Where is Kryder's Money?
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Notes on the Pennsylvania RR and the Underground Pool
Years in this time line also link to the Indiana Main Time Line for additional details

Deep in the vault of the 1905 German American National Bank and the 1910 Lincoln Trust Company, the missing securities of the 1932 Kryder Company, Inc. were overlapped by those of the 1931 Florida East Coast Railway receivership, which overlapped the coming 1970 Penn Central bankruptcy...

The Penn Central RR for bankruptcy protection on June 21, 1970 6/21/1970

(According to the SEC, the (FEC) railway in June 1970 tried to eliminate its first mortgage bond debt and separate the operating assets of the railroad from its non-operating assets).

Credit Suisse Pensylvania RR Stock

Pennsylvania Railroad Company Stock issued to Credit Suisse | 6/1/1956 6/01/1956

Decryption of the Certificate Number


G.H. Walker & Co. Agent for Credit Suisse

The last dividend was claimed in Switzerland December 1959. Following the death of Minnie V. Kryder 2/12/1960, the 1960 dividend was claimed in New York.

Transferred via G.H. Walker & Co. agent 3/1/1961 3/01/1961 to Lincoln Trust Company c/o/ Helen Van Horn

Stamped Bear Stearns & Co. 3/6/1961 3/06/1961



Commercial Bank of Scotland (established 1810) Straus Brothers Commercial Bank/1910 Lincoln Trust


First Bank charter not renewed by Andrew Jackson

First Bank of the United States, a private institution, was chartered by Bank of England in 1791

Gusstahlfabrik founded; Krupp manufactories


Bank of America chartered in NY

War of 1812 -1815




The London & Westminster Bank est.

NBD Bank, National Association One Indiana Square, Suite M-1010 Indianapolis,IN 46266 FDIC Certificate #: 4346 Date Established: 1/1/1834

Wachovia Bank of South Carolina, National Association 16 Broad Street Charleston,SC 29402 FDIC Certificate #: 2098 Date Established: 1/1/1834


Pennsylvania RR Company est.


3/15/1843 " Yesterday (Tuesday) morning detachments of the constabulary force, to the number of about 100, brought in from the counties of Waterford, Wexford, and Kilkenny, left this city, under the command of sub-inspectors Decluzean, Hill, and Greene, to protect Mr Robert Fleming in tho levying of the poor rates in the baronies of Gaultier and Middlethird." Nonconformist


3/18/1852 Wells, Fargo & Company Express and Banking


"Before the war scientific men were brought over from Germany to experiment on the pyritic tailings of the Van Cluse mine."


Standard Bank of British South Africa chartered

Ben Holladay acquired the Central Overland California line. When he disposed of his holdings the successor was Wells, Fargo & Company.

Chartered by Congress in 1862 to build part of the first trans-continental railway, the Union Pacific Railroad was given millions of acres of public lands, generous loan grants along with the rights to borrow private capital; Fort Wayne directors of the 1868 Corporation for Foreign Bondholders were also original grantees of the Union Pacific and directors of Fort Wayne National Bank. Fort Wayne Bank Building was the last address of the Kryder Company, Inc. 1970.

9/22/1862 First Emancipation Proclamation


The Standard Bank of British South Africa commenced business 1863

Commercial Bank of Basle (Straus Commercial Bank, Fort Wayne)

Straus Brothers

1863 Banque de Toggenbourg

was 1862 Banque de Winterhur; became 1912 Union Bank of Switzerland

Clarence & Minnie Kryder 1/2 undivided interest in the 1912 Plat of Pontiac Place Addition is presently controlled by "Lincoln" subsidiary

related terms: Union Trust, Union Pacific, Union Bank, Union Oil (see 1961 Rob Morrow, president Lincoln National Bank and Trust)

Wells Fargo & Company delivered the government's Civil War Relief Fund

The National Banking Act of 1863 was passed

First National Bank of Indiana was the eleventh in the United States organized under the new laws

"First National Bank of Canton (OH) was established in 1863 and received one of the earliest national charters in existence, granted on the first day that such charters were issued."

National City Bank of Kentucky FDIC Certificate #: 2756 Date Established: 1/1/1863

01/01/1863 Emancipation Proclamation

01/08/1863 John P. Usher of Indiana was appointed to Lincoln's cabinet as secretary of the interior.

Fort Wayne National Bank , no. 11, was chartered in 5/22/1863, Charter signed by Hugh McCulloch, 1863 under The National Bank Act as the Fort Wayne National Bank ; opened 7/1/1863;

McCulloch appointed as Lincoln's Secretary of the Treasury; was director of Corporation of Foreign Bondholders 1868

("...May 16, 1861 issue. While these bonds had a perfectly reasonable ten year maturation, they were to become fully convertible into treasury notes in July of 1863. These notes were redeemable for coin upon demand." - U.S. Banking historical reference)

7/13/1863 U.S. Bank National Association 425 Walnut Street Cincinnati,OH 45202 FDIC Certificate #: 6548 Date Established: 7/13/1863 Bank Charter Class: National Bank Date of Deposit Insurance: 1/1/1934

10/03/1863 Charter of the Fort Wayne "Brotherhood of the Footboard" was beginning of labor unions in Fort Wayne


Rockefeller, Andrews & Flagler world's largest petroleum refiner

American Steel Company

Corporation of Foreign Bondholders

Samuel Hanna, Hugh McCulloch directors, were also directors and officers of Fort Wayne National Bank; Hanna attended the 37th Congress and was a Grantee of the Union Pacific RR

some Kryder houses were built in R.L. Romy's Subdivision of Hanna's Park Outlots

C.E. Barnett, director of the British corporation.(see Ball, DuPont, Barnett 1902-1903)

Studebaker brothers established South Bend Gas Light Company finally sold to Northern Indiana Gas and Electric Company (NIPSCO) in 1910

1910 "Lincoln Trust" aka "Straus Brothers"

1/1/1868 Wells Fargo Bank Iowa, National Association 666 Walnut Street Des Moines,IA 50309 FDIC Certificate #: 4448 Date Established: 1/1/1868

7/1/1868 7 % Bonds of Panama Railroad Company due 7/1/1868

9/4/1868 THE CINCINNATI PENNSYLVANIA & NEW YORK RAILWAY COMPANY 744 Sep 04 1868 Dead Cincinnati Hamilton Ohio

10/10/1868 First mortgage of the South Carolina Railroad; subsequently bankrupt and foreclosed

1868 Albert Pike revision to Scottish Rite; South Carolina RR first mtg., later foreclosed. (South Carolina was the site of the first Scottish Rite establishment in America).

11/12/1868 American Express Co., Inc.

1869 Crédit Mobilier (1869-1872)


The parent corporation of American International Group, New Hampshire Insurance Co. (Manchester), incorporated 7/1869,

7/1/1869 Pennsylvania RR lease Bankrupt in 1970

THE MUTUAL BENEFIT LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Charter Number: O00000171 Status: Inactive Entity Creation Date: 9/14/1869

(Geo. E. Sebring Policy left in Barnett Bank)

9/11/1869 Canton & Akron Railway (see Canton -East Liverpool )

9/24/1869 Black Friday; Fisk-Gould Scandal financial panic

Crédit Mobilier formed


1870 The Barnett bankers came to Florida

"After the war, (Jay) Cooke became interested in the development of the northwest, and in 1870 his firm financed the construction of the Northern Pacific Railway...at the approach of the Panic of 1873 it was forced to suspend. Cooke himself was forced into bankruptcy. Jay Cooke was heavily involved in financial scandals with the Canadian Government and caused the Prime Minister Sir John A. Macdonald to lose his office in the 1873 election. Cooke's shares in the Northern Pacific Railway were purchased for pennies on the dollar by George Stephen (Baron Mount Stephen) and Douglas Smith (Lord Strathcona) who then finished building the Canadian Pacific Railway. By 1880 Cooke had met all his financial obligations, and through an investment in a silver mine in Utah, had again become wealthy. "

Atlantic Mutual Insurance, St. Louis, changed its name to American Central Life- later absorbed the crashed Pythian fund as American United Life which foreclosed the Lincoln Tower in 1997.

First National al Bank in Fairmont, A. B. Fleming governor president, son of A.B. Fleming governor of W Virginia 1889-1893; Wesbanco Bank, Inc. One Bank Plaza Wheeling,WV 26003 FDIC Certificate #: 803 Date Established: 1/20/1870

1/01/1870 Work commenced on the Transandine Railroad (aka the Callao, Lima & Oroya Railroad).

1/10/1870 Rockefeller incorporated Standard Oil in Ohio

Salin Bank 156 Main Street Camden, IN 46917 FDIC Certificate # 12822 Date Institution Established: January 1, 1870 Date of Deposit Insurance: January 1, 1934 This is an inactive institution. Inactive as of: October 31, 1994 Closing history: Merged without Assistance into Acquiring institution: Salin Bank and Trust Company - (9092)

Wells Fargo Bank, National Association 464 California Street San Francisco,CA 94163 FDIC Certificate #: 3511 Date Established: 1/1/1870 Bank Charter Class: National Bank Date of Deposit Insurance: 1/1/1934

Bank of America, National Association, Charlotte, North Carolina (FDIC Cert #.3510) Date Event 1 1/1/1870 Institution established.

Failed 1988 First RepublicBank Fort Worth, National Association One Burnett Plaza, 500 West Seventh Fort Worth,TX 76102 FDIC Certificate #: 3200 Date Established: 1/1/1870

1/22/1870 Deutsche Bank founded in Germany

"American International Group, Inc. is a new holding company formed of American International Enterprise 6/1967 to acquire certain insurance companies. The parent corporation is New Hampshire Insurance Co. (Manchester), incorporated 7/1869, commencing business 4/1870.

5/05/1870 Pursuant to a special Act of Congress, The Supreme Lodge of Knights of Pythias of the World was incorporated as a fraternal benevolent society. (United Mutual Life; American United Life)

12/29/1870  CALIFORNIA CENTRAL RAILROAD COMPANY Number: C0000060 Filed: 12/29/1870 Status: inactive


"MISS RYE'S HOME for the EMIGRATION of DESTITUTE LITTLE GIRLS, between the uges of eight and thirteen. COMMITTEE. Lord SHAFTESBURY, Chairman, Crosvenor-sqnarc. Miss Rye, Avenue House, Peckham. Colonel Oldfield, Ticehurst, Sussex. Hugh Seymour, Esq., 30 Upper Brook-street, Chairman of St. George's Board of Guardians. Robert Fleming, Esq., Treasurer, 5) Half Moon-st., W. Mission and Bible women, and other benevolent persons, are invited to communicate any case they may think eligible to the Secretary, Avenue House, High-street, Peckham. FUNDS are greatly needed to carry on the above good work, whereby poor neglected little girls may be removed from wretchedness and vice, and placed in happy Christian homes in Canada, where they may be properly trained and cared for. The cry of the charitable has too long been boys, boys, who now will help the girls ?" The Colonies


FLORIDA COAST LINE RAILWAY AND STEAMBOAT COMPANY Document Number 000028 Date Filed 03/08/1875 State FL Status ACTIVE


Filing Number: 24486-AAOriginal Date of Filing: 3/15/1878 Name: Union Depot Street Railway and Transfer Company of Stillwater Stillwater, MN

FLEMING & Co., merchants, Alexandria, Egypt, and Robert FLEMING, Glasgow, only partner.

New York Central bought the Nickel Plate


Wachovia Bank, National Association 100 North Main Street Winston-Salem,NC 27101 FDIC Certificate #: 817 Date Established: 1/1/1879

First Scottish American Trust Co, Ltd Dundee

Third Scottish American Trust Co, Robert Fleming & Co

Florida Central RR sold to satisfy state liens

"The Denver and Rio Grande Railway. Company is a corporation composed chiefly of wealthy Philadelphia and London capitalists, who, according to authentic statements, form one of the most disagreeable monopolies in the West....it is a matter of no secrecy that the President (Grant) is a stockholder in the Denver and Rio Grande Railway. "-Ohio Democrat 3/30/1879

Robert Fleming Arrival Date: 17 Nov 1879 Port of NY

STANDARD OIL COMPANY Filed: 9/10/1879 Status: merged 225 BUSH ST SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94104 Agent H P WALKER 225 BUSH ST SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94104

(Wabash RR Co ) 1837 Northern Cross RR see 1877 1879 1889 1915 1942 1975
Toledo, Wabash & Western under name Wabash Ry Co; consolidated with St. Louis, Kansas City & Northern Ry Co as Wabash, St. Louis & Pacific Ry Co


mortgage given to Florida Coast Line Canal and Transportation Company ; (7/1913 huge grant to FEC Ry) 11/1/1907 Rhode Island Hospital Trust Company;



"Lake Shore and Nickel Plate controversy. Mr. Robert Fleming, of Dundee, in an interterview, said:—" New York Committee (Fry Committee) in co-operation with the London Committee, now control a majority of the Rio's and have the support of the largest holders of New Orleans Division as well." ... The London Committee he represented had $4,000,000 of the Rio Grande Division bonds, also a fourth of the New Or leans Division bondholders...The Texas and Pacific is new and rapidly increasing in its earning capacity...Norfolk and Western Common Stock is cheap." The Anglo American

"The new directors of the East Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia Railway Company, who have just been placed in full control of their property, have to congratulate themselves upon one of the most speedy and complete reorganizations which have recently been effected..Robert Fleming, of Dundee, Scotland, who represents the foreign interest, who has already acted in this country for the foreign holders of Denver and Rio Grande stock and bonds, and who is now on his way here on behalf of the Texas and Pacific Rio Grande division bondholders; George W. Smith, of Kountze Bros., and others in the South...There is a great deal of wild talk about the excellent prospects of the reorganized company and of the high prices which the new securities will command as soon as issued." The Anglo American

"The new company issues $20,000,000 New Consolidated Fifty-year 5 per Cent Gold Bonds, $11,000,000."


" The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite in Fort Wayne came into existence in the Summit City with its organization on 4/14/1887"

Scottish Investment Trust Co Ltd, Edinburgh T.J. Carlyle Gifford Chairman

3/26/1887 "The Texas Pacific has a fresh Direction which,however, Mr. Robert Fleming consisting of :—Samuel Sloan, C. M McGee, S. H. II. Clark, W . C. Hall, Robert Fleming. A. L. Hopkins, C. E. Satloriee, Jay- Gould, Russell Sage, John A. Wright, 1. J. Wistar, J. N. Hutchinson, John Markoe, W. D. Windsor, G. B. Roberts, J. C. Brown, Geo. J . Gould. The first seven were elected iu the place of the following members of the old Board : John C. Bullitt, James P. Scott, C. O. Baird, R. S. Hayes, H. M. Hoxie, F. L. Ames, T. T. Eckert." American Settler

Filing Number: 2406-AA Date of Filing: 8/31/1887 Status: Inactive Name: Union Debenture Company,Mpls, MN

org. 12/8/1887 as American Bank and Trust Co was nationalized 9/17/1902 The American Bank,

1887 Texas & Pacific Ry in receivership: formed 6/18/1881 as The Sterling Trust Ltd c/o/ Fleming, Guinness, Touche; incorporated as Alabama, New Orleans, Texas & Pacific Rys Co; in receivership 1887; reorganized 1890; changed name to Sterling Trust 4/14/1917; sold Alabama & Vicksburg Ry, Vicksburg, Pacific Ry and Railroad Lands Co, Ltd in 1924

see 1924


The Bank of Jacksonville was renamed the National Bank of Jacksonville.(later Barnett, Ball, DuPont, Bank of America)

1857 Panic of 1857 wiped out bonds of Iowa Central Airline RR due 1888

1888 Standard Oil of New Jersey established Anglo-American Oil Co. (predecessor of Esso Petroleum Co.) to market oil in the British Isles

COMMONWEALTH BANK AND TRUST COMPANY : 4350 BROWNSBORO RD STE 210, LOUISVILLE, KY 40207: Original Creation Date: 2/16/1888 Original Creation State: KY Commonwealth Bank and Trust Company (FDIC Cert: 10146)

The Investment Trust Corp Ltd; Large Railway holdings; Robert Fleming

3/5/1888 changed to the Virginia Company; 3/6/1882 Virginia Holding Corporation inc. as Iron Belt Land, Mining & Development Co of Virginia; changed to Virginia Holding Company 8/16/1920

THE FLEMING MANUFACTURING COMPANY Charter Number: 00003786 Creation Date: 3/13/1888 Dissolve Date: 9/30/1899 State of Business.: MO Expiration Date: 03/13/1938

The First National Bank of Crossville 101 Main Street Crossville,IL 62827 FDIC Certificate #: 3786 Date Established: 8/17/1907 December 17, 1993 Closing history: : The National Bank of Carmi (1900) - (#3778); Merged into: Old National Bank (11/11/1834)- (#4393); merged Old National Bank 1 Main Street Evansville,IN 47708 FDIC Certificate #: 3832 Date Established: 8/27/1907

3/29/1888 THE AKRON SWISS COMPANY 47264 Mar 29 1888 Akron Summit Ohio

LOUISVILLE NEW ALBANY & CORYDON RAILROAD: BOX 10 , CORYDON, IN 47112 : Control Number: 181134-009 Status: Creation Date: 4/28/1888 Inactive Date: 4/1/1988


6/8/1888 MEXICAN PACIFIC COAST RAILWAY COMPANY Filing Date: JUNE 08, 1888 County: NEW YORK Jurisdiction: NEW YORK Status: INACTIVE


9/12/1888 Dissolutions of Partners- "Robert Fleming & Co., Carnbroe and Calder, near Coatbridge, and Bathville, near Bathgate, manufacturers of firebricks, furnace-blocks, gas:-retorts, chimney-cans, and paving-tiles. Aug. 15, by retiral of Robert Fleming. Debts by James Wood, William C. Ferrier, and Robert King, who continue the business under the same firm." Commercial Gazette

9/19/ 1888 Fort Wayne Lodge of Perfection, the eldest of the Scottish Rite bodies in the city chartered


"The Pullman Company to Issue $5,000,000 of New Stock"; ordered to divest real estate of Pullman, Illinois and sell homes to workers .

Standard Oil, Inc.; Pennzoil Company ARTICLES 05/27/1889

Norfolk Western 100 yr. gold bonds

3/21/1889 Montreal Trust Company

1889-1893 A.B. Fleming governor of West Virginia; son A.B. Fleming died 1945; Consolidation Coal Co., Watson Coal Co., Fairmont Hotel Corp.; and Pres. First National Bank of Fairmont

11/1/1933 Institution established. Original name: First National Bank In Fairmont (6761) History of First National Bank In Fairmont, Fairmont, West Virginia (FDIC Cert: 6761) Note: This institution is currently part of Wesbanco Bank, Inc., Wheeling, West Virginia (FDIC Cert: 803)

Wesbanco Bank, Inc. One Bank Plaza Wheeling,WV 26003 FDIC Certificate #: 803 Date Established: 1/20/1870

(Robert Fleming) Rio Grande Western Railway; Robert Fleming Coal

(Geo. E. Sebring Life Insurance Policy, only assets in estate) MUTUAL BENEFIT LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Filed: 6/23/1889 : NEW JERSEY 520 BROAD ST NEWARK, NJ 07102-3184

the 'Atchison;' Topekaf .eViBanta Fe^dfrectors'at their meeting l a s t' week'-'was made. public yesterday i n sin' official'circular Issued to the stock and bondholders of the company. It i s proposed to issue 100-year 4 per cent, general mortgage bonds for $11)0,000, • 000; to be secured by a mortgage covering all the property of' the company, including all' the . securities representing

Second Scottish Investment Trust Co Ltd T.J. Carlyle Gifford; British Investment Trust, Ltd, Edinburgh; Robert Fleming, dir.; railway bonds and shares of the United States of America; London Scottish Investment Trust Ltd; London Scottish American Trust Ltd; Edinburgh International Trust Co Ltd; United States Debentures Corp, London; Consolidated Trust Ltd London see 1926


Jefferson Standard Life

reorganized 1890; The Sterling Trust Ltd c/o/ Fleming, Guinness, Touche; incorporated as Alabama, New Orleans, Texas & Pacific Rys Co; in receivership 1887;changed name to Sterling Trust 4/14/1917; sold Alabama & Vicksburg Ry, Vicksburg, Pacific Ry and Railroad Lands Co, Ltd in 1924

(Fleming) WEST VIRGINIA COAL CO Eff Date: 2/12/1890 Term Date: 1/2/1906

3/18/1890 A bill of foreclosure was filed against the Florida Southern Railroad by the New England Trust Company

The Lincoln National Bank, Washington, DC was chartered March 1890- correspondents were National City Bank, Continental National Bank Chicago,

10/17/1890 Union Oil Company of California

Plat - 1890T001019 Document # 1890T001019 Recording Date 12/31/1890 08:11:00 AM Book Page 1 19 Grantor Name REEDY CREEK (Lake Buena Vista) mostly lands of South Florida RR and Florida Southern Ry


begin FEC RR, Inc.; Florida Southern RR foreclosed (cf Norfolk Southern, Norfolk Western, Southern Company; Citizens and Southern Bank/Central Bank and Trust of Atlanta)

FORT WAYNE CONSOLIDATED RAILROAD COMPAN: 191135-007 : 8/19/1892 : 1/1/1975

9/10/1892 "Brevet-Major Fleming, of the 1st Battalion Essex Regiment, has been appointed to the post of Commandant of the Western Australian local forces. Major Fleming intends to proceed to the Colony by the mail steamer leaving September 23. The Major is a son of the late Sir Valentine Fleming, who held the important post of Chief Justice in Tasmania (resigned 1870)." Colonies and India

MISSOURI STATE LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Image Date Document 11/7/1892 Creation Filing 8/25/1928 Survivor 1/1/1935 With/Term/Dissolve (became International Life 1914; crashed 1928)


Filing Number: 24494-AA Date of Filing: 4/9/1895 Name: Union Farming Company St Paul, MN

6/1/1895 "J. Kennedy Tod, A. A. H . Boissevain and Robert Fleming have been appointed a subcommittee to draft a plan of reorganization for the Norfolk and Western Railway Company for submission to the Reorganization Committee." Anglo American Times

12/31/1895 d.John Kryder III


Norfolk Western foreclosed by Mercantile Trust

(flagler/FEC) MODEL LAND COMPANY Document Number 001912 Filed 02/06/1896 State FL CONVERSION Filed 01/22/1941 EPrincipal Address . ST AUGUSTINE FL ; receives 18,000 acres from FEC RY 1914

9/8/1896 Col. It. C. Bell, the representative attorney of the road, says the Fort Wayne Consolidated Street Railway company is-perfectly solvent and will pay all of its indebtedness

1897 Origin of Kryders Additions

Atlantic & Pacific RR foreclosed;

Fritz Krupp primitive munitions trust called "Harvey United Steel Company"

SOUTHERN INDIANA RAILWAY COMPANY: 1011 MERCHANTS BANK BUILDING , INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46204 : Control Number: 181127-017 Creation : 5/27/1897 Inactive : 11/28/1988; John Walsh, president of Chicago National bank acquired the railroad with bank funds

6/25/1897 Plat: Houghs Outlot (becomes W.H. Simons Add replatted as Kryders Add)

1897 Union Pacific Railroad Company reincorporated in Utah under Edward H. Harriman

1897 6/10/1897 RIO GRANDE, SIERRA MADRE & PACIFIC RAILROAD COMPANY (Robert Fleming road)

1897 11/1/1897 given by the Chicago & Northwesten railway company to the United States Trust company, of New York, and John A. Stewart, trustee. It amounts to $165,000,000.




Fort Wayne Consolidated Railway Company in receivership, John H. Bass receiver

In New Bern, North Carolina, Caleb D. Bradham, pharmacist, created Pepsi Cola. see 1902

"Work began on the factories, stores, and homes that would become known as Sebring, Ohio " The Sebring brothers were Oliver, George, Ellsworth, Frederick, and William... Sebring was known as the "Pottery Capital of The World." Other industry came to Sebring as well. Two cooperage factories served the various potteries, making the barrels and boxes for the packing of the pottery products...and an automobile tire company."

Monterey and Santa Catalina RR stock wiped out by foreclosure

"Formation by Jardines and HSBC of the British and China Corporation ('BCC') which was responsible for much of the development of China's railway system"

The 99-year lease of The New Territories (Hong Kong) was granted in 1898

Warren Bechtel started a railroad construction company;

UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD COMPANY 7007768 1416 DODGE ST, OMAHA, NE 681790001: MERGED Date of Formation in Kansas: 03/19/1898 State of Organization: UT


(Krupp Steel) 5/3/1899 Republic Steel Corporation

Birmingham Southern Railroad Co.: 02/171899 Merged.: 12/28/

" Fort Wayne, Ind., July 15.— A decree was handed down in the circuit; court of this county yesterday for the sale of the Fort Wayne Consolidated Street railway and holdings to satisfy the mortgage of the Guaranty Trust company, of New York, for $724,829, and the mortgage of the Guardian Trust company, of Cleveland, for $2,085,321. Other claims and attorneys' fees aggregate $100,000.


$100,000 HOCKING VALLEY RAILWAY COMPANY FIRST CONSOLIDATED MORTGAGE Gold Bonds Dated March 1, 1899. Due July 1, 1999.


6/21/1900 Jacksonville, Tampa and Key West Ry and other roads conveyed to Plant Investment Company, conveyed to ACLRR 1902.

Denver & Rio Grande Ry Co bonds matured (Robert Fleming RR)


Scottish Security Company, Wheeling, WVA

U.S. Steel

(Michael Valentine Fleming RR in 1907) In Indiana, Norfolk Western new incorporation ; NORFOLK AND WESTERN RAILWAY: 192099-001 : Creation : 01/01/1901: Inactive : 01/01/1970

September 1901 President Wm. McKinley was assassinated

Phoenix Assurance Ltd. (Swiss Re) see 2001

6/1/1901 1st. Mtg. of Detroit Southern Railway to Central Trust Company, NY, payable 3/1/1941


Rhode Island Millionaire Senate

Krupp and Vickers royalty agreement

Industrial Bank of Japan established

Kokomo Trust Company (Indiana Natural Gas and Oil Company pipeline)

Duke Brothers

6/21/1900 Jacksonville, Tampa and Key West Ry and other roads conveyed to Plant Investment Company, conveyed to ACLRR 1902.

Flagler System issued new bonds dated payable from 1/1/1903

The Key System began as the "San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose Railway (SFOSJR)", incorporated in 1902

Paul Sinsheimer California State Railroad Commissioner, developed Key System and became VP of American Trust Co.

Norfolk Southern RR Lease

Caleb Bradham's Pepsi Cola Co. was launched

Maxfield "sold" the same Kryder interest twice- to Pepsico (1968) and to Norfolk Southern Corporation (1985), via North American Properties, Inc. (1950)

Warren Republican "The Standard Is Suspected. The Marion Leader is authority for the statement that the Standard Oil Company is suspected of being in the rear of the proposed T. Ft W. & I. railroad. The Standard will erect the largest oil refinery in the world at Marion next spring, and the road runs directly through the farm which the oil company has bought for a site for its refinery."

STANDARD TRUST COMPANY Pennsylvania : INC. 1/01/1902: DISS 03/31/1904

(International Harvester Company) George W. Perkins (for JP Morgan), Cyrus H, McCormick, Chas. Deering et al. organized then executed identical agreements to The Standard Trust Company; Perkins and McCormick secured an option for a fifth company which became selling agent

4/1/1902 mtg. Savannah, Florida and Western Railway Co., H.M. Flagler director

FLEMING COAL COMPANY 1183235 Current Mailing Address: , PITTSBURG, KS 66762 : DISSOLVED Date of Formation in Kansas: 04/03/1902

1902 Justus S. Stearns, founder Stearns Coal and Lumber , Robert L. Stearns son inherited

4/10/1902 merger with Atlantic Coast Line Railroad

COCA COLA BOTTLING COMPANY OF MISSOURI Number: 00000821B Status: Inactive Creation : 4/5/1902 State of Business.: MO Expiration Date: 04/05/1952

5/6/1902 The charter of First National Bank (Old National/Fort Wayne National) was extended for another 20 years

6/10/1902 The North American Trust Company announced its "scheme."

7/4/1902 Warren Republican "A Big Mortgage. A mortgage for two million dollars was filed in the recorder's office on Saturday by the Fort Wayne & Southwestern Traction Company to the State Street Trust Company, of Boston, Ma. "


8/1/1902 FROM LIMA TO FORT Wayne A $2,000,000 TRACTION COMPANY ORGANIZED IN FORT WAYNE TODAY. THE FLEMING LINE Will Be Extended Through Van Wert to Lima and the Work Will Be Rushed. PRIVATE FRANCHISE Already Secured—Mr. H. C. Paul and Senator S. B, Fleming Local Capitalists Interested...After Senator Fleming secured the right of way ior his New Haven interurban road into Fort Wayne he was obliged to look about for an eastern outlet for his road...Indiana & Ohio Traction company with a capital stock of $600,000. The stockholders of this company, are Mr* H. C. Paul and Senator S. B. Fleming, of Fort Wayne; Mr. Samuel T. Murdoch, of Lafayette, Ind,'and Messrs. J. Neely and J. A. VanDyke, of Lima, 0. This construction company was formed for the purpose of building the Fort Wayne, Van Wert & Lima traction line." Fort Wayne News, The

9/17/1902 The American Bank, org. 12/8/1887 as American Bank and Trust Co was nationalized


11/10/1902 American Trust Co., Ltd Edinburgh

11/17/1902 (Later "Summit") The People's Trust and Savings Company incorporated in Fort Wayne with $200,000 capital stock; trustee for 23 acres of Kryder Waynedale Gardens

11/25/1902 The Bank of Jacksonville, William D. Barnett president, granted William D.Barnett a mortgage to acquire 161 acres of land in Orange County.


Flagler System new bonds dated payable from 1/1/1903 (Issued 1902)

3/19/1903 Sanford and St. Petersburg Ry Co conveyance to ACLRR, Orange Co; Florida Southern Ry conveyed to ACLRR, subject to American Loan and Trust Company mortgage dated 1/1/1895

all conveyed to United States Trust Company of New York, Trustee 5/14/1904

all subject to indenture of 6/16/1902

7/1/1903 Fried. Krupp A.G.

7/23/1903 American Trust Co., South Bend, IN

8/1/1903 chtd., Atlantic National Bank, Jax, affiliated with 1913 American Trust Co., Jacksonville (Ball, Dupont and Barnett association)

1913 d. H. M. Flagler


German American National (Lincoln National) Bank

Swiss National Bank


originally Night & Day Bank 1906; 3/20/1911 Harriman National Bank;


Scottish Western Investment Company, Michael Valentine Fleming officer and director; head Norfolk & Western Ry

1907 100 yr. gold bonds issued by British American Oil, Inc.

3/15/1907 "Millions Washed Out of Stock Values-Bankers Says Roosevelt is Untamed, Other than higher money and tho generally bearish feeling there was nothing to account for the market's, weakness unless it was the nervousness of stock market traders as lo the attitude of the administration toward the railroad corporations. Just before the mid-day break a rumor waa .circulated and was given considerablecredence, to the effect that a banker who had just returned from Washington, had reported to his. friends that the president had declared that his view as to the railroads had not changed and that he saw no reason to change them at this time. For several days Wall street has taken the view that the recent heavy declines in securities had not been with effect in Washington and that a modification of the attitude of the president and the Interstate commerce commission toward the great trunk lines might be looked for." Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

6/1/1907 "HENLEY-ON-THAMES HABITATION.—On April 18th, Mrs. Ovey (R.C.) kindly gave a most successful " At Home " to the members to meet Mr. Valentine Fleming, prospective Unionist candidate for the division, who gave a most admirable political address." Primrose League Gazette

Old National Bank (chartered in 1863 ) was the Fort Wayne correspondent of the Pennsylvania Company.

Alabama, Florida & Gulf Railroad Company Place Of Inc: Geneva : 08/21/1907

11/1/1907 Rhode Island Hospital Trust Company mortgage given to Florida Coast Line Canal and Transportation Company (7/1913 huge grant to FEC Ry)

11/23/1907 "Record of the leasing of 978 acres of land In northern Daviess county to the Wabash Oil company has been made at the recorder's office" Washington Gazette (Indiana)


Southern Indiana Railroad in receivership John R. Walsh on trial for misappropriation of funds. cf John R. Walsh Indiana Secretary of State December 1, 1958, to November 30, 1960

INTERNATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Insurance Company - Domestic - Information Charter Number: I00000229 Status: Merged Entity Creation Date: 8/15/1908 State of Business.: MO ; 8/25/1928 Merged

1908 Gold Bonds of the Kansas & Colorado Pacific Railway Company, due 1938.


1/19/1909 " HOW AMERICAN SHARES ARE HELD. It would be quite easy to misinterpret the statement telegraphed from New York as to the largest London holders of American Railroad shares. Large blocks of Common stock are attributed to Messrs. Rothschild, Messrs. Baring, Messrs. Leon Brothers, Messrs. S. Japhet and Co., Messrs. Raphael and Sons, Messrs. Hoggins and Clark, the English Association of American Bond and Share Holders, and Mr. Robert Fleming. Such a statement is, of course, just what might have been expected, but it would not be inconsistent with another statement that Messrs. Rothschild or any of the other people mentioned do not hold a single dollars worth of American Railroad Common stock. The great bulk of the stock is, of course, registered in the names of these financial houses and sold by them to the real owners whose names never appear. Bearer securities pass from hand to hand hundreds of times without the original named being changed." London Daily Mail

8/17/1909 Consolidation of International Life Insurance Company (formerly John Hough, Agent) and Great American life Insurance Company

9/09/1909 Death of E.H. Harriman, one of biggest railroad owners in U.S.

(Florida East Coast Railway/ Flagler System) FEC Ry 1st Mtg Bonds 6/1/1909 due 6/1/1959

Mutual of Omaha; FEC 50-yr. bonds

12/5/1909 real property and equipment of Norfolk & Southern Railway auctioned in foreclosure

In late 1909-1910, Barbara Krupp and Baron Tilo Wilmosky toured the Gary, Indiana steel yards along with the German Commissioner of Agriculture


Merged into Lincoln Trust Compqny in 1928 STRAUS BROTHERS COMPANY THE : Control Number: 192815-012 Creation: 4/15/1910 Inactive: 1/1/1970

Fort Wayne Gas Company Sold to the Wayne Paper Company. ... Hartford. City, . Ind.. Nov. 8.—The Wayne Paper company, of this city, has'purchased pfv the Fort Wayne Gas company the 6-inch "line reaching to station A, east oftlie city, including a number of gas. wells which" have a pressure. • It i's: understood that the company will use the gas In the mill here to supplement steam for pov,--;r and possibly some ^of it will be used directly for fuel,

(Fort Wayne, Indiana) LINCOLN TRUST CO : Control Number: 191242-062 Status: Revoked Creation Date: 10/11/1910 Inactive Date: 1/1/1975



Cities Service issued its common stock

Recording of Seaboard (System) deed

"Tampa Fl the gulf terminus Of three great railroad systems, the Atlantic Coast line, the Seaboard Airline-and the Tampa Northern, and a railroad is to be built now from Tampa to Miami. Tampa has direct and regular steamship service to New York, Key West, Havana, Mobile, and New Orleans."

Standard Oil dissolved under court order

1/2/1911 Model Land Company (Florida East Coast Ry)

INDIANAPOLIS, Jan. 13.—Senator Stephen B. Fleming, chairman of the senate committee on railroads

FT WAYNE AND NORTHERN INDIANA TRACTION COMPANY : Control Number: 191249-073 Creation: 2/13/1911: Entity Inactive Date: 1/1/1975

3/20/1911 Harriman National Bank; originally Night & Day Bank 1906;

acquired Liberty National Bank & Trust Company 4/8/1932

5/3/1911 Founding of Sebring, FL, Highlands County

Congressional investigation of American Sugar Refining

6/4/1911 New York Canal Bill: "This measure is of vital Importance in Us relation to the Toledo, Fort Wayne and Chicago canal project, as wiill appear later. The bill provides for a bond Issue of $19,150,000 to provide terminals...The construction of the Ideal canal will furnish the link that will bind the inland commerce of the Hudson river district, the Ohio river district and with It the Mississippi and Lake Michigan. It means making Fort Wayne a seaport city to all intents and purposes, and it behooves the people of Fort Wayne and of Indiana to get behind the project at once. Captain Campbell declares he has every reason to feel encouraged at the present outlook. The government engineers are enthusiastic in their expressions. Within a short time the congressional commission and the waterways committee from the senate will be here to sense the feeling of the public and It will be «p to Fort Wayne to show them that the people and especially " Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

7/3/1911 Bk 155 Pg 478 Orange County, FL: FEC RY Deed, McCrorey, McCullough; Jefferson Standard Life has mortgage 9/1/1943, FEC RY Second Mortgage holder 4/2/1945 (Magnolia Ranch)

08/05/1911 B6A-P42 SIMONS WH ADD TO PLAT : later replatted as Kryders Addition

FLORIDA EAST COAST COMPANY Document Number 800208 Filed 10/01/1910 State DE DISSOLVED 06/04/1936

11/03/1911 Investigation into wheat trade "According to reports the source of which is not disclosed, 60 per cent, of the country's wheat supply is controlled by an illegal combination of speculators, and 17,000,000 bushels of the total holdings of the clique are in Chicago grain elevators "

11/18/1911 It was reported that Carnegie gave $25,000,000 to the Carnegie Corporation of New York to spare his wife the burden of wealth.

Carnegie was the American source of Krupp Steel

SEBRING REAL ESTATE COMPANY Filed 11/23/1911 State OH DISSOLVED 06/04/1936


Bank of China

Union Bank of Switzerland

(Michael Valentine Fleming) NORFOLK & WESTERN RAILWAY COMPANY 1617 PENNA BLD PHILADELPHIA Pennsylvania USA County Philadelphia Jurisdiction VA 6/06/1912 President DAVID R GOODE

First 99 yr. lease used in Omaha;

Standard Trust of Cleveland- later wiped out Brotherhood L.E

"Jardine Matheson's business was in Shanghai and from 1912 the city was regarded as the Company's headquarters"

National City Bank est. in Indianapolis;

Standard Bank of British South Africa opened a branch in New York.

1/8/1912 "TAKING WABASH IN HAND. An official announcementt is now made as to the drastic measures for the reorganisation of-that famous American railroad which delights in the name of Wabash. A committee, consisting of the New York, Amsterdam, and London representatives— the London one being Mr. Robert Fleming has been constituted at the instance of the bondholders."

(Insull) NORTHERN INDIANA PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY : 801 E 86TH AVE, MERRILLVILLE, IN 46410 General Entity Information: Control Number: 192445-018 Status: Active Entity Type: For-Profit Domestic Corporation Entity Creation Date: 8/2/1912

08/12/1912 B6B-P80 PONTIAC PLACE TO PLAT (C.F. & Minnie V. Kryder 1/2 undivided interest)

"In 1912, Sebring (Ohio) became the site of a factory which produced a motor car, far ahead of its time." (The Sebring 6).


Van Sweringen Co.; 14 holding companies, Alleghany top

02/22/1913 Tennessee Life and International Life consolidated


05/06/1913 B7A-P8 PONTIAC PLACE EXTENDED TO PLAT (C.F. & Minnie V. Kryder 1/2 undivided interest)

05/20/1913 d. H.M. Flagler

(7/1913 huge grant to FEC Ry) 11/1/1907 Rhode Island Hospital Trust Company mortgage given to Florida Coast Line Canal and Transportation Company


09/20/1913 Increase capital stock The International Life Insurance Company;

11/14/1913 Increase capital stock The International Life Insurance Company (see Geo. Sebring Estate $11.14)


4/18/1914 18,000 acres conveyed by FEC RY to Model Land Company

(Koch) 4/18/1914 ROCK ISLAND OIL & GAS COMPANY Details Filing Number: 1900014785 Name Type: Legal Name Status: Inactive Corp type: Domestic For Profit Business Corporation Jurisdiction: Oklahoma Formation Date: 18 Apr 1914

4/20/1914 Articles of the agreement of consolidation of International Life Insurance Company, St. Louis; by Massey Wilson and Chris Kell

"Our name is The International Life Insurance Company (U.K.) Limited We were incorporated in England' in Apnl. 1963. " Gleaner

4/21/1914 Straus Brothers announced plans for a new big trust company.

7/3/1914 Allen, IN Land Records Search Document Detail Parties DISLER PLACE ADD TO Tract SEC: 14 TWP: 30 RNG: 12 ; Minnie Viola Disler Kryder

9/2/1914 Sale of Allen County highway bonds dated 9/15/1914 and 9/5/1914


88 privately organized Joint Stock Land Banks chartered

Standard Oil, holding company chartered for operations

American- Oriental Banking Corp, Shanghai, W.S. Fleming, attorney

5/23/1917 " Information has been received that Major Valentine Fleming, Yeomanry, Unionist M.P. for tho Heniey division of Oxfordshire since 1910, was killed in action on Sunday, aged 35. Major Fleming, a fine oarsman, was called to the Bar in 1907 and was a partner in his father's firm of Robert Fleming and Co.. merchants, of Crosby-square, E.G. He is the eleventh member of Parliament to fall in the war." London Daily Mail


The German American National Bank changed its name to Lincoln National Bank

Stock of the Joint Stock Land Banks issued

Filing Number: 24484-AA Date of Filing: 1/16/1918 : Name: Union Dairy Company Austin, MN


5/24/1920 "The property was purchased outright from the Southern Pacific Railroad company through the Title Insurance and Trust company, and the purchasers have formed a copartnership. Because of interest held by investors In Indiana the district has been named the Wabash oil Field. It Is on the line of the Santa Fe railroad, and there is no stock offer connected with the operation." Bakersfield Californian

Wells Fargo organized as Mercantile Trust Company of San Francisco also known as American Trust Company



(1755) Eldest Swiss bank:founded as Zins- Kommissionstube; reorganized 1921 as Leu & Company's Bank Ltd, Zurich

"The Norman Oil Corporation, .. took over the holding of the Webb-Zapata Oil Company and the Zapata Oil & Gas Company"

National City Gold Bond of 1921, matured 1941

12/7/1941 Pearl Harbor Bombed

1/1/1921 Army cryptographic functions centralized in the Code and Cipher Section, established in the Office of the Chief Signal Officer (OCSO), January 1, 1921

4/18/1921 An offering of $40,000,000 in Farm Loan Bonds was made

7/29/1921 Adolf Hitler became leader of National Socialist 'Nazi' Party.

Frank Kryder Fort Wayne Real Estate Board

10/1/1921 Florida realtors licensing in effect

12/28/1921 Recorded Partnership of The Kryder Company Realtors, C. Frank and Frank H. Kryder, 305-306 Carroll Building; in Allen County, Indiana Partner Book 2 p

CHICAGO. Dec. 28.— Mrs. Edith R. McCormick. daughter of John D.Rockefeller millionaire oil king. divorced from Harold T. McCormick," president of the International Harvester Company.

12/28/1921 Injunction filed against Klansmen in Atlanta

12/28/1921 BOND ISSUE AUTHORIZED— WASHINGTON, Dec. 28.—Authority was granted the Chicago. Indianapolis & Louisville railway by the interstate commerce commission today to issue $3,493,000 of first and general mortgage bonds. (Norfolk Southern; Norfolk & Western, M.V. Fleming)

"The Chicago, Indianapolis & Louisville Railway is controlled jointly by the Louisville & Nashville Railroad and the Southern Railway. providing these two systems with 'a link between their northern terminals, at Louisville and Cincinnati, and Chicago. It owns and operates about 622 miles of tracks and has about 30 miles of trackage rights and leaseholds. Security of Bonds: The llrst and general mortgage bonds of both series are secured by a mortgage on all the road's property, subject to $16,172,000 in prior lien bonds, of which $15,000,000 mature in 1947 and $1,172,000 In 1936. When these prior lien bonds mature, it is planned to refund them with additional first and general mortgage bonds, thus giving the latter first mortgage security."

1947 "Southern Railway" a railway company in southern England between 1923 and 1947


6/12/1936 Books of the Home Owner's Loan Corporation closed at midnight.

"The Monon Railroad (reporting mark MON), also known as the Chicago, Indianapolis and Louisville Railway (reporting mark CIL) from 1897–1956, operated almost entirely within the state of Indiana. The Monon was merged into the Louisville and Nashville Railroad in 1971, and much of the former Monon right of way is operated today by CSX Transportation.[1]" Wikipedia entry




05/08/1922 B9B-P78-B KRYDERS 1ST SUB

06/01/1922 Dedication of Sebring Irregular Tracts by H.O. Sebring, Sebring Development Company

07/19/1922 Recorded Plat of Hillcrest Groves, a subdivision of Sec 12 Twp 33 R 28E by Geo. E. Sebring Co., Sebring, Florida

FORT WAYNE UNION RAILWAY COMPANY: c/o Norfolk Southern Corp, Law Dept. Three Commercial Place, NORFOLK, VA 23510: 192039-017 Creation : 1/11/1922 NOTE* Moody's Manuals say 10/11/1922 Inactive : 5/1/1990

10/17/1922 B9B-P98 KRYDERS ADD TO PLAT



01/26/1923 B10A-P17-A KRYDERS 2ND SUB TO PLAT

Robert Stearns a founder of Bear Stearns 5/1/1923

06/08/1923 Will of Geo. E. Sebring created.



Bank for German Industrial Debentures, Berlin; Chm: Dr. Gustav Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach


First Scottish National Trust Company


4/1/1924 Gold Bonds of the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railway Co. due

4/21/1924 Patrick E. Crowley elected president of the New York Central

6/18/1924 "As a result of the growing demand for high grade investment securities, banks have purchased $50,000,000 railway notes held by the railroad administration, practically all of which run to 1930"


8/30/1924 German Imperial Railway Company (a private company) formed 12/31/1924

10/9/1924 Plat of Waynedale Gardens 2nd Addition (Kryder undivided 1/5 interest)

10/10/1924 Scottish Central Invest Trust Co. Ltd, T.J. Carlyle Gifford

10/21/1924 Recorded Plat of Hillcrest Groves in Lakeview Place Subdivision, bordered by the ACLRR- Geo. E. Sebring Co.
11/06/1924 Sebring Tract J, resubvivision, Geo. E. Sebring Co.
11/06/1924 Sebring Tract U, resubvivision, Geo. E. Sebring Co.
11/09/1924 Mathias Knecht transferred his interest in Waynedale to C.F. Kryder while Kryder became Trustee also for Kirkpatrick, Hodson, Burns: Allen Co. Deed Bk 292 p 53-4 & 55.
12/09/1924 Recorded Plat of Hillcrest Groves Subdivision, of the old Crosby Subdivision - Geo. E. Sebring Co

Standard Bank of Canada acquired Sterling Bank of Canada, Toronto 12/31/1924


02/06/1925 B11A-P54 FAIRFIELD TERRACE ADD SEC A TO PLAT 02/06/1925


MODEL LAND & BUILDING CO Document Number 100141 Filed 07/22/1925 State FL DISSOLVED 11/23/1936

(see Magnolia Ranch Deed/FEC RY) MAGNOLIA REALTY COMPANY Document Number 100213 Filed 07/25/1925 State FL DISSOLVED 12/23/1936




1/04/1927 d. Geo E. Sebring

(42 days) 2/15/1927 THE CANTON AND EAST LIVERPOOL RAILWAY Nov 08 1895 A029_1176 Certificate Of Subscription Bank Nov 18 1895 A029_1178 Nov 03 1902 A029_1180 Cancelled By Tax Dept W/Notification Feb 15 1927

12/31/1895 Death of John Kryder III

7/15/1927 German Central Bank for Agriculture, Berlin; sinking find gold 6s due 7/15/1960

Charter issued to Bank of Italy National Trust & Savings into which was merged Bank of America (Central Bank) in 1930.



Estate of Geo. Sebring $11.14


INTERNATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Insurance Company - Domestic - Information Charter Number: I00000229 Status: Merged Entity Creation Date: 8/15/1908 State of Business.: MO ; 8/25/1928 Merged

12/01/1928 merger or Sebring potteries into  American Chinaware Corporation


5/15/1930 Penn Florida Hotel Company mortgage bonds payable the next 7 years in gold interest

Kryder Company, Inc.Indiana Control Number : 193007-098


Reorganizaton Act

New FEC Ry Securities issued

acquired Liberty National Bank & Trust Company 4/8/1932 : 3/20/1911 Harriman National Bank; originally Night & Day Bank 1906;


(Robert Fleming Coal) WEST VIRGINIA COAL CO Eff Date: 2/12/1890 Term Date: 1/2/1906

1890 Alabama, New Orleans, Texas & Pacific Rys Co; in receivership 1887; reorganized 1890;

FLORIDA EAST COAST SECURITIES INC Filed 1/11/1932 DISS 8/13/1936 ; see 1886 Fleming gold mortgage

WABASH OIL CORPORATION : Control Number: 193007-089 Creation: 12/28/1932 Inactive: 1/1/1970

12/30/1932 The Kryder Company, Inc. Control Number: 193007-098 Inactive: 1/1/1970; Articles signed 12/28/1932


Bear Stearns opened its first branch office in Chicago

TEXACO-CITIES SERVICE PIPE LINE COMPANY : 1111 RUSK AVE, HOUSTON, TX 77052 : Control Number: 193006-013 Status: Merged Creation Date: 11/24/1933 Inactive Date: 12/15/1988 : Original Creation State: DE

12/18/1933 The Atlantic National Bank of Jacksonville and American Trust Company Agreement of Consolidation (American Trust aka American Oil/ American International)

(American Security Co.) HOME BUILDERS CORPORATION 128434 Filed 12/18/1933 DISSOLVED 12/01/1938

FIFTH THIRD BANK, INDIANA : 251 N. Illinois, Ste. 1000, INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46204 193029-076 Status: Merged Creation : 12/18/1933 Inactive: 3/17/2000



1886 mortgage gold bonds

Books of HOLC closed



THE SUBURBAN BUILDING COMPANY OF FORT WAYNE INDIANA INC Created 09/19/1938 C.Frank Kryder President; Frank H. Kryder Secretary-Treasurer; Room 225 Standard Building. Entire record is lost but the Secretary of State has a note it was dissolved in 1950 and a Cause #666795 which can't be found.


1908 Gold Bonds of the Kansas & Colorado Pacific Railway Company, due 1938.


19420093544 Recording Date 07/31/1942 MCCRORY HOLDING COMPANY Grantee MAGNOLIA RANCH INC

General Electric Royalties were collected for Krupp up to Sept 1942 by a Swiss intermediary


Trust F.S. 58070 recorded

9/22/1943 Assignment of rents and leases to Jefferson Standard Life by Magnolia Ranch

10/15/1943 Kryder Company Inc., rm 225, 215 East Berry Street, Minnie, Clarence, et al. filed Affidavit empowering Lauren O. King, Trustee of F.S. 58070

10/15/1943 Anthony Wayne Bank received approval by Dept. of Financial Institutions; first floor 215 East Berry St.

(1903) 40 year first mortgage bonds of the Philadelphia, Balitmore, and Washington Railroad Company, Pennsylvania Railroad System; $10,000,000 due 11/1/1943

11/18/1943 ZAPATA OIL LEASE HOUSTON, Nov. 18.-1943

12/15/1943 Conversion of Fried.Krupp, A.G. to sole proprietorship of Alfried Krupp, effectively activating Lex Krupp until 1968

12/16/1943 Creation of Anthony Wayne Bank, a conversion to a state bank of the 1915 Fort Wayne Morris Plan Company, 215 E Berry Street, first floor of the Standard Building.




9/11/1947 Director named to Nickel Plate Board: Edward Jr. Fleming Chicago, president of the E. J Fleming Coal Co., trustee of the Chicago surface lines


7/3/1945 7/03/1945 KOCH INDUSTRIES, INC. Details Filing Number: 2300210409 Jurisdiction: Oklahoma Formation Date: 3 Jul 1945 Registered Agent Information Name: THE CORPORATION COMPANY Effective: 23 Sep 2005 Address: 1833 S MORGAN RD : OKLAHOMA CITY OK 73128


LIMITED CORPORATION : 4133 NEW HAVEN AVENUE, FORT WAYNE, IN 46803 : Control Number: 194146-052 Status: Active Creation Date: 3/24/1948 Other Names 3/24/1948 GLADIEUX ENTERPRISES (Assumed)) 3/24/1948 GLADIEUX EXPRESS (Assumed)) 3/24/1948 GLADIEUX LEASING COMPANY (Assumed)) 3/24/1948 GLADIEUX SERVICE STATIONS COMPANY (Assumed)) 3/24/1948 GLADIEUX TRANSPORT SAFETY c/o Fay W. Leas


$200,000,000 ACL RR mtg to United States Trust Bank of NY, dated 3/1/1950 11/5/1988 Satisfaction of

4/2/1950 d. Clarence Frank Kryder; no estate opened

d. H. O. Sebring "financially ruined" more or less

North American Properties, Inc.

Trust F.S. 58070 re-recorded

National Unit Distributors took over Sebring pottery


11/20/1955 Plat of Sebring Summit by Geo. E. Sebring



Credit Suisse

Nationalization of Suez Canal

1956 Rob A. Morrow acquired controlling interest of Sullivan State Bank, 32 Court Street.

incorporated (Sullivan Insurance Agency 32 Court Street) First National Insurance Services

Pennsylvania RR held $21,598,550 common stock of Norfolk & Western RR

6/05/1956 Plat of Sebring Villas 1st Addition

(1966 Fort Wayne Bank Building, Inc. aka Cities Service) THE MURPHY REALTY CO INC:: 6/22/1956: 1/1/1978

Kryder Company Inc. annual reports not filed again until 1962


11/21/1956 Bribery check Mogilner to Virgil Red Smith, appointed Indiana highway commission chairman in 1955; Smiths platted Highland Shores; Sebring Shores was developed by Elmer W. (Doc) Sherwood and William E. Sayer, all convicted in 1959.


Stanolind Nevada

12/31/1956 North American Casualty and Surety Reinsurance Corp changed name to North American Re (= Lincoln Re = Swiss Re )


Syria and Egypt merged

In March King Solomon's copper mine was claimed found near Jerusalem

The American copper market slumped

1/25/1958 It was reported that  New York Central railroad tycoon Robert R. Young committed suicide at his Palm Beach residence.

6/4/1958 "4 Grain Companies Plan Merger For Latter Part Of June INDIANAPOLIS (UP)-A meeting of approximately 500 stockholders involved: in a planned merger of four grain- companies is slated for the latter part of. this month. Samuel R. .Harrell, .president of General Grain, Inc." Logansport Pharos-Tribune

8/6/1958 "NYC Head Says A Merger With PRR Possible" Logansport Press

"...Perlman said the railroads should continue to seek integrated transportation in future sessions of Congress. "Industries can go into the transportation business," Perlman told a news conference, "but the railroads cannot go into industry. In other countries the railroads can own an airline, but not in the United States."However, Perlman said the railroads should continue to seek integrated transportation in future sessions of Congress. "Industries can go ' into the transportation business," Perlman told a news conference, "but the railroads cannot go into industry. In other countries the railroads can own an airline, but not in the United States."

19580585759 Recording Date 10/28/1958 GrantorName WAYNE PUMP CO Grantee SHAMROCK OIL CO Orange Co., FL

11/20/1958 Rules Against Merger of Steel Firms NEW .YORK (UP) — Federal Judge Edward Weinfeld t o d a y ruled against the requested merger of Bethlehem Steel Corp. and Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co.

11/21/1958 UPI "The Norfolk & Western Railway and the Virginian Railway are discussing the possibility of a merger. The two lines carry coal from the southern West Virginia fields to the port of' Norfolk. If the merger were effected the new road would be the second only to the Chesapeake & Ohio as a coal carrier."

11/26/1958 "Sinclair Oil Corp., which owns about 29 per cent of Texas Pacific Coal & Oil Co., presented to the Texas Pacific directorate a merger proposal based on an exchange of stock. Texas Pacific, which went into the oil business in 1917 after 29 years in the coal business, produces oil and gas in seven states and holds undeveloped acreage in 11 states and holds undeveloped acreage in 11 states and Canada." Logansport Pharos-Tribune

cf John R. Walsh Indiana Secretary of State December 1, 1958, to November 30, 1960; Walsh was elected as a Democrat to the Eighty-first Congress (January 3, 1949-January 3, 1951).

Southern Indiana Railroad in receivership John R. Walsh I on trial for misappropriation of funds.


Fred C. Koch purchased 1/3 interest in Great Northern Oil.

Zapata Oil established offices in Calgary, for Canadian exploration: Roy J. Winchester, manager, resigned as manager of land operations in Canada for Skelly to join ZO

SEBRING LAND COMPANY, INC. P O BOX 525 SEBRING FL Date Filed 02/25/1959 State FL Status INACTIVE EVENT CONVERTED TO NOTES Event Date Filed 09/11/1973

1959 First Chicago Overseas Finance NV; St. Maarten

"Bush moved headquarters of Zapata Off-Shore lo Houston in 1959"

"In 1959, the operations of Zapata Petroleum and Zapata Offshore were separated. Mr. Bush moved to Houston as president of Zapata Offshore, but the Liedtkes remained in Midland with Zapala Petroleum."

Texas Oil Company purchased the Paragon group of companies 1959: Texas Oil Company adopted the name Texaco for all of its businesses;

CITIES SERVICE STATIONS CORPORATION Entity No. 67263 Filing Date 02/05/1959 225S 15TH ST PHILADELPHIA Pennsylvania US

2/18/1959 Colorado Interstate To Sell Pipeline Bonds COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Colorado Interstate Gas Company filed -with the Securities and Exchange commission a registration statement covering the proposed sale of $33,000,000 of first mortgage pipeline bonds due 1979 and approximately 120,000 shares of cumulative preferred stock $100 per value. The issues will be underwritten by a group of investment firms headed jointly by Dillon Read and Co., Inc., New York, N. Y. and Eastman Dillon, Union Securities and Co., New'York, N.Y.Garden City Telegram

2/18/1959 ATLAS HOLDING CORPORATION 278229 Feb 18 1959 Cancel Cleveland Cuyahoga Ohio

SOCONY MOBIL COMPANY INC : 5959 LAS COLINAS BLVD, IRVING, TX 75039 : Control Number: 194286-055 Creation Date: 3/2/1959 Inactive Date: 6/2/2010 Creation State: DE

(aka Zapata Oil) Pennzoil Company ARTICLES OF AMENDMENT  05/26/1959

(Florida East Coast Railway/ Flagler System) FEC Ry 1st Mtg Bonds 6/1/1909 due 6/1/1959

8/11/1959 Dissolved: TAMPA NORTHERN RAILROAD COMPANY Document Number 001506 Filed 04/07/1906 State FL VOLUNTARY DISSOLUTION Event Date Filed 08/11/1959

10/20/1959 Credit Suisse, Delaware

10/20/1959 NORTH AMERICAN PETROLEUM CORPORATION Domestic For Profit Business Corporation Legal Registered Agent: JOHN H KENNEDY 1303 N WESTERN OKC, OK Effective Date: 10/20/1959 1900163683

GLADIEUX OIL SALES INC: 404 BROADWAY, NEW HAVEN, IN 46774 : Control Number: 192840B002 Creation Date: 10/28/1959: Inactive Date: 7/31/1989 c/o Alton Bloom

TULSA FUEL OIL COMPANY Entity No. 364173 Filing Date 10/28/199 1348 E AIRDRIE ST PHILADELPHIA Pennsylvania USA County Philadelphia

AMERICAN TRUST COMPANY Control Number: 191670-002 Creation Date: 5/3/1916 Inactive Date: 1/1/1975

5/26/1875 CHICAGO AND SOUTH ATLANTIC RAILROAD COMPANY : 191129-002 Creation : 5/26/1875 Inactive : 1/1/1975

9/10/1977 St. Petersburg Times World Oil trail begins at Fort Wayne where oil was produced for $.18

12/1/1973 Commonwealth Edison contracted to buy- oil sold by Gladieux Refinery (for four months),sold to Detroit Oil Barge Line, sold to Saber at $.30, sold to the Chicago utility for $.40

4/1974 Detroit Oil Barge Line droppped out and Fort Wayne sold to World Oil Corp.and NJM Brokerage Company of Fort Wayne, who sold to Saber.

1959-12-31 GERMAN AMERICAN BANK, THE located at 711 MAIN STREET, JASPER, IN was established as a State Member Bank.

1959-12-31 LINCOLN BANK AND TRUST COMPANY located at 36 ATLANTIC STREET, STAMFORD, CT was established as a Non-member Bank.


"(In 1981, Securities and Exchange Commission filings for Zapata Oil (G.H.W. Bush, pres.) for 1960-66 were discovered to have been 'inadvertently destroyed.')"

Note: Gulf Oil is a Pennsylvania Corporation. In 1985 "Bush Street Corporation," San Francisco, changed its name to "Gulf Oil Corporation."

"2/1/1960 Major Oil Firms Face Court Fight TULSA, Okla. (AP)-The government launches its courtroom fight against 29 major oil firms today. They face criminal charges they violated federal anti - trust laws by conspiring to regulate oil and gasoline prices. Presidcint over the non - jury hearing is U.S. Dist. Judge Royce H. Savage. For the government (here are five attorneys from the U.S. Justice Department's antitrust division, with help from U.S. Atty. Robert S. Rizley of Tulsa. About 90 attorneys are lined up on the defense side. The oil firms—10 of them with! individual assets in the billion dollar bracket—are accused of conspiring to "raise, fix and regulate" the price they paid for crude oil and got for gasoline in 43 states. The indictment charged the firms conspired sometime in 1956 and through January 1957 a period that covers the Suez Canal crisis when flow of most oil shipments from the Middle East was halted. Each company, is convicted can be fined a maximum of $50 000 £. for a total a $1,450,000."

"...government charges that Standard Oil (New Jersey) and its Esso subsidiary sold products lo Kentucky Standard under an agreement that they would not compete in Kentucky, Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama and Florida, and the Kenlucky company would not compete outside that area."

Defendants: Arkansas Fuel Oil Corp, Ashland Oil if Refining Co, Atlantic Refining Co, Cities Service Oil Co. (Delaware), Cities Service Co, Continental Oil Co, DXSunray Oil COOMN Gulf OU Corp, Monsanto Chemical Co, Ohio Oil Co . Phillips Petroleum Co, Shell Oil Co, Sinclair Oil Corp, Sinclair Crude Oil Co. Sinclair Refining Co, Skelly Oil Co, Socony Mobile Oil Co, Inc, Magnolia Petroleum Co, Standard Oil Co. (Indiana). Indiana Oil Purchasing Co, Standard Oi Co. (New Jersey), Carter Oil Co, Esso Standard Oil Co, HumbleOil & Refining Co, Standard Oil Co. (Ohio). Sohlo Petroleum Co., Sin Oil, Texaco, Inc., Tidewater Oil

2/21/1960 "Executives Hail Tulsa Ruling HOUSTON (AP) — Oil executives believe their anti-trust suit victory at Tulsa was a Victory for business in general. They believe even professional men such as doctors may benefit from the broad ruling which Federal Judge Royce H. Savage acquitted 29 oil companies of price fixing conspiracy charges. The reasoning behind such thinking is the ruling possibly will prompt the justice department to proceed more cautiously before filing similar actions in the future. FILED HASTILY Oilmen do not question the government's authority and responsibility to act in anti-trust matters. But they believe a number of actions against oil and other industries have been filed hastily and without adequate study of all factors involved. One executive surveyed possible effects of the Tulsa ruling and said: "Protection is one thing but harassment is quite another." He said the circumstances of the Tulsa case s h o u l d prompt olficials of all industries to take a more active interest in governmental affairs —and politics. ...Augustus C. Long, board chairman of Texaco inc., ex pressed hope the Tulsa decision of last Saturday will cause the government to "proceed in a more responsible manner before placing such unwarranted criminal charges in the future. COSTLY VICTORY Oilmen look upon Savage's ruling as complete vindication of the industry's competitive marketing practices. But they say the victory Was very costly. Hundreds o£ thousands of dollars were spent while preparing a defense that was not needed in court. Also, the industry fears !t has suffered inestimable damage from adverse publicity over since an Alexandria, Va., federal grand jury returned an indictment against29 companies on may 29, 1958.. .. TRIAL ONLY 10 DAYS Instead, the entire case was settled in 21 months. The trial itself required only 10 days. Texaco, inc., and Standard Oil co. of California won a marathon case last year. Federal attorneys had accused the two companies and four subsidiaries of overcharging the government for Middle East oil purchased in 1951-1952 and resold to foreign countries under the Marshall plan. Last Aug. 19 the U. S. Court of Appeals in New York city held that the prices financed by the economic co-operation administration "were In fact the lowest competitive market prices." The ruling upholding a lower court's dismissal of the case came Just three days short of the seventh anniversary of the indictment,"

Pennsylvania RR consolidated 1st. mtg.due

Robert A. Morrow became president of Union Bank and Trust Company,. Kokomo

"Catco is comprised of the following big companies—Continental Oil, Atlantic Refining, Tidewater, and Cities Service, some with important friends in the White House." Drew Pearson, 1960 The Bell Syndicate ."

1960-01-29 GERMAN AMERICAN BANK, THE changed from State Member Bank to Non-member Bank. (Jasper)

2/12/1960 d. Minnie V. Kryder; no assets


07/12/1960 Fort Wayne- The Bureau of Naval Weapons awarded Magnavox Co. two contracts totalling $32,500,000. Pres. Frank Freimann stated the company maintained a $90,000,000 backlog of military and industrial electronic product orders.

1968 Charitable trust of Frank Freimann left without successor trustees is Fort Wayne National Bank Trust Department; not announced until 1970

08//7/1960 Estate of Minnie V. Kryder Opened

only one expense: Lassus Bros Oil

(purchased Fort Wayne Bank Building c/o New York Life (Cities Service Board of Directors on Pepsico Place) , died and left his trust "to Fort Wayne National Bank") LEO J MURPHY CO INC : 194267-151 Creation : 8/23/1960 Inactive : 12/31/1987

Murphy Brothers


"Gulf and the other defendants then asked Judge Savage for a directed verdict. Savage thereupon look the case away from the jury and dismissed the action with a directed verdict in favor of Gulf and the other oil companies....The following year, (Royce H. Savage ) Savage resigned as a federal judge. His resignation was dated (10/31/1961) Oct. 31, 1961. The very next day, Savage went to work for Gulf Oil as general counsel al the corporation's headquarters in Pittsburgh." - Louis M. Kohlmeier "Government Committees Adept At Burying the Problems"

7/29/1946 (Tulsa, Petroleum Bldg.) Century Geophysical Corporation, Delaware; amended 2/7/1951; 10/28/1953; 9/30/1957; 10/31/1961; 11/8/1963; 4/23/1965; 5/19/1965

GENERAL DYNAMICS CORPORATION : 3190 Fairview Park Drive, FALLS CHURCH, VA 22042: 194118A034 Creation : 9/30/1957 Original Creation State: DE

THE OKLAHOMA OIL COMPANY : 2420 ONE MAIN PL, DALLAS TEX 75250 : 194118A037 Creation : 9/30/1957 Inactive: 4/18/1989 : Original Creation State: CO

"After Savage moved to Pittsburgh, he became Ihe immediate superior of Claude Wild, Gulf's Washington lobbyist who was siphoning hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Nassau slush fund and delivering the cash to dozens of Washington politicians. More than $12 million was drained from the fund and delivered to politicians here and abroad. Thus. Royce Savage, prominent lawyer, general counsel of a major corporation, and former federal jurist, became the superior of a scheme of corrupt business practices that the 298- page report said were "shot through wilh illegality." The Gulf Oil story, told and unto l d in the 298 pages, demonstrates well enough that "corrupt business practices strike at the heart of our moral code." Yet, Ford's committee is not examining Gulf's disclosures, much less Gulf's undisclosed use of a federal judge. The White House and Congress do nothing about the corporate bribery scandal because to do something would be to admit that it takes two to bribe. " ( 1976 by The Chicago Tribune)

Rob Morrow -"During his presidency of the Union Bank, that institution had one of its most progressive periods. It grew in assets from $29,404,000 in 1961 to $97,- 136,000 by Jan.l, 1973. Its deposits rose from $26,687,000 to $88,832,800 in the 12-year period, and in that same period it opened six branch banks in Kokomo. Morrow said he regrets leaving Kokomo because of "the fine friendships and associations I have enjoyed here and the splendid support and cooperation I have had from the staff and directors of the Union Bank." But he said the opportunity to head the Lincoln National, one of the best known banks in the nation, is one he could not reject. He met with the directors of the Fort Wayne institution Thursday and accepted their invitation to become the bank's president. Morrow came to Kokomo in March, 1961, from Sullivan, Ind., where he was president and chief executive officer of the Sullivan State Bank. He has had a career of 36 years in banking, dating back to 1936 when he started in his father's bank at Wyoming."

ACL headquarters moved from Wilmington, N.C. to Jacksonville, Fla.

Norfolk Terminal Ry 1st. mtg.due;

Murchison Brothers Dallas wrested control of Alleghany from F.M. Kirby (Woolworth's) in proxy fight

Former Van Sweringen Brothers empire

1st mtg  $22,500,000 given by FEC to Barnett Bank Jax and 2nd Mtg of same amt to Manufacturer's Hanover Trust;

THE COCA-COLA COMPANY : C/O Tax Dept. PO BOX 1734, ATLANTA, GA 30301 : 194313-085 Active Creation: 1/3/1961 : Original Creation State: DE Other Names 1/3/1961 DUNCAN FOODS CO.


1/20/1961 President John F. Kennedy inaugurated

3/30/1961 G.H. Walker & Co. transferred Credit Suisse shares of The Pennsylvania Railroad to Lincoln Trust Company ( Lincoln National Bank & Trust Company Trust Dept.; aka The 1905 German American National Bank + 1910 Lincoln Trust Company + Straus Brothers 1914)

1961-04-10 AMERICAN TRUST COMPANY located at LEWISTON, ME was established as a Non-member Bank.

04/17/1961 CIA-spported Bay of Pigs Invasion of Cuba

May 13, 1961- 100 "special forces" troops ordered to S. Vietnam

4/30/1961 (future Penn Central RR) "DREW PEARSON WASHINGTON — It won't make the.headlines of the recent invasion of Cuba, but a Texas invasion of Wall Street is now taking place. It's a proxy fight, the biggest in history, to take over the management of the giant Alleghany Holding Corporation...Clint Murchison, Sr., and his two sons, Clint, Jr., and John Dabney, now living at the Carlyle hotel in New York."

"Murchison's far-flung operations were made possible by the 27.5 per cent oil depletion allowance which puts him and other oilmen in a more favored position than other taxpayers. They can use their money to influence political thought and dominate industry as most taxpayers can't. This oil depletion allowance, incidentally, is one of the major loopholes in the tax structure which President Kennedy did not recommend plugging when he sent his recent tax message to Congress."

7/27/1961 "Two groups of Zapata citizens have announced plans to organize new banks here. This city's only bank, the privately owned Bank of Zapata, closed Juiy 18 and has been placed in receivership."

MOVING CREDIT INC incorporated 07/31/1961 merged into North American Van Lines 05/23/1984

8/24/1961 Former Nazi leader Johannes Vorster became South Africa's minister of justice

September 1961 Frito and H.W. Lay and Co. merged to form Frito-Lay

LASSUS BROS OIL INC : 1800 Magnavox Way, FORT WAYNE, IN 46804 Control Number: 193074A126 Status: Active Creation Date: 9/12/1961

10/17/1961 d. Larkin H. Parris, VP Citizens & Southern Bank; great uncle of Katherine Kryder and former Auditor of Central Bank and Trust, Atlanta

(Zapata Oil) MARATHON PETROLEUM COMPANY 817837 Filed 12/09/1961 State DE MERGED 07/21/1982


Kryder Company, Inc. reactivated from last filing in 1956 New address 807 Fort Wayne Bank Building


"Our name is The International Life Insurance Company (U.K.) Limited We were incorporated in England' in Apnl. 1963. " Gleaner


"In 1981, Securities and Exchange Commission filings for Zapata Oil (G.H.W. Bush, pres.) for 1960-66 were discovered to have been 'inadvertently destroyed.'"

PETROLEUM INVESTMENTS INCORPORATED: 194480-046 Creation : 2/18/1966 Inactive : 1/1/1978

(Cities Service/Murphy Brothers/New York Life) FORT WAYNE BANK BUILDING INC : 110 WEST 7TH STREET , TULSA, OK 74102 : 194486-110 Creation : 04/21/1966 Inactive : 05/20/1991

NORTH AMERICAN VAN LINES INC Legal Name: TRANSTAR SERVICES, INC.: c/o W.E. Pitts, Esq. 115 Franklin Road, Suite #144, BRENTWOOD, TN 37027 : 194488-069 Creation : 05/10/1966 Inactive : 12/28/1994

MODEL LAND COMPANY Document Number 305029 Filed 05/12/1966 State FL Status ACTIVE Principal Address THE BREAKERS HOTEL ONE SOUTH COUNTY RD PALM BEACH FL 33480 US

SPEDCO INC, a Delaware Corporation, K.W. Maxfield Executive Vice-President, filed Certificate of Admission with Secretary of State 5/20/1966; merged into North American Van Lines 11/27/1968

7/05/1966 Spedco (K.W. Maxfield, Frank Kryder's cousin V.P.) as a subsidiary of Pepsico applied to the ICC to purchase North American Van Lines for about $22,000,000.

08/1966 Death of Cora Harris Sebring, widow of Geo. Sebring d. 1927

10/3/1966 Sebring, FL citrus and cattle millionaire Charles Maxcy was murdered

Order - 19660097607 General Data Document # 19660097607 Recording Date 10/03/1966 Book / PageBook 1578 Page 843 Grantor REEDY CREEK DRAINAGE DIST (Lake Buena Vista)

12/2/1966 d. Frank H. Kryder; no paperwork whatsoever

12/15/1966 d. Walter E. Disney

12/19/1966 Closing of Geo. E. Sebring, Jr. Estate (d. 1947)

1968 Lincoln National Corporation, Inc.

"Lyndon B. Johnson privatized Fannie Mae in order to remove it from the national budget." History News Network

Dereco, Spedco, Leasco, Pepsico, Camco (G.H.W. Bush, director)

Lincoln National Corporation, Inc.


National Westminster Bank formed in 1968, when National Provincial Bank established 1833, along with its subsidiary District Bank established 1829, and Westminster Bank (established 1836), agreed to merge (see Royal Bank of Scotland 2000).

"effective from 1/1/ 1970, Standard took over BP's leases at Prudhoe Bay and some East Coast downstream assets acquired in 1968. In return, BP acquired 25% of Standard's equity";

Krupp firm dissolved as a sole proprietorship 1/2/1968 Formation of the Krupp joint-stock corporation

2/1/1968 New York Central merged into Penn Central

AMERICAN PREMIER UNDERWRITERS, INC: THOMAS E MISCHELL, ONE EAST 4TH ST, 8TH FLOOR, CINCINNATI, OH 45202 : Control Number: 191129-003 Status: Active : 2/8/1968 : Original Creation State: PA TOther Names 4/25/1994 THE PENN CENTRAL CORPORATION

The New York Central Railroad Company and The Pennsylvania Railroad Company merger document dated 1/12/1962 (Murchison, Kirby, Frenzel) to become Penn Central Company (L.E. Gray) , The Pennsylvania New York Tranportation Company

Deed - 19680183219 Document # 19680183219 Recording Date 02/27/1968 12:00:00 PM Book / PageBook 1709 Page 651 Grantor DISNEY WALT WORLD CO COMPASS E CORP Grantee REEDY CREEK IMP DIST Legal Data SEC 27-24-27 DESC ETC

3/1/1968 Dereco, holding company of Norfolk & Western Ry formed

(Robert Fleming RR) D & RGWRRCo Equip Series HH 3/1/1968-3/1/1983

4/1/1968 Northwestern Terminal RR Co dissolved and assets transferred to D & RGWRR Co

MURPHY OIL COMPANY OF OKLAHOME INC : 100 WEST 10TH, WILMINGTON, DE : Control Number: 196805-437 Creation Date: 5/29/1968 Entity Inactive Date: 11/28/1988 : Original Creation State: DE

6/05/1968 New York Senator Robert F. Kennedy assassinated

7/01/1968 Annual report states Designated "next meeting of Kryder Company shareholders..." by Moorhead and Bordner.

PENNZENERGY COMPANY : PENNZOIL PLACE, PO BOX 2967, HOUSTON, TX 77252 : Control Number: 196807-446 Creation Date: 7/30/1968 Inactive Date: 3/15/2000 Other Names 1/28/1999 PENNZOIL COMPANY

MURPHY BROS INC : PO BOX 115, GREENCASTLE, IN 46135 : Control Number: 196810-514 Creation Date: 10/31/1968 Entity Date to Expire: Entity Inactive Date: 7/31/1989

SPEDCO INC, a Delaware Corporation, K.W. Maxfield Executive Vice-President, filed Certificate of Admission with Secretary of State 5/20/1966; merged into North American Van Lines 11/27/1968

PENNSYLVANIA SECURITIES COMPANY : 3130 WILSHIRE BLVD, SANTA MONICA, CA 90406 : Control Number: 196812-201 Creation Date: 12/12/1968 Inactive Date: 3/8/1990 Original Creation Date: Original Creation State: CA

BP CHEMICALS INC. : C/O ERNST & YOUNG INCOME TAX SOURCING, POBOX 06325, CHICAGO, IL 60606 Control Number: 196812-254 Status: Merged Creation : 12/16/1968 Inactive Date: 1/15/2004 : Original Creation State: OH Other Names 1/19/1988 STANDARD OIL CHEMICAL COMPANY 2/6/1989 BP CHEMICALS AMERICA INC.


1/20/1969 and 3/20/1969 Federal Land Bank bonds matured

Deed - 19690291566 Document # 19690291566 Recording Date 09/25/1969 1 Book / PageBook 1876 Page 375 Grantor DISNEY WALT WORLD CO GranteeREEDY CREEK IMP DIST Legal Data SEC 2-24-27 DESC

1970 Penn Central RR bankrupt

Kryder Company, Inc. administratively dissolved, last address 807 Fort Wayne Bank Building

"...BP acquired 25% of Standard's equity..."

Jardine Matheson and Robert Fleming & Co joined hands Royal Bank of Scotland: "By 1970, following the Royal Bank's merger with the Edinburgh-based National Commercial Bank of Scotland, comprising the former National Bank of Scotland and Commercial Bank of Scotland (cf Commercial Bank of Basle aka Union Bank of Switzerland; Straus Brothers Commerical Bank, Fort Wayne, merged into Lincoln Trust, Rob Morrow, president of Union Trust became president Lincoln National Bank and Trust).

11/10/1902 American Trust Co., Ltd Edinburgh

8/1/1970 The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company First Consolidated Mortgage Bonds $80,000,000 Series A, 37/s%, Due August 1, 1970

Charitable Trust of Frank Freimann, Magnavox pioneer and president, announced in Fort Wayne; left without successor trustees is Fort Wayne National Bank Trust Department; not announced until 1970; No Probate of Will in Allen County;

MONSANTO RADIO COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY : 800 N LINDBERGH BLVD, Attn: Tax Dept,E2SE, ST LOUIS, MO 63167 : Control Number: 197008-210 Status: Merged Creation Date: 8/13/1970 Inactive Date: 8/10/1995 Original Creation State: DE

11/02/1970 Dedication of new Fort Wayne National Bank Building

THE KRUPP ORGANIZATION Number: C0612014 Date Filed: 11/20/1970 Status: merged 2444 WILSHIRE BLVD #606 SANTA MONICA, CA 90403

LINCOLN TRUST CORP : 3828 STATE RD 38 E , LAFAYETTE, IN 47904 :197011-378 Active Creation : 11/25/1970

12/08/1970 Lincoln Tower Corp acquired "Satisfactory Finance Corp" and changed name to "Tower Acceptance Corp" to become holding company for LNB


Wabash RR Co. 1st mtg, due; Penn Central RR auctioned its non-railroad properties;

Flemings opened a Tokyo office


3/15/1971 Modified mtg of Seaboard Airline Railway, Chemical Bank, Tr

Central of Georgia Railroad Company : Georgia.: 06/01/1971

10/14/1971 Robert Fleming & Co offered shares of British Petroleum c/o Morgan Stanley & Co


"Helms ordered the destruction of most records from the huge MKULTRA project" Wikipedia

The Standard Bank of South Africa (SBSA) was formed and registered as a South African company, operating as a subsidiary of Standard Bank in London

Norfolk & Western Ry equipment trust;


2/23/1972 LINCOLN NATIONAL FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY Charter Number: X00076689 Creation : 2/23/1972 State of Business.: MO Expiration Date: 09/23/1974

3/06/1972 Formation of Carlyle Real Estate Partnership, Cook County, Illinois

4/21/1972 ALLEN COUNTY BANK AND TRUST COMPANY OF LEO, INDIANA : 4/21/1972 (failed in 1985)

5/28/1972 Stock market suffered one of sharpest declines since 1929

6/26/1972 Amended Articles of The Standard Life Insurance Company of Indiana, Inc.

7/17/1972 ROBERT FLEMING INCORPORATED Number: C0660805 Date Filed: 7/17/1972 Status: surrender Jurisdiction: NEW YORK Address 100 WALL ST NEW YORK, NY 10005

8/15/1972 PENNZOIL LOUISIANA AND TEXAS OFFSHORE, INC. T Status: Not Active (Voluntary action) Est. in Louisiana: Qualified: 08/15/1972


9/15/1972 - 9/16/1972 Coroner's Estimated date of death of Katherine Ann Kryder, South Florida.

MKULTRA associated death

10/16/1972 d. Hale Boggs (U.S. Representative, 2nd District of Louisiana); plane missing over Alaska; "publicly voiced skepticism about the Warren Commission and ...called for a new investigation into President Kennedy's death a week before his disappearance and presumed death."

11/6/1972 BOATMEN'S TRUST COMPANY Image Date Document 11/6/1972 Creation Filing 11/18/1985 MO

11/17/1972 (CSX) Seaboard Airline Railway 11/17/1972 lease with Texgas

12/1/1972 EXXON MOBIL CORPORATION: 5959 LAS COLINAS BLVD, IRVING, TX 75039 : 197212-023 Status: Active Creation Date: 12/1/1972 Original Creation State: NJ

12/1/1972 National Bank of Commerce of San Antonio, Trustee, the Company elected lo redeem and call for redemption on December 1, 1972 all of the Company's Twenty Year 6% Sinking Fund Debentures Due July 1, 1976

1976 Registered HOLC bonds converted to Treasury Bonds series 1965-1976 had to be exchanged

12/10/1972 Wisconsin newspaper reported the Indiana Klan planned to open its first public state headquarters in Indianapolis and employ a listed phone number. Richard Shoff, a polished Indianapolis businessman, was a Klan supporter



End Lincoln Trust


Kryder registered HOLC Bonds exchanged for Treasury Notes had to again be exchanged in 1976.

"Many of the Penn Central railroad assets ended up in Conrail, formed in 1976. "


1979-01-01 FORT WAYNE NB was renamed to FORT WAYNE NATIONAL BANK

Colorado HARKEN ENERGY CORPORATION Filing Date: 05/17/1979 Status: REVOKED State of Incorporation: DE Inactive Date: 11/01/2001




01/01/1988 Fort Wayne National Bank acquired Fort Wayne National Bank Realty

BP NORTH AMERICA PETROLEUM INC. 200 PUBLIC SQUARE , CLEVELAND, OH 44114: Control Number: 1988012256 : Creation Date: 1/21/1988 Inactive : 1/29/1990 Original Creation Date: 1/1/1988

11/5/1988 Satisfaction of $200,000,000 ACL RR mtg to United States Trust Bank of NY, dated 3/1/1950

Birmingham Southern Railroad Co.: 02/171899 Merged.: 12/28/1988


Seaboard Airline mtg., grantor Mercantile- Safe Deposit and Trust Company, $32,500,000 satisfied 4/6/1989

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