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William Manchester's1968 insider account of The Arms of Krupp dynasty and its role in bloody battle is an indispensable reference to understanding evil minded arms and munitions manufacturers, defense contractors, U.S. Steel, the Carlyle Group, and all those who go about ensuring that all men are unequal, while employing slaves and enjoying the spoils of war unnoticed or in some perverted fashion absolved.
Through this compilation of letters 1809-1815 from the office of the Fort Wayne Indian Agency, one traces the beginning of government bilking to first days of metal implement manufacturers selling junk shovels to the Great White Father for distribution to Indians as part of their annuities.

Published in 1914, George R. Kirkpatrick's book War, What For? was banned in various shops and locations in the United States, for its revelations of the cowardly ploys of munitions manufacturers coupled with the need of the upper class to encourage those less fortunate than themselves to enlist in the military and wield arms against the armies recruited by their other munitions and military defense sale clients.

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