Where is Kryder's Money?

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The Grave of Frank H. Kryder
in New Leo Cemetery, Allen County, Indiana

The 1966 Wayne Township Trustee dumped Frank H. Kryder in an unmarked grave in the family plot purchased by Clarence.

Minnie and Clarence

"Pepsi brings your ancestors back from the grave"

The caretaker for the Leo Cemeteries was Clyde Kryder, Clarence's brother who was for a time married to Daisy Maxfield. In later years the caretaker became James Maxfield. Thanks to K.W. Maxfield, of Leo,Fort Wayne railroad terminals became well serviced with plenty of Pepsi.

(Corporate Citations: SCHERER & MAXFIELD INC (Legal) Current Information Entity Legal Name: SCHERER & MAXFIELD INC Entity Address: PO BOX 87 , LEO, IN 46765 General Entity Information: Control Number: 194291-024 Status: Active Entity Type: For-Profit Domestic Corporation Entity Creation Date: 3/26/59 Entity Date to Expire: Entity Inactive Date:

LEO CEMETERY ASSOCIATION INC (Legal) Current Information Entity Legal Name: LEO CEMETERY ASSOCIATION INC Entity Address: P. O. Box 87 , LEO, IN 46765 General Entity Information: Control Number: 198101-088 Status: Active Entity Type: Non-Profit Domestic Corporation Entity Creation Date: 1/5/81 Entity Date to Expire: Entity Inactive Date: )

Location of Some of Clarence and Minnie Viola "Disler" Kryder's Realty:

Rural 1894-1919:
Cedarville, Cedar Creek Township, Leo, S28 T32 R13, Grabill, Decatur

Beginning 1919 Fort Wayne:

Elmwood Addition
Forest Park Addition
Comparet's Addition
Bayer's 2nd Addition
Lillie Place
Bayer's Addition
Weisser Park
Eliza Hanna's Addition
Pontiac Place Addition
Driving Park Addition
Anthony Hibbs Addition
Romy's Subdivision
Hough's Outlots
W.H. Simons Addition
1,2,3 Laselle Place Addition
Pfeiffer Place Addition
Kryder's Additions, 1-2-3
Drexel Park
Waynedale; Waynedale Gardens 1-2-3
Fletcher's Addition
Lot 91 Old Plat Addition
Beck's 2nd Addition
Forest Hill Addition
5 Tennessee Avenue
Archer's Addition

LaFayette Place Addition
Bercot's Addition
Shadybrook Addition
1929: Lot 52 and 78 Original Plat of Waynedale given to Wayne School Township by Frank H. Kryder
Hanna's Park Outlots
Woodland View
Armiston Heirs Addition
Orchard Place Addition
Fairfield Terrace Sec. A
Fairfield Terrace Sec. B.
Disler Place Addition
Schnelker's Addition
Woodward Addition
Drexel and Winter Street- Kryders Extended Addition
Edgewood Addition
S.C. Evans Amended Plat
Bayer's Addition
Lot 209 Avondale

Kryder Addresses
Utility Building
305-306 Carroll Building
215 East Berry Street
Standard Building, Rms 202, 203, 225, 226; Rm 309
Moss Engineering
807 Ft. Wayne Bank Building
Worthington Apartments
Hartford City
Blackford County
Adams County


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