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Leonce Picot Eulogy 1932-2018

There are some firsthand details about this highly collectible autograph, given to Michele by her father when she was a pre-teen and the original Picots, Leonce, Kay, Michele, and Laura had not yet been blown apart. First and foremost, it was probably one of the top ten disappointments of Leonce's life that Michelle Phillips had not come to the Mai-Kai that evening, for he was smitten with her. He bought Michele, his daughter, Mamas and the Papas records, always pointing out to his daughter what a beautiful girl Michelle Phillips was.

Yet, looking into the value of Mama Cass's signature it is found to soar without ceiling compared to Michelle Phillips signed items, starting at $7.83, few reaching over $100.00.

As the only owner, Michele has managed to keep the paper with her through twenty household moves and multitudinous trials and tribulations.

The Mai-Kai Restaurant, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida appears on Leonce's letterhead as it once was and never will be again. It was drawn by Al Kocab, but every tall and stately coconut in that drawing died of lethal yellowing in South Florida, when Kay died. The coconut palms now are a hybrid, and had to be replanted after the disease ran its course, so none of the palms in South Florida have attained the height and character of what was in the original Mai-Kai landscape. The restaurant has lost several acres of its South Seas plantings, and hurricances altered the architecture. The Polynesian paradise where Mama Cass came to dine, is no more, nor is Cass, nor Kay, nor Leonce, nor Al, or Bob and Jack, whose parents built them The Mai-Kai..

As for Leonce, and what role was he really playing through life, such as double-agent, or just another greedy guy, his presence on the autograph may have some value in itself. Kay told Michele, "One day your father is going to be very famous."

But it couldn't be for his vanishedt restaurants and wine cellars. It is only the Chef who can become most famous in a haute cuisine enterprise. Kay's tone of awe impressed Michele that this foretold fame would be something patriotic, something greater than restaurants, for which he will be completely forgotten.

Therefore Mama Cass's greeting, including with Love from the Mamas and the Papas, as many of her signatures are just "Cass Elliot," and the mystery surrounding Kay Picot and Leonce Picot and Frank Kryder is an inherent value.

Michele wishes to exchange this psychedelically, paranormally charged collectible paper for her forever humble home in the woods, in an ABC County where the people are poor and meek.

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Mama Cass Elliot Autograph on Leonce Picot Mai-Kai Stationery

Details by Michele Picot

Mama Cass Elliot Autograph


Mama Cass Elliot Autograph