Where is Kryder's Money?
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The Pole with the Golden Head

Apex of Providence

The Free World

The Free World

Mayflower Mills, Fort Wayne, Indiana

The blocks of masonry are bound at precise angles to each other, each block in a course precisely bound on all sides to up to six other blocks.

To build our pyramid to the sun, the base must be made wide enough, and the journey upward made stepwise. Bonds and angles must be precise and of the right length. Imperfections or flaws in any of the design principles or materials will weaken the pyramid as the weight of more years is added.

The people's whose sweat and toil are the years of the Treasury's building blocks cannot actually see into the great pyramid of the United States Treasury. If there is a pile of missing bricks, or cracks in the mortar, we don't know about it until there is a collapse.

Now, in the free world concept, its happy people can tether themselves to the common axis of providence, strength, fertility and growth,and celebrate the abundance of nature as they weave lovely pleasing patterns to adorn the axis of their united prosperity. This is done with art, practice and a common goal. Happy people are always in possession of their own tether, and are free to unwind and begin to dance in a new pattern.

Our forefathers who worked diligently to found the United States on principles of freedom sought to make a Treasury to be our united strength and providence, with only that which is the Highest of the Most High in principle and spirit as the apex and anchor for our bond and trust. That is our rock and the promise on which we can depend.

As the story goes, though, there are always those who become so distracted by a big pile of gold that they become unnatural in their lust for it and sink into the practice of more amd more unnatural acts, including the wreaking of death and destruction. And oh what tangled and ugly patterns are woven by the ribbons they literally wrench from our hand.

In order to do so, they must first choose an inexpensive wooden pole, and crown it with a big lump of gold. This device will distract a goodly number of people from contributing more of their strength to forming bonds which strengthen the Treasury, and thus the wealth and strength of all the country, and conversely, not the head of the wooden pole.

This is done with promises of great wealth- greater than that the Treasury can offer. The gold-headed pole can pool individual wealth with that of world's greatest booties and stockpiles, with the holdings of barons and kings. It can avoid taxes and all sorts of things which strengthen the pyramid of the U.S. Treasury.

All that is required is forgetting about the apex which has been our strength and solidarity, and the motto which binds us together, and attaching our tether, the working years of our lives, to the unbeatable power of the gold-headed pole, which has the gall to call itself the Trust Company.

Banners of Time

The powerful bonds of the Trust Company are designed to sever the patriot's bond and duty to their national treasury, take control of individual assets and by ever increasing tightening bonds weave all the wealth of the world onto the Pole with the Golden Head


The objective of the Golden Head, which does not have a brain or soul, is to control the world's gold, and thus everything and everybody. We see as time goes on, there are no dancing owners at the ends of the ribbons attached to Pole, only gold bonds being wrapped onto it. In the end, however. it is only a wooden pole wrapped with gold, its insides are wormwood and gall, rotten to the core.

Swastikas of Time

It takes no Master Mason to know the mortar of any four adjacent blocks binds them together. When we construct the pyramid of the SAINTS in its various forms, using the 21-yr railroad lease as asset transforming increments of time, we see where each year of maturity or loss lies within the pyramid. The blocks we can't see because of the coiling effect can be accurately deduced from the fixed points on the axis, the beginning of SAINTS 1,2, 3, and the end of Lincoln Trust. Once each year, or block, emanating from the vertical axis in rows coursing 21-years apart, when the walls are complete we can follow the course or pre-course in the mortar channels of any year and study its relevant, and in fact financially bound together components.This includes finding ways into the hidden corners and otherwise dark interior of the pyramid.

We can pull out small sections of blocks, or years in time, and see their relation to each other. This correct alignment of dates gives us a new window on which events lead up to which in what relation.

2000 2021
WTC; Lincoln Re=Swiss RE
2022$$100 yr.
NY Metro Gold Bond

Swiss Re Incorporated in New York in 1901 as Phoenix Life Assurance, Ltd. On 9/10/2001 Lincoln Re aka North American Re sold to Swiss Re. Lincoln Re was the insurer of the World Trade Center Towers. New York City 100-yr. Metro Gold Bonds mature 100 yrs. following the plat of Kryders Additions to the City of Fort Wayne

T.J. Gifford Carlyle Group
2008 FannieMae
1988 2009 We are Here

T.J. Carlyle Gifford, former British Treasury agent, liquidated a large but undisclosed sum of United States Securities in 1940 when North American Van Lines was incorporated in Indiana. A cousin by marriage Kenneth W. Maxfield, attorney, as Presidetn sold NAVL to Pepsico after Frank Kryder's death, and again to Norfolk Southern Corporation in 1989.

Van Sweringen Co.
Stock Market Crash
North American Van Lines

The Kryders accepted HOLC Bonds for mortgages in default. The Van Sweringen RR empire was sold for peanuts to the Ball Brothers of Munice, Indiana who carried it for a time on the books of a charitable foundation. Until it ultimately was merged into AMEX. The Van Sweringens defaulted on their note to JP Morgan at the same time the FEC filed bankruptcy. A Ball married a DuPont, becoming head of Florida National Bank.
  SAINTs Robert Fleming axis of power 1799MO Mocatta: gold
  Denver& Rio Grande Western: 3 incarnations 1809RI First Bank Failure, Rhode Island
  Pennsylvania RR : Steel interests 1842PR Beginning Pennsylvania RR
  Union Pacific RR: Bankers of the 37th Congress 1862UP Beginning Union Pacific RR
  Florida East Coast RR: Flagler/Standard Oil 1892FEC Beginning Florida East Coast RR
FWNC Securities Holding Company, Fort Wayne National Bank 1932KCO Kryder Company, Inc. HOLC Bonds , Farm Loan, etc.
2039SH Shoaff Asset Management 1950NAP North American Properties, Inc.; North American Van Lines

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