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The name Zapata Oil was a hex aimed at the first Labor Union in America, The Boston Shoemakers 1648. *

Patrick Crowley was head of the New York Central, Leo T. Crowley was head of the FDIC, Robert Crowley was in covert operations of the 1947 CIA and Aleister Crowley was an "occultist."

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Scarlet Letters, Paige O'Hara and Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty

*source: telepathic transmission; Communion of The Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, of which my Voice Teacher, George Sidney Dane, student of Stephen Townsend, former Conductor of the Boston Symphony. He retired and moved to Florida with his wife, soprano Flora Palumbo Dane in 1959.

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Table 1 The 13 Step Pyramid of the Scottish American Investment Trusts and Scottish National Trust Companies
Table 1 B 13 Step Pyramid of the SAINTs Missing Kryder Trusts in years 1942 and 1943 appear in this progression, not visible in others
Table 2 Pyramid in time showing advent of Charleston Scottish Rite Center in 1801 which causes 1969 secret incorporation of the holding company to appear in Kryder Company progression
Table 3 Pyramid adding formation of Pennsylvania RR, FEC Ry, and Union Pacific; the bloody trail of the UP
Table 17-FU Introduces North American Exploitation; Expanded effect of 1901 NWRR + 1907 MVF
Table 21-PU Michael Valentine Fleming vortex of bonding power
Table JFK Last Executive Order and the FEC Ry Co
Table STD NY Senator RFK betrayed by NY Gov. W. A. Harriman

Letter & Number Hexes and Counterspells- Under Construction with regular updates

The GHoul of Cal-Gary

incarnations on 50-yr and 100- yr cycles, ghosts, skulls and bones, acts of maleficence and ritualism: this Group are the occult practitioners of depraved rites, the casters of spells and evil sorceries for all time. One wonders if the Salem witch hunt may have been a thing of necessity, and perhaps we were made to believe it was something bad, perhaps it wasn't the young girls of town who were possessed, and perhaps black arts are practiced for real. (see 1727 Royal Bank of Scotland and the last Scottish witch burned at the stake).

The University of Edinburgh The Survey of Scottish Witchcraft explains that due to the efforts of lawyers, The Scottish Witchcraft Act of 1736 was appealed and further trials and interrogations were suspended.



5/4/1659 9 (unnamed) witches executed with ministers (listed) assissting. Reference Source Dumfries Presbytery records Reference CH2/1284/1, p. 216. Notes Note about ministers and brethren who are to confer with the accused and assist with their execution. ; University of Edinburgh database; Dumfriesshire

  1. Blackadder First name John Title Mr Occupation minister Residence Troqueer & Kirkconnel, Dumfriesshire Notes Minister 1653-1662, deprived. Was fugitive and eventually imprisoned on the Bass Rock. Involved in case in 1659.
  2. Brown First name John Title Mr Occupation minister Residence Tinwald & Trailflat, Dumfriesshire Notes Minister 1656-1664. Involved in case in 1659.
  3. Campbell First name George Title Mr Occupation minister Residence Dumfries Notes Minister at St Michael's 2nd charge in 1659. Deprived in 1662. Returned in 1687. Involved in case in 1659.
  4. Hay First name William Title Mr Occupation minister Residence Holywood, Dumfriesshire Notes Minister 1656-1662, deprived 1662. Involved in case in 1659.
  5. Henryson First name Hugh Title Mr Residence Dumfriesshire Notes Few details but involved in case in 1659
  6. Irving First name Francis Title Mr Occupation minister Residence Kirkmahoe & Kilblane Notes Minister from 1645-1662, deprived in 1662. Restored in 1687, in office until 1696. Involved in Conventicles, imprisoned on the Bass Rock in 1679. Involved in cases in 1659 and 1692
  7. Johnston First name George Title Mr Occupation minister Residence Newbattle Notes Was earlier minister at Lochrutton (1654-1660) in Dumfries. Minister here from 1660-62, was deprived but returned in 1687. Involved in cases in 1659 and 1661.
  8. MacKurd First name William Title Mr Residence Dumfriesshire Notes Few details but involved in case in 1659.
  9. Sempill First name Gabriel Title Mr Occupation minister Residence Kirkpatrick-Durham Notes Minister 1657-1662, deprived but returned in 1689. Involved in case in 1659.

Pringle First name Rayatons Office assistant to constable Residence East Lothian Notes Involved in cases in 1659. Very unusual first name. Cases involved in Case Involvement Angus,Marion 1/3/1659 Investigator Fermor,Alleson 1/3/1659 Investigator Heriot,Helen 1/3/1659 Investigator Sydserff,Jean 1/3/1659 Investigator

Callen, Jennat Start date 19/5/1658 End date 5/4/1659 Characterisation Maleficium Neighbourhood dispute Notes on characterisation Seems to be all about curses followed by harm, but difficult to tell from the circuit court records, because the record is just witness ratifications of their depositions. The witness deposition is mostly people ratifying their testimony - not a lot of detail. Dittay has lots of details about quarrels, curses, and illness. Trials associated with this case Callen,Jennat Mentioned in a trial Callen,Jennat (trial date 4/4/1659) Mixed central/local Qualitative information Witches' Meetings Folk Culture Folk Notes Poured cows milk into Jennat's yard to heal a cow. Janet Miller diagnosed her as the cause of someone's illness told her to get 3 stoppings of Straw from Jennat's roof and burn them. So she was the subject of counter-magic, that means that her neighbours thought she was using harmful magic on people. Counter strategies Counter-magic Ritual objects Straw Diseases/Illness Human illness Yes Human death Yes Quarrelling Yes Cursing Yes Notes on disease Also caused someone to fall into a trance. Curse after getting kicked out of her house. Cow's milk. Threats re: bleaching linen, cow in the corn (courch removal). Injured woman for marrying the man Jennat wanted. Other maleficia Property damage Yes Property damage Dairy References Circuit Court Books JC10/1 fo. 266r-266v, 267r, 269r Circuit Court Papers JC10/15/1 Process Notes JC26/26 Dumfries dittays 1659 (Biggest dittay roll) Process Notes JC26/26 Dumfries bundle

Butter,Martha (1659) Trial process type Mentioned in a trial Post-trial phase Mentioned in a trial Date of mention 29/3/1659 Type of mention Accomplice Mentioned in trial of Marioun Lynn Date of mention 6/4/1659 Type of mention Accomplice Mentioned in trial of Helen Simbeard


1809 first U.S. bank failure, Gloucester, R.I.


+ Fifty years thence we have:


1859 the first oil well in Texas began in Nacogdoches

1859'er Pikes Peak Gold Rush

John Brown murdered five pro-slavery Southerners, was tried for treason; was executed and hanged in Charles Town, Virginia; origin of Civil War

The Chartered Bank opened branches in Hong Kong and Singapore. (see Fleming Plan to dominate American & Asian Banking and the opium route)

The Albany, Vermont & Canada RR incorporated

In an intervenous year, 1906, the Rhode Island Millionaire's Senate is in full swing. The North American Exploitation Company, designed to blow up creation and leave a mess behind forever after began, with a Nitrate Securities Trust, and a Night & Day Bank. An earthquake in San Francisco cost Aetna heavily in claims, but no matter. The correspondent bank in DC was in receivership.



3/20/1911 Harriman National Bank; originally Night & Day Bank 1906; acquired Liberty National Bank & Trust Company 4/8/1932

1906 Nitrates Securities Trust; changed name to Cardinal Investment Trust Ltd 1919 ; (Roman Catholic Church officially supported the Austrofascist regime)

"Millionaires' Senate" of 1906

(Aetna paid 3 million in claims following ) the San Francisco earthquake 4/18/1906

Aetna Bank & Trust, Washington, DC in receivership

North American Exploitation Company, Inc.

1/15/1906 A hex upon farmers: The Lorain & West Virginia Ry Co

7/8/1906 Robert Fleming Arrival Date: 8 Jul 1906 Ship Name: St Paul Port of Arrival: New York, New York )


Now it is 100- years from the first U.S. bank failure; E.H. Harriman dies, 9/9/9, Sir Touche & Lord Wargrave appear. Touche corporation expires 2999


"Hitler's lost years in Vienna from 1909 to 1913"

George A. Touche, associate of Lord Wargrave, opened first U.S. office in Montreal;

"The largest and finest" Temple of the Scottish Rite in America was built in Fort Wayne by officers of the Fort Wayne National Bank, and Bass, the manufacturer of railcar wheels and such.

Scottish American Mortgage Co. Ltd. .: 06/14/1909 Withdrawn.: 02/03/1938 : NELSON, HUGH MONTGOMERY, AL Prin Address: EDINBURGH SCOTLAND, OC Nat Of Bus..: LOAN MONEY ON REAL ESTATE

GARY FIRST HUNGARIAN WORKINGMEN SICK BENEFIT AND FUNERAL ASSO : 191219-063 Creation Date: 8/13/1909 Inactive Date: 1/1/1975

9/09/1909 Death of E.H. Harriman, one of biggest railroad owners in U.S.

12/5/1909 real property and equipment of (NS) Norfolk & Southern Railway auctioned in foreclosure

In late 1909-1910, Barbara Krupp and Baron Tilo Wilmosky toured the Gary, Indiana steel yards along with the German Commissioner of Agriculture

1910 Straus Brothers, Inc.; Lincoln Trust Co., Caledonian Trust Co Ltd, Glasgow


We see in 1910 the "Tri-State" Three trusts in the German American National Bank, Fort Wayne, and in 1919 the birth of our nemesis PEPSI.


Loft, Inc.(Pepsico);

COCA COLA BOTTLING WORKS OF GARY INDIANA : Control Number: 191569-019 Creation Date: 2/1/1919 Inactive Date: 1/1/1975

GARY RETAIL GROCER'S ASSN : Control Number: 191598-014 Creation Date: 5/6/1919 Inactive Date: 1/1/1975

GARY UNION LABOR TEMPLE CORP : Control Number: 191749-034 Creation Date: 6/30/1919 Inactive Date: 1/1/1970

Lincoln Trust Co. merged its interests with Straus Brothers Commercial Bank

1906 Nitrates Securities Trust; changed name to Cardinal Investment Trust Ltd 1919

One hundred years from The Chartered Bank, and fifty years from Lord Wargrave a new GHoul or two are on the scene.


Goldfinger ;“Quantum of Solace”

Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach director of Dresdner Bank along with A. Alzheimer

The "Barbie Doll" manufactured by Mattel was introduced in 1959

FEC 50 yr. bonds due;

The Ryder System acquired Indiana Truck Leasing Corp., Fort Wayne, Dixie Drive it Yourself System, and Barrett Garages of San Francisco

2/3/1998 CHICAGO (AP) --" Scientists have pinpointed what is believed to be the earliest known case of AIDS -- an African man who died in 1959 -- and say the discovery suggests the virus first infected people in the 1940s or early '50s..."

2/3/1959 It was determined by court opinion that holders of defaulted debt of the FEC Ry Co were entitled to $376 per $1000 claim.

GARY AMERICAN MEXICAN ORGANI : Control Number: 194285-043 Creation Date: 2/3/1959 Inactive Date: 1/1/1970

Indiana SCOTTS INC : 194285-078 Creation Date: 2/5/1959 Inactive: 1/1/1978 = Shamrock Capital + SHoaff

SOCONY MOBIL COMPANY INC: 5959 LAS COLINAS BLVD, IRVING, TX 75039 : Control Number: 194286-055 Status: Active Creation Date: 3/2/1959

NiXon campaign for presidency

Zapata Oil, Calgary

"Bush moved headquarters of Zapata Off-Shore to Houston"

Indiana (Krupp Steel) REPUBLIC INDUSTRIES INC : 194009A045 Creation : 7/1/1959 Inactive: 1/1/1970

(purchased by Continental Can (Krupp) FORT WAYNE CORRUGATED PAPER : 194241A124 Creation Date: 7/27/1959 Inactive :

Scottish Rite Foundation of Alabama, Inc.:: 08/20/1959 Dissolved.: 07/09/2004: MOBILE, AL Nat Of Bus..: BENEVOLENT, EDUCATIONAL Names Of Inc: CLARKE, FRED W BOWRON, RICHARD L ARMSTRONG, JOHN R WARD, CECIL M

9/8/1959 East Texas Motorfreight Lines, Inc.; J.W. Bullion, dir.

9/10/1959 Lee Harvey Oswald issued passport

9/11/1959 Lee Harvey Oswald discharged from Marine Corps

INVESTORS TRUST COMPANY Agent: T H MCCASLAND III 1202 N 10TH ST DUNCAN, OK 73533 (RA) Effective Date: 10/9/1959

EXXONMOBIL OIL CORPORATION ID number: 19871033340 Surviving Entity In Merger 10/13/1959 MAGNOLIA PETROLEUM CORPORATION

11/1/1959 Norfolk & Western Ry Co Indiana Northern Ry Co

11/6/1959 Consolidated Freightways, HQ Calgary, was reorganized and transferred to a holding company, Consolidated Freight Corp of Delaware

Indiana CARDINAL FINANCE CORPORATION : Control Number: 194185A058 Creation : 11/20/1959 Inactive : 1/1/1970 ; see 1919

12/1/1959 THE VIRGINIAN RY CO was merged into Norfolk & Western Ry Co

And, note the address of 12/1/1972 EXXON MOBIL CORPORATION: 5959 LAS COLINAS BLVD, IRVING, TX 75039; as "12/1/" was the reported death date of Aleister Crowley


And now we are at year 200, with a reincarnation of the earlier Barnett Bank of Florida


(Barnett Bank) THE TROPICAL OIL COMPANY , OK Effective Date: 12/31/2009




First U.S. Bank failure; Farmers Bank of Gloucester, Rhode Island

3/18/1809 Halifax Insurance Company, Nova Scotia. Oldest Canadian fire insurance co.


Commercial Bank of Scotland (established 1810)


Gusstahlfabrik founded; Krupp manufactories


War of 1812 -1815


National Bank of Scotland established 1825

Standard Life Assurance Company established, Edinburgh

GARY DIVERSIFIED INVESTMENT CLUB INC : 196804-107 Creation Date: 4/5/1968: Inactive Date: 1/1/1970


Pennsy Bankrupt

1/11970 The Kryder Company, Inc. dissolved

EAST GARY LUMBER INC : Control Number: 197010-095 Creation Date: 10/7/1970 Inactive Date: 1/1/1978

"effective from 1/1/ 1970, Standard took over BP's leases at Prudhoe Bay and some East Coast downstream assets acquired in 1968. In return, BP acquired 25% of Standard's equity";       

Jardine Matheson and Robert Fleming & Co joined handsRoyal Bank of Scotland: "By 1970, following the Royal Bank's merger with the Edinburgh-based National Commercial Bank of Scotland, comprising the former National Bank of Scotland (established 1825) and Commercial Bank of Scotland (established 1810)

GARY FUNERAL DIRECTORS ASSOCIATION OF INDIANA INC Control Number: 197011-283 Creation Date: 11/18/1970 Inactive Date: 1/1/1978



End 1910 Lincoln Trust Co. merged Lincoln National Bank 1928

GARY LABOR BANK : Control Number: 192356-033 Creation Date: 10/21/1925 Inactive Date: 1/1/1975



SAINT THE 2/17/1978 WEST CHESTER Pennsylvania

Frank Carlucci, deputy director of the CIA 1978-1981

Bonds of the 1918 First Joint Stock Land Bank of Fort Wayne, c/o George W. Beers, Lincoln Life Interest paid each 5/1 and 11/1; Due years 1938, 1958, 1978, 1998, 2018, 2038

d. Lucius D. Clay, freer of Alfried Krupp and Director of Continental Can

Shamrock family holdings pooled; tomato labor wages became fixed in Florida till 2008

Tropicana sold to Beatrice Foods





C A L E D O N I A  


C A L E D O N I A  
C A M E R O N 1 A  


Ian Fleming's 1929 Port of Entry Records Show he traveled on both the Cameronia and the California


Ian Fleming 13 Jan 1929 abt 1905 Male Glasgow, Scotland Scottish (Scotish) California

Ian Fleming 18 Feb 1929 abt 1905 Male New York, New York Scottish (Scotish) California

Ian Fleming 25 Mar 1929 abt 1905 Male New York, New York Scottish (Scotish) California

Ian Fleming 23 Apr 1929 abt 1905 Male Glasgow, Scotland Scottish (Scotish) California

Ian Fleming 27 Jun 1929 abt 1905 Male Glasgow, Scotland Scottish (Scotish) California

Ian Fleming 25 Nov 1929 abt 1905 Male Glasgow, Scotland Scottish (Scotish) Cameronia

Ian Fleming 23 Dec 1929 abt 1904 Male Glasgow, Scotland Scottish (Scotish) Cameronia

3400 Wilshire Boulevard

Ledger Columns for Zapata Offshore et al.

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