Hanna's Addition
Pontiac Place Addition
Driving Park Addition
Anthony Hibbs Addition
Romy's Subdivision
Hough's Outlots
W.H. Simons Addition
1,2,3 Laselle Place Addition
Pfeiffer Place Addition
Kryder's Additions, 1-2-3
Drexel Park
Waynedale; Waynedale Gardens 1-2-3
Fletcher's Addition
Lot 91 Old Plat Addition
Beck's 2nd Addition
Forest Hill Addition
5 Tennessee Avenue
Archer's Addition

LaFayette Place Addition
Bercot's Addition
Shadybrook Addition
1929: Lot 52 and 78 Original Plat of Waynedale given to Wayne School Township by Frank H. Kryder
Hanna's Park Outlots
Woodland View
Armiston Heirs Addition
Orchard Place Addition
Fairfield Terrace Sec. A
Fairfield Terrace Sec. B.
Disler Place Addition
Schnelker's Addition
Woodward Addition
Drexel and Winter Street- Kryders Extended Addition
Edgewood Addition
S.C. Evans Amended Plat
Bayer's Addition
Lot 209 Avondale

Kryder Addresses
Utility Building
305-306 Carroll Building
215 East Berry Street
Standard Building, Rms 202, 203, 225, 226; Rm 309
Moss Engineering
807 Ft. Wayne Bank Building
Worthington Apartments
Hartford City
Blackford County
Adams County

Disclaimer: The Personal Representative of this family believes that evidence exists which calls into question the integrity of certain individuals who controlled the bulk of the Kryder Family's property. The PR believes that an assortment of estate documents filed in Allen County, Indiana, from an assortment of related estates, do not represent the entire truth. The information published on this website follows ten years of research. It is Public Information cited from documents recorded in the State of Indiana, and from other genuine publications. One or two statements were made directly to the Personal Representative in letters or on the phone. Experts have been consulted at considerable expense. Due to the evasiveness of fiduciaries, relatives, and known associates of the Kryders, the Personal Representative is of the opinion that harm and injustice have been done to a family entitled to protection under the PROBATE CODE OF INDIANA. This is an opinion, not the conclusion of the Personal Representative. Corrections are welcomed and will be promptly acknowledged and applied. Links to the world wide web do not imply endorsement by this site or by the Personal Representative. estate@frankkryder.com

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