WHEN WAS SUMMIT COUNTY FORMED? Summit County was formed in 1840 and was made up of sixteen (16) townships. These townships were: Bath, Boston, Copley, Coventry, Franklin, Green, Hudson, Northampton, Northfield, Norton, Portage, Richfield, Springfield, Stow, Tallmadge, and Twinsburg. WHAT WERE SUMMIT COUNTY'S PARENT COUNTIES? Portage, Medina, and Stark Counties. Before 1840 all of Summit County's 16 townships belonged to one of these Parent Counties. WHERE DID SUMMIT COUNTY'S TOWNSHIPS COME FROM? Portage County lost: Boston, Coventry, Hudson, Northampton, Northfield, Portage, Springfield, Stow, Tallmadge, and Twinsburg townships. Medina County lost: Bath, Copley, Norton, and Richfield townships. Stark County lost: Green and Franklin townships.

1803 - On 19 Feb 1803, Congress approved the constitution which admitted Ohio to the Union on 1 Mar 1803, the 17th in order of admission. 1803 - Columbiana County was organized from Jefferson and Washington Counties. 1808 - Portage County was organized from Trumbull County. 1808 - Stark County was organized from Columbiana County. 1818 - Medina County was organized from Portage County. 1840 - Summit County was organized from Portage, Stark, and Medina Counties. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Summit County: Named for: Highest point along the Erie-Ohio Canal. Established: by an act of congress March 3, 1840. Parent Counties: Medina, Portage and Stark Counties. Land Area: 412.8 Square Miles County Seat: Akron City

Early Bethlehem Township Settlers 1. William Albin-commissioner 1816 2. Allman-owned farm 3. Ebenezer Allman-made entry in twp petition 1816 4. Aquilla Carr-first twp. marriage, to Nelly 5. Richard Carter-Quaker who settled in twp. 1802 6. J. W. Condy-made entry in twp petition 1816 7. Joshua Condy-son-in-law of Richard Carter 8. Jonathan Condy-layed out village of Bethlehem 9. James Gaff-built ballot box 10. Richard S. Goe-a Swedenborgian, early minister 11. James Grounds-taught first school in Bethlehemtwp 12. George Kehn-made entry in twp petition 1816 13. Kline-housekeeper for Condy and four children 14. Klingle-opened first store 15. James Klingle-son of Mr. Klingle, from SugarCreek twp. 16. Kreighbaum-made entry in twp petition 1816 17. John Kryder-commissioner 1816 18. John Shalter-made entry in twp petition 1816 19. Mathias Shepler-representative to 25thCongress 1837-1839 20. Nicholas Stump-made entry in twp petition 1816 21. Elias Young-land owner

Early Lake Township Settlers 1. Cornelius Aultman-born Greentown 2. Martin Bachtel-Early settler 3. E. Ball-born Greentown 4. Ephraim Ball-started foundry 1835 in Greentown 5. Birch-Luthern minister 1874 6. Jacob Brown-Early settler 7. Camp-Early settler 8. George Cooks-born Greentown 9. James Drennen-member of County Board 1816 10. John Fryberger-Early settler 11. S. S. Geib-justice sworn in 1835 12. Henry Grove-Hartville trader 13. John Houghton-justice sworn in 1835 14. Squire Houghten-Hartville trader 15. Housely-owned steam grist mill 16. Henry Kramer-inn keeper 17. John Kryder-member of County Board 1816 18. James Latimer-member of County Board 1816 19. D. F. Machamier-store keeper in Cario 20. George Machaner-Early settler 21. Markley-Early settler 22. Jacob Miller-born Greentown 23. John Miller-born 1784 24. Lewis Miller-born Greentown 25. Joseph Moore-Early settler 26. Joseph Moore-election held at his house 29 June 1816 26. John Moreheart-Early settler 28. Myer-Early settler, with brother, laid out Uniontown 1816 29. Pontius-Early settler 30. Peter Ream-Early settler 31. Leonard Raber-opened sandstone quarry 32. Henry Schwartz-Early settler, built distillerly 33. Joseph Shallenberger-born 1801, laid out town of Hartville in 1830 34. Daniel Shreves-built water mill 35. Simon Snyder-started hamlet of Cario 36. John Willis-Hartville trader 37. Wise-Early settler

Summit County: Named for: Highest point along the Erie-Ohio Canal. Established: by an act of congress March 3, 1840. Parent Counties: Medina, Portage and Stark Counties. Land Area: 412.8 Square Miles County Seat: Akron City Summit County is located in the northeast portion of the State. Interstate Highways 76 and 80, US Rout 224, and State Routes 18, 82, 162, 261, 303, and 619 cross the county east and west, and interstate Highways 77, and 271, and State Routes 8, 21, 91, 93, and 241, run north and south. The Cuyahoga, Tuscarawas, and Rocky Rivers flow through Summit County. Known as the "Rubber Capital of the World," Akron in Summit County today is recognized as the world leader in polymer research. The University of Akron's Institute of Polymer Science is internationally acclaimed.