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Eldest Bloodiest Bank in Indiana!
The Old Old-First National Fort Wayne National National City Bank, Fort Wayne, Indiana
or pepsybank- where they have always been thick as fleas, and Our North American Cousin is in charge of the family plot.

1835 "Bank of the State of Indiana" was chartered; Hugh McCulloch was cashier and manager of the Branch at Fort Wayne, aka the beginning of Fort Wayne National Bank

1858 "Bank of the State of Indiana Branch at Fort Wayne, July 6, 1855, On Wednesday next this Branch Bank will remove to the office of W.G. & G.W. Ewing, two doors north of... Reed's Drug Store and will occupy the same for its office while the Banking House is undergoing repairs. C.D. Bond, cashier."

1863 Fort Wayne National Bank was chartered under The National Bank Act as the Fort Wayne National Bank

National City Bank of Kentucky 101 South Fifth Street Louisville, KY 40232 Established: 1/1/1863

1865 Organized January 1865- Fort Wayne National Bank 1/01/1865

3/07/ 1865, Hugh McCulloch, president of the State Bank of Indiana, entered President Lincoln's cabinet as secretary of the Treasury succeeding Salmon P. Chase.

04/14/1865 Pres. Abraham Lincoln was assasinated in Washington, DC.

05/15/1865 John P. Usher of Indiana left Lincoln's cabinet and became consulting attorney for the Union Pacific Railroad.

A month following General Lee's surrender in Virginia, on May 15, 1865, a wagon train carrying high ranking government officials, the personal baggage of Jefferson Davis, documents, and the remains of the Confederate Treasury... rolled into Florida... the officials were arrested... pardoned and given high-ranking positions in the new federal government while the August 1865 Fort Wayne National Bank succeeded The Bank of the State of Indiana. The Treasury was never found.


"The Fort Wayne National Bank. Successor to the oldest bank in the state. Corner Main and Clinton Streets

Stephen B. Bond pres.; Pliny Hoagland, vice-pres.; Jared D. Bond, cashier; James G. Woodworth asst. cashier

This bank is managed and controlled by the same men that for many years managed and controlled the OLD BANK. They are men of known wealth and responsibility."

1884 Fort Wayne National Bank changed its name to Old National Bank; First and Tri-State National Bank and Trust chartered as First National.

1885 "The Fort Wayne National Bank has been from the first a great success, paying large dividends to its shareholders, always plenty of money for its patrons, solid as a rock in the troublesome times of 1872 - 1873..." - Fort Wayne Daily Gazette 1/9/1885

1887 Death of J.D. Nuttman. John H. Bass became new First National president.

1893 The Union Pacific Railroad went into receivership; financial panic caused a depression







Old National Bank 1905

Officers: Henry C. Paul President; Charles E. Bond Cashier; O.A. Schwegman Assistant Cashier

Directors: Clement P. App, John H. Bass, August E.C. Becker, William A. Bohn, Stephen B. Bond, Frank H. Cutshall, John W. Eggemen, B. Fitzpatrick, Charles G. Guild, Willis Hattersley, A. Ely Hoffman, G. Max Hoffman, Gaylord M. Leslie, John M. Landenberger, Henry F. Moellering, William E. Mossman, William K. Noble, Henry C. Paul, John C. Peters, George W. Pixley, Edward M. Wilson.




Old National Bank in Evansville est. 08/27/1907

The Ohio National Bank in Lima, Ohio changed its name to "Old National"

1913 In 1913 Fort Wayne National Bank was called Old National Bank. Allen County Public Library Photo Citation | Photo ID: 00004637 Collection: Historic Photos Notes: Old National Bank, Fort Wayne IN: interior showing banking hall. 1913. reproduced from a printed source.

1917 Hamilton Bank (Charles McCulloch president) merged with First National Bank in Fort Wayne;


12/20/1918 The First Joint Stock Land Bank of Fort Wayne, an affiliate of (Fort Wayne) Old National Bank was chartered December 20, under the Federal Farm Loan Act. It operated in Indiana and Ohio

1923 Old-First National stockholders had the right to subscribe for $150,000 new stock;

1924 Construction began on Fort Wayne Union Railway- First National was Trustee for the bonded debt due September 1, 1974.

1927 Old-First National Company, 127 West Berry, was incorporated 3/2/1927 as "The Old National Securities Company." Old-National Securities was an affiliate of The Old National Bank of Fort Wayne, specializing in real estate and mortgages. S. B. Bechtel was a Director and it was during this time Stephen D. foresaw the future of energy which eventually caused him to steer his father's company into pipeline construction;

1929 First National Bank was called First and Tri-State Bank which upon consolidation with Tri-State Loan and Trust Company merged into Old National;

04//1929 National City Bank acquired control of Farmers Loan and Trust Company.

FIRST AND TRI-STATE CORPORAT (See also 1940 First and Tri-State National Bank and Trust was Fort Wayne's largest bank until 1933. It did not re-open after the "bank holiday" but became Old-First National. Tri-State Loan and Trust mortgages for home purchasers in Kryder's Additions 1, 2, and 3 were assigned to Old-First National. Legal Name: FIRST AND TRI-STATE CORPORAT : 192823-098 Creation : 12/11/1929 Inactive : 01/01/1970

1931 First and Tri-State affiliated banks were The South Side Bank, Broadway State Bank, East Creighton Trust and Savings consolidated in August; The Old National Securities Company, became Old-First National Company;

04/16/1931 Farmer's Trust Company, Trustee, conveyed and warranted to Clarence F. and Minnie V. Kryder Lots 72, 81, 82, 85, 86, 89, 90, 94, 129, 130, 137, 138, 143, 144, 145, 147, 148, 76, 211, 212, 231, 232, in Fairfield Terrace Section "A.."

Katherine Kryder Born 5/25/1931

6/24/1931 First and Tri-State Bank and Old National Bank were merged with assets of more than $36,000,000.

OLD-FIRST NATIONAL COMPANY (Old First National held mortgages for buyers in Waynedale Gardens Second Addition and became Fort Wayne National Bank-National City): 192876-014 Creation : 08/19/1931 Inactive : 01/01/1970 But See 1940

1932 Farmer's Loan and Trust, Trustee conveyed to Clarence F. Kryder, Trustee Many Lots in Waynedale plus other realty 08/23/1932; Clarence was previous Grantor to Farmer's L & Trust. Farmer's Loan and Trust became Indiana National Bank in 1982.

THE KRYDER COMPANY IN 193007-098 Creation : 12/30/1932 to Expire: 12/30/1982 Inactive : 01/01/1970

1933 Fort Wayne National Bank purchased "certain assets" of Old-First National Bank; affiliated banks of Old-First National were Mayer State Bank, S. Whitley, Old-First National Bluffton Branch, Churubusco Bank, Citizen's State Bank of Hartford City, First State Bank of Hoagland, the First Joint Stock Land Bank of Fort Wayne, and Farmers & Wabash National Bank, Wabash;

03/04/1933 "Bank Holiday"; First and Tri-State, the largest Fort Wayne bank, closed and mortgages were assigned to " Old-First National" (See 1940 and mergers in 1987)

07/15/1933 Farmer's Trust Company, John Burns, Zina Burns, William A. Burns, Mary Burns, Clarence F. Kryder, George Hodson, Lyda M. Hodson, Judge C. Kirkpatrick, Martha M. Kirkpatrick, and Minnie V. Kryder Quit-Claim Lot (20) in the Amended Plat of S.C. Evans Addition to the City of Fort Wayne to THE FORT WAYNE INVESTMENT COMPANY. Clarence Kryder was Trustee for the former Farmer's Trust Company as well as a Grantor of its realty.

10/09/1933 Gus Winkler was shot 111 times in front of a beer distribution agency on Roscoe Street in Chicago.

10/28/1933 Fort Wayne Bank Chartered


11/09/1934 The old Farmer's Trust Company: John Burns, Zina Burns, William A. Burns, Mary Burns, Clarence F. Kryder, George Hodson, Lyda M. Hodson, Judge C. Kirkpatrick, Martha M. Kirkpatrick, and Minnie V. Kryder reaffirmed Clarence F. Kryder as Trustee and empowered him to accept Home Owners Loan Corporation Bonds for houses in Waynedale Gardens Second Addition.


10/18/1939 Clarence F. Kryder filed an Affidavit stating he was Grantor in the 110 Acres of Waynedale Deed on 03/04/1925 to Farmer's Loan & Trust,Trustee- that all terms had been performed and Trustee claimed no interest in the property.


10/11/1940 Kryder Company, Inc. Complaint to Quiet Title vs. Old-First National Bank and First and Tri-State Corporation; KCO owns "in fee simple" Lots 24, 31, 40, 49, 59, 63, 67, 82, 101, 107, 111, 115, 119, 123, 127, 135, 139, 143, 154, 159, 171, 177, 181,194, 198, 202, 209, 224, 229, 235, 239, 250, 257, 261, 265, 272, 276, 280, 284, 288, 292, 297, 233, 8, 18, 253, 254 Waynedale Gardens Second Addition

1960 Wells Fargo Bank/American Trust Company merger; Paul E. Shaffer vice-president of Fort Wayne National Bank;

02/12/1960 Death of Minnie V. Disler Kryder; Minnie said to have died Intestate; Thomas M. Moorhead and Glenn W. Bordner Attorneys for the Estate;

07/01/1960 Fort Wayne National Bank acquired Woodburn State Bank

08//7/1960 Estate of Minnie V. Kryder Opened


07/27/1962 Change of Address for the Kryder Company, Inc. 807 Fort Wayne Bank Building, Fort Wayne 2, Indiana

07/31/1962 New Principal Office of the Kryder Company, Inc. became "Moorhead and Bordner, 807 Fort Wayne Bank Building"


05/15/1963 The residence of Minnie V. Kryder, Pt Lots 5-6- and 7 of Romy's Subdivision,was sold to Thornbury, mortgaged to Colonial Mortgage Company eventually assigned to Rockford National Bank, Frank A. Higgins, attorney.

05/18/1963 Bordner filed a Resolution empowering himself to encumber all property of The Kryder Company, Inc.

FIRST NATIONAL ACCEPTANCE CO : 5/23/1963 Inactive : 1/1/1970

EWING REALTY INC Creation : 07/18/1963 Inactive : 12/31/1987 An Incorporator was George P. Mallers of Beers (Allen County Attorney), Mallers, Backs, (Maxfield) and Salin, 1100 Fort Wayne Bank Building- after the new building was built.


NAVPAC Corporate Record is Lost But the Indiana Secretary of State has a notation of the creation . Creation : 08/08/1963 Merged into North American Van Lines 01/01/1970

11/22/1963 Pres. John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas; on the same day National City Lines. Inc., a holding company, acquired 75% of the outstanding stock of Fort Wayne Leasing, Inc., for $200,000 at closing and an additional $150,000 to be paid over the next five years contingent on Fort Wayne's earnings.

Richard Nixon a Pepsico lawyer, was in Dallas for a Pepsico board meeting the day of the assassination;


FORT WAYNE BANK BUILDING INC : 110 WEST 7TH STREET , TULSA, OK 74102 Creation : 04/21/1966 Inactive : 05/20/1991

SPEDCO INC, a Delaware Corporation, and a Pepsi cola subsidiary, K.W. Maxfield Executive Vice-President, filed for Certificate of Admission with Secretary of State 05/20/1966;

10/03/1966 Fort Wayne National Bank acquired First Citizen's State Bank, Monroeville


Paul E. Shaffer, formerly of Rockford National Bank was named president of Fort Wayne National Bank;

1/16/1968 Fort Wayne Bank Building was purchased by Nadar, Inc., an Indiana corporation owned by Leonard G. and Leo J. Murphy of Fort Wayne and Van Wert. Sale was handled by Harding, Dahm & Co. Previous owner was Union Realty of Boston.

SPEDCO INC, a Delaware Corporation, and a Pepsi cola subsidiary, K.W. Maxfield Executive Vice-President, merged into North American Van Lines 11/27/1968


Maxfield, a director of Fort Wayne National Bank, sold North American Van Lines to Pepsico.


Maxfield sold NAVL to Norfolk Southern for $369 million.

NAVISTAR INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION: 1209 ORANGE ST , WILMINGTON, DE 19801 Creation : 5/20/1985 Inactive : 10/28/1993

11/22/1985 Failure of Allen County Bank and Trust Company, Leo, Indiana- merged with financial assistance into NBD

11/30/1985 Advent of Star Financial Bank announced. This bank, whose founder is purported to be Hodson, is in the Fort Wayne Bank Building


02/25/191987-effective 03/01/1987 Old-First National Corporation merged (see 1940) into Fort Wayne National Corporation; c/o Thomas Shoaff

04/30/1987 Anthony Wayne Bank into Summit merger Jump to 1937; Address of Fort Wayne National Corporation is 202 W Berry; copies to Baker and Daniels, 2400 Fort Wayne National Bank Building

05/30/1987 Exchange Bank Acquisition Corporation merged into Fort Wayne National Corporation


01/01/1988 Fort Wayne National Bank acquired Fort Wayne National Bank Realty

PEPSICO, INC. : 700 ANDERSON HILL ROAD Tax Dept., PURCHASE, NY 10577 Active: Creation : 02/15/1988 : Original Creation : 11/13/1966 Original Creation State: NC Other Names 02/15/1988 PFS Pepsico bought out North American Van Lines via K.W. Maxfield.

NORTH AMERICAN MORTGAGE COMPANY (Former) Legal Name: GENERAL MORTGAGE SERVICE COMPANY : 10370 Richmond Ave , HOUSTON, TX 77042 : Creation : 3/18/1988 Inactive : 12/30/1991 Original Creation : 12/4/68 Original Creation State: AK Other Names 2/13/1989 NORTH AMERICAN MORTGAGE COMPANY


5/20/1991 Dissolution of Fort Wayne Bank Building, Inc.; title to Fort Wayne Bank Building transferred to New York Life c/o "Wayne Partnership" formed in 1970;



Despoti all! Lord thou seest which Barretts, Bonds, and Ewings keep what belongs to Katherine Ann Kryder.

Some years after the North American Exploitation Company had arranged its fold of investors, it became a problem for certain banks around America when stockholders with interests originating in the Depression era got old and died.

In Fort Wayne,the Barretts, Bonds, and Ewings like any oligarchical clan, were not about to let go of what they believed was theirs by right of having been the Northern Indiana territory's earliest corporate terrorists, and as well players on the original North American Exploitation team. Theirs was the eldest bank in Indiana, a great big dirty rotten pepsybank no less- teeming with funneled Indian property, interest collected since 1835 on coal loans, chattel property of the desperate, and doomed-from-the start farm loan foreclosures; a bank bursting with goods taken of estates with missing or no heirs, in a scheme which must be elaborated for the sake of truth and salvation, and for which Allen County, Indiana no doubt will be made famous.

Rosemary Kryder, Frank Jr.'s first daughter born in 1924, remained in Fort Wayne as she grew up, and her presence was made even more conspicuous by the steady stream of lawsuits from her mother Rose for ever increasing Kryder financial support. So when Rosemary came of marriageable age, like clockwork along came James Ewing Bond, which marriage took care of any bank stock she may have inherited through the senior Kryders in 1933, and insured it would return to the Bond stronghold. Rose Phillips, as she later became, worked in the Allen County Auditor's Office until 1962.

But Rosemary Bond's half sister, Katherine, of 1931 vintage, was taken away to a part of Florida in 1940 where there weren't any Ewings or Bonds, and didn't fare as well.

James M. Barrett III (Jimmy, or Jim-bo to the personal representative) did James Ewing Bond's estate work, probably right in The Standard Building and the two are, or were, in the Kryder Century the best of buddies, attending basketball games together, while Rosemary claims she knows nothing about any Kryders and in fact won't even talk to the Personal Representative about any Kryders or Dislers.

The Bonds live "behind the hedge" in Elkhart, Indiana where our North American Half-cousin, Richard E. Bond, quite a well-fed and contented fellow enjoying a $350,000.000 salary with regular gifts of stock as a vice-president of Monaco Coach, a Navistar subsidiary, has absolutely no concern about missing assets of his grandfather...

Frank Kryder Sr. with his granddaughter Katherine the Gypped:
the Kryder Century- where the wound of lost kin never healed, and American heritage became a thing of despots whose hearts put mutual funds on an equal footing with God.


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