Where is Kryder's Money?

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Allium sativum L.

The Count's Castle

A 1930 Monumental Erection

Eclipsed only by Viagra sales
Pfizer Laboratories,
Groton, C T

as in

CT Corporation
Company Town
Corporate Terrorists
Confederate Treasury

The Standard

215 East Berry St.

c/o Barrett & McNagny Estate Lawyers

Few really knew or understood

what was going on in the offices of the Kryder Family enterprises


Excuse me, Messrs. Moorhead, Barrett, Shoaff, and Hellmke, but the name is "KRYDER"

Forget the name?

You're to blame

And loans for coal are such a shame

On my first visit to Fort Wayne I pondered the dramatic view from my room at the Holiday Inn on West Washington. Lightning had gutted St. Mary's Church. Only half the building remained, from the bottom up, and it was draped with a black soy-ish looking cloth. Creatures of the air made a game of zooming through the brick arches which once framed stained Indiana glass, I imagined.

Such was the beginning of the journey into the world of my grandfather and his parents- a bloody world of skullduggery, depression, oppression, and war.

Not being able to resist the wreckage of the Church, I hoofed my way over to the ruins where I found the sign in a luxuriance of weeds, painted with the words "Come Back to Me."
And say my land is best.

Being rather famished from hours of labor in your self-aggrandizing City/County Complex, trying to discover what you had done with the Last Will and Testaments of my great-grandfather, great-grandmother, and grandfather, I trudged back to the hotel and placed my order with room service.

And that will always be my most memorable dining experience. Because it now gives me the appropriate forum to say what I think of ye.

"What're the first two letters of your last name?" the kitchen needed to know to complete my order.

Well, you asked for it.

- FU

St Mary's

St. Mary's Catholic Church in the jurisdiction of Bishop Leo Pursley, uncle of Alexander N. Pursley, Trustee, of 22 of the Kryders' Lots in Fairfield Terr. Sec. A, all missing in action

Our North American Cousin

Kenneth W.Maxfield,
Pres. of North American Van Lines,
director of the bloody old bank
and of Counsel in the Allen County Prosecutor's firm Beers, Mallers, Backs, and Salin.

Meet Some of Our North Americaneers:

Jimmy 1
owned the streets:

A bloody Scotsman indeed!

W. E.
Judge not for political asspiration!

Sire of W. P.

Tom Terrific

Our trusted
Canadian Royal Family

Spawn of Tom G.

Purely a case for Eugenics:

Barnett Bank Shoaff Lincoln Life intermarriage


Salin being bank president William N. Salin 1969 Indiana Secretary of State and founder of Salin Bank, that being the biggest privately owned one of its kind in the State of Indiana


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