Chronology of the Duke LeBeau Loan Trust

12/23/1994 Duke LeBeau, Inc lends Duke LeBeau Inc. $114,000

7/16/2001 Mortgage Desk, Inc. Incorporated in Illinois; document date 1/05/2001

10/28/2002 Union Street Investment Company Articles filed with IL Secretary; document date 9/30/2002

2003 Caral Gerard Santangelo, FL Bar#290191, filed Personal Bankruptcy

1/02/2003 IL Secretary administratively dissolves Mortgage Desk, document date 12/02/2002

8/7/2003 Brian Bodie gets QCD for 3053 W. Palmer, Chicago from Cosmopolitan B&T

3/18/2004 Bodie writes Promissory Note for $500,000 to Santangelo, Tr, in exchange for "a mortgage in and to" 190 Sutton Place

5/17/2004 Bodie gets Mtg $200,000 on 190 Sutton Pl from New Century mtg. co.

7/06/2005 Duke LeBeau, Inc. Grantor of $500,000 to Carl G. Santangelo; Trust#Lebeau Duke

2006 Final Judgement Bodie

4/24/2007 Foreclosure of 2005 Mtg. :Chase Home Finance, Inc v. Brian Bodie, Carl G. Santangelo as Tr of The Duke Lebeau Loan Trust 109 Sutton Road, Barrington, IL. 60010

2009 Document Number: 0923629076 Document Type: JUDGMENT Date Recorded: 8/24/2009 Date Executed: 8/6/2009 # of Pages: 1 Address: Consideration Amount: $1,568,819.00 Grantors Name Trust# AMCORE BK Grantees Name Trust# DUKE LEBEAU INC 1201 S WESTERN LCC DUKE LEBEAU TRUST LEBEAU DUKE TRUST SANTANGELO CARL G TR LEBEAU KEVIN J BODIE BRIAN G MORTGAGE DESK INC UNION ST INV CO PRESTAR FIN CorP

12/07/2004 2/7/2004 2004 Santangelo obtained $550,000 mortgage for real property in Florida from Chase.

7/06/2005 Duke LeBeau, Inc. Grantor of $500,000 to Santangelo partial assgnment of Judgement to Semenuk for first $100,000 recovered from Brian Bodie as owed to Duke LeBeau Loan Trust

Duke LeBeau Trust Creation 3/28/2005

TRUMP MORTGAGE, LLC : 40 WALL ST, 25TH FL, NEW YORK, NY 10005 : Control Number: 2005110900163 Status: Active Creation Date: 11/8/2005 : Original Creation Date: 3/28/2005


TROPICANA SERVICES, INC. P94000078087 FEI/EIN Number 650528157 Date Filed 10/24/1994 State FL Status ACTIVE Last Event REINSTATEMENT Event Date Filed 11/07/2005 Event Effective Date NONE

MID AMERICA CORP. Domestic For Profit Business Corporation Legal (RA) Registered Agent: STEVE HELLER 3336 E 32ND ST STE 204 TULSA, OK 74135 (RA) Effective Date: 10/24/1994


2006 Final Judgement Bodie


Carl G. Santangelo, TR; Trust#Lebeau Duke

7/08/2005 SanitaryLien

lien against Duke LeBeau, Inc. Health Club $622.00 SAT 8/24/2005

2005 SantaLeBeau Promissory Note to Prestar $45,000 for 160 Lakeview Drive, Aurora

1/09/2006 Prestar assigns Trust Deed to National City

4/21/2006 LeBeau Mtg to Prestar for 160 Lakeview Drive, Aurora

5/18/2006 LeBeau WD to Bodie for 160 Lakeview Drive, Aurora Signed 4/28/2006

7/12/2007 James Bokios Memorandum of Judgment v. Brian Bodie for 160 Lakeview, $270, 543.000 , signed by Judge 6/23/2008; recorded 6/27/2008

8/19/2013 Santangelo partial assgnment of Judgment to Semenuk

1/29/2018 Kevin LeBeau QCD to Greg LeBeau for 160 Lakeview Dr, recorded 2/07/2018.
























































































































4/26/2006; 5/18/2006 Recorded LeBeau sells Bodie Health Club (no seller signature or money mentioned)

4/28/2006 Mtg. to Bodie from New Century for $270,000 ARM for 160 Lakeview Drive, Aurora

5/18/2006 BURGER KING HOLDINGS, INC. F06000003565 FEI/EIN Number 75-3095469 Date Filed 05/18/2006 State DE Status INACTIVE Last Event WITHDRAWAL Event Date Filed 01/10/2018 Event Effective Date NONE Principal Address 5505 BLUE LAGOON DR MIAMI, FL 33126

6/16/2006 Bodie executes Promissory note to James Bokios for $200,000 using 10 acre Plat for mtg.

CATERAIR IState.NTERNATIONAL CORPORATION UBI Number 601203940 State Of Incorporation DE Date of Incorporation 06/16/2006 Expiration Date 06/30/2007 Dissolution Date 10/01/2007

8/21/2006 first foreclosure filing by Amcore vs. Bodie, 1201 West, Kevin LeBeau, Duke LeBeau, Inc., Duke LeBeau Loan Trust, Carl G. Santangelo, TR. et al.;filed 8/24/2006

8/24/2006 11:07:08 AM Book Type:O - Official Records Book / Page: 42655/132 Instrument Number: 106377351 RS Code: 0 Number Of Pages:1 Doc Type:FJ - Final Judgment From:SANTANGELO,CARL G DUKE LEBEAU TRUST To:BODIE,BRIAN Case Number: Doc Extension:O 50097/132 111750621 590,827,.006

11/20/2007 LeBeau Junior Mtg (April 2007) $106,000 by Promissory Note to Wilson for Health Club. Recorded 12/13/2007

GOTTIT INC 6652 SAINT JOE RD 425, Neighborhood Shopping Center St Joe / Ft Wayne - Older 0 1/2 Transfer of Ownership Date Owner Doc ID Code Book/Page Sale Price 01/01/1900 GOTTIT INC WD / $0 Notes 11/20/2007 DBA: SHOAFF PARK PLAZA General Information Parcel Number 02-08-17-253-001.000-072 Local Parcel Number 75-0017-0036 Tax ID: Property Class 425 Neighborhood Shopping Center Location Information County Allen Township

1/18/2008BodieNote issued for $400,000+ on Health Club Property Recorded 1/25/2008

2010 Florida Bar formally puts Gwynn on trial by Bar Referees, Santangelo switched notes on Gwynn 1994 to 1996, who was so angry she filed a claim several times despite Santangelo's Stay during his 2003 Bankruptcy.

4/16/2010 Brian Bodie; ) Mortgage Desk Inc., its partners banned by the Illinois Secretary of State from illegal securities sales targeting elder investors.

4/26/2010 Purported Leonce Picot Life Insurance Trust Agreement , with flaws, as Leonce's Daughter received after having to file suit v Santangelo who refused her, a named beneficiary granted an accounted by the Trust.

4/26/2010 Leonce Picot and David R. Edgerton as Edgecot, Inc. sold the former Gallatin's property in Monterey, CA lka Monterey Old House which continued to operate under Dave long after 1001 Nob Hill failed.

What happened to their partnership LIFE Insurance is a BIG mystery since Dave died 5 months before Leonce and curiously had two dates of death published. Like Mark Twain, the earliest date published was discarded and the Dave Edgerton DOD was changed and re-published some days afterward. The Monterey Property was put up for sale by the buyer form 3.3M.

9/13/2013 Robert Jon Schyler, Brian Bodie's lawyer, filed Chapter 7 in Hammond, IN:

2013 Partial Assignment of Bodie to Santangelo to Semenuk (see chronology- Semenuk ARCON Roofing paid $100,000 in 2023, like Arcon charged Santangelo for a $100,000 new roof immediately following Leonce Picot's death. ARCON ROOFING was originally created in Indiana.

2017 DOJ Release "Falsifying Loan Documents on Ten-Acre Parcel " (Bodie & LeBeau)"

10/10/2017 Federal Jury Convicts Lawyer on Charges of Defrauding an Elderly Couple and a Bank to Prevent Foreclosure on Aurora Property DOJ case v Robert Jon Schyler of Portage, IN , atty for Bodie and LeBeau

7/17/2018 IRS Lien recorded against Bodie for $70,000 .
7/17/2018 Santangelo drafts a complete Transfer of Property to Laura Picot Sayles. Laura was quite pleased to cover up what she knew was wrong, even if she wasn't sure of the reason (no Bodie knowledge).

9/2018 Santangelo's denial of Insurance Benefit without Leonce's heir releasing it from the allowed accounting as written in the Trust Santangelo never had Right to collect and distribute any Life Insurance money without a co-Trustee .

10/16/2018 Santangelo wrote two Letters- one to Leonce Picot's daughter, with the bad news she was broke and without recourse to the expensive lawyers who could put him down.
10/16/2018 Letter Two extols the basic Goodness of Brian Bodie in a plea for sentencing Mercy to the Judge. How low can one go.

2019 Appeal U.S. vs Brian Bodie and Kevin LeBeau denied.

2020 A second appeal U.S.v Bodie and Lebeau was also denied and original judgment following the jury trial was affirmed.