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Why believe a Double BS/BO story ?

"Ask about my Son"

-sign in an orange grove on the road to Sebring

Some time prior to 1919, Robert J. Brewton, president of the Oklahoma Star Refining Company, who bore also the distinguished title "Oil King of Florida," declared that Highlands County would one day be
"The Oil Capital of Florida."

George E. Sebring, founder of Sebring, Ohio and Sebring, Florida, was recruited in 1911 by railroading real estate agents, to build a model community and plant orange groves over the land of oil. His Will was made in 1923 four months before the Brewton Declaration of Trust "INDIAN PRAIRIE OIL & GAS COMPANY" was declared. George E. Sebring died 1/04/1927 in Highlands County.

By 1928, elements of the Great Depression began stealing their way into E.C. May's Citrus County. They were headed for a spiritual retreat called Sebring, though Lincoln BP Amoco would have you believe it's a WWII training camp, an airport and finally, a car race...

The Fate of Confederate Gold,
a Gigantic Labor Bank

The North American Exploitation Company: inside acquisitions during the Florida Land Boom and the Great Depression

Fodder has become an unbelievable commodity. Because common sense says that a plant American farmers once cultivated for fattening pigs and lambs should not be the staple food of an already overweight population. Perhaps we the people are being fattened up like farm animals, for purposes we may not like.

Had the Kryders' granddaughter never have been gypped by Fort Wayne attorneys, the Estate of Frank H. Kryder may never have been opened, and the reason why the common soy bean (Glycine max) is on every shelf of the marketplace in one form or another may have forever remained hidden, being the same reason why Roy E. Disney, Jr. ended up double deep into Big Soy with Fort Wayne BS (Barrett-Shoaff) on 9/11/1985.

Had she not gone to Sebring, where a Kryder Trustee retired, it may have remained forever buried that H. Orvel Sebring, the son of George E. Sebring, along with his father appears to have died "financially ruined," a Kryder Estate parallel which elucidated the Florida-Indiana double BS/BO (see below) connection .

Nor would the hand of the North Americaneers' Plan have appeared so red, so clearly obvious in its work to clandestinely unite the assets of good families, brotherhoods, and benevolent organizations for the detriment of society- to beat down labor, to ultimately cause all to have to buy from, and for peanuts sell to, the few. Such junk we have to thank them for!

Kin to Big Sugar but quite without taste, Big Soy is the prime ingredient in red, white, and blue van line paint and can be refined into an excellent machine oil. With lecithin a universal base for junk foods, soy oil goes on to fry companion foods for Big Sugar food products. Soy is marketed as glue, varnish, baby's milk, rejuvenating moisturizer, and for natural hormone replacement. Conversely, Big Sugar replacements with no calories have forced "beneficial sugars" into cosmetic and spa lines which in all fairness must also employ soy.

The vehicles which run on sugar and soy are those whose engines make the International Truck and Engine Group fat.

To those whom War and Depression make nervous instead of fat, and to those who don't mind being fat but are still nervous about war, Big Sugar and Big Soy have long played Devil's Advocate for Big Smoke.

So what this really adds up to, not even counting Fort Wayne BS, is in the least quadruple BS- spurious spawn of the ferrocarril! For its sake the Florida Land Boom was rigged: to mask underground BO (Big Oil, though note that BO doubles as Bank One) , to reclaim not the Everglades, but the Confederate treasury, and to take down the country's most powerful labor bank, all for the original corrupt government insider railroad faction.

Immediately following the Civil War, when the Treasury disappeared on the The Florida Railroad president's cotton plantation, located a bit north of his sugar mill, the North Americaneers installed their ice trust in the sun state and commenced selling every settlement its essential internal improvements and supplies needed for human survival. Plenty of start-up gold for all this was readily available for the bankers to lend to municipalities and the State.

That closely held RR whose stock can never be acquired, prepared the way for the Great Depression with the Land Boom. The Boom tamed the wilderness and overall broke Florida development ice with other people's lives and money before the big real estate take over.

There was a "Disney Realty Company" incorporated in Florida at the height of the Boom in 1926- interestingly juxtaposed with certain Geo. E. Sebring Co. Plats which went "off the books" just like Kryders Additions, Waynedale Gardens and Fairfield Terrace. But neither the Kryders nor the Sebrings could see how they were "marked." So if that early Disney company has anything to do with our Disney, most likely our Disney didn't know the whole real estate history behind the Ohio/Indiana/Oklahoma people and the nature and character of what they were holding in Central Florida.

When the banks closed in Sebring, Florida in 1929, The Geo. E. Sebring Co. had $11.14 on deposit, according to his recorded estate work. Over 43,000 shares of The Geo. E. Sebring Company were then auctioned on the courthouse steps in 1931 to settle an IRS "distraint" upon his estate. The Geo. E. Sebring Co., to which thousands of choice acres were titled, was purchased by the family lawyer, F.T. Haskins, of Virginia, a man active in railroads, highways, and buslines, for $50.00.

With the aid of awfully intermarried bankers and lawyers, very productive and highly desirable Indiana and Florida property came to be intermingled through: the 1929 closing of the First National Bank and The Highlands Bank and Trust Company in Highlands County, Florida; the 1930 closing of the First and Tri-State Bank and the Old National Bank in Allen County, Indiana, and the 1933 re-chartering of what might be called "The Old Old-First National- Fort Wayne National- National City Bank." Huge property of the Kryders, the Sebrings, and other family estates created during the Great Depression has, for one reason or another, been concealed in real estate trusts since then, allowing insiders to control unopposed the course of Florida land development and many other aspects of American living.

Big Sugar, Big Soy, Big Barrett, and Big Shoaff operate in two states in the same geographic cells where they've annexed Big Lots, next to the Venice, Florida development of The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers. Official Records of Highlands County, Florida and of Allen County, Indiana, along with historical documentation and accounts of every sort prove that the public memory is religiously exfoliated to further the causes of BS/BO. And it takes just about fifty years to unravel and reassemble the version of the 20th century that BS/BO has created for us livestock to swallow.

Frankly, there's no other way to really get a grip on Who's Who and What's What.

All aboard for the Sebring/Land Boom Time Line

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