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Frank Kryder Home Page : 1984 Far West Mortage Company of Colorado Change of Resident Agent: Papers are filled out but there is no Received and Filed Stamp, at least that can be seen. Overall, these documents are very poor quality copies for 1987.

Far West Mortgage Company of Colorado was admitted to Indiana to do business as a Foriegn Corporation effective 3/26/1987, by Indiana Secretary of State Evan Bayh. There is no such corporation in Colorado.

Further, the corporate packet, though it contains some Articles executed in 1983, does not bear a seal of Admittance by the Colorado Secretary, which explains why the corporation is not found in Colorado Corporation Records. The dates are particularly obscured, so much so, a date is handwritten at the top of the page (11/ with a change of Resident Agent 11/9/1984; 11/09/1984

By the same token, the required Authenticated Articles, which is a separate and updated Certification by the Colorado Secretary that Far West Mortgage of Colorado is domiciled there is not present.

It is required in any state, that an entity applying to do business in a state as a foreign corporation supply that state's Secretary with Proof of Existence in the state of domicile. There is no such certificate for Far West Mortgage Company of Colorado in the Admission to do Business in Indiana as a Foreign Corporation stamped and approved by Evan Bayh.

Far West Mortgage Company of Colorado and Evan Bayh