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The American Pie of the Thirty-seventh Congress

Whereby at the height of the Civil War, government officials gave away to themselves millions of acres of public lands to own and control forever, which lands in turn were used to pile on tariffs and fees upon independent producers, particularly farmers, and to create conditions of ongoing financial instability, failure, and fraud, resulting in perpetual government subsidization and bail-outs of a private corporation.

July 1, 1862



Passed at the Second Session of the Thirty-seventh Congress

{Public-No.- }

An act to aid in the construction of a railroad and telegraph lines from the Missouri River to the Pacific Ocean, and to secure to the Government the use of the same for postal, military, and other purposes.

Be it enacted by the Senate and the House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, that Walter S. Burgess, William P. Blodget, Benjamin H. -, Charles Fosdick Fletcher, of Rhode Island; Augustus Brewster, Henry P. Haven, Cornelius S. -, Henry Hammond, of Connecticut; Isaac Sherman, Dean Richmond, Royal Phelps, William H. Ferry, Henry A. Paddock, Lewis J. Stancliff, Charles A. B-, Samuel H. Campbell, Alfred H. Tilton, John Anderson, Azariah Boody, John S. Kennedy, H. Carver, Joseph Field, Benjamin F. Camp, Orville W. Childs, Alexander J. Bergen, Ben Holliday, O.N. Barney, S. De Witt Bloodgood, William H. Grant, Thomas W. Olcott, Samuel B. Ruggles, James H. Wilson, of New York; John Edgar Thompson, Benjamin Haywood, Joseph H. S-, Joseph Harrison, George W. Cass, John H. Bryant, Daniel J. Morell, Thomas M. Howe, William F. Johnson, Robert Kinney, John A. Green, E.R. Myre, Charles F. Wells, Jr., of Pennsylvania; Noah L. Wilson, Amaza Stone, William H. Clement, S.S. L'Hommed-, John Brough, William Dennison, Jacob Blickinderfer, of Ohio; William M. McPherson, R.W. Wells, William P. Hall, Armstrong Beatty, John Corby, of Missouri; S.J. Hensley, Peter Donahue, C.P. Huntington, T.D. Judah, James Baily, James T. Ryan, Charles Hessner, Charles Marsh, D.O. Mills, Samuel Bell, Louis McLane, George W. More, Chas. McLaughlin, Timothy D- , John R. Robinson, of California; Hohn Atchison and John D. Winters of the Territory of Nevada; John D. Campbell, R.N. Rice, Charles A. Trowbridge, and Ranson Gardner, Charles W. Perry, Charles T. Gorham, William McConnell, of Michigan; William - -baugh, Lucius H. Langworthy, Hugh T. Reid, Hoyt Sherman, Lyman Cook, Samuel B. Curtis, Lewsis A. Thomas, Platt Smith, of Iowa; William B. Ogden, G. Hammond, Henry F-, Amos G. Babcock, W. Selden Gale, Nehemiah Bushnell, and Lorenzo Bell, of Illinois; William H. Swift, Samuel T. Dane, John Bertram, Franklin B. Stevens, Edward B. Tinker, of Massachussetts; Franklin Gorin, Laban J. Bradford, and John T. Levis, of Kentucky; James Downing, John M. Wood, Edwin Noyce, Joseph Eaton, of Maine; Henry H. Baxter, George W. Colla-, Henry Keyes, Thomas H. Canfield, of Vermont; William S. Ladd, A. H. Berry, Benjamin F. Harding, of Oregon; William Bemis, Jr., John Catlin, Levi Sterling, John Thompson, Elihu J. Phillips, Walter D. McIndoe, T.B. Stoddard, K.H. Brodhead, A.M. Virgin, of Wisconsin; Charles Paine, Thomas A. Morris, David C. Branbane,

Samuel Hanna, Jonas Votow, Jesse L. Williams, Isaac C. Biston, of Indiana; Thomas Swan, Chauncey Brooks, Edward Wilkins, of Maryland; Francis R. E. Cornell, David Blakely, A.D. Seward, Henry A. Swift, Dwight Woodbury, John McKusick, John R. Jones, of Minnesota; Joseph A. Gilmore, Charles W. Woodman, of New Hampshire; W.H. Grimes, J.C. Stone, Chester Thomas, John Kerr, Werter R. Davis, Luther C. Challiss, Josiah Miller, of Kansas; Gilbert C. Monnell and Augustus K-, T.M. Marquette, William H. Taylor, Alvin Saunders, of Nebraska; John Evans of Colorado; together with five commissioners to be appointed by the Secretary of the Interior, ... are hereby created and erected into a body corporate and politic in deed and in law, by the name, style and title of "The Union Pacific Railroad Company."


...Sec.2. And be it further enacted that the right-of way through the public lands be and the same is hereby granted to said company for the construction of said railroad and telegraph line; and the right, power, and authority is hereby given to said company to take from the public lands adjacent to the line of said road earth, timber, and other materials for the construction thereof: and that said right-of-way is granted to said railroad to the extent of two hundred feet in width on each side of said railroad where it may pass over the public lands, including all necessary grounds for stations, buildings, workshops and depots, machine shops, switches, sidetracks, turntables and water stations. The United States shall extinguish as rapidly as may be the Indian titles to all lands falling under the operation of this act and required for the said rights of way and grants hereinafter made


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