Where is Kryder's Money?

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2016 Who Is Frank Kryder? Who is B. Edward Ewing? Who is James Bond? What is the Truth?

8/14/2016 So Easy Even The Fort Wayne FBI Field Office Should Be Able to Get This One

How about just three numbers, guys? Easy Peasy. You don't even need your calculators.

Allen Superior Court 2 Cause 14518-
Estate of Minnie V. Kryder (=0, zilch, nada, MIA, no tax, no taxpayer number, owner of registered U.S.Bonds, encumberedby lawyer who deposited Kryder funds in FWNB re-endorsed to 1930's liquidated ONB 7119)

*****9335 Old National Trust Company, Evansville, Indiana

Now do the math carefully:

14518 (Minnie) - 9335 (Old National Trust, Evansville) = 5183 (Petrobas America)


9335 + 5183 = 14518.

K? Aren't there any forensic people up there?

8/11//2016 A Summary of The Significance of What I Have Had to Say Thus Far

I am personally interested in the Old National Trust Company of Evansville, Indiana because concealed assets of my grandfather's Allen County, Indiana estate were deposited into Old National Bank 71-19 through his lawyer's Trust Account at Fort Wayne National Bank, 71-21, in 1981, which bank re-endorsed the deposit to Old National Bank 71-19, fifteen years after his death.

Old National Bank 71-19 in Fort Wayne was ordered liquidated by the U.S. Treasury in Treasury Cause 3285, Comptroller's Consolidation 344, in 1928. It is published in Moody's Manual 1930 that Old National Bank, Fort Wayne, by 1930, was in liquidation.

Like any other scientist who works twenty-five years gathering data and analyzing it to arrive at a reasonable conclusion, I am publishing my work on Old National Trust Company based on the hypothesis

If Old National Bank 7119 was liquidated in 1930 by order of the U.S.Treasury, and Fort Wayne National Bank re-endorsed concealed assets of an estate to Old National Bank 7119 in 1981, then Old National Bank 7119 is a concealed bank used for diverting interests and benefits of defrauded parties to another holder.

Diversion of commissions, royalties, annuities, and dividends is a pervasive upper echelon organized crime in America which has defrauded musicians and actors, who have filed large lawsuits to that effect, because they can afford to, aside from what has been siphoned from the less fortunate native peoples of America and Hawaii, and from families across the United States who have been plundered in Probate, or in the cases of Frank Kryder and Frank Freimann, in- Fort Wayne Magnavox Pioneer, plundered by no Probate a'tall.

I hope it will become clear how deep and wide how far the black bank flows. Kryder is just a bio-marker; a "tagged asset," "marked bills" - an indestructible paper trail that points the way to a den of black-hearted pirates guarding a big cave of loot. Which is why I persisted in solving the puzzle. It concerns me and my well-being, and it concerns much larger groups of humans. It concerns the integrity of the United States of America and its guarantee to owners of registered U.S. Securities.

So back to the story, the evidence indicates that after 1930, Old National Bank in Washington State and Old National Bank in Evansville were able to mingle 7119 amongst themselves for various acquisitions such as Boeing. From the Depression to the advent of easy credit cards, the cash- generating businesses, grocery stores, department stores, shoe stores, traveling entertainment venues, vending machines, and amusement parks were important target consolidations by mergers, accomplished through trust companies. Casino networking has greatly expanded cash facilities with Casino Aztar, one installation in Missouri, G.H. Walker & Co., Inc. Transfer Agents nearby, and the other offshore in Evansville, "owned" by Tropicana, NV.

Do I think this is the same Pepsico- Tropicana which acquired the Florida citrus industry to consolidate the California citrus industry through the merger of Central Soya and Shamrock Capital (Roy Disney, Dougas Fleming, and Thomas Shoaff) in the Fort Wayne Bank Building, the same Pepsico to which Frank Kryder's cousin sold North American Van Lines in 1968? I do, indeed I do. Because this is a Small, Small World.

Following is a summary conclusion, acknowledging that any scientific work published which proffers a conclusion is yet an opinion based on the analysis of data.

1. 7119 receipts are laundered in double books of an entity banking under a fictitious name or corporate title. One set of books is seen, the other is concealed by correspondent entities which via an unrelated investment mode, frequently construction loans, layers "credits" into commerce.

2. A system of identification must be employed which makes a tiered organization of entities appear as separate, unrelated individuals. Possibly, only the trust company or mutual fund umbrella knows who is in a tier.

3. In the present identification system is embedded the original system used to divert Native American benefits and conceal Civil War Loot and early Canal and Railroad Bankruptcy booty, cemented by the Key to the American Bankers Association Numerical System, published and adopted just prior to passage of The Federal Reserve Act, a system which identifies a U.S. Post Office, Office of the Assistant U.S. Treasurer, as well as the banks of each city in the United States. It is the same numerical system from which zip codes were derived.

Reviewing, there is an equivalency relationship of (13) using specific IDs for Petrobas America, Old National Trust Company, Evansville, JB Towers, Fort Wayne, the Estate of Minnie V. Kryder, Fort Wayne, Evacuation Complete LLC, Texas, and the Office of the U.S. Treasurer, Washington, DC:

5183 Petrobas + 2417 JB Towers = 7600

9335 ON Trust Co + 2417 JB Towers = 6918;
14518 Estate of Minnie -6918 = 7600

7600 - 1551 U.S. Treasurer = 6049

6062 Evacuation Complete - 6049 = 13.


4360 Patents, Miami Tribe of Indiana, Oklahoma + 4247 (Texas Evacuation Complete - Tsu LLC) = 8607 + (13) = 8620 German American Bank, Indiana.

6985 Hard Rock Florida (Seminole Tribe Property casino and club venue) + 1815 Tsu LLC, Florida = 5170 + (13) = 5183 Petrobas America, Texas and Florida.

Why does my data scream "Double Books?"

3031 World Fuel
6062 Evacuation Complete = 3031 x 2

5183 Petrobas America
5183 x 2 = 10366

9335 Old National Trust Company

9335 - 7119 (Old National Bank; Liquidated ABA) = 10392

10366-10392 (Petrobas x 2) = 26

13 x 2 = 26



8/9/2016 Please Pass the Hot Sauce

With some introductory cards on the playing table, the game proceeds to new heights by using equivalencies to reveal organized concealed asset movement across state lines. For reference, a tally of today's deal:

4247 (wildcard World Fuel 3031 x 2 = 6062 Evacuation Complete - 1815 Tsu LLC = 4247)
9335 Old National Trust Company, Evansville, IN
2417 JB Towers, Fort Wayne, IN, Paul Helmke, Manager, Bloomington, and Fort Myers, FL
5183 Petrobas America, Texas and Florida
1815 Tsu LLC, Tampa, Florida, Las Vegas, NV
6062 Evacuation Complete LLC, Texas and New York
6985 Hard Rock Cafe on Miccosukee Tribe of Indians Reservation Gambling Complex, Broward County, Florida

Superior Court of Allen County Indiana
14518 Estate of Minnie V. Kryder, who had no tax ID

Federal Reserve:
8620 German American Bank (former)

Bureau of Land Management
4360 "Box" number containing 302 land patents of the Miami Tribe of Indiana, Kansas-Oklahoma

American Bankers Association
15-51 (1551) Office of the Unted States Treasury, Washington, DC


I employ the Office of the United States Treasurer, 1551, in various arithmetic poblems for checks and balances, of course, on the premise that 1). The Kryder securities, primarily federal and of Treasury issue, are relative and 2). This is likely a number of special significance for those in the counting houses who are using webs of tax payer numbers mingled in trust companies to avoid detection of an organization. 1551 is a cue for something, depending on what is being fabricated.

First I will demonstrate an equivalency between two sets Tribal assets in two different states as influenced by the presence of casinos operating by some form of sovereign immunity, Casino Aztar, City of Evansville using a riverboat to avoid the laws of the land, and Hard Rock, a huge cash enterprise owned by outsiders, but operated on a Reservation running a mini-Vegas off the west side of S.R. 441, opposite a mile strip of pawn shops in the east easement.

Those who have the attention span for this will be richly rewarded. It's only 4th grade level arithmetic.

We are working with the number (13), probably because there are 12 + (1) Federal Reserve Banks.

4360 Miami Tribe of Indiana, Oklahoma + 4247 (Texas- Tsu LLC) = 8607 + (13) = 8620 German American Bank, Indiana.
6985 Hard Rock Florida + 1815 Tsu LLC, Florida = 5170 + (13) = 5183 Petrobas America, Texas and Florida.

Now I will demonstrate equivalency (13) with Petrobas America, Old National Trust Company, Evansville, JB Towers, Fort Wayne, the Estate of Minnie V. Kryder, Fort Wayne, Evacuation Complete LLC, Texas, and the Office of the U.S. Treasurer, Washington, DC:

5183 Petrobas + 2417 JB Towers = 7600

9335 ON Trust Co + 2417 JB Towers = 6918; 14518 Estate of Minnie -6918 = 7600

7600 - 1551 U.S. Treasurer = 6049

and 6062 Evacuation Complete - 6049 = 13.

more to follow...

8/8/2016 Dear Grandfather, "They've Given You a Number, and Taken 'Way Your Name"

Frank Kryder's War Chest holds the eldest documented RICO in the nation. The War Chest is a pool of estate trimmings tagged by the Kryders and two associates, being held in perpetuity using special tax condition U.S. Treasury instrumentalities. The interest, therefore, has to be laundered in perpetuity which makes some people unusually and unjustly enriched and provides cover for lots of loose cash flying in and out of cannons. Casinos are not just used for changing drug and rackets money. They help members of our government agencies and Congress too!

There is one number, which proves this War Chest in Allen County and what's in it, and even whose shares are whose, one identification number even more permanent than Frank's "wildcard" handwritten social security number obtained the day the FDIC incorporated in Indiana, 7/17/1942, at age 47. But that is for a litttle later, because right here we are at Key 4247, and with this Key it can be arithmetically proven that "insiders" benefit from oil leases on acreage long ago swapped out of Presidential Indian Grants and Patents for valueless real estate. The "System" can shown with a logical set of problems, file numbers of the Federal Reserve, the American Bankers Association Numerical System, FDIC certificate numbers, Birth Certificate and Taxpayer Identification numbers.

Because there is a System, it is possible to dive into the matrix from numerous directions and demonstrate all the tyrant interrelationships in multiple ways, showing how this country really adds up, and to what. With a Master Key, the web of numbers the corrupt element relies upon to keep track of their doings, becomes a net for their feet.

Lawyers like cases that are easy to win. Law Enforcement likes cases that are less than 5 years old, and which are also easy to win.

About the estate, I am always asked, what is the most current thing you have? Up to now it has been 11/12/1993, Expiration of Kryder Trust F.S. 58070 (per stirpes) + Moss Fon Trust Corporation formed 11/12/1993, cemented with Kryder real estate traced through Security Pacific National Bank, Tr, to Panama, to Bank of America, World Trade Center, closed 9/10/2001 (Fed. Res. data). Naaahh, that's old news.

How about August 3, 2016 the Dark Day of both Tsu.co, Tsu LLC and Petrobas, a manager of which claims to have been an investor in Tsu LLC? Is this current enough for youse? Because I am jumping in right here.

Tsu.co was a content monetizing MLM website which claimed 5.6 million users, and paid commissions on handwritten personal -sized checks when a user reached $100 in commissions. Wallet to wallet transfers were allowed on the site through Chase Bank. I saw one of these handwritten checks posted. The routing number and account number were covered. A Tsu.co member informed me, when a check is received, it comes with a personal e-mail to say if the check is posted for show, the routing number and account number has to be covered. These checks had no tear off stub for taxpayer records. The name on the check was Tsu LLC, with a West Broadway, NY address and I could see by the ABA number, the bank was in NY. However, Tsu LLC is not filed with the New York Secretary. So how was a bank account opened in New York, I wondered?

A member gave me the routing number on their commission check- the Tsu.co commission checks were paid to members by Tsu LLC through Chase in Tampa, Florida, a fact they clearly did not want public. Tsu LLC is incorporated in Florida but called its HQ New York, in a run-down warehouse office district it turns out, where its parent subsidiary Evacuation Complete LLC, domiciled in Texas, is filed as a foreign entity. The "founder" of Tsu LLC, Sebastian Sobczak, also incorporated Tsu LLC in Nevada, with the rest of the players.

Millions of Tsu.co members suddenly without warning "lost" by default whatever was in their electronic wallet Aug.3. 2016 when the site went dark.

Now on to Petrobas et al., a step at a time, whose manager declared bankruptcy the same day.

We know the last four digits of a taxpayer ID can be issued serially, or, they can be handwritten, or special issue, like Frank Kryder's. Frank even obtained and extra "636" to go with his "3612."

So first I will work with ssn four digit code.

World Fuel- 3031
Evacuation CompleteLLC (Texas) - 6062 = 2 x 3031
Tsu LLC (Tampa) -1815.

6062-1815 = 4247.

Who is 4247? 4247 is deeper than the War Chest. It is at the bottom of the well.

The Senior Kryders devised their realty to their lineal descendants in Trust F.S. 58070. Minnie Kryder, my great-grandmother, who had no tax payer ID, had one ID number associated with her 1963 estate: Allen County Superior Court 14518.

14518-4247 = 10271

I was born on the same day as Raytheon and Howard Hughes Medical Institute, 12/17/1953.

My Birth Certificate, in State File (109) is 70671.

70671-10271 = 60400.

The Miami Tribe of Indiana was deported with 302 Allotments @200 acres = 60400. They were moved off the original reserve in Kansas to worse digs in Oklahoma.

How do I justify interchanging bank numbers, acres, and personal id numbers? Allen Hamilton, Allen County Indian swindler, deposited his deeds in "Box 5456" in the 19th century. Adding 302 Allotments, this becacame Box 5758, and 5758 then FDIC Certificate Number for Norwest Bank in 1933.

Federal Reserve File (109) contained (109)8620 German American Bank, (109) for various Fort Wayne/National Bank Incarnations and Continental Bank of Illinois aka Bank of America.

The estate identification for Miami Civil Tribal Chief Richardville's 1,920 Reserve is Allen County Superior Court 14627. The Patented Reserve is now 1 acre-all of it adversely sold through Lincoln (Norwest-Wells Fargo)Trust, and mined to the hilt before becoming pavement, strip malls and a Wells Fargo Branch Bank.

Minnie Kryder's husband Frank, Sr. was half-breed, son of a chief's daughter who was not deported, and as a minor he inherited a fourth of her private wealth when she died in 1879.

14627 (Richardville) - 14518 (Minnie) = 109

Subtracting the Kryder Company Master Mortgage Doc of 1963, Allen County Superior Court 5789 and German American Bank 8620:

14518 Minnie-5789 Mortgage = 8729;

8729-8620 GAB= 109

The Trail of the Pottawatomie from Indiana to Oklahoma is marked with 109 graves and so on.

While I'm in the neighborhood of my Birth Certificate Number (109)70671, let's subtract it from Fed. Res. Fort Wayne National Bank Realty (109)67681= 2990

A check shows that Kryder assets were re-endorsed to Fort Wayne's Old National Bank 71-19 in 1981, by Fort Wayne National Bank 71-21, even though Treasury Cause 3285 ordered 71-19 liquidated in 1928, and it was published in Moody's Manual as liquidated by 1930 .

Old National Trust Company is in Evansville, with Casino Aztar, which was granted the right to use the fictitious name "City of Evansville" by the Indiana Secretary.

The Fed. Res. file number for Old National Trust Company is (109) 6960.
Fed. Res. file number for German American Bank (109) 8620 - ON Trust (109) 6960 = 1660.

7119 (1930 liquidated Old National Bank, Fort Wayne) + 1660 = 8779
8779- 5789 Kryder Mortgage = 2990

Not forgetting that 5789 was as well the last four digits of Frank Kryder's attorney's ssn.

So, 4247 goes to the bottom of the pool, where government-guaranteed to Native Americans, oil and mining lease royalties were first diverted for the use of Trust Companies and their clients. This booty has been consolidated into quite a tidy Oil Cartel, with distribution of assets concealed by numbers, lawyers and trust companies.

This prefaces the in your face present Petrobas money laundering caper which has messed up the economy of Brazil.

Tsu LLC incorporated in Florida for purposes of writing commision checks with no taxpayer stubs in 2014.

3/17/2014 TSU LLC Document Number L14000043626 FEI/EIN Number 46-5101815 Date Filed 03/17/2014 Effective Date 03/13/2014 State FL Status ACTIVE Principal Address 2319 WOODLAND TERRACE FORT MYERS, FL 33907 Agent Name & Address NILES, TIMOTHY A 2319 WOODLAND TER FORT MYERS, FL 33907

3/17/2014 Operation Car Wash, Petrobas, Brazil. On this same day, a Judge commenced the Federal investigation of government officials in Brazil for money laundering.

and not to leave the Helmke family out of the picture, the same day, in Fort Wayne, Indiana, a new corp was made on Cass Street

3/17/2014 JB TOWERS, LLC Document Number M14000001790 FEI/EIN Number 20-3342417 Date Filed 03/17/2014 State IN Status ACTIVE Principal Address 2602 CASS STREET FORT WAYNE, IN 46898 Mailing Address PO BOX 8096 FORT WAYNE, IN 46898Agent Name & Address BUCK, JACK 4451 Dewey Dr New Port Richey, FL 34652 MGR BUCK, JACK 2602 CASS STREET FORT WAYNE, IN 46898 Title MGRD DYKHUIZEN, DENNIS F 10727 COUNTRYWOOD TRAIL FORT WAYNE, IN 46845 Title MGR SMELKO, JOAN 4411 TURNHILL COURT FORT WAYNE, IN 46835 Title MGR DEAM, MICHAEL T 1822 SILVER LINDEN COURT FORT WAYNE, IN 46804 Title MGR Buck, Quinn 2018 River Run Trail C Fort Wayne, IN 46825 Title MGR Wine, Allisun 11906 Fairway Winds Ct Fort Wayne, IN 46814 Title MGR Helmke, Paul 413 S. Madison St. Bloomington, IN 47403

and this is just the tip of the Titantic's iceberg...

8/3/2016 Frank Kryder's War Chest

Suddenly, Petrobas is broke and Tsu LLC is dark...

7/30/2016 The Summit of Lies

Thomas Moorhead Attorney The reason I can say what I say is posted on the upper left column of this page:

MATHEMATICAL, Retrievable, Indelible TRUTH

Everything I say is proven with Social Security Numbers and other ID Numbers of U.S. Government issue. That should be good enough for CID. It should be good enough for Intel, and bad for Counter-intel. Numbers issued by the United States Government and its agencies can be used to construct irrefutable proofs of Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations. Has IRS CID been impuned now too? Is there such a thing anymore as a U.S. Treasury Agent who investigates theft of federal instruments and counterfeiting?

Social Security Numbers are attached to a permanently archived record of the Social Security Administration in Washington, DC, identifying the Applicant absolutely. Social Security Numbers have two purposes: identification and taxation. Believe it or not, for freedom fighters, this is lucky for us. It is protection from tyranny inside the institution of government.

In the people's history of Fort Wayne, I can personally identify the biggest attorney liar, Thomas Macintosh Moorhead, by our phone conversation and his letter to me on Baker and Daniels stationery, deliberately concealing the location of the Kryder tax-exempt securities in 1995. T.M. Moorhead, who denied knowing the Kryder family, succeeded his father Thomas Gordon Moorhead as one of Frank H. Kryder's lawyers.

Thomas G. Moorhead died in 1966 a few months before Frank H. Kryder. His Social Security Number was *****5789.

The Superior Court Affidavit empowering Frank H. Kyder's tax-attorney, T.M. Moorhead's partner, to encumber every asset of The Kryder Company, Inc. (all tax -exempt except house of Minnie V. Kryder, T.M. Moorhead, Attorney for the Estate) is Document 5789.

(Further linking of SSN to real estate douments to be shown.)

I telephoned Thomas M. Moorhead at Baker and Daniels in 1994. Bordner's Secretary told me he was retired, but I would find him there. His voice was deep and gruff- no, he had never heard of the Kryder family and in fact was not an estate lawyer in 1960, which of course he was, for Minnie V. Kryder, I discovered in the Allen Couny Courthouse basement.

To include the full depth of this lie, I shall excerpt the text (as it is very difficult to read) of an article published Tuesday Evening, July 20, 1920 by the Fort Wayne News and Sentinel:


Harry Drage Makes Vicious
Attack on T.G. Moorhead
in Latter's Locked Office

Cries of 'Murder! Help! Police!' ringing through the Utility Buiding at about 1:30 o'clock this afternoon caused a hurry call to police headquarters and a run by police to the office of Thomas G. Moorhead...

(Entering the inner office and locking the office door behind him)...Without warning, Drage, according to Mr. Moorhead's story...threw himself against the slighter figure of the lawyer...striking him at the same time with a blunt instrument....Drage fell on him and proceeded to administer merciless punishment with his weapon.

In the meantime, Frank Kryder, of Kryder and Ayres, with whom Mr. Moorhead has his office quarters, had fairly thrown himself headlong down the stairway, and had streaked his way to the corner of Calhoun and Wayne streets, where he called the traffic policeman on duty at that point.

...Drage was coralled by the officers as he made his exit from the office building....At police headquarters he denied he had used a blackjack in the assault on Moorhead."


7/21/2016 Summary of the History of 215 East Berry Street 1905 - Present

The Standard Building


215-217 East Berry Street: A Berry, Berry Bad Deal:

Misrepresentations to IRS about the Standard Building Company, Inc. in the Charitable Estate of James Irwin Evans, Proven (Read the Standard Building History by clicking through the linked pages).

Those attorneys who have moved out of the building since the opening of the Frank Kryder estate in 1995 will be glad they did and as well have been given the opportunity to not sleep on the rights of others.

215-217 E Berry Street Preferred Stock

Found publication of the sale of Standard Building Company, Inc., 6% cumulative preferred stock, February 1923, immediately succeeding the incorporation of The Standard Building Company, Inc., January 1923. By definition this type of stock is a "preferred stock whose annual fixed-rate dividend, if it cannot be paid in any year, accrues until it can and is paid before common dividends."

Preferred stockholders, holding more than 3X the amount of shares as the common stockholders, were never paid when the building was liquidated as the sole asset of the corporation said to be owned by Evans Properties, Inc., transferred to Robert S. Walters on the expiration date of The Kryder Company Inc.in 1982. It is now occupied by the Law Firm Barrett andMcNagny.

Walters notarized the "secret" non-bank holding company styled Articles of Fort Wayne National Corporation in 1969, which was not officially founded until 1982, though was incorporated by James M.Barrett III without a federal tax i.d. from 1969-1981. At that time Fort Wayne National Corporation, which also merged the Exchange Bank in Churubusco (see entry 7/11/2016 Law and Order 109) was officially "founded" with assets of 33 million in realty. Its Articles to function as a multi-bank holding company were never re-stated. That is because, as John Tipton, Indian Agent, emphasized, Fort Wayne is too far from the reach of the arm of the federal law in Washington DC.

Walter P. Helmke and Clem Drees in 1983 submitted a false claim to the Allen Superior Court and IRS regarding the ownership of the Standard aka Elektron Building and buried the existence of a tax-exempt account of the preferred stockholders, accruing from 1923- the present, at 6% per annum.

From the Charitable Trust of James I. Evans, the Helmke concern took $23,000 or more in fees, Clem Drees took as "co-personal representative" $7,500 plus accountant's fees, as he had to make up the bogus tax return, which can be pulled from the 1981-1983 Docket of the Estate of James Irwin Evans in Allen County Superior Court Records, for anyone who wants to see how its done, The Allen County Treasurer received $16,044, Lincoln National Bank and Trust Company took $19,200 and IRS was paid a little over $5,000 in Estate Tax and $2,000 personal income tax. Helmke then inherited the Trust and last I heard, has since gone so far as to change the name of it to The Moss-Evans Trust, if there is even anything left of it.

J.I. Evans is long forgotten in Fort Wayne, but not in my files, far from the epicenter. Nor is his tax return irretrievable for IRS CID application, for though I had many barriers to retrieving any tax records of the Kryder Company, Inc., due to the age of the case and changes in IRS Regional Districts, there is no probem at all in locating the Estate Tax Return filed by Clem Drees in 1983 for James Irwin Evans Tax Payer ID 306-05-6575. Easy Peasy. By US Code, Estate Tax Returns must be retained for 75 years.

What was difficult was finding the original advertisement which proves that preferred stock was held, confrmed in the records of the corporation stating Evans owned 300 common shares of common stock with more than 1,000 shares outstanding. Thus was the status of The Standard Building Company, Inc., when it filed its last annual report, when Moorhead and Bordner fied the last annual report of the Kryder Company, Inc. in 1967 .


The above document page is a partial tally of fees charged against the Evans estate as presented to the Probate court. I believe there are more on page 1, which I do have, along with a copy of the Evans Estate Tax Return- but the markings and X's were made by the Superior Court Judge who had some questions about the administrator's report before signing a Final Decree for the distribution of assets. The Docket does not contain a signed Final Decree.

Since James Evans had no children or widow with rights to come a' questioning the distribution of his estate, Fort Wayne estate lawyers once again made out like bandits, distributing the booty of another heirless mark amongst themselves while Fort Wayne National Bank was busy re-endorsing assets to the liquidated 1930 Old National Bank 71-19 for exportation to anywhere.

7/11/2016 Law and Order 109

People lie, but like George Washington, numbers cannot. Numbers form series, such as Fibonacci Numbers, which are embedded beyond our understanding, in Nature, and no amount of fiddling can undo them. A Numerical Series cannot be burned, lost, or shredded. Upon intelligent numerical series, detected or undetected, our material world is architected.

How smart was Frank H. Kryder and his father before him?

It is thoroughly Recorded in Allen County Records that the senior Kryders devised their interest to their lineal unborn heirs in a REIT. They did not give it to their lawyers, to Fort Wayne, to their church, to investment advisers, to Raytheon, to a foundation, charitable trust or lateral and/or shirt-tail kin. They used an REIT attached to Real Estate because this is a much safer way than Wills and Trusts in the hands of fiduciaries, to endow unborn heirs, especially when families become separated for any number of reasons.

We have just seen with our very eyes the legal liquidation date of the Kryder's interest in Trust F.S. 58070 revealed as the Formation Date of MossFon Trust Corporation, 11/12/1993, twenty years after the death of Lauren O. King, recorded Trustee, in Sebring, Florida.

MossFon Trust Corporation specializes in estates of tax-exempt securities. With the exception of Minnie Kryder's house, owned by the Kryder Company, Inc., The Estate of Clarence Frank Kryder and Minnie V. Kryder is nothing but tax exempt securities, most of them federal. Minnie V. Kryder was the end of the line in 1963. Minnie V. Kryder did not pay tax on her securities, nor did she redeem them. Her only son Frank did not inherit when her estate closed the day NAVPAC was formed, but arranged a generation skipping transfer through his attorneys Moorhead and Bordner, in the Fort Wayne National Bank Building, which skipped right into the hands of his foes. Was this a silly move, of an addle-brained old man, to leave control of the life's work of his family in the hands of Bordner in 1963? Or was it the culmination of a lifelong plan to net a predatory organization operating aganst farmers, labor, and small business since the incorporation of Allen County?

Though conservative in yield, the federal securities purchased and registered by the senior Kryders were, during the Great Depression and Wars, the safest investment in the United States: special condition tax-exempt securities guaranteed 100% payable to the registrant, by the United States Treasury. One of the conditions is that these instrumentalities of the federal government could only be exchanged for a like Treasury instrument, or redeemed and taxed, with mandatory taxation at death. Otherwise, the Treasury would have been issuing estates in perpetuity, against the Law because estates in perpetuity would soon have us under the thumbs of tyrants.

This is what has taken place- the Kryders have been hidden from beneficiaries, untaxed and exchanged again and again, pooled with hidden estates in perpetuity, secretly enjoyed by those who have special privileges and no appreciation for Law and Order.

The Numerical Series of the Federal Reserve, the Numerical Series of the American Bankers Association, and my Birth Certificate Numerical Identifier tie us all together with the United States Treasury.


109-0516 Continental Bank of Illinois- ( Bank of America, Sons of Italy, California )
109-67681 Fort Wayne National Bank Realty
109-2990 Fort Wayne National Bank Realty F.R. Number when co-occupied by National City Bank before merger


109-70671 My birth certificate.


15-51 United States Treasury, Washington, DC

71-706 Exchange Bank Churubusco, IN- merged into Fort Wayne National Bank, 1987


Indiana 2/06/1987 Articles filed for Exchange Bank Acquisition Corporation, notarized by Bordner's partner, Ron Felger.

3/26/1987 (Indiana Foreign Corporation not incorporated in Colorado, admittted by Evan Bayh, Secretary of State: FAR WEST MORTGAGE COMPANY OF COLORADO : 3345 SOUTH WADSWORTH, SUITE #200, LAKEWOOD, CO 80227 : Control Number: 198703A044 Creation : 3/26/1987 Inactive : 11/12/1993 )

Indiana 5/30/1987 Exchange Bank Acquisition Corporation merged into Fort Wayne National Corporation

11/12/1993 FIDUCIARIA MOSSFON, S.A. (en español) o MOSSFON TRUST CORPORATION (en inglés) Connected to 1 intermediary  Incorporated: 12-NOV-1993  ACTIVE


70671 Birth Certificate (State of Florida)
-69781 Fort Wayne Bank Realty (Federal Reserve ID)
=2990 Fort Wayne Bank Realty (Federal Reserve ID)

71706 Exchange Bank Churubusco (ABA ID)
-70671 Birth Certificate (State of Florida)

0516 Continental Bank of Illinois (Federal Reserve ID)
= 15-51 United States Treasurer Washington DC. (ABA ID)

Continental Bank of Illinois stock was sold by Bank of America in the 1950's and BA eventually became Continental Illinois Bank. Continental Illinois sold Chicago Title and Trust Company to Lincoln National Corporation, the investing arm of Lincoln National Bank (Wells Fargo) Fort Wayne, allowing a long time mingling of the real estate assets of Bank of America and Wells Fargo as one bank in restraint of competition veiled by branch entities and charter names of operation, arranged on the Lincoln's "scientifically and aggressively managed grid" laid out over the United States of America.

This really is not so hard to understand, especially for Treasury Agents. K? I really do not see how crime can be any more organized than this, in such a way that it operates systematically in the open by serial predators who can never be stopped.

I also find it extremely curious that IRS CID cannot keep up with its agents who become bank presidents. In the past, IRS has frequently been the only jurisdiction able to nab the slipperiest criminal minds. Here is tax evasion handed to them on a silver platter. Like the USDOJ, IRS investigation of cases is arbitrarily undertaken, to shield the powerful and serve its own good as an Agency, not the needs of a Nation with Laws made to ensure Liberty and Justice for All.

*Federal Reserve entries in the NIC database may come and go like rain, and many previous numbers are no longer seen once a merger has taken place. Because the Estate of Frank Kryder database is 25 years old, it maintains many entries of the F.R. in the NIC database which are no longer visible. As well, it also maintains contradictory bank histories over time published by the FDIC.


7/09/2016 Equal to Your Trust

10 for 10. Dallas for Dallas. Erin for Katherine. Slime for Slime. The Lord gives and the Lord takes way. Equal to Your Trust.

On the pediment of the Allen County Courthouse in downtown Fort Wayne is carved "Justice- the Hope of all who suffer, the Dread of all who wrong, " or something akin to that- I have the photograph on file lest I forget the words one day. So when dreadful things come to pass I am unmoved. Tis' true. I feel nothing other than that which has already been foretold has come to pass..

My "created" future was exchanged in 1963 for a manufactured existence haunted by an unnatural and ungodly sequence of events:

Minnie V. Kryder's Estate was closed 8/8/1963

  • NAVPAC Creation : 08/08/1963 Merged into North American Van Lines 01/01/1970


(NAVL) U S HIGHWAY 30 FARMS INC : 194396-066 Creation: 11/21/1963 Inactive : 1/1/1978

11/22/1963 Pres. Kennedy was Assassinated in Dallas;

on the same day National City Lines. Inc., a holding company, acquired 75% of the outstanding stock of Fort Wayne Leasing, Inc., for $200,000 at closing and an additional $150,000 to be paid over the next five years contingent on Fort Wayne's earnings.

So what do I feel about Dallas?

Plant a Bush

Nothing eclipses the memory of the First Lady in her blood-splattered pink suit, the week Katherine never stopped crying once, as somber newsmen relayed details of the rolling flag-covered coffin of the mutilated President whose signed portrait I had written to Washington, DC for, hung in the most honored place on my bedroom wall. As I have matured, Thanksgiving is not celebrated anymore in my house, Black Friday is never shopped and no financial expenditures are made in the name of Christmas. That week in 1963 this child learned the world cannot be trusted, not even knowing that from October 15-28, 1962 missiles in Cuba had been pointed dead in her direction, so it is said.

Whether in Cedarville, Indiana or Lake Okeechobee, Florida, white man make Bad Big Water.

Caves of underground poisons are filling up all beneath Florida, like vaults of Nazi gold, in Florida's case introduced primarily by the DuPont, Harvester, St. Joe Faction. These are the poisons of phosphate mining waste, synthetic agricultural chemicals of every sort, insecticides, plastics, by-products of the printing industry, battery manufacturing, construction, pharmacy, nail salons, motor boats, illegal dump sites, plus atmospheric fall-out which can come from anywhere.

Like my birthright was exchanged in Fort Wayne, this is what men have exchanged for the gifts of the earth, for their false gardens of pleasures, at everyone's expense. Plus, they sell it to us. We are forced to buy death and destruction. That is what I call serving the Beast.

Now the Lake is foaming and the view from St. Lucie mansions, ruined.

The earth was made with a plan for survival, guarded by a defense system beyond the comprehension of all. The sliming of Stuart foreshadows an inevitable catastrophe at Lake Okeechobee. Mismanagement of the Lake, problems with the dike, the straightening of the Kissimmee River, are serious public issues which have been ruminated to death for 40 years by all the wrong people.

To those who revere Nature, Nature's secrets are revealed. The scales are being polished for weighing in the harvest. Justice is Blind. What is missing here, will be taken from there.

10 for 10. Erin for Katherine.


7/05/2016 Transtar is Transportation, Food, Drink, and Fuel Indivisible Under One Fleming Lincoln

I am just not having time to connect the dots for what should be the work of governement agents and criminal investigators, though they do not have a contiguous database like mine with which to do it, so I will be shortening the elaborations between information I provide as relates to the tracking of the Underground Pool (UP) which contains Kryder, Magnavox, buried oil and mining leases etc. as are found lumped in tight little cells of financial fortressing on and offshore as revealed in the Mossack Fonseca leaked entities. Leaks will be shown in little tables.

3/11/1987 LINCOLN EQUITIES INC. Connected to 1 intermediary Incorporated: 11-MAR-1987 Inactivation: 25-NOV-1991 Struck off: 11-JUN-1988 Status: Defaulted Registered in: Panama Linked countries: Switzerland Data from: Panama Papers Agent: Mossack Fonseca 11/25/1991 6/11/1988

3/11/1987 TRANSTAR CAPITAL CORPORATION Number: C1581344 Date Filed: 3/11/1987 Status: dissolved Jurisdiction: California Mailing Address 151 KALMUS DRIVE STE E-150 COSTA MESA, CA 92626 Agent for Service of Process RICHARD A. MILLER 151 KALMUS DRIVE STE E-150 COSTA MESA, CA 92626

Kyrder property with break in chain of title was manually tracked to Security Pacific National Bank, Trustee, 555 Anton Boulevard Suite 400, Costa Mesa, CA 92626.

9/8/1989 Taxes paid on Lot 27, Kryder's Addition by Sec. Pacific National, Tr. 9/08/1989 9/8/1989

C & I LEASING, INC. : 1 Pepsi Way, SOMERS, NY 10589 : 1988080784 Status: Active Creation : 8/18/1988 : Original Creation Date: 1/9/1970 Original Creation State: MD Other Names 9/8/1989 ALLEGHENY BOTTLING COMPANY


5/24/1963 Recorded: the 05/18/1963 Bordner filed Resolution empowering himself to encumber all property of The Kryder Company, Inc.

1959-12-31 SECURITY PACIFIC BANK (PANAMA) S.A. located at PANAMA CITY, 0, PANAMA was established as a Foreign Bank.

1959-12-31 (BUSH) BANK OF ZAPATA located at ZAPATA, TX was established as a Domestic Entity Other.

1959-12-31 (Salin Bank of Indiana ) CAMDEN ST BK located at CAMDEN, IN was established as a Non-member Bank.

1959-12-31 LINCOLN NATIONAL BANK & TRUST COMPANY OF FORT WAYNE located at FORT WAYNE, IN was established as a National Bank.

1959-12-31 (BUSH) LINCOLN BANK AND TRUST COMPANY located at 36 ATLANTIC STREET, STAMFORD, CT was established as a Non-member Bank.

1959-12-31 FORT WAYNE NB located at FORT WAYNE, IN was established as a National Bank.

3/11/1987 LINCOLN EQUITIES INC. Connected to 1 intermediary Incorporated: 11-MAR-1987 Inactivation: 25-NOV-1991 Struck off: 11-JUN-1988 Status: Defaulted Registered in: Panama Linked countries: Switzerland Data from: Panama Papers Agent: Mossack Fonseca 11/25/1991 6/11/1988

11/25/1991 (Publix) IMPERIAL FLORIDA FRUIT SALES, INC. Filing Information Document Number S96886 FEI Number 593100361 Date Filed 11/25/1991 State FL Status INACTIVE Last Event ADMIN DISSOLUTION FOR ANNUAL REPORT Event Date Filed 08/13/1993 Event Effective Date NONE Principal Address 1248 GEORGE JENKINS BLVD. LAKELAND FL 33801

11/25/1991 MIDLAND REAL ESTATE INC. Connected to 1 intermediary  Incorporated: 14-FEB-1987   Inactivation: 25-NOV-1991 11/25/1991   Struck off: 14-MAY-1988 5/14/1988   Status: Defaulted  Registered in: Panama  Linked countries: Kuwait Cotton Products Company intermediary

11/25/1991 FLEMING FOODS OF TEXAS, INC.: Merge Dissolved on 12/19/1994 File Date: 11/25/1991 : C10737-1991 Qualifying State: NV SECRETARY OF STATE Address 1: 202 N. CARSON ST. Address 2: City: CARSON CITY State: NV Zip Code: 89701-4201



7/04/2016 Dear Mr. Disney,

It's been bad days for Disney since the 9/11/1985 Central Soya Merger was consummated in the Fort Wayne Bank Building, oh tower of conceit and deceit, but nary a Probate receipt. Now a child has been drowned by an alligator while tarrying on the banks of a Disney resort drainage pond which communicates with a natural lagoon. Miami lawyers are sharpening their fangs, saying this is going to be a bad one for the amusement enterprise long coveted by the Lincoln organization which housed the original Mallers Theatres and amusements enterprises. This would be the same Mallers of Beers, Mallers, Backs and Salin, Kenneth W. Maxfield, of counsel.

As a review, when Salin was Indiana Secretray of State 1969-1970, Walter P. Helmke was State Senator, and at this time occurred the immense loss by the Secretary of State, an inestimable amount of Indiana corporation records, with no explanation which agrees with the other. Salin purchased a large block of Farmers and Merchants Banks throughout Indiana, to form Salin Bank, largest privately held bank in Indiana.

Many people remember Orvas Beers, GOP leader and president of Allen County Realty, Inc. In the days of C.F. and F.H. Kryder, his father, George Beers was an executive of the 1905 (German American) Lincoln National Bank and Trust Company, selling German Joint Stock Land Bank Bonds which will mature in 2023. So get ready everybody.

And of course, cousin Max, K.W. (who Dick Kryder, his lifelong neighbor in Leo claims was NOT a lawyer, but who actually was, whose sister was once married to C.F. Kryder's brother, Clyde) received large loans and things upon the closing of the estate of Minnie V. Kryder, managing to sell North American Van Lines twice in his lifetime, once to Pepsico, the darlin'of Disney, and once again to Norfolk Southern Corporation. Like Rob Morrow, Maxfield also had property in the subdivision of Devil's Hollow.

A signer of the merger, David Heath Swanson was later indicted and convicted for defrauding the Countrymark Farmers Cooperative of Ohio, the DOJ scapegoat for the big stuff they overlook. Thomas Shoaff, Douglas Fleming, and Roy E. Disney also signed the Central Soya paperwork. Baker and Daniels were counsel; Frank Kryder's VP of the Kryder Company, Inc., and Minnie V. Kryder Estate Lawyer Thomas Moorhead was employed by Baker and Daniels at the time.

Frank H. Kryder, as Secretary of the Fort Wayne Board of Realtors in 1922, was contemporary with Walt Disney's brother Raymond, a real estate man in California who supported his brother's early career as a cartoonist. There are a number of interesting parallels between securities of the Kryders and Walt Disney over time which rather came to a head at the deaths of Frank Kryder and Walt Disney, thirteen days apart.

5/10/1966 NORTH AMERICAN VAN LINES INC Legal Name: TRANSTAR SERVICES, INC.: c/o W.E. Pitts, Esq. 115 Franklin Road, Suite #144, BRENTWOOD, TN 37027 : 194488-069 : 05/10/1966: 12/28/1994

11/13/1966 PEPSICO, INC. : 700 ANDERSON HILL ROAD Tax Dept., PURCHASE, NY 10577: 1988020501 : 02/15/1988 : Original Creation : 11/13/1966 Original Creation State: NC

11/14/1966 R E DISNEY ONE SEVEN INC : 208 E. Indiana Ave. , VALPARAISO, IN 46383: 194504-095 Active: 11/14/1966

12/02/1966- Death of Frank H. Kryder, Fort Wayne, Indiana

12/15/1966- Death of Walter E. Disney

Stepping back a little further to 1938:

9/29/1938 The Munich Agreement

  • 9/29/1938 California THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY Filed: 9/29/1938 500 S BUENA VISTA ST BURBANK, CA 91521 Agent DORIS A SMITH 500 S BUENA VISTA ST BURBANK, CA 915

10 days earlier, C.F. Kryder and F.H. Kryder incorporated a development company which became one of the lost files in the Helmke-Salin Years:

THE SUBURBAN BUILDING COMPANY OF FORT WAYNE INDIANA INC Created 09/19/1938 C.Frank Kryder President; Frank H. Kryder Secretary-Treasurer; Room 225 Standard Building. Entire record is lost but the Secretary of State has a note it was dissolved in 1950 and a Cause #666795 which can't be found. In fact, 666795 does not correspond to Cause Numbers.

And of couse, we all know Fannie Mae was founded in 1938 and that on

2/28/1938 The Southern Kraft Corporation of New York City became owner of the Fort Wayne Corrugated Paper Company's paper board mill at Hartford City.

Why is this important? Because the box company is no more. Pepsico owns Kraft and as well Tropicana, or essential the lion's share of the Florida citrus crop. Pepsico owns California citrus. Pepsico once owned North American Van Lines and Prescott Bush's candidate, Nixon. And at the end of the day, Pepsi owns coke, and it is all owned by old law firms who support old members of Congress while keeping their fortunes, hidden, and unhidden in their trust companies. No problem. Lawyers worked the deals for the trust companies and they have been at this for generations and since everyone is getting terrifically rich, no one tells.

Plus, they are all compromised and cannot tell.

Doctors of the Law...


6/29/2016 The Will of God

I think quite a bit of all the terminology found in scriptures which relates neatly to estate law: trust, will, heritage, legacy, heirs, treasure in heaven, not moving your neighbor's boundary stone, selling a birthright, redemption, salvation, portion, foe, oppressor, deceiver, liar, usurper, assurance, promise, Beulah land. Beulah- to him your land is wedded. So it is with C.F. Kryder and me. To him my land is wedded, and his righteous Will stands forever, regardless of any man-made statute.

Will Fort Wayne stand against God?

Fort Wayne does not heed its own signs. Such as, a family of ten was deliberately killed by the father during the Depression, who stopped their car on the railroad tracks, for he could no longer feed them all.

In the Fort Wayne Historical Album is a photo in later years of 10 white coffins- all the town came out to mourn the death of a well known family of ten in a house fire. Little tiny coffins for children, standard size for the parents.

Ten for Ten.

I have already written of the explosive power driving the estate buggy for the cause of Frank Kryder's children.

Shall I prophesy against this city whose streets run green with corrosion, the county which poisoned two of my ancestral chiefs, the towers where those who have built their nests on high imagine they are safe in their fortresses?

I would, except I once witnessed the curse of Katherine Ann Kryder who became angry with St. Mary's Episcopal School for Women in Raleigh, NC. where my clothes were stolen out of my closet during a stay in the hospital. The school claimed they were not responsible. Katherine had made quite a sacrifice to send me off to a school of southern belles with an appropriate wardrobe. Except for the priests' daughters, every belle in the school was richer than I, yet when I was in the hospital they stole my clothes.

I wanted to transfer out of there to NCSU anyway, but the day we left I saw my mother Katherine Kryder do something I had never seen before- she stood in the circular drive, facing this institution, and raised her fist. Her chin was dimpled with rage. She uttered not a word, but shook her fist at the fine southern institution where she had graduated years and years earlier.

Thus was the fall, and in the spring I was happily down Hillsborough Street at State college enjoying "All Campus," a weekend showcase of the country's top rock bands all day and night, on the football field. I had not kept in touch with any associates at St.Mary's, though I had made two friends there I will never forget. One ran off to New Jersey to be in love. The other spotted me at All Campus and after much hugging told me what had taken place at the school after I left.

My two roomates and some other girls had taken an "illegal" or not signed-out weekend trip to the beach. There was an accident on the way back. One of my roomates was killed, the other sustained a broken neck. The rest had serious injuries.

Someone stole the Senior Class Calling Card Money out of a dresser drawer and thieving had become so rampant that there was a woman Pinkerton living on every hall.

As icing on the cake, the Principal, who also functioned as our chapel Priest, though we called him Dr., ran away with one of the students. He left his wife and autistic son abandoned at the college.

My friend had tears flowing telling me these wretched events- all I could think of was Katherine's puckered up chin and her shaking fist.

Because of that, so long ago, I have never shaken my fist at anyone or anything, no matter how much I have been wronged or mistreated. And in Fort Wayne I do have a very few friends, God preserve them.

Fort Wayne forgets the Palm Sunday tornadoes when Minnie died, the Holiday Inn fire on Washington Street- the very hotel I reserved for my research and view of St. Mary's blasted Cathedral, the blackening of the Cedarville Reservoir, the building of which altered the plat maps, obliterating the former location of C.F. and Minnie Kryder's country homestead, where Metea's Village once was, Metea who signed the white man's treaties, then was given poisoned whiskey.

I would like to shake my fist at Fort Wayne, but it is hardly necessary. Soon the hour glass will be flipped, like a house in Kryder's Additions, for the custodians of the bounty have done a wicked thing, have cheated orphans and widows, have lined their pockets with the sweat of other's toil, have served false gods, and above all have mocked the omnipotent which allows them to breathe.

Sorry about your daughter, Bernie Ewing- like me, you will suffer that lost love until you die and as you age the pain will cut into your soul deeper and deeper. All the rewards of life- your daughter's wedding, the birth of grandchildren, you were denied, as I at 19 was denied the natural life I should have had with my mother, Katherine Kryder. She was simply murdered for the rise of Lincoln Financial Corporation. That's against the Ten Commandments.

No amount of money or subterfuge can alter the Will of God. The wrong will fail and right prevail, so make it good, Fort Wayne, before your time runs out.

6/28/2016 In His Word is My Trust

I know there are all sorts of people in Fort Wayne who could come forward with their little tidbits and put an end to the falsehoods and decimation of the Frank Kryder Family- poor Frank's own relatives have stabbed in him the back and aided the rape of his orphaned daughters, except for Rosemary Bond. People have lied to my face and in writing. People hate me for fighting for what my forefathers fought to hold onto tooth and nail and willed to their descendants. But these truth hiders are soul-sick with greed and fear, fear of corporations and lawyers, fear of steel and van lines, when they should instead fear God. Because Frank Kryder's father was a righteous man, and the wealth of a righteous man is incorruptible, as is his Word.

Frank, Sr.'s Word is in his Trust 58070 of 1943 which names me, the yet to be born, as a legal and equitable heir of his legacy, the fruit of his life building Fort Wayne into "America's Happiest City, " as published in Look Magazine in 1950, the year he died. That Fort Wayne ever achieved such status considering its history of plundering of families since the opening of the canal lands, is testimony of his righteous life dedicated to his profession as a Town Builder and Farmer, toiling every moment for the advancement of the condition of all those around him.

When Fort Wayne National Bank (First National/ Old-First National) threatened to take every working family's house in 1930, Frank, Sr. made the lowest yield investment of the U.S. Treasury, HOLC bonds, so that funds would be available for refinancing. The Bank was bailed out with an RFC loan. But the Kryders sacrificed, not willing to watch peoples be forcibly torn from their homes like deported Indians.

Frank Sr. made his Trust for his lineal heirs, not for the benefit of lawyers, the city redevelopers, the church, shirt-tail kin, and trust companies. He and his wife had already made their patriotic sacrifice to the town, and their trust was made for the children of their only child's children.

This is the Word and the Will. And my Trust is in the Power which will uphold it.



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