Where is Kryder's Money?

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Who Is Frank Kryder? Who is B. Edward Ewing? Who is James Bond? Who is Loren M. Berry? What is the Truth?

Joyce Fix, Imperial Pointe, Broward County, Florida

Happy Capt. Bloody Michael Valentine Fleming's Day of 2021

In the record, Joyce Fix is "The Third Man" with her hand in the swill of Leonce Picot's pirate's den, taking a pathetic legacy of toil from his grandson, and anything left of Katherine Kryder which Leonce had not ploughed through or had to give back to North American Properties.

The Guerard sisters were understandably discompassionate spoiled girls, their mother having been an invalid during their lives, their father, a soft spoken man who divided his time between his wife and his career in engineering. If Katherine's girls had lost their mother to suicide when teenagers, terrorized and brutalized by Leonce so what? The important thing was Leonce was then their commodity and the seed of his youth were to become rooted out by them. However, the Guerard father had established his daughters in the world while father Picot did not ever, once Joyce and a Trustee finished with his estate.

Ironically, Mr. Guerard remarried late in life, once Carolyn was out the house. How she carried on and on about, "That awful southern woman." There she was full grown and married to Leonce, but hating her step-mother as Leonce's traumatized young daughters had to watch and regard Carolyn as Queen of Idlewyld.

The newlywed Guerards traveled the country in a recreational vehicle as the new Carolyn Picot commenced laying out her rules as a stepmother. At the time she had Katherines lamp, table, and two sofas in her mansion decor. It had been all the furniture Kay had. She'd rather have four good pieces or nothing, which is what Leonce provided after the divorce.

By and by, kindly old Mr. Guerard passed away with a caveat. Carolyn and Joyce were not allowed any mementoes by their wicked stepmother. It was ever so injust. Do not think Katherine's daughter's did not feel the wrath. The Querard girls thus self-justified their manipulations to get as much as they could sequester from the reach of Leonce's own daughters, little knowing how superior is Katherine Kryder, and without her, Leonce would have done well selling advertising.

Though, even for that career, the love of his youth had to teach him how to eat at table. She believed, for love, he was so much more than he was or ever could be. Her brilliance convinced enough people to think he must have something to have her, because it wasn't looks, money, or even a decent job. She opened doors for him in New York City, San Francisco, in the world of Gourmet because it was what he wanted-in. She gave it to him out of her own soul and mind and endured, endured open infidelity, Leonce's petty "allowance" she had to run things with and eat the scraps, his trips to Cuba- until he began punching her. Kay was no shoe licker, and once he found some footing, Leonce disliked that she was the star of their every interview.

Sixty years ago domestic abuse calls were not a thing on the beat of the Oakland Park Police. People pretended to mind their own business. Troubled households had to conceal wrongs. The kids had to act through each day away from the home as if they were perfectly happy, or else others would know. Time rolls by revealing there were more than several sad houses in the neighborhood then, yielding more than one suicide, rapists, alcoholics. It is surprising for such a normal-seeming plat.

If Joyce Fix, the Trustee and Laura Picot Sayles knew they are reaching into Leonce's ancient nest of sleeping dragons by robbing the Kryders more than they have been robbed-

Apartment 109: Home of the Whopper

Oysters Laura is 86- Oysters DeSantis is What's for Dinner


Not all governors are lawyers. At this point in time Ron DeSantis (15976 FL Bar) is a lawyer guv, therefore now we can take a politician's de facto id to predict if Kryder's Money might have been influencing policy in Florida since 1972 (death of Katherine) via the Depression-era Helmke Republican Camp in Fort Wayne, IN.

As if it weren't bad enough that North American Properties once sold Leonce Picot Apt. 911 at Sea Ranch, before the day, David Edgerton, Sr., the metallurgist father of flame-broiler inventor Dave, Jr., lived in Mt. Dora, Apt. 109.

Father and son were joint trustees of a revocable trust of securities. When Dave, Sr. died and Probate resumed in 1999, Apt. 109 was willed to his daughter outside of the trust, and Dave, Jr. affirmed in Probate the trust remained in force. Leonce Picot and Dave were by this time officially business partners in California and Florida. By this time, the neo-Picot family story was that John W. Berry had been out to ruin Leonce, and that he had. Mr. Berry must be a very mean man, but we can still take advantage of his phone books.

So, a proposed permutation is to explore a cross-connection between the Edgerton Trust recorded in Mt. Dora, FL and the three recorded and in evidence concealed assets of the Kryders in Indiana:

David R. Edgerton, Jr, Successor Tr. 99095767 (Lake County, FL Records)

Frank H. Kryder, deceased 1966, 550311 (Lincoln National Bank, Fort. Wayne, IN) Lincoln National Bank Account Number 1983, drafted to closed bank
1963 Estate of Minnie V. Kryder 14518 (Allen County, IN Records) (also an FDIC certificate for a PNC Bank)
1943 Trust of Kryder Company, Inc., and Minnie V. Trust F.S. 58070 (Allen County, IN Superior Court)

For ease of reading, the elements are seen in and of themselves:

Edgerton securities trust, Lake County, FL 99095767
Frank's After Death Bank , Allen Co., IN 550311
Estate of Minnie V. Kryder, Allen Co., IN 14518
Kryder per stirpes REIT , Allen Co., IN F.S. 58070

The Numerical Witness System is governed by its laws which include, all relationships in total, must be a multiple of four. A transmuted relationship must be logical and have chronicity. That is what constitutes a system.

Therefore, the above includes all the Indiana missing property of Katherine Kryder, through her father and grandparents, taken over by her ex-husband Leonce Picot in 1972, who wound up embroiled in partnerships with David Edgerton, Jr., each man dying on unclear dates just months apart from each other in 2018. Dave went first. What do these 24 de facto digits really tell us, in their slightly less visible to the untrained eye form?

We have the nemeses of Leonce Picot including his life insurance policy issuer which gave him a 109 policy to go with his 109 mortgage, his 109 first-born and her grandfather's 109 banks, not to mention the 109 graves along the Trail of Tears to Oklahoma.

Northwestern Mutual Life Wealth Management 3017081 (F.R.)
Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance 9570 (IRS)
Wholesale Wine and Distilled Beverages 5180 (SIC)
Berry Group FL 4559 (IRS)
Ron DeSantis 15976 (FL Bar)

Isn't that fun? It's like painting with Donna Dewberry! Because this permutation can be made very much more complex than the public attention span. It binds The Guv', Judge Paul Helmke in Indiana, Judge Gillespie in Broward County, Florida, Leonce Picot's Life Insurance Policy, the 1927 First National Bank of Mt. Dora with the 1927 First and Tri-State Bank of Fort Wayne, 1927 Kryder Realtors, Northwestern Mutual Life, Lincoln National Corporation, and more.

For that, please reserve your table for August 3, 2021, Laura's Birthday Gift Celebration Permutation.

It's tough on the Strawberry Patch- we don't have a pub for retreat, no flask in the overcoat pocket to relieve the weight of crime, and worse, no flutes of champagne to ignore the reality of internal corruption and no anti-corruption units employed. Alcohol use is forbidden by the unit. You just can't sort the numbers and the history in the presence of it.

Restaurants of Nowhere


Frank Kryder must have been proud of his daughter Katherine, aka Kay Daniel Picot. Katherine Kryder not only read, but actually wrote books, though Berry Street et al. cut her career short and obfuscated her life. And while we cannot inherit from the grave, ghost writers have been around since the Bible, at least, and now we will be needing such writers for the new ghost restaurants which have to convince a clientele tis better to eat at home, just so long as you don't have to cook it yourself.

The biggest flaw in the plan is that people go to restaurants to be served. Especially those in the service industry have a need to be served, on their day off. Let us sit at the long pre-set table and have servants bring us courses and trifle while someone massages our shoulders. Servants will pay to be served. As we developed more into a service-career society, with no small merchants, crafters and proprietors, who tended to go home for supper, the upper crust wound up in the same dining room as their pedicurist who also has a Mercedes.

On Earth as It is in Heaven


Some may recognize this phrase or not. A Hospice CNA has seen families whose loved one is about to go, when suddenly they feel they should do something, like pray. But they don't know what to pray. They have forgotten. They turn to the aide.

"What do we pray?"

Jesus suggested, if you have to pray, pray the Lord's Prayer. It works for Minnie, and what is good for Minnie is good for Disney. Think about it this Thanksgiving Day when you look about the orphaints' homes.


The Wages of Sin

Who wants those ?


Securities leasing is the only explanation for this pumped up era of exponential wealth accumulation.

Some families came out better than others over time. But whenever opportunity reared its head, such as in a broken family with two sets of children, or with a frail spinster, befriended in her last days by the Charitable Trust accountant, these folks are marks.

You see the sharpie convincing a widow to sell a homestead in which she only has a life-estate. You see properties allowed to waste in one estate, bought up as a turn-around by another. There are Guardianships where an attorney was guardian, but there was never a Probate filed. People who have no family close by are especially susceptible to becoming part of the unidentified pool. People with assets die off the record.

It's not a bunch of dedicated lawyers out there, making sure property gets transferred to the rightful owner! And who really cares if you personally have been gypped? Remember those Personal Ads searching for lost heirs? Nobody's searching now.

This is not something which will end while the untouchables are holding the booty. They can control economics now, as was the original statement of purpose. They are the Beast. Money is the root of evil.

Anyone who could act is already compromised.

The Big Blow

"Laura, is that You?" - Orlando Sentinel


Laura will remember her real mother when the sound of wind and sea howls in the night. It is not nice to fool Mother Nature, as if it were truly possible. Laura will remember the 12 years of tears her mother shed, following her twelve year marriage to a cruel alcoholic in dire need of psychotherapy. She will see the tears flooding the streets of home, the city she loves, where all her plans to supplant every member of her family have been laid.

It was never clear to Kay whether Laura cared about right and wrong, though she was amply instructed on all fronts. But, regardless of thinkng she was someone elses daughter who did not believe in morality or eternity, no one, not even Laura can forget Kay and the creative ways in which she expressed her rage against injustice.

So say your prayers, sister dear, if you can remember any. Pray for a doomed coastline and beachfront condos.

Laura Picot Sayles, Dickensian Criminal

Stealing from Child Relatives is a Disgrace, Akin to Sentencing Children to the Workhouse

Laura's children, Kristin and Caitlin Picot-Sayles, and her grandchildren should have the REAL story (see divorce for cruelty and desertion) about their REAL grandmother, the original Mrs. Picot fka Katherine Ann Kryder. Everything Kristin and Caitlin grew up with was a lie and an illusion of Leonce's and his Little Me, Laura. Though, Laura was perhaps too young to notice the commencement of Leonce's campaign of terror against his wife, his pushing her away when she wanted to hug him goodbye, his philandering, his slaps and punches late at night, and his total control over her money and career. Laura was scarcely conscious yet when Kay began writing the books, and Leonce grew creepier by the year in anticipation of Frank Kryder's death.

While Laura Picot-Sayles believes and says her one-time mother was crazy and weird, what she never got is that Kay's behavior was superb until Leonce became her mortal enemy, driving her into despair. He did it relentlessly and with motive. The man was brutal, and beautiful and brilliant as Kay was, he humiliated her with lechery and poverty.

Near the last time Michele Picot-Strawberry saw their mother Kay, Michele was in the hospital in Raleigh, with undiagnosed mono along with strep. Michele was certain she was dyng of a brain tumor, the headaches were so bad. Kay had to rent a car to drive up and be with Michele, Leonce forcing her to sell him her Firebird. She no longer had a car.

Kay had two new wool outfits, though, long sleeves and long pants, in her size four form. She said Leonce bought the outfits. When Michele was released from the hospital and went back to her rental house with Kay, she found out the reason for the long sleeve, long pants, high collar knits- something the original Leonce Picot family did not have in their Florida wardrobe, as they couldn't afford air conditioning.

Her darling Me-ma, already white as a ghost and thin as a rail, was beneath the clothing almost one huge coalescing bruise on her legs, thighs, derriere, half up her torso and her arms. Michele screamed. The bruise was recent, black and purple, not yet starting to yellow, if you could find the edges.

"Oh, Mother, what happened?" fearing police brutality of some sort.

She was not forthcoming, saying, "Bunny did it."

Bunny was Frank Kryder's third wife and Katherine's mother. Her name was Levonne, but agent Strawberry had a knack for naming her relatives as she liked, and she called her grandmother Bunny at about 18 months old and stuck with it, as did the rest of the family. At the time of this beating of Katherine, Bunny was 65 years of age and out of shape. Even then, when Michele Picot-Strawberry was gullible and innocent, she knew Bunny was not capable of delivering a man's beating onto Katherine, who was a lifelong athlete in some form or another. Katherine could easily escape Bunny.

With experience Michele realized it was Leonce who beat her mother. Then, because Michele became untimely mortally ill, Leonce had to buy clothing to cover it up in Raleigh, at least in public. This incident follows the breaking of Katherine's jaw in New York City, 1963, in front of Leonce's partner Al Kocab. Then, looking at the brutality divorce, today's PoPo profile of Leonce's domestic abuses nakes him a likely suspect for her murder, complete with motive and opportunity.

There was never a thing wrong with Katherine Kryder aka Kay Picot until Leonce, the love of her youth, turned to the dark side for access to the Kryder 1943 REIT and more. Michele has watched enough Britbox to know how husbands drive their wives mad for their family money. Laura believes her REAL mother was insane, when actually, it was Leonce who was off the rails. Katherine Kryder could not tell a lie. Leonce Picot was an Esquire Liar all the way.

Laura has never understood the sacrifice, martyrdom, really, of her REAL mother. She is ashamed of a myth of Leonce and Carolyn's creation. She thinks they were normal. Instead of being good parents to Laura, they turned her into a criminal to help them play their criminal games.

Unfortunately for Katherine Kryder's grandson, and Leonce Picot's grandson, Laura Picot Sayles, the youngest daughter of Kay and Leonce Picot, by her actions against her own blood, has committed textbook crimes, according to two of the four points published in Merriam Webster's full definition of crime:

"2: a grave offense especially against morality

4: something reprehensible, foolish, or disgraceful "

Literally, estate fraud is a "grave offense." The most offensive aspect of estate fraud happens after death. Hence, telling on Laura has a perfect defense against slander, for should Laura call upon her conspirators thinking she has any standing at all, Webster has clarified the full definition of criminal behavior which can be acquired under oath by a crowd of those who know her longer history, those who she damaged sans souci prior to the days before she became rich, in her own little mind, with Leonce's 2018 remains. Or, rich with that which remained after his books were cleared of the final payments back to the Kryder estate laundry and what the Trustee kept, unnaccounted. Daddy cannot rescue her anymore. She denied and betrayed her Mother, sister, and nephew, not to mention the Kryder gene pool, for a few thousand bucks.

"Laura doesn't know what day it is- she doesn't know who Jesus was or what praying is."

"And she's buying the stairway to heaven."

Laura makes a person want to sing.

We have testimony and payroll records. We with the facts have a long history of Laura which cannot remain concealed for compassionate reasons, because her lies and transgression have flowed too far over into the livelihoods, mental health, and rights of innocents.

Unfortunately, Laura's daughters will always sufffer the conflicted life of a child who was lied to and given a misrepresentation of circumstances which created their FAKE environment in which they were formed mentally. This will pass onto their children in the form of their behavior as mothers, which they learned from Laura. Likely their children will never know who they are completely, how Laura's ignorance blotted out the best of ancestors. FYI, children of Laura, investigators have determined you are officially Daughters of the American Revolution, through your ancestor John Kryder III, and you are not all- white, but with a heavy dose of native chief's DNA in the mix.

This is the story of a fake Grandfather Picot "TRUST" benefit, set up for the daughters of Laura Picot Sayles and the son of Michele Picot Strawberry. Laura's daughters are the grandchildren of the unsurpassed Katherine Ann Kryder aka Kay Daniel Picot, no relation to the wicked, lacquered nails and bejeweled- fingered rum talker whom they were forced to have as their grandmother.

No, their REAL grandmother needed no fake nails, jewels or fake anything. Kay was a genuine American Beauty, a literary genius, a woman of causes, adored by every child who encountered her. Carolyn Guerard, who once taught challenged children when the schools were segregated, told Michele Picot-Strawberry, she did not like children, and never to worry about her having a child with Leonce.

Leonce Picot set up $25,000 each as a guaranteed TRUST for the grandchildren of his first wife, PROVIDED the husbands of Michele Picot Strawberry and Laura Picot Sayles would pose as family watchdogs in the restaurants, working nights while he and the nouvelle Mrs. Picot were off doing naughty deals in San Francisco and Monterey with the fabulous "Mr. Berry," Yellow Pages heir.

He did not cut any corners on his personal expenditures and gross waste of money to save anything at all for his descendants, not even a $25.00 savings bond. The TRUSTS were a Business Arrangement he could use to justify his personal holdings to the constantly suspicious little group of stockholders in the Down Under. They knew he spent considerably more money than he was earning, they couldn't prove how. He could always say it was Carolyn's private reserve capital from her Caressa divorce that paid for this or that bauble, or penthouse. The stockholders' ROIC was stupendous during the life of the Down Under. Stupendous beyond belief.

As self-proclaimed "controller" of Leonce's business, Laura Picot Sayles knows this Grandchildrens' Trust was an exchange for labor as agreed, as does Brian Sayles, her ex-husband, who accepted the deal, though he was not a restaurant poser. He enjoyed the work as little as did Mr. Strawberry. Neither of them wanted to be there at night- they did it for their children. Brian had a flexible high-paying job on the side.

The husband of Michele Picot Srawberry, is a virtuoso musician. Leonce, who loved jazz, was insanely jealous (he was a man of several insane jealousies) of Mr. Strawberry after taking a guitar recording of his son-in-law to a New York City expert who said, "Leonce, this guy is one hell of a musician."

Leonce said many times during his lifetime his biggest regret was never taking up clarinet, or some instrument. He was too ego-centric to realize, musicians are born and they pick up their instrument, however crude, before age ten, self-driven, with or without the benefits of formal cultivation. Not picking up the clarinet means he didn't have it in him.

But Mr. Strawberry did. He had been on country music radio since age 11 with a Sears guitar, finger pickin' according to Chet Atkins et al. Leonce threatened Michele Picot if she married a musician he would disown her, something not allowed by Katherine's Schedule A of the brutal divorce.

Still, Mr. Strawberry was the only person who loved Michele, after she lost Katherine, having to stand by as strangers looted Katherine's career and Katherine's father's estate, creating a fake history for the newborns. Had she not married him then, she would be alone in the world today, because she lives as a hermitess after what her sister did, not leaving her room since August 2019. She keeps busy enough with the money laundry detailing and historical research. She does not want to see or talk to anyone.

Laura Picot Sayles, who is a FAKE Sayles, with all respect due to the real Sayles family, subverted the Strawberry Girl's last chance for a shack with her name on a deed. Imagine a sister, who calls herself a realtor, who would go to extremes commencing in the 1990's to make certain her full-blood sister would never have a home of her own.

Laura, like her father, is an established infidel, causing her daughters to witness things nice people don't do.

Brian Sayles and the Police can testify to that.

Therefore, with no family support, Michele married for love and the fake Picots made sure she paid the price. Because, though she was a shame to the family marrying a tidewater gene pool, as compared to their fake "blue blood" they allowed her to landscape design, stand in the muck and plant three restaurants, cashier, work for pennies making their acclaimed floral arrangements, maintain the interior plants, refinish furniture, take reservations, and check the ladies room for toilet paper on the floor. (For some reason, the fancier the restaurant, the more mess ladies leave in the powder room, no matter how lovely the interior).

All this was going down while Laura Picot was engaged in having alcoholic seizures at cushy Rollins College with real jewels and four times the wardrobe of her sister, mfor some odd reason. Upon Laura's lackluster graduation and insinuation into the business, Michele knew she better get out of the way. Laura immediately had commenced a plan of nasties, and frankly, Michele Picot Strawberry doesn't play those games, and she felt sorry for her little sister.

She launched her own career with nothing and gave Mr. Strawberry a son. Well, didn't that turn Leonce's head. He was so over the moon he said he would retire in five years (that was 1977) to spend every day with his grandson.

Laura, having already disposed of her first husband of only a few months, a fantastic guy, got busy and onto Brian Sayles who she wangled into marriage when Leonce's grandson was 2. She then got very busy and popped out not one, but two grand-daughters then dumped Brian, in the most " reprehensible, foolish, or disgraceful " fashion, by dictionary definition.

All she wanted was an extra two shares of what she perceived as Daddy's Gold. The girls are adults now and have a right to know what they suffer is LAURA's disease. Their father was so in shock he ran to a woman pregnant with another man's twins and married her. It is reprehensible to put four innocent children into a lifelong impacted scenario for purposes of advancing one's career and gaining perks for oneself thereby. Sorry, those in denial, children really don't "move on" as you like to tell yourselves. They begin to operate under new misperceptions, burying their pain for a later day.

Not to mention, in the time Michele Picot-Strawberry came to appreciate her brother-in-law, it was because he was, like the first husband, a very nice guy. She also adored her little nieces. So she was very distressed over Laura's second divorce, now bringing babies into the picture, after all she and her sister had suffered as young children in divorce proceedings. The Picot-Sayles birthday parties, presents for the nieces, family dinners, it was all disposable and forgotten by Laura who moves on like Big Bertha as her corpses rot in the sun. She had gotten what she needed for her plan out of Brian; it was time to become Daddy's next wife in the wings, biding her time till Carolyn kicked the bucket.

This is Family Dysfunction, as it brewed within Leonce, being un-acknowledged, disinherited by his wealthy aristocrat French grandparents who considered his mother out of their class. His father, Leonce Picot, Jr., a New Jersey Judge and City Commissioner, lived one block from the senior Leonce Picots. Though they never laid eyes on their grandson, who was technically Leonce Picot III. Instead, Leonce, Sr.'s brother, a lawyer, named his child Leonce Picot III. Further, Leonce's mother had been married before Picot, at which time she had a daughter from her first marriage. Leonce positvely hated his half-sister and made no bones about it. Her children, confirm it. Leonce hated his half-sister Betty. It must be a terrible thing to feel hate for a sister, half or whole.

He later in life converted this rage to developing a myth of hatred of his own daughters for each other. He started in with this when Laura joined the company. He was creating illusion, telling Michele, whose memory goes to her baby crib, that she and Laura never got along as children. Considering both Leonce and Laura early on claimed they couldn't remember anything more than a week old, he created this lie as an excuse for Laura's aggression toward her sister in adulthood.

Add to this, the dysfunction of Carolyn Guerard and Joyce Guerard Fix, who heavily resented that their mother had been an invalid, and their father had had no time for them. Carolyn rum-talked frequently about how she would have to sacrifice this or that event to be present at Joyce's recitals or graduations. To top it off, their father died remarried to a woman younger and more attractive than they, who would not give them a memento or anything of their father's. It was fury in Idlewyld.

So, it was just tough stuff that Michele Picot Strawberry should be denied her sister, her mother, her father, and never be allowed a home, to top off the fare. Most of that stuff they had to nsufffer, so it is no big deal to pass off personal rage onto an unwelcome stepchild. At least Laura, Carolyn and Joyce had mansions, penthouses, and luxury homes. They had so much more, so why did they work so desperately to hobble Michele Picot Strawberry, hopefully to death? The answer is, Michele is just too good a girl next to them.

The Commissioner was burned alive in his downstairs bedroom when Leonce was 10. We were told it was a cigarette in bed, but it blends into Leonce's haunting childhood memory of setting a fir tree outside his home on fire, nearly burning the place to the ground. Whatever transpired, Leonce and his mother had no life left in East Orange, and they migrated to Broward County, the year Katherine's mother kidnapped her daughters from Fort Wayne and brought them to her father, Rev. Samuel Earnest Lawhon, DD, first itinerant preacher of Broward County, sent by the Methodist Kansas Conference.

Of course the Commissioner had ample Life Insurance, but by the time Leonce's buddies were off to University of Miami, his mother had spent it all, and poor Leonce had to go to college on a basketball scholarship. He resented this the rest of his life. He took out his rage on his eldest daughter, Michele, whose Princeton and Adult Wechsler scores rate her much more useful elsewhere than the Strawberry Patch. Leonce ridiculed her for making 100% on college math and chemistry exams.

"No daughter of mine ever made 100% on a math test," was his response to the news.

He must have been thinking, he didn't have a father, so why should Michele have one?

He starved her out of college, at $35/week for rent, food, fuel oil. He sent her north with no winter clothing. Despite the fact she was coping with Katherine's traumatic death on her own, she rose to the top of her class at North Carolina State, Raleigh in a subject very few people can grasp. As it was, she had early entry to college at age 17, socially ill-equipped by not being taught how to survive, having no funds as her peers did, and having no secure home, in fact a tragic home for the holidays.

Each semester when Michele called Leonce for money to buy textbooks he made her feel guilty.

"I never bought a textbook when I was in college, " he would growl. Nevertheless, at that time the Schedule A he was bound to regarding Michele's education still existed in County Records, so he let her know, he was forced to buy the textbooks.

Then, Leonce and Carolyn had one of their brilliant ideas, like the one where it was ok to watch Katherine die and get her off the expense list. They travelled to Raleigh where Michele and Mr. Strawberry were co-habitating and told them all about their Idlewyld Mansion and it had a guest apartment, just for Michele and Mr. Strawberry, to help them get a good start in their lives together. The Nouvelle Picots were going to invest in a Mall in Jupiter, FL, and Michele and Mr. Strawberry were to be given a music store in said Mall.

Upon this promise, Michele Picot, a gullible age 19, decided Mr. Strawberry's chances would be more quickly improved. The two left for the Idlewyld guest apartment, only to find it furnished with Kay's few pieces of furniture which Leonce and Carolyn Picot STOLE from her pathetic estate and kept for themselves. Katherine's furniture, purchased by her mother, Bunny, was re-upholstered and not given to Michele, placed in the guest apartment to show her who was boss.

Michele Picot and Mr. Strawberry were in short time told they could no longer reside in the guest apartment because Carolyn said their dogs gave her Yorkie fleas. That was the solution- evict the tidewater trash, now that Michele was withdrawn from University, and Mr. Strawberry had no musical contacts at all to start working in Fort Lauderderdale.. Leonce wanted Mr.Strawberry to work at Mayhue's Liquor Store. So with no gigs and about $100, the Strawberry Girl's life of itineracy commenced.

There was no mall. There was no place to live. But Leonce was free of tuition and textbooks, and alimony, escaping his legal obligations. And, he got new furniture for his mansion for free.

Therefore, Laura was groomed from the age of 16 for criminality, by Carolyn Guerard and Leonce Picot. Though she imagines she has finally made it on Daddy's cremains, her conversions are destined to disappear as do all Leonce's promises. Without Katherine, he had no resistance to temptation, including dragging his weakest daughter down into the gutter to cover his lies to the public, to steal from her own blood.

Laura's eldest daughter ought to remember when she was promised she would be the owner of the Down Under. Did that happen? What happened to the Down Under?

In order to look proper to his peers who were constantly engaged in the affectionate and righteous promotion of their children and grandchildren, Leonce established $25,000 Trusts, one to each grandchild, but ONLY on the basis of an exchange for a commitment of labor by the fathers of the grandchildren.

These TRUSTS were not established by reason of love, duty, or righteousness. They did not reflect any genuine intention to leave a TRUST for grandchildren. It was a strict business deal and something to make Leonce and Carolyn look like proper grandparents to one of their lawyers who had known Katherine very well. When this lawyer died, someone began a gradual process of undoing his estate work, inserting false informationn concerning sums Michele Picot Srawberrry never received, to make things look even when Laura took everything for herself.

NONE of Carolyn's money was given to Laura or her children or to Joyce. Joyce took Michele's legacy in life insurance, much less than Leonce had stolen from Katherine. Carolyn had spent "her money" on herself; Laura has finally stood between the real and weighty legacy of her own daughters per stirpes through their REAL grandmother, the one with the gilt edge securities in the vault.

When Mr. Strawberry believed that Leonce offered surefire security for his son's future, in 1980, he turned down a contract for a first tour with the musical group The Association. Michele, in truth, fell to the floor wailing.

"Please, please, please, don't trust my father! Look what he did to my mother! Look how he tended to my education! Don't believe him! Look at our music store in Jupiter! Where is it?"

She cried for days knowing this would one day become a tragedy. However, Mr. Strawberry believed his father-in-law was a solid man, a man in established business in his own town, and it would be hurting his son to not secure $25,000 for his future. As promised originally, the grandson would receive the money for starting a business or going to college when he reached adulthood.

The Picot-Strawberrys served Leonce Picot like slaves, and Laura Picot-Sayles stole that labor for her own enrichment. It is a matter of Public Record, including Private Record that can be made Public in the event of a meltdown.

Laura Picot-Sayles, Brian Sayles, Joyce Fix, as co-workers in Leonce's scheme can never testify under oath that these TRUSTS were anything more than a sign-on bonus for an exchange of labor. The labor was given and Mr. Strawberry's labor for his son was stolen by Laura Picot Sayles for herself, by trickery.

Don't flatter yourselves, grandchildren, Laura's daughters who got their pound of flesh. Your grandfather made you lots of promises didn't he? That was so you wouldn't ask questions about your REAL grandmother, the brutality and cruelty of Leonce used to beat her to a pulp and steal her father's legacy, or where your so-called TRUST fund originated. The truth is, without Kay Daniel Picot aka, there would never have been a Down Under to start. Leonce would have remained a Mai-Kai rum promoter and advertising salesman. He had neither looks nor money, and he threw away his gift from God, Katherine Kryder. The Lord took his father, but the same year, the Lord gave him Katherine, and she did her best to give him the appearance of a gentleman and make him great, his discard.

Mr. Strawberry's labor and promise of security for his son which stood on the record for years until Leonce was elder-abused by Laura and Joyce Fix, aided by an unethical lawyer who has permanently scarred his client's grandson, was taken away when Leonce died, by Laura Picot Sayles, converted to other property.

She knows it, they all know it. That's what makes it criminal, by dictionary definition.

There is nothing lower than to steal a man's wages from a relative, supposedly kept in safety for his son by that trusted relative. Oh, except taking candy from the mouths of babes, that one is pretty bad too. Also, I believe slamming your child daughter's head against the wall is as well a crime. One day, when that daughter is about 65, or maybe earlier, but one day for certain, no one escapes a childhood of falsehoods and head-slamming by mother without psychological consequences. Such childhoods morph into a stream of uncontrollable spontaneous memories that can't be fixed without an anchor, a lighthouse and a savior.

Or, many choose drugs and alcohol to dull the pain. It's called a "fix." Yet, it fixes nothing. It still hurts, but you don't care. That's what you get.

Leonce believed children should be whipped, as he whipped his own daughters with a Martin Burns belt, leaving welts on their legs. So he chose to accommodate Laura when she banged her child's head against the wall, while berating Michele because she and Mr. Strawberry did not "spank" their little boy. Though, it should be clear by now that Leonce and Laura were bound by a you don't tell on me, I won't tell on you pact, another good wholesome family value to pass on to the next generation.

They hid behind a "Don't judge me!" free pass at anyone who questioned their off-color behaviors. They don't acknowledge Michele's Judge. Leonce lost, one by one, long time friends who were very good people. The quality folks had been in his life because of Katherine Kryder aka, and he died knowing it, considering who was left dictating his death; there was no one to invite to a funeral for which Laura shelled out $1600.

Daughters controlling the purse, or out of their pocket if they have it, who loved their father so dearly, these days give a luncheon at least to honor and commemorate their father, his accomplishments, his life. They have memorial keepsake cards made up, present slide shows and portraits of their father and find friends who will speak about the deceased. Daughters tell about the wonderful memories of Dad, the fun family vacations, the wonderful wisdom he passed to his children. Why didn't Laura do this for the powerhouse 5-star wine cellar Molokai King of Liar's Poker? Because attendance would have been humiliatingly poor, not to mention the extra money spent on a dead person, water under the bridge?

Michele Picot-Strawberry would not have crashed the gates. She simply cannot attend funerals, even of strangers. As a singer of sacred music, before she went into isolation, she sang anywhere but funerals or bars. Her physician asked her to sing at a patient's funeral. Now, it is a high compliment to be asked to sing at the funeral of a stranger by the deceased patient's doctor. It is much more than a Principal role- you have the emotions of everyone present in your hand. This type of intensity Michele Picot-Strawberry has to avoid- she feels everyone's sadness, compounded with her own.

Leonce would not fly her home from college for her mother's funeral. She told her father, "no funerals," when her grandmother died, and when Mr. Kocab, his partner, died. Though she loved these people she could not go to the funerals.

So, what's your problem, Laura? What's your excuse for schlepping out, lying to The Sun Sentinel and not throwing a champagne in fresh peach juice reception for your dear old dad? Or, instead of flowers, couldn't you have asked for contributions to your homeless sister you ripped-off, instead of asking people to raise another glass celebrating Leonce's death? The etiquette of the wake requires that you ask the glasses to be raised when you have paid for the beverage to be raised by guests.

Laura expected mourners to pay their own way.

Did you have nothing to say about your father's work for civil rights in Broward County, the desegregation of Duke Ellington Concerts at War Memorial Auditorium, his basketball stardom , his former dedication to fitness and athleticism, his efforts to keep gambling out of the State, his desire to create a nice family atmosphere for Fort Lauderdale? Did you know there is a wealth of press and pictures of the man who kept you alive, which have NOTHING to do with the restaurant business? Leonce's stated career and plan was to be a concert promoter backed by Roy Jones. Did you know his fraternity, or advertising fraternity, his basketball number, ANYTHING about your own father and his father at all? Most of the time Leonce's mother was alive you ridiculed her.

You had a toilet seat delivered across a fully seated dining room of Casa Vecchia by a Captain, unwrapped, for Leonce's mother's 80th birthday gift. Do you have any idea what Nellie Picot suffered raising your father?

You are a shame and deserve to be shamed. along with your racist pseudo mother Carolyn G. Picot and her over-reaching fat-faced sister. In fact, the more truth I tell, the better I feel. It was hard being silenced for 50 years as your lot carried on clinking glasses and bragging about your greatness.

On the other hand, it is a good thing Daddy starting bragging about his inventories and holdings and his suppliers and relationships in print. You can never be sure he wasn't deliberately setting the stage for what and whom would come along after his death.

You can never be sure that history won't turn back on you the way Nell Picot saw that San Francisco would make history go back on Leonce.

The soda jerking was a minute of Leonce's life, and completely irrelevant. It had nothing to do with going into the restaurant business. It is NOT how he started his career. Your sister has an entire scrapbook of Leonce before the restaurant business. But forever his obituary will remain ugly and trite, filled with your ignorance and genocidal omissions of Leonce's complete family. Upstanding people who Michele showed the obituary to thought it was in very poor taste. Did Joyce the Fix help you with it, is that why it tastes so bad?

Who blocked Michele's ability to say goodbye to her father before he died because there was no way she would be able to attend a funeral? Michele had been so distraught about her father's impending death as time marched on that a doctor advised her years before his death, "You have to pretend he is already dead."

Who heartily campaigned against Leonce's grandson over many years to block his access to his grandfather?

Thank you for that, sister.

Really, Laura, after you saw what Tammy did for her father Jack Thornton, couldn't you have put together a few memorials, photos and thrown a small intimate champagne luau for Leonce's friends and asssociates? Do you have no gratitude? That is really, really sick.

You have no soul left at all.

You did not know enough about your father to give hime a proper memorial.

Nothing? As a vampire looks in the mirror and sees no image, with no heart, she has no words to say.

Ron DeSantis and The Trail of Death

"I call a spade a spade" - Robert Burton, The Anatomy of Melancholy (1621)


While credible speakers on the frontline are saying things like Ron DeSantis is in the middle of the biggest scandal in this country, maybe we are ready to get our minds around just how big is it, its age, what is driving it, and where will we end up? Because interstate Judicial corruption of influence money is, as was planned for by the Numerical Witness System, by the System proven. Most credibly, Federal Reserve RSSID Numbers de facto lay out the foundation and Secret Service (U.S. Treasury Securities RICO Division) jurisdiction to lift a national lie of lies. If you don't think counterfeit money can get you killed, try and remember last year.

To transmute the foundation for considering veiled financial relationships between Ron DeSantis and Regeneron stock gains, we have to be able to construct a logical, chronological "perfect hand" of 44 de facto id numbers which is fairly readily transmutable into an alternate set of relationships just as logical. It is called "double books."

One of the proofs that the System is a System is that various combinations of 4,5,6,7 sometimes more digits comprise an identification number and each perfect hand must have the same number of digits, 44, albeit in a different order or varied increments, the lowest acceptable identifier having at least 4 digits. This is too complex a manipulation to define "corrupt cells" by coincidence.

The number of cards in a numerological deck, or oracle deck is 44. The origins and principles of the Witness System are undoubtedly "numerological." Though numerology is used in mysticism, we never think of money as mystical, or hopefully not. We don't think of account numbers, or tax payer numbers as mystical, but they are numerological.

The System was a necessity against the rampant counterfeiting begun in the Lincoln Administration, and continuous "big insurance" destruction of non-commercial banking fraternal organizations and brotherhoods, alongside general losses and pressure on the country folk. Paid political interference has allowed 200 years of perversion of the documented sub-use of our anti-trust, anti-Treasury crime identifiers and red flags, by moles and insiders. Now we get emotionless drone leaders who watch the people drop like flies. They are beckoning innocent children to death. Mmm.mmm.

Leading up to this date, this page gradually demonstrates the links between Indiana and Florida unaccounted- for estate- owned gold mortgage railroad bonds of the Florida East Coast Railway (Standard Oil married to Kenan Oil, Charlotte) 1922-present, along with U.S. Treasury securities, under the control of judges, life insurance, and trust companies in Indiana and Florida. The 1917 Florida Legislature ordered draining the everglades. For bringing in the big machines, the "Pittsburgh Syndicate" was awarded the choicest land in Central Florida where pleasant places and ultimately Disney World were sited. Vaulted securities guided the entire present development of the State of Florida, by either rampant exploitation, profiteers or mobsters. Don't think there weren't good people around who fought them. But by 1960 the fix was in- so was Castro.

Philpott Secret ServiceThere are two games here- Liar's Poker (see Leonce Picot, Molokai Bar), using Treasury Serial Numbers, and Hearts, where the Queen of Spades digs the grave. In this Treasury Case beginning 1927, she has a four-digit number, so The Service might always know where she is- who holds her, where has she been in time. What happened to youse guys?

It is 4394, Philpott Secret Service Agency, Berry Street, Fort Wayne. Systematically 4+3+9+4 = 20 =2. In Key to the Numerical System of the American Bankers Association, 1911, Indianapolis was made Reserve City No.20, Chicago Reserve City No.2. Side-stepping the numerologistics here, what time is there left to show this Hand?

Recall from below narrative that Judge Paul Helmke, a Fort Wayne transplant, is now located in South Bend, IN.

Transmute this perfect Hand of 44

Old National Bank, founded 1834 with Allen Co., IN; 208244 (F.R. RSSID)
South Bend Branch Old National Bank, founded 1882 ; 287874 (F.R. RSSID)
South Bend Branch PNC 3619382 (F.R. RSSID)
Bank of America Capital, 1979, while buying Continental Illinois; 1090222 (F.R. RSSID)
Regeneron, 1998; 4664932 (F.R. RSSID)
Ron DeSantis, Tallahassee; 15976 (FL Bar)
Paul Helmke, South Bend; 765002 (IN Bar)


State of Florida 1676970 (F.R. RSSID)
Lincoln National Life Insurance 2025708 (F.R. RSSID)
PNC Fort Wayne Branch 489445 (F.R. RSSID)

Waterway Restaurants, Inc. (Picot) 2862 (IRS)
Kryder Gold Bond 1922 unredeemed 8262 (Allen County Recorder)
German American Trust, 1911 (Lincoln Trust, 1928) 7129 (ABA 1911)
Lincoln National Life Florida; 2300 (IRS)
Frank Kryder, 1942; 3612 (SSN) or Fred Trump 6123 (SSN)
Agent Philpott Secret Service, 1927; 4394 (L.M.Berry Mark)

It is known and proven by Frank Kryder's de facto Lincoln National Bank 7127 Check document that Fort Wayne National Bank 7121 re-routed its deposit through an attorney affidavit to Frank Kryder's tax attorney, from the Frank Kryder Slush Fund 550311 at Lincoln National Bank and Trust in 1983 to Old National Bank 7119, stamped, ordered closed by the Comptroller in 1928. That was the Bond and McCulloch personal branch bank web, variously Old National, Old-First National which became confused with the voluntarily closed 7124 Tri-State, variously First and Tri-State as Fort Wayne National Bank and First National Bank, originally First State Bank Fort Wayne Branch No.11.

These transmutations tell history and are numerically logical when you get the Key.

11 x 4 = 44 is how McCulloch and Bond, with the help of the wizard, Robert Fleming himself, made their system within The System. They have had their web of four banks in one, before and since The Great Depression, hiding in a trust vault no one sees. Debacle after debacle, their society ends up richer.

Some Pig.

Laura Picot Sayles Birthday Menu

Oysters DeSantis in a Rum Runner Deduction

"Good food takes time to prepare"


It is no surprise that Judge Paul W. Helmke in Bloomington, IN, de facto id 765002 (IN Bar) is also licensed to practice in Florida, the Helmke offices in Fort Wayne being one of the last sightings by Polk's of "Kryder Realty" in bloody Room 309, Standard Building, 215 East Berry Street. It is proven in old periodicals that commencing 1995, attorney Walter P. Helmke, deceased father, told big porkies to Michele Picot-Strawberry all over the place about never hearing about any Kryders in Fort Wayne, as if the family hadn't lived there since 1854. Lucky for all, lies, lies, lies are all dispelled by the Numerical Witness System.

So let's get cooking. Today's transmutation to truth is kept simple, since Laura has to try and get it. Maybe some of the surviving Borcherses would help her with it, or Joyce Fix and Carl Santangelo.

Curiosities of the FDIC shall be explored, since Laura was very good buddies with the Borchers, whose son got a job with the RTC which ravaged Florida, and sold a lot of good bank building real estate, while Bill Borchers, the dad, quashed Leonce's employee insurance, benefits, pension, and profit-sharing program.

This is a 1976 fact, "Administering the assets of failed banks made the FDIC liquidation division the nation's largest realty investment trust and in terms of private business, the 49th largest U.S. conglomerate;"

For examples,

1. The 1963 Estate of Minnie V. Kryder 14518
(1920 Valley American Bank, South Bend, IN FDIC #14518 closed 1971, now a PNC Branch)

2. Ron DeSantis de facto 15976
(1854 The Bank for Savings of Westchester, Ossining, NY FDIC #15976 closed 1971, merged 3/20/2010 with Wells Fargo, NA FDIC#3511

3. Also merged 3/10/2010 with Wells Fargo, NA, Bank of Warren, Richmond, VA FDIC# 10731

When you know the numbers, the 10731 certificate is the sum of Frank H. Kryder 3612 (IRS) and 1928 Comptroller- closed Old National Bank 7119 (ABA). In 1983, Frank Kryder's Tax attorney deposited check 4461 from Frank's account at Lincoln National Bank into Fort Wayne National Bank 7124 (ABA) (now PNC) which then re-deposited it into defunct bank 7119 as stamped.

It was officially established with the 2008 lead attorney for the FDIC, in writing, there is no such thing as an actual FDIC Certificate that has a bank's number on it. Banks have a card in the window, but no certificate bearing a number. There is no registry, according to Fred Fish, 2008 attorney. The FDIC may choose to generate a certificate with a number in special needs cases, such as a robbed bank having to establish federal jurisdiction for a Prosecutor to show a judge.

Now we can proceed building our hand, or dish, with complementing ingredients, totalling 36 digits.

Minnie Estate/Valley American 14518
Westchester Bank (Wells Fargo)/ Ron DeSantis 15976
Bank of Warren/ Frank + liquidated Old National 10731
1942 Frank Kryder SSN 3612 (IRS)
1928 Comptroller closed Old National Bank 7119 (ABA)
Mount Dora Branch Wells Fargo 2387107 (F.R.)
Judge Paul W. Helmke 765002 (IN Bar)

Stir gently in the mind on low and see it turn to

Wells Fargo Financial Leasing 3189241 (F.R.)
Frank Kryder Lincoln National Bank after death account 550311 (Lincoln National Bank and Trust, Ft. Wayne)
Northwest Mutual Life Wealth Management 3017081 (F.R.)
1971 Charter Allen County Bank, Leo, failed 1985; #7725 (State or OCC issued)
Lincoln Life Annuities 2760 (IRS)
(Dave Edgerton, Jr. 1969) Universal Restaurants 7171 (IRS)
Burger King Foundation 1696 (IRS)

The moving of Frank into Florida could not have been accomplished without cooperating financial institutions, judges and lawyers interstate. If there's one thing the Helmkes are known for, and have publicly boasted of, it's the huge Charitable Foundations they garnered for control from little ole Allen County, IN.

You should be getting the idea, birthday girl, that Daddy spent more money and generated more money than was his or your pseudo-mother's. Carolyn would never have let him near her "private" money. Leonce used financial leasing, clandestinely without legal right, hoping to win. With Kay's legacy, he had motive and opportunity to become hotter than Bob Thornton. He believed he would do better handling everything for us if he had charge. And who helped? Who had motive?

Bon appetit!

Restaurants of Suicide:

The Down Under Restaurant and La Casa Vecchia, Fort Lauderdale, Florida,
suicide beneath each enterprise

Those in Broward County who raised their glasses from 11:30 AM till closing, in the Reagan Years, at the Down Under or La Casa Vecchia were toasting Leonce Picot and Carolyn Guerard's dance on the graves of the suicides beneath the founding of each establishment. They were ruthless.

The Down Under, named by the first Mrs.Picot, Kay, was conceived by Kay with Al Kocab, Leonce Picot, and Dan Duckham, the architect. Duckham was going to design our dream house on Cherry Creek. He was the hip and wild architect of the sixties. The landscape design field, ecologists, farmers, and nursery operators will be battling his 1960's mass planting of Wedelia for many more years to come.

Leonce never mentioned the name Dan Duckham because he felt Duckham cheated him by building a copy of the Down Under, the Sea Watch. It really rankled Leonce. He wanted an originale erection, plus, the Sea Watch has a much superior location, right on the ocean. He was jealous of the Sea Watch.

So like many, Duckham went on the very long Picot S-List for Life. A confirmed alcoholic never forgives or compromises in a relationship which was once valuable. Because...the addicted must have what they need and that is the driver of the personality. They will rationalize their behavior if you will accept it, but they will not deal civilly with confrontation. Had Leonce known more designers of all kinds, he would have known Duckham did nothing out of the ordinary for an architect. Leonce knew the hallmarks of Duckham architecture- so did I for that matter. We looked at Duckham house after Duckham house, every weekend. They were basically the same house in different shapes. It was useful architecture for odd shape lots, as was ours on Cherry Creek.

The instant rather hard to believe success of the Down Under was celebrated gaily by the stockholders, many who used to dine with Kay and Leonce, as the rest of us who loved Kay choked down our pain. She got Leonce off the idea of owning a Thornton House of Pleasures to becoming a more stylish restaurateur, and the three while publishing the books, concocted the so called eclecticism of the Down Under which, as I have mentioned, was a conglomeration of what they had seen in their travels. No travels without an Author, let's remember that. I say it over and again.

There is no subsituting an Author. Authors of great literature all have or had editors, but the editor doesn't put their name on the book cover and inside say the "text" was written by...

Al Kocab rightly called himself a restaurant designer in the way I was called landscaspe designer. A designer collects materials and creates a harmonized, mentally coherent concept. As in all art, design is frequently conceived "after the likes of such and such," but few designers are absolutely original.

Really Kay put up with more in Leonce than was safe. He decayed morally, to her despair. She too just wanted a normal family, going to church and the church picnics, a house where the father was sometimes present at least. Despite Leonce's recruitment of serving girls for the Molokai Bar as a side job, Kay believed the children came first. There were no sharks in the water here back then, yet my mother was swimming with them. Taking credit for her authorship was unconscionable. I have her library. She was a literary genius, ground beneath the heel of a man with no self-esteem. For twelve years she endured his insults, but the times they were a'changin'. Once she challenged him on the authorship sham, he became violent. Kay had an indomitable spirit.

Skipping over the mire, Leonce did the same thing to me when I began hearing him take credit everywhere for her work after she had died. I was too old to hit or beat with his Martin Burns belts anymore. But I was beginning to see the gluttony and greed burst free at last, fueled by the luxury-starved Carolyn. No more teaching at South Side School. It was Jaguars and 5-Star hotel suites from here on out.

Kay died bullied by Leonce for the Down Under. I hope everyone enjoyed the Beluga caviar, flown in from Iran on ice daily.

Harry Sousely, lawyer, died bullied by Leonce for La Casa Vecchia. Leonce wanted Harry's personal property and pushed him off old west style.

Carolyn droned in the background, "And, you know no one can do a restaurant here like we can."

Oh really. Who is we? Carolyn had no gourmet experience whatsoever other than eating and drinking what was put in front of her. Any epicure knows the palette is destroyed after a day of valium and two rum old-fashioneds before the aperitif. That was what she did at home while getting ready for dinner at the Down Under each evening.

So in essence, Carolyn had latched onto Kay's star- when it came to what we do best, and thusly reaped the benefits of an abused woman's career and death through the man who had usurped his wife's authority and used it for his life.

As for Harry Sousely, he was in a state where he was not going to leave his home he had created. Sometimes a depressed person believes they will die in their home. Harry was found dead in his car in the garage the day after the real estate closing. It was the Casa Vecchia ground-breaking. Early birds get the worm. I saw Harry on the gurney.

In the words of the deceased Carolyn Picot, "You know Leonce, he gets what he wants. So you better play ball."

My society friend and her husband refused to eat there.

Through it all, I never said a word to ruffle their ludicrous reinvention of the truth.

Moon Over Shantytown


On the banks of The Three Rivers
glittering in the starlight
poor ones lived in boxes.
Allen County Indian-givers
considered it a city blight.

Typhoid fever in the water
threatened every rich man's daughter.
Another father killed his own
children often left unfed
his family on the train tracks, dead.

On pain of death they built their power
Feeble Minded Lincoln Tower.


Laura Picot Sayles, Realtor for the Poor

Real History for Genealogical Clarification of the Fake Picot Family


Would you trust a Realtor who plotted to rob her sister of parental life insurance benefits and steal her nephew's trust for her own children of privilege? Fundamentally, Laura Picot Sayles is a liar, a particular talent she inherited from her father. She deliberately lied to the Sun-Sentinel Newspaper to incorrectly publish her lineage in her father's obituary to drive a wedge to establish estate fraud. She concealed Leonce's death from her sister. She lied to a trustee, saying her full sister, and direct heir of Leonce Louis Picot was only "shirt-tail" kin from a different mother, Katherine Ann Kryder aka Kay Daniel Picot. Laura Picot Sayles is Frank Kryder's grand-daughter. I bet she'd get along well with our half-cousin Richard Ewing Bond, son of James. They believe in The Power of Sanctuary, the material sort.

Laura Picot Sayles has been a bad girl. She hung around with bad boys for too long, the worst being her father who she could not wait to dethrone.

Laura Picot Sayles is the antithesis of a Kryder Realtor. She is not a community builder, but a destroyer of families. She made her sister homeless in the middle of a pandemic crisis. So raise another glass! In any deal, her only concern is her own pocketbook. Everything else is "water under the bridge." It is all right to take down your own mother and sister and nephew for the sake of owning a restaurant. Actually, defrauding her sister to homelessness in the middle of an International Public Health Crisis is the type of planning Laura does well.

What she has to say about the Kryders is, "What do I care about a bunch of dead people?"

"Restaurants of Yesteryear"


It is the bare bones truth of the restaurant business, the bottom line, that it suicide-murdered Frank Kryder's daughter in 1972 as Disney World opened in Orlando while Lincoln Financial Corporation launched its ship of doom into our future.

The Lincoln Trust 1910-1975 was aggressively focused on the mingling of family businesses in banking, insurance, clothing, shoes, theatres, grocery stores, cash amusements, restaurants, hardware stores, manufacturing, agriculture, hauling, gravel pits, oil and coal, to name some. Everything which once existed as more compartmentalized private business is now a merger of American families toiling for the land of the free as far back as The Revolution, many of its heirs wiped out deliberately and given over to strangers. Had they kept their family money, would there be more patriots of a different sort now wielding their power?

In 1950 America believed it was nearing the end of infectious disease, with the success of Alexander Fleming's penicillin. Medical doctors were the pillars of American respect and success. In 1960 Dr. Fleming himself expressed worries about future microbial resistance and super-infections, but by this time the 1960 generation doctors were being lent Lincoln funds all over Florida, and likely elsewhere, maybe unaware. This was a temporary ruse until lawyers could yank away doctor income and prestige and become the upper class. The doctor has to be owned by the insurance fund now, and this is accomplished by lawyers who have gained much greater wealth and all the most important realty.

For instance, how frequently do we find a medical doctor suing a lawyer?

If it is a metal box, such as a freight car, van, refrigerator, washer, mobile home, or coin-collecting vending machine, it evolved from things in Allen County.

No Minnie, No Disney


No booze for youse in Venice Nokomis.

You're Stepping on My

Mask and Dagger


Lincolneers Respond to WWI and Flu Epidemic Following German American National Bank Name Change

Lincoln National Life Insurance


If you think they didn't mean it, think again. Think of Hugh McCulloch, Father of American Banking, after revising the function of the Secret Service in 1865, to divert scrutiny of the currency, returning to Fort Wayne National Bank from Lincoln's Treasury Cabinet to join the most unsung band of Indian-gyppers in our history. Why Allen County, Indiana? Because that is where Little Turtle died. Contrary to several accounts, Little Turtle was in possession of the most massive personal estate of all Native Chiefs in the country, the value of 16.3 million acres in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan with the most crucial active portages and routes for the fur trade and transporting the nation's finest limestone and timber for building. The Great White Father was his BFF.


Goodbye, Mr. Disney!


"Proverbs, Proverbs, they're so true.

Read about the Shang Dynasty if you want to get Chinese about it,

Clarence Frank Kryder, Sr. Walks the Earth

Because...in LEO the Cross Eyed-Lyin'


The wrath comes upon the whole world now, for what was done against the Will of the Righteous.

Allen County Courthouse pediment marble was not inscribed without intent:

"The hope of all who suffer,
the dread of all who wrong."

As Frederick Tourkow, attorney, told me in Fort Wayne that if I pursued the Kryder Estate,

"Lives will be ruined, careers will be destroyed."

That is what Mr. Tourkow said, for those who remember him..

Infant Kryder d. 1918, Allen County


Frank, Jr.'s first wife was Edith Ward Long, of the the Ward and Pixley (grocery) association in Fort Wayne. Pixley was an early investor in Florida, dabbling winters away in Lakeland, where Publix is headquartered today after a miraculous winning out over at least ten food chain stores which were set to compete in Florida in the 1950's. Though Lakeland is another story-

Grandfather Frank Kryder is hard to follow in the sense his four mariages and three divorces were all in any county but Allen. This what one did then to not be scrutinized through public records, but he did make it a point to die in Allen, the county of John Kyder III and his lineal descendants since the early 1800's, the county where he and his father ran a real estate development and insurance business for almost 50 years.

Frank, Jr. and Edith built a new home in the Harrison Hill subdivision on Cornell Circle. Their first baby came thereafter, but died very soon in the Spanish flu epidemic. This information is very difficult to find since Frank and Edith's marriage was recorded in another county. Rosemary Kryder Bond did not believe she had a half-brother who did not survive, when I tried to tell her. I doubt Katherine and Rebecca ever knew either. Likely this caused the wounded Kryder and Long marriage to crumble, for Frank Jr. then married Rosa M. Johnson, his second wife, who gave birth to Rosemary in 1924.

This Spanish flu, which spread over the entire planet, killed more American soldiers after World War I than did the War. Viruses have been an ambushing enemy throughout our medical evolution for which the people in charge of the world the last 200 years should be held responsible.

How does an invisible parasite spread across the world so quickly? We are about to see. While we are living out the current spectacle, don't neglect considering the other definitions of "virus," which also qualify as non-life forms:

("In the Beginning was the Word." Literal sense proves this.)


[1. a harmful or corrupting influence. "the virus of cruelty that is latent in all human beings"

2. a piece of code which is capable of copying itself and typically has a detrimental effect, such as corrupting the system or destroying data.]

Literally, early accounting code, just like a gene- required four building blocks. Banking numbers of yore corrupted our banking system with a code that identify certain entities in a mutual association which are meant not to be linked or seen.

Example, Allen Hamilton's box of disenfranchised Indian Deeds had a four-digit Number which became the same FDIC Certificate Number for Norwest, which much later absorbed Lincoln National Bank, after the generations would not know the origin and meaning of things.

It was 1972, the year of Katherine's death that "viral" became associated with computers, the thing the 1911 American Bankers Association did not forsee. Being able to match code on a grid of cities spread across the country for the convenience of the Federal Reserve, while the country folk don't see is the secret. It's not even a complicated code- nor is that of DNA, -ATCG, yet out of four bulding blocks with it we get a Homo sapiens.

Just think of Wells Fargo and Bank of America as the two coiled strands of a DNA alpha-helix. Based on a bonded four building block system, how do you corrupt it? How does it become a virus?

Answer: It replicates strands of itself, like the last four digits of Fred Shoaff III's Florida R.O.I.C. taxpayer i.d. is a replicate of Walt Disney World tax i.d , -2883, both entities residing in Florida. The four building blocks are in tax payer numbers, FDIC Certificate numbers, ABA Numerical System and phone numbers. It started up with telephone wires just prior to 1927, evolved a system, and now it has generated a virus.

Is it another way of saying double books? Yes, it's a double strand, but don't forget it is coiled upon itself too. The relationship of the four block numbers of one Bond of a strand of Bank DNA, (1) taxpayer number (2) FDIC number (3) Fed Res id number, and (4) phone number are everything needed to shield and operate a replication in the open without red-flagging.

It's a Lord's numbers game, not unlike Mai-Kai Molokai Liar's Poker, born in the London Counting Houses of Fleming, with violet ink in elegant ledgers. It's called "Keeping Ahead," so as to never lose.

When at their very highest, now see how their ventures wither in a day, everywhere. Ventures built on the necessity of a huge cash intake which has been hedge-funded already. Who will be damaged most? Those who trusted in the security of the employer, or banker. Who or what can damage me more?

Ironically, the body count will be much higher in the silos of the wicked this round. Most of us will not die, but the cheaters stacked up with loans against future receipts will die of no daily cash. The system could collapse with just thirty days of no restaurants, bars, casinos, major league events, or travel. Microbiologically, I don't see how getting takeout limits exposure, especially to the food handlers. America cannot function without drive-through food service. How will money launderers deposit money if their enterprises cannot justify cash flow?

For the peasants, life will go on pretty much the same as ever. We are used to living everyday, scrambling to avoid penalties, re-connect charges, pawn shop interest and late fees. We don't partake of any of the affected economy. We buy cars for cash and drive them into the ground. We don't have mortgages or credit. We don't eat out or travel, in fact, all this incubation period and the years before we've hardly left the house. What more can I say? We are used to worrying for days with no cash in the forseeable future, every deal going up in smoke, little penny-ante deals.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Escape from Florida 3/14/2020

I don't want no
Seminole Casino
boats or rum.
Lord, no!
After where I've been.

I don't want no
South Beach Cappucino
reggae drum.
Lord, oh
It makes me feel so mean.

DuPont and Ball
Came to Florida
And wrecked it all.

A state was destroyed by the 1917 legislature, which insisted all the citizens pay a tax for the draining of the Everglades for big sugar (rum). Ball and Barnett (Bank of America) were the primary bankers in Florida when there was no one else to pick up the pieces of the Crash (1930) and the Florida Est Coast Railway Bankruptcy (settled 1970). Interestingly, our Indiana Ball of Muncie purchased a three billion dollar railroad empire for $350,000 (1930). He was questioned by a senate commitee, acted like an unschooled country boy, and th matter was dropped. The impact of that has created our present financial condition, for better or for worse.

There is no doubt these bankers fueled the Land Boom in Florida and guided the environmental development of the state precariously and unwisely. They let pioneers come in and develop wild land, then the bankers ended up with it. Decisions were made unilaterally which affect this generation now. There is no "beach" in Palm Beach. The sea is up to the wall. We in the coastal preservation field call this condition "Galveston." Because of these bankers we have a threatened water supply and sea level rise. We have sinkholes and developers have blasted into the aquifer to create "water front development" or golf courses. They pushed for the Intracoastal Waterway and own all the easement lands around bridges and railroad tracks. This is 99-yr lease land.

My student loans were all serviced through Indianapolis.

Along with the chroniclers of Allen County thoughout its bankruptcies, Depression, labor strikes, and the wars, we have to acknowledge the quiet heroism of librarians everywhere- souls who are motivated to preserve, not burn records. If I lived in Allen, I'd be at the Fred Reynolds Library 15 hours a week. I have to leave time for the Recorder's Office and the office where the public records of old surveys and plats are kept with names on land parcels. Once you grab onto the right thread you will amazed at what you learn that suddenly makes sense of something you never understood.

Allied's Vans are detailed daily. This is a symbol of power.

Christmas this year the city sewer pipes began their inevitable breakdown and the towns most glamorous neighborhoods were flooded with sewage. There were schooners floating in sludge and the problem is extending. Twenty years ago we were taught in Marine Pollution about the sewer pipes in my county. Scientists knew there was sewage going into the ocean and investigating underground determined the pipes of our water system will fail. They are all the work of NAP.

This is the world they made with the privilege of being Trustees of everything. What could be worse than drinking Pepsi in Los Angeles? Look at the addictions they have enslaved us with- "I need a drink" seems to be the remedy for celebrating or consolation. This is burned into our brains by Don Q.

"I need a drink."

That is a lie. No one needs a drink.

Everyone associated with the Kryder Company Realtors ended up secure if not very rich or in an important position in town, people who worked for the Kryders. Clarence and Minnie were frugal. As Hazel Gerardot said to me, "They lived good-not rich, but good."

I think this is very curious- Beams, Azar, Hedekin, Moorhead, Sheldon. Give me a break.

Allied or North American?

People in Florida think Lincoln Road was named after Abraham.

Fictional history warps the perception of the first generation that hears it. I once thought the Great Depression started when the stock market crashed in 1929. People in New York jumped out of windows. There was a Dust Bowl, strikes, children dressed in rags. In today's world, what more do you need to know?


Loren M. Berry Phone Book Interest Group Wanted- Go Ahead and Fund My Red Book

Kryder and Berry

Kryder Real Estate chronicles many interesting details of early telephone companies, telephone numbers and telephone books. Phone numbers were used to identify the location of trust company safes in 1927. The Tri-State Trust Company safe was located at -5630, in Fort Wayne. In Fort Lauderdale, where we were growing up, where Katherine and Leonce always were, so was our phone -5630. Assets of First and Tri-State Corporation, including the bank, are one of the hidden mysteries of the Depression in Fort Wayne. (Comptroller's Order 344, 1930, Treasury Cause 3280).

How did Leonce L. Picot for years at -5630 end up embroiled with John Berry, Borchers Inurance, and the Burger King? Picot had nothing but a lease on his ex-wife's estate, and for that I witnessed aka Katherine Kryder stalked from 1960-1972, by a Fort Wayne army doctor, who had tested pyschoactive drugs and post-hypnotic suggestion while enlisted. Not to mention the trouble her ex-husband gave her as a garnish.

In 1963 I was stalked by an eighteen year old sex-offender who was also the same doctor's patient. Fortunately, there is a police case to prove it. I was with a friend when he tried to get us into his car when he had no pants on. Susie and I believed it was our civic duty to testify in court. I knew Katherine related it to her terrorizing late night calls, but of course I was scarcely old enough to understand stalking. It was not easy to live through as a teenager who didn't know what was happening in the world, and oh the so much more unforgettable. I still would like someone to please explain it to me.







Daughter of Adultery

Laura, the younger, decided to become a female alter-ego of Leonce as her battle plan for survival. Fortunately, she did not become at all like Carolyn Guerard, her alternate mother figure, but she may be worse as a double jigger of Leonce.

She began by being deliberately caught in her marital bed with another man. She ruined two marriages this way twice- same m.o. It is sad, because I really liked my brother-in-laws. The first was so kind, but that lasted only a few months. Of course I cry when I see pictures of us at the beach. What did it all mean?

Laura dragged all sorts of people into her life experience which she would suddenly bomb and walk off as if nothing happened. Who was hurt or bewildered in the aftermath did not matter. That was a magnified Leonce and Carolyn trait.

She married the man she was caught in bed with and had two children. That was all she wanted from him- children with other back-up grandparents with old money.

Perhaps it was the old fashioned way to be sneaky and try and never get caught, like Leonce did it.

Perhaps by a bio-magnification factor, Laura took to a more shocking method of achieving her goals- let your husband catch you shagging a restaurant manager at home in front of the two little girls. This was more than I could stand- after all we had been through as children, that she would risk such an injury to elementary age girls is 100% selfishness- all to prove her manhood. She did not not even have the discretion to go to a Marriott. She is too cheap to go to a Marriott, or even Days Inn.

Though Leonce and Carolyn used my husband and me mostly for rides to the airport and cheap labor, when it came to telling on Laura they were on my phone in a flash.

"Oh God, Laura was in bed with this guy when Bryan came home and he punched her in front of the girls. We think the police took him away."

Why didn't they just leave me out of it? Laura was their special project. I really didn't need to know, at all. They could have dealt with it themselves. Laura called them, not me.

Let us consider that when they married, Leonce and Carolyn Picot were middle age adults and Laura and I were minors emerging from years of household distress and suicide. They did not behave as responsible adults. They were insensitive to our sorrows, having the time of their lives, free at last. Laura and I hadn't a penny. Leonce took everything of Kay's as her Personal Representative. We should have been sent to therapy, counseling, given emotional support, not threats. Laura was already alcoholic by college, which Leonce and Carolyn supported with a fully stocked pecky cypress bar in the home.

It was Laura who made double trouble in the family, not me, the one like Kay.

I remember the start of the whole collapse of the Down Under, Casa Vecchia, La Vieille Maison, and the California debacle. Laura started it on the Fourth of July. We were gathered at the Picot North American Properties beachfront condo to have the best view of the Lauderdale-by-the-Sea fireworks show. Present were Laura Picot Sayles, Laura's two girls, my boy, my husband, Laura's husband, the ambitious new manager, Leonce and Carolyn Picot.

The menu was Brown's fried chicken , Carolyn's famous sliced tomatoes and several wines. By this time in my life I had been away from the scent of alcohol so long that I could actually enjoy, in my sarcastic way, spying on the new age wine-talkers. Thus I was enjoying on the balcony, waiting for the show to start. Laura in her strapless stunning frock, joyously swilling in a large piece of Baccarat was at the end of the balcony leaning all over the tall blond new restaurant manager. I was sitting with my husband. We were a little disturbed, as was Bryan, Laura's husband who was right there on the balcony too looking very displeased. She kept ordering him to watch the children, not even looking at them herself on this sky high ledge.

Leonce and Carolyn both saw Laura getting closer and closer, talking restaurant jive to this person I'd never met. They saw Bryan's expression.

I said to my husband, "What does she think she is doing? Her whole family is here!"

Yep, her whole family was there and she was openly tantalizing this man, ignoring her immediate family completely, laughing and chatting to this guy like a magpie to her mate, as if to say, "I can do anything I want and none of you can stop me."

That is what Leonce and Carolyn Picot showed her as a means to survive. She just over-applied their method, tearing apart her own home, then with William Borchers, taking apart her father's business plan, among other of his plans.

The problem with Laura being, she flaunted her freedom to do anything she wanted, to run over countless people, but once she was divorced, she could not make a living that suited her without Leonce. By that time she had become privy to the inner business with Borchers. Leonce became vulnerable by breaking his own golden rule- no family member can know his books, especially a child.

Laura, like so many other bad habits of Leonce's, picked up his Threat routine. It was almost comical, in a pathetic way, when she tried to be tough, bullying employees, humiliating someone who hadn't read her latest dictatorial taped to the cashier's window. She became a Leonce-Carolyn hybrid, asleep at the wheel.

Kay never banged our heads against the wall. She was too conscious of concussion. The worst she did was give us a pinch if we squirmed in church. She was very strict about pew deportment. No playing with the pencils or collection envelopes, no swinging legs. We may as well have been in Puritan Church. It was eyes straight ahead and no moving.

But back to the Fourth of July. The girls were all over the place and Bryan was having to watch them as well as his overly-friendly wife. I could not believe my eyes when ssszszzz ffizzz pop pop, the whole fireworks display was cancelled. A technician had been burned. Maybe a thousand people were around the beach for the show.

Suddenly, my right jaw completely locked. I was howling with pain. I couldn't open my mouth and my ear was aching. We couldn't leave because of the throng, there is only one street out of Lauderdale-by-the-Sea. They gave me a hot washcloth. I could not open my mouth. The kids wanted to know where the fireworks were.

Eventually the spasm released enough so that I had some movement in my jaw, but the malady remained for sixteen months. Then I cured it in one day of intense treatment with Burrow's Solution, or aluminum acetate, packed with cotton in the ear canal, and moist heat. I don't know why this worked, but it did.

Rum Talk and Coke

How did Mr. Edgerton come to be called "Uncle Edgy-burger?" That was the snide nickname Carolyn Guerard Picot had for Leonce's partner after Al Kocab. David R. Edgerton invented the Burger King flame broiler- well, probably. He dropped out of Cornell, he dropped out of Ohio Northwestern, but he had a clever father with dough.

I remember Leonce driving us with Kay way up to Pompano or thereabouts in 1959 to see the first Burger King sitting on his Whopper tuffet. We couldn't afford to get anything, but he made us all look at this wonderful hamburger place a friend of his had opened up. This was Leonce's dream- to serve a really good hamburger with really good beer, or a milkshake.

But he had but a musty closet in the rich establishent of the Thornton Brothers for his office. It is not true there was ever such a post as "assistant manager" as he claimed he had at the Mai-Kai. Leonce Picot was hired as a Public Relations man, and he undoubtedly exposed the Mai-Kai to the tourist industry in fabulous ways. But, Bob Van Dorpe was the manager, and he had twice Leonce's salary. Just as Leonce made up things on the side, like helping invent the Derby Daiquiri, or being the sole spirit of The Down Under, he had to embellish himself in some way with little twists of the truth about his station in life.

PR man was an exotic sort of job in our beach town in the boonies back then.

"What does your father do?"

"Oh, he's the public relations man at the Mai-Kai." Well, amidst elementary school kids that sounded weird.

He was actually more into pubic relations as assistant- manager, which meant Van Dorpe could leave the door and go home at a decent hour, and Leonce would assist-manage till 4:00 A.M. Laura Picot Sayles and I spent a good deal of time at the Van Dorpe residence- he had the most adorable daughter. I watched that famous bullfighter movie with Uncle Bob VD once. We sat the two of us alone in the Florida room, watching the whole movie without uttering a peep. At the end, when the bull fighter was gored forever, he cleared his throat a few times and blinked his big blue watery eyes. I was as terrified of him as his daughter was of Leonce. When the fathers were home from work, they do not want to hear any children, we were told. Finally he left his beautiful wife and daughter and ran away to the South Pacific where life is real.

So there we were in the years- the Thorntons had it made with their mind-boggling House of Pleasures, Dave Edgerton had Leonce's dream for a hamburger joint, and all Leonce had was Kay, Michele, and Laura, and our beagle, Punch. Leonce wanted to serve a good burger, though. Beautiful Kay wanted nothing more than for the man she loved to become fulfilled, but fulfilled as a good man, not a lecher, not a chauvinist, not a brute. She got him where he needed to be- recognized in the gourmet world. Then, Leonce, Carolyn and Laura proceeded to party on her grave.

Long past adulthood, Kay's etiquette is so engrained I have never been comfortable calling the parental generation by first name. It would have been unthinkable to be nine or ten and say, hey, Jim, pass the fries, to an adult. As I get older, I notice there are fewer of these elders to address as Mr. or Mrs.because I am becoming their contemporary. Kay let us use aunt and uncle for only the most familiar of our grown-up contacts.

Starved out of college and hanging around the Mossack Fonseca Flamingo Drive Picot pad for scraps, one Saturday in 1974 Carolyn ordered me to oil the burl wood table because Uncle Edgy-burger is coming for lunch. Oh, so now I was finding out that Dave Edgerton, the Burger King King, so ardently admired by Leonce in 1959 was the guy, but we were now calling him Uncle Edgy-burger.

I thought it was kind of silly, I mean, why? Why not Dave, or David, or Mr. Edgerton?

"Oh we just call him that because he had that big problem with cocaine, you know, it makes him kind of edgy." Carolyn was eager to fill me in, her lunch hour rum-talk cranking up.

I did not know, and would never have needed to know, except that her slip of the Don Q International rum tongue gave me the answers to many questions about Leonce Picot and David R. Edgerton that I need to finish the picture, now that they are all dead.

Leonce breezed through the dining room where I was rubbing the table furiously with a special chamois cloth for expensive tables.

"We've got that little problem taken care of now," he grumbled deeply.

Oh, Daddy! Leonce, whose very South Orange, New Jersey genes bore the essence of legal conduct, who only ever abused that substance called alcohol, worldly as he may have become, in 1974 he did not know that cocaine addiction is never taken care of in the jet set, not in a man who dropped out of two of the best universities, married a Swedish stewardess for a few years, then floated around on stock dividends, dabbling.

In college at least I learned that cocaine was worse than rum. Rum will make you say and do things you ordinarily dassn't, or even forget what you've done, but cocaine brings you into association with people you would never want for an associate. Though old money cocaine associates are a different breed of gangster who need well-known, respected American contacts, who need cocaine, to form financial institutions under the least regulation.

At the end of the day, estate assets get laundered in the same web as drugs, firearms, military weapons, bankruptcy and bank robbery, bank failure too. It can't all go through the casinos and tracks, the population is exploding!

Thus I was introduced to my father's future business partner, in a house of offshore money (Sloan Investments) in the stylish neighborhood of Idlewyld. The Burger King and I, together again at last. Dave must have been almost 50. He had purple-black circles under his eyes.

"I always wanted to do something like your dad did, something classy," was how he opened our conversation. He was quite at home in the Flamingo Drive house. At this time he had a Bodega left. Little did I know what had been simmering on the back broiler as the BCCI was beginning to lay roots here in a cash-rich network of franchises, food store chains and liquor sales.

Mama Nell Picot, my grandmother, Leonce's mother, who told me my father had wanted me to be a boy, was superstitious, albeit Presbyterian, preferring gin to rum, with the horse sense to know the value of Leonce maintaining a clean reputation. Without a liquor license, he would not be worth much. He certainly couldn't write books! When she found out Leonce was going to San Francisco and Edgerton was coming along she wailed.

"Michele, I begged him not to get mixed up with that Edgerton. I just know they are going to fail out there. Something terrible will happen, I know."

Those close to Mama Nell would confrm she generated waves of negativity seemingly unawares. However, Mama Nell had also lived through the torrid romance of Leonce and Kay off and on since they were 14 years old. Mama Nell knew who wrote the books, who was the beautiful person, who was the brilliant one. She knew her son tore down his home and misused the wife who stepped him up to the plate, and his children, to become what he considered successful.

She knew Kay would not let him take Gallatin's which was her rightful place, nor would anyone take her place as 1001 Nob Hill on California Street. My mother may have been stripped of worldly power in life, but like Chuck Norris in a trance, through the years I've seen her Defender, rearing the ghostly steed which takes on the foes of those she loves.

Without Kay, Leonce could never become rich and famous, or even enjoy being well-off. He was riddled with guilt. As soon as he fixed one problem, there was another, and he would have to draw his very last breaths until he realized it.

Without Kay, Leonce could not fix Laura.

Without me, Laura will not find Kay again, and she cannot fix herself.

Laura's children will never understand their own past. There is nothing in their past they shouldn't know about, that all things hidden and water under the bridge are all there only to hide the misbehavior of both Leonce and Laura from them. They have a right to know who was minding their manners since 1956, and who wasn't. One day it will burden them if they do not know.


Grapes of Wrath

So Leonce went off track when he began a career with Rums of Puerto Rico, years before the Cuban migration, and it would seem Don Q International was around most of his business life. (I am starting on a theory of the BCCI and certain liquor mergers and railroad bankruptcies). I have a photo of Kay in Puerto Rico, when she was writing Restaurants of Puerto Rico. She is dressed up but looks like she had been crying. So much for Puerto Rico.

Leonce had a good sized refrigerated warehouse of bottles from the Sonoma Valley to supply his Florida restaurants. There was an old wine press outside an upstairs window at the Down Under. I really got a kick out of Falcon Crest. I knew it was coming, the trampling, Leonce and his glorious Wine Room. In death, Katherine is too strong, or, I should say, the power of her Advocate is beyond knowing. The neo-Picots were on top of the world then, my husband and I their humble part-time $8.00/hour slaves. One day the Cup passes from the bad stewards to the good .

I was a little worried about the Richter Scale when they were at their restaurant, 1001 Nob Hill, aka 1001 California Street, San Francisco. But my father told me not to pray for him. However, there is still 500 Hartnell Street in the picture, in Monterey, once the restaurant of a famous Chef, called Gallatin's, as Kay wrote about in Restaurants of San Francisco. Here I think we have a fatal error in that The Old House In Old Monterey " renamed by the Leonce gang from "Stokes Adobe" has been wiped out of 1980's history. The story of the restaurant now is that it was Gallatin's until it became a property of the presently financially plagued owner of a ten year lease on the property, David Bernahl. That lease was transferred by Leonce's partner, Burger King David Edgerton in 2010, who had Leonce's Power of Attorney. In California records, Monterey Old House Ltd is listed as an active entity with an active attorney in Orlando; David Edgerton, president, listed at The Down Under 3000 East Oakland Park Boulevard, FL. There is no Dave, and there is no Down Under. The Down Under had long been sold before the Monterey lease transferred in 2010.

Looking a little deeper I found UCC Filings for Stokes Restaurant and Bar, run by David Edgerton, after Monterey Old House. Leonce had a clean nose, but I don't think Uncle Edgy Burger would have been able to acquire a liquor license, and Leonce's Golden Rule of Hospitality was you can't make money without a liquor license. Even stupid Disney World caught on to that- God as my witness, I will nevah go there!

So perhaps this is why Laura Picot Sayles does not want Leonce Picot's Death Certificate filed in Broward County- maybe the coroner has a different date than was reported. She already erroneously reported the wrong mother, as fake news. David Edgerton's death date was reported twice, 15 days between two different dates. The Old House in Old Monterey was made to disappear. Perhaps Stokes Restaurant and Bar was a quick way of covering tracks. The present leaseholder at 500 Hartnell St., Monterey, is buried in Federal Tax Liens.Whose Lot is that, anyway?

We country folk here in Florida weren't privy to the California debacle, just that the warehouse guys told us some trucks arrived in the middle of the night with a load of brand new kitchen equipment from 1001 Nob Hill. Leonce and Carolyn asked to store a $40,000 bedroom set in our garage, when we had one, and an antique carved Chinese altar table.

Somebody wove a tangled web. That is how Bank of America, the Sons of Italy, came all the way from San Francisco to be headquatered in Charlotte.

Count-down Antinori

How notable was my luncheon in Firenze opposite Count Piero Antinori, with Leonce Picot in 1973. It feels like another NAP-a deal to me, especially when in 1966, Leonce's magical divorce of Katherine, his creation of Rescon and death of Katherine's father Frank in Indiana, the Count first aspired to acquire parts of Napa, and completed his dream in 1993 when the trust of C.F. and Minnie V. Kryder expired and Mossack-Fonseca organized.

Anti-ca, as it came to be called, first burned in 2017 two months before Laura Picot Sayles as a real estate agent sold Leonce's condo without title insurance. In December when the condo changed hands, Santa Ana let loose. The damage of 2017 was unsurpassed till 2018 , and we are still waiting the tally on the present.

Laura was at the luncheon too, in 1973, though she was mortified by my unpolished nails. She and the new Mrs. Picot may have been varnished to the hilt, but it was I who was seated opposite the Count Antinori at the head of the table. Princess Trustworthy was so glad she had learned her table manners, though sneaking frequent peeks at the handsome, deeply tanned Count in his perfect Italian gray morning suit, with whom Leonce was going to make a wine deal. He seemed very tall to me at the time, though years and years later, he was on 60 Minutes, and had somehow transformed into a short, very-well-fed balding jolly vintner.

"We are very thankful for what we have," I remember him saying in the segment.

So, here today, gone tomorrow, water under the bridge and all that rot. Once you have been compromised by the North American Company, it's deeper and deeper into liquid mud you go. Leonce imported so much wine from Italy and France he put local shopkeepers out of business.

There were daily trips to airports in Dade and Broward county, to pick up the 1985 Iranian caviar, Nova Scotia Salmon, wine from Caifornia and Europe arriving in shipments to the warehouse.

Transportation is everything in this case. There's your overseas flights, overseas shipping, and overland freight-hauling. Shipments, shipments, shipments.


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