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Kay Daniel Picot

Happy Mother's Day Katherine Picot


The 17th Judicial Circuit of Broward contributed to my mother Katherine's suicide with her depauperating Divorce and enabled the ongoing concealment and theft of her father and grand-parents' estate with her Death.

At my father's Death in 2019 a Judge openly laughed at remarks made about me by an adversarial trustee in a Court Hearing vs. the trustee, a Hearing I was attending in Silence. Judge allowed opponents to cross the fence and schmooze a little too close to the bench, to put the Plaintiff in her place and show her the hopelessness of pursuing justice in a corrupted court or through a corrupted Bar.

As to inconsistencies in the estate work, the Judge accepted the trustee's excuse that,

"I relied on third party information."


Late night Orgies at My Father's Workplace, The Mai-Kai, filled with flaming rum drinks and nude women climbing on waterfalls took its toll on the psyche of my mother, a nationally known food writer, a career cut short, and her work my Father assumed all the credit for, once she was out of the way.

From 1960-1966, nudity in Oakland Park Florida was not allowed in bars which remained opened until dawn. But these were the town Playboys, for real. They did what they wanted.

A separation failed due to ongoing infidelity and my Mother in the throes of deep depression was victimized by Court 17 which left her penniless after her Divorce in 1966.

Leonce Picot Mai-Kai History


Leonce Picot Mai-Kai History

After struggling to survive the next six years following her divorce, Kay Picot was so impoverished and so controlled still by Leonce Picot, he had her sell him her car, the very few valuables she retained from her book-writing travels, or anything around the house he wanted, for food money. She had no car and was obtaining her food from a convenience store by the year of her death.

There were two stipulations in the Divorce Schedule A:

Leonce Picot would pay for the college education of the children.

Leonce Picot, if he re-married, would not disinherit his children with Kay Daniel Picot.

I, the eldest daughter, was in college by the age of seventeen, where my Father sent me $35.00/week for food, rent, everything, to live in Raleigh, NC. after a lifetime in Florida. He refused to buy me a winter coat. He complained about buying textbooks. I had no heat many weeks during the winter. I had to crash in friends' houses. I had no phone. I had strep infections and mononucleosis for more than a year. I was hospitalized twice and nearly starved.

When Father called me through the Police with the news, "Your Mother finally killed herself," he wanted me to remain in Raleigh, though I had to drop out of the semester and work as a waitress to survive.

Meanwhile Court 17, which doomed my Mother with an unconscionable Divorce, appointed her re-married ex husband as Executor of her Estate in 1972.

This permitted my Mother's ex-husband and his wife to clear her household of its furniture purchased by Kay's mother, hide it in a warehouse to recover it for their planned Mansion in Idlewyld.

They removed all Kay's paperwork, including her Schedule A of her Divorce Papers.

The new wife took possession of a Purported Suicide Note and flashed it before my eyes as her Prize and threat and against me, to show me how empowered she was. She treatened me to never try and make trouble for her, boy oh boy. I was 19 then.

Our house was sold and my Father kept the money. He gave me a $1700.00 inheritance and threatened me with parental abandonment if I said anything about the situation. I had no other family.

Worst of all, appointing Leonce Picot as Kay's Personal Representative gave him immediate rights to use for himself loans from Kay's Estate from her father and grand-parents' estate lawyers in Indiana, interest from a large REIT which has been shared and enjoyed by Judges and Lawyers, and Trustees from Florida to California to Indiana until the present day.

Leonce had been targeted since it was announced he was marrying Kay and having a child.

No one knows better than estate fraud lawyers who they can corrupt. It is part of Life Insurance and Amortization. Truly, it is part of scientific formula invented by The Lincoln of Fort Wayne, IN.

They know how to funnel stock into one client's portfolio then effect a takeover.

Lincolns Ophans

Lincoln National Life Insurance

When Leonce Picot died in 2018, his death was concealed from his eldest daughter, no Rules of Court for a Trust were followed, and a gambling lawyer already having had personally loaned to himself $200,000 from an elders' Trust then filing Chapter 7, unilaterally gave himself power over Leonce's Estate. He was never empowered to act as a sole Trustee, but Court 17 just let that one just roll right on past.

To do this, the Trustee had to tear apart long standing Estate Plans made by John Houston Payne, deceased, a very highly respected member of The Florida Bar who had known Kay and Leonce Picot and all their family troubles since they were teenagers.

Papers were lost, shuffled, jumbled, manufactured, and the Judge didn't bat an eyelash.

Rather the Court BLOCKED my statutory rights to an ACCOUNTING of the distribution of a Life Insurance Trust with the Judgment,

"To what end?"

Well, we are going to just find out to what and whose end, aren't we?

Restaurants of San Francisco 1963

Kay's Books are now selling for $250.00 or more for excellent condition copies.

There is no doubt Al Kocab's art brought the Stories to Life, but without Kay Daniel Picot, he never illustrated another book.

Her stories of each restaurant are captivating, and each book was quite a bit of research and writing for a woman under the duress that she was.

Below is seen the inside cover credit Hierarchy of Importance in the Books as Established by Leonce Picot.

Though Kay was technically part of "Gourmet International" who would know it?

Kay Daniel Picot Author

As if "text" were some clerical notes and not captivating stories of so many restaurants of yesteryear! There were many little short stories crafted by Kay Daniel, the Author of all the Books Leonce tried to claim as his own work. Not too many women in this day and age would have tolerated that.

The Ads are attributed to Leonce Picot.

Author Kay Daniel Picot

Kay's Name was not allowed on any covers of the books she wrote. She was not paid for her writing, though it built the careers of Leonce Picot and Al Kocab in gourmet restaurant building, to sell booze.

Leonce himself said, you can't make money in restaurants without Liquor Sales.


The Seventeenth Judicial Circuit of Florida

Broward County

The Peoples Court of Doom Reviewed by Leigh Michele Fulghum

Those who believe I should take a complaint to the Florida Bar may as well not read this opinion article.

Though I am not a criminal, the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit of Florida Broward County, a bunch of strangers to me, has interfered with and irreparably damaged my life with neglect and disregard for the most impactful documents in their care which end up governing citizen fate, beginning when I was thirteen. Much of my potential in life was thereby arrested by this Court and hobbled. Let us hear why.

And let us question as to whether it is appropriate at all for interfering strangers to activate courtrooms to gain economic power over us in our worst periods of stress. How far do we let government come into our private lives and meddle with our families about which they know nothing? Why we are forced to pay heavy fees for it?

In my lifetime, judges and lawyers working within a system called the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit of Florida devastated me twice as a child and wiped me out as a senior citizen. None of it was accidental. It cannot be accidental when rulings damaging to a completely innocent family of an abused woman with daughters were made consistently over the period of 1966-2018 so that an out of state legacy in large amounts of realty and federal securities could be laundered through Florida commerce, then removed by organized crime after the death of the abuser, going off like clockwork according to a Plan. If there is a Plan and a schedule, that is Organized Crime.

1. The Divorce of Katherine Daniel Picot

Kay Picot's is a case study to the letter. She truly loved her husband since childhood and women with children are more likely to endure abuse while resisting the compelling drive to escape agonizing pain by suicide. That is, until the children grow up, or are almost there.

Let's start with the latest findings of extensive studies of abused women and suicide. Leonce wasn't exactly a wife-beater. He only broke Kay's jaw once, in New York City, in front of his partner, Albert J. Kocab, who he also liked to keep intimidated.

The latest studies conclude that psychological abuse of women can surpass the long range effect of physical abuse. In some cases such as Kay Picot's, there is likely no recovery. For Kay had developed what is called CPTSD, or complicated post-traumatic stress disorder. She had been kidnapped from her father at age 10. This was well known to her adversaries in Indiana, about two towers worth of attorneys and securities traders who possessed her family's estate work and corporate seal for the family owned in fee real estate development company.

Kay presented herself for treatment by Fort Lauderdale's premier psychiatrist. However, a new doctor came to town one year, joining the two-man office, and she was suddenly switched from the doctor she was beginning to trust to a newcomer's care. His family in Indiana had a small plat across the street from a 103 acre development of Kay's grandfather, but she didn't know that.

This doctor hypnotized Kay and circled our house with his car. He was ex-army specializing in post-hypnotic suggestion and special drugs tested on soldiers. When Kay and Leonce underwent a trial separation, this doctor sent an ambulance to our house at 3:00 AM or so and had Kay removed. My sister and I were about 10-12 years old. We were alone not knowing what had happened and eventually a woman friend of Kay's since high school arrived to spend the rest of the night with us.

Leonce moved in to take care of us, but I did not see my mother for 10 days and she was never the same. She said she had been drugged out of her mind and did not know what happened to her in the hospital. She thought she had been at Broward General.

I came home from school one day and found her in her closet with a machete. She was protecting herself, she said.

From 1963-1966 Kay suffered shingles, severe hair loss, and several bouts of food-poisoning which lasted for months. We didn't know it then, but food poisoning from bad food doesn't last that long.

Then, a friend and I walking home from junior high, in 1966, with this doctor still in the picture, calling Kay late at night, circling the house, were accosted by an 18 year old boy in a GTO, with no trousers on. He waved his penis at us and tried to get us into his car. We reported it to the Oakland Park Police and the boy was cautioned to not be in our neighborhood again. He actually lived quite a distance from Oakland Park. The worst was that he was a PATIENT of the drugging doctor. Once again he appeared, stopping his car head-on in front of the same friend and me, on our own sidewalk. We ran and ran and finally agreed to testify in Court.

Of course my mother saw this as a threat directed at her children.

It is an Oakland Park sealed case, a joke since the great "merger" with the BSO.

Psychologically abused women kill themselves due to unquenchable ever-constant pain. It is a graduated process, like a hostage/slavery situation. She loved her Warden.

I saw my father push my mother off of him as she tried to hug him before he left for work. She would cry after he left.

She had none of her own money. When Leonce felt it necessary, she got a new dress, for his benefit. He talked constantly about the new 19 year old Bunnies who were going to be his Mai-Kai Calendar Girls. He was not required to work evenings, but he spent every evening as late as he pleased at the Mai-Kai.

He gave Kay crab lice.

What most likely did her in was the coming of Women's Liberation while Leonce deliberately had left her completely uncredited for her first book, never put her name on any subsequent book covers, and on the inside listed the credits

Leonce Picot, Editor
Al Kocab, Illustrator
Kay Daniel Picot,Text

Kay was a literary genius. She had been schooled in the best world literature and the greatest American Authors.

She was The Author of books illustrated by another, for which Leonce Picot sold liquor and rent-a-car ads which are seen in the books. She did not "add the prose" or volunteer "text." I watched her write every word by herself. Leonce twice sent us away to a hideaway for months so she could "concentrate" on the books.

She knew in her absence he was under every skirt in town, and under these conditions she had to concentrate to write the wonderful stories of many restaurants of an era vanished.

She was recognized as "a nationally acclaimed food writer," but her husband stepped her down and made himself the big cheese.

Kay had been through Hell, caught Leonce at it during the separation when he had vowed celibacy, had been absolutely robbed for her writing, and subjected to domestic terrorism, financial terrorism and a broken jaw.

We little children too had suffered the domestic terrorism from under our covers late at night when Leonce would come home from the Mai-Kai. In a matter of months, most of our home had been smashed. We could wake up to broken glasses and dishes all over the floor. But we had heard it the night before, with screaming, crying, Leonce's scary voice.

Or, maybe our treasured shelves of curios would have been thrown against the walls, lamps broken, or framed artwork, ruined.

So our mother must have had the worst divorce lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, or she was set up with the worst.

Though Leonce was clearly the offender as judged, he came out smelling like a rose and we were left with nothing.

Kay's mother had paid the down payment on our house, and many payments in between, so it really wasn 't marital property, considering Kay was never paid for her five books.

Since she was being stalked, we were able to sell the house and move, to leave the past behind, as if that is possible, but we had nothing but a dining room table and some bedroom furniture. Kay's mother updated our bedrooms. The rest of the time, the drapes were drawn across the front Picture Window" because inside there was no furniture.

I could not invite friends over. It was so pitiful eventually Kay's mother bought us a couch, table, and lamp for the living room, and a couch with two little tables for the patio room where we watched television.

2. The Estate of Katherine Daniel Picot

Court 17 court enabled stalkers, terrorizers, plundering, drugging, and physical abuse against my mother until she committed suicide. It is as if the Family Court Judges couldn't possibly be any more bored with these nagging cases involving children, babies, women, and generations born after. It is as if they do not bother to look under their noses and see if things are proceeding in a just or even normal fashion. They don't need to check to see if lawyers are following procedure, or if anyone may be getting seriously damaged or doomed to death by their inattention. After all, it is not their job to protect the public from misuse of laws by conniving lawyers.

There was frequent press about the books, and from 1967-1972, while Kay was alive, Leonce had to say his "ex-wife" had written the books.

The minute she was dead he was on the radio and in Gourmet Magazine announcing himself as author of the books which were his only credentials for the career he then launched.

Regardless of the sparseness of the furnishings Kay's mother had bought for us, it was very good furniture, and Leonce and his new wife stole it when The Seventeenth Judicial Circuit of Florida appointed Leonce Picot his dead ex-wife's Personal Representative.

He was on record as EXTREMELY CRUEL and a DESERTER of women!

Though I was in Raleigh, NC, trying to go to college, I was 19 when Kay was found dead. I was of legal age to be her Personal Representative.

My father urged me to not come home until Christmas. It was September, and the house was just a mess, he said, he had to have it cleaned up.

No one told me what a Personal Representative was, and why it would be against my interest to have a re-married Father who helped my mother to suicide be hers! It worked against me big time and the court GAVE him my property.

Yes I was shell-shocked, but that is when bad lawyers do their best work, when you are too grief-stricken to think.

The appropriate thing would have been to obtain counsel immediately. There were family friends in town, who weren't very fond of Leonce by that point, who would have guided me, but Leonce blocked that chance.

I needed to know What is a Personal Representative? What is Going On?

Of course I was in no condition to march in like a trooper with my chin up and start sorting out my mother's affairs, selling her house, asking for a fire arms investigation. But I could have had a lawyer, and no one told me. I was never shown an inventory. Papers were kept from me.

What stupid and lazy court left my mother and her children in poverty in 1966, then let her be robbed again by the same guy in 1972? Were they stupid and lazy, or were they helping Leonce to his next level- access to Kay's personal Legacy.

Oakland Park Police on the word of Leonce did not investigate the ownership of the gun found at the scene of her death. She was documented as an abused woman! Her ex-husband quashed an investigation, quashed any sort of obituary, did not file a Death Certificate, did not have her Social Security Numbered cancelled, and was given all her property by the 17th Judicial Circuit.

The compelling evidence that Leonce was induced to plunder his wife for her family legacy begins with his first employer, Jones for Loans.

This is the link to her family's estates in Indiana.

As a result of Court 17 awarding Leonce Picot control over his ex-wife's estate in 1972, he and David R. Edgerton, fka The Burger King, formed Edgecot. Inc., on my 30th birthday, to exchange a passle of per stirpes pipeline oil lease royalties through Katherine Ann Kryder Kay Picot. They ran their little caper from California to Canada in the form of Burger King Stock.

At thirty years old I would have been able to complete my PhD at any University, with my established academic record, and with my own money. I could have stopped digging holes at Leonce's restaurants for $8.00/hr.

I would have gotten OUT of the Gulf Oil business.

But Court 17 deleted that chance.

3. The Estate of Leonce Picot

Before the last phase of this estate fraud Plan could be seen, it required the death of Leonce Picot, my father. Though who would know it since I was deliberately left out of Leonce's Obituary along with his grandson, as if we were some sort of shameful criminals or Igors. We worked for the man for over 20 years, with terrible wages. Even my sister turned Judas, claiming she was the daughter of a stepmother who had threatened to harm me after she stole our mother's furniture and purported Suicide Note. She caused the Sun-Sentinel to publish that she and her two daughters were Leonce's only survivors.

Adversaries intercepted my gifts and last letters to my father, read them, without a clue as to what these personal communications were, from a past they never knew, and forbade Leonce to speak with his son-in-law a few months before his death, when he was in hospice. Because my father had told my husband that my sister and her daughters had wiped him out, asking for money over the years. Leonce seemed geniunely upset about it.

I had not been told he was ill or in hospice because he was being pushed out of his homestead before he could die, to extinguish any claims. Who moves a dying elder out of their HOME?

He died in a rental across the street. The Trustee and his helpers pocketed the proceeds of the Penthouse sale.

I read about his death a month after the fact in the newspaper. I had to track down his purported Trustee through old records. I was treated as family scum and told I and my son were disinherited and to get lost.

No Notices of Trust were filed with the Court. No Notices to Creditors were filed.

Having made up his own Will, something Leonce vowed he would NEVER do, make a Will, The Trustee dared me to sue him.

Destruction of The Estate Work of John Houston Payne

Attorney John Houston Payne, now deceased was one of the earliest Members of the Florida Bar and throughout his life was esteemed by his peers, known very well in Broward County. Mr. Payne and his wife Barbara, who had taught Kay and Leonce English at Fort Lauderdale High School, knew more about Leonce Picot than anyone anywhere.

He knew the family dynamic completely and had carefully constructed Leonce's Estate Plan with the knowledge of all that had gone before, the treatment of Kay, the stress on the children, and a re-marriage. He made the proper distribution of Leonce's property in thirds, as happened to once have been the law, at the time of Kay's Divorce from Leonce. Carolyn Picot had her own property from her first divorce and her father. So that did not enter into the scope of "Leonce's Estate."

Mr. Payne's work, then was concerned with the distribution of just Leonce, to his children, and his wife, equally.

There were three designated Trustees, of which two would be appointed to distribute the estate, and a third, who would have to act with another appointed trustee if the first two were unable to serve.

These three, in order were, John Houston Payne, Bruce A. Weihe, attorney, and Carl G. Santangelo, a newcomer to town when the work was done.

When I had discovered Leonce had been dead a month and no one had notified me, I dug out Mr. Payne's work and called the first successor trustee, Bruce A. Weihe. It was his son now in the law offfice who answered the phone. I explained the situation.

"Oh, Dad hasn't been able to serve for years and years- I'll come to court and testify if you need it."

That left Santangelo alone. Another successor was not appointed. AGAINST John Payne's Rules for Leonce's Purported, Edited by a SOLE trustee Life Insurance Trust, which Santangelo was eager enough to alter, but too too lazy to rewrite Payne's Cover Page, but which the Judge didn't bother to read, Santangelo ALONE collected all policies, accounts, and intangible property of Leonce Picot with no ACCOUNTING.

Now, we can all see the sense of having co-trustees to handle, account, and distribute large sums. Right? Mr. Payne saw the sense in it. It is to keep everybody HONEST.

The first thing Court 17 should have asked, who is the Co-Trustee?

The Purported Will was A DEATHBED WILL

This fabricated document was flashed, the first two lines of it under my eyes by the Trustee, to try and scare me away from a Contest. What he showed me was a badly typed two sentences saying I and my son were disinherited.

The bogus Will was filed five months after Daddy died and only after I had spent $1700 to get the Trustee served, who would not accept service at his professional office and had to be "caught" by a private detective for service, five months after his client's death. And it was not the same Will or draft I had been shown and intimidated with by the Trustee.

It was literally made on the deathbed, under the oxygen tent. That makes sense. Time to change your mind, three breaths before dying!

But I was expecting this scenario upon my father's death. I had been spending the preceeding 30 thirty years prior to his death collecting the documents to build my case against a network of estate fraud pushed through court proceedings by lawyers, trust companies, banks, and judges, an operation more than a century old because no one can or wants to stop them.

And when Leonce died, Court 17 acted contrary to Mr. Payne's Rules which gave me rights to a full accounting of the Life Insurance Trust. Right to an accounting of a Life Insurance Trust is Statutory.

Because I was ready to take that current information to establish the Court's mis-appointment of Leonce Picot as Kay's PR in 1972 which gave him control of concealed property which he used for himself for a reward.

I was ready with the entire perp organization which came and wiped Leonce's slate clean as an interstate alliance before he died.

Leonce Picot and David Edgerton used a duplicitous taxpayer scheme in which also is taxpayer Northwest Mutual Life REIT, to veil adversely-held property of Kay Picot's Family Estate, thanks to Court 17.

And these sequence taxpayer schemes whose numbers tip off royalties and commission distributors rely on IRS insiders who are told a number to assign. Shouldn't we be getting to the bottom of this, moles in the IRS working for securities traders?

When Leonce died, I had a last chance to present this with a forensic accountant I could have afforded except the court went against Florida Law, against the legal work of John Houston Payne, too vigorously, to block the accounting and Life Insurance Policy History needed to provide current evidence for a prosecutable INDIANA PICOT RICO case.

Thirty years of a tediously assembled paper trail from 1966-2018 of asset tracing in Deeds and mergers was forced back to irretrievable status. All we needed was the connection from 1966-2018 to have a case of present significance.

Court 17 sent me back to the Cold Case Unit.

'Tisn't just my hill of beans life which has been made into shambles. Estate fraud affects a sea of elders, widows, and orphans. It creates political slush funds. It facilitates money laundering as a source of clean and concealed money to mingle with what might otherwise be questionable money.

It takes just three generations for Estate Fraud by lawyers and judges to aggressively shift established prosperity from one family to other bloodlines of their choosing. It is a long-running scientifically amortized caper. Kay Daniel Picot was a Mark then a Target.

The court is inhumane. The court fosters criminality which enriches its officers who feed upon the weak. To top off the fare, Court 17 Obstructs Justice by suppressing what is evidence for Criminal Prosecution.

Court 17 is a Peoples Court of Doom.

With diagnosed CPTSD, I live for my son who contracted diagnosed PTSD upon hearing he had been rejected by his grandfather because the Trustee of Damnation accused him of stealing $2,000 when he was 17 years old from Leonce Picot. That was not the case, but it was used against a client's grandson. And, my boy could not bear that. He did not understand the family history and he loved his grandfather. But a stranger lawyer and a stranger and flippant judge took that away, scarring an innocent victim of already long time extended familial bullying, forever, without a second thought.

Thus ends Indiana Jones for Loans and the 17th Judicial Circuit of Doom.

17th Judicial Circuit of Broward County

  WOE unto them that decree unrighteousness decrees, that write grievousness which they have prescribed. To turn aside the needy from judgment, and take away the right from the poor of my people, making widows their prey, and that they may rob the fatherless!

May God have Mercy on Your Souls

Kay Daniel Picot AuthorKay Daniel Picot, the One and Only Author of:

Restaurants of Puerto 1961
Restaurants of Florida 1963
Restaurants of San Francisco 1963
Restaurants of New York 1964
Great Restaurants of the United States 1966

aka Katherine Ann Kryder of Fort Wayne, Indiana.