Where is Kryder's Money?

In The Wake of C.F. Kryder: Clarence Frank Kryder (third from the left) examines blueprints for the proposed Fairfield Avenue Elevation of the Nickel Plate Railroad, Fort Wayne, Indiana, June 2 , 1942. Inextricably tied to his missing real estate and insurance fortune through North American Properties, Inc., are (left to right) the Fort Wayne International Harvester and Magnavox Companies, Lincoln Tower, and the Fort Wayne Bank Building.

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History of North American Van Lines' Acquisition of Allied and Global Plus Notes on Atlas Van Lines With dates linked to an Indiana Corporation Time Line

For more recent history see Clayton, Dubilier & Rice Notes

All compiled from the sources indicated:

Allied Timeline Year Historical Facts

"1928 Allied Van Lines is founded as a non-profit organization, following a recommendation by the National Furniture Warehousemen’s Association (NFWA), to assist independent movers so that they can perform more return loads and expand their services to a greater area. Allied serves as "command central," dispatching shipping information to its members or "agents." 1929 Within a few months, Allied has 178 agents and has hauled more than 5,700 shipments, with revenues of almost $850,000. By the end of the year, agencies are scattered up and down the east coast and in the central and southern regions of the U.S. 1934 Allied expands operations to the west coast and publishes its first tariff listing rates for all regions in the United States. 1965 Allied becomes the first household goods carrier to exceed $100 million in revenue. 1967 Allied Van Lines International is established as an outgrowth of Allied Sea Van Company, which was founded in 1958. 1968 Stockholders approve a plan to reorganize the company from a non-profit venture to a standard business operation. 1973 Vanguard Insurance, Allied’s in-house insurance agency, is created to serve the insurance needs of agents. 1975 Allied’s Special Products Division is formed. 1988 Allied stockholders announce an agreement to a $100 million acquisition by NFC of the United Kingdom. The acquisition makes Allied part of the world’s largest centrally-owned moving network. 1991 Allied introduces its new quality standards, entitled "The Quality Alliance," to agents, drivers, and corporate personnel. 1992 Allied University, a van foreman training facility, opens its doors March 1. By year’s end, 259 drivers have graduated from the facility offering courses in customer service, safety, and equipment standards. Allied introduces a stretch-wrap material that protects overstuffed furniture from soil damage, rips, and snags when moving. Allied’s Showcase Fleet is established. It consists of 35 elite drivers throughout the country who are specially trained in exhibit handling and transportation. 1993 Allied International opens new offices in Beijing, the Philippines, Bangkok, Moscow, and Vietnam. 1995 Allied is named the "official carrier" of the Imperial Tombs of China, an exhibit featuring treasures dating back to 500 B.C. 1996 Allied is recognized by Distribution Magazine as a "Quality Carrier" for its household goods and special products transportation services. 1997 Allied adds several new features to its web site. These include direct email links and an online claim form, which customers complete and submit directly online to Allied's claims department. 1998 Allied wins its sixth Quest for Quality Award for its performance in shipping household goods and its second Quest for Quality Award for the shipment of high-value products.

Allied Van Lines is the top van line carrier for Domestic Military shipments. Allied transported over 16,500 military members’ personal property totaling over 81 million pounds. This represents 17.5 percent of the domestic military market. Allied Van Lines is awarded one of the first Military Re-engineering contracts. Re-engineering contracts were awarded to top carriers in the states of North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida. The re-engineering contract focuses on providing military members corporate class moving service with a strong emphasis on quality. 1999 Allied introduces its on-line shipment tracking function, giving customers the ability to check on the current status of their shipments. Allied Van Lines continues to be the top carrier for Domestic Military shipments handling 20.9 percent of the domestic military market.

Allied Worldwide announces the completion of the merger between North American Van Lines and Allied Van Lines, creating the world’s largest relocation and van line logistics company in a transaction valued at approximately $450 million. "

Atlas Van Lines History

"Atlas was formed in 1948 by a group of 33 local moving firms whose common interest was to provide interstate movement of used household goods and personal effects. In March 1960, Atlas moved from its original headquarters in Chicago to Evansville, Indiana, which offered a central location, ample supply of qualified personnel and a good local business climate. Atlas continued to be owned solely by its agents until the early 1980's when stock in the Company was offered to the public. In response to a hostile takeover bid in 1984, Atlas was purchased by an outside concern. In September, 1988, Atlas was repurchased by a number of its agents and it remains today one of the few agent-owned van lines in the industry. In 1994, Atlas World Group, Inc. ("AWG") was formed as the holding company for Atlas and its subsidiaries. At the present time, approximately 75 agents are stockholders of AWG. Today, Atlas Van Lines, Inc. has nearly 800 agents worldwide (in over 140 countries) and the operating authority to provide direct service in and between the 48 continental United States, plus Alaska and Hawaii. Atlas Van Lines (Canada) Ltd., founded in 1963, has grown to a family of nearly 200 agents who provide service within and to all the Canadian provinces."

History of Global Van Lines

"1933 George T. Howard founds moving company in Dallas, Texas. 1948 Howard’s moving company incorporated as Howard Van Lines. 1957 Trans-Ocean Van Service, of Long Beach, Calif., purchases Howard Van Lines, renames it Global Van Lines, and moves its headquarters to Southern California. 1950s/60s/70s Global is first carrier to create a separate division for Electronics & Exhibit Trade, the first to introduce logistics track cargo systems, and the first to utilize a number of vehicle innovations, including donut-wheel trailers, air-ride suspension, high-cube trailers, climate control and aluminum cargo bars. Global gains fame for transporting spacecraft, lunar rovers and other high-value equipment for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Special Delivery Division gains acclaim as "Official Disneyland Mover" for more than 20 years. Global transports many of the world’s most valuable items, including the "Mona Lisa," the art of Leonardo da Vinci, Smithsonian artifacts, the Shroud of Turin and treasures from China. Global International becomes the industry’s largest international mover, with 37 company-owned offices and 600 agents around the world. 1980 Trucking industry is deregulated. 1981 1981 WKG Corporation, of Houston, Texas, acquires Global Van Lines and Global International. 1985 Contrans Corporation, of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, acquires Global Van Lines. 1986 Contrans Corporation acquires Global International. 1990 Global agents buy Global Van Lines and Global Worldwide (formerly Global International) from Contrans Corporation. 1991-1995 Global Van Lines named "Official Van Line of the PGA of America" 1998 Interstate Van Lines purchases Global Van Lines. 2000 Allied Worldwide acquires Global Van Lines; moves headquarters to Fort Wayne, Ind. "

For more recent history see Clayton, Dubilier & Rice Notes

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