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Numidentially Providential



Numidence I have derived from the word NUMIDENT which is not in Webster's.

Numident is a term of the Social Security Administration:

(NUMIDENT), created, 1936 - 2007, documenting the period 1936 - 2007

Creator: Federal Security Agency. Social Security Board. 7/1/1939-7/16/1946

(Predecessor) Social Security Administration. 3/31/1955- (Most Recent)

The NARA has the currently available SSA online searchable NUMIDENT Files

"A NUMIDENT record may contain more than one entry. Information contained in NUMIDENT records includes: each applicant's full name, SSN, date of birth, place of birth, citizenship, sex, father's name, mother's maiden name, and race/ethnic description (optional). NUMIDENT includes information regarding any subsequent changes made to the applicant's record, including name changes and life or death claims. "

A NUMIDENT record in itself can fill in many gaps in research.

In Treasury-related cold-cases then, Numidence is a de facto id; an original Individual's Application for Taxpayer Identification Number, which may become prima facie evidence in a RICO.

The SSA App will have the applicant's signature and other data which has to fit what is a suspect concocted scenario.

Any data which can be added to a prosecutabe RICO due to its long time absence from Social Security Administration Records because it was adversely or illegally withheld for long after-death redemption of Death Tax securities can be called NUMIDENCE.

NUMIDENT Files as found through the NARA are only sheets of data. To obtain de facto i.d.s and documents, the FOIA procedure must be followed through the Social Security Administration. However, until now, SSA was not able to access information which should have been as handy as any other ordinary Application for Taxpayer ID. Numbers were not in the Master Death File where they should have been.

Until now, SSA original applications, most of them, were readily located with Full Name, Parents' Names, Residence at Death.

Usually, one asks for the Application because they want the taxpayer number.

Until now, it was impossible to SHOW with a Numident File Taxpayer Number that a Taxpayer must definitely have existed and therefore though their Application which couldn't be found before 2007, has to be found now. It exists.

SSA claims to have every single original Taxpayer Application ever filed. If a NUMBER can be produced, the Application is somewhere.

The concern is Securities Trading leveraged by illegally retained federal securities which were not redemmed and taxed at the death of the registered owner.

Not all the War Bonds or New Deal government instrumentalities or even Savings Bonds were exchangeable for "like" instruments such as Treasury Notes.

These investments ceased earning at a point. If they were passed from the original owners through a generation skipping transfer, a trust company concealing them from heirs was only safe for a certain number of carefully amortized years before the U.S. Comptroller might wonder why groups of Liberty Bonds, for example, had never been redeemed.

Or, a trust company concealing Treasury Notes converted as a group through time eventually has to place that low yielding government investment into commerce and launder it.

Taxpayers who of record were Registered Owners of U.S. Securities whose Taxpayer numbers should have been but were not in a timely fashion entered into the Social Security Master Death Index may become those dead men which actually do tell the greatest tales of all.

William Moser, Bluffton, IN

Some History of En-Ar-Co Illustrated

William Eugene or Gene Moser, in Bluffton, Wells County, IN was a partner with Roy C. Jones, Jr.

Mr. Moser owned National Oil and Gas until the year of Leonce Picot's death, 2018.

M & J LANDS INC 221719 FEI/EIN Number 59-1003643 Date Filed 03/23/1959 State FL INACTIVE VOLUNTARY DISSOLUTION10/06/2003 552 FOREST TRAIL OVIEDO, FL 32765 Changed: 02/20/2002 JONES, JR., ROY C 552 FOREST TRAIL OVIEDO, FL 32765 PD MOSER, WILLIAM EUGENE P.O BOX 476 BLUFFTON, IN 46714 Title STD JONES, ROY C JR 552 FOREST TRAIL OVIEDO, FL 32765

In 1950, William Moser was President of Moser-Hathaway, in Polk's City Directory, Fort Wayne. They were distributors of Gulf Refining Company Products.

VP was Joe F. Sherron

Sec.-Treas. was Morton M. Hathaway.

The 1950 Plat of Wells County Indicates a small Petroleum field about mid-county.

In 1958 William Moser was President of National Petroleum, Bluffton, IN. He was Married to Emma Meyer Moser.

In 1958, Roy C. Jones, William G. Moser, Leonce Picot, Bob Thornton, and Jack Thornton made several overlapping trips to Cuba.

Florida Profit Corporation NATIONAL PETROLEUM LEASE CORPORATION Document Number 222349 Filed 04/09/1959 State FL DISSOLVED 06/07/1966 Jones and Moser

GULF PIPELINE COMPANY Document Number 813293 FEI/EIN Number 25-1043617 01/02/1959 State DE Status INACTIVE Last Event MERGER 07/26/1985 Address 1301 MCKINNEY P O BOX 2227

What do we have here but another *3617 to go into our Numidence series as a match for Edgecot *3617 !



with her husband, Leonce Picot. So it would appear.

Kathherine  Kryder DanielMy Beautiful Mother never stood a chance, and I was doomed before I was born, doomed to tell a story I can barely stand to live. Those bastards!

Katherine Kryder was Pure.


William Moser, the Bluffton, Indiana Oil distributor part of Indiana Jones for Loans married Emma Meyer.

12/09/1922 Clarence and Minnie V. Kryder purchased Lots 1-60 W.H. Simons Addition, re-platted as Kryder's Addition for $12,000.00 from Mary L. Meyer, Willie H. Johnston and Emma J. Johnston; gold coin in hand; Recorded 1/4/1923

12/24/1940 National Oil & Gas Inc BRANCH Company Number 0849954 Status Active Incorporation Date 24 December 1940 (over 81 years ago) Foreign Corporation Jurisdiction Kentucky (US) Branch of NATIONAL OIL & GAS INC (Indiana (US)Agent National Registered Agents, Inc Agent Address 306 West Main St., Suite 512, Frankfort, KY, 40601 Directors / Officers National Registered Agents, Inc, agent Timothy L Drayer, director Timothy L Drayer, treasurer Trout T Moser, director Trout T Moser, president


The Gulf Oil Corporation was formed in 1907, mainly an enterprise of the Pittsburgh Mellons which is logical since Fort Wayne National Bank eventually merged into PNC.
What defies coincidence is that my grandmother, the third Mrs. Frank H. Kryder was born in 1907. I named her "BUNNY" as soon as I could speak, and the name stuck permanently.


Roy C. Jones served 59 years as a deacon, steward, trustee and usher of the First Presbyterian Church of Fort Lauderdale. It must have been there he came into contact with Leonce Picot who attended the downtown church regularly in his youth.



Michele Picot-Strawberry

Indiana Jones for Loans and Picot-Jones

From Indiana to Florida were early fortunes to be laundered from 100 years of railroad bankruptcies and defaults to J.P. Morgan, all which formed the original kitty into which Lincoln Trust had the privilege to add and mingle family estate property. Everybody defaults to J.P.Morgan while the company openly gets away with murder. This is well-documented in the FinCEN Files of the ICIJ. It is actually true that our Global Giants in Banking openly defy law enforcement efforts to combat money launderng, even when they know it feeds Russian Oligarchs Whoppers and Fries.

This story is concerned with money sequestered in odd fashion via the Bankruptcy of the State of Indiana in the 19th Century, the Balls of Munice, Indiana, the Ball-DuPonts of Florida National Bank, the Van Sweringen Railroad Empire (defaulted on their RR note to J.P.Morgan), purchased by the Muncie Balls for $350,000, valued at over 3 billion at the time, the intermarriages of Barnett Bankers with Lincoln Trust and Lincoln National Life Insurance, The Florida East Coast Ry Bankruptcy and The Penn-Central Bankruptcy which on the heels followed the then largest to date U.S. bank failure, U.S. Bank of San Diego.

By Leonce Picot's death, but mostly by 2010, Kryder securities caught up in the Lincoln Trust in which Kay Picot was deeded a 1/3 share were, via Leonce's original incorporation of NABANCO placed, layered and sent through Atlanta on to Muncie, First Merchants. That is the simplified version.

Other than beginning at the point where Katherine Kryder aka died and Leonce took over her property, it is more significant to examine WHAT steered Leonce off his original career, which had nothing to do with either restaurants or Austrian crystal.

We will explore the likelihood that others targeted Leonce before his marriage to Kay in order to plunder her.

There were in 1966 three per stirpes heirs of the Senior Kryders and Frank Kryder, their son, his surviving daughters:

Rosemary Kryder Bond
Katherine Kryder Daniel Picot
Rebecca Kryder Daniel Zawadski

Rosemary was easy- she was right there in Fort Wayne to be courted by James Ewing Bond so her share never left the bank, because the Bonds had owned the bank since the 1800's, and likely she never knew it was hers. James Barrett III, intermarried with Bonds, did up all the Estate work nice and tidy, and founded Fort Wayne National Corporation, a multi-bank company incorporated in 1969. It allowed the bank to hold realty with a separate RSSID, as if realty were a Branch.

Katherine Kryder, though, was in Florida when her father died, and she could have surely thrown a wrench into the Bank Plan had she been devised her share of the Estate. She had no incentive to let her legacy gather mold in Lincoln Trust, and it would have started her asking questions about her confused past.

Beckilou, the youngest of Frank's daughters had planned to leave her husband and move to Scotland. She disappeared after 1972 with my one cousin, Tam. They are both deceased.

But focusing in on Leonce's early history reveals some compelling sequential data.

Unlike encrypted permutations, sequences are easy and straightforward as illustrations. And before I launch, it is with the knowledge that physical law is not something for court because it is irrefutable. We know, what goes up must come down. Anybody want to take that to a Judge?

Jones for Loans

So going back to Leonce's pre-Mai-Kai origins, in his new marriage with a baby, he worked with Roy C. Jones, or Jones for Loans, and is also seen written as Picot-Jones advertising agency. When Leonce promoted a concert at 19, the way it is written in press infers Jones was putting up the front money for the concerts. Leonce didn't have any money.
Jones for Loans offices were two blocks from the Down Under, but we never heard of any Roy C. Jones. Something fierce must have happened between the pair,

Though, Mr. Jones is gone now, and these are just corporate offices c/o Greaton & Greaton, Fort Lauderdale's estate lawyers for the very wealthy. You have to know someone very old money rich to get in the door there.

1. JONES FOR LOANS INC Document Number 175338 FEI/EIN Number 59-6063648 Date Filed 09/21/1953 State FL Status ACTIVE Last Event AMENDMENT Event Date Filed 08/13/2003 Principal Address C/O 2601 E OAKLAND PK BLVD SUITE 201 FORT LAUDERDALE, FL 33306

It is seen Jones for Loans incorporated three months before I was born and Jones for Loans employed Leonce, and it is one of the rare Florida corporations which has been continuously in existence without name changes or mergers for nearly 70 years.

A 3600 sequence is formed with the 4-digits taxpayer blocks associating Jones, Picot, Kryder, Kryder, and Edgerton:

3611 Clarence Frank Kryder, Sr.
3612 Frank Harry Kryder
3617 Edgecot (Edgerton-Picot, formed in CA but also in FL)
3624 Pillsbury Charitable Foundation ( Edgerton sold his Kendall facilities assigned tax id 7617 to Pillsbury)
3648 Jones for Loans, Leonce Picot's employer before the Mai-Kai and sometimes associated advertising partner

The more a sequence is filled in, like a jigsaw puzzle, it tells its own story. To start it is easily seen that Jones for Loans 3648 is somewhat a reference to Pillsbury Charitable Foundation x 2.

Likewise 2 x Frank Kryder = Pillsbury Charitable Foundation

Whether permutating or sequencing, a set of rules must govern the way the data set will be interpreted. In this case, 36-prefix is immoveable though relationships are seen using the last two numbers of the block which we call moveable.

Jones for Loans = 2xPillsbury
Pillsbury= 2xFrank Kryder

Why? and What is More?

Roy C. Jones, Sr. is listed with his wife and son in the 1940 Broward County, Florida U.S. Census with the occupation of real estate broker.

There is a logical explanation which is that Frank Kryder initiated financing for his daughter's poor husband through Roy C. Jones, Sr.

ex. Mrs. Frank Kryder gave the down payment for our house.

Leonce had control of his ex-wife's property, but then, how does Edgerton get into the picture? And why didn't Roy C. Jones, Sr. have any comments about the changed Leonce?

I was sent to Wilson Greaton once by very old money Mr. Phillip W. Wooster Richard III. That is how I got in the Greaton door. Mr. Richard called ahead.

Richard was married to a woman from the Voice Studio. So I knew her two ways, through our singing teacher, and because in the Reagan 1980's when the lunch hours were expense paid and three hours long, the pair courted at the Down Under where I was always there at lunch hour making flower arrangements.

They liked the Down Under, or it was a suitable place to fall in love, though later they wouldn't patronize Leonce's other places because they were "too expensive" and the staff was "too stuffy."

They nevertheless helped keep me alive for years, until Mr. Richard died, as their gardener, landscape designer, and horticulture consultant. So I spent quite a bit of time inside the house as well as outside, schmoozing, being shown this or that including Mr. Richard's den.

The interior walls and cases were covered and trimmed in solid mahogany. One wall was curtained. Just a pull back curtain it was, on a fat mahogany dowel. Behind the curtain was a floor to ceiling radio set like nothing I had ever seen. It was not store bought. These were heavy duty communication radios. The assemblage of many units seemed to be individually encased in something like brown enamel, and everywhere needles swayed in their lit windows. In his way, Mr. Richard resembled Rex Harrison, and for my own amusement, I thought of him as such. I felt as if i were in a movie!

He showed me what was behind the curtain and said, "I still like to listen in. It's just a hobby now. "

That was it. I wasn't going to interrogate him. I was awed at what he had shown me. Plus, it is not polite to ask your landscape client personal questions.

I knew he had lived in Cuba before Castro, and all the buzz was that he had been CIA. As we know, restaurant talk is rum talk, so you have to keep it in its place.

I felt being shown the wall was all I needed to know. So when I began on the Kryder Estate and felt this merger of Central Soy, Disney, and Fort Wayne National Bank was something weird, Mr. Richard was the logical choice of people I could test the waters with who would know if anything were going on.

I was very casual, because, you know, people aren't generally interested if your legacy has been ripped off, and Mr. P.W.W.R..III was who he was. We were having coffee in the family room, and I pretended I was speaking more to his wife.

"You know, I think my mother's inheritance from her father was stolen and it's probably a whole bank, but not many people are interested..."

"Well I'm interested," Mr. P.W.W.R.III boomed, leaping from his lounging couch to his computer.

"What bank?"

"Well, the last sighting of the corporate seal was inside the Fort Wayne National Bank Building."

In short time he turned around and said, "SMRK."

Which I felt meant SHAMROCK.

"I want you to go and see this lawyer. He does all the Big Wills. His name is Willson Greaton. I'll call ahead so he'll see you."

At that time I did know Jones for Loans had employed my father when I was born, but I had no idea Jones for Loans was a client of Willson Greaton, Sr., four blocks from the Down Under.

In those days I was footing it Erin Brockovich style, toting a folder stuffed with Deeds, Plats, and Probate Files.

Mr. Greaton was a white-blond very tan man in a light tan suit. He did not rise when I entered his office, but gave me and my bulging folder that sizing-up look from behind his desk. He just kept staring at me. I handed him a few Deeds of Importance.

"If you would like to pay me a fee to look at the Deeds of this Kryder & Company I will. Can you pay me a fee?"


We can now expand our numerically sequenced taxpayers, especially with Numidence which has been conceled for yeara and years, and that is a taxpayer number assigned to Clarence Frank Kryder 12/02/1948, last used about 1977. While we wait for documents from the Treasury, let's re-cap the Picot-Jones sequence with some other numbers which have materialized according to physical law:

3611 Clarence Frank Kryder, Sr.(issued 1948) SSN
3612 Frank Harry Kryder (issued 1942) SSN
3614 St. Joe Natural Gas Company IRS
3617 Edgecot (Edgerton-Picot, formed in CA but also in FL) IRS
3617 Gulf Pipeline Co. FL and TX IRS
3624 Pillsbury Charitable Foundation ( Edgerton sold his Kendall facilities assigned tax id 7617 to Pillsbury) IRS
3643 M&J Lands (1959) Oviedo, FL IRS
3648 Jones for Loans, Leonce Picot's employer before the Mai-Kai and sometimes associated advertising partner Picot-Jones IRS
3674 Northwest Mutual Life REIT (held the Picot and Edgerton Life Insurance Policies) IRS
(109) 3684 Bacardi F.R.
3688 Barnett Chicago IRS

The Bluffton, Indiana National Oil and Gas owned by William Gene Moser since the year Katherine Kryder was kidnapped from Fort Wayne until 2018, the year when David Edgerton died, followed by Leonce Picot, five months later.

4/18/2018 Death of Edgerton of Edgecot *3617 as compared with *3617 Gulf Pipeline.

On the date of David R. Edgerton's Death is seen the Last Annual Report filed with William Moser as CO of National Oil and Gas in a Kentucky Branch. This Branch of the 1940 Active Corporation is described as Motorfreight Transport.

National Oil William Moser

But it appears Dave had two of everything. Originally his first date of death was published as 4/03/2018. That was later changed in the press to a death date 4/18/2018.

4/3/2018 Dave Edgerton d. Death date first published then changed,

4/3/2018 AC PILLSBURY FOUNDATION INC NONPROFIT Company Number 8952905 Status Active Dissolution Date 15 November 2021 Company Type KANSAS NOT FOR PROFIT CORPORATION Jurisdiction Kansas (US) Registered Address Lee Weldon-Shelkey - 18624 W 158 Terrace Unit 3100, Olathe, KS 66062 United States Inactive Directors / Officers JIM DAVIDSON, agent

Our deposed Burger King, then, is the link between Frank Kryder, Pillsbury, and Roy C. Jones in our Taxpayer Sequence::

*3648 Jones for Loans = 2xPillsbury *3624 and *3624
*3624 Pillsbury= 2xFrank Kryder *3612 and *3612

Or Jones for Loans also = 4xFrank. We'll have to think about that application.

Clearly, Leonce Picot had access to Frank Kryder property belonging to Kay (Katherine Kryder) which he and Dave used for themselves in exchange for laundering money.


As another interesting pair has come to light:

2511 Burger King Corp
2511 The St. Joe Company