Where is Kryder's Money?

Corporations that Expired in 1988

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1988 Atlas returned to agent ownership; Allied stockholders agreed to a $100 million acquisition by NFC of the United Kingdom; Texaco acquired Getty Oil Company ; Patricia Steigerwald elected Allen County Treasurer; Bordner Estate closed 12/14/88;The Union Pacific acquired M-K-T RR.

01/01/1988 Fort Wayne National Bank acquired Fort Wayne National Bank Realty

ALLIED VAN LINES, INC. : 215 WEST DIEHL ROAD , NAPERVILLE, IL 60563 : Control Number: 2001013000408 Status: Active: Creation Date: 01/26/2001 : Original Creation Date: 02/09/1988 Original Creation State: DE

AIR MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS, INC. : 4927 Avondale Dr. , FORT WAYNE, IN 46806 : Control Number: 1988030220 Status: Active Creation Date: 2/25/1988

SUMMIT HOTELS INTERNATIONAL INC : 1209 ORANGE ST , WILMINGTON, DE 19801: Control Number: 198109-604 Status: Withdrawn Creation Date: 9/21/1981 Inactive Date: 3/7/1988 : Original Creation State: WI

RAYTHEON COMPANY : 141 Spring St. , LEXINGTON, MA 02173 : Control Number: 1988042035 Status: Active Creation Date: 04/04/1988 : Original Creation Date: 12/17/1953 Original Creation State: DE Other Names 04/04/1988 RAYTHEON SYSTEMS COMPANY (Assumed / Marion County) 02/08/1996 HUGHES AIRCRAFT COMPANY ( 02/11/1998 HE HOLDINGS, INC. Jump to 1960 See RAYTHEON COMPANY

THE BURLINGTON NORTHERN AND SANTA FE RAILWAY COMPANY: 2500 LOU MENK DR 2500 LOU MENK DR. PO BOX 961101, FORT WORTH, TX 76161: Control Number: 1988050962 Status: Withdrawn; Creation Date: 5/20/1988 Inactive Date: 9/20/2001 Original Creation Date: 1/31/1961 Original Creation State: DE Other Names 2/24/1997 BURLINGTON NORTHERN RAILROAD COMPANY (Former)

SUMMIT HOTEL CORPORATION: 600 Fairway Drive Suite 209 , DEERFIELD BEACH, FL 33441 : Control Number: 1988070301 Creation Date: 7/1/1988 Inactive Date: 2/13/1991: Original Creation State: IL

Expired 7/11/1988

COLONIAL MORTGAGE COMPANY OF INDIANA INC( Colonial gave mortgage to Thornbury for Minnie Kryder's house in 1963 when Bordner was freshly empowered to execute mortgages. And see Letter of Moorhead and Letter of Felger.): Control Number: 194193-069 Creation Date: 2/1/51 Inactive Date: 7/11/88.

RAILROAD DEVELOPMENT, INC.: 6114 REDCOACH LANE , INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46250 : Control Number: 1988071134 Status: Active Creation Date: 7/28/1988

ELEKTRON LEASING COMPANY: 215 E Berry St PO Box 2263, FT WAYNE, IN 46802 : Control Number: 1988080664 Creation Date: 8/16/1988 Inactive Date: 7/14/2000

SALIN BANK OF BURLINGTON : , BURLINGTON, IN 46915: Control Number: 193043-046 Status: Merged Creation Date: 7/12/1934 Inactive Date: 1/31/1989 Other Names for this Entity: 9/7/1988 FIRST BANK OF CARROLL COUNTY (Former)

DUBOIS COUNTY RAILROAD CORPORATION (Jasper) : PO Box 150 , FRENCH LICK, IN 47432 : Control Number: 1988091745 Status: Active Creation Date: 9/12/1988

10/10/1988 British parent company of the Chicago-based Capcom Futures, Inc., was indicted by a grand jury in Tampa, Florida.

IMCO REALTY SERVICES, INC. See Imco 1929|1947|1957|1970|1988|1992|1993 : 3883 AIRWAY DRIVE , SANTA ROSA, CA 95403 : Control Number: 1988100806 Status: Withdrawn Creation Date: 10/24/1988 Inactive Date: 10/19/1992 Original Creation Date: 1/29/85 Original Creation State: DE Other Names for this Entity: 10/24/88 NORTH AMERICAN MORTGAGE COMPANY (Assumed / Allen County) 10/24/88 NORTH AMERICAN MORTGAGE COMPANY (Assumed / Marion County) 10/24/88 NORTH AMERICAN MORTGAGE COMPANY (Assumed / Lake County) 10/24/88 NORTH AMERICAN MORTGAGE COMPANY (Assumed / Vanderburgh County) 10/24/88 NORTH AMERICAN MORTGAGE COMPANY (Assumed / ST JOSEPH County) 10/24/88 NORTH AMERICAN MORTGAGE COMPANY (Assumed / DELAWARE County) 10/24/88 NORTH AMERICAN MORTGAGE COMPANY (Assumed / MADISON County) (See NORTH AMERICAN MORTGAGE COMPANY/ Creation Date: 3/18/88 / Original Creation Date: 12/4/68 NORTH AMERICAN MORTGAGE COMPANY (Former) Plus "NORTH AMERICAN MORTGAGE CORP 3/24/30 Inactive Date: 1/1/70) )

Expired 11/28/1988

SOUTHERN INDIANA RAILWAY COMPANY: 1011 MERCHANTS BANK BUILDING , INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46204 : Control Number: 181127-017 Creation Date: 5/27/1897 Inactive Date: 11/28/1988

ALLEN FINANCE COMPANY, INC. Legal Name: MEDICAL CREDIT CORPORATION Entity Address: 202 STANDARD BUILDING , FORT WAYNE, IN 46802 : Control Number: 193050-144 Creation Date: 4/30/36 Inactive Date: 11/28/88 Other Names for this Entity: 4/30/1936 ALLEN FINANCE COMPANY, INC. (Assumed / County)

ATLAS STEEL CO INC : ONE NORTH CAPITOL , INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46204 : Control Number: 194342-073 Creation Date: 05/17/1962 Inactive Date: 11/28/1988 : Original Creation State: IL

SUMMIT CITY DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION : 1800 N MERIDIAN ST , INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46202 : Control Number: 194487-043 Creation Date: 04/27/1966 Inactive Date: 11/28/88

LINCOLN CONSTRUCTION CORP: 3510 E 96TH ST , INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46240 : Control Number: 194415-020 Creation Date: 5/31/66 Inactive Date: 11/28/88

WELLS LUMBER COMPANY : 13050 GAVEL AVE , DETROIT, MI G: Control Number: 196806-424 Creation Date: 6/26/1968 Inactive Date: 11/28/1988: Original Creation State: MI

THE BIG THREE HARDWOOD LUMBER CORPORATION INC: ROUTE 50 , LOOGOOTEE, IN 47553 : Control Number: 197404-514 Creation Date: 4/25/1974 Inactive Date: 11/28/1988

LINCOLN MANAGEMENT CORPORATION: 309 STANDARD BLDG , FORT WAYNE, IN 46802 : Control Number: 197504-542 Creation Date: 4/25/75 Inactive Date: 11/28/88

SUMMIT INVESTMENT CORPORATION : 2420 N COLISEUM BLVD STE 103 , FORT WAYNE, IN 46805: Control Number: 198406-524 Creation Date: 6/15/84 Inactive Date: 11/28/88

DEFENSE LOGISTICS CORPORATION : BOX 24337 , INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46224 : Control Number: 198705-618 Creation Date: 05/19/1987 Inactive Date: 11/28/1988

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07/28/1967 Moorhead and Bordner signed a last Annual Report for the Kryder Company; "next meeting of shareholders to be 07/01/1968 "; filed 8/1/1967 d.7/30/1967 Alfried Krupp; announced 7/31/1967; he had been confined to bed for the last two weeks 1968 "Lyndon B. Johnson privatized Fannie Mae in order to remove it from the national budget." History News Network Spedco (Cousin Maxfield), Leasco (Sol Steinberg bought Reliance Life of Pitts from Lincoln and later trashed it), Pepsico, Camco (Bush) Krupp firm dissolved as a sole proprietorship 1/2/1968 Formation of the Krupp joint-stock corporation 1/18/1968 Zapata Corporation Amended 2/26/1968 The Krupp Konzern formally declared the Mehlem Treaty invalid As of 3/1968, the Krupp Organization, New Jersey, was owned by Republic Corp, film processing division. 3/10/1968 New Look for the Klan employed the Klan Youth Corps, infiltration into the Model Cities Program, activism in Voter Registration committees. 4/03/1968 Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated 4/12/1968 Presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy announced Indiana may well be the key to who would become next President of the United States 4/24/1968 Zapata Corporation Merger 6/05/1968 Robert F. Kennedy assassinated CITIES SERVICE TULSA, INC. 120 N ROBINSON STE 735 OKLA CITY, OK 73102 Effective : 6/5/1968 = Same Board of Directors as Fort Wayne Bank Building, Inc.,1966 aka FWNB Realty, Nixon 1974. LINCOLN SUPER MKT. Charter Number: X00067337 Status: Fictitious Active Entity Creation Date: 6/7/1968 State of Business.: MO Kryder Company; "next meeting of shareholders to be 07/01/1968 "; filed 8/1/1967 7/26/1968 Spedco merger approved (Pepsi + NAVL) LINCOLN FINANCIAL ADVISORS CORPORATION : 1300 SOUTH CLINTON ST, STE 150 PO BOX 2239, FORT WAYNE, IN 46801: Control Number: 196810-115 Status: Active Creation Date: 10/8/1968 11/26/1968 Zapata Corporation Merger 11/27/1968 Spedco + North American Van Lines 12/4/1968 Prior Name: ZAPATA OFF-SHORE COMPANY (12/04/1968) 12/24/1968 Lincoln Holding Corporation, Inc. Articles of Organization for LNBT Holding Company AKA 1968-12-24 NORWEST INDIANA, INC.: 111 E. Wayne St., FORT WAYNE, IN 46802 : Control Number: 196812-420 Status: Merged Creation Date: 12/24/1968 Inactive Date: 12/22/1997 Other Names 9/3/1993 LINCOLN FINANCIAL CORPORATION Former

Likely we might all agree that it would have been completely unacceptable to the public for the 1972 opening of Walt Disney World had they known the slave wages of Krupp were veiled by Shamrock in a plan to take over the American food supply.

Events leading to Nixon Resignation:

07/28/1967 Moorhead and Bordner signed a last Annual Report for the Kryder Company; "next meeting of shareholders to be 07/01/1968 "; filed 8/1/1967

d.7/30/1967 Alfried Krupp; announced 7/31/1967; he had been confined to bed for the last two weeks

We will at last see that the Barnett bankers plan to launder concealed Depression assets in Florida as well as the Branch at Fort Wayne plan to introduce the clout of the Krupp Empire into American commerce was cleverly disguised as both "Abraham Lincoln" and "Walt Disney" with loads of Big Sugar.


In the early 1980s, banks started looking for a standard benchmark to calculate the prices on an array of financial products, and the British Bankers’ Association, an industry trade group, began publishing Libor on Jan. 1, 1986. The idea was that instead of constantly haggling over the interest rates that would be charged for different types of loans, banks would have a uniform benchmark. There are actually 150 different Libor rates published every day. They cover 10 currencies and 15 maturities. Q. How is Libor calculated? A. For United States-dollar-denominated Libor, more than a dozen banks — including Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Barclays, UBS of Switzerland and others — estimate how much interest they would pay to borrow money on a short-term basis from other institutions.