Serialized four digit ids according to relative Reserve City

The ABA Key can be downloaded as a pdf for your personal viewing pleasure. Every household should have a copy.

Treasury instruments are exchanged or redeemed in a Federal Reserve City Bank. Assigned numbers of closely related entities used in organized financial crime, are spotted, ranked, and filed according to their F.R. Number which may be a prefix or suffix 1-49.

Numbers 50-99 are state districts. There are banks in the whole series 99, into which all our states were divided, but not every state has a Federal Reserve Bank. For example, New York City is 1., but the State of New York is 50. Most likely, if you have taxable at death U.S. Treasury instruments in an estate in Albany, New York, they may be deposited in Albany, but for redemption, they will go to a Reserve Bank in New York City 1.

The F.R. bank where U.S. Treasury securities are presented for redemption or exchange is the first in a chain of notifications of tax due, first to the Comptroller of the United States which triggers notice to IRS. If there are taxable at death securities, SSA is also notified of tax due; an estate cannot be closed and dispersed without a Death Certificate and proof all expenses have been paid.

The Key to the Numerical System of the American Bankers Association was presented and adopted in 1911 when the Standard Oil Trust was ordered to be dissolved. Not that the corporate officers and preferred stockholders hadn't seen it coming- they had gotten away with as much as they could for the moment. Dissolution was inevitable. They didn't just fold and abandon an empire. and go away. The death of Henry Flagler coincided with the Federal Reserve Act in 1913.

The narrative supports the Reserve Cities entwined in identification numbers of C.F. Kryder, F.H. Kryder, Dave Edgerton, and Leonce Picot, and vice versa. Serially, 111 years of entities fall into order to tell the story of these men, 1869-2018 in 5 Reserve Cities. Reserve City 15 is included because it is the location of the U.S. Treasury which originally issued registered bonds to C.F. Kryder which have not been accounted in his Trust or Estate.

To interpret, an id with prefix and suffix numbers 1-49 is attached to (2) Reserve Cities, such as *3611. Combo numbers 1-99 may represent incorporation in one state connected to Treasury items in another state with a Reserve City, such as *6547.

Agent Strawberry in focusing on these men- her own great-grandfather, grandfather, father, and father's questionable partner, purely minding her own business.

John Houston Payne, Esq., who had known Leonce Picot from boyhood, said to Michele Picot-Strawberry, before his 2008 demise, "If you do nothing, it's called, 'sleeping on your rights.'"

Frederic Tourkow, Esq. of Fort Wayne, attorney for Tokheim Corporation, deceased, said to her, "There is no doubt fraud has taken place."

And forensics, who cannot be identified for safety, moaned, "I see an empire going out of your great-grandfather's hands and off record - this is a terrible thing, the worst I have ever seen in my career, stripping generations of heirs."

Agent Strawberry's focus is thus narrowed to her own case for which she must exercise her own rights because you had to have been there to really get it. Therefore Strawberry has constructed serialized tax numbers of related entitities starting as a direct lineal descendant of her forefathers all of whom had weird or non-existent estate work in the county of their death. Those numbers which line up with identifications of Frank, Frank. Leonce, and Dave are all part of the narrative- they all support the story, organized according to their relative Reserve City. It is perfectly logical whenever there is an occurrence of a repeat tax id "flag" to the sharp-eyed ex-Treasury agent turned Bank President, routing can go two ways from a relative entity, in another state, but connected by Treasury securities to the same Reserve City. **

9. Detroit, MI
15. District of Columbia
28. Spokane, WA
36. St. Joseph, MO

State Prefix 65. Maryland

In each column a number with a dash indicates the banking entity present in that city in 1911, when The Key was adopted and published.

A "TIN" is a Texas Identification Nummer which sometimes is the same as the US EIN, or the same with numbers added beginning and end.

By marriage, Barnett Bank entities are Bank of America plus Lincoln National Life Insurance Company.

Reserve City 9.
Detroit, MI
Reserve City 15.
District of Columbia
Reserve City 28.
Spokane, WA
Reserve City 36.
St. Joseph, MO

Reserve City 47.
Cedar Rapids, IA

0900 US EIN/TIN Jefferson Nt'l Ins. Co (1965)
0900 EIN Old House, Ltd. Picot & Edgerton FL (1985)

0907 Hughes Defense (VA) Communications Company (1993)
0908 Plantation Key, Inc. (M.Lansky) (1966)
0911 Mobil Gas Supply
0913 First Data Card Solutions
0915 USX Corp TIN PA (2002)
0929 Oxy, USA FL (2009)
0933 Indiana Refining Liquids (1980)
0934 Navistar

0938 U.S. Steel Oilwell Services TIN PA (2013)
0938 Sunniland Gas & Oil Stg. FL

0940 Nt'l Living Will Registry FL (1991)
0941 Lakeside Inn Mt. Dora Edgerton
0947 SEC Burger King Lease #0947 (of 3 current)
0947 Sunniland Pipeline Co. FL (1964)- Moser et. al.

0948 Great Am. Assurance Co. OH (1959)
0950 Superior Oil (FL 1930)
0953 Phoenix Life (1982)

0962 EIN Stuckey Timberland FL 0962 TIN Enron Gas Supply

0966 Hidalgo Fertilizer
0967 TIN Union P&W Oil, Inc (1987)

0969 Nt'l Life Ass. Co of Canada WY
0969 TIN Enron Credit

0971 Lincoln Group Mgmt. Co. FL (1999)
0975 TIN Raytheon Technologies FL (1956)
0976 TIN Targa (Dynegy) NPL Tx (2001)
0980 Zapata Oil & Gas (*1976)
0984 Cont. Condenser Corp FL (1991)
0985 Cont. Am. Mtg. Svcs., Inc FL (1994) (Lake Mary)
0987 Lincoln Graphics FL (1981)
0989 Cont. Mgmnt. Co. Inc. NJ (2004)
0993 TIN Bombardier Services Corporation (2007)
0998 1st. Nt'l Acceptance FL (*1976)

1502 Halliburton Brown, Root Energy

1504 TIN Braniff Int'l Airlines (1976)

1506 Nt'l Lumber Brokers, Inc. FL (1979)
1506 TIN Brown-Forman

1519 Marriott-Host Airport Terminals TIN TX (1986)
1520 Navistar Financial Securities

15-21 ABA Harriman & Co.

1524 Koch Oil Co. of Texas (1980)

1530 Shell Offshore
1530 Exxon Mobil Russia

1534 Bayer Corporation
1534 Tower Groves, Orlando
1534 Lincoln Nt'l Ins. Assoc. of Tx

1536 Caribbean Mining

1541 Lincoln Consumer Corp FL (2010)
1541 Vale; Int'l Nickel Co (INCO)

1545 TIN Century 21 Re Corp, CA (1971)
1549 Zenith Ins. Co. CA (1994)

15-50 ABA U.S. Post Office
15-51 ABA U.S. Treasury

1553 Deutsche Bank Berkshire Mtg., Inc. FL (2004)
1554 First Indiana Leasing Tx (1988)

15-58 ABA Union Trust

1559 Alternate Telephone Wiring 1561 Transtar
1567 Lincoln Financial Inst. Group c/o Lincoln Financial Distributors CT
1574 Cont.Ill. Comm. Corp IL (1981)
1577 Southeastern Petroleum & Gas

1578 Lincoln Leasing LLC FL (2003)
1578 Cont. Concrete Prod., Inc. FL (1971)

1579 BK Global Brands Edgerton
1582 Burcon Edgerton

1583 Group IV Properties, Inc FL(1986)
1583 Lincoln Dev. Group, Inc. FL (1994).

1584 Orlando Int'l Airport Hotel 1586 FL Sugar & Molasses Exchange
1589 Armour Food Co. NE (1983)
1590 National Homes Acceptance
1591 Columbia Willamette Lsng. OR (1984)
1596 Centex Properties LLC FL
1598 Atlas Steel MA (1960)

2801 Halliburton Energy
2804 Lincoln Properties FL (1970)
2805 Int'l Paper Co. TN (1941)

2808 TIN Occidental Petroleum , TULSA, OK, LA (2012)
2808 (SMI) Allied Int'l Holdings (Smith Estate) (FL 1985)

2809 CONTINENTAL EMSCO COMPANY (trading name, 1946-06-04 - 1984-01-31) GRAND PRAIRIE RUBBER CO INC (trading name, - 1952-03-20) OIL STATES RUBBER CO. (trading name, - 1980-07-23) OIL STATES INDUSTRIES, INC TIN
2810 Wells Fargo Trade Capital
2812 Ft. Wayne Nat'L Corporation, Inc. 1969 or 1982
2818 Monaco Coach IN (1983)
2823 Tenneco (Solvay) Minerals TX (1983)
2824 Hidalgo Hotel
2832 Lincoln Property Co. Nt'l (2014)
2835 Wells Fargo Wealth

2840 Shell Service Oil Company
*2840 RSSD Actoil (2014)

2847 Cont. Battery Co. TX (2018)
2848 White Rose Distributing (Nt'l Oil)
2849 Atlas Barge Co. Miami

28-52 ABAUnion Trust & Savings
28-54 ABA Spokane State Bank

2851 Cont.-Casualty Ins. Inc. FL (2017)
2856 Ball Bros. Foundation, IN

2859 Merry Maids NE (1983)
2859 Oleum Oklahoma America TX (2018)

2861 Navistar Int'l (2017)
2862 Waterway Restaurants, Inc (1968)
Picot & Payne
2865 Amoco Int'l Oil (1979)
2869 New York Life
2871 Barnett Capital Insurance
2873 Southern Air Transportation
2879 Enron Capital
2880 Wells Fargo Commercial Finance

2883 Walt Disney Resorts
2883 R.O.I.C. Fred Shoaff, III, Venice FL

2886 Disney Destinations Tx (1999)

2896 Chalet Suzanne Aviation FL (1966)
2896 Lincoln Radio & Television Service, Inc. FL (1960)

3602 TIN Nat'l Securities Clearing, Bernard Madoff D, Tx (*1976)

3611 Nicklos Oil & Gas RSSD Tx (1984)
3611 SSN Clarence Frank Kryder

3612 SSN Frank Kryder, Jr. (1942)
3614 St. Joe Natural Gas Co IRS

3617 Edgecot (Picot & Edgerton)
3617 Gulf Pipeline Co. FL and TX IRS

3618 FDIC# Bank One
3618 fka First Nt'l Bk Chicago
3619 TIN Braniff Int'l (1991) TX
3620 Lincoln Consulters & Investors, Inc. FL (1992)
3624 Pillsbury Charitable Trust (1982)
3625 Trans-Canadian Oil LLC TX TIN (2021)|
3631 Astec (Neuberger Berman subsidiary)
3632 Lockheed Martin Corporation (beryllium in FL )
3636 (Catco/Bush leases) Atlantic Richfield Company (Atlantic Refining) TIN
3639 Neuberger Berman; George Herbert Walker IV President
3641 Central Adjustment Bureau, Incorporate (1967) IRS Tx|
3643 M&J Lands (1959) Oviedo, FL IRS (William Moser & Roy C. Jones) Numident life claim
3647 Midwest Natural Gas Pipeline Co. TIN (1996)

3648 Jones for Loans, Leonce Picot's employer before the Mai-Kai and associated advertising partner Picot-Jones IRS (Roy C. Jones, Sr.
3648 United Refining Company of Delaware (2022)

3651 Am. Land Title Co. TIN MN (1994)

3652 Phelps Dodge Industries (1966)
3655 Crown Liquors LLC (2014) IRS
3666 Unocal EXPLORATION TIN (1990)
3668 Union Realty (1984)

3674 Northwest Mutual Life REIT
(held the Picot and Edgerton Life Insurance Policies, paid to an unauthorized trustee) IRS
3674 Caesar's World FL (1958)
(Caesar's Palace LVN)
3674 CSX Intermodal Terminals TIN Jax, FL (1987)

3680 Canadian Oil, Inc. TX TIN (1987)

3681 Colonial Title FL (1975)
3681 Cont. Cement Co. Inc.NY (1981)

3682 CHC REIT Mgmt. Corp TX (1995)

-3684 Bacardi Int'l RSSD
3684 Citizens & Southern Florida Corporation IRS (1985)
3684 Pearson Education Inc.(1929)
3684 Sunniland Aircraft Sales FL (1970)

3686 Magnavox Consumer Electronics (1979)
3686 Nationwide Ins. Co. of FL (Ohio 1998)

3689 Continental Accting. Solutions FL (2017)

0647 America First Cap. Associates II (2008)
0947 SEC Burger King Lease (of 3) Edgerton
0947 Sunniland Pipeline Co. FL (1964)- Moser et. al.s
1247 Deutsche Bank FL (1978)
1547 TIN Firestone Real Estate Leasing OH (1985)

2147 Indy Partners Lake Mary
2147 MidCon Expl
. (*1976)

2447 Texaco
2547 FEC Ry Realty
2747 FL Farm Bureau Holding Corporation(1984)
3247 Leonard Rifkin (Steel Dynamics)
3447 Compass Investment Corp FL (1985)
3647 Midwest Nat. Gas Pipeline Co.
3747 Cont.Gen'rl Ins. Company TX (1980)
3847 Pennzoil Exp. & Production FL (1985)
4147 Canadian Exploration Gas & Oil

4347 FDIC National City Bank of Indiana
4347 Omnisource Bay City IN

4447 IRS Lakeside Inn Edgerton, Sr.
5147 Abbvie (2012)
5647 Dynegy Mktg. TX TIN (1989)
6347 Ohio Petroleum Corp. FL (1994)

6547 Rescon Picot (1966)
6547 Trump Burger 2024 TIN (2022)

6647 Nt'l Mgmt. Group FL (2015)
6847 North American Properties
6947 Cont. Equities, Inc. FL (1959)
7047 Tampa Scrap
7147 Bacardi USA

7347 Mt. Dora Fertilizer Edgerton, Sr.
7347 Bell South Telephone Co.TIN Tx

7847 ReMax Holdings TX (2008)
7847 Wells Fargo Bk Tx NA

8547 LHI Dev. Corp FL (1969)
8647 Mutual Sec. Life FL Br.
9047 EOG (Enron)
9547 Lincoln Rd Clothing. Co. FL (1997)
9647 Nt'l. Oil TX (2017)

17147(FDIC) First Merchants Bank, Muncie - system rolls over with a double-

State 65. Maryland

Relationship Types

Hybrid :

3647- Midwest Pipeline TX
4709- Dothan Seed and Supply AL
2865 Amoco Int'l Oil (1979)


3636 (Catco/Bush leases) Atlantic Richfield Company (Atlantic Refining) TIN

0947 SEC Burger King Lease Detroit 9.
0947 SEC Burger King Lease Edgerton Cedar Rapids 47.

Genetically Modified:

6517 NAVL - via 6547 Picot and 3617 Picot, Edgerton with Minneapolis 17.


0950 Superior Oil (FL 1930)


0900 US EIN/TIN Jefferson Nt'l Ins. Co




1998 1st. Nt'l Acceptance FL (*1976)
0980 Zapata Oil & Gas (*1976)