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The Carlyle Group
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The Poop on Lincoln Group: a National Bank whose National Corporation is the Investment Armpit of Lincoln National Life Insurance

(:A high BP investment whose armpit has GD double BO in the form of General Dynamics BIG OIL and BANK ONE)

see also The Two Towers | The 5/04/ Family

1877 United Mutual Life Insurance was formed by the Knights of Pythias. Although it merged with American Central Life Insurance Company in 1936 to form American United Life, the fraternal insurance organization had to be rescued from bankruptcy by a group of Fort Wayne businessmen in 1905. (That was the beginning of Lincoln National Life Insurance Company; Samuel Foster was its first President).

1905 Articles filed for Lincoln National Life Insurance Company; Lincoln National Bank was chartered May 4, as the German American Bank

1910 The Lincoln Trust Co. incorporated in Fort Wayne, Indiana;

German American Bank Jasper established 11/10/1910 711 MAIN STREET JASPER , IN 47546 Dubois County Certificate #: 17393 Established: 11/10/1910 Date Insured: 01/18/1955

1918 The German American Bank, Fort Wayne changed its name to Lincoln National Bank

1955 Insured date of #17393 German American Bank, Jasper and incorporation of Lincoln Financial Corporation, Ardmore OK 2.

11/17/1955 Delaware incorporation of "Mutual Bankers Finance Co" which adopts the name Tower Acceptance Corporation.

Lincoln Financial Corporation, Ardmore Oklahoma was incorporated 12/27/1955: Registered Agent: JOHN W GRISSOM 224 W MAIN ST ARDMORE, OK

1958 TOWER ACCEPTANCE CORP (formerly Satisfactory Finance Corp) : 811 S CALHOUN ST , FORT WAYNE, IN 46802 Creation Date: 12/17/1958 Inactive Date: 7/31/1989

1968 Lincoln National Corporation acquired the stock of Lincoln National Life Insurance for the first time 6/1968.

LINCOLN NATIONAL CORPORATION : 1500 MARKET ST STE 3900, PHILADELPHIA, PA 19102 : Status: Active Creation Date: 01/05/1968

"Lincoln Tower Corp" incorporated as a one bank holding company 12/1968, according to Moody's Manuals BUT a record of that incorporation is not found in Indiana.

What is found is:

LINCOLN FINANCIAL CORPORATION Current Legal Name: NORWEST INDIANA, INC.: 111 E. Wayne St. , FORT WAYNE, IN 46802: 3. Status: Merged Creation Date: 12/24/1968 Inactive Date: 12/22/1997 Other Names : 9/3/1993 LINCOLN FINANCIAL CORPORATION


An Azar was an LFC Director in 1969; German American Bancorp, Jasper holding company of The German American Bank incorporated; Lincoln National Corporation created two new mutual funds on the NYSE

The secret incorporation of Fort Wayne National Corporation, which calls its founding date 1982, was in 1969. The Oklahoma City Trust Fund was incorporated the same day.

FORT WAYNE NATIONAL CORPORATION : 110 WEST BERRY STREET , FORT WAYNE, IN 46802 : Status: Merged Entity Creation Date: 01/13/1969 Inactive Date: 03/30/1998

  • OKLAHOMA CITY TRUST FUND, INC. Registered Agent: NANCY ANTHONY 1300 N BROADWAY OKC, OK 73103 Effective Date: 1/13/1969

CMG, INC. (Carlyle Management Group, B. Edward Ewing, Jasper): 5775 Park Plaza Ct. , INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46220 : Creation Date: 10/30/1969 Inactive Date: 10/22/2001 Other names: 04/05/1999 GEUPEL DEMARS INC

The day after the Carlyle incorporation,

11/1/1969 Lincoln Tower Corp acquired the assets of Lincoln National Bank and Trust, Fort Wayne Indiana.

1970 Administrative Dissolution of Kryder Company, Inc.; birth of "Wayne Partnership"

Lincoln Tower Corp changed its name to "Tower Acceptance" 12/8/1970;

1974 Lincoln Tower Corp adopted the name Lincoln Financial Corporation 5/1/1974

FWNB REALTY INC : 2400 FT WAYNE BANK BLDG , (= the offices of Shoaff & Moorhead) FORT WAYNE, IN 46802 Creation Date: 5/1/1974 : Inactive Date: 12/30/1987

FWNB Realty probably had a lot to do with the title to the Fort Wayne Bank Building among others, which was held by an Oklahoma Board of Directors for exactly 25 years following the death of Frank Kryder. Title then transferred to the 1970 "Wayne Partnership" which formed upon dissolution of The Kryder Company, Inc.

1982 Pre-determined Expiration of Kryder Company , Inc. according to Articles; Estate of James I. Evans; Official "Birth" of Fort Wayne National Corporation.

Frank Kryder's granddaughter discovered that in 1983 Lincoln National Bank "lost" a 62 year old account of The Standard Building Company, Inc. by liquidating the title to the Standard Building (former site of the Kryder offices now occupied by former Lincoln lawyers Barrett & McNagny, Estate and Elder Law) as part of the James I. Evans Estate which the bank and Evans' lawyer and accountant inherited.

It appears the Judge didn't really sign the Order of Final Distribution, but it occurred nevertheless.

1985 Lincoln Financial Corporation, the former "Lincoln Tower Corp" holding company for Lincoln National Bank & Trust (Moody's), merged into Norwest which merged into "Wells Fargo Indiana National Association." A New "Tower Bank" was created.

In 2001 Lincoln National Corporation acquired the stock of Lincoln National Life Insurance Company for the second time.

Note that United Mutual Life has a "double" that made its way to the Bahamas in 1936 when the Indiana UML merged with American Central Life to form American United Life. The double made its way back to the U.S. for a merger into MetLife 3/25/1993. American United Life In 1997 foreclosed on Fort Wayne's 1985 "Tower Partnership" for the Lincoln Tower mortgage which was $2,000,000 delinquent. The Tower, like Redstone Castle, was auctioned for a song.

Following is a very brief outline of Lincoln Financial Group and Lincoln Reinsurance.

The first incarnation, Lincoln National Reinsurance Company was incorporated in 1980 (on the same day as Crown Distributing). It is now called "LINSCO."

LINSCO REINSURANCE COMPANY: 1700 Magnavox Way PO Box 7808, FT WAYNE, IN 46801: Control Number: 198010-603 Status: Active Creation Date: 10/21/1980 Other Names:3/3/1994 LINCOLN NATIONAL REINSURANCE COMPANY

  • CROWN DISTRIBUTING CO., INC.: 1400 Ravinia Rd , W LAFAYETTE, IN 47906: Control Number: 198010-595 Status: Active Entity Creation Date: 10/21/1980

A second entity incorporated in 1986 the day before a bank holding company merged into Fort Wayne National Corporation.

LINCOLN NATIONAL LIFE REINSURANCE COMPANY : One Reinsurance Place 1700 Magnavox Way, FORT WAYNE, IN 46804 : Status: Merged Creation: 5/29/1986 Inactive Date: 7/3/1995 05/30/1986

Churubusco Bancorp merger into Fort Wayne National Corporation -3- notarized by Ron Felger, (G.W.) Bordner & Felger 06/30/1986 DeKalb Financial Corporation merged into Fort Wayne National Corporation .

In 1995, North American Reinsurance Corporation, which had incorporated 1959 in Florida on the same day that Investors Trust Company of Duncan, Oklahoma incorporated in Oklahoma, changed its name to Swiss Reinsurance.


  • Oklahoma 1900163090 INVESTORS TRUST COMPANY Domestic For Profit Registered Agent: T H MCCASLAND III 1202 N 10TH ST DUNCAN, OK 73533 Effective Date: 10/09/1959

When Lincoln National Life Reinsurance Company merged 7/3/1995, a new entity created that same day expired the same day as several others 4/3/1999.

(Indiana Glass) LANCASTER COLONY CORPORATION : 37 west Broad Street, COLUMBUS, OH 43215 : Control Number: 1995070024 Creation Date: 7/3/1995 Inactive Date: 12/1/1995 Original Creation Date: 10/11/1991 Original Creation State: OH


NORTH AMERICAN MORTGAGE COMPANY : 5100 W LEMON STREET, STE 109, TAMPA, FL 33609 n: Control Number: 1991100510 Creation : 10/11/1991 Inactive Date: 3/5/2002 Original Creation Date: 2/8/1991 Original Creation State: DE


LINCOLN NATIONAL LIFE REINSURANCE COMPANY : One Reinsurance Place 1700 Magnavox Way, FORT WAYNE, IN 46804 : Status: Merged: Creation Date: 5/29/1986: Inactive Date: 7/3/1995

  • GW INVESTMENTS, INC.:, IN Creation Date: 7/3/1995 Inactive Date: 4/3/1999
  • INTERNATIONAL SURPLUS LIQUIDATORS, INC.: 15202 Edgarton Road Building 209, NEW HAVEN, IN 46774 Creation Date: 7/5/1995 Inactive Date: 4/3/1999
  • MIDDLE EAST BUSINESS ASSOCIATES, INC Creation Date: 6/27/1995 Inactive Date: 4/3/1999
  • US STEEL HOMES, INC.: , , IN : Creation Date: 7/10/1995: Entity Inactive Date: 4/3/1999

The FTC recorded the transaction of Lincoln Re, insurer of the World Trade Center towers, sold to Swiss Re on 9/10/2001.

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