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Where is Kryder's Money

Previously Principal of Spencerville High School, then associated with Wayne Tank and Oil, in 1922 Frank Kryder *3612 became Secretary of the Fort Wayne Board of Realtors and with his father, Clarence "Frank, Sr.," *3611, developed Kryder's Additions, 1, 2, 3, large parts of Fairfield Terr. Sec. B. Waynedale Gardens Original Plat, and Waynedale Gardens2 Add and 3 Add, together with other real estate. The published AP news was that Frank H. Kryder began the first Property Management Company in America, for the management of rental properties for their owners.

During WWII he managed The Hannan Company realty office in Ypsilanti, MI while his father operated The Kryder Company on Berry Street, an easement of the Pennsyvlania RR.


The New Deal!

TRI-STATE Loan and Trust:
Where Jesus Saves


Mama Cass Elliot Autograph on Leonce Picot Mai-Kai Stationery

Cass Elliot Autograph

Offered by The Strawberry Real Estate Exchange
Michele Picot-Strawberry, only owner since 1965.

Laura Picot Sayles
Nobody's Sister

Laura Picot Sayles

"You can't hide your lying eyes."

She knows what she's done. Read a historical anti-social profile concerning a life-long intent to injure others in her favor.
Had she been kinder, Mr. Pick would have skillfully photo-shopped the champagne off her face in this picture which was taken by, and is the property of her poor relations she delights in throwing under a bus.



"Trammell Crow ... discharged from the Navy in 1946...headed back to Dallas.. After acquiring the North American Van Lines franchise for Dallas and New Orleans, Crow ...went to ... the Doggett Grain Company." -Bio of a great American realtor.



The 17th Judicial Circuit of Broward County: The Peoples Court of Doom

Located in the heart of Row vs. Wade Fort Lauderdale, Florida, underwater sooner than later


Corrected 10/06/2022

Prescott S. Bush labeled IRS 5964 was incorrect and has been substituted with BURGER KING HOLDINGS, INC 5469 or

This error was discovered re-checking the SSDI Master File before publishing connections to the correct PSB ID, 7848 which matches biographical birth and death dates.


Redeem Me in

Reserve City 9., Reserve City 15., Reserve City 28., Reserve City 36. Reserve City 47.


Zapata Oil 1960

Always New

Straus & Lincoln Trust Company

Fort Wayne Straus Commercial Bank, correspondent of Commercial Bank of Basle, now UBS. Located on E. Berry Street next door to Western Union.

In 1901, President McKinley was assassinated.

The Chief Jean Baptiste de Richardville Estate was transferred to Straus by Senator Stephen Bond Fleming in 1902, despite restrictions requiring Presidential approval. The Chief's daughters, his heirs, were not allowed to handle money or legal affairs. An almost 2,000 acre Reserve was mined to one acre left for the chief's historical home.

This was done for the benefit of the International Agricultural Corporation so the DuPonts could strip Indiana of limestone to build New York City's most valued commercial real estate, and with the Balls, mine the state of Florida for phosphate fertilizer. All merged with the German American National Bank into Lincoln National Bank and Trust Company, now Wells Fargo aka Norwest, with a remainder German American Bank FDIC # 4396 in Jasper, IN.



Breaking News in the Cathedral of Rum

in 2008 Facundo L. Bacardi was Top Trustee for Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company- *3674, the one that Cleaned Leonce Picot's Clock before and after death.

Night of the Batistas



"The Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008—passed by the United States Congress on July 24, 2008 with bipartisan support and signed into law by President George W. Bush on July 30, 2008."
...to bail out Fannie Mae, sold to private interests by Pres. Lyndon B. Johnson, 1968

What could this mean?


Breaking Foody Doody : In 1984, in Monterey, CA, Picot and Edgerton Covertly Assigned Burger King Canada Stock to Launder Kryder's Money, Creating a Giant Pickle for Restaurant Brands of Toronto

Meanwhile, one Russian owns all the Russian Burger King Franchises


Leonce Picot Eulogy 1932-2018

Leonce Picot Busts Union Trust, San Francisco: PART I and PART II

Was Daddy really a Restaurateur?

EDGECOT: Leonce Picot and Dave Edgerton Time Line


Meet Me in Provence


Meet Me in Numidence


Numidentially Providential
Meet Me in St. Joe, MO
Federal Reserve City 36.


Leonce Picot, Michele Picot
Go Fund This:

Get sheisters and over-educated, over-privileged con-men out of decent American pocketbooks.
Keep legal interference and courts out of your family.
Protect your heirs from lawyer-driven poverty.
Break up a Lawyer Organization that is invisibly funneling your Ma's and Grandma's assets into slush for their stranglehold on Food, Fuel, and Transportation, as of old. They're back.


What's in Lincoln National Life Insurance Company's RSSID 2025708?

Minnie Kryder Historical House Fort Wayne

As Hazel Gerardot attested, "They lived good, not rich."

2025 St. Joe Boulevard, Fort Wayne, IN Historic Dutch Colonial C. Frank and Minnie V. Kryder House 1919-1963, Judge Samuel Hanna's Addition. Hanna was a grantee of The Union Pacific RR. Hanna was a member of The Corporation of Foreign Bondholders, London, along with Robert Fleming. (Moody's)

REIT 58070

The 1943 Cause 58070 cleared 500+ titles which were then placed in Trust "F.S.58070." The Trust was re-corded simultaneously with the granting of Anthony Wayne Bank's certificate of charter, and after Frank, Sr.'s death. the bank placed its bookeeping department in his offices in rm 225.

225 East Berry Street


Though Polk's has the ongoing record of the Kryder offices in rms. 202, 225, sometimes 203 and 309, (now called 215-217 East Berry Street) Frank, Jr. created a permanent record in 1942 when at 47, he obtained a SSN for purposes of working for The Hannan Company. Until that time, none of the three Kryders had taxpayer numbers as their federal investments were government guaranteed to the registrant tax-free interest and principal until death.

Helmke and Kryder

Polk's 1943 Room Number Directory of The Standard Building, 215 Berry Street shows this year Paul Helmke's grandfather, Walter E. was a second floor neighbor of the Kryders in Rm 225. Jap Jones, Hotelier was a close associate. Charles E. Dare was recruited from the Indiana Statehouse by Clarence Frank Kryder to work in his real estate and insurance office. Mr. Dare had just finished authoring much of Indiana's undone corporate law, with John Burns, a partner in the Kryders' National Farm Loan Association, C.F. Kryder, Trustee.

Paul Helmke, Soputh Bend IN

Walter P. Helmke, Judge Paul's dad, Walter E.'s son, helped his political career and son Paul's with Minnie Kryder's mis-distributed estate, under his nose. Like other troubled estates, Minnie's cause lives on and on, now kept track of in South Bend, as an FDIC Certificate Number.

06/05/1920 Institution established. Original name: Valley Bank and Trust Company (14518); PNC South Bend Br


Taxpayers (IRS EIN):

2285 North American Benefits FL
2285 Flagler System FL
8500 Raytheon
5070 North American Shopping Center FL
7005 Lincoln Underwriters
0752 North American Mortgage and Investment of New Mexico (domiciled Canary Islands)
2285 Summit Asset Management FL
2758 Summit Medical Supplies, FL c/o Walter P. Helmke, Indiana
5207 Fort Wayne Health and Casualty Insurance FL
8702 Exchange Bank Acquisition, Fort Wayne
0758 Barnett Bank Premises of Oakland Park FL
7080 Ohio National Life Insurance, OH
7852 Colonial Insurance OH Ltd. "active in Florida"
8220 L.M. Berry (1963 Minnie Estate Closed)

20 Federal Reserve Bank City Indianapolis (ABA)

Standard Industrial Classifciations

2080 Beverages SIC (SEC)
2205 Knitting Mills SIC (SEC)
5080 Wholesale Machinery SIC (SEC)


Kay Daniel Picot

Kay Daniel Picot 1931-1972
fka Katherine Ann Kryder of Fort Wayne

Mai-Kai History: The 1960's Employee Divorces Were Rampant

The Molokai Bar Entertained Husbands and Fathers til 4:00 AM in provincial Oakland Park, Florida with 151 rum, over-stuffed bras and sarongs designed to reveal more skin than Hefner's Bunny Costumes. Some of Leonce's favorite girls had been Bunnies.

Anyone interested in this story and family dysfunction will appreciate the reference book of Mai-Kai History for sale online at Mai-Kai historian Tim Glazner's website. See for yourself how the menfolk loved their flaming rum drinks delivered. In the nude shots and elsewhere you can see that the sarongs hid a frequently mediocre body type with no aesthetics of the nipple. It was all about pushed up breasts, heavy eyeliner and hair, sometimes real, sometimes fake, or a combination of both. The Mai-Kai sirens were a gluteus maximus disaster. They had no glutes. With the exception of the pro-dancers, the sultry faced young women had no abs either, but flabby bellies for their age which tend to accompany the typically enlarged thighs and short calves of an unconditioned, or as the ballet master said, "undeveloped" body. See it for yourself in Swanky's (by Tim Glazner) documentary.

Therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists treating adult women for suicidal depression and other damage to their self-esteem as a result of fathers who preferred strippers over their wives and daughters will find Mai-Kai History an invaluable insight into the 1960's and the ensuing generational impacts killing today's teenagers. This was a culture that taught putting one's body on display and serving men was a more important career for a woman than any other. It was also an extension of the belief that women were unqualified to handle money- men controlled their tips based on a woman's services.

After two babies, Kay Picot never had cellulite thighs, or an ill-defined derriere which blended into the back of her long legs. At 5'9" she maintained her upper thighs at 19" and her waist at 24"-25" until death. Her underwear size isn't even made anymore- American women are that much fatter 50 years later. Nor did she sport a belly roll when she leaned over- she had been a hockey player, cheerleader, tennis player, knew the first fitness experts in town, exercised in years ahead of their time fitness classes, had isometric bars and in 1967 was adept at the most difficult standing Hatha Yoga poses. She NEVER had a belly roll. Because Leonce liked "Slim and Trim."


Michele Picot, Mai-Kai Mystery

Above: As all young girls seek to please their Daddy, Michele Picot hoped to be The Mai-Kai Mystery Girl when she grew up.


Kay Daniel Picot, wife of Mai-Kai rum promoter Leonce Picot aka Katherine Ann Kryder, half-sister of Rosemary Kryder Bond, was deliberately omitted from the Frank Kryder Obituary in December 1966 Fort Wayne. Rosemary's mother, Rose Phillips, worked as a Clerk in the County Recorder's Office until the day her ex-husband Frank Kryder died. She ensured the Kryder intended share would go to her daughter but it mysteriously skipped Katherine and her sister Rebecca.

Leonce quashed Katherine's obituary and death investigation in 1972 and a Broward County judge appointed him AGAINST the interests of Katherine's daughters as her Personal Representative.

He took possession of her household items and most importantly all her legal paperwork including her Divorce Settlement in which all she had fought for was a no disinheritance clause covering Michele and Laura, her daughters, and their paid college education. For herself, Kay did not get enough to live. Her house had been more paid for by Levonne Kryder Daniel LeFevre who made the down payment on the marital home and bridged Leonce's deficits over 10 years. But, divorced and re-married, Leonce essentially claimed his dead ex-wife's house for himself.

Laura intentionally claimed to be the daughter of Carolyn Guerard in Leonce's Obituary of 2018 and omitted her sister, nephew, and brother-in-law who was owed $25,000 for Leonce's grandson, by Leonce's Formal Indenture made in exchange for employment and loyalty to "The Restaurants." This LIE was on the books and recorded for many years until the death of John H. Payne, who had constructed an Estate for Leonce which protected the interests of his wife and her step-daughters.

At the time Mr. Payne died, Carl G. Santangelo, became a successor co-Trustee, but he was only authorized to act with a co-trustee. Santangelo was in Bankruptcy and had some serious IRS Liens piling on. The first thing he did upon John Payne's death was take apart the Estate work, losing pages, and creating others.

By Leonce's death, the co-Trustee was long into dementia and so Santangelo, Carl, took it upon himself to act ALONE, to collect and distribute assets ALONE and unsupervised with no accountability to anyone. He was not required to follow any Court Rules of Trust Administration and was an overall nasty ass in his language and demeanor to Michele Picot-Strawberry when she tracked him down after reading her father had died a month after the fact.

When there is a month lag between death, two dates of death, and the publication of an Obituary with false, misleading, and omitted information concerning the local existence of direct family, this is an Estate Fraud Red Flag as Red as it gets.

You can search any database available and never find the two daughters of Frank Kryder, Jr. It was about a week's work to get them connected with their father in the genealogical database. Kay's sister ran off to Scotland with Bunny (grandmother) and Tamara Veronika, daughter of Charles Walter Zawadski and Beckilou Daniel aka Rebecca Louis Kryder. Bunny's grave had been located, but not Becky or Tam's. Tam was 50 when she died. But, likely Michele Picot-Strawberry is the last person to make that connection, because not even Laura Picot-Sayles knew Tam was born at George Island, Virginia which is the only place you can find her birth record.

Elsewise, all genealogy would have gone on forever without connecting Tamara Veronika Zawadski to her birth parents and lineage.

Some folks could care less, but lots of folks take family lines very seriously and are devoted to gathering records and putting families together. Because it is history and history should not be opportunistically revised to serve one line versus another. This type of work is a whole Chapter of What is Truth?

Eventually, Katherine made it into the SSDI when Michele discovered her father never filed her death certificate as PR and her SSN was never cancelled. Curiously, her SSN was not issued to her married name, or even her legal name. It was issued to Katherine Ann Daniel. Michele had Social Security change it to Kay Picot before it entered the SSDI.


 and Father

(above, Michele Picot, a wise an observant child, daughter of Katherine Kryder daughter of Frank Kryder, Jr. After 50 years time and records show her Father, Sister, Stepmother, and Stepmother's sister systematically plotted 50 years against her life and well being;


Leonce Picot

"Give it to us, we're the best! We deserve it all, because you can't take it with you!"

Ken Guerard

Above: Warlock Ken Hugh Guerard, father of Joyce the Fix and Carolyn, raised another glass when he finally got Carolyn married off to Leonce.

Everyone one of them has Katherine Ann Kryder Daniel Picot to thank for Leonce's career, especially Leonce and their daughter Laura Picot-Sayles, mother betrayer. Carolyn was a divorced, lurid man-trap, stuck teaching disabled children, and Joyce was a secretary before they got their hooks into Leonce. And Leonce was a poor, fatherless, unsophisticated boy with no one to promote him to his station before Kay fell in love with him.

Bob Thornton instantly FIRED Leonce when he heard he and Al were looking for stockholders for their own place. They weren't going to let him go any higher than Ad-Man. He had no work for two years.

Had Carolyn and Joyce been able to wipe Laura off the map, they surely would have. Laura, though, had her own plans for Daddy, and she blackmailed him with threatening to harm herself.


Leonce Picot Mai-Kai History

Above is an excellent demonstration of the Truth of it all. Notice the first paragraph states, "ONE can just write about restaurants. "

And that ONE was Kay Picot, though there is no evidence she was ever actually paid for her work.

Kay did what she believed a loving wife is supposed to do- she built up her husband to reach his highest potential, not by fueling his ego and greed, but by standing in the background and using her talents to let him rise.

Kay didn't want restaurants or even rich food- it made her sick, and alcohol did not agree with her Indian blood. Two of her Native ancestors, chiefs, had been poisoned in Fort Wayne with adulterated Government Liquor.

After the last Restaurant Book, for Laura and Michele it was nothing but Health Food until Kay couldn't afford that anymore. Adele Davis became her guide. Michele went on an 8 day brown rice diet with Kay once. Each bite had to be chewed 100 times before swallowing.

The first GNC "General Nutrition Cottage" opened up in town and in a flash the abandoned Picot girls were taking special Vitamin A and D supplements. Fortunately, Kay was hired to do writings for the business so she had a way to pay for their vitamins.

But, there is only so much writing a nutrition cottage needed and by the time Michele was in high school the household fare was pretty much reduced to MacDonald's and Cuban Sandwiches from the L'il General Deli case. Going to IHOP was a major treat. Michele bought most of her own clothing and all her gifts to others by constant baby-sitting, and working in the hospital kitchen. She worked as a clown in front of Supreme Gardens to flag down cars. That was a really bad day.

Kay fell in love with Leonce when he was The Jazzman. He was a concert promoter and DJ.

Leonce did not begin his career in restaurants. But once the Mai-Kai hit town, he had eyes for nothing else. And this was the unfortunate case for many wives whose husbands were employed there. They all wanted to be playboys with free licenses.

If food was going to be his thing, Kay didn't want Leonce stuck with Fried Shrimp and Polynesian spare ribs. That was the Mai-Kai Menu. When Jack Thornton was active in the restaurant, the food was fantastic, but it was still tiki bar fare. Jack went to Europe when he wanted a gourmet dinner.

Kay didn't want Leonce stalled at the Mai-Kai. And she didn't want her husband working in a veiled whorehouse.

Kay was the gourmet cook and Kay was the writer and thinker up of great ideas. She widened Leonce's limited scope in the world of fine dining and through her ability to write, he was given a paid opportunity to travel the country and taste gourmet food, see how it is served, and what makes a Mobil Guide 5 Star Restaurant.

Leonce Picot had never been anywhere fancy until he had Kay to write his ticket. He read Gourmet, but gourmet food and service wasn't in his training, it wasn't in his childhood, it wasn't his career. He was an Ad-Man.

It only takes browsing Restaurants of New York to see the entire decor of The Down Under was bits and pieces of New York Great Restaurants. Leonce and Al even sought out the same decor as Sign of the Dove and O'Henry's, and they used it. Those two restaurants in particular were copied as The Down Under.

The waiters' costumes (oh how the young waiters detested those costumes) were a direct steal from O'Henry's as were the pink tiles on the ceiling. All of it was copied out of things seen on the travels which would never have been possible without an Author, Kay Daniel Picot.

It was the Author who was needed to make Al Kocab's talent seen by the world. His artwork as it chronicled the 1960's would never have been seen and lasted to this day without an Author, Kay Daniel Picot.

What other books did Al illustrate?

Kay Picot Mai Kai History


(Gallatins aka The Old House in Old Monterey; see 500 Hartnell Street, Monterey- John W. Berry vs.Picot in Broward County, FL, David Edgerton, Burger King)

So, the truth is that without Kay's writing, there would NEVER have been any Leonce Picot and Al Kocab restaurants at all. They only knew the Tiki Bar as their model, and one was enough in Broward County.

Kay Daniel Picot FREED Leonce and Al from the Mai-Kai, where they would always be second class citizens, despite their roles in its success.

It kind of back-fired when Leonce tried to get to the top the way he did.

Married to the nouvelle Mrs.Picot, here's what happened in San Francisco...

Leonce Picot

And it never was. 1001 Nob Hill failed in less than two years and Leonce had to sneak away in the middle of the night with the new kitchen equipment- he was breaking a lease. His Nob Hill furniture was sent cross-country and stuffed in the innocent Strawberry's garage until the lawsuits were over. His quote is really the crux of his illusions he had carried around since Kay wrote the San Francisco Book. There could have been no place in the world more painful for the man to have failed, and Carolyn Picot pushed him into the whole deal as Nell Picot cried and begged for him not to do it, not to get involved with David R. Edgerton.

Leonce left his mother in a nursing home for his California gourmet gallop, and she called Michele in tears many times wailing, "Oh, he is going to lose everything now."

No wife of Leonce Picot's deserved Gallatin's more than Kay and Nell, who firmly believed in Presbyterian Divine Justice was painfully aware of that coupled with the danger Leonce was in when he "partnered" with Dave Edgerton, a cocaine addict.

He should have picked ANY other location in the United States than one in which he could use his ex-wife's writing to quench the ambitions of his nouvelle wife. Nell, Leonce's mother, who had known Kay since she was 14, and had raised Leonce fatherless since he was 8, believed that history would go backwards on her son, and openly said as much. She not only said it, she was hysterical because of it until her death.

When Mr. Berry sued Leonce over losing money in the Nob Hill restaurant, Carolyn Guerard got a taste of her just desserts. Sometimes I think the whole lawsuit deal was just for show, to make it look as if they were losing when they were actually all of them stashing money offshore.

Carolyn believed there is only material existence.

"You can't take it with you, " was her motto.

What a surprise when she found that they will take it from you.

One day, a wave of sympathy rose in Michele's heart, when she was only 22 or so. She said quite sincerely to Carolyn,

"I feel sorry for you."

"Don't feel sorry for me, let me tell ya'."

She had plans for Michele right from the start. Bad ones.

A visit to Carolyn Picot's Grave in the ever so important Find-a Grave Virtual Cemetery at first made Michele feel sorrier than ever. She even cried over what a sorrowful and pitiful place is Carolyn's Memorial. Someone had uploaded an out of focus picture, asking for something better. Volunteers do that for people they don't even know. No one has entered her I.D. from the cemetery, though there is a posted request for it. No one has linked her Memorial to her parents.

Michele linked Carolyn's grave to her parents.

Then Michele found a slutty yearbook picture of what a slut Carolyn was in 1958 at UM, so she uploaded that to the memorial. Jesus, what a mantrap.

She was a bad, nasty girl. Kay never posed for pictures like that, luring men with coy expressions. Plus, Carolyn was already fat below the navel in 1958, for 22 years old, and she never did have any hair.

Kay Daniel was a wholesome girl with the locks of an Indian Brave.

Michele doesn't feel sorry anymore. She was right about Carolyn all along. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Nevertheless, her first marriage and divorce to the Caressa Shoe King are absolutely concealed records. She lured him a good one.

and How Leonce's Picot's Record Collection exposed her one Christmas at the Mansion

Leonce Picot lost himself as a Man Forever Changed:
Defenses Against Race-based Employment Practices
the nouvelle ideas and influences of Carolyn Picot.

"American blacks wouldn't fit in."

The Strawberry family was pink-white, but they didn't fit in because Michele Picot had married into Tidewater- where did that idea come from?


Leonce Picot

Above: Leonce Picot at 19 years of age, bringing Ella Fitzgerald and Oscar Peterson to Dinnner Key Auditorium

At 19, the age of Michele when Kay died, Leonce Picot was one of the youngest DJs in the country, set to become a large concert promoter in Fort Lauderdale, with a finance partner, Roy C. Jones. He additionally worked at "Jones for Loans." At one point they were Picot-Jones advertising. That was his career path until the Mai-Kai showed up on 8 acres of US I which changed his course, his intention and gradually quenched his spirituality and clean way of life and his family. Rum is an addiction as insidiously destructive to the mind as heroin is to the body, though it is perfectly sanctioned and legal. Rum can lead to the use of worse and more immoral addictions like champagne.

Kay Daniel Picot

The original Mrs. Leonce Picot, Katherine Ann Kryder aka Kay Daniel, was a true Indiana extra-talented beauty who met her star-crossed husband -to-be after she was kidnapped to Florida in the middle of the night from Fort Wayne, IN by her mother in 1940. As fate would have it, Leonce's father was killed in a house fire in New Jersey in 1940. That brought Nellie, as she was called then, to South Florida with her children, Leonce and his half-sister Betty Rose.

Had Kay's mother not been such a kook, and had Leonce's father not met an untimely death, they would never have met as teenagers, and their lives would have proceeded on the course upon which they were set.

So by fateful twists, here is the biological mother of Laura Picot-Sayles and Michele Picot-Strawberry, the deposed grandmother of all three of Leonce Picot's grandchildren..

Laura Picot-Sayles does not understand that if Carolyn Guerard Picot truly wanted her as a "daughter" she could have been legally adopted, and therefore legally taken her sister's inheritance- no problems, everything tidy.

Kay Daniel Picot

Above: Leonce was miffed about this Lauderdale High Homecoming in 1948 even after Kay's death in 1972. Kay was a cheerleader and though Leonce was the school basketball star, she went to the Homecoming Dance with the captain of the football team. Leonce brought it up when Michele asked him why he couldn't stay married to Kay.

"Your mother was no angel, you know," he groused, referring to the 1948 dance.

Naturally, he never attended a Lauderdale High School Class Reunion after she was dead. The old crowd used to beg him to show up. Kay and Leonce had been too well known and too popular a couple- there would have been too many questions and shocked people to deal with.

Kay Daniel Picot

For Leonce, the one that he threw away...

Katherine Kryder Picot

Katherine Ann Kryder
aka Kay Daniel Picot on the Radio with Leonce Picot the Jazzman

Leonce and Kay Picot

In this photo Kay was more than four months pregnant with Michele Picot, and carrying like the way Leonce liked his women- "slim and trim." Michele remembers when her father used to look happy and light, as he does in this photo.

Michele Picot

Michele Picot-Strawberry uses her baby portrait to illustrate framing her with trash does nothing to change that with which she was born.

Michele Picot


Rebecca Louise Kryder

Rebecca Louise Kryder, b. Fort Wayne, IN 1936, Frank Kryder's third daughter, Katherine's sister, Rosemary Kryder Bond's half-sister.

fka Becky Daniel

Becky Daniel Zawadski

fka Rebecca Louise Kryder

Becky Daniel Zawadski

fka Rebecca Louise Kryder

It is hard to decide which of Frank Kryder's two daughters from his third marriage was more beautiful. (Not that his daughter from his first marriage was not beautiful too). Kay believed Becky was the beauty, but Becky, the artist, wanted Kay's lip line

She said to Michele once, out of the blue, slightly stingily, "You have pretty lips, like your mother."

For some reason, Kay called her sister "JoJo."

One became a writer, the other an artist. Typical Daughters of Fort Wayne Pioneers!

Becky was a majorette, ballerina, and horsewoman, Kay played hockey, bridge, was a cheerleader, Secretary of her Sophomore Class at St. Mary's college in Raleigh.

They were an exuberant, spontaneous pair together and had outdone themselves to make the most of their childhoods and youth.

Becky, who dabbled in fashion design for a bit, before doll making, remarked on the delicate way her half-sister Rosemary posed in Kryder family pictures.

"Like a doll. "

Kay Picot and Michele Picot
Katherine Ann Kryder lka Kay D. Picot with aka Michele Picot.

Michele Picot-Srawberry

Michele Picot as "The Mai-Kai Mystery Girl"
photographed by artist Charles Zawadski, m. artist Rebecca Louise Kryder, Frank Jr.'s 3rd daughter. They had one child, Tamara Veronica Zawadski, who died young in The United Kingdom. She died within a year of Rebeccca's death, and her father died a year after his daughter.

Kay Daniel Picot in Puerto Rico

Frank H. Kryder's daughter, Katherine Ann 0834 IN Vital Statistics and 6781 IRS, aka the Original Mrs. Leonce Picot, aka Kay Daniel Picot seen here wearing tasteful linen in Puerto Rico, 1960, to research her text for Restaurants of Puerto Rico. These were her Jackie Kennedy days, rivalled only by her Martha Stewart skills in household creativity, a necessity on Leonce's parsimonious allowance, and a Mary Poppins magic with children and teens everywhere she went.

Leonce Picot and Rum

Published January 1961

1961 JFK and Kruschev


Picot -Strawberry Contact

Time to Tell Time

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Concealed Money in Indiana

Bank71-19 was ordered closed by Comptroller's Order 344. Moody's states The above Old National Bank, 7119 was completely liquidated in 1930, though Kryder deposits went through his tax lawyer's Fort Wayne National Bank Trust Acct., re-deposited by FWNB into Old National Bank 71-19 in the year 1982.

Elektron: The Standard of Fort Wayne

Robert S. Walters and James M. Barrett III Offices succeeding The Kryder Company Inc., rm 225 Standard Building,
215-217 East Berry St., Fort Wayne, IN;
aka Lincoln National Life Insurance Building, The Elektron Building, Anthony Wayne Bank, The Standard Building: Offices of the Kryder Company Inc. succeeding Farmer's Trust office of Secretary Harley Somers Rm 225;
Home of the Wabash RR; On the register of historic places, designed by Wing and Mahurin, Masons of the 32°. All of East Berry street in Fort Wayne was platted in an easement of the Pennsylvania RR.Frank Harry KryderFrank H. Kryder 1894-1966, Last Kryder Company, Inc. President and Trustee.

Last officers were Federal Income Tax Specialist
Glenn W. Bordner Secretary and Treasurer, 1907 Fort Wayne Bank Building; and Thomas M. Moorhead, Vice-President, Minnie V. Kryder's Estate Lawyer, of Shoaff, Simon, Keegan, and Baird, retired from Baker and Daniels and Shoaff, 1969 VP of the Allen County Bar. Bordner encumbered the entire Kryder estate in 1963 in a self-filed affidavit, Superior Court Order 5789, the last four digits of Moorhead's father's social security number.

Minnie V. Kryder and Katherine Kryder

Minnie Viola Disler Kryder and her grandchild, Katherine Ann Kryder who was plundered by 200 year old Fort Wayne cooperating lawyer and judge associations, banks, and trust companies, aided by a brutal ex-husband via the Broward County, FL Court (the divorce record is a "column 44 entity"in the money laundering book) which granted her divorce from Leonce Louis Picot, to put it nicely for the children, for cruelty and desertion, in 1966, when Kay's father died and Rescon began.

The same court appointed Leonce, husband ex maleficio, as her PR in 1972 when she was found dead inside her house, at 40. Michele Picot was of legal age to be her mother's Personal Representative, and Kay had better friends and relatives to do the job than Leonce, but the Court gave it to him, so the Court could again take it away from the Kryder heirs when Picot died, Picot laundering in the meantime on the 4/9 schedule, six million every five years, spending two million of it on himself, every five years. Perhaps that is why Laura Picot Sayles could never make 100% on a math test.

In 1972, this made Leonce Picot instantly rich, beyond his income, but he had never had money, and was inexperienced at concealing the anomalies from his eldest daughter, a trained taxonomist with an eagle eye, who had spent her childhood analyzing the ways and habits of a curious man who never knew she was watching him, he was so self-absorbed.

The Estate of Paul R. Smith in Pinellas County, 2002 had parallel legal perps and tricks of the same gang in Indiana . His heirs had to pay four million dollars to inherit their father's estate because his lawyer, like Leonce's, didn't have any paperwork. The trial was so long, two of the children died in the interim.

The interstate judicial corruption between Indiana and Florida is proven , and if we all don't die first, someone will be accountable for allowing this ongoing malarkey.

.Clarence Frank kryder and Katheriine Kryder

Clarence Frank Kryder (C.F.) with his grand-daughter Katherine Kryder, a real estate developer who sacrificed heavily to make Fort Wayne America's Happiest City by 1950, the year he died; robbed by those who keep secrets and silence, as well as his securities. Kryder had assured the correct descension of his estate by living entirely on his United States Treasury guaranteed to the registrant tax-exempt securities, which have never been cashed out as he never had a taxppayer number. He deeded in Allen Superior Court the family-owned Kryder Company, Inc. interest in a large chunk of Fairfield Terr. Sec. B. to his only child, granchildren, and unborn undescendants. But Fort Wayne, Indiana is historically described by Indian Agent John Tipton as being too far from the federal arm of Washington, DC to be a safe place for families.

Robert Beams, Allen County Assessor


Robert Beams, Fort Wayne City Controller, father of George Beams of Helmke, Beams and Boyer. Helmke denies ever knowing any Kryders though their offices were right under his.

Annotated Indiana Time LineMostly Fort Wayne History & the Kryder Estate

Michele Picot Strawberry:

"I hoped one day Leonce would see me where he left me in 1972- a very cold orphan on the streets of Raleigh who had watched and listened to Leonce Picot beat up her mother till death, but who still wanted to be loved by a father who did not need her. Not worth preserving her psyche in exchange for another Yeoman's Grog.

It is tragic that Katherine believed to her death that Leonce, her childhood love from age 14, was her best friend. He may have easily pulled the trigger as she. He told me he knew she had a gun and he had searched her house everywhere for it. When would that have been?

Lincoln Financial Corporation
Cuyahoga, OH9/15/1972
Kay Daniel Picot
Katherine Ann Daniel (used a stepfather name)
Katherine Ann Kryder

Leonce used to drive us around Idlewyld with Kay, when we were a family, and look at his favorite houses we would live in one day. Instead of therapy or counseling, Leonce and Carolyn gave the child of a terrible divorce and homicide/suicide, Laura, cocktail jewelry to wear to school, just as a beginning. They were the adults and they acted with absolutely no responsibility or sense, plying her with gifties her mother never could or would give her at sixteen. They made themselves into girl teenage heroes, with walk-in closets, cars, her own suite- things Leonce pulled out of a hat. Her whole set of values was turned backwards, like Linda Blair's head during a possession. No therapy for Laura."



North American Exploitation

North American X-ploitation Company, Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Rosemary Kryder Bond

Above: Rosemary Kryder (R) was particularly admired afar by her half-sister Becky Daniel for her doll-like poses in photographs. Becky went on to become a dollmaker and collector of dolls.

Rosemary Kryder Bond, Frank Kryder's second-born child, the first having been born to another wife and perished, with her half-sister Katherine Anne Kryder and their grandparents, Clarence Frank and Minnie Viola Kryder, at 2025 St. Joe Boulevard, Fort Wayne, IN. In an interview with Michele Picot-Strawberry in the mid 1990's, Rosemary claims she got a good start in life but Katherine got a bad start, which is why she committed suicide.

Sorry to pierce the illusions created by Rosemary and her mother for their descendants, that she had been displaced by LeVonne Kryder, but Frank's divorce in late 1923 from Edith Ward Long stated the reason was, he was associating with other women. Rosemary was born in 1924, kind of in the nick of time. Hey, it happens to lots of us.

That is too bad, because, with all the promise of youth, Frank and Edith had only been married a short time before they lost their firstborn in the 1918 flu epidemic. That itself could end a marriage.

Everybody wanted their piece of Frank Kryder, Jr.

When he married LeVonne Lawhon in 1930, having met her in Atlanta where she had run off to her Uncle who worked as VP and Auditor of Asa Candler's Bank, Rosemary's mother commenced a constant tirade in court stating Frank was suppporting his two daughters in favor of Rosemary. Right. Rosemary was at Minnie Kryder's house every Saturday with her half-sisters. If there were any unfair supporting happening, if Frank were wholly irresponsible, Frank, Sr. and Minnie V. Kryder were not irresponsible. They would not look at their granddaughters each Saturday and see poor Rosemary being denied in favor of her half-sisters. The Senior Kryders had provided Rose quite a nice home on Indiana Avenue.

When LeVonne divorced Frank in Florida, she stated she wanted nothing, since she was marrying John Wesley Daniel the next day. JWD supported Katherine and Rebecca until they were maried.

Rosemary's mother dogged Kryder Real Estate, working in the recorder's office till the day Frank died. Rosemary and her children were included in Frank Jr.'s Obituary, but Katherine and Rebecca were omitted.

Like taking candy from babies. With 150 years of Allen County intermarried lawyers and bankers gaining access to the Kryders through Rosemary's marriage to James Bond's side, it wasn't very sporting of them, was it?

Not very noble behavior for such important families was it?

Predators are predators whether they be plutocrats, aristocrats, accountants or home health aides. They wait for someone to die whose property they think they need for something else, and they grab it.




as her daughter Michele Picot Remembers each trip away from her mother the books required...the trips were horror. Michele had extreme separation anxiety.

She remembers watching Kay back at home with her instant Maxwell House and cigarettes toiling over every perfectly crafted little restaurant story for which Leonce took credit, written while her girls were in school.

You will see these books on sale as "Edited by Leonce Picot." Frequently he claimed to have co-written or even authored the books.

The truth is, Leonce was the advertising salesman of the Rent-a-Car and booze ads seen throughout the book. He was no writer, had no formal literary education was did Kay, and the idea that he called himself "editor" is another manifestation of his male-abusive dominance to establish his own sense of worth. Leonce was not a writer or editor. However, when you are working with a wife who loves you, she lets you get away with taking credit for her work. Kay thoroughly understood Leonce's need to feel important.

So, what writing did he ever do after Kay's 1972 death? Why would he just stop writing about food and wine when it would have been a super promotion for the restaurants if he could have even written a pamphlet about his joints. What writing did Carolyn do? What writing did Joyce or Laura Picot do?

At most, his editorial function was deciding with Kay which recipes would be included in the books. Michele Picot was there the whole time, watching. Kay was left to write the books on her own. She was sent to a mountain hideaway with the girls for two summers to write books all by herself while Leonce played around town free as a bird, no wife or kids for two months at a time!

Those were bad times for Michele, realizing she was not living a normal family life. In the mountains there was no phone at the cabin. Kay drove the girls to town to the drugstore every Saturday so she could call Leonce from a pay phone inside. They had milkshakes while Kay could be seen in the phone booth, crying most of the time.

He would give her about fifteen minutes on the phone to get him up to date on the books then cut her off.

In all Press prior to her death in which Kay and Leonce were interviewed about the books, Kay is described as the beautiful and charming writer.

She wasn't dead a year before Leonce was going national and on the radio as the Great Gourmet who authored these books which were his entire credentials for entering the world of Gourmet.

Michele Picot-Strawberry, in deep grief, was threatened by Laura Picot, Leonce Picot, and Carolyn Guerard Picot that if she ever said a word about it or complained about them taking Kay's furniture for their mansion, she would be abandoned and have NO FAMILY.


More fictional history has been recently published by the Monterey Herald concerning the sale of a ten year lease for 500 Hartnell Street, Monterey, CA.

The writer states

" In 1950, Gallatin Powers transformed the house into a restaurant that went on to garner national prominence. It has attracted the likes of Frank Sinatra and Hollywood stars.

(2010) Later, when it became Restaurant 1833, it also garnered accolades. The decor earned it four stars from the San Francisco Chronicle and was named a James Beard “Best New Restaurant” semifinalist."

Let's put on our thinking caps. North American Properties, Inc. was founded in 1950 following the death of Frank, Sr., whose death tax securities were never redeemed, coincident with the certification of Anthony Wayne Bank (Morris Plan merged to NBD).

Between the existence of Gallatin's and 2010 were actually two unmentionable restaurants at 500 Hartnell Street. The Old House in Old Monterey, and the Burger King's "Stokes Restaurant and Bar."

Even if Leonce and Al had not become Mobil Guide 5-Star Restaurateurs and hoped to open yet another 5 star baby in California, surely it would have been noteworthy for the Herald's article that the early inventor of the Burger King Flame Broiler and founder of Insta-burger was the last operator there, as Stokes, who sold Bernahl a 10 year lease, now again for sale- just the lease.

That is a North American Properties deal like the Down Under's 99 year Intracoastal Waterway easement lease, held under another legal name. North American Properties nabbed all the Intracoastal development and best neighborhoods in Fort Lauderdale long ago, with Barnett Bank.

When Leonce first got rich, just before Kay topped herself, he lived in a Mossack Fonseca Mansion, then suddenly he moved to a North American Properties, Inc. beachfront development in the late 1970's. Looking back, I don't think he really wanted to leave that house- it was amazing, but beachfront luxury condo was nonetheless prestigious. Yet, if funds of Katherine from the senior Kryder's Trust or her father had been "leased" to the over-ambitious abusive jealous ex-husband, one can see why Leonce was suddenly whisked from Mossack Fonseca to NAP, then out of there, to a more expensive place, with Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, Janesville, WI raising its head at the end of the day. That is the way of The North American Exploitation Company, they wipe out their puppets at death, heirs or whole bloodlines, if they can. They fold their sting.

The 1980's is called many things as an era, but the prosperity of the day was all about laundering legitimate money of domestic origin illegitimately concealed in railroad bankruptcies and bank failures by trust companies for many years. Let's cut to the Chase. Leonce was just about peaking at the time of the Miami organized BCCI which resulted in the closure of First American Bankshares in Washington, DC. How did Abedi buy a U.S. bank right under everyone's nose? Should we care, or get on to the next thing?

Since the Down Under merchant services, originally NaBanco, started by John Bull, George Burl, of Contel, Leonce Picot director, ended up merging Grabill Bank, Allen County, IN, also at the end of the day, it is certainly way too much to walk away from, after having come this far. How far? Far enough to have watched Leonce swallow half a bottle of Xanax right from his desk drawer, when Michele told him in 1994 she was going to Fort Wayne to seek the truth.

Here at large are some important con issues. For instance, Leonce and Al were Rescon, Uncle Edgy was Burcon, and George Burl was Contel or Continental of Illinois Telephone aka Continental Bank of Illinois the stock of which was sold to subscribers by the Los Angeles Bank of America. Continental Bank then owned Chicago Title and Trust, and sold it to Lincoln National Corporation. Real estate deeded to Chicago Title and Trust by WWII Industrialists was owned by Bank of America, next generation heirs at a distance discovered.

So Michele picked up a lot of details along the way. She was just working on her genealogy, just trying to find out why Bunny (her name for her grandmother was such a liar. To find her hidden Kryders, she had to go to where they had lived, to their graves, to their church, living history as it had shaped their lives for a hundred years.

Who was Frank Kryder? Who's the man on the back of Birds of the West Indies, 1961 First American Edition? It couldn't be the ornithologist James Bond, born 1901.

Was Leslie Charteris's moniker for Simon Templar, actually a reference to Robert Fleming's SAINT, The Scottish American Investment Trust of Scottish widows, used to build Norfolk Southern and the Union Pacific, one way or another? Was Mr. Charteris's writing partner Anson Bond, who had broken off with his Indiana family someone who might have known Katherine's history, and hence the Charteris fascination with Kay?

Who lives day to day, year by year, really? Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, seek the truth, he said.

Are we to just move on and not even review what was archived for our future by the greatest generation? 1963 is much too woven into Michele's mind to move on. Every Thanksgiving it is there, the way Kay looked so grief stricken, her pallor that of a marble statue. It was the last year she was high-spirited and marvelous, the mother she'd always known.

The clock stopped there, when Minnie Kryder's Estate closed and NAVPAC formed, before ending up in a Pepsi stock deal. Then in November the chronological marker was set, the focus point- they were all present in Dallas- Pepsi, National City, Nixon, Fort Wayne Leasing.

At ten, added to her embarassed position as a Mai-Kai child of the tiki, she started to think there was no Centerville, and the USA had experienced a national hit.

It's pretty clear to Michele she was not supposed to forget and move forward, as people say. In her leisure time she began making chronologies in 1993. She knew nothing about genealogy, Indiana, Little Turtle, banking, corporations, probate, real estate transfers, lawyers or any Kryders. But she knows now, including odd details of November 1963.

Once you think on time lines by connecting dates with events, it's like having a time machine, without the made up conundrums. You can go to the future from any point in the past. When you think in mortgage loan and insurance time, based on the past, the future will be dictated by maturities and due dates, as it always has.

Michele was never meant to forget, a number of things, a good reason for her long memory.

But when she searched for her grandfather, and started the timelines, she learned the unvarnished why Fort Wayne is a crossroads of the northern midwest- and it isn't just the railroads of yesteryear which confirm it. The time lines meet at major intersections there. These are time lines of war, American financial crime, economic loss, shortage, violence. Think of Brigadoon in a 40-year NAP, an REIT which arranged for Allyn and Bacon to purchase the Texas School Book Depository two months before the assassination.


Kay Daniel Picot


Written by Kay Daniel Picot aka Katherine Kryder, claimed as his work by Leonce Picot. Inside is the decor of the Down Under as copied from New York Restaurants by Al Kocab and Leonce Picot.

Kay in New York was several times seated by the Maitre d' Tables at Mrs. J.F. Kennedy's table, by mistake. She was that elegant- simply tailored, slim as a pipe and stunning. They must have thought Leonce was a Secret Service man lurking along. He actually punched her out after dinner one night in Manhattan, in front of Al Kocab, the illustrator.

Kay was met the next morning for breakfast by the Mai-Kai head wife, her face wrapped in a scarf. Both women believed it was a broken jaw, by the bruising. The wives were all in their own ways starting to get the picture; they were beautiful, intelligent stand-ins providing etiquette-wise children, going to the hairdresser every week, for husbands who spent more time with Mai-Kai Calendar Girls and flaming spirits than getting to know their own families.

The Mutiny at the Mai-Kai was in its own fog sustained by Don Q. The men were not paying attention to anything but thighs, cleavage and bare hips. The wives had to deal with shielding their children and surviving the immediate future deck stacked against them.

Beyond Polynesia on U.S. 1, there were integration snipers, assassins, head shops, obscene Jim Morrison concerts, sleeping pills, Corvette Stingrays. Children skipped merrily home from school never knowing Kruschev had missiles pointed at Miami! Cuba was Ricky and Lucy. That's how well the mothers and teachers shielded the younger children, on their frugal household allowances.

There is no doubt we all rose to the top of the levy in 1963. What men did to a woman with two babies, to a nationally adored family, to perhaps the most admired First Lady of good taste, to our handsome President of the United States, creating a forever re-broadcast scene of horror on Elm Street- that was the last cocktail straw.

Kay Picot


Leonce Picot Mai-Kai History

In a pig's eye was he an executive staff person! He was paid half the manager's (Bob Van Dorpe) salary. Bob and Jack Thornton called Leonce an Ad-Man, as hired by the Mai-Kai. His office was a closet without a desk or chair. Leonce could not even buy his own modest house or his daughters' clothes on his salary.

Michele's lament:

"The last time I saw my mother was in 1972. I was in college, but in the hospital with undiagnosed mononucleosis. She drove to Raleigh in a rental car. She could not afford a car anymore. She had to sell her car to Leonce for bills, then he gave it to me as my first car!

How could he do that to us?

(God I was so glad when my friends totalled it over Christmas vacation! They called me Christmas Eve at Leonce's new Idlewyld digs, so sorry to have ruined my Christmas by wrecking my car. Little did they know, it was a weight lifted from my soul).

Kay stayed with me in my little house for a time afterward. Her entire body from the neck down was covered with bruises, huge purple green and yellow bruises 2' x 2'.

"Mother, what happened to you?"

She told me her mother had kicked her. Well, I don't think my grandmother at that time had that much kick. It looked like a Leonce caper to me. I was so sick- fevers every afternoon of 104° with killer headaches. In those days mono was not quickly diagnosed. I was sure it was a brain tumor and I was on the way out.

That is the trouble- Kay was set on not saying anything negative to her children about their father. She told us what a great man he was, how he would be rich and famous, that he was good- she loved him so much, she opened the doors to greater things than Mai-Kai PR man for him!

I suppose that was the right thing to do, but eventually I had to realize things didn't add up- not his sudden rise to stardom while Kay died in poverty, nor his threats against me to play ball or get lost. This was a very conflicted choice. I wanted a family. But he was cold and cruel and didn't care who he crushed for his goodies.

Kay had to return the rental car, and thus we parted. She covered with bruises, a slave to a brute, and me feeling half-dead and almost an orphan. I knew I would not see her again.

I was alone, except for college friends, and remained sick for almost a year when strep throat complicated things. Friends came over and looked at me in bed.

I heard my girlfiend whisper, "She looks awful!"

Some gracious soul got me to his doctor. After a year, the mono test was positive, but Kay had by then left me.

Do we repeat ourselves?"

Many days Michele Picot-Strawberry does not know how she can live much longer without her mother and her mother's people. Losing a larger than life mother like Kay is like losing the Princess Di as a mum. You don't get over it. There is no therapy for it or drug or rum drink. The more beautiful, intelligent, and talented the mum, the harder it is. Especially when they are taken young and beautiful, by violence shrouded with mystery.

Your mum doesn't ever meet your true love. She is not at your wedding or shower or at the birth of your children. You cannot send a card on Mother's Day or ever bring her a flower or a present again.

Leonce Picot and Laura Picot Sayles, Vintage Co-Liars, Guilty of Extreme Cruelty with Attempted Genocide

Leonce Picot with Kay Picot's Daughter Mai-Kai History

This photo was cut and pasted from Google images by Michele Picot-Strawberry without permission of the Sun-Sentinel, which did not have her permission to carelessly publish false and damaging information by deleting vital facts and printing untruths with graven errors of ommission in the obituary of her father, Leonce Picot, 2018. Such omissions escalated estate fraud with ongoing links to the Estate of Kryder, 1966 and 1972. Omissions in obituaries have for centuries been classic heralds of estate fraud. Aside from murder, there is no better way to obliterate missing heirs than to leave them out of connecting obituaries.

In 1993 Laura began her campaign in the Press, to erase Leonce's grandson by creating false text to give the impression he had only two grandchildren. Once again she used her children in a ruse to eliminate her nephew. For, as youngsters, at the age that Laura's children were when the press was released, Laura and Michele had eaten at LeManoir, Top of the Sixes, Russian Tea Room, O'Henry's and more in 1964, in New York, and in Florida at much earlier ages at Joe's Stone Crab, and Smitty's Driftwood Inn in Florida, not to mention those special nights out at the Mai-Kai. Children's Menu? No Way.

After a certain age, at the Mai-Kai Michele was expected to eat her Cantonese courses with chopsticks.

Leonce would never have dreamed of asking a chef to modify his little girls' menu. He would have more likely taken them to the car and whipped them if they said there was nothing they liked. They were being taught how to have good table manners, to be respectful and use the proper silverware and signals, and to experience gourmet foods.

On the contrary of being "uncomfortable" in these hallowed dining establishments, Michele Picot-Strawberry can speak for herself in saying being allowed to dine out amongst adults in the evenung hours was an incredible privilege. And, in such establishments as mentioned, she does not remember seeing very many children tagging along. She never had a problem with what was on the menu or how long, in fact, the longer the better a dinner lasted. It meant getting to stay up late.

Nevertheless, whether at Wolfie's, Ranch House or HJ's, for breakfast or lunch, the same discipline was maintained- the children were to consider themselves lucky to be dining out at all.

Laura Picot Genocide

There was also a final attempt at years of orchestrated genocide by Rosa M. Johnson Kryder Philips and Fort Wayne law firms, of Frank Kryder's children, Katherine Ann Kryder Picot, Rebecca Louise Kryder Zawadski (Hannah), and their children and grandchildren, in favor of Rosemary Kryder Bond and her children. Minnie Kryder didn't even like Rosemary's children.

Rosemary told Michele when she once and only once visited Minnie with the grandchildren, Minnie was disinterested and aloof. They were 1/2 Bond. Her granddaughter had unwittingly married The Kryder Company's and every Native and mortgaged farmer's mortal enemy since the 1895 Depression at least. But boy, oh boy, the Bonds did not marry Rosemary without design. She had "nothing" and was not a society girl were it not for Frank Kryder's securities which the Bonds counted like Ebenezer Scrooges, until she was ripe. The easiest way to Frank, Sr. and Minnie's REIT would be if Rosemary became a Bond. Nothing has ever had to leave the vault. Money marries money.

Becky and her daughter Tamara Veronica are deceased, but the record is in The United Kingdom. Becky, Tam, and Tam's father, Charles Zawadski, all died within three years of each other, a decade ago. Kay's is a sad family, but there is no record of it.

There is only LAURA, with children spawned not for love, but for money. One day, it will be only LAURA and TACO BELL.

Ancestry.com now owns the Newspaper Archive which has so far had the option to block out all the years the Kryders existed in Fort Wayne Journal Gazette. This has been done. The Kryder Company is on a Deed with the Journal Gazette. The Ellinghams, owners, intermarried with the Bonds and a Bond married One of Frank's daughters as the other two were wiped away. But the Fort Wayne Newspaper Archive is blacked out from 1924 to the 1980's.

Considering that during the Great Depression and World Wars Fort Wayne Journal Gazette was one of the more significant newspapers, it is conspicuosly missing from every newspaper archive 1923-1980. Why was it so important? Becuase WOWO had the strongest radion signal in the country, Raytheon, Magnavox Defense, war industry and war death-dealers ran aren in the paper. The Journal Gazette is HIDING.

Katherine Ann Kryder Picot has no Obituary. Leonce quashed it when she died, like he quashed investigation of the mysterious origin of the Smith and Wesson recovered from the scene of her death. How difficult would it have been to forever R.I.P. the issue of the owner of that gun? As an abusive ex-husband who had broken the woman's jaw and terrorized her years hence, he should have been ruled out instantly as a suspect conspirator, in the least. No, it made more sense to let him take over the investigation, keep her death as secret as possible and be made Personal Representative of her Estate.

Leonce Picot Mai Kai History

For years Michele would run into people around town (Fort Lauderdale) who would ask her, "How's your Mother?"

"Hiya Anastasia, how's the family?"

And she would have to shock yet another unsuspecting person and ruin their day with the tragedy of Kay, and tear her own heart again telling it.

Katherine, Rebecca, and their children, the lineal descendants of Clarence Frank and Minnie V. Kryder and Frank Kryder were omitted from Frank's obituary in 1966. Only Rosemary Kryder Bond and Rosemary's babies are listed as his survivors.

And because Frank's lawyers were starving his widow, Nancy Ethel Kryder, when genealogist Rev. Edward Hemington Kryder came to her door as he was writing John Kryder III: Pioneer of the Pennsylvania Wilderness and Patriot of the American Revolution, she slammed the door in his face. This information came directly from Edward Kryder to Michele Picot-Strawberry who was able to contact him before he died. That is why Frank Kryder's marriages and children are not in his own genealogy. He always married and divorced in other counties than Allen to avoid snoopers.

The Sun-Sentinel obliterated Katherine TWICE, and her daughter and grandson, for the ARCHIVES. Katherine's maternal family came to Broward long before Leonce showed up, her grandfather being the first itinerant preacher in Broward and thereabouts as early as 1913. He dedicated First United Methodist, the eldest church in Fort Lauderdale. He and his wife Pearl Estelle Hemphill Lawhon are buried in unmarked graves in Rio Vista's exclusive Evergreen Cemetery for Pioneer families of Broward. Michele never found this out until she was almost 40. She had for years been driving past the homestead of her kin, 3.5 lots on N.E. 4th Avenue, left unclaimed. She had been told the Reverend died in Kansas. She had never been to the Pioneer Cemetery.

It is a LIE that Laura is the daughter of Carolyn Guerard Picot, a barren woman who did not like children, as she shamelessly told Michele Picot. Carolyn Rum-talked against Laura at the Down Under Copper-topped Bar plenty. Laura was something she was forced to deal with, because there was no way Laura was going to detach herself from Daddy Warbucks.

Carolyn wanted to use Kay's grand-children to pretend the family was normal, blended, well-adjusted. That's as deep as it went- whatever justified Carolyn was ok. As a consequence, another generation grew up ignorant of their heritage and as pawns. Their children will be raised in ignorance, with the picture adjusted by Laura and her impact on her daughters. Carolyn and her sister Joyce harbored nothing but mal-intent for the children of Kay, plotting from day one to strip them of as much as possible.

Katherine Kryder as grand-daughter of Clarence Frank and Minnie V., does not exist on Ancestry.com. Ancestry.com is fraught with errors anyway, in many genealogies it publishes as fact. Ancestry.com and a handful of Kryder family enthusiasts have been toting around and passing around a completely Lost in Space genealogy of Harrison Kryder's Wife Mary Ann Treace, a full-blooded chief's daughter, Cherokee, and in the family of Little Turtle (Miami Chief) and Metea (Pottawatomie Chief).

It was something "shameful" according to Hazel and her sister Dorothy to have had Indian blood. Descendants of Harrison Kryder are not all white.

Ancestry has Mary Ann Treace sort of appearing from two different families. On the back of Mary Ann's portrait, instead of her Indian name, someone fondly wrote, "Harrison's Squaw."

Therefore, since the above Sun-Sentinel's old photo of the direct family members of Michele Picot-Strawberry, father and sister, intended to extinguish her existence on paper, she forwards its transmission to this place for study purposes only and to clarify omissions and consequences of the newspaper's mis-reporting of a death in a family which lived in Broward County, Florida since 1913.

Leonce Louis Picot died leaving two daughters and three grandchildren, all the descendants of his first marriage to his first wife Katherine Ann Kryder aka Kay Daniel Picot, Indiana birth Certificate 0834, SSN *6781. We already discussed Leonce, as Katherine's PR, neglected to cancel her SSN, ever. "Daniel " came from John Wesley Daniel, her stepfather for a time. Carolyn G. Picot falsely claimed all over town Kay's daughters as her own. And why not? Any woman would have wanted credit for those perfectly raised little girls, until Laura turned to the Dark Side. They were both forty times better looking and statelier than both Guerard sisters put together, better bred, better mannered, and had better taste. Michele has a much better brain than the whole Guerard line, Leonce and Laura put together. That is a matter of official record. Michele never wanted to be thought of as Carolyn's daughter. She accepted "stepmother" but Carolyn didn't like that. She even told the medical offices Michele was her daughter. Michele had to constantly correct the error. It hurt, because Michele is bonded to Kay, and Carolyn was in reality, a very bad stepmother. She was not saying Michele was her daughter because she had any love for her, that is proven by her life and actions.

All this charade was manufactured to cover up the schemes of Carolyn and Leonce as they danced on Katherine's grave, to make themselves appear RIGHT.

It was maintained between Katherine and her sister Becky, that of we who are or were descended from Frank Kryder, Jr., Laura most closely resembled the Kryder line. Richard Ewing Bond will certainly see the resemblance of Laura to his mother, Rosemary Kryder Bond, Katherine and Becky's half-sister, even more obvious in other photos of young Laura and young Rosemary Kryder. Frank's genes are irrepressible. The finely chiseled features, thin, shapely lips and high cheekbones are all phenotypic of Frank Sr.'s highly bred Cherokee mother, Mary Ann Treace.

Those in the Fred Kryder Family who have secreted the portrait of Mary Ann Treace can look at Laura and weep. Before she plumped up, Frank Kryder's grand daughter, Laura, was the spitting image of the woman in the pencil portrait they hold. This is known thanks to the Christian perfection of Hazel Gerardot who showed The Strawberry Girl the portrait in person. Michele saw she was looking right at her sister in that frame. It was an earth-shattering experience, right in little ole New Haven, IN.

So above are the pair, Leonce and Laura P. seen tenderly cradling their beloved wines from vineyards since toasted, or roasted, rather. Michele Picot loved them so much more than those bottles ever did.

It was the greatest waste of love ever made, along with Kay's.

She comments, " I know how my father looked when he was still sharp. He was rattled when this picture was taken 15 years ago. Laura Picot Sayles became his 'Controller,' and somehow did away with my portion of La Vieille Maison, the restaurant historically designated as mine, along with everything else promised in exchange for physical toil and loyalty to the nouvelle Picot restaurant scene. I did landscape the whole place for $6.00/hr. They paid me $8.00/hr. to design and plant the landscape for La Casa Vecchia. This is how it always was said around the table, and with the lawyers even. 'Carolyn gets Casa Vecchia, Laura gets The Down Under, and Michele gets LVM.'

Ha ha ha.

In 2017, while in hospice, Leonce complained bitterly to my husband about all the money he had given Laura, Kristin Dick, Laura's daughter, and Caitlin Picot Sayles, Laura's other daughter. He wailed that he couldn't help them anymore! He was so poor he did not know what to do! He could not even find $6,000.00! The man was a harried wreck, typical of elders who are being made to think they are too poor to live."

Michele Picot-Srawberry says, "I should have listened to the warnings of my Singing Teachers about Laura. They said she had green eyes about me."

Jealousies are part of everyday life. But when jealousy devolves to treacherous lies and subversion, to vicious intention to wound and scar others for the rest of their lives, it crosses the line to immorality. By intention and long planning, Laura Picot Sayles toiled at depriving her sister of her beloved mother, her father, a living wage, and a family. As the Last Act, Laura, as a death of Daddy latecomer principled Century 21 Realtor, used her job to wipe out her sister's chances forever of even owning a shack.

The Kryder Company would not have liked that approach in a realtor. A realtor's job is to get people into home ownership that can endure. That's how it used to be with the Greater Fort Wayne Board of Realtors. Families in good homes meant good workers for industry, and a happy town.

Michele will die a penniless old hag in a state-supported home, if she is lucky. Her brilliant son will become a a wretch on the street. Such is Laura's fondest wish for what remains of her sister. This sort of thinking comes from Leonce's past, of which Laura knows little-hatred for a sibling, bitterness over not being accepted by his upper class grandparents, not having what the other playboys did, topped with a huge inferiority complex. He trained her in his way, embroiled her, not for love, but for a partner in crime.

Still, in fairness to both sisters, Laura will be guzzling down her riches while her life is being written into one big book titled "Rum Talk." Everyone will become famous for whom they really are.

Her house was paid for with laundered money- veiled by money which was actually hers, were it not for The Burger King and Dad, and Carolyn too. And Daddy was not the good guy Kay wanted her children to think he was. Raise another glass for Laura, but not for Michele. It is no coincidence that Culinary Institute of America calls itself CIA.


Living with The Death Wish

Louis M. Picot, Leonce Picot Grandfather

Above: Louis M. Picot, Leonce's grandfather wished he would die soon and several hours later he did. He was 51. more...

One day years ago, Michele Picot Strawberry ran into an old friend from the days when she was a member of the Leonce Picot household in Oakland Park, Florida. She was told their playmate's mother, who lived six houses or so west of the Picots, had gone to Boca Raton to visit her grandchild, then returned home and shot herself to death.

Though Leonce Picot, Carolyn Guerard, and Laura Picot conspired to depict Katherine Kryder as a mental defective incurable of suicide wishes, this other mother, so much like Kay with her sensitivity and love for children, was the most devout Roman Catholic Michele had ever known up close. Four children aged six to twenty had all been to Catholic school and passed through every rite of church.

There were Communion portraits, rosaries and crucifixes in every room. St. Christophers glittered in the Florida sunshine, strung from the rear view mirrors of the Cadillacs.

They were a handsome and prosperous family, for the neighborhood. No one knew till post-mortem that the father was an abusive, cruel man, such as Leonce Picot is described in his judgment of divorce, how Leonce was seen treating Kay in front of Michele.

Two suicides so geographically close together- two families once so intertwined through the children, whose children were once playful, feeling happy and safe in the world- what is going on? Oddly, this other family looked down on the Picots to a degree, under the impression that Leonce's profession was as a bartender at the Mai-Kai.

The other mother bided her time until her last child was married, satisfied herself with one look at her new grand-baby, and returned to her home, its playroom long emptied of neighborhood kids playing Sorry and Life, and shot herself to death, against all her instinct and lifetime of Catholicism, and with a large family of her own offspring living within miles.

Nowadays, in our more impatient society, it is much simpler for an abusive man to kill his wife or girlfriend directly with a deadly weapon, as opposed to a long ranging campaign of cruelty which will drive a woman out of her mind. That was the old way.

After Kay, pushing people into their graves was a piece of cake for Leonce Picot, who bullied lawyer Harry Sousely to suicide death so he could take his property and build La Casa Vecchia.

Leonce and Laura Picot intensified their bully campaign against Michele and her little family over the decades, becoming wealthier as they pushed her further down the ladder. They stole her labor, good will, and devotion, with promises any family member would believe.

That is the most difficult aspect to live with for The Strawberry Girl. Their throwing Katherine Kryder on the trash heap followed with doling out years of nasties and blue meanies to Michele, stealing from Katherine's grandson, and finally renegging on their indentures made for a life of service to the Picots and their businesses by the deposed Strawberry arm of the family cannot be justified in Michele's mind, nor in court by lawyers and judges with their own axes to grind.

Without Rum, or wine tumblers, or opium, this is not actually a thing to "let go," or "get over" as so many inexperienced persons will casually conclude. It can't be gotten over or moved away from like a cow pie. It is in your thinking mind, woven into the entire scenery and backdrop for the stage upon which life will be interpreted to the end.

In youth, there is still hope in youth itself. When all that imagined immortality fades the mortally wounded psyche emerges.

This is the silent cause of more adult suicide than the classic escape from a dilemma or public humiliation, being caught as a double agent, or getting jilted at the altar. There is no escape from mental anguish so woven into the psyche as one's early experiences, should they be traumatic. It is an involuntary defense reflex of the nervous system.

In the olden days, people just had their nerve medicine. Mostly, older people are depicted taking spoonfuls of their nerve medicine in old movies and the like- because older people are experiencing more of the past they can't escape.

Nowadays the kids are killing themselves. And there are more nerve medicines than ever. The drugs are not a cure for psychological and/or physical abuse and trauma. Any ethical doctor will say so- there is no cure for family bullies and family abuse. You take drugs which make your case "manageable."

Or, you can become an alcoholic like Laura and swill champagne glasses as a tribute to your dead father who gave you everything you have, materially.

What family bully is going to consider their impact on a first degree relative? The answer is no se .

The Wound that Never Heals is no myth in the Strawberry Library.

Laura's oldest daughter by age 35, is manifesting a well established Death Wish. It is in her driving record. That's what happens to daughters of cruel men (Laura) who grow up and bang their child's head against the wall. It gives their child a Death Wish that grows with age. They often don't know what it is, but they feel it.

This older daughter, except in coloring, strongly resembles Kay, her real maternal grandmother. Like LeVonne Kryder did to her daughters, to make herself appear in the right versus Frank, their father, Laura Picot re-invented family history for her daughters to cover her father's offenses so she would have a lifeline of money.

While Leonce believed he ought to ensure his cover by threatening Michele with being an orphan, she was not going to misbehave anyway. When her mother died, she did not know anything of estates, property distribution, personal representatives, or to get the copy of the divorce decree out of records before the Schedule A disappeared. She was too busy trying to be Christian. The Schedule A was her guarantee of a college education as far as she wanted to go. Leonce destroyed it.

But Laura had to be bought, because she did threaten to harm herself, especially after she was caught in bed at home with a restaurant manager. She got her husband arrested in front of her daughters and proceeded with a line of mirror-cutting threats. Leonce and Carolyn called the Strawberrys in the middle of the night to go check on her, because the Strawberrys lived closer, and well, they didn't really want to get involved, but someone ought to check.

While Mr. Strawberry has always been appreciated for his gentle nature and patient ways, when he asked Laura through a window if she was all right she snarled,

"Get out of here."

Her hatred struck him through- he just didn't believe what had come out of her. Michele was so ashamed of Laura she called Mr. Sayles, of whom she had become fond enough, after gettting over her fondness for Laura's first husband of six months, and tried to make excuses for her.

"My sister used to be a nice person," she informed him. Too late.

Laura could threaten to slice herself with a mirror all the way to Controller of La Vieille Maison. Though, she would not actually have done so- she is a chicken.

Leonce and Carolyn weren't so sure and they openly said to many while rum talking at the bar that in Laura, "We've created a monster."

They couldn't risk something looking amiss.

Laura had her father by the scrotum. She squeezed out two heirs from a guy then irreparably humiliated him in his own home in front of his children, under the age of 10. They will never forget that. One day, they won't be able to stop thinking about it or stop remembering...

The nouvelle Picots dreaded a scandal. Anything Laura threatened, if accomplished, would have unraveled their whole dirty little front. It would have demonstrated there must be something wrong in that family, requiring outside investigation. Mr. Payne would have stuck his nose in. If Laura carried out her mirror cut threats, it would have opened Leonce's Pandora's Box, and neither of the Picots would have come out of it looking like responsible adults.

They had to employ her. They had to take away Michele's house, her husband's living, suddenly, and give a more expensive house to Laura.

The Strawberrys were told to blame their downfall on Mr. John W. Berry of the Yellow Pages Berrys.

To underscore the heartlessness of Laura Picot-Sayles, after all she maneuvered out of Leonce for the next twenty years, she did absolutely nothing to commemorate his life but drink champagne, likely with Santangelo. Laura will stay close to the guy who has power to write the check, until she has control. She and Santangelo might have easily been an item.

LeVonne Kryder was an abusive mother who not only struck, but kidnapped her daughters from Fort Wayne in 1940. She filled their heads with all sorts of nonsense, always to cover her own misbehavior as the rebellious daughter of a poor Methodist Minister.

Strong and happy families built on love don't have this problem, and if you have such a family, The Strawberry Girl thinks of you and rejoices. She lives vicariously through stories of big happy families. The Strawberry family, Kay and Leonce Picot's daughter, grandson, and son-in-law are only a family of three.

Generational abuse, unacknowledged, is impact on the offspring of Laura's child with the Death Wish, thus it is impact upon Laura's grandchild. Because, a person fed a false history of themselves eventually comes to an impasse, once the illusions of youth and beauty start to fade.

Leonce continually criticized Michele and Mr. Strawberry for not striking their son. Michele had been whipped with a heavy belt, to the welting stage, and if her son were not whipped with a belt he would not be acceptable to Leonce. So, banging her daughter's head against a wall was just Laura's way of pleasing Daddy.

What originated with Leonce Picot, Esquire Liar, when Laura was just a chubby little baby and hadn't a clue that she, a baby, Kay, and a three year old Michele were left with no electricity while Leonce was on a Cuba trip picking up crab lice to give Kay upon his glorious return, will inevitably one day spew from Laura's daughter like a bad oyster from a toxic planktonic bloom. As she ages, she will not be able to justify her existence which is at least one-half fiction.

And who paid the bills for Leonce's folly as a father of two young girls? The former Mrs. Frank Kryder, Jr. paid. Leonce had more important things on his mind than his family. "Family" in Leonce's view was a labor pool to fluffy up his existence. He and Carolyn used Laura's children to give the appearance they were justifiable "grandparents." Their friends had grandchildren. They had to look normal.

But the outcome is NOT normal. Laura cannot even see her own daughter and grandson are imperiled with falsehoods which aren't adding up in her daughter's head as she matures. Because she is addicted to champagne, she doesn't think anything is that serious.

Habitual speeding, especially in females, is expression of reckless behavior which can certainly lead to death or serious impairment. In a young person it is a danger sign, especially in a mother with children. If people recognized reckless behavior as Death Wishes or preludes to suicide in their own family, lives and generational impacts could be spared. Reckless driving is a suicide red flag. Ask your local psychiatrist.

Or, the Death Wish and recklesss driving, speeding, are also written up in the Merck Manual as symptomatic. It is also written that medically, suicide is one definition for two outcomes. There is attempted suicide, and there is completed suicide. Whether you live or die, medically, suicide is suicide.

Michele had a client for garden design who was a psychiatrist. She was a brilliant woman with a daughter ready to go to Harvard and a son in high school, married to a pediatric specialist. The woman had her own practice, a beautiful home and a Lexus she drove at about 115 mph.

One day the pair were driving to a plant nursery in Homestead, Florida on the Turnpike Extension when Michele became anxious watching the speedometer top 110 mph.

"You drive awfully fast for a doctor with children," Michele stated.

The woman laughed. "Oh, I'm sorry. Am I scaring you? I always drive like this on the turnpike."

She did politely bring it down, but less than a month later Michele called about some plantings and was informed her client had killed herself over the weekend, in her bedroom while the family was watching TV in the family room.

At first, after getting this news, Michele thought she was having a mini-stroke because upon hanging up the telephone the right half of her face was paralyzed. It was confirmed it was not a stroke, but she was sick in bed a few more days. The facial paralysis lasted 10 days.

Michele and her client had between them a third woman friend, a pediatrician.

This doctor said, "You are sick because all this has brought you back to your mother and when you started college."

How true. A beautiful young girl would take this off with her to college. Her mother would never see her graduate Harvard, nor meet her husband, be at her showers, weddings, or know her children. Over and over in Michele's head it played.

Worst is that one day she had been having coffee with her client and confided that her mother had comitted suicide when she was 19, the age of the client's daughter.

The doctor was incredulous. "Your mother comitted suicide?"

And then a pensive pause ensued before the subject was changed.

Michele remembers the look on the speeding doctor's face. She was calculating that Michele had survived the suicide of her mother and was out there in the world planting beautiful gardens, singing, dancing, and making people happy. She presumed Michele's life was happy, prospering, well-adjusted, with no visible scars.

That is how it is. Who suspected Robin Williams, our Mork, would top himself one day?

Michele's memory is crib-days long. The few occasions she experienced happiness as a child in a family have become short glimpses of a childish attempt to make happy memories, now with gangrene creeping in from the tips.

She is afraid to think upon anything, it all ends so badly. She cannot think of Thanksgiving, Christmas, holidays, or any years in time spent with her father and sister. She gave up Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations and food after Leonce and Laura took her house, car, and health insurance away with two weeks notice in 1995.

The father and sister have made her every memory into a meaningless trick for their own profit. All along taking her talent, her labor, her husband's labor, they plotted with the Guerard Sisters to rob Michele of everything they could. This is hard to live with, such total treachery and betrayal by people you loved, of your own blood!

Little nieces of mine, when Mommy told you she was the owner of the Down Under that was only the tip of the iceberg. Mommy permitted theft directly from your cousin. Grandfather caused Uncle Strawberry to back out of a lucrative music contract in exchange for working at the restaurants as a watchdog, for a $25,000 Trust Fund for his son when he died.

Uncle Strawberry did the time. Not only was he thrown on the trash heap with two weeks notice when Leonce decided he was "retiring" just to run Michele's Restaurant, LaVieille Maison, but Laura participated and was complicit in intercepting this payment for Mr. Strawberry's labor when Leonce died.

What a dirty trick. You come work for me, and I will leave my grandson $25,000 in exchange for your labor.

Laura attempted to withhold Mr. Strawberry's last paycheck after he was given notice. Apparently he was charged for a glass of wine he had on his last night at work.

"You owe me money," is what she said, in the meanest, smallest, mercernary tone, so full of hate. "You don't get your check until you pay me."

Laura knows she is a thief. According to Leonce, she put her daughters up to wheedling him for money as they grew up, and they got it all.

What kind of a man makes the fathers of his grandchildren WORK for a $25,000 Trust Fund upon his death, only to have it stolen by Laura Picot-Sayles? She knew the ropes and conspired with an un-qualified Trustee who was supposed to have a co-Trustee, to take away the Trust Money which was actually an Indenture, a lousy Debt of Leonce Picot and Carolyn Guerard owed to Kay's grandchild for labor on their behalf.

For others similarly plagued, MPS recommends as many occupational therapies per day as can be undertaken. These can be athletics, continuing education, volunteer services, visual art, music, writing, crafting- any such activity as will require steady concentration to end up with a product, which includes satisfaction in making someone else's life a little more improved, if only for a moment.

You must have a product, and you must be satisfied with your work. That is the escape.

Though, for MPS, only the most challenging and demanding undertakings will stop the memory stream. This tends to be physically demanding skills, emotionally demanding work such as end of life caretaking and companionship, and really tough science courses with long exams. These are things she has to muster up all she has in order to excel. It makes her aware she is more than just an object of inconvenience and hatred, that she is someone capable of more than being for generations hornswoggled by her own kin.

She is excellent with a rifle, since childhood. Riflery is excellent concentration, but not sensible for a pacifist controlling a death wish.

You must also only consider such therapies as are in your budget, or you will feel worse. So, there may be a trade-off if you get down to whittling or weaving lanyards for OT.

Activity which leaves one alone with their thoughts for very long, such as painting or whittling, or knitting, bears the risk of sudden onset melancholic storm, a state of such hopelessness that only several hours of sleep will halt the process. It is like having to break a circuit for it to stop.

Such are the Tips. Some days they work well. As we are created, we were created to work.

Some days Michele is just weary of pickin' cotton and sick of trying.

She stares out the screenless window of her broken down rental trailer and prays for Jesus to please just bring her on home.

"Mother's there 'spectin' me
Father's waiting too.
Lots of folks gathered there- all the friends I knew."




Elder Abuse and Heavy in Debt in 2010

ref: 2010 Summary of THE FLORIDA BAR, Supreme Court Case No. SC08-622 Complainant, v. MARY ALICE GWYNN

Leonce's so-called Trustee, Carl G. Santangelo, who has a problem playing the ponies, swindled an elderly couple of $200,000 with Promissory Notes, subsequently filing bankruptcy. It was the victim's lawyer who was discplined by the Bar, for encouraging the old folks to lend $200,000 to Santangelo and his wife.

The month prior to the Bar Summary, March 2010, Santangelo tore apart John Houston Payne's estate work for Leonce Picot, jumbled up all the trust pages with or without notarized signatures, and had Leonce change his sacred Life Insurance Policy to a new policy.

Mr. Payne died in 2008. Leonce had had to tread on his tipptoes for most of his career because of John Payne who had known the original Kay and Leonce Picot since they were 14 years of age. John Payne was an investor in the Down Under, built by his company Fisher/Payne Construction.

He stood in on the California fiascos as well.

For, John H Payne and his wife, once Katherine's English teacher, really did know the whole story of Kay and Leonce. He watched Kay rise, and he watched Leonce slip. He witnessed Leonce's cruelty and womanizing.

Payne knew right from wrong, and he believed in money descending to descendants, the old-fashioned way. Especially since Leonce HAD no money that was his own.

Mr. Payne could add well, like Michele Picot-Strawberry adds well. Leonce's annual necktie budget alone was equivalent to his restaurateur's income.

Mr. Payne was also a lifelong member, with Michele Picot-Strawberry, of First United Methodist Church, Fort Lauderdale's eldest church, dedicated in 1924 by Michele's great-grandfather Rev Samuel Earnest Lawhon, DD, Baker University, Baldwin, KS.

When in 1993, Michele Picot-Strawberry approached Mr. Payne with the papers indicating suspected theft of Katherine Kryder's estate, he agreed, someone else had it.

Leonce's Estate was authored by Mr. Payne to ensure fairness and righteousness to Leonce's second wife, and Leonce's children he had scarred. Like an upright lawyer, he protected all of the combined original and nouvelle Picot peccadilloes. Leonce could not have directed him to do elsewise, especially to cause damage and more pain for Michele Picot. He was afraid of Mr. Payne.

The last thing Leonce wanted was for Mr. Payne to sniff money-laundering. This is why the Down Under stockholders finally forced Leonce to sell the restaurant. They couldn't prove it, but they wanted no more part of it.

Leonce was more than bitterly miffed, Michele Picot-Srawberry recalls. He saw the stockholder pressure to sell as purely unfair ingratitude.

"I made them so much money for decades, and they invested almost nothing," was what he said to agent Strawberry.

So, with Santangelo's conspirator lawyer in hot water for taking money from elders and giving it to him, he had a lot to pay SOMEONE in 2010 when he began the gradual process of wiping Michele Picot-Strawberry and her son off the Leonce Picot books.

There was a jumble of documents which stated completely untrue things about amounts of money Michele-Picot Strawberry had been already given- one notable figure of $250,000 which came out of nowhere.

If she had been given anything, she would never have become The Strawberry Girl, would she have?

Sounds like Santangelo gave himself $250,000 of Leonce Picot and then some, to get his can out of the fire and out from under scrutiny of the Bar. Pushing Leonce out of his homestead while he was dying is evidence enough of elder abuse. Laura Picot-Sayles, Joyce Fix, and Carl G. Santangelo organized an elder-abuse scheme on Leonce once Carolyn croaked in 2015.

When Mr. Strawberry called to check in on him, after Carolyn was gone, Leonce was desperate and harried. Where was he going to get $6,000 this month, and $25,000 the next? Those were his concerns. His whole situation, art, and antiques, did not add up a-tall.

It wasn't until, unbeknownst to the Strawberrys, that someone had instructed Leonce to never speak to his daughter or anyone in her family again that the experienced Michele knew it was elder abuse. This was late 2017.

It never occurred to Leonce, Laura, or Joyce Fix that Mr. Strawberry, himself fatherless since 23, loved his father-in-law, or wanted to. He served them well only to be given a two week notice he had no job, no health insurance, or car, at Laura's request, "The Controller."

That hurt him pretty badly, but not as much as them publicly turning their backs on Mr. Srawberry at Jack Thornton's lovely funeral service given by his daughter. When the Picots saw Mr. Strawberry at the service, out loud they said, very loudly, "What is he doing here?"

Mr. Strawberry had spent the last months of Mr. Thornton's life at his bedside in the nursing home as a companion and necessary watchdog. Mr. Thornton could not speak scarcely by then, but Mr. Srawberry amused him with old Rat Pack movies and the things that were cool in Mr. Thornton's younger days.

Michele and Laura had played frequently with the true Mai-Kai owner's children when Kay was alive. They are beautiful children. And, Michele had had a crush on Jack since she was a kid- he was that handsome, and remained so always.

True to form, she could not bear his funeral, and explained this to the family, though they really wanted Mr. Strawberry there as he had been one of the last people in Jack's life, giving his family peace of mind, Jack not being left helpless and speechless in a nursing home when the family couldn't be present. Leonce never visited his good friend he used to go frogging with, in the old days, daiquiris in the trunk of the car.

Leonce was asked to be the Speaker, considering his long history with the Mai-Kai Restaurant and Jack. Leonce was a perfect funeral speaker. Cold as ice, he could talk about anyone and never shed a tear or sigh a sigh, so he eulogized many, though there was no one around to speak when Leonce died.

At Jack's funeral, Laura, Leonce, and Carolyn first voiced their disgust that Mr. Strawberry, an invited guest, was there and could not figure why, because they had been nowhere to be found while Jack was dying.

They then moved themselves across the room and seated themselves as far from Mr. Strawberry as possible. Of course, there were people there who knew the original Picots, the nouvelle Picots, as well as the Picot-Strawberrys. So this was an intentional act to publicly wound Mr. Strawberry and it worked. He was too upset to attend the luncheon after the service and returned to Michele emotionally distressed. Jack's family called and said, "Where is Mr. Srawberry?"

Michele had to explain, he was too upset by the Picots and was sorry he had to go home.

When he returned so dejected and sad, Michele had to remind him, "You cannot trust Leonce."

But her relatives had successfully driven another blade between her true love's tidewater ribs. There is no one who would say Mr. Strawberry is not the kindest, gentlest creature to have ever been floated through the marsh in a handbasket. Kay would have adored Mr. Strawberry, Michele claims. No one understood Kay like her eldest daughter did, and the reverse is true.

Once Carolyn was gone, Mr. Strawberry ventured a few guy calls to his father-in-law, to see if he was needing anything or just wanted to talk. And he did.

"Oh God, you just don't know how lonely I am," Leonce bawled into the phone.

And Mr. Strawberry did what any caring person would, and that was listen to Leonce extensively. He heard his complaints about life, complaints about health, and complaints about having given Laura. Kristen, and Caitlin too much money. He cried, "I can't help them anymore!"

Oho, the truth pops up. While Michele was exploited by her father, sister, and stepmother, and finally decided she wasn't wanted in the nouvelle Picot family and would just fade away (no one noticed), between say, 1995 and 2017, Leonce had been having to "help" Laura and her daughters to the extent of becoming broke, as told to Mr. Strawberry.

Then when Mr. Strawberry called to check in again in late 2017 Leonce abruptly said, "Don't call here again. These calls bring me no happiness."

Mr. Strawberry still hadn't learned to not let Leonce hurt him.

Nor did he know Leonce was in hospice then

However, in 2018, when Michele read about Leonce's death in the paper eight weeks after the fact, or actually, investigation shows the death date was manipulated to accommodate accounting, as was the death date of Leonce's partner David Edgerton, former Burger King, who died a few months before Leonce, Santangelo turned this around in a vicious remark to Michele Picot-Strawberry.

"Your dad said he told your husband to lose his number."

That was not only one of many Santangelo lies intended to bully, injure, and intimidate, Leonce never spoke that way.

He never spoke in the language of Santangelo's fabricated deathbed disinheriting Will either.

Leonce also was good at spelling, and Santangelo makes grade school errors in his professional work. He even mis-spelled Michele Picot-Strawberry's name when he changed Mr. Payne's estate work. Did Daddy let that slip?

Leonce never mis-spelled any daughter of his's name.


"Offshore banking" is both celebrated and criticized as a tax escape for oppressive corporations who get to cheat the U.S. Treasury while the country folk live in terror of rising taxes, of any sort.

It is also a way to hold assets out of sight until they are ready for Integration. Leonce Picot's 1974 Mansion was passed to early Mossac Fonseca clients, per 1979 conveyance. He was in the Panama Papers long before they were published, beginning on April 3, 2016.

In 2016, Carl G. Santangelo, FL BAR 290191, altered Leonce Picot's Family Trust with a signature notarized in 2005.


Familial Suicide Bullies

You have to watch out for your inside family suicide bullies.They never step up to the plate when there is a casualty in the House.

The problem with familial suicide bullies is they see nothing wrong in what they do. They cause trouble inside the family, and are over-benevolent to strangers on the outside. They know they will never be caught. People bullied within their family are blinded, trying to win the love of their tormentors. They don't tell when they are being mistreated. And the offenders don't turn themselves in as instrumental for whatever reason.

As Leonce Picot became an old and weak bully, his daughter Laura Picot, and her daughters followed in his footsteps, bilking him to nothingness with their demands. The alpha dog was put in his place by conniving little girls.

The fact that Laura slammed her daughter's head against a wall, on the word of Carolyn Guerard Picot, confirms Laura was traumatized in childhood by an abusive father. She could not halt the trend because she would not ever relinquish her loyalty to a man upon whom she was dependant financially, for her lifetime. Daddy was big and powerful by pushing people around for what he wanted. So her daughter got whacked.

"Grandfather's going to pay for me to be a model," Laura's battered daughter bragged, followed by, "Mommy is the real owner of the Down Under."

In his last years Leonce confirmed to Mr. Strawberry, that Laura, Kristin, and Caitlin had taken everything he had left. He was crying because he couldn't help them anymore. He had bought them a $350,000 home, after causing Michele to become homeless forever. Once retired, Leonce supported Laura for twenty years, because Laura was unemployable by anyone but Daddy. Once Leonce's Trustee discovered Leonce intended to save Michele from eviction in 2017, Leonce was forbidden to communicate with the Strawberry family anymore.

Michele was expecting some cock and bull story to come in her direction when her father died- elder abusers are always ready with a tale about the part of the family they intend to strip off for the deceased's assets. She had already lived through it with her Singing Teachers, whose bookkeeper almost made off with more than $250,000 of a nephew's inheritance. Frequently there are caretakers in-between who become experts in the family and decide who desrves what.

Michele wrote about this to her father, as it was she who spotted the fraud and managed to save every nickel of the estate and get her teacher's Will put back the way it was for the nephew. He never had an inkling.

However, people examined and went through Leonce's mail, and this prevention of a family travesty Michele wrote about to her father was twisted in the words of the Trustee's re-written Trust that "Michele received an advance inheritance of $250,000."

This was a lie fabricated in the event there would be a Will Contest. It is just a bald-faced lie, but no problem for Laura Picot Sayles, Joyce Fix, or Carl Santangelo, Trustee ex maleficio. Further, the entire incident is a matter of Record in The Estate of Flora Dane. Michele never accepted a penny from her teacher whose life she managed for a year so a wonderful woman could die in the sanctuary of her own home, and her life's work would safely pass to her bloodline, not someone else's.

Michele had an unnecessarily severely crippled friend whose family threw her in a nursing home on medicaid following a near fatal car accident. She was in a coma nearly a year and the family refused physical therapy, so her body froze.

When she woke up, she never received therapy. The time on a respirator had dampened her breathing reflex. She was never given respiratory therapy and re-trained to breathe. As a result, she could barely speak, at less than 50 years of age, which means that in a nursing home you are powerless against staff and family.

They never told her when her father died. The five siblings shared the former state representative's/ REIT estate amongst themselves. All a matter of Record.

. A brother remained her guardian until her shared real estate with her sister by deed was sold. They kept the dough and they put their sister into a schlockhole. None of them visit or send her a birthday card.

She was forbidden to call them. She was discharged into her own care, for medicaid purposes, but she doesn't know it. She believes her siblings have complete control of her life. They all have $500,000 houses. Her wardrobe was two old housecoats and a drawerful of brassieres which hadn't fit for years. When Michele brought her a lap rug used to cover the bent legs, it was stolen in two days. The young woman was kept essentially blind by the medicaid/nursing home optometrist who refused her prescription had changed as she aged. She was never given an accounting by the nursing home. She had no therapy or OT or vocational training other than television. She kept a photo of herself on Hollywood Beach in her bikini, before the accident. She had been a babe, by any standard, and the photo she used to show people she was once human.

Another closer friend, from high school, had early Alzheimer's disease. Her father had died at home of Alzheimer's, cared for by the mother who had heart disease. When the mother died, she left her daughter well over a million dollars in real estate and securities, knowing she was ill. The mother believed the daughter would move back into her lovely childhood home, to the neighborhood where she was known and loved, and be able to die there. Her mother trusted her daughter's husband, who already had a previous family.

The husband had other plans. At that point, Michele's friend was sociable, having moved back from the West. She seemed a litttle bit drunk, but she had a life. She complained to Michele that all the money, everything they had was hers but hubby had taken it over to remodel the house. In remodeling the house, she was given no input. There was not one feminine touch in the place. The man built himself a bachelor pad deluxe- cold, gray stone floors, leather you weren't allowed to drink water in the vicinity of, posh bar. There was an extra room and bath for a live-in caretaker. Still, it was an ugly, dark and cold house when finished, and the owner didn't like it.

As things progressed, her pleasure in life became wine. He restricted her like a beastmaster, angry that she had gained twenty pounds after being Twiggy all her life. He complained to Michele, " This is terrible! She was always a size 2!"

He bought her the cheapest bottles of white Publix sold. For himself, only the best!

One day Michele and her friend went to the old mall they had haunted as teenagers. The stores were all changed. Her friend wanted to buy something from Bath and Body. She perused the entire store and after quite a while selected Key Lime hand soap for the kitchen. It cost $3.95.

The two returned happy but when Simon LaGree saw his wife with a little bag in her hand he lost his temper.

"What's that? Did you buy that? Why are you out wasting our money like this? Michele, why did you let her do this?

Because a dying woman wanted to buy a bottle of handsoap for her own kitchen she was not allowed to occupy, that's why.

Comfortable in his cover, the trips to Vegas started. Michele was her friend's caretaker, so when he left town, she lived in the house and saw up close what was developing. The man had a daughter by a first marriage, and he intended for her to inherit what was left to sustain his wife, her parents' money, whatever was leftover after he had enjoyed his ride. He had nothing personally to give his daughter and no assets of his own. But he made his daughter, who lived 3500 miles away, his wife's guardian. A guardian at distance makes a lot of sense for cases of Alzheimer's. That was the first clue he was not going to keep her at her home. If you are locked-in, it doesn't matter where your guardian is.

He had a mistress, he was getting his yachting license, and going to Vegas. Michele and her friend would stand waiting for him to get out the door for the airport. When he left, her friend literally jumped up and down and cheered. They invited old girlfriends over, had a slumber party. Michele doesn't drink alcohol, so everyone else was able to get blottoed with her to see they safely crashed in a bed. It was a fine time.

They were able to sustain many good days together, which might have lasted much longer. There was a dog, and because the woman was in her childhood neighborhood, she was oriented there and enjoyed walking and talking with neighbors, some remembering her from her teens. That is, until one evening the husband very coyly drew Michele aside for a conversation of extreme importance.

"Michele, we all know you love her, and she loves you. So we want to ask you to be part of a major family decision."

Right away she knew where it was heading.

"We want you to help us choose a care facility for her to live."

To which Michele replied, "I was under the impression it was Margaret's intention to leave her daughter her house and securities so that her daughter could die in her own home, with dignity."

"What about the caretaker's room and bath, adjoining your wife's room and bath, while your room is down the hall. Who's going to live there?"

He was ready. "Oh, but we (daughter and mistress) found this super cool place in Palm Beach she'll love. They have everything there for Alzheimer's. She'll think she's on vacation. The doctors all say it is best to institutionalize them while they are still cognizant. We just wanted you to be part of the final decision."

"Palm Beach is 90 miles away from her friends."

And that was that. Michele maintained it was the parents' intention for their daughter to have their house in which to dwell to the end, like her father had, not for it to become a swingin' beach house for her husband once he got control of his wife's estate and locked her away. He could have lived his own life there while she had full-time care. She had her own wing of the house! It was in the budget. But to some people, having an Alzheimer's wife around just cramps their sense of style. That was the end of Michele's last friend. She ended up in one of the county's third class nursing homes, not Palm Beach. Her most intimate friends, people from way before Simon the legacy thief, knew it was wrong, but they turned their backs.

"Forget it, Michele, it's over," they said.

So Michele expected bad intentions from her sister, Daddy's "Controller,"who seethed with mal-intent towards Michele's son early on, when no one was looking. When just a little boy he would come back from working around the Down Under crying, "Why does Aunt Laura give me such looks of hate?" Laura began making up falsehoods about Michele and Michele's loved ones in childhood, and she only got better at it as she aged.

Though, it wasn't expected Joyce Fix would feel the need to get in on Leonce's remains and steal an abused daughter's rightful life insurance share, when Leonce and Carolyn Picot, and Laura Picot Sayles had already twice financially ruined the Strawberry family, for their own enrichment. Aside from pushing Kay into her grave, the nouvelle Picots had lived extra-royally by concealing the original theft of Katherine's estate in 1972. And Joyce was plenty rich enough already. Her father gave his daughters money and houses and a college education.

Joyce has a lot of nerve. She worked at La Casa Vecchia, Leonce's second restaurant, also founded on suicide, that of Harry Sousely, side by side with Mr. Strawberry for years, smiling and swilling her rum and champagne at him as if he were a family member.

None of the Strawberries are sad at all she cannot enjoy her ill gotten gains with the only person left who could abide her, her husband, who croaked after discovering the disposition of Leonce's estate. Ken Fix was a sensitive man and he knew what was right and wrong.

Fifty years following Katherine Kryder's death her daughter fights to live every day. The final pain, the sword in the gut, the betrayal, the cruelty and lies of her sister, the broken promises of her father, the sheer wickedness hit her like whiplash about a year after he died.

Leonce and Laura strove to prove themselves more right by bullying Michele into suicide, like her mother. That would prove Kay and Michele were the defectives, and they would get the pity for it. Further, it would drive the nail into Kay's grandson's coffin.

But such evil will never get through Michele to her son. That is what keeps her going day to day. Leonce was rejected by his grandparents and he carried that rage in his heart to his oxygen tent. His last Act before dying was to wound his and Kay's grandson the way he had been wounded, and Laura and her handmaidens gladly joined the goring and profited.

If Laura Picot Sayles wipes out her sister and her sister's son, 1/2 of Kryder per stirpes would be hers, 1/2 owned by the children of Rosemary Kryder Bond. Maybe that's why she uses a Ewing for Title Agent.

Michele has been a recluse since 2019, holed up in a trailer in the woods. She goes nowhere, sees no one, talks to no one, trusts no one. Her diet is mainly dry pita, coffee, tea, and water. Some days she cannot look at a flower or a leaf without bursting into tears. The sorrow, she says, is like being knocked from behind and bowled over by waves coming ashore. You never know when it is coming, but it does come. There is no Galveston seawall to break the sea waves crashing.

It has taken time for it to sink in how much she was actually hated by her father and sister. She never did anything but support them in their endeavors, until they resorted to openly humiliating Mr. Strawberry in public, where he was an invited guest at Jack Thornton's (Mai-Kai founder) funeral. Their behavior was despicable.

Michele would have been there- she loved Jack, but she has never been able to attend any funeral. She is an empath and funerals are overwhelming.

Too bad Laura hadn't paid more attention to all the lovely things Jack's daughter arranged for his friends and associates and loved ones at his service, followed by a luncheon. There were pictures, slide shows, memorabilia, a celebration of a man's life eventhough he had not been a very present father.

Something like that would have taken a bite out of Laura's nephew's stolen trust fund/debt owed by Leonce. Besides, who would have come? In reality, Katherine Kryder had been Leonce's only true friend since he was a teenager. She was the only person in his circle who didn't calculate her ROIC in Leonce. That was all he had- a collection of persons who sized him up for what he might generate.

And that is what you get when you throw Love away.

After the funeral fiasco, Michele decided to disappear from the Picot Sonoma Valley dream altogether, moving 10 miles away. For a number of years she wondered if Leonce really was her father. She asked him for a DNA test but he refused. Kay was pregnant with Michele when they were married. Maybe he decided he better take Kay for himself then- her mother could give them money for their house which he didn't have, Kay was a remarkable beauty out of his league, and she had suitors from University of Miami to University of Georgia, Athens. Maybe Michele would be so lucky as to have one of those old suitors be her actual father.

She wishes she had an old dad, even one she could pull out from the gutter and care for. She cries whenever she sees an elderly man struggling on his way, thinking, "He is someone's grandfather."

And what wouldn't Michele do to stroll over to the real estate office with her grandfather Frank? That she was denied all knowledge of him and Minnie while they lived is a compound fracture.

There were telephones in the 1960's, and Michele, like most teenage girls never hesitated using one. When her house was in trouble in 1965, she would have called to Frank, Kay's father, but she was told her real grandfather was dead, long before he was. She had frequently asked about her grandfather. No father of Kay's would have left her in the clutches of Leonce Picot to administer the torture upon her that she suffered.

It was said by Frank Kryder's last newspaper boy that Mr. Kryder was a sad old man with a moustache, who always paid his bill on time.

That corroborates the family history.

Now we know why hermits become hermits, why you should never give anyone an ounce of control over your property, especially a lawyer.

We know that Bible stories are true, and one sibling will take the other's life, that thirty pieces of silver is worth piercing an innocent through and through, that a daughter will deny her own mother over and again as sure as Peter denied Jesus.

Oh my Jesus.

Neither the Guerard Sisters, Leonce, nor Laura acknowledged any authority higher than their own.

Michele does. Her Great Uncle Harry told her the first time he saw young Frank Kryder pull up to his father's, to the Reverend Dr. Lawhon's door, in his brand new silver Chrysler in 1930, he thought to himself, " This man must be next to God."

Then she considers Frank's father, Clarence Frank who labored sober-mindedly, sacrificed, swam in a sea of sharks, to build a good town, one with parks, gardens, sound housing, jobs, theatre, plenty of dry goods, and as well to deliberately leave a legacy for his direct descendants, though the family was marred with divorce. He did not blame his grandchildren.

And following Clarence through the Indian Deportations, WWI, The Great Depression, and WWII, he was surrounded by those who loved him for his righteousness, and those who plotted to rob his heirs. There are just too many stories of the goodness of the man to refute, too many remnants who know where they might have ended up were it not for the work of Frank, Sr.

During his life of toil were about five years of world peace, his last years of life. He and Minnie had lost three children in infancy, their first grandchild in the 1918 flu epidemic, and their three grandchildren Rosemary, Katherine, and Rebecca to divorce and subterfuge.

Yet, the man never left his track to build that happy town.

So in those terrible days, let's pretend God walked the earth in Clarence, who close to him can deny it? Who had higher aspirations for their neighbor?

Uncle Harry was the son of a theologian with five degrees in Theology, Divinity and Psychology, in very strict Methodist times. You couldn't go to the movies then.

To think Frank Kryder "must be next to God" was a major digression which shot beyond generations of Protestantism. Harry was impressed. Though, the Kryders were Methodist, so the vision fit Uncle Harry. In Sunday school we learn that on rare occasions, when he chooses, God appears or speaks to man in a form the man will recognize.

Years ago on a Kryder/Leisure Park research trip to Sebring, Highlands County, FL Michele drove along scanning miles of doomed orange groves (people do not understand, oranges are out of their range in Florida) and came upon a stark Whiteco billboard with the quotation,

"Ask about My Son."

Now, to the church that put it there it may have been one thing, but Michele was on her way to the Highlands County Courthouse precisely for the purpose of finding out about Frank Kryder and a Kryder Trustee who parked across the street from Camp Sparta in the time Michele and Laura were sent to summer camp there. And she also gathered from the courthouse fascinating information about the disposition of the Estate of George Sebring, former potter of Ohio, as relates to the birth of Greyhound Buslines, as well as particulars concerning realty of the Sebring airfield converted to the 27 hours of Sebring car race.

"Ask about My Son."

"Because He lives, I can see Tomorrow."

Michele's tomorrows are coming when she will be back with the ones who love her, who sent her here to a world in decay to find out what went wrong- why didn't the Kryder's Trust reach all three of their beloved grand-daughters? How did we get from spanky pants and saddle oxfords to stiletto heels and thongs?

Those who war against Katherine invoke her Defender, her father, who is next to God.

They are safer robbing a drug lord.


Were they safe robbing Grandfather Picot as well?

This is more of Michele Picot-Strawberry's Bloodline:

Leonce Picot, Jr.

Leonce Picot, Jr. Born 11/14/1886 in Essex, NJ.
d. 1/26/1940
Essex Court Crier
17th Exalted Ruler of South Orange Elks 1927-1928
Law Offices at 17 Academy Street
South Orange, Essex County, NJ.

Husband of Nell (Nellie) Avelia Henderson Maloy.
Father of Leonce Picot d. 2018,

Leonce Picot

Michele Picot-Strawberry has found this Elks Club Portrait of her other grandfather she never knew. He was his club's Exalted Ruler (E.R.). His soft and gentle face makes her cry.

He was born on 11/14 as was Michele's son, his great-grandson.

Leonce Louis Picot, Jr.

Once Grandfather Picot married Nellie, Michele and Laura's Grandmother, apparently the Senior Picots quashed his obituary so the existence of Leonce Picot the son would be extirpated, or detached from the family of his father.

Leonce Picot of Fort Lauderdale did have an inheritance when his father died, because Nell is seen in the Fort Lauderdale News as his Guardian. As a minor child, he had an equal share with Nell in his father's Estate which is why he had a Guardian.

Kay knew Nell many years more than Leonce's second wife did. She knew every possible detail of Leonce's past because Nell talked her ears off for 22 years at least, maybe longer, and of course Kay was there as Leonce grew up. Especially early in the marriage, while Leonce was jaunting in Cuba, Nell took the opportunity to fill Kay's mind with Leonce's secrets. (Leonce was very particular about what he wanted his mother to say about him).

The story was, there was Life Insurance, but by the time Leonce was ready for college, Nell had spent it all. Thus, he over-achieved for his basketball scholarship at University of Miami.

When Leonce Michele's father died, she asked the Trustee ex maleficio Santangelo to ask Laura if she may please have the wedding day portraits of Leonce Picot , Jr. and Nell Avelia Henderson, Leonce's parents, Michele and Laura's paternal grandparents.

Laura has said she doesn't care about dead people or the past, so Nell gave the portraits to Michele. One year, Michele decided to have her grandparents' portraits framed so beautifully to give to her father.

Michele had thanked her grandmother over the years, for sewing her beautiful school clothes, for teaching her to sew, for great traditional family dinners, for gardening tips. She visited her grandmother in the hospital, painted a floral picture for her which Leonce had matted. Nell kept it hung over her bed from 1968 till the day she died. The picture disappeared. Michele hoped that rather than a health aide, it had been taken by Leonce's half-sister, Betty, who flew to Florida when her mother died.

Laura Picot-Sayles frequently, as an adult, ridiculed Nell Picot. She ridiculed her in front of a fully seated dining room at Casa Vecchia on her 80th Birthday.

Too bad she never thought of what it must have been like to drag a burning husband out of his bed and watch him dead on the front lawn as efforts to revive him failed. Leonce Picot, her father, was 8 years old and asleep in the room adjoining his father when the fire ignited, so the story was printed.

The Trustee said Laura didn't have time to look for them and would have no idea where they would be, though she was in possession of her father's entire tangible and intangible property.

That is cruelty. That is bullying OTT. Actually, Laura has so many bad strikes, it is hard to say which is the worse.

Michele says it is clear in the portrait Leonce, Jr. had more soul, sweetness, gentleness and compassion than his son developed. She loved him the minute she saw him.

Though Leonce claimed his father died when he was 10, he was actually only 8 when the fire happened.

He also carried a confused memory of being a boy and lighting a fir tree on fire which almost burned down his house.

For her grandfather Picot's sake, Michele forgives Leonce.

She's just a grandfather kind of girl.

She loves her grandfather and Leonce is his son. What a beautiful father he lost so early in life. That is why Kay almost saved him. Her influence, spiritually and morally, her pure love of him built him up. She was a lighthouse where he had had none. But Rum took away his defenses and sense of wholesomeness in not too many years. People just don't believe that alcoholic drinks impair judgment. Nobody knows that better than the PoPo.

Leonce is FORGIVEN to go back to his lost father and mother and be cured, like Daarth Vader.

Carolyn Picot is UNFORGIVEN because she was a bad girl from the very beginning, a man-trapper, dumping one hubby for another.

Laura Picot-Sayles, Joyce Fix, together with Carl G. Santangelo, Esquire Liar 2 remain Unforgiven.

Michele suffered the same childhood loss as Laura, but Laura betrayed her mother and her mother's grandson and conspired against her sister, for thirty pieces of silver and a sceptre. This was never Michele's response to her sister. Until Laura became too cruel to the point it caused Michele embarassment and shame to have her as a sister, Michele had made way for Laura to have her Daddy all to herself over the years. But Laura blew it. She deliberately attempted to injure Michele and her family, therefore, no GRACE, no MERCY.

Laura has to learn the Second Commandment before she can evolve further. She was taught The Golden Rule, but it flew right over her head, whether in School, Sunday School or Church.

Once Laura complained to Michele that she and Bryan were forced to attend a Methodist Church in order to get a discount for sending their daughters to the nice people Church School. She'll have to get that JUDGMENT from The Supremer Court.

With regards to Leonce and his role in the wholesale exploitation of Kay, Michele took it on the chin as best she could. What difference would it have made if she had pulled down his pants when it would have destroyed his career and driven Carolyn back to school teaching disabled children she didn't even like? The Strawberry family ended up abandoned anyway.

But Laura took advantage of Leonce's every weakness at the very core of his concealed grief and suffering, albeit undiagnosed, for the loss of his father. She exploited his pain by threatening to bring more pain and disorder into his life.

Leonce several times said to Michele, "Maybe I need a psychiatrist," meaning for himself.

He did need one, but that would have been to him an admission of weakness. His inferiority complex prevented him from ever seeking therapy, though Carolyn rum-told everybody about Leonce's nightmares that sent him howling into the deep night. It was one of her favorite topics, Leonce's "terrific nightmares," she labeled them. Any Tom, Dick or Harry could hear all about it at the Down Under Bar.

When Michele lived in the household of Kay and Leonce, he never had a nightmare you could hear through the wall. When he slept, he was out like a light. Nightmares started a few years into his marriage to Carolyn.

Leonce's mother never re-married. As a young man, he adopted certain father-figures, his athletic coaches, and Mr. Payne, but he never developed close relationships with anyone. He didn't want friends. After Kay died, he didn't really have any.

Kay and Leonce were avid home entertainers when Leonce felt he could miss a night at the Mai-Kai, and Michele remembers being tucked in her bed while the late night monopoly games were on. There was laughing and hooting and cheering. There were the Brodskis, the Charterises, the Edelmeyr's, the Lentners- special friends to play and laugh with.

As Michele's Uncle Charles Zawadski, former Mai-Kai artist, remarked, having known Leonce since he was 18, "You know, Michele, I always thought of your father as kind of a cold fish."

That was a nice way to put it.

Carolyn Guerard was one of the coldest fish to ever come down the pike and Joyce Fix her sister comes in second with Laura pushing ahead towards first place as soon Time will take the Guerards off the earth forever.

When Michele returned to Florida after being lured out of college with the promise of a music store, Leonce and Carolyn had one set of friends who came to the house- the Schagrins. Mr. Schagrin had the only wine and cheese store in town of any count. They were so good to Michele! But they were real people. Michele looks back and thinks they must have seen her fragile position. Mrs. Schagrin invited her to an amazing dinner at their house, made just for Michele. Mrs. Schagrin made phone calls and introductions in the landscape business for Michele. Mr. Schagrin was a mensch.

But the Schagrins disappeared. It was said about town that Leonce had deliberately put their shop out of business, importing the same wines in bulk and underselling his "friend."

That was the social life of the nouvelle Picots.

So, though Kay had from 1944-1962 filled Leonce with warmth, friends, fun, and creative ideas, without her it was like the faucet of life was turned off.

He began the journey of the cold fish and was perfectly suited for a cold fish marriage, with certain concessions.

He may have obtained limited use of Kay's legacy interest via the irresistible temptation to become an overnight millionaire, but he had to give up a size 4 melodious wife and live the rest of his days with a HUGE whale of a woman whose voice production was so mis-placed it sounded as an irritating nasal drone, and to top off the fare, he had to deal with a woman who had no love for his baggage daughters.

Nothing could have embarassed him more than a needlessly obese wife who had started out small. No amount of jewelry or hair and nail processing or cosmetic surgery or expensive clothing and luxury cars can compensate for the flaw of gluttony.

Leonce lectured at length to young Michele and Laura about woman's duty to keep up her figure. He pounded it into his daughters' heads as they grew up. This was his statement:

"Your mother is always so slim and trim. She is a perfect example. There's nothing worse than a woman who lets herself become overweight. Don't ever let yourselves become fat."

After Kay, he changed that tune to praise how thin John Payne's wife had remained her whole life. He expressed such admiration for his former high school English teacher, Mrs. Payne, for remaining the image of slim and trim in his eyes, never changing over the decades. She didn't let him down.

These were once young Michele and Laura's taboos- no getting fat, no smoking cigarettes on the street, no public appearances in curlers, no going to bed with make-up on, and no shaving of legs above the knee.

Carolyn, shorter than Kay, was a respectable size 8 nevertheless when she was "dating" Leonce. However, it only took a year of marriage before she pulled out the stops. First she had the excuse that her pant suits were the wrong fabric and they stretched out with wear, making her look fatter.

Then came the days of shoulder pads and Dallas. Michele cut all the shoulder pads out of her own clothes because she knew what they were for, and she did not want to look like a football player.

Shoulder pads became necessary in the Reagan years because women ate more rich food on expense accounts as the new Wine Craze took hold of the nation. Shoulder pads were the answer to what Michele's Singing Teacher called, "Putting on too much weight in the can."

Carolyn wore the largest shoulder pads on the market. It was a joke amongst the employees. Eventually, as Leonce had no way out of their financial scheme and since he got away with openly bringing mistresses to the Down Under for intimate little dinners, she let it all go directly to morbid obesity, the thing Leonce dreaded most in a wife. He was humiliated. He had planned on a size 8 wife at the largest.

So the Guerard Sisters sized up Leonce, better than he had sized up Carolyn, as they planned stage by stage to wipe out his daughters and get themselves some ExtraBucks.Thanks be to God their line is extinguished.


I wish I could forgive Carolyn everything, because it is she who is forlorn now. Where do you go when there is nowhere to go?

First, let's het the full name correct:

Caroline Elaine Guerard PHELPS Picot

She was married twice by age 30.

Carolyn E.G. Picot is UNFORGIVEN for morally corrupting Kay Picot's daughter, Laura, a minor child, for financial gain.

But Carolyn created nowhere to go but Hell, because she did not believe in God. She believed she had to get everything into her mouth, and on her ring fingers (which were 10 in number) while she was alive because there is nothing else.

Carolyn was an endless loop of , "We are the best. We deserve the best. Nobody can do things like we can."

Yes folks, that is what she chanted, all the way to bringing down Leonce in a horrible lawsuit for losing Mr. Berry's money at 1001 Nob Hill, San Francisco. Carolyn's ambitions cost him his satisfaction in his career, made him into a kitchen equipment midnight sneak thief, a concealer of costly furniture and antiques, and denied him the last two years he had with his mother. Nell was abandoned by the person she loved most, her son, at the end of her days, for the big California adventure.

Carolyn rum talked to everyone at the bar about how she couldn't stand Leonce's mother, how demanding she was, asking too much of Leonce from her wheelchair.

Whether Laura had been old enough or smart enough as a child to pick up on it, San Francisco, after the book was written, became the symbol of restaurant cool to Leonce. There couldn't have been a worse place in the world for him to experience failure when he perceived he had made the mark at last, with someone droning in his ear, "We're the best- no one can do this like we can."

For her own imagined station in society, Carolyn caused Leonce to forget his own original purpose, to forget his goals in hospitality and entertaining, as she studiously removed the last vestiges of Nell Picot's solid Presbyterian upbringing from his soul.

But some things just can't be overlooked in a High Court of Justice.

Carolyn Elaine Guerard Picot and her sister Joyce the Fix are UNFORGIVEN for a heinous plot to destroy and plunder the remains of a wounded and embattled family, and to take from another pair of sisters who had lost their own mother.

The Guerard sisters and Laura Picot-Sayles are UNFORGIVEN for conspiring to inflict a mortal wound on Leonce's innocent grandson, who loved his grandfather, delivering a wound equal to the rejection by grandparents andn uncles hat afflicted Leonce his entire life.

Carl Gerard Santangelo is UNFORGIVEN for being a professional slob and misconducting himself as a SOLE Trustee, for which he was not authorized, to damage Michele and her family while lining his own over-extended pockets. Santangelo is UNFORGIVEN for using his position as a lawyer to step into a family he knew nothing about and stir up more pain, sorrow, and trouble, compounding the pain of others he never met, for profi.. Santangelo is UNFORGIVEN for altering John Houston Payne's Estate work protecting Kay's children, while Santangelo personally was liened and in bankruptcy. Santangelo is UNFORGIVEN for constructing a scenario ahead of Leonce's death, in which he could profit by pocketing a long-standing on the books Trust and other benefits. Santangelo is UNFORGIVEN for taking it upon himself to re-distribute an Estate according to his own ideas of how it should be done after his client was dead in such a manner as to pocket an unsupervised amount inn favor of himself. He is UNFORGIVEN for creating lies and slander, fabricating false paperwork, to injure the Strawberry Family and intimidate them.

Leonce had barely been cremated, nor had Michele discovered Leonce was dead before Santangelo had a $100,000 roof put on his house and Joyce commenced remodeling her already wonderful Imperial home as Laura after two years with no real estate listings, suddenly became a hot shot at Century 21. When you get money you are not entitled to, the best thing is to buy real estate improvements as soon as possible. It's like hiding the booty out in the open.

And Laura Picot-Sayles is UNFORGIVEN for getting into bed with Santangelo and assisting those plotting sisters, to make it easier on herself for the disposition of Leonce, to further wound her sister and nephew.

Lastly, Laura Picot-Sayes is UNFORGIVEN for threatening an already tortured man, her own father, with harming herself, for money. She BLACKMAILED her precious Daddy to stay afloat.

Grandfather Picot is not pleased with her as a granddaughter.

Laura has time to repent. But she won't. Her head was turned, like Linda Blair.

This takes the whole sordid scenerey to the origins of the LIE of LIES which originated with Vessie LeVonne Lawhon Kryder Daniel LeFevre, Laura and Michele's maternal grandmother and third wife of Frank Kryder, Jr.

A daughter who threatens her father with hurting herself, or leads him to believe she is in danger in order to get what she wants is exactly what Kay's mother was, and the behavior is repeated in Laura Picot-Sayles.

Kay told Michele that her mother, a Methodist Minister's daughter, had made all three of her husbands alcoholics.

But let's get the story here of LeVonne, of the first graduating class of Lauderdale High School, whose father of two doctorates and three Master' degrees dedicated First United Methodist Church downtown, but around 1924, with five children, he resigned as Pastor to try and make a living in real estate.

Michele has copies of some of his elegantly scripted diaries, written in violet ink. To make ends meet he raked leaves and built hurricane shutters for the winter people. He was a night watchman for the Governor's Club when it was being built. Ministers, no matter how well-educated or of what quality, were paid pennies then.

This account of the true nature of LeVonne Kryder comes direct from Great Uncle Harry Lawhon, who thought Frank Kryder was like God. Michele was told by her grandmother, who she decided to name "Bunny," that no one should ever, ever try and find her brother Harry, and if they should run into him, don't listen to what he says because he had run "afoul of the law."

But once Michele discovered at age 40 she had been driving past the Lawhon Homestead her whole life with Bunny and was never told a thing, she decided, on top of Bunny kidnapping her daughters, she was going to track down this villainous Great Uncle and get the story.

This was the advantage- LeVonne was 19 when Harry was born. Though Bunny died with sealed lips, that gap in time enabled Michele to contact Harry in Battleground, WA before he died and find out how she became wed to Frank Kryder and why everything had been hushed up.

Michele tracked down Bunny's brother's (Donovan Lawhon) daughter, her second cousin, in Broward county records. This cousin and Michele had never met eventhough the cousin visited Bunny at her Intracoastal front home and played cards on the porch just as Michele did. They just were scheduled to never see each other, for 30 years! Cousins passing like ships in the night.

LeVonne was the eldest of the five children and Rev. Lawhon needed for her to drive the school-age ones to school and activities. He gave her his car and bought another for himself.

LeVonne decided she wanted her father's slightly newer model and told him so. He would not give her the newer car.

One night the police came to door of the house. A car had gone into a rock pit and it was believed to have been LeVonne's car. Dr. Lawhon and the older kids went to the site and watched as a crane lifted it out of the pit, full of water. It was black as pitch around the rockpit. Harry said his father never got over the vision of the dripping car hanging in the air as flashlights were shone into it, expecting to find LeVonne dead.

This Dr. of Theology and Divinity did not deserve having his heart ripped out by a misbehaving daughter who was dissatisfied with poverty. Bunny had simply sent the car into the pit empty and then hid.

That so smacks of a Laura Picot maneuver it is scary.

Certainly Bunny abused her daughters, kidnapping them from their Fort Wayne lives without notice. Rebecca, who Michele named "Toti," told her, "Mother told us our father had a gun and if we ever saw him we should hide because he wants to kill us."

That is how Great Uncle Harry came to see Frank Kryder pull up to the old homestead in his brand new Silver Chrysler (now we are in 1940.) When LeVonne left, Frank drove to Fort Lauderdale to plead with her to come home.

However, Bunny never instigated marriage dissolution until she had another man to marry her the next day afterward. Frank came to get his family, but she had John Wesley Daniel (Daddy Jack) ready to marry her the day after her Divorce was granted.

Though Bunny complained that Frank was an alcoholic, according to Kay, Bunny proceeded driving her next two husbands to alcoholism.

Bunny was a secret drunkard herself. Toti's husband, Uncle Chuck (Zawadski) told Michele Bunny would get potted alone at their house. Once, she was supposed to be tending a roast chicken and it cooked until it was black. Chuck got home from work in time to avert a housefire, and Bunny was just a settin' with her cocktail in the living room, in another world. Toti, especially as she got older "took to drink," as her daughter Tam reported. They had moved to Scotland, leaving Uncle Chuck in the U.S.

Bunny liked to show Michele off when she was a Golden Child, taking her out to dinner at places where people would see her. They also traveled to Washington DC and New York City together in 1969. Bunny started every meal with (2) C.C. Manhattans and Michele was allowed a Shirley Temple. The after dinner drink varied. Michele to this day does not know what a C.C. Manhattan is, but it looked like a big cocktail of whiskey, she imagined.

Michele met Mr. Daniel, "Daddy Jack" once. He had horses. By that time, Bunny had moved on to her third husband, Mr. LeFevre.

Still attached to her kindly stepfather, Kay wanted to visit him and for him to meet Michele.

He had given Katherine and Rebecca a good life, with horses and summer trips to his sister's Jocasee place (Aunt Cami's) with its own dam and waterfall. Kay must have been very fond of him. One year on the way back from the mountains where Kay had written a restaurant book, she took a detour to Jocasee., SC. It was just Laura, Michele, and the beagle in the car. It was a Buick Skylark. Kay stopped after driving a dirt road for a time, parking at the head of an overgrown trail into the woods.

"You wait here, " she instructed her daughters.

"Why? Where are you going?"

She said, "I just want to see the old footbridge- it's old and probably dangerous, and I want you to wait in the car."

The little group were really in the woods, and how Kay knew where she was going on that private road into the forest is a mystery. She knew where she was going.

It wasn't long before her tear-stained face appeared as she emerged from the hint of a trail. Perhaps she had tried to recapture some essence of happier days, memories of her second father, who had been good to her. Perhaps it hit her how quickly our ways of life vanish and decay. Michele knew the look on her mother's face when she was struggling hard to stay composed. It was her chin that could give her away.

Katherine Kryder had put much effort into being happy with whatever Bunny had in store for her life. No one could ever have guessed she led anything less than a charmed existence. She was beautiful, brilliant, magnetic, fascinating. Those who knew her well knew she was a very accomplished actress.

She did try and deal with Leonce's philandery problem. They met at fourteen. She knew his life story and his mother years before getting married. Though, a psychiatrist would say these two should never have married- each having traumatically lost a parent at age 10 or under. It's a textbook fiasco.

Carolyn droned to Michele, "I don't care who he shacks up with."

But Michele's mother did care, terribly much so.

She deserved a man who loved her as much as she loved him. She was worth it. The sun rose and set in Leonce for her. She could have been trying to compensate for her two fathers she had lost.

Yet, with loss of youthful defiance, we lose our determination to resist admitting defeat . In terms of licentiousness, from 1959 onward, The Mai-Kai, Leonce's home away from home, where he did not have an actual office but just a closet to store his print material, became more and more orgiastic each year.

Kay wanted a church going family. Leonce was always too hung over Sunday morning to go. Michele didn't care for not having the whole family in church . The congregation was a few elderly people and families then. Doctor's families with lots and lots of kids. Fathers sang in the choir. Fathers ushered.

Leonce later in life developed a phobia concerning "religious art." He could not look at it, even the masterworks.

So with passage of time and no improvements in her family life, Kay's ability to conceal her turmoil, as Leonce would push her away when she tried to kiss him goodbye before work, was over-challenged.

Beneath her heavenly lips, her chin displayed three or four dimples when she was very upset. Michele by age 9 had a well developed separation anxiety from the restaurant trips, and general nights out. When Kay and Leonce went out to dinner she could not sleep until their return. Kay would have to come tell Michele she was home and let her feel her cashmere sweater. Only then was it safe to sleep. This was ritual. She had to feel her mother's cashmere.

In this complex dynamic, when the dimpled chin changed Kay's face, if only for a moment, Michele was frightened. At that age, with all the missing family history or logic, with relatives masquerading as though all was proper, substituting stand-ins for kin, in the face of a sickening feeling that something is not right with mother, when father slaps you in the face for giggling at the dinner table, what are the chances a child will just bounce back resiliently and forget it all?

Because that is what so many people tell themselves when they set about threatening the stability of a child's world in the cause of pursuing their own pleasure.

It is not cool to have children then subject them to capricious whims and desires contrary to their undeveloped logic and perception of their world.

Do you hear?

DO NOT have children unless you are committed to protecting them with continuous stability and an emotionally undisturbed family life as they develop into adults.

Do not take their loved ones out of their formulated household perception.

When you work with chronologies and genealogies many years you see how lives unfold by decades. You measure lives by decade. You see a person how they were at 20, at 40, at 60 if they make that cut. Even those lives which are longest seem short when looked at by decade.

"Life is too short," Kay frequently lamented.

Some short lives though are decades of sorrow. The same goes for long lives.

The decades of life are a double crapshoot:

First our genes start with a roll of the dice.

Our genetics affect every decade of life, from who were our parents and what do they do, to whether we will be healthy, ill, or die of something congenital, in any decade, we don't know when or if, usually.

Second is the Chronology itself, all the events and their effect on the decades we live- globally, locally, and within our house or family.

Also, a Chronology reaches decades backward from the decade of our birth, so all our decades have been pre-conditioned by what has gone before.

There is no way to separate the decades of life from the ongoing Chronology of Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.

Divine Love is the same, Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.

Divine Love gives us free will; it is impossible to make someone love you, though it is possible to "win a heart, " if it is a heart which can love.

The best-lived lives are by no guarantee the happiest lives. They are lives which remain on course each decade regardless of events.

How we use free will in our decades, with all the external influences described, determines the shape of our life. At the end of the day, the shape of our life is who we are.

The worth of our lives is not what we have, but who we are.


"Why was I Born, Why Am I Living?'

Michele Picot-Strawberry was born to remember.

How trite it sounds to hear people say,

"Oh, that was in the past."

"You have to move on."

"It's water under the bridge."

Those are people with something to hide and that is their adaptive strategy.

On the contrary, a long memory is needed to defend against liars, date changers, forgers, and interferers. Without drugs and booze, the truth can be painful and sorrowful, but who says we are to live without pain and sorrow in place of truth?

She hears the original strains,

"Gold doubloons and pieces of eight
Handed down through Applegate"

as her mother gave her homemade cookies and dressed her in a best dress every afternoon to watch the original Mouseketeers. She remembers. She remembers Kay lifting her from her crib...

These days and even when she might have afforded it, Michele wouldn't be caught dead in a Disney enterprise, thanks to Thomas Shoaff et al. of Fort Wayne and their Shamrock Fund for America's Wealthiest Families.

The Way Home is pepared for The Strawberry Girl. Her family in the New World is re-fashioned in the New World Order. The bad visions, haints and ghosts are vanquished.

There she will live and plan boulevards, parks and cityscapes inside the real estate office. She can see the road where the office marks the beginning of Brenton Park Boulevard into Brenton Park. Inside Frank Sr. sits platting a neighborhood in his crisp white shirt, for the many to come.

Brenton is the name of Frank Sr's younger brother who fell into a vat of boiling candle wax and burned to death at age 19.

The real estate office is Mies Van de Rohe, single story with exterior walls of glass. From the road she sees her great-grandfather and she can see her desk.

She can see Grandfather Picot working at keeping deeds and boundaries in order.

In Methodism, "the Father waits over the way, to prepare us a dwelling place there."

Leonce has gone back to his lost innocence where he lost his father.

Kay has returned to her father.

1940 will never plague them again.

Because the moment each was parted from their father, Michele was slated to be born into this world of woe, and she has long been orphaned here without either parent, at last too sad to leave her little room anymore. She doesn't want to see anything else or do anything else, or know anyone else.

"He brought me a little coffee
He brought me a little tea.
He brought me a little every damn thing,
but he didn't bring the jailhouse key."

Her sphere she has reduced to Mr. Strawberry, and she has her son by her, Leonce's grandson, who has developed full-blown PTSD since being rejected by his grandfather in the cruel language of The Trustee, coupled with Laura blocking his access to his grandfather for so many years.

Leonce's grandson is a human being with a heart who wanted to see his grandfather at least once before he died. He never understood why one year, when the Down Under closed, where he had been working in the kitchen as a cook, suddenly Grandfather hated him. Laura Picot-Sayles and Carolyn Picot made sure Leonce's grandson would never see his grandfather again. He was crushed by sudden rejection in 1996 and blown apart in 2018.

It is rather astounding how people can cause innocents so much grief deliberately and then enjoy their profits. That is what too much champagne will do.

Regardless of what Joyce the Fix, Laura Picot-Sayles, and Carl G. Santangelo think Leonce's grandson deserves, his grandson loved his grandfather and they had no business throwing their garbage on a tender-hearted grandson's love. That type of rejection crippled Leonce psychologically. But what did they know or care about the man who paid their bills?

At least the Strawberrys have remained a family through all the rigamarole, and they love each other. That is grace.

So, double trouble in 1940, in New Jersey, and in Indiana.

This caused Kay and Leonce to be transported by their mothers to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and as a result, enter Michele, in 1953.

There is but one thing for Michele to do with her life as it is and that is Solve the Chronology. It is the Great Mystery to which she can apply all her faculties, training, and inborn knacks, while stuck in poverty.

Massive tragedy in the geographically separated lives of her future parents in 1940 pre-conditioned her birth.

In Methodism we try to figure out what we can as we live with the caveat that the things in our lives which make us cry the hardest may not be understood until we reach The New World. Yet, seeking truth brings the road more and more into focus.

There is something the Strawberry Girl must find in 1940 before at last she gets a home in Brenton Park.

All she has at the moment is:

Investment Company Act of 1940

Two books published by Leslie Charteris,



National Oil & Gas, Bluffton, Indiana

This may be all she needs to finish the gig.

How does Michele get back to Olathe, Kansas?

She cannot close her eyes and say, 'There's no place like Home."

Her Home vanished decades ago.

She is The Strawberry Girl.


Hangover Botanical Literary Poster




Michele Picot-Strawberry

MP-S de facto ID


1> 4/05/2016 to 5/29/2016 |
2> 6/28/2016 -8/14/2016
3> 2/28/2017- 8/01/2018 2 Panama Papers to Onassis
4>Grapes of Wrath 2018 - Joyce Fix Imperial Pointe, Florida

The Prisoner of Congregation B'Nai Jacob

A Key to The Perfect Circle Corporation, Fort Wayne, IN . by FGD (Frank's Grand Daughter)
"Let My People Go, " she says.


Sabet-Pasal Iran Proof requires time, and the longer the time, the deeper goes the crime. Netflix has taught, things which go unresolved get worse.

People had to become deceased. Chaos, and three Middle-Eastern Wars had to unfold before history would make what was hidden re-connect so as to be irrefutable and seen.

"There's no doubt fraud has taken place." said Mr. R. Tourkow, the distinguished lawyer in Fort Wayne, a Georgetown University Graduate and senior corporate counsel for Tokheim Corporation, Inc. who I first consulted, now at peace.

Though at the time, I did not know Mr. Tourkow, or anything about Fort Wayne, or Tokheim, or magnet wire, or Phelps Dodge, or B'Nai Jacob, somehow I felt compelled to walk into his office across the street from the Allen County Courthouse, cold-calling, toting a loose stack of Deeds and Trusts and Things with my family's names all over it. Though he was leaving to drive his wife to an awards banquet, his curiosity got the best of him- a stranger in town blowing through his door with the wind, well dressed, in a flurry of white paper.

He was a virile man with a booming voice, "What do you have there?" thinking it was most likely a bunch of tax deeds.

He was a man of such integrity, that he turned an unearthly shade of white looking at the top few sheets of my copies. I have never seen such a thing, a person turning completely white, not like fainting, not like death. White.

Clapping his hand to his forehead he cried with dismay, "Lives will be ruined, careers will be destroyed!"

Clearly what was on paper he recognized as something else, something which he had thought was something else since the Reorganization of Congregation B'Nai Jacob in 1955, just after the negotiations for National Oil Iran had been completed after four years of the most tedious foreign relations I could have imagined. Now, 40 years later, Mr. Tourkow's reality was blown away but he knew why, if not to what extremes. I knew he saw what he could never tell me. But where would I go next, Barrett & McNagny? Helmke, Beams, Boyer and Wagner? Beers, Mallers, Backs and Salin? Baker and Daniels and Shoaff? They all had their hands all over Frank, Frank and Minnie V. Kryder, and were adverse to Katherine, having married off Frank's first daughter from another marriage to one of their own family, leaving 2/3 of the estate at large with absentee heirs.

Mr. Tourkow was truly noble to accept a retainer to get Frank Kryder's Estate open. He may have been my only chance to do that. I then wrote a thank you letter saying I wanted to find counsel outside of Allen County, to let him out of the case. You just don't out of the blue ask a man to ruin the lives and careers of his own circle, because someone has been tricked by someone you can't see.

There were other bad omens in Fort Wayne which I felt the need to go around, such as family lawyers writing to me on their stationery that they never heard of the family, plenty of clamming-up, wrong obituaries, no death probate records, lawyers selling each other valuable property out of "Charitable Trusts," weird city murders and suicides. You really wonder that there is an FBI Field Office Stationed in the heart of this activity.

Which is what led me to believe, that even worse than National Gas and Oil (Bluffton, IN) making it possible for Cuba to get oil throughout the embargo, which has been sustained for that privately profitable reason, and which is an excellent motive for killing the President who was going to end the Embargo in three weeks 60 years ago, that was just the beginning of ENRON, crashing on the heels of 9/11/2001.

Fort Wayne industry profited heavily through Sabet-Pasal 1954-1969 when Iran needed electricity (copper magnet-wire) and gas pumps (Tokheim), tvs, components- Habib Sabet liked to ship small things from Fort Wayne. Where else did he learn the art of the franchise from such experts like 1954 Insta-Burger and Pepsi. Fort Wayne had it all under control.

I read every bit of this lengthy volume: Foreign Relations of the United States, 1952–1954, Iran, 1951–1954, Volume X
Have at it, if you like, it takes about two days, but the essence of Vol. X is that in 1954 when the Oil Consortium was agreed, industrious merchant, Habib Sabet, builder of Iran's Versailles Palace, his home, was making a mint selling modernization to Iran from Fort Wayne through Sabet-Pasal.

Now look at this assortment of documents which have in common, Frederick R. Tourkow:

B'Nai Jacob Fort Wayne

7/281955 NATIONAL OIL CORPORATION Indiana (US) MOSER.WILLIAM. GENE, president, 28 Jul 1955-

8/11/1955 CUBAN AMERICAN NICKEL COMPANY Jurisdiction Delaware- part of the Sherritt "refining deal for Cuban oil"

The Reorganization Document is not completely shown, but including Jack Dubrove, who Mr. Tourkow saw on my deed, there were at least two other prominent organizers of the Temple whose industries thrived on and on with the use of Frank Kryder, who in 1954 was a salesman with National Construction.


Sunniland Pipeline Company Moser & Jones, took over the operation in 1961 and a sizeable jump in production occurred from 1961-1962. This was crude oil sent across Florida to Port Everglades where it was picked up by someone.


William Moser

By all their silence I am their prisoner-

"The Lord promised the House of Jacob, despite Jacob's former trespasses, if the covenants were kept, their faces would never wax pale. "

I saw with my own eyes, The Broken Covenants, in Fort Wayne, in the trembling hands of possibly one of the town's strongest men- Mr. Tourkow saw and I was blind. He was actually the Key to the Perfect Circle, and I deliberately, unknowingly, had gravitated right to him.

This without doubt "fraud" was more than stealing an inheritance, or theft of US securities- there is just no evidence whatsoever of any cashing out, except the National Gas and Oil Shares and Leases 1948-1978. That information turned up in 2007, hidden in NARA and, unrecognizable except by one who knew for what they were searching in 1948, such as I. The purchase is attached to Frank, Sr.'s SSN, though his Original Application cannot be located in SSA. That is very rare, for there to be a number used to pay tax on securities that has no Main Office Record of Original Application. The Kryders were concealed by experts.

Especially in Fort Wayne, estate fraud has been a way of business for trust companies and lawyers since the Indian Land Cessions. Why go to such extremes to keep Heidi from the Grandfather? It would have been like taking candy from babies, except that my life became so very bizarre in 1966, as if the script had changed. But what did I know of Cuba then, or what was coming down the road for today? So long past the scene of the crime, the picture falls in place. The Bush Dynasty must pay and Barrett law can 'splain it to them.

Frederick R. Tourkow was the key. Oh Lawyers of the Limberlost! Would that you were not on the 1912 Time Line with your ill-guided conspirators! Why delay the inevitable?



Carl G. Santangelo Trustee ex maleficio

The Invisible Co-Trustee Reveals a Scenario of Interstate Trust-Kiting


by Michele Picot-Strawberry

When I opened the 1966 Estate of Frank H. Kryder in 1995, in the legal community it was purely unthinkable that trust vaults, U.S. judges and estate lawyers in geographically defined cells would collude against heirs, desecrating the highest position of Trust the Law creates by the generational transference of wealth in secret and without supervision or accountability, especially that of troubled families, the elderly and infirm.


Now we come to find this hanky panky was in full swing in the judicial system in 1995, a work in progress since the Kryder days. History has made it opportune to define for the public, with clarity, the serpent "Tri-State/Old National 71-19 RICO 1928-2023," or more succinctly, the 1+1=2 RICO, of which Carl G. Santangelo, Tr., and Judge Kenneth G. Gillespie became the Tail, now to be swallowed 100 years hence, by the Head. For, in the immediate present we are learning daily more and more about structure of the "white collar RICO," its coiled nature; we will see it uncoil now through generations, to the origin, and its links to the underworld which have persisted.

When I first met Carl G. Santangelo, Tr., I thought he was Leonce's last little fatherly prank and riddle, having raised me on mystery books, something to distract me from the last tragic pain of loss of both parents under psychologically bad circumstances, with no supportive family or friends left who had known us. Daddy had in fun paid for The Flim Flam Man to soften the last blow, I mused, like a party clown. As a personal lawyer or trustee of property, he got into position by outliving his two predecessors, the original chosen Trustees, then not following the Trust Rules and having his client appoint a co-Trustee for the Life Insurance administration and distribution. Yet I had forgotten the Daddy who was once fun and mysterious Daddy who vanished in 1972 into the ether with Kay. My life was gone then. We were happy- Daddy was the one who changed.

One day it came to me. Carl G. Santangelo was not The Flim Flam Man, but The Third Man, thinking he could be his own co-Trustee for his client in 2018 and save himself from the temptation of taking candy from babes, considering he'd been under the gun since at least 1998 .

The death of Kay's betrayer, Leonce, meant severing his shell enterprise and shrouded ties to Frank Kryder and the Barnett Bankers, a job for unseen lawyers. Also it would leave his personal estate dangerous to The Precious (see below), if it were accounted. It meant I could glean enough of Leonce's hidden affairs to connect 1966 (Frank)- 1972 (Kay) - 2018 (Leonce). Once he was gone, I had his liberty to write. It was a date of death for my father that prevented me from closing the loop by giving me present evidence of the RICO, to connect the sordid 1960s to the sordid 2020s.

Leonce 's impending estate work would give me the final answer to my past. There was more to be uncovered as Carl G. Santangelo, Tr. forced me to sue him to recover a fraction of my father's life insurance. Methought he did protest too much, as the judge simply ignored the Rules of the Trust as well as Law to block my right as an irrevocable beneficiary to an accounting.

Despite the blind spots Santangelo believed would shield him, I am going to lay out in a federal numerical manner, numerical proof of an antique, powerful corrupt cell we can now give a lost and buried name and face, using its own many confounding serial numbers attached to assets as proof. Numbers do not lie. The Strawberry Agency uses The Standard Rule of 1+1=2. No lawyer in the world can twist that into a matter of reasonable doubt. No Judge, no G-Man, no expert accountant will ever conclude anything other than 1+1=2.

From there, when two 84 digit columns of Federal Reserve RSSIDs etc. can be placed side by side and though in different order, one column being the same set of numbers as the other, and each column having historical to present relationships between the numerical assignees, it's a 1+1=2 RICO. The (1) that has Kryder is a securities dealing, franchise and patent Ring, in the nice Towers, it is The Precious. The (2) of course is the result of the magic of (1) replicating itself out of sight, out of jurisdiction. Yes it is an old story of the way of the world, we are told, but it is too long a story in words- too much testimony, too much clerking, missing records, missing witnesses. No one could ever sit through it. It has taken thirty years to understand the Present by investigating the Past. But I have no viable,

" Just tell me in a few paragraphs what you think you have."

True, I have learned the lifetimes of my deceased perps and their progenitors, predator families, history that is never mentioned, occult and conspiracy theories. I've seen boundary stone after boundary stone moved, in Official Records. I've seen nothing means anything in court the last fifty years. And why is established ownership of the 1960's oil leases during the Cuban Oil Embargo of any concern at all to we the people?

That I can answer in one paragraph. The Present we live is the society those "in charge" of a corrupt Past society groomed and educated to dominate. Unravelling the 1960's is the perfect entry point in the 20th Century to see where power changed hands in the U.S. As we are taught in Fairy Tales and in Proverbs, when the wicked are in power, the people weep; when the righteous are in power, the people rejoice.

Carl G. Santangelo, Tr. had means, motive, and opportunity to skim about $550,000 of Leonce Picot's Life Insurance to solve his own simultaneously brewing financial embarrassment with a Trust in Criminal Court, linked to a bank failure, damages being appealed at the time of Leonce's death, plus another personal foreclosure for $550,000. This was Santangelo's pattern which had been rolling since the mid 1980's, of heavily borrowing from elder Trustees, peaking in 2004 when his client's Trust became caught up in a bank fraud case involving two men of my age in Chicago. All this he was dealing with in the last years of my father's life and after his death, and while I was suing him for an accounting of my father's Life Insurance Trust, accounting which he denied existed.

Ethically he should have resigned as Leonce's trustee, and most definitely should not have proceeded as a SOLE Trustee when Co-Trustees were required.

Due to the seriousness of this present conclusion, I assembled the serialized set of de facto financial ID numbers, two seemingly unrelated columns pitted opposite each other, but selected under stricter constraints, requiring 100% historical logic, for my evidence. The constraints, I believe are heavy enough to prevent anomalous 100% coincidences. This stratagem, working with numerical patterns I'd seen over and over in 30 years in my study of banks, learning from Moody's about Depression Banking, with Indiana history, Indiana Real Estate and Estate Law, as it was, can be applied to all financial fiascos -it works. The nest of moles are caught in the web of their own numbers. It doesn't matter if a supervisor died twenty years ago, and can't testify. The Numerical System is permanent and speaks for itself by virtue of there being a secret code in use which can be shown. That is how to prove a 1+1=2 RICO laundromat. So, why doesn't someone end it? The John Kryder III Family from Switzerland were Patriots of the American Revolution and Pioneers of the Pennsylvania Wilderness (published by E.H. Kryder Vol. 1-2).

I can solve a serious criminal enterprise using thirty years of my life, living hand to mouth, and consider it patriotic duty, but the Frank Kryder Family still needs Justice. Enforcing Justice is not my job. Though no one deserves new trailers more than I, F.L. Strawberry, Agent Newton, Mr. Pick, and Dr. Forensicus. We don't want much- we want Justice.

Sub-banking Lawyers and Bank Failure

Now available- New Game Card "ALLIGATOR ALLEY Circle 84 Scratch-off


A case study of three days in March 2010 when Coincident Failures of Bank of Florida-Southeast and Amcore of Rockford, IL, triggered a sudden urge for Leonce Picot to Buy New Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance when his Trustee was on the Hook

"Coincidence takes a lot of planning." - Malcolm Nance

Prepared by Agent Strawberry

In a lower strata than our Tower lawyers, in big cities with plenty of retirement funds and estate trustees, we find a sub-culture of lawyers who bank amongst themselves as trustees of client money. They issue Promissory notes right and left, helping each other make acquisitions where conventional mortgage banking underwriting won't fly. These are lawyers who work alone, or sometimes in pairs, which cuts down on legal fees, lending client funds to other lawyers for chattel, to set up a new office, or lending their client's money to the TR of another client to obtain an unsavory commercial real estate loan from a weakened bank. There is no going rate of interest other than high, and there is no regulation of this unseen current of exchange, other than lis pendens. Lawyer trustees may issue promissory notes, not as proper investments for a client, but for their own sustained benefit. If something goes wrong in a deal, you will pay your Trustee or another lawyer to recover losses, and some issues can be dragged on for a decade. As they talk you into modifications and extensions, where doth your cash reside meanwhile?

The public and banking sector has no way of knowing how many Promissory Notes are issued privately trust to trust- we only see those which have been recorded. As a nice lawyer explained it, why file corporate records, court records, or record private trustee to trustee loans or private mortgages, unless you have to? Those who prefer to leave no records in their wake are the meat and potatoes of sub-banking lawyer culture.

This study focuses how unregulated trustee "underwriting" can be used to target banks, in the larger picture, and to raise questions, such as, why not form a private bank, then mortgage property and lend money from client trusts? Because it is lengthy, requiring graphics, after later, the above title will be linked to the full article with commentary by Dr. Forensicus.

Meanwhile, as the chronology is built, as an index to carefully organized public records, you may savor browsing the time line in progress, as an appetizer...


The Dark Core of BLACKROCK

From The Kryder Company, Inc. to the Burger King Franchisee Legislative Fund, Doughboys Keep Gettin' Harder for Fort Wayne to (Pills)bury


Michele Picot-Strawberry with NIC the Tool

This is one of the easiest peasiest exact match F.R. RSSD ID numbers with taxpayer entities because BlackRock has only four 7-digit F.R. identifications, yielding 28 numerals which permutate to alternate accounts, all of them married.

"It's their way," as Hazel Gerardot, Frank Jr.'s cousin, would say.

We have a delightful a new scratch- off by Mr. Pick for BLACKROCK, and I will fill in the historical relevancy and make a conclusive statement about the system within the system which allows what is now called "Dark Money" to run in the open completely veiled, forgiven every transgression with a picayune fine. Grateful that the public has put this widespread phrase "Dark Money" into common use, it has given me a more comprehensible description for The Kryder Company, Inc., Wells Fargo, and the Burger King and I (Edgecot). Hidden estates, concealed funds, secret vaults, missing heirs, are better phrases for literature. "Dark Money" invokes the presence of drugs, arms dealing, human slavery, espionage, and major heists which has been mingled with a century of stolen righteous toil, used for camouflage.

When North American Properties, Inc. expired, a 40-yr. corporation made upon Frank, Sr.'s death in 1950, Wells Fargo (aka Lincoln, Norwest, German American National Bank, Allen County, IN) created the genesis entity which in 1990 would evolve into a BlackRock Trust Company. Further BlackRock FINANICAL, the securities brokering arm, formed as an original institution in 1992 and has remained misspelled in the database, now in its 31st year of no name change, stopped in its track before it could morph.


BLACKROCK FINANICAL MANAGEMENT LP 2381310 NEW YORK NY Securities Broker/Dealer Active 7/31/1992

BLACKROCK CORP HIGH YIELD FUND V INC 4030023 PLAINSBORO NJ Domestic Entity Other Active 12/31/2008

BLACKROCK STRATEGIC BOND TRUST 4006596 WILMINGTON DE Domestic Entity Other Active 9/30/2008


The Flagged Numbers

Clarence Frank Kryder b. 1869 *3611 SSN found in 1978 Numidence, no Application found by SSA, no date
Frank Harry Kryder b. 1894, (son) *3612 SSN Applied for and Received 7/17/1947
Fort Wayne National Bank #4340 FDIC Certificate 1934
Lincoln National Bank and Trust Company #4341 FDIC Certificate 1934 (German American National 1905- Norwest 1994)
Davmor (Pillsbury) *9020 IRS;

(Davmor was incorporated for a Sale of Burger King Stock to Pillsbury Charitable Foundation *3624 by David R. Edgerton and J. McLamore; Edgerton aka Edgecot*3617 aka Leonce Picot + Dave Edgerton aka The Burger King and I). Edgerton's first facilities in Kendall, Dade County were in this deal. The property was originally"purchased" by David Edgerton from The Estate of Victoria Fascell, mother of former Florida Democrat politician, Dante Fascell.)

Burger King Franchisee Legislative Fund *2804 IR$S 1992

BLACKROCK Federal ReserveFirst thing which pops is that Burger King Franchisee Legislative Fund received a taxpayer number in 1992, the year our misspelled Federal Reserve BLACKROCK FINANICAL MANAGEMENT LP 2381310 NEW YORK NY Securities Broker/Dealer became Active 7/31/1992.

Then we must recall all the Burger King franchises in Russia are (at least until very recently, perhaps) owned by ONE Russian oligarch. It appears that influence money is over the top in Fort Wayne, as was always planned for its Defense Contracting Future Security.

Though the Strawberry Agency is non-political, we are not in favor of war profiteers who perpetuate the need for their existence, especially with the two Franks' money. "The Lincoln" thrived on war, and was addicted. They recruited raw materials, industry and patents to Fort Wayne since the Civil War, by hook or crook it may be truly said. Between wars, railroad bankruptcies and pipeline mortgages helped them throw long term debt into the future.

Thus, we have decrypted the Numerical Proof of who is doing what- no need for lost pages, lost witnesses, lost time. In 2023, it is business as usual in Allen County, Indiana, since 1834.

Mr. Pick has devised a super celebratory BlackRock Scratch-Off in honor of Katherine Kryder Picot's birthday, May 25, 1931.The games just make it easy and amusing to match numbers one column to another, as the Federal Reserve Numbers have the FDIC and IRS identifications incorporated into Dark Money Doughboys. And I, Michele Picot-Strawberry have the textbook and recorded history.

coming up- Pacific West has an almost identical core of flagged numbers but with Old National Bank 71-19 and Old National Bank Sopkane.

Federal Reserve Misspells BLACKROCK FINANICAL

The Lady, whose name is Janet, could be Yellin'


Agent D. Newton

The Strawberry Patch has two new scratch-offs in production for Pacific Western Bank and BlackRock, as pertains, though we first call attention to the appearance of another Federal Reserve anomaly (take subtitled "ruse" link to previous misspelling sixty years ago begun with the Barnett Bankers in Florida, with Lincoln and associated companies following suit.) NIC the Tool is the National Information Database maintained by the Federal Reserve for searching banks globally as entered into the database, including the institutional RSSD ID, FDIC Certificate where applicable, complete banking history, hierarchy, everything needed to keep our finances in Tip Top shape.

As seen with the last detected batch of Federal Reserve Misspellings preceeding the 1980's banking debacles, one year, for example, "Lincoln" changes its financial advisor entity to "Linclon" in the history. After an interval "Linclon" changes its name to "Lincoln," and so forth.



Yet now at the top of the stack of BlackRock Finanical Management (securities brokers), Finanical has been halted before the name changed to Financial or some other variation. The significance is that a search for BlackRock Financial returns no results in NIC. Since the entity is a securities dealer and not a bank, you cannot find the name by FDIC Certificate #. A search for just BlackRock will turn up all the BlackRock entities, and if you have eyes like Michele Picot-Strawberry, FINANICAL is the first thing which grabs. Since she spotted the same pattern previously while researching Kryder, and bank failures of the 1980's, this is no random coincidence.

Because, the present bank trouble is the same ball of trouble which has been rolling since the obfuscation of vaulted family securities from 1943-1983-2023. These are not Treasury typos in the Federal Reserve Database. Here at the Patch is all the historical background which justifies our scratch off games. This go around we are proceeding at a moderate pace, as it took less than a day to find all KRYDER et al. routed in an exact permutation of the RSSD ID's of the new questionable banks, using missing Kryder security numbers attached to real estate owned in fee. We have it down pat and have used the Numerical System established by the 1911 ABA to show the continuity of the theft of family wealth, diverted from one legacy to another vault altering the goals of The Kryder Company, Inc., especially with the stalking, terrorizing, murder/suicide of Katherine Kryder, the legitimate heiress, Michele Picot-Strawberry her living daughter, left poor as a church mouse, longing to see her beautiful mother again.

While we are waiting for mass realization that patriotic wealth misered away during the Great Depression and War, diverted by stealth to a class of miscreants may well soon spin out of control, Mr. Pick is creating two new big winner Strawberry Scratch-offs as part of our patriotic contribution, since the other guys already have had, since 1966, Kryder's Money.

continued above....

Chief de Richardville Estate Pinned with Kryder in UBS


Report by Agent Newton

Chief Richardville and UBSTo understand the present banking situation for real, one must have knowledge of the Straus Brothers, who came to Indiana from Austria. "The Straus Brothers" was founded in Ligonier, Indiana in 1860. If you do not know that, you cannot make the connection to Straus Bros. Commercial Bank, Fort Wayne in 1902. Because, you will not be able to pin down which Commercial Bank in America may be linked to the parent organization. Commercial Bank in Fort Wayne was a correspondent of Commercial Bank, Basle, Switzerland (Moody's.) Straus Bros. Commercial Bank merged into UBS and Lincoln Trust of 1910-1975.

But if you have not been trailing Kryder for 30 years, you may not readily choose this bank which opened when the Estate of Minnie Kryder was open in 1963:


That is an example of our historical forensics and it makes isolating the sequence of the Estate Viruses a less than 24-hour task.

Along with our Straus research there is a Credit Suisse- held certificate of Bank Stock for the Pennsylvania RR which was redeemed at Lincoln National Bank and Trust Co., Fort Wayne, IN in 1961 by G.H. Walker & Company (MO), stored by the Allen County Historical Society. The last claim was paid in Zurich in 1959, the same year the Commercial Bank & Trust of PA on Ligonier Street in Latrobe was founded.

1956 Credit Suisse Pennsy RR Stock Certificate #790291 exhanged by G.H. Walker & Co., 1961

Likewise, the following list of RSSD IDs which will explain the engulfment of Credit Suisse into a mega-mega bank, under the guise of so much porridge-speak, is selected for its historical relevance and logic of pre-mid century banking set to become present Bank Failure banking.

If there were honest, just lackadaisical bankers involved, The Kryder Company, Inc. would not have been touched and leased out for the use of others. Katherine Kryder Picot would not have been stalked to death through her husband, the very young Leonce Picot, by Roy C. Jones and William Eugene Moser, for National Oil.

This will be a 45-digit list of all related RSSD IDs plus the stock certificate of 1959. From these 45 digits, we extract the three previously used Kryder Estate numbers, father, mother, son, in First Republic Strawberry Scratch-off, and add the Estate of Richardville (1846), and the present First Merchants Bank, Muncie, tied in a strange convoluted fashion to Leonce Picot's involvement with Nabanco, after a whirl with Contel and Western Union. It is as if "Western" Union is/was a U.S. brand of Union Bank of Switzerland.


and active in 1966

  • 4/4/1966 Name Changed
    COMMERCIAL BK changed to the new name COMMERCIAL BANK, THE.


  • 1910 Lincoln Trust founded in Fort Wayne, merged with the 1905 German American National Bank, and Straus Commercial Bank. The German American National Bank changed name to Lincoln National Bank and Trust Company.


1956-1961 # 790291 Certificate of Penn RR Stock redeemed at Lincoln National Bank, Ft. Wayne by G.H. Walker & Co.

1978 RSSD ID: 1576959 UBS SECURITIES LLC NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES 10019; 1978 Shamrock Capital incorporated in Fort Wayne Bank Bldg., Shoaff, Roy Disney, Central Soya. Tomato prices frozen in Florida for two decades; slaves in Immokalee.



These 45 digits also represent, digit for digit:

14627 Estate of Chief J. Baptiste de Richardviille, Superior Court Allen County, IN
58070 Recorded Kryder Fairfield Terr. mtg. securities in per stirpes Trust, 1943 + 40
13934 Recorded transfer from Frank, Sr. Estate of Waynedale securities to Frank Kryder, Jr., Tr., Superior Court, Allen County, IN
14518 Recorded Estate of Minnie V. Kryder, Thos. M. Moorhead attorney, contains only no par shares of Kryder Co., Inc., Frank inherits shares, no paperwork. 14518 is now FDIC # for PNC branch in South Bend, IN

#4396 FDIC Cert. Holland, IN Bank to the German American Bank, Jasper, IN
F.R. RSSD ID 2990 assigned National City Bank co-existent in Fort Wayne National Bank in a realty merger
*5996 Lincoln Financial Advisors IRS
*3652 Phelps Industries Fort Wayne 1966 IRS
*1559 Alternate Telephone Wiring, Inc. IRS

What's it going to take? Here are the old Kryder estates and an older Indiana Native Chief's estate built into a close relationship with UBS, Credit Suisse, and First Republic and all the heads in the United States are baffled. There is a narrative likewise which ties these numerical relatives with overwhelming sense. Michele Picot-Strawberry currently has eye-strain. F.L. Strawberry, completely crashed from the excitement, has requested Mr. Pick scratch up another Scratch Off Game, which is in the works for the above 45. Until then, Agent Newton signs out from Lexington, KY.


Strawberry Agency Bids for First Republic

Our Bid is 35-digits of all the entity RSSD IDS



Submitted by Agent Newton

The above 35 digits contain all the seen FR routing numbers for First Republic Bank which also contains "flag" taxpayer numbers and of most of the Kryder Real Estate in Trust document numbers, if you know what is missing.

58070 1943 Recorded Trust of Clarence Frank, Sr. and Minnie V. Kryder Fairfield Terr. Sec. B., in Anthony Wayne Bank, to be transferred to direct descendants.
13934 1950 Frank Kryder, Tr. Waynedale real estate- to be transferred to his heirs.
14518 1963 Superior Court of Indiana Estate of Minnie Kryder, transferred to Frank Kryder, Jr. made into FDIC Certificate via Indana lawyers Helmke for PNC

The above are recorded Superior Court documents of the Kryder Estate in Allen Cpunty, IN which was in no way ever transferred to heirs or appears in any accounting as normal. Following below are taxpayer "flags" which are used to receive, convert , or divert the associated off the books funds:

3617 Edgecot or 3617 Gulf Pipeline Co. FL and TX
9119 Fred Shoaff Leasing FL
5678 U.S. Capital Leasing c/o Fred Shoaff FL
2869 New York Life- Fort W Bank Building was mortgaged to NYL and held as an asset of Cities Service et.al until 1991 OK and IN
2852 Phelps Dodge Magnet Wire, a Fort Wayne industry. Copper prices going up?

The historical narrative fits exactly and does not need inclusion at this time. Mr. Pick created a special Scratch-Off so you may see for yourself. Just cross off one of Their digits for each digit under US and find the System inside the System! First Republic and Kryder

You're Stepping on My RSSD ID


If the Federal Reserve fulfills its vow to see what's up and how they missed it, we might live without the threat of being robbed and having our heirs stripped bare of our life's work. NIC the Tool, as dubbed by Agent Newton, has what's needed to end an old perp organization which didn't come out of inspiration in 1983. However, NIC takes away information in our ever changing world. It is a good thing Newton began storing NIC data for the Agency in the 1990s because between then and now are many valuable entities which are no longer in their past form.

As shown previously, from NIC:

1979-12-31 REPUBLIC OF TEXAS COMPANY was renamed to REPUBLIC TEXAS CO-SUBSIDIARY OF REPUBUBLIC OF TX (This gave Agent Newton a belly laugh)



This information has long been removed from NIC, but it is a good opening to the example of Republic Bank and how de-codification of a white collar criminal perversion of the system makes it a snap now to put together a chronology in hours uniting the culprits. There is no need for anyone else to lose if the Federal Reserve flushes out the festering problem of multiple loans on the same vaulted securities, including "leasing" a claim on anonymous securities. The arithmetic is primary- this malarkey began without use of, and without even the imagining of a future with computers. These are inside operations, and for the game to roll requires someone in the FDIC, someone in IRS, and someone close to the Secretary of the Treasury to create each corrupt numerical system by assigning the identification numbers which work together.

We have rapidly completed a long version which connects directly into the narrative below, from Sunniland to the Southeast Bank of Florida failure to ENRON. The time and logic have to match the history. Every bank failure has a much longer pre-history than is ever explored, it would seem. But there is no point publishing this long version, it induces head fog.

Then we turned out a short version between Silicon and Signature Banks which is available, but Agent Newton is putting the finishing touches now on a VERY short anecdotal presentation of Republic Bank in numbers which is more friendly, if not glaringly obvious in the light of our other de facto data.

Why does Kryder turn up as a flag in these linked debacles 73 years after Frank, Sr. died? Because at the top the original bankers who held the Kryder Company, Inc. for themselves are over-privileged and intermarried, just like landed gentry. They laugh at the country. Because we don't know the bank presidents they hire have already worked a couple years at least at IRS and have already worked as bank examiners. They know what to do and what the weak spots are in the system.

As Agent Newton neatens up the work, the Federal Reserve can consider this:

Michele Picot-Strawberry's father Leonce Picot and Dave Edgerton, of The Burger King and I, remained incorporated past the year of their deaths, in California and Florida as Edgecot *3617 and their "flag" is popping up everywhere.

Here's what NIC has to say:

6/30/2009 Institution Established BURGER KING HOLDINGS INC was established as a Domestic Entity Other at No Address,MIAMI, FL.

As if someone in two federal agencies didn't get together on this?

Raise and Praise

Strawberry Agency Works Furiously as New Day at the FR Exposes the Old 40-year Bond/Ponzi Caper


In 1903, banking laws changed to allow first mortgage bonds of RR companies as deposits in national banks. The issue of 40-yr first mortgage bonds of the Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington Railroad Company, Pennsylvania Railroad System; $10,000,000 became due 11/1/1943.

In 1983, The Peoples Republic of China asked the federal court in Birmingham, AL, to set aside " a $41.3 million default judgment against China in a dispute with American citizens who hold 72-year-old railway bonds issued by the Imperial Chinese government under the Ching Dynasty." These were 1911 40-yr. bonds of the Hukuang Railway which had matured in 1951. Though Alabama had a state 10 yr. limitation on bond cases, in 1983. But China argued, "many of the bonds in question are held not by the original purchasers, but by speculators who purchased them long after the 1951 maturity date, knowing at the time that they were in default."

In 1951, the 06/15/1951 N.Y., Chicago & St. Louis Railway (Nickel Plate Development Corp a subsidiary) bonded debt of June 15, 1941 became due, J. P. Morgan, Trustee.

In 1951, RBC "Oil and Gas department was established in Calgary, a decentralization that captured the oil financing market in Western Canada." Calgary is the current Headquarters of Zapata Energy.

We shall now have to feel the reality of the marvellous eighties economy. We haven't even gotten to the end of the first quarter of 2023. There is a host of 1983 origin bonds, the 40-year kind, giving fiduciaries the quivers as higher than interest expected means another borrow into the future isn't going to work. They are all stuck now as the era of plastic money and three martinis lunches has finally presented its invoice.

"Ya' play, ya' gotta pay," was one of Carolyn Guerard Phelps Picot's daily quips.

In keeping with the ongoing narrative, Where is Kryder's Money?, we will show how 1964 ENRON is still at work, by connecting the Kryder Oil Leases c/o Moser & Jones to the caper of a major bank failure which ends up re-routed to a long-existing perp organization. Only the Federal Reserve can stop the looting, and since their own numerical routing system has been re-invented for injurious purposes, it was only a matter of time before someone would be obligated to nail it.

As an introduction, connecting our forensic work to the present, we use 40-yr bond increments of the entities we have studied so long:

1943-1983 Kryder Fed Mtg. Securities in Trust F.S. 58070 deposited via 1943 Anthony Wayne Bank; merged into NBD in 1993; 1943 Humble drills at Sunniland

1950-1990 Kicks-off with death of Frank, Sr.; North American Properties, Inc. was then created. as a 40 year-corporation in 1950

1983-2023 Kicks- off with Billy Salin, of Beer, Backs, Mallers and Salin, K.W. Maxfield of counsel, buys almost every Farmers and Merchants Bank in Indiana and renames it Salin Bank, "biggest private bank in Indiana."

The "debt" within this era is 40 years past due. It was rolled over in 1983 with a 40-yr. device.

Notice these overlaps: 1943-1950, seven years.

1983-1990, seven years. Another coincidence?

2023 First Qtr.- 14 yrs.= 2009 First Qtr. Where were we then? It was called The Great Recession of 2007-2009, worst since WWII.

continued after later...

Thrice Sold Van Lines


At last Mr. Pick has just sent us a reference chart which demonstrates a very, very high level juggling act.

Norfolk Southern

The linked pdf to the Southeast Bank of Florida failure is central re-enforcement of FDIC self -dealing with Federal Reserve support. It is essential to read the linked pdf (along with all preceeding reports below) to get the fairly simple analysis. It explains how the FDIC can convince the Treasury it can save money by selling a highly insolvent bank for a very low bid, with permission to invest the "savings" in other bank stock. As if the public ever gets to see those books.

Our Players are NSC, Norfolk Southern Corporation, CDR, Clayton, Dubilier & Rice, NAVL, North American Van Lines, MSL, Mutual Security Life, and FDIC with SE, Southeast Bank of Florida. What Mr. Pick has shown:

Left-right In 1985 NSC takes 369M off its books which goes onto NAVL Books as a sale. NSC adds 200M to its books from CDR in 2002, for the sale of NAVL to CDR, at a loss of 169M, but recoups 169M from MSL which balance of 200M enters CDR's column to buy NAVL.

CDR pulled Allied Van Lines out of a hat, merged it with NAVL, and ended up with 450M in its column as SIRVA. Though, SIRVA still occupies NAVL Headquarters on Hwy. 30 and its P.O. along with numerous NAVL entities is 988.

Is this not odd since the total losses of MSL and Southeast Bank = 988M? And on the other side the gains of NSC 169M, CDR 450M + NAVL 369M add up to 988M, isn't that odd, against the odds?

FU's 81M for the purchase of the Southeast Bank, which was headed for Wells Fargo all along stands out somewhat alone, unless you add it to 369M + 81M = 450M as SIRVA.

Mr.Pick has distilled the concept of timeless book juggling, a complex caper, so that we can stand to look at it. How neat and tidy the same numbers can be divided and moved from one to two columns, or back and forth.

We are a humble agency. All the more reason why we cannot let law and finance make us into illiterati.

A Wing and a Prayer

Summing Up Servicing Shares of the Cuban Embargo and Arriving at a Reasonable Commission


There has been speculation galore running through the Agency since a "very, very high level" 29-year old Cuban pilot recently landed an old Soviet era plane in Collier County, Florida, precisely on an odd air training facility fragment of runway just east and south of Sunniland, north of the Tamiami Trail, in the everglades. Agent Newton surmises it was a Robert F. Kennedy Investigation feasibility study.

In 1968, a Jet Port was planned in the vicinity of this Collier County everglades vestigial airstrip, to be "five times larger than JFK Airport." Though conservationists have never had a leg to stand on in Florida, and Marjorie Stoneman Douglas wrote a book opposing an everglades sonic jet port, it was coastal residents who won the Day and stopped the disaster, for their own sakes. It would have meant sonic boom, boom, boom all the day and night for the coastal development as jets shot out over the Atlantic, or flew in with a shatter, shatter, shatter for the stemware.

Here are three inter-related pools of money, "off the books" from 1959-2002, published in these amounts universally. Our forensics tutor pointed out "off the books" can either be grubby stashes of ill-gotten gain, or it might be corporate assets devalued and transferred to another entity. It might be shares of an individual which go off their books and onto those of another entity, et cetera.

$300,000,000+: 1959 Fulgencio Batista Personal Commissions etc., off the island with flight of dictator (1909 FEC RY Bonds due 6/1959, RY still bankrupt and fraaught with labor disputes and violence)

$369,000,000: 1991 Insolvency of Mutual Security Life, though a healthy branch divested itself and went into O.W. Maxfield's Grabill Bank

$335,000,0000: 2002 Florida State Pension Funds Lost to ENRON, which was financing Sunniland since at least 1964, of record.

These vanishing sums are tied to the question, Where is Kryder's Money? which has functioned like a camouflage net as the country has been looted non-stop since 1968; the balance of wealth has been perversely shifted, a new class has been seeded and rooted in.

Added up and divided by three reveals the average amount of unseen oil dividends, up to 1982, which can be related by plugging in Kryder (i.e. via National Oil and the Nickelplate Ry) to the metallurgical nuances of the Cuban Oil Embargo:


How much commission did Fort Wayne National Bank receive on 7/20/1982 ? It would appear National City Bank paid 10% for secret services rendered. The Holding Company, Fort Wayne National Corporation, eventually sold FWNB to PNC similarly as the remnants of Bush Zapata Oil merged into Pennzoil and Stanolind's Zapata was sold to BP.

Here is Indiana Corporation File Info you will likely not easily find anymore:

Date Asset Indiana Corporate Event
1969-1981 $0 FWNC incorporated with no federal i.d.
James M.Barrett III President
Dec 2, 1981 $1,000 cash FWNC issued 10 shares issued to a sole shareholder
Jul 19, 1982 "Realty" NATIONAL CITY REALTY incorporated
Jul 20, 1982 $33,400,000 other than cash FWNC merged with Fort Wayne National Bank

10%, less the Devil's Fee. These are more reasons why National City, Pepsi, and Fort Wayne Leasing all eventfully intersect on 11/22/1963.

Recall that in 1985, K.W. Maxfield sold North American Van Lines for the second time, this go around to Norfolk Sputtern Corporation for $369,000,000. We will show how this duplicate amount of the Mutual Security Life failure was juggled with the Southeast Bank of Florida failure to return a reincarnate North American SIRVA to Fort Wayne and itself, by creating the pocket hole for NSC to maintain $369,000,000 on its books, successfully laundering the amount of insolvency published for Mutual Security Life.

Enron scandal touches another Bush in Florida

Sunday, January 27, 2002 By LESLIE WAYNE, New York Times News Service


"The Enron scandal, which has become the consuming interest in Washington and around the country, is starting to have a particular resonance in Florida, where it is touching another Bush: Gov. Jeb Bush. Florida's state pension fund lost $335 million from its Enron holdings. Enron has spread lavish campaign donations on local politicians, including Bush. Earlier this month, Bush startled some by holding a fund-raiser at the Houston home of a former Enron executive. Florida is also home to thousands of Enron investors and retired employees, who have seen their Enron shares become worthless. Yet as these events unfold, Bush has deftly sidestepped this political minefield, avoiding, at least for the moment, any negative association with Enron.

"Both parties are holding their breath right now," said Susan MacManus, a political science professor at the University of South Florida at Tampa. "Both are scared as rabbits that Enron really has the potential to affect things here — the Democrats are worried it won't have an impact and the Republicans are worried it will."

Bush particularly has been able to steer clear so far of the enormous damage to the state employees' pension fund, which lost more than any other public pension fund. Almost until Enron collapsed, the Florida fund continued to pour money into Enron stock. As governor, Bush is one of the fund's three trustees, although the fund has said that Bush never ordered the purchase of Enron shares or the hiring of the money manager who did

. "You've got to credit Jeb Bush," said Richard Scher, professor of political science at the University of Florida at Gainesville. "He's been wonderful in keeping the issue quiet. Nothing has been coming out. He's been very shrewd in how he's handled it politically and lucky the Legislature is in session and drawing attention away. The Enron Florida angle has not come home to roost yet."

Even Bush's decision to travel to Houston and raise money on Jan. 17 at the home of Richard Kinder, a former Enron president, has yielded no political advantage for Democrats.

"Jeb Bush showed complete insensitivity and arrogance by doing the fund-raiser at the former Enron president's home last week," said Bob Poe, chairman of the Florida Democratic party. "It raises questions as to what links he might have with Enron. He's drawn attention to himself with it. But if any of this sticks to him, who knows?"

To some extent, how Enron affects Bush may also depend on whether the scandal taints President Bush. "He is the president's brother and, to some, they are always stuck together at the hip with glue," said MacManus, the political science professor.

"Democrats would love to link the two together if something bad happens to one of them.""

end of excerpt

It should say, "some Democrats." Thanks nonetheless, Leslie Wayne, for leaving this notice behind for all who were not yet born, too young to know, for those who have not yet learned from Day 1, it is deluded or self-interested elected officials of many persuasions who have gotten us to where we are now. Think about it. Now that Oil threatens the American right to pursue happiness once again, we have an excellent vantage point to review the always present "loopholes" in Securities Holding and Bank Holding over time. The Legislation since 1940 on these crucially entwined opportunities for fraud against the trusting public, has consistently left loopholes, "to be fixed later" in Amendments made to better protect us from things like the latest debacle.

Not part of your ordinary chit-chat, the Stanolind-Zapata-BP-ENRON trail took shape with the Teapot Dome Scandal (1921) when it is found that Buena Vista Oil Field (CA) was insider-leased without bidding. No Disney-Indiana-Florida connection there- A man named Fall took the fall, but the scandal resolved in Wyoming.

In 1973, Rob A. Morrow, son of a Wyoming banker became president of Lincoln Bank and Trust Company and Lincoln Tower Corp. In 1977 Morrow became president of Lincoln National Bank, Fort Wayne. The old Lincoln Trust was split off and converted to Mutual Funds aka Lincoln National Corporation under Ian M. Rolland.

In 1986 the CEO of Central Soya was, David H. Swanson , later imprisoned for "Countrymark" fraud; The Directors of Central Soya, Inc.- Roy E. Disney, Jr., Ian M. Rolland, and Thomas Shoaff;

In 1986 International Harvester changed its name to Navistar International Transportation; Ken Lay became first CEO of ENRON Corp; 1966 Kinder Morgan-Richard Kinder became President of ENRON. Shoaff and Swanson were also variously directors of Fort Wayne National Bank.

Rob Morrow was previously president of Union Trust in Indiana, and at some point must have must have bumped elbows with fellow Wyomingian, Richard Cheney, a director and Auditor of The Union Pacific RR (1998.) In 2000, Ian Rolland became Chair of the Indiana State Pension Fund.

The chronological study of Frank Kryder and his fiduciaries shows over and again that before anything materially beneficial is opened to the public, such as a land lottery, or laws are introduced with a stated purpose of protecting the public, the inner organization has alrready scurried about and fixed up their corporate framework, dissolutions, mergers, divestitures and acquisitions, ahead of legislation, before ratification, before we know what is coming. Who by privilege finds out ahead of their competitors what government will be doing, and sells futures in it, in some form or another goes to the upper 1%.

How do obscured government securities earn money distributed to non-owners, undetected?

Corporation and Securities and Bank Holding legislation dates create the frame for a device to occur, if you know you are looking for one. What was to be done with the securities of the Kryders and other contemporaneous unaccounted-for estates, created a dream scenario our Perps, Pepsico, Burger King, and Standard Oil. The franchise, the dividend, the royalty and the realty comes back to them in the end.

Fracks and Cracks, Franks and Banks


How long before the next Big Thing on the agenda is cooked up to make us forget a little more, to separate us from knowledge of the roots of today, to keep us from finding the light of day?

So hammering right on with "where is Frank, the all time Whopper of Barnett Bank," it is important to counteract recent mispresentations about the Cuban Embargo published in Newsweek this week by an author named Barrett.

Our proof that the Cuban Embargo, already set to be negotiated between Kennedy and Khruschev to end in 1963, was an opportunity for many Americans who made great fortunes for themselves by keeping it in place with Bechtelian bullying, comes from the era, timing, means, motive, opportunity and hidden relationships of the banks themselves, linked and identified by their own system of keeping track of long range (40-100 yr.) debts and dealings. A whole big group of people with plans were going to lose big time, if for humane reasons, and for the sake of reason, the two world leaders were not interrupted by a real-time nationally televised murder plot.

In the shortest form we will first publish The Big 40- Bank ids which are encrypted, but not hidden- not if you have eye-witnessed and lived the story, and can place it in reference to its past and future changes in corporate names and land management with a running tab on financial calamity. Afterward, we fill out the logic of the story of Barnett Bank in Florida, which is told by the people who were there and why, and how aggressively their victims were shoved under a bush. That makes it bad.

The Estate Number of Minnie V. Kryder, No. 14518, in the Superior Court of Allen County is also an FDIC Certificate Number for an Indiana Bank,Valley Bank and Trust in South Bend, whose secret Branch in Fort Lauderdale, Florida failed after changing its name from Sunniland. For now, use the Sunniland Time Line for historical fact, keeping in mind, many corporate and bank names as well as lists of present officers are changed by merger or acquisition. For example, the incorporation date of ENRON, Delaware, is the same day, month, and year you will find for Humble Oil, Delaware, in 1930. Chattel property (company cars, furniture, typewriters) of The Sunniland Pipeline secured a 4+ million dollar mortgage to William G. Moser (National Oil, Bluffton, IN) from ENRON in 1965, fka The Houston Pipeline.

Keeping our data precise, we already know an FDIC Certificate number may have 3-5-digits and the certificate number representing Minnie V. Kryder's securities with the closing of her estate in 1963 has 5-digits and is also associated with Sunniland and a Valley branch which failed and required government assistance.

Following the Rule of Four, the fewest number of banks to Frank is 8 Banks x 5=40 digits from which come the associate 40/4= 10 encoded taxpayer numbers the banks are using to conceal ownership of mingled securities.

In 1904, National Oil signed a 10 square mile drilling lease on land near Decatur, Adams County Indiana, where Frank, Jr. was born "near Decatur" on his parents' farm. First State Bank of Sunniland, under the name of Valley Bank, failed in Fort Lauderdale, Florida 100 years later in 2004.

Table 1

(8) Sunniland/ENRON Banks with 5-digit FDIC Certificate Numbers
8 x 5 = 40

Year Entity FDIC Cert. No. if Applicable Location
#1-1883 First State Bank of Decatur, Indiana 14579 Birthplace Frank Kryder, 1894
Wells Fargo 3511
#2-1920-2009 Valley Bank and Trust, South Bend, IN 14518 PNC 6384
1921 First State, Inc. Florida   inactive corporation
#3- 1943 Barnett Bank of Naples (U-Boats off Gulf Coast) 20368 Bank of America 3510
#4-1963 Barnett Bank of Broward County/Forman 19007  
#5-1965-1981 Barnett Bank of Mount Dora (Edgerton; Edgecot) 19334  

#6- 1974

First State Bank of Ft. Lauderdale, FL
First State Bank of Sunniland
Valley Bank Failed
#7- 1975-1978 Barnett Bank of Port Everglades /Forman; {National Oil Lease 1948-1978} 22132  
#8- 1985 First State Bank of Texas (Failed 1/29/1989) 26205 PNC 6384
(8/8/1963 Estate of Minnie V. Kryder, Allen Co., In.
closed with no assets or tax
14518 off the record reference estate)


Table 2

A digit for digit extraction of (10) Embedded, Unique Related and Associated Encrypted Taxpayer Numbers Exists Within The Array of Associated Bank FDIC Certificate Numbers
In Total, there are (13) Related Taxpayers including doubles *7929 with *7929 and *3617 with *3617 ; *0947 with *0947

Year Entity Taxpayer "Flag ID" Role
1930 Barnett National Securities FL *0515 Mutual Vaulted Fed Instruments
1942 Frank Harry Kryder IN *3612 Treasury Tax of 1976
1956 Burger King Corporation FL *7929 Stock
1959 Gulf Refining Company lka Gulf Pipeline Co. FL & TX *3617 Oil Refining and Distribution
1964 Sunniland Pipeline Co. FL (Indiana Moser & Jones) *0947 Crude Oil Pipe to Port Everglades
1969 Burger King International (Canada) *9021 Stock
1969 Fort Wayne National Corporation IN *2812 Multi-Bank & Business Holding Co.
1973-2001 Lincoln Life and Annuity Distributors FL *7929 Distributor of Commissions
1984 Edgecot (King Dave Edgerton + Leonce Picot) CA , FL *3617 Receivers and Exchangers
1986 PepsiCo FL *4302 Stock
1998 BURGER KING LTD PARTNERSHIP I NY *0947 Lessors of Real Property
1998 BURGER KING LTD PARTNERSHIP II NY *3321 Lessors of Real Property
1998 BURGER KING LTD PARTNERSHIP III NY *8415 Lessors of Real Property

Wherefore should perp taxpayer numbers be embedded in perp bank FDIC Certificate numbers? It is quite certainly a recognizable INSIDE op, it being logical to numerically construct the disappearance and severance of The Kryder Company, Inc. from aka Kay Picot, heiress at large in 1966, via an easily corrupted husband, poor, fatherless Leonce Picot. It is a complicated numerical re-construct which the public could never guess, and which can't be put together without a true Strawberry eye-witness, historical fact as well as County Records. ( For the moment, refer to Reserve Cities for expanded associations).

Fort Wayne National Bank was merged into PNC in 1998. The Bush 50% of Zapata Oil merged into Pennzoil and Stanolind's 50% of Zapata Oil merged into British Petroleum, Canada. Against the 100% guarantee of the U.S. Treasury, some parties were able to adversely manipulate, exchange, lease, mingle and store hard-earned U.S. registered intrumentalities of the federal government issued to Clarence Frank and Minnie V. Kryder, brazenly looting "Patriots of The American Revolution and Pioneers of the Pennsylvania Wilderness" for a political dynasty. Three Presidents had Katherine Ann Kryder, post mortem. And they said ENRON was outrageous.

By swap and bank flop, Frank's share of the National Oil Lease 1948-1978 was called Stanolind's 50% ownership of Zapata Oil. Nary a Bush nor Zapata Oil can prove it isn't so, since they have no records. Our proof is a logical a detectable, explicable, questionable, numerical scheme amongst banksters and politicians, fully operational to this day.

May we please finish the business of who cashed out the last of the Kryders' registered chain of HOLC investments in 1976?
And what of their death tax Farm Loan Bonds and Federal National Mortgage Securities?

Floodlights on Sunniland

Like Frank Kryder's love for Katherine, they secretly fracked it without permission


To date, since 1943, the Sunniland Well has become increasingly productive. Sometime after the German U-boats were discovered off Naples in 2001, an engineer secretly fracked targets through stone formations around the Sunniland Well, to theoretically increase oil pooling. This was discovered by a citizen group in Naples who reported it to the District Florida Department of Environmental Protection. Very obvious violations have to be brought to their attention for them to act, or permit applicants have to walk-in the door. They had no choice other than halting further activity and issuing a $25,000 fine.

Botanist Michele Picot was busy working for peanuts on both coasts, helping homeowners who cut their mangroves too short and had $4,000/day penalties looming over their lives for not replanting mangroves on schedule . The tedium and expense is tremendous for individual residents to get anything permitted, but fracking the hidden circulatory system of a geologically recently emerged porous and cavernous peninsula is a no-brainer. Like, if it works, we'll get a permit, if it pollutes an aquifer no one will know who did it.

Those behind the single engineer who took the heat went on to hire an out of state consultancy of engineers, without a water biologist, ecologist, or even anyone familiar with the everglades ecosystem. They produced a beautiful full color report complete with wildlife stock photos, concluding that extracting oil from the coast to coast wetland Collier-Broward County which runs through The Big Cypress Reservation is being done in the safest place in the world, with the least impact on one of the most fragile wetlands in the world. The report was re-packaged by a PR organization for distribution to the public and press. That it is misleading matters little now to those in Naples whose coastal housing was also permitted by Florida environmental agencies.

The Southwest Florida Water Management District reports that Naples has enough freshwater until 2050. The FDEP has statistics that 74% of the fluid daily which comes out of the Sunniland Well is saltwater mixed with rocks. They do not state what volume that is presently. In 1961 it was 1.4 million gallons a day. To protect the surface water of the freshwater wetland and freshwater aquifers, the Sunniland saltwater has to be re-injected daily into underground storage areas along with municipalities' wastewaters. None of this can be seen, but all in all, surely this is a low impact operation conducted with scrupulous technique.

The Strawberry Agency is not a politically inclined office in the least, but it was the Kryder Estate and M. P-S, whom we annexed as Michele Picot-Strawberry, so that her fake name be longer than her sister's fake name, that made us look in another direction than usual. Agent Strawberry was promoted to First Lassie, now F.L. Strawberry, for enduring in what she pulled out of the Well. We listened to M. P-S for about five minutes in 1993 before starting a file, not knowing it would take thirty years of innovative forensic methodology to construct the National RICO we found, which is irrefutable if you can add 1 +1. The plea at best can only be "No Contest."

We have to have a means of proof which overcomes the "what a tangled web we weave" obstacle. This is a very old web, heavily fortified. Our focus is Frank, whose oil lease adversely happened to helped beat an oil embargo for a Bush family dynasty. It was orchestrated with the help of Frank's fiduciaries and tax lawyer, Barnett Bankers intermarried with Shoaff lawyers and Arthur Fletcher Hall, wartime Lincoln National Bank and Trust President, and the Bonds (James et al.) descended of the original Fort Wayne National Bank, originally The First State Bank of Indiana No. 11., Chartered in 1855.

The First State Bank of Fort Lauderdale was revived from its 1921 First State entity in Florida, in 1974, changing its name to Sunniland Bank in 1978, changing back to The First State Bank of Fort Lauderdale in 2002, then changed name to Valley Bank and failed with a bailout in 2014.

01/03/1978 Changed Institution Name to Barnett Bank of Port Everglades. 01/03/1978 Changed Institution Name to Barnett Bank of Broward County. +

BARNETT BANK OF FORT LAUDERDALE Document Number 165945 FEI/EIN Number 59-0657773 Date Filed 07/30/1951 Effective Date 01/03/1978 State FL Status INACTIVE Last Event MERGER

In South Bend,

06/05/1920 Institution established. Original name: Valley Bank and Trust Company (14518). This certificate number matches the Estate of Minnie V. Kryder, 1960-1963 which should have been death taxed on the basis of her registered HOLC Bonds secured by mortgages on land she owned in fee. The HOLC Bonds and 103 acres of Waynedale Gardens, Sec. Addition are an Officially Recorded Deed in Allen County, IN, 1934, Document 10534. When Frank, Sr. died in 1950, no estate was opened. In 1963, Frank, Jr. inherited only Kryder Company no par shares and Minnie had no property. Eight months before his death in 1966, Frank was extorted into silence, by a trusted attorney. We have an unsigned Warrant from him, the City Prosecutor, and later Indiana State Legislator, found filed in 1976.

What worked in 1966 doesn't fly anymore. No one lives long enough to see the long range sequelae and connection of seriously questionable incidents and crimes against good special people. For the nation to know the really bad stuff for real, it has to be shown on as little paper as possible with plain arithmetic. Nothing scares a lawyer like plain arithmetic- you can't argue with it or change its immutable rules. The difference is, we've used bank arithmetic to demonstrate how strategic, perverted litigation will block legally designated heirs. In many cases, fighting for right is useless, simply generating back and forth income for the over-population of attorneys we must suffer.

Without abusing the numerical system utilized by IRS, the Federal Reserve, and The American Bankers Association, cranking up since around 1905, before the agencies existed, money could not have become so mobile and elusive, conditions needed for organized hoarding and mingling of Treasury securities.

After thirty years of staring at the numbers of her subject, F.L. Strawberry, at last saw for certain that the End Game Banks using Frank Kryder are: Wells Fargo 3511 (originally First State Bank of Decatur, where Frank was born), Bank of America 3510 (Barnett National Securities, 1930), and PNC 6384 (originally First State Bank of Texas). Years ago, they thought financial control of both Florida and California would fix the orange trade, sugar, and truck farming. In 1923, Florida produced more than 4/5ths of the phosphate supply in the United States. In 1923, in Highlands County, FL, an Oklahoman, Robert J. Brewton, "The Oil King of Florida" filed a Declaration of Trust with an incorporation: INDIAN PRAIRIE OIL & GAS COMPANY % FAIRFAX T. HASKINS, ESQ. HIGHLANDS BANK & TRUST BLDG SEBRING FL 10/08/1923 State FL Status ACTIVE

There is a little more here than "Indian Prairie" which is very significant. The Trust covers most of Highlands County as far south as Hendry County and claims all the mineral rights of that land for The Oklahoma Star Oil Company. Sebring is the seat of Highlands County, and the region, according to studies, had once been the peninsular tip of Florida, so there is assuredly shelf oil (of algal composition) under Highlands County, but there was not yet technology to mine it. Thus the Trust in 1923 for future exploitation, and looking further ahead in Deed Records, Lincoln National Corporation owned those rights in the 1990's. That is the reason so much of the land use in the area is recreational villlages for mobile homes. The point being, The King was right. Barron Collier bought land in Hendry County in 1943 for the Sun-Felda Well, from The Oklahoma Star Oil Company.

Highlands Bank was generously "saved" by the Barnetts after the 1929 crash, and became a Barnett Bank. When George Sebring died, two municipal bonds were deposited in the new Barnett Bank for the maintenance of his widow. His attorney, Fairfield T. Haskins, purchased the entire remainder estate of George Sebring for $50 and started Greyhound Buslines.

Nearby, George Jenkins purchased a mortgaged orange grove from which grew the entire chain of Publix Food Stores.

Because M. P-Strawberry was in the middle of it all and remembers the changes in mid-centrury Fort Lauderdale, she has the corroborative history which the numerals fully support. She may not have known the Shoaff-Barnetts were her grandfather's fiduciaries in Fort Wayne, but she knew her town as she experienced it, and from the memories of Kay and Leonce Picot who had been there since 1942, when Fort Lauderdale was Paradise, they said.

Recently she discovered she had spent much time as a teenage BFF in the household of an integral connection between Barnett Bank, Naples, Port Everglades and The Seminole Tribe. Now she sees. Half her life she was blind as to where she was. She would never had seen without going off looking for her grandfather. Likewise, F.L. Strawberry was working the Immokalee tomato fields until it was brought to light some workers were being kept as slaves in trucks, beaten even.

In 1978 The Shamrock Group of Rich People, including Roy Disney, Shoaff et al. pooled their money in Fort Wayne National Bank. Tomato prices from that day were fixed in Immokalee until the slavery conditions were uncovered in mid 2000. Burger King, Wendy's and Publix were the problem, refusing to pay just one cent more /lb. than `````.

But who wants to hear some old girlie story-

Therefore, together we sorted, with the greatest care, 40 bank and trust numerals of America's nationally adopted System which identify the central relationship 1930-2001 that drove the incorporation of ENRON from its Humble beginnings to its crash, looting the Kryders and preying on the poor all along the way. It doesn't matter what they shredded 50 years ago when it's all part of the same crime, morphing with the times.

Detailed supplements are already here online, if anyone is interested, or would like to catch up with the story, but we have distilled the 20th Century you may have missed with 40 Numerals to the Truth.

To talk about a bank, it has to be right.

Page of Solutions, coming up next...

Sunniland- Frack It

Waters shall overflow the hiding place

Frank Kryder's grand-daughter, Michele, was in Broward County, FL in the 1960's, but she had yet to stand on the hallowed ground where she later discovered William G. Moser & Roy C. Jones & Jones for Loans, of Sunniland Pipe Line Company, Bluffton, Indiana and Fort Lauderdale, FL, began running oil in 1961, from a well in Collier County, through a four inch pipe, 80 miles to Port Everglades, the equivalent of 30 tankers /day. Moser & Jones aka National Oil etc., mortgaged the pipeline company's chattel goods in 1964 for 4 million dollars and change, to Houston Pipeline, 1400 Smith Street c/o Peggy B. Menchaca, ENRON. In 1962 Peggy B. also got into Florida Citrus, an intermediate before Pepsi, Martini & Rossi, and Bacardi.

The year, Michele's third grade year, 1961-1962, she only knew, at some time while school was in session, there was a fire so great in the everglades, it rained black ash in Fort Lauderdale for three days. Michele was born a Mid-Century Imagineer, not to be confused with Engineer. From childhood she questioned the landscape. How did ownership of the turnpike concessions, and pine lands planted in rows come to be? Where were her grandfathers? Who was Frank Kryder?

The 1967 Geological Survey and Report No. 63, published in 1970, reports that the Sunniland Well, named according to the geological nomenclature for the actual formation, Sunniland Limerock, was drilled by Humble in 1941. A pool was found at about two miles below the limerock strata. Now we are brought back a Bush in time, to the First Trading with the Enemy Act issue before Zapata Oil, by 08/01/1941 Thyssen fund frozen- in funds of Union Banking Corp., Prescott S. Bush and E.R. Harriman Directors. This is odd because in 2001, a Shell Oil Geophysical Engineer was aboard a ship which discovered German U-Boats believed to have been torpedoed off Florida's Gulf Coast in 1942-1943.

Two American vessels were also found torpedoed, the first hit, an oil tanker, the Munger T. Ball, 5/04/1942. Later, the Robert E. Lee, carrying 400 passengers, was sunk west of Tampa. Fortunately in both attacks, the Germans were not quite on target. Casualties were not what they could have been.

Michele realized that just as she and the children of her quiet Florida coastal province never heard an inkling about the missiles pointed at their school in 1962, neither did her parents, Katherine K. and Leonce Picot, just 10 and 11 in 1942 have an inkling the War had come so close to Florida. We in the next generation would have heard it, if not from our own parents, from other sources. There's always someone to pass on scary folklore one generation to the next, and in pioneer Oakland Park, FL, had it been common knowledge German subs sunk two ships off Florida, we would have heard it at the Rec Hall. Or, more likely, Mama Nell, Leonce's Mother, Wartime PBX Operator for the Florida DOT, would not have been able to resist telling Michele.

There are two ways into the Gulf of Mexico for a German submarine vessel- the Isthmus of Panama, or by navigating between Cuba and South America to cross the Florida Straits, below Key West, into the Gulf. In either case, the squeeze is tight. Two attacks a year apart should have set off some homeland vulnerability alarms somewhere.

Using the 1+1 = 2 Proof , first we survey the scenery in 1962. We have 1+1= 2 Bushes lusting for power, culminating with a second head- rearing of the Trading with the Enemy Act, this on the heels of WWII German submarine skirmishes off Florida's Gulf Coast, which had escaped notice. Humble, Esso, Exxon-Mobil, and EnJay, the first three having been the oil refineries established in Cuba, pressured to leave by other American business, were piping the Sunniland crude to Port Everglades for transport to the refineries in Cuba until 1961.

How can we know? To this day, the public records of the Port show no foreign country ships crude oil to Port Everglades. Only refined oil comes to the Port by tanker. Refining was never done there- it would have ruined the prime coastal realty. They hose refined petrol into round storage units where freightliners filler-up for dispatch. Currently, a certain amount of crude still comes to Port Everglades, not from a foreign country, but from Sunniland, or some newly exploited dark corner of the swamp.

In 1961 the National City Bank of Indianapolis was established. A Bay of Pigs led to a Missile Crisis and Oil Embargo. Sherritt's metallurgical conglomerate agreed to refine crude oil for Khruschev to provide to Cuba, a very expensive proposition for transport. Though the Collier County Humble Lease did not expire until 1982, new entities, Moser and Jones, whose Bluffton National Oil Company was the same couple hundred miles to Sherritt's Ottawa Refinery as Port Everglades is to Cuba, showed up with Broward land with the Pipeline running through it, in 1961. Sunniland did not need tanker trucks, reportedly shaving off twenty cents per gallon wholesale, pronounced,"'ho-sale."

Though Barron Collier descendants own all the mineral rights in Collier County and beneath the Sunniland Limerock, as well as beneath the Big Cypress Reservation, Alligator Alley becomes S.R. 84 once it crosses the Broward County Line. S.R. 84 is the only way into the Port for a Collier County pipeline, through territory of the Florida Fruitlands Company and the Formans.

"1962-65 Sherritt expands its ammonia plant, constructs two urea production trains (120 and 150 tonnes/day), and expands into the phosphate fertilizer business with a new phosphate plant at the Fort Saskatchewan site, using phosphate rock imported from Florida."

The 1967 Geological Survey and Report No. 63 states that between 1961 and 1962 production significantly increased at the former Humble Sunniland Well. It was decided to drill deeper, casting up more tonnes daily of phosphate rock.

Moser & Jones first appear in Sunniland deed records of 1961, this record found only attached to a DOT Taking of Lands suit which in the late 1980's commenced with I-595 and I-75 construction impacting State Road 84. In dredging through the endless litigation of the matter, the only "fee simple" land owners in Sunniland Pipeline were Moser & Jones et ux., et ux., and the descendants of Barron Collier, the owner of the mineral rights who knows how far below the sod of the Sunniland Well.

Back at the Agency, we are considering whether the 1967 Arthur Andersen Accountant who worked that year for Zapata was prompted by the 1967 Geological Survey, which was not released until 1970 (Penn-Central Bankrupt). With Frank concealed by the 1948-1978 National Lease managed by Moser, then 50% of Zapata becoming owned by Stanolind which all ended up with Humble and Exxon as Mobil, the descendant of Standard Oil, how do we extract the descendant of Frank from the blob which ate the earth?

Who Set the Deadliest Arms Dealer Free

Remembering American General John J. McCloy, American Ambassador to Germany, President and Director of The Continental Can, Inc. (please see the curated CC gallery onsite)


If you haven't guessed yet, the Agency findings are leading up to the simultaneous Reunification of Germany with the Dissolution of North American Properties, Inc., a 40-year corporation according to its Articles.When this moment comes, we will see more of the backend of history leading up to Prescott Bush and the Thyssen Securities, to Frank Kryder, why his lawyers had to tell such lies, and why his family became extirpated from the memory and streets of the Fort Wayne they fought for and built.

For who can browse the Little- Strawberry Continental Gallery and still not get that a Lincoln Navigator is in reality a really dressed up North American Continental Can, with a Continental Bank roll which is now Bank of America, NA FDIC # 3510?

A deductive sleuth, Agent Strawberry searches without prejudice for the anomalous, what is disconnected, ranks the intel, and arrives at a reasonable conclusion. That's it. Publishing is Hope for Justice, not to repeat what has been very well done, or to teach all our untaught American History. The history of Vickers, Krupp, even Remington Steel can be easily searched. Though, if one counts on Wikipedia for the freeing of Alfried Krupp from Landsberg Prison with all his property restored, the details are neglected.

Try and remember when the North American Trust Company incorporated "the largest Trust Company in the World" in 1902. The same year Vickers and Krupp were entering arms production as rivals. Either dealer would sell to anyone- England, Germany, Russia, and through patent relationships, to each other. Krupp preached, the most powerful man in the world is the biggest and best arms manufacturer. He could wage bidding wars between rulers and monarchs. They were his puppets.

The King of England had to let his brother and family be executed in Russia. Almost every railroad depended on Krupp Steel. The pensions of England's widows and orphans depended on the railroads controlled by Robert Fleming, a man who sold sandbags to both sides during the American Civil War.

Private American Industrialists, who sell to the government, didn't care what war crimes and atrocities the Krupp Konzern perpetrated on the innocent.They just flat-out refused to accept the Judgment and Sentence of The Landsberg Trials. William Manchester published what was offered him by the Krupp family, who hoped to be seen by society in a better light. He tells us Alfried, who caused a Howitzer to be nicknamed "Big Bertha," after his mother, was not concerned over the 12-year prison sentence. He was ripped to the core by the confiscation of "his empire," technically acquired through marriage. He was not genetically Krupp, but took his wife's name to run the show.

This put our American Industrialists in a bad way. They had no legal access to their Krupp addictions and were in a patent stew.

Why not convince a revered American General, John J. McCloy, Ambassador to Germany, to secure not only Krupp's early release from prison, but the full return of all Alfried Krupp's seized industries and assets. Why not dismiss every American who was maimed, lost their closest kin or were separated from their families in WWII, by making a steel deal with a notoriously inhumane, convicted war criminal, profiteer, slave driver and murderer, to introduce his fortunes into American industry, just like old chums? If English and American manufactured weaponry made of German steel had been used against us, would such a discovery come to light? Not even 75 years after the death of JFK will we know.

All the answers are in the MI-6 Disney Vault until the end of the movie.

Considering what ticks people off nowadays, the Agency concludes that two World Wars with The Great Depression sandwiched in, enhanced by an Atomic Bomb topper, was sufficient to drive us as a nation to drinks, parties, and pills, and on to terminal addiction, blinding us to an overthrow of power in America over the second half of the century. We had Viet Nam. We had National PTSD. We changed our values to "me first" while conglomerated Industry capitalized on every minute of it as it does everything, including our most perilous courses.

Freeing Krupp was no big whup, except to the Jewish community, and we were swiftly distracted from Nazism by "Better Dead than Red."

In 1946, allied Nazi gold hunters believed the key to concealed German assets was Liechtenstein, which handled the accounts of I.G. Farben, Thyssen and the Krupp Family. Farben was the German compounder of zyklon B. The first component shipped overseas by the Muncie, Indiana Balls (American Cyanamid), who had concealed the Van Sweringen RR Empire since 1930 (FEC RY Bankruptcy.) Coincidentally, financial aids given to The Penn-Central RR during bankruptcy in 1970 disappeared into Liechtenstein, lost and gone forever.

("3/11/1971 Financial intrigue involving lawyers (Rosenbaum), railroad equipment repair companies, German Banks, transfers from Berlin to Frankfurt, a trust (First Financial) in Liechtenstein (Goetz) , a failed airline (Executive Jet) and the Penn Central CFO (Bevans) surfaced. Only a fraction of lost funds were recovered" ).

As of 3/1968, the Krupp Organization, New Jersey, was owned by Republic Corp, film processing division. Some of us have obliviously watched Republic Films galore, clueless.

Sometimes betrayal shadows the betrayed for years, before it strikes. It is a deep wound. Few of us know or see our betrayers coming; often we love them. Few of us know rightly our past, present, and future. You have to be next to God to prophesy the details of your own companions' upcoming betrayals of you, and still want to have dinner with them.

The Lord of Hosts surpasses the hospitality of the world's most magnificent hoteliers, the greatest restaurateurs, and they best not forget it.

The Devil and the Iron Horse Maiden

Striking while the iron is hot


Union Pacific Company Store
(Above: A Bush-Era website banner displaying a graphic link to "The Company Store")


During the reign of G.W. Bush and R.B. Cheney, Agent Strawberry was deep in the throes of following Frank Kryder's paper trail from the signing of The 1795 Treaty of Greenville as it led up to the National Strong-armed Hits of 2001 and 2008. Years prior she had to resign herself to the gruesome study of The Railroads, having already taken on historical Indiana Corporation Law (Burns), the evolution of banks, and other complex topics not generally attractive to a crop-picking naturalist. Yet it served the case well, to the present day. She discovered in 1969 corporation annual reports that R.B. Cheney,Washington, was a Director and Co- Auditor of The Union Pacific Railroad.

As a mid-century, 4th generation pioneer child of South Florida, there was never a family occasion, such as Thanksgiving, when the adult conversation didn't turn to the FEC Ry 40-year long bankruptcy and strike. It was something they had grown up with and were still living in it. It follows the Last Executive Order of President Kennedy November 9, 1963, an investigation into violence and labor abuse in the FEC Ry company haunts Agent Strawberry with

The LEO Effect.

Frank and his parents are buried in New Leo Cemetery, and their ancestors who settled in Allen County, Indiana around Leo in the 1840's, are buried in Old Leo Cemetery, including "Harrison's Squaw," a chief's daughter.

To top off the fare, Frank Kryder, Sr.'s in-law, K.W. Maxfield, sold North American Van Lines, headquartered in Leo, twice. In 1968 he sold it to Pepsico for a stock exchange, and in 1985 he sold it to Norfolk Southern Corporation for $369 million, the exact deficiency in the later State-closed Mutual Security Life Insurance Company of Fort Wayne, 1991. In 1985 a certain Allen County State Bank, in Leo, failed.

At the poverty line from age 13, Strawberry's tedious studies enabled her to understand the nature of the Nor Shall the Southern Folk Have Corporation, the NSC mandate.

The Agency is in no way political. It only seeks restorative justice for what was directed at the Frank Kryder family, a multi-tactical act to disarm and steal power. Wiping families out with betrayals, stress and terror is much more subtle than the execution squad. America was built by certain Americans for their heirs and assigns, with no regard for Americans in their way. That is what Railroad History, Insurance History, Bank History, Corporation History confirms, in a four-way Bond.

"I bet this has something to do with Labor," an Indianapolis attorney said in 1995 when Frank Kryder, Jr.'s Estate was opened by Katherine's daughter.

A free-lance laborer herself, Agent Strawberry didn't quite understand what Estate Fraud might have to do with "Labor."

This took her down the James Hoffa path, to Navistar driving through a line of and over a striker, to the old International Harvester strikes in Fort Wayne, when Pinkertons had a license to kill strikers outside the plant.

In Agency Archives is a photo of the working conditions during the building of The UPRR. It is snowing heavily and scores of men are stooped along the track. The Foreman is dressed in boots, a heavy coat and large fur hat. He is holding a whip, for the back of any man not working hard enough. These were company men, not violent prisoners.

Dick Cheney and the 37th Congress have been given their due. Now is time to pay the Piper. This is a two-hundred year old war which has favored railroad owners and banks with fantastic bailouts time and again.

If the trains are frozen in the yards of Norfolk, that upper 1% will suffer more and lose more through their own subsidiaries than the rest of us. Tons more. The Roads will all declare bankruptcy and make taxpayers, who are not even common stockholders, pay for it. Banks will fail claiming their bonded debts aren't being met. The FDIC will need bailing out. This is not conjecture or prediction, but exactly what history has shown us, in the 19th, 20th, and 21st Century. They don't want to talk about it.

Agent Strawberry would rather accept the hardship of bringing the eternal bond tyrants to their knees once and for all. She is too aware of Bechtelian propaganda, from her work on Frank Kryder's Case. She is toughened by a lifetime of hardship, insecurity, psychological attacks, and migrant-style living. We might surprise ourselves with how much we can dispense with, things we have been convinced we need. We might surprise ourselves with how much we can bear.

And since Pearson Plc owns Allyn and Bacon, Prentice Hall et cetera, and most all our textbook publishers as well as the present WAIS Tests, someone in the upper 1% can easily access Strawberry's "Cume File" where she is entered in the upper 2% sometime in 1975. By a psychologist, she was given the same WAIS First Version as Einstein which calculates mental/chronological age X 100 = Intelligence Quotient. WAIS doesn't go farther than upper 2%. We just can't be that sure how much variation there is, or that the highest intelligence has ever been tested. How high can we go?

It is annoying that Pearson Plc owns the Strawberry test answers. Results are returned to the doctor, but not the test and work of the taker, who paid quite a fee for it..

Because Einstein's IQ is published as 160, Strawberry concealed hers. A doctor administered WAIS is private medical information.

Intelligence Quotient is not the same as Aptitude. An aptitude test probes quantity of knowledge about the world, generally. The 1975 WAIS probed things like how many numbers told in a sequence can a subject repeat and recite backwards to the administrator.

"You can do great things!" the doctor chortled when the scores came back. He was bristling with excitement. At the time, Strawberry was too distressed to care.

We have concluded that the 1% are dependent on the 2%. They are not in the 2%, but they know who we are, and they exclude us. They know our scores and decide how we will best serve them. Pushed down by hostile interference to a life of crop-picking and fruit packing, planting annuals for High Society, right down in the dirt, every door seem to close in Strawberry's face as she strove to figure out, what is going on around here, miles from nowhere?

Great things? Great is the truth of why the world is such an ailing world. Great is finding fundamental error and seeing whose turn it is to own UP.

It's a lousy paying job, but someone has to do it. The upper 1% failed to account for nature-driven interference on the rebound. They became experts in human nature for their advantage, not for love of their fellow man, or nature. They did not become biologists, but exploited the natural world till they uglified the whole ecosystem for everything and everyone.

In 1822, the Farmers Loan and Trust Company was chartered. In Fort Wayne, the first dam erected on the St. Mary's River, for milling purposes, blocked free travel routes of traders.

The 200 yr. Bond Plan cannot be sustained any longer. The Railroads have the responsibility to respect their workers and not try another psychological attack on Americans when we are already stressed out to the hilt. It is outrageous to threaten us now with halting commerce, and trying to blame it on workers. Everyone in Congress knows what the Union Pacific Railroad is all about.

Who Gives a Hoover Dam?


Another year comes around without a peep about 11/22/1963 in The Times or Washington Post, though for many of us it was and continues to be a national trauma which altered the course of our lives and families. Its proximity to Thanksgiving, our national family holiday, raises the specter annually. We have no satisfactory explanation for the double murder 1963-1968 of our highest ranking government officials, brothers. That's only (1) five-year municipal bond between two high profile hits.

"What are they hiding?" ask the RFK people, Robert, Jr. included.

In 1972, during Christmas holidays, it was sung in a credit card commercial, "Money makes the world go 'round."

There is no reason to hide criminal evidence when the answers lie beyond the scope of an investigation. Both Kennedy investigations seem like Keystone Cop work, a disjointed bunch of stories falling all over themselves. We were told, "no information until 75 years have passed. " Why the adult population accepted this proves the shock and awe ploy worked. Even a 9-year old could feel the Oppression of being denied the truth for 75 years.

In finding Frank Kryder, Agent Strawberry learned IRS is bound to store corporation tax returns for 75 years from the date of expiration, then the records may be destroyed.

John Houston Payne , Esq. told her, " Just because a corporation is inactive doesn't mean it is liquidated or expired."

Lawyers have done their best to relax Statutes of Limitation and our forefathers' efforts to write solid corporation law. Today, most entities are designated as "perpetual" and the incorporator can be anyone. It's done on one page.

Banks and insurance companies still have to act upon their pre-determined Charter in years. Previously, real estate companies were 50-year corporations, as was The Kryder Company, Inc., which existed 1932-1982. North American Properties, Inc. was a 40-year corporation, which existed 1950-1990. Unless judicially dissolved in court before the Articles period of existence dictates, the corporation exists for the period of its Articles. All our usable mid-century de facto evidence, war, and depression era records with names, addresses, dates and signatures will have bought the shredder 75 years from 1963.

Since 1963, IRS districts have changed enough times so that even court-ordered records demands are brushed away,

"We have no way of knowing which regional district has the records from Fort Wayne, Indiana, 1963. They could be in several places."

In 75 years, 2038, no matter what the evidence board shows, the Prosecutor will say, "But you have no proof." IRS is the only wholly irrefutable witness in the successful prosecution of organized crime.

Why Robert, Jr. has not in maturity become a bloodhound, sniffing out everything about his father's murder, activating every resource, interviewing people before they die, going through courthouses, archive basements, learning his father's associates and previously unconsidered perps, is a puzzle. He said he was on it.

To every family is born a historian somewhere in the line. But it is a lonesome appointment when many people don't want to remember or know too much, most especially not what is odd or unpleasant. The most astounding findings are met with diffidence by the people you think should care the most. They don't want to hear it, even if they live daily with holes in their own understanding of themselves.

Finding Frank meant reconstructing, then living in his world with him, and with his parents. Exploring and revealing the personal lives of parents, grandparents, and so on is an ancestral trust; once undertaken, the "crooked places" must be made plain.

Strawberry thus, via the Kryder route, has the important crooked places of Assassination Day greatly simplified with the easy 100-year bond. Later she will compare a stretch of railroad tracks, two sugar rails with ties, to a straightened strand of DNA.

Were you there in 1863?


National City Bank of Kentucky FDIC Certificate #: 2756 Date Established: 1/01/1863- First Quarter
01/01/1863 Emancipation Proclamation
Fort Wayne National Bank , no. 11, was chartered in 5/22/1863, Charter signed by Hugh McCulloch, 1863 under The National Bank Act as the Fort Wayne National Bank ; opened 7/1/1863
- Third Quarter

Bank One, National Association 1 Bank One Plaza Chicago,IL 60670 FDIC Certificate #: 3618 Established: 7/1/1863

100 year Bond 1863-1963

Were you there in 1963?

August- Estate of Minnie V. Kryder closed the day NAVPAC (NA Van Lines) was incorporated by a nephew. Third quarter.

11/22/1963 Pres. Kennedy Assassinated; on the same day National City Lines. Inc., a holding company, acquired 75% of the outstanding stock of Fort Wayne Leasing, Inc., for $200,000 at closing and an additional $150,000 to be paid over the next five years contingent on Fort Wayne's earnings. Fourth quarter.

100 year Bond 1898-1998

1898 Warren Bechtel started a railroad construction company;

(Fort Wayne National Bank merged with National City Bank 1998)

"Is that clear?" the Voice Teacher used to say.

Bonds and indentures beyond the ken of peasants have been unnaturally impacting the course history for hundreds of years, don't you know? Inside a 100-year bond or mortgage can be the debts of a 99-year lease, two 50-yr. pipeline or railroad mortgages, a 60-yr. insurance company charter, four 25-yr. bank charters, two 50-yr.corporations, two 40-yr corporations, a 65-year trust company, several short mortgages, 20 municipal bond placements, and more! This is real Ponzi. It has allowed, after so many hundred years, the financial giants to always be years and years ahead of the 30-day credit populace, and often they have chosen subsidiaries to rise and fall so nothing is paid at all but bailout rewards and capital which disappears.

This is John Fitzgerald's day, but there is something for Robert, Jr. to cogitate about his father as well.

Allyn and Bacon was there 11/22/1963 in the privately owned business called The Texas School Book Depository, moving in 6 months prior. The Texas School Book Depository has since built its own warehouse with the address AMBASSADOR DRIVE. Deliberate, heinous. Google maps show the plain warehouse to be in a typical, nondescript warehouse district, nothing that calls for such a grand street name.

Allyn and Bacon has another 100-year bond from its purported "founding" in 1868 to Robert F. Kennedy, 1968 (Third quarter) and the Penn-Central merger in 1968 which cost the U.S. a pretty penny.

We have already established that Samuel Hanna (Union Pacific) and Hugh McCulloch (Union Pacific) of Fort Wayne National Bank, E.Harriman, Fried.Krupp, and Robert Fleming were all in attendance at the 1868 Corporation of Foreign Bondholders. It being the Reconstruction era in America, following a war triggered by a hare-brain, railroad companies were selling bonds like hotcakes. Robert Fleming (SAINT) handled the Scottish American Investment Trust of widows and orphans, as many companies bought railroad bonds for pension plans. The COFBH was supposed to be establishing standards and protections for those whose security was invested building railroads around the world. It did not stop the Union Pacific from bankruptcy in 1893, the most privileged of all the roads. By the first World War, every railroad was dependent on patented Krupp steel for railroad tires.

Moreover, Allyn and Bacon actually was part of an 1851 corporation we now know as Pearson Plc. Allyn and Bacon did not incorporate in the United States until 1951 though its published books are found here at least as early as 1921 in San Francisco and Boston.

Next a 50 yr. bond 1851-1901:

In 1901, Phoenix Life incorporated and Fleming re-organized the twice-bankrupt Norfolk and Western Ry.

Setting a 100 yr-bond to the next serious national trauma in 2001:

Phoenix Life changed its name to Swiss Re. In 2001 Lincoln Re (Fort Wayne) sold the WTC to Swiss Re on 9/10/2001. Lincoln Re was fka North American Re. (Third quarter).

No satisfaction from that investigation either.


James Bond, Prescott Bush, Kay and I

Tax Masters


To review the lineage of James Bond, of the Bond and McCulloch Bankers of yesteryear, Allen County, Indiana, Rosemary Kryder, Frank, Jr.'s daughter from his short second marriage, Kay and Becky's half sister, remained in Fort Wayne and was in time married to James Bond. Kay and Becky, Frank's second and third daughters in his third marriage, had been kidnapped by their mother to Florida. Accordingly, in Allen County's inbred nest of lawyers, bankers, and mutual funds, there is no contiguous estate work from 1950 Frank, Sr., to 1960 Minnie Kryder, to 1966 Frank , Jr. who died paperless, and on to 1972, Kay, whose estate is a travesty, as Leonce Picot adversarily took charge.

This was odd because the Frank Kryder father-son partnership was first recorded in 1919 and the Kryder Company, Inc. was just father, mother, son engaged in capitalizing the subdivision and building a couple hundred acres of family housing, had an insurance agency, and frugally moved up the Monopoly Board to "hotel/motel builders." They left a paper trail loaded with conveyances and land purchased "gold coin in hand." No bankruptcies, no suits, but what forensics called, "an empire in realty going off the books," beginning in 1942 with Fairfield Terr. A. lots to Alexander Pursely, Tr.. The Kryder Company, Inc. was a 50-year real estate proprietorship 1932-1982, tediously pulled from county records, clearly defined deed by deed.

James Ewing Bond *6984 + PSBush*7848 = 446789 (sorting for a unique number), or 6798.

6798 is the SEC Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) for an REIT. Now we know there are numerical helpers in the SEC contributing to the Treasury within the Treasury. Remember, the Agency has focused ONLY on the lineal family of Michele Picot-Strawberry, so that it cannot be said she slept on her rights, or that she is not minding her own business.

Recall that Leonce, Kay's P.R., did not have her social security number cancelled in 1972 or afterward, and the Broward Court did not notice it. It was discovered uncancelled, by MP-Strawberry in 1993. The local SSA clerk really pursed her lips when the glitch was found.
And recall, Kay Picot, was fka Katherine Kryder, half sister of Rosemary Bond, and Rosemary's baby, 1/2 Cousin Richard, is a Navistar Star.

JBond *6984 + KKryder *6781=14667889 or *7491 Navistar Financial LLC.

PSBush*7848 + *1696 Burger King Foundation (see section below for BK & I relations) = 14667889 or *7491 Navistar Financial LLC.

PSBush *7848 + I *1645 = 14456788 or *6517 NAVL LLC or *1567 Lincoln Financial Institutions Group

PSBush *7848 + Kryder 1922 Gold Bond Deed *8262 = 22476888 or *6847 North American Properties, Inc.

as for Michele Picot's father Leonce, his personal holding company 1966 EIN comes into play with Frank Kryder d. 1966.

JBond *6984 +Picot Rescon, Inc. *6547 = 44566789 or Kryder Company, Inc. Superior Court Doc #5789 encumbering the company before Minnie Kryder's Estate closed in 1963. *5789 was as well the SSN of Thomas Gordon Moorhead who was Frank, Jr.'s lawyer before his son the late Thomas M. Moorhead of Baker and Daniels and Shoaff and last VP of The Kryder Company (as well as Minnie Kryder's 1963 estate lawyer.)

PSBush *7848 + *5996 Lincoln Financial = 45678899 or +Picot Rescon, Inc. *6547.

For comic relief, the Texas Tax ids include a recently incorporated *6547 Trump Burger 2024, Inc.


Strawberry Shortcuts

Agent Philpott 1927 to Agent "Mazur" 1982


The stage has been set now (descending), with the principal cast, its role in an ongoing historical narrative supported by numerical data subjected to various analyses, achieving the same result.

Now comes Agent Strawberry with a Master Key- Prescott Sheldon Bush *** ** 7848 which is the plausible disconnect between Fort Wayne's three secret service agencies in 1927 and the launching of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (Limited), Miami offshore money laundering machine in 1982, after the Treasury Notes of 1976 expired.

In the 1927 Fort Wayne Red Book, we encountered Philpott Secret Service Agency *4394 and The Strawberry Agency has consistently used Philpott's numerical id like a "found pipe" in time. The directory is not Polk's style, it is small, thin, was not comprehensive. Based on a decision to change all "city" phone numbers in 1924, it published a four digit id in the form of a phone number, and location, of the major vaults of the banks, at different locations and numbers than their bank buildings, just prior to the beginning of trouble in 1928. Fort Wayne had at least five national banks, directed by industrialists and lawyers, four Trust and Savings and other state-regulated financial associations operating one atop the other in the small area of Wayne Township. Following the U.S. Comptroller's consolidation orders and bank closings, by 1930 the financial district was changed in appearance, beginning with the ground-breaking of the Gothic Lincoln Tower at 200 East Berry.

Between 1927, when undoubtedly a huge shift in American power is indicated by the amount of money which went off-book with unsatisfactory follow-up, and 1947, Philpott was buried by the Second SS Subdivision after Hugh McCulloch made the first, not relative to President Lincoln's intent. This time it was PSB who was instrumental in cleanly separating CIA and (OSS) Secret Service business, meaning most all the WWII financial intelligence was swept into the CIA.

(The Third Subdivision of Secret Service jurisdiction and duty was made by Pres. G.W. Bush via creation of The Department of Homeland Security).

Who is keeping up with the integrity of the Treasury?

The eclipsed Treasury within a Treasury from Philpott *4394 (1927) to BCCI (1982) *3794 was bulging. Recall, the Bank founder, Agha Hasan Abedi, had previously founded United Bank of Pakistan in 1959, when Zapata Offshore was founded (see wateryway.html 1959). Bank of America contibuted 25% to BCCI. Topping off the kitty, the redemptions of '76, G.H.W. Bush CIA Director, there was more anonymously held money than ever in the vaults of 1927.

In time and in arithmetic, the logical bridge we found was

Prescott Sheldon Bush *7848 + Philpott Secret Service *4394 as 34447889, yielding one unique number BCCI *3794 EIN.

PSB is the Master Key in concert with My North American 1/2-uncle: James E. Bond *6984

Bond *6984 + Philpott *4394 or 34446899 or PNC *6384

Though this back-link to Fort Wayne justifies considering the consequences of fragmentation of Treasury Intel in favor of a political family dynasty, and there are many things this Key unlocks in rooms long hid from the public eye, what does it have to do with Leonce Picot, Dave Edgerton, The Burger King, and I?

PSB *7848 SSN + Monterey Old House (Leonce & Dave) *0900 EIN is uniquely 00048879, or Burger King Lease #1 0947 (SEC)


And how entangled am I, tax number-wise, with Dave's part of Burger King, having received a Florida number before the others in Florida?

I *1645 (FL)
Burger King Foundation, Inc.*1696 (FL)
Burger King Holdings, Inc. *5469 (FL)

114466665599 to which adding Lincoln Publishing, Inc. *5496 (FL) which all together simply pops out another BK Holdings, Inc., *5469
or Simon & Schuster *4569 (as a merged company along with Allyn and Bacon under Pearson Plc, Inc. )

We seem all to be in bed together, all numbers tied together by one pair or another.

Lincoln Financial Services *0365 (FL) + I *1645 (FL) 01346655 or Lincoln Annuities *1034 (FL)

"I wanna feel loved like you,
Jenny BuBu, by my Grandfather, too "

Perilouser and Perilouser

The Exchange Bank of Loopholes


Curiously, the HOLC, a twenty-year corporation as chartered, the least attractive investment of The New Deal, became the constant target of private investors who pushed to dissolve it and take over as early as 1944.

An important backnote-a very peculiar banking event was reported on newspaper back pages, in 1935. One day a bank announced $1400 in HOLC bonds were stolen. The following day 32 other banks reported $1400 in HOLC bonds were stolen. A total of $46,200 of the most heavily guaranteed instrumentality of the U.S. Treasury simultaneously vanished from 33 banks in one and the same day. This was odd, because it was, 1935.

Thus, one (1) pool of duplicate registered bonds at large we can be sure of, presumed impossible to redeem, existed before the Kryder Pool in 1966, which had been cast into the future by Frank, Jr. in 1964 for redemption at the End of the Chain, as Special Condition Treasury Notes of 1976, tax due if dead. One pool was known, another known to no one but the intermarried bankers, lawyers, and life insurance companies who buried it.

Back onto the "perilous course" Senator Kennedy felt obliged to steer in 1968, it was via unseen bank holding company relationships that both brothers coincided with the adversaries of Kryder in Fort Wayne, the Model Establishment, driving the things we couldn't miss, the things which made the news- War, Racial Violence, Rebellion, Political Assassinations, Embargo.

4/12/1968 "Presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy announced Indiana may well be the key to who would become next President of the United States."

The entire corporate history of the Kryder Company, Inc., The First State Bank aka Fort Wayne National Bank aka First National Bank aka Old National Bank aka Old-First National Bank lka Fort Wayne National Bank now known as National City Bank (PNC), and its Building, Inc.; the first ever literal "1035 Exchange" and all the associate branches, affiliates, and subsidiaries, defense electronics, and North American Properties, Inc. (11/01/1950) is one big filed record of how those who prepared ahead of time were counting on the upcoming Amendments of 1970 to leave them a different loophole few could exploit so well- the provision remained that banks were allowed to lease real estate. The Kryder fiduciaries, Fort Wayne's Finest, throughout their era left a wanton wake file of unclosed guardianships of the frail elderly, changing the names of a Testator's named Trust, and selling amongst themselves the choice remains of the day from estate charitable trust property.

Here everyone has to do their own homework if they want a deeper understanding of Then to Now. To know the peril Robert F. Kennedy saw coming in 1968, we have to know something of what he would have known which the younger people and Centerville in 1968 had no reason to know, and were definitely not encouraged to know, and anyone born after would never know.

What had Robert Kennedy studied in college? Most likely he had studied The Bank Holding Company Act of 1956, which jurisdiction was that of state attorney generals, or The Attorney General of the United States. With his eyes he would have seen, as a lawyer, as time passed a loophole had enabled a new rise in unregulated companies conducting banking-like activities, introducing risk to the public.

In 1966 The U.S. Comptroller was asked by the Federal Reserve Board of Governors to draft Amendments which would clearly define the construction of a bank holding company, and put an end to the liberties being taken which were adverse to the public. His product was considered at once to be overly strict; the next two years were spent watering down the original proposal with grandfathering-in, provisions and exceptions.

Next, the Federal Reserve had to sell The Bank Holding Company Act Amendments of 1970, which had wandered far off the 1966 recommendations, to the Legislation. The Governors reasoned the "loophole" must be closed in order to provide the best banking service possible to the public, to extend the F.R.'s monitoring capabilities, to in general guard better against wealth accumulation which is damaging to the public. President Nixon played Devil's Advocate and insisted the Amendments would further the development of huge conglomerates, insurance and banking giants, dampening competition. That was 100% true.

Having worked closely with President Kennedy on Cuban foreign affairs, Senator R. Kennedy would have been close to the 1959 default of the (bankrupt since 1930) Florida East Coast Railway, on its 1909 bonds. It was never really noted that President John F. Kennedy's Last Executive Order in 1963 was an investigation into the labor conditions of the FEC Ry.

A safe assumption is that the Kennedys had knowledge of the 1/25/1958 suicide of New York Central RR tycoon, Robert Young, at his Palm Beach Estate. He was marrried to the sister of artist Georgia O'Keefe. It is a small island, and it was the height of the social season.

A Texan faction had control of the Pennsylvania RR and had been pushing for a merger Young opposed. He had made the earlier mistake of telling the Press, the public didn't know the NYC RR was so much more than tracks, cars, and terminals. Its easements and lands were "a city within a city," Young said. There were boxes of 22-year leases stockholders didn't know about. In 1957 he resisted merger with his rival. Yet, on 2/01/1968 the Pennsy "acquired" NYC RR uniting the roads and their hushed-up lands. For the two years it lasted, the road was renamed, The Penn-Central, the country's then sixth largest corporation.

By 1970, the road reported a $325.8 million deficit and filed bankruptcy 6/21/1970. This largest bankruptcy in U.S. history did not lose its rank as largest until 2001, ENRON.

In a similar way, Henry Flagler established the FEC RY, with motels, and hotels down the spine of Florida, easements accommodating little businesses on Dixie Highway, next to the tracks. His Will was reported in 1913, after his death with only two RR executives and Mary Lily Kenan at his side. He ordered that his Executors cause all the RR property, trains, buildings, resorts, motels, lands, and all equipment, even trash cans, be painted with "The Flagler System." It all belonged to the FEC RY as a unit. This was promptly carrried through by his Executors, but "The Flagler System" after the deaths of the Executors, faded away by 1965 to FEC only seen on railroad cars. By then, few if any associated the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach with the FEC RY, though it was common knowledge Flagler had something to do with both. Flagler had no way of knowing the road would be bankrupt from 1930-1970 and become the ongoing site of violent labor disputes using bombs and guns.

Around 1960, Edward Ball, of the Muncie Balls, controller of the Alfred I. duPont Testamentary Trust, acquired ownership of the FEC Ry, by purchasing the 1959 FEC/Flagler-issued bonds of 1909 which were in default. He handled labor disputes in the traditional International Harvester/Navistar fashion, bringing in strike-breakers, defying negotiations with Labor, instigating bloodshed.

12/13/1965 Corporate Amendment of the Florida East Coast Hotel Company held at NYC changed name to The Flagler System, Inc.


The goal of the two roads, The Penn Central and The Florida East Coast Railway, practically mated in Fort Wayne, was to separate the lands, businesses, and easement leases from the actual choo-choo tracks and terminals into a holding device out of reach of common stockholders before the inevitable bankruptcy settlements were ordered.

As an example, Bebe Rebozo platted a subdivision in an FEC easement in Dade County, FL. This was not for the benefit of the stockholders who waited 1930-1970 for a pay-off of about $.40/$1.00.

Beneath these transportation woes, James Hoffa was wielding an iron fist and rallying, complete with threats, for a transport strike, as well as control of large pension funds.

8/31/1967 "At midnight then, if fate and federal juries deal with him kindly, he (Hoffa) literally w i l l become one of the world's most powerful civilians. At one minute past 12 ...the teamster will be in a position to call a coast-to-coast "over the road" and local cartage strike in virtually all the nation's cities and on the highways linking them together...The Central States Teamsters pension fund now under investigation in Chicago has upwards of $240 million... Even a week-long stoppage under a centralized contract could affect the world ... Even in so short a period, the ocean side docks and railheads become so clogged that shippers immediately are told to hold off any freighter or any land cargo. A long strike could affect such ports as London or Naples if U S piers are frozen by the authorities."-The Marion Star

We younger ones had no knowledge or experience, slogging through malarkey up to our knees. We'd been watching Lassie, Dennis, Donna Reed, and Brady Bunch, for the broken homes. Conservation was right. The United Nations was right. War was wrong, social injustice was wrong. Of the why, we hadn't one clue, not any real clues. Strawberry believes she and her peers wondered what happened to the United States, generating the "do your own thing" persona, since we had no control of our households even.

This next critical section of chronos was totally beyond our ken, at sixteen going on seventeen:

****7/1/1868 7 % Bonds of Panama Railroad Company, due 7/1/1968
Zapata Norness Debenture date 7/1/1968 due 7/1/1980
7/1/1968: Koch Fuels Merger
7/1/1968 Designated "next meeting of Kryder Company shareholders..." by Moorhead and Bordner.

All this lay light years beyond Agent Strawberry's awareness, until she searched for Frank Kryder.

So while Senator Kennnedy may not have known Frank, there is a very good chance Robert F. Kennedy knew what made his world go 'round. Frank is just part of an anonymous pool last seen in the Fort Wayne National Bank Building, according to the Kryder Company, Inc. annual reports, securities which crossed paths and clinched deals in one form, then another, precisely coincident with the assassinations.

"The American Pie of the Thirty-seventh Congress"
July 1, 1862

War, What For? (1904) - "At the height of the Civil War, government officials gave away to themselves millions of acres of public lands to own and control forever, which lands in turn were used to pile on tariffs and fees upon independent producers, particularly farmers, and to create conditions of ongoing financial instability, failure, and fraud, resulting in perpetual government subsidization and bail-outs of a private corporation."

This was the eternal gift of The Union Pacific Railroad to select persons, with Harriman at the helm. Two of these lucky ducks were Fort Waynians: Judge Samuel Hanna and Jesse L. Williams.

Samuel Hanna, "father of Fort Wayne's roads and railroads," arrived in Fort Wayne in 1819. He opened a mercantile with his cousin James Barnett, of the Barnett undertakers and bankers nka Bank of America. Samuel Hanna, (along with James Barnett, Allen Hamilton and Francis Comparet) was the state of Indiana's financial agent for the construction of the Wabash and Erie Canal Extension. Jesse L. Williams, with no education in the subject, was appointed chief engineer of the Canal Project which was a contract disaster, bankrupt and outdated before it could be completed. Williams' management of the Wabash and Erie Canal Extension bankrupted the entire State of Indiana.

Since the ditch was already dug, The Norfolk and Western Ry laid its tracks there, became bankrupt, then was later reorganized under Michael Valentine Fleming in 1901.

Jesse L. Williams and Allen Hamilton had henchmen to disenfranchise members of the several tribes in Indiana from their patent lands granted by George Washington. "The Ewing Brothers" were notorious, and Indian Agent John Tipton wrote several times to the Indianapolis Star of their tricks and illegal maneuvers to get possession of more and more lands from tribe members. He wrote to Washington, D.C. Natives were told they could not vote as long as they held land under a tribal grant. Many sold their land believing so.

Little Turtle was the Toast of Philadelphia as the wealthiest chief in America, by virtue of the quality, character, and usefulness of the 16,500,000 personal acres he ceded in Great lakes and river portages, lands rich in raw materials. When Deportations became the idea, Indiana deported everyone except certain chiefs, those with great personal wealth, through intermarriages into the family of Little Turtle. They were given Reserves in their chosen lands, their assets vaulted in a Trust Company. Native women were not considered competent to handle money, as lawyers argued, so unmarried daughters of chiefs had no control of their inheritances.

There were some well-to-do chiefs who could have remained in Indiana, but chose to take the perilous trail with the tribe.

1842 Fort Wayne's first commercial industrial enterprise was constructed by Jesse L. Williams and Allen Hamilton, City Mills.

The Hamilton National bank was founded in 1853 , when Allen Hamilton, Hugh McCulloch and Jesse L. Williams formed a partnership known as Allen Hamilton and Company, to "conduct a private bank of discount and deposit."

As we know, McCulloch, "the father of American banking," resigned as Lincoln's Cabinet Secretary of the Treasury, after impuning the function of the newly formed Secret Service which was created to guard The Treasury, not a President about to be assassinated. McCulloch returned from D.C. as an officer and director of several national banks in Allen County.

We are working up and back to The Corporation of Foreign Bondholders, 1868, in London (Moody's Manuals of Banking and In surance.) Along with Robert Fleming (Denver and Rio Grande Western Ry), father of Michael Valentine, Samuel Hanna, and Hugh McCulloch were directors.

Now there is meaning to this slice

****7/1/1868 7 % Bonds of Panama Railroad Company, due 7/1/1968
Zapata Norness Debenture date 7/1/1968 due 7/1/1980
7/1/1968: Koch Fuels Merger
7/1/1968 Designated "next meeting of Kryder Company shareholders..." by Moorhead and Bordner, Fort Wayne Bank Building

Fort Wayne had correspondent industry (knitting mills) and banks in Panama (Security Pacific National, a Kryder Tr.) since at least 1904- by de facto id.

Agent Strawberry had never had cause to actually read Moody's Manuals as she moved from tenancy to tenancy, working the fields. What did they have to do with her? She only had a checking account. One year by some quirk, a number of Detroit Public Library Moody's retired editions went on e-Bay, and she bought as many as she could, including Transportation and Municipal Bonds. The 1929-1932 banking copies are a treasure- they are full of various marks made by who knows who in Detroit during The Great Depression.

The Transportation Books were dreadful at first sight. Railroad system maps demonstrate why the public doesn't know. The short lines, branches, extensions, arms going nowhere are so much waste over years and years. You have to have a dedicated purpose to study railroad finance.

"Who controls the roads, controls commerce," it has been said many ways.

The debentures, mortgages, and leases between systems are hundreds of years long, including equipment. Railroad bankruptcy enables giant banks and insurance giants, dealing amongst themselves as common stockholders are wiped out. There are overlapping gold mortgage bonds and due dates on and on into the future on railroads, pipelines, electric lines, canals.

Therefore 7/1/1868 7 % Bonds of Panama Railroad Company, due 7/1/1968 was a timer set long ago which triggered a blizzard of corporate re-organizations and disguises. One of the allowances of the 1970 Bank Holding legislation was that certain relationships would be considered as holding companies provided they had been associated by 6/30/1968. In 1968 the Pennsylvania Railroad general mortgageof 1869 became due. Pennsylvania Railroad Co. and the New York Central Railroad Co. merged in 1968.

There was no place for a long term Kennedy Administration in the perilous course ahead. Fort Wayne was able to hide questionable banking, like depositing Frank Kryder assets 17 years after his death from Fort Wayne National Bank to Old National Bank 71-19, ordered closed and liquidated in 1930.

Indiana decides, a few of them. They decide who inherits, what rises, what fails, at the expense of the public, at the physical and emotional expense of generations who survive their causalties. It's their due.

Fort Wayne had Raytheon, Magnavox Defense Electronics, International Harvester, copper magnet wire, and low grade artillery alloys galore. The city needed War, stuck in the pledges garnered by the Lincoln National Life WWII president. Labor movements were beaten back as a matter of reflex. Indiana elected a Klan Governor in 1924.

After Robert F. Kennedy's death, President Johnson sold Fannie Mae to "private investors" in order to sustain the Viet Nam War. What sort of risk:benefit ratio was that? Set up the middle class for homeland plunder in 2008 in order to offset costs of maiming, crippling, and killing the new generation of American youth in a far away jungle?

In February 1970 Maine Sugar Industries, Inc. which leased Pepsico's Montezuma refinery, filed bankruptcy after not paying farmers for the 1969 crop.

In mid 1970 The Penn Central Railroad went into bankruptcy court. Hundreds of millions of federal aid was granted. Officials blamed its financial crisis on the previous year's coal strike.

Also in that year, unknown thousands of Indiana Corporation files in custody of The Indiana Secretary of State vanished. It is such a mystery- no one really knows for sure how many, or how. This was a whole segment of Indiana Corporation History from 1900 to 1970 which was lost by The State. Accordingly, searching Indiana corporation records, there are found masses of corporations which expired in 1970, or records that just aren't there of corporations which exist in old county records.

Afterwards the document number system in the State House was changed, and there is no one alive who can explain the old numbering system.

There is nothing new under the sun.


Treasury Theft 1970

Federal Reserve Funny Notes- to- Self found Published by NIC over three decades of the Board of Governor's extended capacity to regulate non-banking institutions-

Many entities listed 1990-2020 are no longer in the NIC Database name, having undergone huge conglomerations and failures, or moving offshore. Strawberry Agency has combed and saved hundreds of institution histories in NIC from this period which encompassed the resulting financial institutional changes after 1976, which may be easier to think of as just plain old Union '76. Below are a few of the few anomalies encountered in the histories. This is odd, because they are of Union '76 one way or the other. The 1970 Amendments created little signals for time intervals, by entering name changes which were never used for public business. The Amendments facilitated the growth of corporations larger than banks, which became holders of multi-corporations larger than banks, provided with elite loopholes to avoid the appearance of monopolization, or old-tyme syndication.






1977-12-31 ATLA CAPITAL CORPORATION was renamed to ATLAS CAPITAL CORPORATION. 1980-01-01 Institution is closed.

1976-01-02 REPUBLIC OF TEXAS COMPANY located at DALLAS, TX was established as a Finance Company.







1982-01-08 FIRST NATIONAL SERVICES INC located at LAKE CITY, FL was established as a Domestic Entity Other.


2001-12-31 USX CORPORATION was renamed to MARATON OILCORP.

which takes us to ENRON.

Parallel Time Lines Part II.


exclusive by Agent Strawberry

An exact moment of coincidence on Frank Kryder's Time Line with what and whom:

6/05/1968 Robert F. Kennedy assassinated

( same board as Fort Wayne Bank Building, Inc.) CITIES SERVICE TULSA, INC. Agent: THE CORPORATION COMPANY 120 N ROBINSON STE 735 OKLA CITY, OK 73102 Effective Date: 6/05/1968 BOCKELKEN,H E, president , director FRICK, LINDA, secretary FRICK, LINDA, director LUTHEY, G D, director U.S.CORP.CO, agent WATKINS, A A, JR, vice president WATKINS, A A, JR, president

H.E. Bockelken, Luthey and Frick were linked as interlocking officers and directors of at least 18 oil, coal and aluminum incorporations in Alabama (Dothan), California, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi, Kentucky,West Virginia, and Delaware. Cities Service possibly the largest, moved Headquarters to Tulsa in 1968. The linked companies are related through a chain of common directors, including R.J. Reynolds, to the Natural Gas Pipeline of America. The eldest of the group is Orange State Oil, incorporated in Florida 4/20/1961. (04/17/1961 Bay of Pigs ).

UNION REALTY TRUST Declaration of Trust 01/11/1966; sold the Fort Wayne Bank Building to the brothers Murphy in 1968, published 1/17/1968. Building torn down in 1969, the new Tower is pictured on the right of this page heading illustration.

FORT WAYNE BANK BUILDING INC : 110 WEST 7TH STREET , TULSA, OK 74102 : 194486-110 Creation : 04/21/1966 Voluntarily Dissolved: 05/20/1991

Everyone knows the Fort Wayne Bank Building address is 110 West Berry Street, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Yet the new building was incorporated in 1966 with Thomas J. Campbell, President; Graydon D Luthey Sec. The FWBB annual reports were signed by Linda Frick and the address of the Board was written, "Petroleum Club, Pepsico Place, Tulsa, OK."

Though Campbell dissolved FWBB, Inc. in 1991, the realty Title to 110 W. Berry was transferred to "The Wayne Partnership" by New York Life. It is now called the Star Bank Building.

The upcoming installment will detail the course of events in 1970 weighing upon Senator Robert F. Kennedy, of which all of us are not aware of all the parts as they were prepared to ignite in 1968.

Once the Agency can complete the taxpayer chart, based on the corporate taxpayer ids of Leonce Picot and Dave Edgerton, Clarence Frank and Frank Kryder, William Eugene Moser and Roy C. Jones, Sr, all deceased, a picture of the Federal Reserve Cities of concern comes into focus. The chart supports the narrative as promised, with retrievable, indelible, numerical proof. The Bankers System itself is proof. For, it is not assumed that the Numerical System was perverted for the benefit of many crooks, but for the private use of a very predatory few. Over time, if a good banker caught on, or became a people's favorite, he might be murdered, pushed to suicide or just financially ruined.

The chart vividly illustrates the long-time interference of Treasury and Reserve faeries and elves meddling with the natural course of events.

Strawberry has noted other fraudulent estates crossing her path, intersecting her chronologies with a maze of misconduct, loss, and sorrow in which one may wander directionless forever. She restricts her focus on the core of her immediate lineage, except when associated perps pop up in the midst of national debacles.

The short version chart, built centered upon the Kryder Company, Inc. includes these Reserve Cities-

9. Detroit, Michigan
15. District of Columbia
28. Spokane, WA
36. St. Joseph, MO
47. Cedar Rapids, IA

and State Banking District 65. Maryland

It is written somewhere, in the day of their disaster, they will look, but find no place to hide. Hopefully, in that day, Strawberry can finish My Doll, Cuba, an endearing work of historical fiction, and her book, Cherrie and the Die Masters, a delightfully pure work of fiction about a young woman in 1923, raised in The Home for the Feeble Minded, who inadvertently exposes a counterfeit enterprise federal agents had been trying to locate for years.

The Pepsi Generation of '68 Part I.

"I am convinced that this country is on a perilous course- " Robert F. Kennedy, 3/16/1968


by Agent Strawberry, who was there, and wishes we weren't here

Lithe, charismatic Bobby announced his candidacy, "obliged" to try and do something about what was stewing, though we as the public didn't know the details of the train wreck coming in 1970. We still had no in depth knowledge of what had taken place in 1963 or 1961. Most (or should it be "tons?") of us still haven't seen all of it, and many of us were not yet born since The Ambassador Hotel was torn down, eliminated from street directories to be read in the future.

The Senator made his statement in the form of personal opinion, feeling the obligation of duty accompanying privilege and inside knowledge of affairs of state, as we should expect of a leader. It was not an admonishment or a scolding. They were not threatening words, like, " Bad, bad things are going to happen... " eventhough they did, and according to a plan.

All the younger ones could see in 1970 was Kent State, four dead in Ohio. That is when police became "pigs."

The high schoolers and our traumatized parents plodding through daily life had no exposure to the complex secretive ways and means of the great powers turning the national wheels. The public doesn't need to know about what runs the nation. Had we been educated, at least we might have seen the enemy, not raise rebellion against something as ill-defined as The Establishment. Who were they? Not even The Beatles knew for sure.

Strawberry's generation was raised by parents who lived the horror of World War II and the South Pacific. Their parents had grappled with the Panic of 1893-1897, World War I, and the Great Depression.

The children of Oakland Park, FL were not aware Cuba's missiles were pointed right at their elementary school in 1962. They were still recovering from first grade shadows of under the desk air-raid drills. Not quite sure how it connected, in the after school war movies on television, we saw atom bombs and Koreans creeping through the jungle on their bellies with butcher knives in their mouths, to ambush American soldiers.

Across the street from Strawberry's house was an empty lot. Right of the lot was the school. One year, the family living left of the lot built a fall-out shelter next to their house. She could see it from the bedroom window aside her bed. It must have been around 1960. Because the under desk drills came a couple years before the Civil Defense films at school. First graders would never have understood those movies. Likely, older grades didn't assimilate them properly either.

Why were they showing us ugly sepia films about living with people underground, about when to know it is safe to go outside, and not to take any food left in the refrigerator after The Bomb. After the Bomb, the whole world would be sepia. The dummies and Civil Defense logos were frightening. And out the bedroom window was a clear view of an actual family-size fallout shelter.

Then, instead of the Bomb we were ready for, an unimaginable tragedy in 1963 hit the elementary school. This time the teachers couldn't hide it. They had to send us home. Though an elementary teacher can ameliorate bad conditions at home, in 1963 children saw their teachers crumble- they weren't the pillars of Centerville. Centerville was a textbook lie. Adults were not in control.

The difference, then and now, is Strawberry, her friends, and closest relatives never talked about these childhood terrors amongst themselves. Children, as they grew to 1968 were concealing anxiety one way or another. There was no community mourning, counseling, groups or grief counsellors. There was no way but to keep your feelings private. It was officially announced things wouldn't be revealed for 75 years, after everyone had died with no answers.

In 1968 Strawberry was at the peak of teenage awkwardness, her family in decay. No one she knew drank Pepsi. The boys were starting to fear the draft- there was more surfing than ROTC in Fort Lauderdale. Desegregation brought snipers onto commercial rooftops along U.S. 1, and violent rioting in Liberty City in Miami. There were shootings from the interstate overpasses.

In high school, 1968, three boys planned to blow up the school, over the weekend so as not to hurt anyone, by rigging a series of fires in the chemistry lab. They were advanced-class boys living in prosperous homes. One, the son of a navy man, was smart enough to grass to the police before the countdown.The other two had arsenals in their luxury bedrooms, and the eldest, a member of the SDS, which none of us knew was, went to jail. The boys did not even know why they came up with the plan, except it might be considered brilliant to blow up a whole school with a fire in the chem lab. The weapons were radical ordnances of the time.

It took two more bloody murders of leaders of the people until the 1960 kids were perfectly ripe for mind-blowing drugs and/or alcohol before the age of 21, at their peak of infallibility. One boy in school died in front of his friends after drinking a whole bottle of rum. Another drank until his liver exploded. Parents adopted a water-under-the-bridge policy in their response to the state of the nation, hastening to put as much distance and as many parties as possible between traumas. Yet, none of it went away by partying.

Now, 54 years later, a child doesn't fret about instant total incineration by an A-Bomb, but whether or not they, their friends, siblings, and teachers will be shot with machine guns in class. They drill for death threats as did Strawberry's first grade class drilled for The Bomb.

"The Panic of 1893 was an economic depression in the United States that began in 1893 and ended in 1897." American Annual Cyclopedia...1894 (1895) online

put that with this Wiki-bit:

"Pepsi is a carbonated soft drink manufactured by PepsiCo. Originally created and developed in 1893 by Caleb Bradham and introduced as Brad's Drink, it was renamed as Pepsi-Cola in 1898, and then shortened to Pepsi in 1961. (Bay of Pigs).

To this the Strawberry Girl contributes, in 1898 Warren Bechtel, born in Aurora, Indiana, started a railroad construction company.

It's a Small World After All

The Invisible Accountant in 1967


His name was Charles F. McReynolds, employed by Arthur Andersen & Co. from 1961 until 1971 as a CPA, directly after receiving his B.S. from Mississippi State University. That is, except for a year hiatus in 1967, " when he served as Vice President and Controller for Zapata Marine Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of Zapata Norness, Inc., Houston, Texas, " according to information published in a PGM Properties Bio.

4/4/1967 Cape Florida Devlopment Company, Inc. Deed to Richard M. Nixon.

On 5/07/1967 it was published, "The Zapata Oil No. 1 State Tract 19-S 10 miles southwest of Satwne Pass is drilling with no details." The Port Arthur News, May 7, 1967.

The Six Day War, June 5-10/1967 was to become Sirhan's vengeance motive for shooting Senator Kennedy.

The Ambassador Hotel of Los Angeles (branch) was re-incorporated 7/05/1967. On the same day, PILLSBURY HOLDING COMPANY INC filed in Miami Beach Florida and ORLANDO MOVING & STORAGE INC. filed articles, presumably from around Orlando. Pillsbury later purchased Burger King.

The next day CENTRO COMERCIAL CUBANO INC was filed with the state, C.G. (BeBe) Rebozo, president, Key Biscayne.

On 7/28/1967, with their client Frank Kryder dead as a doornail, hidden in an unmarked grave, with no records of his demise filed in the county, Moorhead and Bordner signed a last Annual Report for the Kryder Company, Inc.; "next meeting of shareholders to be 7/1/1968 "; filed 8/1/1967.

The meeting of the next shareholders date coincided with a Zapata Norness Debenture date 7/1/1968 due 7/1/1980 interest due July & Dec 1. - Moody's Manual.

On 08/29/1967 the ICC examiner recommended that Spedco, a Pepsico subsidiary, via K.W. Maxfield, Fort Wayne, "Our North American Cousin," be allowed to buy North American Van Lines in exchange for 22 million in Pepsico stock.

On 12/13/1967, William G. Moser applied as President and Director of Central Petroleum, Tulsa, OK for authoruty to transact business in Kentucky.

GHW Bush would not be sanitized until after Frank Kryder's Treasury Notes of 1964, in the chain of HOLC exchanges which the Treasury has on record, were redeemed and "taxed at death." Frank did not know his daughter Katherine would be dead before then, in her prime. The plan was, Nixon had to be elected in 1968 plus an additional term so as to be at the wheel in 1976 when GHW Bush would be CIA Head.

The RFK Papers 1960-1964 are online in the JFK Library, a collection of memos sent to the Attorney General, closest confidante of President Kennedy during the origin of the Cuban Embargo, through the First Assassination. The Strawberry Agency sped read the lot, looking specifically for any references to a deal with Canadians to refine crude oil for Cuba and/or ship it.

The blockade against Soviet ships reaching Cuba with any sort of supplies, was assessed in the SECRET memos as increasing the threat of a nuclear accident or incident. These facts had been agreed between President Kennedy and Khrushchev.

In 1962, the AG received a detailed analysis of Cuba's on-island oil and gas reserves, the daily usage in transportation, and requirements to generate power. In RFK's Papers the estimate concluded Cuba had 90 days of refined oil, alcohol-diluted gas, and industrial gas until having nothing for any sort of fuel but difficult to access wood, and sugar-cane alcohol. No indications that Canadian ships were delivering oil to Cuba, or that it would be a future possibility until the public pulse quieted, are present in the memos. Blockading increased the chances a Soviet vessel may be fired upon, by another country. Thus, the appointment to negotiate lifting the embargo and normalizing trade relations President Kennedy made November 17, 1963 was an anticipated necessity running through the 1962 SECRET memos.

The United States provided medical supplies and humanitarian aid to Cuba which was going to increase when the fuel ran out. Zapata Petroleum Company of Midland established headquarters in Calgary, Alberta in 1959, when in Cuba, Batista ran out.
Though few knew that Zapata was 50% owned by Stanolind, as was all Indiana oil merged into Pennzoil, and ended as British Petroleum. Few knew that Fort Wayne tax and estate lawyers filed an affidavit to "encumber" the Kryder Company, Inc. in 1963 before the Estate of Minnie Kryder closed in August.

RFK left the AG office in 1964. In 1964, Frank Kryder, Jr. exchanged HOLC Bonds of 1944 for Treasury Notes of 1976, taxable at death. There are no life claims, meaning payments of tax to the Treasury owed at death attached to his SSN. Frank had cast his bread into the future in 1964, though he did not know his daughter, Katherine would not be alive in 1976, and in her prime. He likely did not know Robert Kennedy would not be alive by the end of the second quarter in 1968.


Variable Batch Cooking

with Agent Strawberry


In light of several contemporary internet bibliographic references seen published in generally reputable publications, demanding things like, "Pay Us Back, Cuba," we are obliged to link and focus some buried information, free of Magoo-ish artifacts. Any demand for repayments for losses in Cuba are more accurately directed to the American elite profiteers of The Embargo and their continental or/and overseas correspondents.

To fill in a few blindspots in our mid-twentieth century history, leading to now, offsite links to the homework are provided. The Picot-Edgerton Time Line 1948- 2018 *3617 may be consulted for specific year or date references. This furnishes the scenario in time, following the money year by year as it builds on and on, focusing the narrative as obscure historical and corporate relativity is linked.

As we might expect from the times, Americans find scant details on the point-sources of Cuba's crude oil furnished by the Soviet Union during the the 60- year embargo which President Kennedy was preparing to lift in 1963. Esso, Texaco (Shell), and Standard Oil reportedly tried to keep their Cuban refineries running for Castro, after the refineries were nationalized, but anti-Communist pressure from other American businessmen forced them to leave.

However, "death tax" can show the American oil interests only rigged the appearance of leaving Cuban oil exploitation in 1960. That is, once Americans understand that "death tax" is not federal estate tax or state inheritance tax. GWB confused the public on this issue to the extent that internet definitions of "death tax" are currently "estate or inheritance tax." The Strawberry Agency first began studying about Indiana State Inheritance Tax and IRS Estate Tax at the beginning of the Kryder case in 1993, and never encountered the phrase "death tax" until the next Bush presidency. As a result, many do not know that there was never such a thing as "death tax." The term was twisted from the Depression-era U.S. Treasury term, "taxable at death securities," created as incentive for war time and New Deal investors to purchase the lowest yielding investments on the market. The Treasury used double full page newspaper advertising to promtote the safest, most patriotic investment an American could make, instrumentalities of the federal government backed with the 100% guarantee of The United States Treasury to the registrant.

The "taxable at death securities" were also known as "special condition" securities, distinguished from other Treasury security investments. Special conditions were tax-exempt interest, low yield but with opportunities over a length of time to exchange for a higher yielding "like" special condition security only. The instrument could be redeemed at any time, at which time tax would be due. Otherwise, one could feasibly exist on interest tax-free, with tax paid on the principal investment at death. The Bonds of the Homeowners Loan Corporation (HOLC) chartered in 1934 to legally expire in 1954, were a special condition, taxable at death security, one of the most important protections against total bank predation through foreclosure during The Great Depression. Realtors and developers of family housing essentially were given a low-yield option to make their own money available for working families to refinance. The banks weren't going to do it. If you wanted money made available to build new housing in Indiana, you had to buy Federal National Mortagage Association Bonds from Federal Reserve Bank 20, Indianapolis.

No ethical member of The Fort Wayne Board of Realtors who was also a subdivider, builder and developer was going to stand around while the mighty banks and trusts emptied their last decade of neighborhoods into Shanty Town on South Clinton.
The last exchange opportunity for HOLC holders was in 1964, for Treasury Notes of 1976. These Frank sent into the future, a decade beyond his death. The end of the HOLC line was 1976, tax due. Who can redeem?

Some of the other special conditions of the HOLC bonds were the mechanics of redemption for taxable at death securities. Filing a Death Certificate must be done in Probate as required by IRS and SSA. A taxable at death security presented for redemption goes to the U.S. Comptroller. This triggers a Notice of Tax Due to IRS. Therefore, 1976 was the last link to Frank Kryder which may have ultimately exposed the profiteers right in the middle of their national plan. It would have required a mighty skilled and experienced consultant to get around The Comptoller, IRS, and SSA all at once. Who in 1976 could orchestrate such a delicate maneuver?

Back to the sixties, Fort Wayne, still "too far from the federal arm of the Law," had an overpopulation of banks, transportation and patent lawyers, to direct an oil, railroad, and political scheme which returned copper, nickel, and metal alloys to those busy burying Frank Kryder, bolstering their Military Industrial Complex (MIC). Throwing faerie dust in the eyes of public, Frank enabled them to take the Warren Bechtel swagger a step further. This time, the deal excluded the public and the government which forbade it. The Kryders had been buried so well, a chunk of history from the close of the HOLC moving forward was removed by stealth from our national treasury of knowledge of what has influenced our progress and foreign relations as a nation and society since the mid-twentieth century. Had Agent Strawberry not come alive in the Pepsi Generation, living Frank Kryder's story, there would have been no incentive for anyone to ever look for something which wasn't reported as missing.

Sherritt International (Toronto) had been mining nickel in Cuba's Moa mine prior to the Cuban revolution, and so agreed to refine crude oil for Cuba at the beginning of the U.S. oil supply embargo, crude provided by Khruschev. The general impression is that by 1961 Sherritt moved into the former American-owned refineries, though it isn't written explicitly as so. Plus, that would have created the wrong sorts of relations between Canada and the U.S.. In that plan, crude would have to be shipped from Calgary to Havana and refined in the original Texan refineries which were "seized". Or, because the American Consortium would never tolerate a Canadian chemical mining operation profiting in their refineries without recompense, the alternate plan we are left to believe is that Canadian crude was refined in Canada in an existing Sherritt facility, then shipped to Cuba.

The official record shows that in 1957, Shell Canadian Exploration was incorporated in New Mexico, then merged in 1962 with Shell Oil Company (150 N. Dairy Ashford Houston, TX 77079 ) which changed its name 3/02/2022 to Shell USA, Inc..

Not until after 1976, the last year to redeem the chain of securities offered by the HOLC, exchangeable in 1964, did Sherritt International (Toronto) began building its own CuPet refineries in Cuba for Cuban shelf oil, while happily owning 50% of Cuba's Moa nickel mine. The Kent Group's report of 2017 states 39% of Canadian gas stations carry Shell, Esso, and their brands. With Suncor, Canada's native oil in Calgary, these three refineries control prices for 11% of all Canada's gas stations. Maps show Canadian Shell refineries which are practically rowing distance from Detroit, considerably closer than Calgary is to Cuba.

By 1980, 40% of world nickel refining utilized Sherritt patented technology for hydrometallurgical extraction. The Strawberry Patch dug up a current investor's guide which described Sherritt International as a "nice little mining company," but not an exciting investment. Cuba's accessible nickel reserves are the second largest in the world, Russia's are the largest. The original Sherritt Gordon Manitoba mine of 1927 was copper. In 1945 a nickel ore deposit was discovered nearby and the company built a research lab adjacent in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta.

Ukrainian-born Vladimir Mackiw arrived in Canada in 1948 after obtaining his chemistry degrees in Germany and Belgium. He was very soon hired by Sherritt to develop hydrometallurgical processes to extract gold, and especially nickel and cobalt from ores. Mackiw's name is on 45 Sherritt patents for his technology.

"In December 1948, a meeting was set up between Sherritt Gordon and the Chemical Construction Corporation (Chemico), a subsidiary of American Cyanamid."

American Cyanamid is a Ball fruit jar/DuPont family/ Florida National Bank creation which explains why Katherine Kryder (Picot's) money that Leonce Picot and Dave Edgerton laundered ended up in Muncie, Indiana with the Grabill Bank (see below, Mutual Security Life Insurance.) In a 1925 case-study, after living there for eighteen months, sociologists Robert S. & Helen Merrell Lynd described Muncie in the book "Middletown," a town built around the venerated Balls.

"Their resulting domination of the town," say the Lynds, "may be viewed as epitomizing the American business-class control system." .

The Ball Brothers purchased the 3 billion dollar Van Sweringen Brothers RR Empire in 1930 for $3,000,000, performing like scarcely literate, befuddled farmers when queried on film by Congress. In Florida's post-Flagler years, a Ball married a DuPont. Their bank, Florida National, paved the way for the Barnett family of bankers to move in and for a time dominate Florida development, cleaning up the tatters of the Depression, then purchasing many banks in the 1960's.

American Cyanamid manufactured hydrogen cyanide pesticides, getting around rules, since the chemical had been banned after it was used as a WWI weapon. It was back in use in America again as a pesticide, during the Holocaust. A simple tweak to the formula by IG Farben changed its use back to homicide.

"In 1957, Sherritt purchased the interests of Chemico in all patents in the chemical metallurgical field in which Sherritt was involved. These patents covered inventions, which were made or developed during the period 1947 to 1956, leaving Sherritt as sole owner of jointly developed technologies. This included an assignment of the royalties from Freeport for the use of these patents in its plants under construction at Moa." - Sherrit website

To cap this off, "1962-65 Sherritt expands its ammonia plant, constructs two urea production trains (120 and 150 tonnes/day), and expands into the phosphate fertilizer business with a new phosphate plant at the Fort Saskatchewan site, using phosphate rock imported from Florida. " - Sherrit website

Phosphate rock has over 100 years of history of production in Utah, primarily for use in fertilizer. Sherritt decided to manufacture fertilizer in Fort Saskatchewan by adding phosphate to its copious by-product of metal extraction, ammonium. Shipping tons of soft rock from Florida by train load? Utah's limestone is essentially of the same character and age as Florida's and just across the border.

But Florida's limestone belongs to DuPont, from the first ditch and railroad bed laid in the state. Florida 's limestone is unlike the dense Indiana limestone removed undercover from 19,000 acres of the federally protected Richardville Reserve in Fort Wayne, beginning in 1902. It was a highly valued building block for important New York construction. As a building material, what comes out of the Florida rock pits is only useful for roadbeds, building pads, grit, gravel, sand (aka cement) and phosphate, the latter property thoroughly exploited by DuPont. Big (inorganic) fertilizer did not hit the market until about 1923.In the old Florida neighborhoods, it was a kneecap emergency to fall off a bike on the roads made of 1'' diameter limestone gravel with a surface layer of tar poured over like icing.

Now we address the last link, absolutely unrecognizable in the public eye, Burger King. Dave Edgerton's father was a fairly brilliant metallurgist who perfected the flame broiler for an Indiana enterprise incorporated in 1954 as Insta-Burger. Mr. Edgerton, Sr. was born the same year as Roy C. Jones, Sr. *3648.

His obituary reads, "Mr. Edgerton was a retired sales engineer. Born August 19, 1902 in Philadelphia, PA, he moved to Mt. Dora (FL) in 1970. He was chief metallurgist in Chicago, IL for Luidberg Engineering and Heat Treating Company. He worked on the Manhattan Project and Arpanne Laboratories. He was Past President of the III. Assn. of Metallurgists."

On 10/27/1953, an imperfect invention, A. Feder's Broiler first made in 1949, was Patented and assigned to Detroit-Michigan Stove Company, later assigned to Burger King. Ironing out the glitch was taken on by Edgerton, Sr. The problem was in conducting gases in tubing under high heat and high pressure, while maintaining eveness in temperature and cooking as burgers were run beneath it on a moving conveyor. In the opposite sense, when Sherritt went for the big patent zap in 1957, the company was perfecting methods for transporting methane with a cold tube method.

Metals leaching with ammonia, heat and high pressure was already Sherritt working technology. Recovery of metal in "leach liquor" opened a universe of versatility in metal industry. Alloys, platings, fillings, and metal finishes could be created for any purpose. It was called "aesthetics," but it meant the cheapest, roughest, finishes could be sprayed on the lowest grade metal source acceptable for railroad cars and artillery.

Nickel is an essential component of Fort Wayne industry. Sherritt technology extracts nickel used in electronics from scrap metal.

In Fort Wayne, scrap metal and steel are essential omponents of its industry.

In Fort Wayne, copper magnet wire is a major industry.

("...electrolytically refined copper (allows) closer winding when making electromagnetic coils. High-purity oxygen-free copper grades are used for high-temperature applications in reducing atmospheres or in motors or generators cooled by hydrogen gas.")

Indiana Insta-burger, Inc. was filed in (1954) and in the early sixties split off as Burger Chef *3613, a few years after it became Burger King. Burger Chef was the only other American burger franchise that at the time used overhead heat, no griddle. Burger King had the only functional overhead broiler at that time.

In 1955 Mr. MacLamore invented The Whopper, calling for further refinements to accommodate two portion sizes in our variable batch cooking.

Fast viewing this little micro-era of fast food, leases and franchise:

1954 Close of HOLC

Zapata Drilling Company

Stanolind made arrangements to take over RFC debt of Carthage Hydrocol, Hidalgo, TX, new company Hidalgo Chemical Co.


8/11/1954 BURGER KING OF MIAMI INC State FL MERGED 05/31/1972

9/10/1954 INSTA-BURGER KING INC OF IND Inactive Date: 1/1/1970

9/13/1954 BURGER-KING OF FLORIDA INC MERGED 11/03/1967 3613

11/01/1954 Cuba general elections. Fulgencio Batista won; opponent Ramon Grau withdrew


Zapata Offshore Company and The Zapata Canadian Corporation

7/28/1955 NATIONAL OIL CORPORATION Indiana (US) MOSER.WILLIAM. GENE, president, 28 Jul 1955-

8/11/1955 CUBAN AMERICAN NICKEL COMPANY Jurisdiction Delaware



Chemico metallurgical patents purchased by Sherritt International.

James McLamore invented The Whopper

1957 "In 1957 Carl Sherritt purchased interests of Chemico in all patents in the chemical metallurgical field in which Sherritt was involved."

5/1/1957 BURGER CHEF (Iowa (US), 1 May 1957-21 Nov 1990


11/20/1957 Mutual Security Life Insurance Company of Fort Wayne, Indiana, Inc.;


1/31/1958 Leonce Picot returns from Havana

2/07/1958 Leonce Picot returns from Havana


3/14/1958 US first imposed embargo on the sale of arms to Cuba.

3/22/1958 Shamrock Oil

3/26/1958 CROWN LIQUORS INC Jurisdiction Florida (US)

4/03/1958 CROWN LIQUORS SOUTH INC Jurisdiction Florida (US)



10/07/1958 Bro. "Mutual" ( Mutual Security Life) Ft. Wayne Amended

10/16/1958 Leonce Picot Returns from Havana

10/16/1958 SHAMROCK CORPORATION OF KENT Inactive : 1/1/1970

10/28/1958 GrantorName WAYNE PUMP CO (Frank Kryder associated ) Grantee SHAMROCK OIL CO Orange Co., FL

11/10/1958 NATIONAL OIL AND GAS LEASE CO. INC Jurisdiction District of Columbia (US)

12/31/1958 Revolutionaries end the military dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista

1959 Florida East Coast Ry 50 yr. bonds due; railroad in bankruptcy since 1930.

1 January 1959 Fulgencia Batista fled Cuba with a low estimate of $300,000,000


1/09/1959 Castro reached Havana


2/19/1959 Castro sworn in as Prime Minister of Cuba

3/06/1959 GOURMET ASSOCIATES INC State FL see INACTIVE 05/24/1963- Leonce Picot, Kay Picot, Al Kocab

Zapata Oil established offices in Calgary, for Canadian exploration

"Bush moved headquarters of Zapata Off-Shore to Houston in 1959"

Operations of Zapata Petroleum and Zapata Offshore were separated. Mr. Bush moved to Houston as Wizard of ZO.

BCCI's founder, Agha Hasan Abedi set up the United Bank of Pakistan in 1959.

fka Gulf Refining Company GULF PIPELINE COMPANY 25-104 * 3617 P O BOX 2227 HOUSTON TEXAS 77010

"Texaco Canada - to 1989 The McColl-Frontenac named was changed to Texaco in 1959.

The chronology is expanded, detailed and becomes more complex on the Leonce Picot/Dave Edgerton Chronology, for study. The above slice of pie is to knit the unlikely set of entities brought together with serialized tax id blocks, by Frank Sr.'s Numident File. *3611

It should be expected that in the long range plan, it would not have been unlike a CIA- constructed OP to keep involved parties unaware of each other as an organized unit. This is handled with "Distributors" or "Distribution Companies." And this is a tricky maze to navigate, for companies named thusly are not limited to distributing tangible items. A distributor may also be incorporated to forward commissions, royalties, interest, lease payments and dividends.

Drums of Oil and Barrels of Rum,
From Scrap Metal Copper and Nickel Come


The Strawberry Agency cannot wait for its own book, My Doll, Cuba, to be finalized before releasing a few Memos on NEW INFORMATION, not fully apparent until 2018, adding another four years for refining and distillation to its logical, albeit never intended to be discovered conclusion. Our stringboard looks like a crocheted wall hanging, Charlotte's Web x 11.

The Death of a President (1967) author William Manchester stated in 1988 he had come upon no new information. Now we are bursting at the seams here with evidence which took 30 years to collect and organize, beginning 1993, for purposes of uncovering Frank Kryder. There was no intention to create a corporation chronology while skip-tracing Frank Kryder, that lined up the assassinations of the Brothers Kennedy.

We have been careful to not suggest anything conspiratorial at all about the disappearance of the death tax securities of a 50-year real estate company which went off the books with the closing of the Minnie Kryder Estate in August 1963, except conspiracy amongst Fort Wayne lawyers, banks, judges and securities traders to fleece at least two of Frank's three daughters upon his death in 1966.

We only have one Theory:

The main reason to incorporate is to put money in a bank, to accept and transfer it under a fictitious name (and taxpayer number.)

Even with silos of de facto evidence, it has to be distilled, interpreted, down to a simple, universal Proof and Check, to demonstrate a Present Day Criminal Enterprise which would not be flourishing still, but would have been halted had the Cuban Embargo been lifted in 1963. Or, as Pierre Salinger stated about the November 17th , 1963 appointment the President scheduled with Castro, to negotiate normal relations, it was certain to have been successful, "if he had lived-."

Therefore, we publish as Proof, that which has long been proven, 1+1=2.

Here is some new information William Manchester did not have, see, or could possibly ever recognized in 1963:

11/21/1963 U S HIGHWAY 30 FARMS INC : 194396-066 Creation: 11/21/1963 Inactive : 1/1/1978 (end of National Oil Lease)- This Indiana Corporation was created to hold the acreage in Leo, Indiana for the upcoming new North American Van Lines Headquarters.

Pennzoil Company ARTICLES MERGER/CONSOLIDATION 11/21/1963 (Zapata Oil later became Pennzoil) - Fort Wayne National Bank became PNC via National City Bank.

*3639 NEUBERGER & BERMAN PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT CORP. Company Number 161571 Merged Out Incorporation Date 21 November 1963 (over 58 years ago) e 31 December 1989 Company Type DOMESTIC BUSINESS CORPORATION Jurisdiction New York (US) - Present day President, George Herbert Walker IV

11/22/1963 Pres. Kennedy Assassinated; on the same day National City Lines. Inc., a holding company, acquired 75% of the outstanding stock of Fort Wayne Leasing, Inc.

William Manchester would not have connected Maxfield to Pepsico, much less to an off the books estate and oil leases of a man whose family history was very meticulously buried, to the BCCI Miami in 1985 and what was yet to happen:

1968 Kenneth W. Maxfield, Fort Wayne lawyer and securities trader sold North American Van Lines to Pepsico for 22 million in stock, while the Kryder Company, Inc. was still kept active by Frank's attorneys after his death.

1985 Kenneth W. Maxfield, kin related by marriage to Frank Kryder Sr,. sold North American Van Lines to Norfolk Southern Corporation for $369 million.

1991 12/5/1991 "State Liquidates Life Insurance Company INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — State insurance regulators have argued in court that Mutual Security Life Insurance Company of Fort Wayne is beyond repair and a judge has apparently agreed. Marion County Circuit Court Judge John M. Ryan appointed the state Department of Insurance to liquidate the 53-year-old company that was founded by Mennonites and sold life insurance and other investments in 46 states. The judge's order followed a 13-minute court hearing with just two witnesses. Gregory D. Jacobs, an actuary with Milliman and Robertson of Indianapolis, testified he doesn't know the full debts and assets of Mutual Security because their value is still being calculated. But he said it's clear that the company doesn't have the assets to meet its $369 million in outstanding policy liability estimated at the end of 1990. And Michael P. Kilkenny, who heads the state insurance department's liquidation office, testified Mutual Security cannot be rehabilitated and re-opened for business."

But this is not the whole and true story of Mutual Security Life, a two-headed company with the same agent in two offices in Fort Wayne, one doomed to fail, the other set to thrive.

The thriver was stashed in Kenneth Maxfield's grandfather Orange Maxfield's bank in Grabill, Indiana, in another decade to be acquired by First Merchants, Muncie.

National Oil and Gas, William G. Moser, Roy C. Jones, Sr., Leonce Picot, and David R. Edgerton *3617

The Invisible Man of Stanolind's 50% of Zapata Oil

In 1966 G.H.W. Bush retired as president of Zapata Oil, at last a multi-millionaire, Frank Kryder died, Phelps Dodge Industries *3652 was incorporated in DE, Katherine Kryder de L'Picot was granted divorce on the grounds of extreme cruelty and desertion, Michele Picot and her friend, ages 13, were stalked by a sexual predator, later testifying in the Oakland Park, Florida Courthouse, and Leonce Picot incorporated Rescon, Inc. Dave Edgerton, Leonce's later business partner, for his Burger Kingdom, purchased Kendall, Miami facilities from the Estate of the mother of Florida politician Dante Fascell, real estate Edgerton later sold to Pillsbury Co.

The Foundation RICO which wraps The Kryder Estate into one juicy roll-up is about yesterday, today, and tomorrow because we are going back to the original offense which ties an illustrious caste together- the ingredients, the logic, the secrets, the memories I never lost all fall into place now. Which brings us to now when Burger King has become a Russian oligarchy.

The Bay of Pigs concluded who in the future would benefit from hundreds of millions of barrels of Cuba's shelf oil, and second largest available nickel supply in the world, surpassed only by Russia. The plan for arranging the 1960's immediate future of Cuban oil drilling and refining for Cuba, for legitimizing the massive "questionable money" which made it off the island, as wealth of other Cubans did not, had begun in 1951 when Batista became a U.S. backed dictator whose years in power were numbered. I am 98.2% certain the who starts with "Bu." And without complex instruments and gear and an army of agents, thirty years of Patch gum-shoeing, in the fullness of time, which is where we are, evidentially supports a valid historical annotation to the story of Communism in Cuba and how trade was actually sustained for a period, to benefit an intermediary between Castro and Khrushchev 1963-1978, from U.S. soil. A few poignant mergers and many bank failures later and it was 1985 BCCI Miami, the money moving bank of escaped dictators and upscale criminals. Let's give Credit where it is Overdue.

The Strawberry Patch conclusion by-passes both Communists and/or mobsters as the two suspects with greatest Motive and Opportunity to murder a U.S. President et al. Rather, Russian spies and mobsters setting up various scenarios from an unknown command central makes them only the Means. No one had more Motive and Opportunity and long-range Profit from both assassinations more than the successors and associates of Prescott Bush. Serial killers: the first murder kept trading with the enemy from grinding to a halt in 1963, making the second a necessity, for a very long range plan to proceed uninterrupted as the wealth, goals and stability of America became re-distributed. Along with Bush supporters, Fort Wayne Industry profited hugely in unseen trades of Cu and Ni for scrap metal and crude, refined in Canada for Cuba as Nixon sold Russia the only allowed American franchise, Pepsi..

All is explained, but most importantly and distinguished from other approaches and viewpoints, The Patch has the Tax Payer Sequence which was to have never been deduced and made meaningful besides. We are in awe of it, of how much de facto evidence just fell into place once Clarence Frank Kryder's Numident file surfaced.

Cuba's 1959 change of power and aftermath in Cuban, Russian and American history, as written for Americans, glosses over important logistical discrepancies, when we were yet to see the mergers of the future, three generations ago. We pay the price for living beneath the umbrella of manipulated securities trading, including the most profitable type, trading with the enemy. It is also profitable to subvert the Law whenever possible and trade with securities of concealed origin, those of the Invisible Man.

Though it was unacceptable and terribly questionable in 1941 that the Thyssen Fund was managed in New York by Brown Brothers Harriman, Prescott Bush was a CIA cronie by 1947. These folks are so cloaked, they are as unconnected as Neuberger Berman and George Herbert Walker IV. Apparently there is no stopping them as they've been dumping into a stream of death since 1914, and applauded for it.

Katherine Ann Kryder was marked and targeted by the Lincoln Trust and associates the moment her mother kidnapped her from Fort Wayne in 1940- (National Oil and Gas AOI 1940). They always knew where she was, and how to get to her through the man she married, Leonce Picot, the bright, unsophisticated youth with no father and no money. And Roy C. Jones, Sr. exploited that in Leonce, through the Presbyterian Church, pretending too be his fatherly financier while taking him to Cuba and showing a clean youth things he'd never seen before.

Married to James Ewing Bond, Katherine's half-sister's share never left the Fort Wayne National Hold. The last thing the Lincolneers wanted would be for Katherine to remove her inheritance from Fort Wayne where it had been accumulating since 1919 at least. She might have had her own plans. The only way for Fort Wayne to keep control was to get it through corrupting Leonce.

When a person has two dates of death published by accident, it may not be an accident.

As we know, Edgerton "sold" his Burger King ownership to Pillsbury decades ago. This sale constituted a change of deeds for the Dade County Kendall Facilities of Edgerton's. This property was deeded to Edgerton from the estate of the mother of Florida politician Dante Fascell.

Edgerton's first date of death was published:


and concurrently, Pillsbury formed a briefly lived "Foundation":

4/3/2018 AC PILLSBURY FOUNDATION INC NONPROFIT Company Number 8952905 Status Active Dissolution Date 15 November 2021 Company Type KANSAS NOT FOR PROFIT CORPORATION

The first published date was retracted and changed to


In 2018 William Gene Moser, of Bluffton, Wells County, Indiana and Fort Lauderdale, FL, and partner of Roy C. Jones, Sr., ceased ownership of National Oil and Gas. On David R. Edgerton's Second Death Date, he filed the last annual report as CO of the Company, a branch large motorfreight transportation concern:

Branch Company: National Oil & Gas Inc Company ID: 0849954 State of origin: Indiana Formation date: 2/13/2013 Date filed: 4/18/2018 4:41:21 PM Office 306 West Main St. Suite 512 Frankfort, KY 40601 National Registered Agents, Inc 306 West Main St. Suite 512 Frankfort, KY 40601 Current Officers Chairman Wm Gene Moser PO Box 476, Bluffton, IN 46714 President Trout T Moser PO Box 476, Bluffton, IN 46714

It was announced also that in 2018 Mr. Moser resigned as CO. He died after Leonce, on December 18, 2018. The above corporate entry shows his last connection to the Kentucky Branch was noted by the Annual Report filed on Edgerton's second and final date of death.

It was Indiana Jones for Loans all the time.

(It was a toss-up between Sorrowful Jones and Indiana Jones. Because I was Dave and Leonce's Miss Marker. Indiana is a more powerful keyword)

Don't miss the whole exciting tale,
To be Released for Worldwide Publication:

My Doll, Cuba
by ( most likely Michele Picot-Strawberry)

There are many academic, peer-reviewed research papers on the topic of "bad lawyers." I checked this, just to make sure I wasn't imagining things. In this book I will be telling the real stories I have amassed in thirty years researching Frank Kryder and Family of the victims of lying, cheating, self- dealing lawyers. Each story covers a particular device of the bent estate lawyer, from the "educational trust," deathbed Wills, the Cain and Abel con, to lost paperwork and stock buy-back agreements. The stories are interwoven by certain banks and law firms or satellite lawyers. Estate fraud is an invisible, orchestrated plague on the whole of society, robbing the good, to galvanize evil. American citizens are ready for this book. If you've lived long enough, you've had at least one bad lawyer. But the worst of the worst are those who are waiting for your deepest sorrows to exploit in order to live off the remains of your family.

Estate Fraud
Giving Power to Lawyers and Courts to Rearrange Your Family's Future After You Are Dead is a Grave Mistake- though, alternately you may be extorted to do so at the end of life-

Leonce Picot Money Laundering Schedule: Year 52

22 million Ch-ch-ch-ch--changes

In June of 1964, "North American Van Lines obtained a (no-interest stated, though Moody's traditionally did) bank loan of $8,000,000 maximum credit, $2,000,000 of which was a term loan repayable $400,000 annually for five years, the other $6,000,000 a credit loan available as needed."- Moody's Manual

" 08/29/1967 ICC examiner recommended that Spedco, via K.W. Maxfield "Our North American Cousin" be allowed to buy North American Van Lines in exchange for 22 million in Pepsico stock."


Those who ponder the shift of wealth in the United States from its pioneer hard-working families, self-made successes, and the frugal elderly, to this purported 1/10 of 1% controlling the wealth of the nation, here is the fact- this has been acccomplished systematically and aggressively over a century through organized estate fraud, real estate fraud, duplication of U.S. Treasury Securities of obscured ownership, and money laundering. Also count diversions of royalties, commissions, dividends and annuities, documented in The Eagles vs. Warner Bros.

It is lawyers who have dunnit, and they have you coming and going- they will get a chunk of your mama's career as a librarian before you see a dime if ever. If you are in a troubled family, be careful, that is when they make the biggest fees. You will have been "marked" and amortized years ahead.

On the other hand, when you know you've been embezzled, blackmailed, and been victim of money laundering, cold case homicide of a parent, you cannot call the Law- they want you to hire a lawyer if it comes anywhere near an estate. Almost 30 years research has proven this time and again, heirs having to pay thousands to millions to get their own parental assets if at all. If there is a family legacy and you are not on the inside, it has already or will be separated from your ownership in stages. You will not get help from the law, and lawyers will have you for dinner. The statistics on inheritance is that by the third generation, a legacy is gone. And we wonder how lawyers have displaced doctors as the top players in The Game of Life.

Therefore, the Strawberry Patch is now going to publish The Laundering of Katherine's Kryder's legacy from Fort Wayne, through her convicted abusive and cruel ex-husband, Leonce Picot, who, according to his lawyer, like Frank Kryder, died a pauper. Who does it surprise that Leonce Picot was a pauper at death, leaving the Strawberry Girl in the state of itinerancy and inescapable poverty, where he had cast her by age 13.

Michele Picot-Srawberry was not the only party suspicious of her father's ability to finance 5 upscale restaurants in California and Florida, drive Rolls Royces, cover his wife with an Austrian princess's jewelry (former property of William Borchers spouse), fill several homes with antiques and art, considering he started out such a poor boy after a divorce that devastated his children and ex-wife, Katherine Kryder Daniel Picot.

Leonce Picot Reidel CrystalCommander James Winslow, they called him, an original Down Under private stockholder and carpenter, (as Michele Picot-Strawberry worked at refinishing the Down Under antique bentwood chairs from New York, as a cashier, a landscaper, florist, interior plant maintainer and phone receptionist) one year got really suspicious.

The Commander was convinced Leonce was embezzling the stockholders, though there was a stockholder's dinner every year and the accounting of Ken Schaeffer was transparent. There was just no way the Commander could justify from what the stockholders knew of the Down Under's profits, how Leonce could keep the real estate he had, and expand to four more ritzy restaurants, two across country. So, he told Leonce he was going to get him.

Leonce spent about half a year changing his traveling routes and routine till there was a court case and a Judge told Winslow he had to move over to the Shoaff/Venice Nokomis part of Florida.

Commander couldn't figure it out, but Michele Picot-Strawberry did. Laura Picot-Sayles never had a clue because she didn't want to hear about any Kryders or why her mother was shot in 1972. She just wanted to be rich and appear normal with the smart money, Daddy-O, and right after Katherine died, Leonce became excessively rich while the Down Under, his first partnership venture had only been running four years. His salary with just one restaurant operating four years did not justify his first mansion he acquired and sold to Mossack Fonseca, the cars, the custom pecky cypress bar, the two guest apartments within.

In 1972, at her death, Katherine was legally possessed of $8,000,000, but not in possession of her deeded share of her Kryder Family Federal taxable at death securities amounting in 1966 to $8,000,000. Mortgages galore were deeded in Trust F.S.58070 per stirpes in 1943. Frank, Jr.'s attorney Glen W. Bordner effected a generation skipping transfer for Minnie Kryder's estate closing 1963, before such maneuvers had been codified.

Minnie's securities were not taxed, she never had a tax number. (SSA proven). In fact, she had nothing at death, except a fuel bill from Neizer.

Instead of Michele-Picot Strawberry being appointed PR for her mother, as being of age and next of kin, and one of the few who were loyal to her, a Broward County Judge granted Leonce Picot, her brutal ex-husband, remarried to Carolyn Guerard Phelps, after her first marriage to the Caressa Shoe dynasty, custody of Katherine's estate as PR. Because the Fort Wayne legal beagles had already gotten to Leonce in 1966 when Frank died. The divorce was 1966 and Leonce formed Rescon, his Florida holding company thusly and coincident with

03/16/1966 KETTERING INVESTMENTS LIMITED Connected to 1 intermediary Incorporated: 16-MAR-1966 Struck off: 30-JUN-1978 Registered in: Bahamas

RESCON INC. FEI/EIN Number 59-1236547 Date Filed 03/17/1966 State FL INACTIVE Last Event ADMIN DISSOLUTION 09/22/2000 (1998)770 E PALMETTO PARK ROAD BOCA RATON, FL 33432 Mailing Address 770 E PALMETTO PARK ROAD BOCA RATON, FL 33432 PICOT, LEONCE 5000 SUITE 911 FT. LAUDERDALE, FL 33304 (Suite 911) was Leonce's real estate following Mossack Fonseca, he acquired two Suites at Sea Ranch B, developed beachfront of North American Properties, Inc.


3/17/1966 International Harvester Corporation Merged into International Harvester Company

Savvy Fort Waynians ought to be able to make something of this, and any seasoned detective would see even more.

As PR, Leonce did not file a Death Certificate for Katherine, just as there is not one filed in Broward County for Leonce Picot to date. They both had lived in Broward County since 1941, childhood sweethearts.

Therefore, her de facto 6781 SSN was never cancelled. MP-S discovered this in 1995 and the lady at the SSA office surely pursed her lips. Katherine's SSN was a nome de plume she never changed when she married Leonce in 1953.

MP-S marched over to the Down Under office of Leonce, no longer an intimidated shell of teen whose mother had been blown apart, and asked, sweetly, "Why didn't you cancel my mother's SSN when you were her PR?" And why didn't you apply for her death benefit for poor little Laura Picot- Sayles and me?

What have we learned? To redeem taxable at death securities, Death Notice to SSA triggers an IRS Notice of Tax Due through the Comptroller.

Leonce was really spooked, not an easy thing to do to a brute who kept his females subservient. By this point in time, several reliable parties said to MP-S, "What happened to the Kryders- boy did they have a lot of land."

She said to her father, as he beaded up with sweat, "Will you please take me to Fort Wayne? I have to look into my mother's life and family affairs, and I am afraid to go alone." (As well she might have been).

Never ever seeing her father taking something weaker than successive bottles of wine and champagne, MP-S witnessed Leonce open his desk drawer to yank out a bottle of Xanax, pour it down the throat, swallow it without liquid.

He said, at his desk still, "Don't you think if trustees had taken it, they would have spent it all by now?"

"No, Daddy," she answered, always respectful, "I think they would be laundering it."

Next, the Nouvelle Picots became suddenly hostile and financially devasted MP-S, taking away her husband's job, their car that was a Christmas gift, family health insurance coverage, then asking her to work for $8.00/hr. since she "needed money," knowing she would not be able to make her mortgage payments on the one permanent home she ever owned- for two years.

Katherine's Indiana Family

Kenneth W. Maxfield was a nephew of Frank Kryder, Sr, by marriage and Orange Maxfield was head of the privately owned Grabill Bank, Allen County. The Kryders and Maxfields were time to time neighbors on farmland around Leo, Cedarville, and Grabill, from before WWI. Max was of counsel in the firm Beers, Mallers, Backs, and Salin. Beers was the long, long time head of the GOP in the region. Mallers owned the turn of the century and later theatres, thus the 1985 Shoaff Shamrocks and Soy merger grab for Disney Amusements, and Salin, 1970 Indiana Secretary of State, up and one day bought up a bunch of Farmers and Merchants Banks in Indiana and started Indiana's largest privately owned bank, Salin Bank.

1. How is the value of the unredeemed Kryder Securities in 1966 estimated?

Aside from recorded Plats, recorded HOLC Bonds, and number of Kryder owned in fee land and development mortgages, of Record, in 1979, lawyer Charles Halter submitted a relative's abstract dating back to the opening of the sale of Indiana's Canal Lands, to lawyer Walter P. Helmke, father of Judge Paul Helmke, "for correcting, signing, and notarization." In that abstract, transmitted to the Strawberry Patch, is an accounting of who had what, including the holding of Native American assets and details of the re-organization of Fort Wayne's Bank monopoly by the U.S. Comptroller, after the Bank Holiday.

In June of 1964, Minnie Kryder's estate had closed and Frank owned no par shares of his mother and father's lifetime build-up of death tax securities. The generation skipper had been effected by Glen W. Bordner in 1963. The securities were not redeemed. Taxable at death registered securities can be exchanged by the registered owners only for "like" Treasury instruments. Or, they can be cashed out before death, but tax will have to be paid then.

Rather than redeem securities in his mother's estate in 1963, he skipped to Katherine. But the Kryders' legacy to their only lineal descendants, was intercepted at Frank's death in 1966.

The filing of a death certificate will trigger SSA and a Notice of Tax Due to IRS when securities are redeemed by the Comptroller. A good explanation for Katherine's SSN to be active more than 20 years after her death, Leonce Picot, PR. Convenient too since it was not in his name.

If a Trust Company EXCHANGES Treasury Special Condition securities, which can only be for a security of the same type, the Comptroller assumes the whole bunch of registered intruments are being exchanged on behalf of the owners by the Trust Company. That is from the hoss's mouth, U.S. Treasury office.

In 1964, the Treasury offered a last exchange of HOLC Bonds for Treasury Notes of 1976. Only Frank, Tr. could have exchanged them, and so he must have done. Then Frank died a pauper, like Leonce Picot, though Frank's widow was maintained on a shoestring widow's trust by Bordner.

3. In June of 1964 "North American Van Lines obtained a (free) bank loan of $8,000,000 maximum credit, $2,000,000 of which was a term loan repayable $400,000 annually for five years, the other $6,000,000 a credit loan available as needed." - Moody's Manual

In July 1964 Indiana State Treasurer Robert E. Hughes removed "another 7 million" in 6 month state time deposits (precisely, on 08/01/1964) from Lincoln National Bank, Fort Wayne, and from 9 closely related present day perpsi banks in Muncie, Elkhart, and Evansville, citing GOP disloyalty in his run for Governor as the reason. He had previously been in the process of removing 3.5 million in interest free- deposits from other banks (unamed).- Kokomo Tribune, Thursday, July 2, 1964 p. 5

At that point in time, according to Anti-Money Laundering Primary Courses, was a Predicate- Frank's exchange of the Senior Kryders' registered HOLC Bonds for Treasury notes of 1976, since concealed, followed by creation of Placement Space in 10 perpsi banks as they have shown themselves to be, entangled up to the present day.

Laundry Basket 1, death of Frank Kryder 1966, was $8,000,000 in vault securities, off the books, six million may be used for security, with two million loaned which after five years restores the $8,000,000. No one knew who the original $8,000,000 belongs to except the 1966 bank president, a former Treasury agent and bank examiner, Paul Shaffer, who began his banking career the year MP-S was born, and a small inbred group of America's Best Lawyers who happened to be congregated in Fort Wayne.

With 1966 anonymous basket 1 containing $8,000,000, every five years $2,000,000 was laundered in smallish installments of $400,000 while $6,000,000 was used by persons as security to generate more "hidden money," the legitimate way, through land development and real estating, such as North American Properties, Inc. Though the "wealth accumulation" snowballed as $6,000,000 came to be worth much more as security for developments over the 52 years Fort Wayne best attorneys have had it.

When Katherine died in 1972, and MP-S was away at school, Maxfield had turned the pile once- 1964-1969 and presumably would have paid $1,200,000 of then $2,000,000 due in 1974, restoring the securities lump to $8,000,000 a second time.

9/15/1972 d. Katherine Ann Kryder aka; shot through the heart


Leonce did not want Michele Picot-Strawberry to fly home because of death arrangements, though she had to drop out that semester at school, she was so stricken. After her first two years in Raleigh freezing like a Floridian, Leonce had yet to buy his daughter a winter coat. He said it couldn't possibly be that cold. He didn't want to buy the plane tickets home. He said he would handle all the death arrangements which meant quashing an investigation and definitive autopsy, losing the gun recovered at the scene, and as PR obtaining legal control over Katherine Kryder's remains.

In 1973, Leonce's future destroyers, who he didn't foresee, taking down the Down Under and his whole company structure with very bad advice, Borchers and Berry formed a corporation from their haunt in Dayton, OH in the office of guess who?

(Borchers) FINANCIAL KETTERING CORPORATION Business ID: 197304-583 Entity Type: Foreign For-Profit Corporation Business Status: Revoked Creation Date: 04/26/1973 Inactive Date: 11/28/1988 Principal Office Address: (Walter P. Helmke Office ) 309 STANDARD BLDG, FORT WAYNE, IN, 46802, USA Expiration Date:

Others related events of 1973:

"In April 1973, Pepsico president Donald M. Kendall signed a ten year contract to sell Russia equipment and syrups to produce and bottle Pepsi Cola."

11/09/1973 Death of Lauren Otis King, aforetime salesman for International Harvester, Trustee for F.S. 58070, in Sebring, Florida.

The ball was held 1969- 1974 By Fort Wayne National Corporation, a mis-organized bank holding company in business with itself and its directors. In 1974 this gang organized Fort Wayne Bank Realty.

FWNB REALTY INC : 2400 FT WAYNE BANK BLDG , FORT WAYNE, IN 46802 : 197405-005 Creation : 5/1/1974 : Inactive : 12/30/1987; they conveyed the bank building to themselves in 1991.

By 1974, Maxfield had turned the pile twice and like a trip through the Magic Kingdom, with the wave of a wand, Leonce became amazingly wealthy and prestigious just a tad too fast. So, at time there were (2) laundry baskets and Leonce picked up a third one once Katherine's pathetic little Probate was closed.

Leonce Picot and Al KocabLeonce was offered the deal to hold $8,000,000 hidden, and allowed to use it as security for expansions. He planned four more restaurants, restaurants, to "payback" $100,000/ year each, out of part of his salary, restaurants without nosy stockholders like The Commander.

Michele Picot-Strawberry knew what her father's thinking would be- he was best to handle Katherine's money, and would make it into more for her daughters and grandchildren, and himself and his wife and his wife's sister it turns out.

And the Nouvelle Mrs. Picot stoked Leonce's ego with lighter fluid. To Carly Simon's horror, she frequently stated, "No one can do it better than we can."

At the begining, in 1974, to Leonce, the plan would have worked because the Down Under would be rolling, he could expand, and pay back $400,000 yearly in some form on his new earning power. He was able to acquire a millionaire's Panams Papers mansion and fully customize the interior as well as re-upholstered Kay's furniture which her mother had bought, and confiscate it for his new palace with a $125,000 mortgage.

But Leonce didn't know the whole deal until it was too late in 1979 and his first two million was due.

The Mansion was sold to Mossack Fonseca clients in Panama, and for a small mortgage Leonce acquired a beachfront suite developed by North American Properties, Inc.

Leonce Picot Money LaunderingHe was made director of the 1976 first incarnation of National Bancard Corporation. 6299 (IRS) which soon after changed its name to Nabanco. At the Down Under, it was NaBanco all the time. "This has to go to Nabanco now!"

(fka National Bancard Corporation merged into )1996 FIRST DATA MERCHANT SERVICES CORPORATION 6793 (IRS)

In 1979 Contel merged into NaBanco.

After a short intermission, following is a schedule and the supporting chronology (live now!), showing the turnover of the $8,000,000 11 times from 1979 till Leonce's death in 2018 when he died possessed only of the balance of his mortgage, owed as his last payment due 2019. For the surviving Nouvelle Picots, this is the reason Leonce constantly moaned that he had outlived his financial plan. They all heard him say it time and again, though only Michele Picot-Strawberry suspected how it happened.

It is pathetic to know a once pretty good man died with nothing but his life insurance, no Trust, owing even his homestead to his youthful folly, at death.

2019 Investigators, please note GEOGRAPHIC CROSSOVER entities created:

4/16/2019 MG88 FORT WAYNE COLD STORAGE, LLC Company Number L19000104343 Status Active Incorporation Date 16 April 2019 Jurisdiction Florida (US) Agent Name HABER LAW, P.A Agent Address 251 NW 23RD STREET, MIAMI, FL 33127

8/19/2019 CENTURY 21 REALTY INC Business ID: 201908191340947 Status: Active Creation Date: 08/19/2019 Inactive Date: Principal Office Address: 10721 Coriander Pl, Fort Wayne, IN, 46818, USA;

Laura Picot Sayles 2619 (IRS) became upon sale of Leonce's homestead, an important realtor at Hansen Century 21 Realty, Fort Lauderdale, FL, located just next door to the old DU 99-year lease.

Does Laura Picot-Sayles think she can get into Daddy's Game and keep running with 8M hidden in typical family, ho-hum real estate? Talk about wool over the eyes. It is earnestly prayed that the authorities will extract her before it's too late. She does not know, these people are not only questionable, they are killers. They will tell her this is a smart money game and she won't know she's laundering junk against her own gilt- edge heritage, and it didn't come from Leonce.

It is held, that Leonce L. Picot did admit to Michele Picot-Strawberry, that he had taken possession of his ex-wife's estate, and in fact was up to his eyeballs in back payments in the mid-nineties when she queried him. The exact part of that conversation at the Down Under was, Leonce at his desk:

Michele Picot-S.,"Well it's a good thing you were divorced when my mother died, or you would have taken what she had, spent it all, and there would be nothing left for us."

Few people who encountered Leonce ever saw him "come undone" as they say. His style was to react to a personal challenge with brutality, if not physical force. But that day, he came undone, right before his daughter's eyes, Xanax by Xanax. Though, there wasn't much to be done until he died and his books subjected to forensic accounting. He chose to die letting Michele Picot-Strawberry live years with the sorrowful knowledge of his transgression. She kept him out of her writing till he was dust, but having lived a childhood of subterfuge, lies, confusion over who were family members and why some were missing, why some were never mentioned, learned this is no way to live as an adult. It is wrong to create false sets and scenarios for young children to make them believe the adults are right and in control. It is a prison to live with a psyche governed by untruths.

The Picot 1/2-grandchildren, as he made them, and their successors, are entitled to the Truth about their maternal REAL grandmother who was a much brighter star than Leonce, and that, overcome with jealousy, he drove her to her death so he could be rich. Laura was rewarded and paid to uphold the falsehood, Michele, loyal and bonded for eternity to her mother, Kay Picot, needed nothing to keep the secrets which may have destroyed his golden years.



An essential 0009-0004 Chronology has been skeletonized to the bare bones, for the moment, so that a FINANCIAL CELL is defined.

Of note, Alvin Malnik, who entered the FL Bar in 1959, also a restaurateur is on the time line and moreso relevant to Leonce and Kay Picot. She wrote about The Forge in Restaurants of Florida, though Leonce referred to them as "questionable people," as opposed to Joe's Stone Crab. The Forge "permanently closed in 2019," though like the Mai-Kai, now has new investors and will be born again.

The Forge was operating years prior to The Down Under, but obtained a new tax id in 1968 the year Picot's Waterway Restaurants, Inc. (FL) was issued for The Down Under

The New Game is "Spirit of 76"

Using a 76 card deck yields 9 pairs of Double/Two-faced of Treasury de facto ids and a remainder man to thread the needle. This is a Second Avenue to the Double Booked Treasury 15-51 (ABA) which is completely logical and generated from an even larger sequence of numbers, the organic way- using natural thinking. With Bankers Keys, there are many open doors to dudu all around the nation. So why don't the protectors of the Treasury and stability of our banking system people do something about it? It is the original perps in time who are always ahead of the game, and the law shows up after the job is done.

The new cell is defined with only those pertinent domestic ids which are at 0009 and 0004 years in the LEONCE PICOT chronology, from Kryder origins, through Picot et al., back to the Maxfield group. Though, with First Merchants, Muncie are added 5 First Merchants Capital Trusts, one Trust for each year a "borrower" pays back $400,000, in theory. Since the Trusts are Reserve-regulated, they contain federal securities. 5- year paybacks by-pass 4- year statutes of limitations in estate frauds.

1959 Alvin I Malnik Florida Bar Number: 49891 (FL Bar Assn.)




First Merchants Capital Trust IV IN RSSID: 0001459622 (F.R.)

First Merchants Capital Trust V IN RSSID: 0000712534 (F.R.)

Which is


as Michele Picot-Strawberry sees it. Somewhere it was recently pointed out, concerning an encrypted key, guarded by an ancient bunch of ritual, "the secret is in the order." Not the Order, as in a cult or secret organization, but the order in which numbers appear in a sequence. Just like DNA.

This is an encrypted financial cell which defies modern methods of detection and regulation. That is why this entire bunch of typing is a big fat RICO if anyone is ever going to wake up in Brigadoon again! This encryption is yet another demonstration of Treasury double books, a sub-system de facto id of our own protective systems, effecting fraud and duplicity.

The Secret is in The Order. This is what related double books are concealed in the above encrypted cell:

(1)U.S. Treasury 1551 (ABA)
U.S. Treasury 1551

(2)Navistar Financial 7491 (IRS)
Navistar Financial 7491

(3)Mai-Kai Restaurant 1398 (IRS) or Kryder Realty 9381 (L.M. Berry Mark)
Mai-Kai Restaurant 1398 (IRS) or Kryder Realty 9381 (L.M. Berry Mark)

(4)1968 Waterway Restaurants, Inc. PICOT 2862 (IRS) or Recorded Kryder Gold Bond securing Kryder's Additions 8262 (Allen Co. Recorder)
1968 Waterway Restaurants, Inc. PICOT 2862 (IRS) or Recorded Kryder Gold Bond securing Kryder's Additions 8262 (Allen Co. Recorder)

(For, there was never a moment after Kay's mother removed her daughters in the middle of the night out of Fort Wayne, 1940, that Fort Wayne did not know where she was, who she married, and how to make her husband a rum-pusher and betrayer.)

(5)1968 The Forge, Inc. New Taxpayer I.D. 3400 (IRS)
1968 The Forge, Inc. New Taxpayer I.D. 3400 (or 0304 Colonial Title (Lansky, Colonial Inn etc.)

(6) St. Joe Co. FL 2511 (IRS)
St. Joe Co. FL 2511

(7) Barnett (Indiana Lincoln -Barnett-Shoaff, BOA) Merchant Services FL 4409 (IRS)
Barnett (Shoaff, BOA) Merchant Services FL 4409


(9) Wells Fargo Securities, LLC FL 6000 (IRS)
Wells Fargo Securities, LLC FL 6000

In "Spirit of 76" are nine double tax payer and ABA ids, including a double Treasurer's Office account for 72 cards in the encryption,, and the Remainder Man Is-

Lincoln National Bank, Fort Wayne, IN aka Norwest 7127 (ABA)


This is hand-work, like the way it started. MP-S has memorized a lot of numerical ids in thirty years.

A cell is numerically checked off number by number as the logical doubles reveal themselves. Though it is by no means a computation; before publishing, the hand work is submitted to at least seven pen and paper checks for accuracy. It is very easy to drop or add a digit.

A few demonstrations of increasing numerical complexity to confirm these "double books" are not lucky coincidence. Impossible. Because it's true. An ascendant discussion of the fine points seen in this cell will follow.

Year 109

Journey Through the Eye of the Needle


The year 2022 will be the Federal Reserve 109th Jubilee.

Michele Picot-Strawberry first appeared in the world 12/17/1953, coincident with Raytheon and a 45 minute ride from where Howard Hughes was establishing creation of the future HHMI. To prove it, she was assigned Florida Birth Certificate 109 70671.

In 1911, the ABA assigned 71-706 to Exchange Bank, a 5/30/1987 acquisition of (109) 69189 Fort Wayne National Corporation , an inappropriately organized multi-bank holding company in which directors were authorized to engage in business with each other. This acqusition effected, literally, a section 1035 exchange to trade an old life insurance policy in on a new one with better features:

71706-70671= 1035

One step further, "Fort Wayne National Bank Realty" sometime after 1974 was assigned (109) 67681 by the Federal Reserve.

70671- 67681= 2990

(109) 2990 was assigned to Fort Wayne National Bank when it was co-habitating with (109) PNC 1482 (F.R.) and sometimes with National City 1446 (F.R.)

That was then and this is now:

In 2018 a shameless feast of fraud, perjury, robbery and no enforcement of the rules of Probate in the 17th Judicial Circuit of Broward County, FL commenced against MP-S. It was the death of her father, Leonce Picot which precipitated her long anticipated Picot RICO. He was his abused ex-wife Katherine Kryder's Personal Representative in 1972 when she was possessed of her father, Frank Kryder's generation skipping transfer of 1966. Leonce subversively acquired that power and no one knew, taking even her furniture for himself; it was not for the benefit of Katherine's daughters. So the Kryders are back in the ball game. Katherine's missing legacy is definitely an issue along with Picot's relationship with her adversaries, especially John M. Berry, a Yellow Pages heir. MP-S proves herself as a long time victim of organized stalking for criminal gain leading to a current estate fraud within the statutes of limitation. MP-S is a Needle from now and back to 1966 when Leonce incorporated his two-man holding partnership, Rescon, Inc., coincident with the divorce from Katherine and the death of Frank Kryder.

The Game is, "52 Nick-Up"

This game uses a full 52 card deck of only those numerical de facto ids directly involved with separating MP-S from her property over the years. All the colorful narrative, all distractions are sloughed off so that MP-S has spun herself into the needle in the haystack the Law Men told her she would have to retrieve.

The function of this game is to focus an ongoing duplication of The Treasury of the United States within The National Silo of Estate Fraud. Privileged characters are in position to direct and/or divert unsupervised royalties, commissions, interest payments, loan payments, any asset owed to one taxpayer, to the Silo undetected, by perversion of The Numerical System used as "keys" or "flags."

E unum duorum

Sounds like an impossible case to prove, but once you have a needle, it is as basic as

Spy Run 1234 (L.M. Berry Mark 1927) (Fort Wayne)
Western Union 4321 (L.M. Berry Mark 1927) (Fort Wayne)

"Nick-Up" is a win when with 6 sets of duplicated financial de facto ids directly related to robbing the Needle, or 48 digits of double-taxpayers with a remainder four-digit de facto, the Thread, logically and chronologically sew up the original 52 card deal.

"52 Nick- Up"

The deck is pared down to those actors critically pertinent to a typically staged separation of MP-S from her maternal family U.S. Treasury death tax securities. It contains (1) Life Insurance Company (1) Per stirpes Kryder Co., Inc. Indiana REIT recorded with 550 mortgages credit for developed land owned in fee (1) Muncie Bank (1) 1035 Exchange Bank (1) Indiana Judge (1) Florida Judge (1) Florida lawyer
(1) Closed 0$ Indiana Estate (1)Victim

The Deal

(1893 Merchants National + 1946 Grabill Bank (Maxfield), Allen Co.) nka First Merchants Muncie 17147 (F.R.)
1943 Kryder Company REIT "Trust F.S. 58070" (Allen Co., IN Superior Court)
1953 Michele Picot-Strawberry 10970671 (FL Vital Statistics)
1963 Minnie Kryder Estate Closed 14518 (Allen Co., IN Superior Court)
(1969 Fort Wayne National Corporation 1987 acquired) 1911 Exchange Bank 71706 (ABA)
2018 Picot Trustee ex maleficio Carl G. Santangelo 290191 (Florida Bar)
2019 Broward Probate Judge Kenneth G. Gillespie 83054 (Florida Bar)
(Third generation Helmke-Kryder concealment) South Bend, IN Judge Paul Helmke 765002 (Indiana Bar)
(id removed from public database after 2019) Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company 1584075 (F.R.)

More simply, just the numbers, ma'am:

1584075 290191 83054 765002 71706 17147 58070 14518 10970671

The Play- Whadda Ya' Do?

*Find The Duplicate Explanatory IDS (Pairs)

1911 Office of the U.S. Treasurer 1551 (ABA)
Office of the U.S. Treasurer 1551

1927 Straus Bros. Commercial Bank, Fort Wayne 7128 (ABA)
Straus Bros. Commercial Bank, Fort Wayne 7128

1963 Berry Group inc. in FL 6007 (IRS)
Berry Goup inc. in FL 6007

1966 Southern Wine & Spirits, Inc. FL. 4475 (IRS)
Southern Wine & Spirits, Inc. FL. 4475

1969 Heublein, Inc., FL, aka Don Q. International 9070 (IRS)
Heublein, Inc., FL, aka Don Q. International 9070

2006 ( inc. as 2n'd largest money wire transfer co. in world) Western Union 1180 (IRS)
Western Union 1180

Straus and Western Union 1927

1927 Straus Bros. as correspondent of Commercial Bank of Switzerland nka UBS, next door to Western Union on Berry Sreet, Fort Wayne.

*Identify The Rogue Remainder id (to thread the needle)

In this deal, the four-digit remainder is 6793, existing in two forms for the same entity-

(fka 1976 merged National Bancard Corporation 6299, Leonce Picot founding director, into Nabanco 6299) through which he processsed Florida restaurant charges, delivered daily.
(fka National Bancard Corporation merged into )1996 FIRST DATA MERCHANT SERVICES CORPORATION 6793 (IRS)

delivers changed money from Florida back to Indiana circuit.


The duplication of U.S. Treasury securities was a privilege granted The Lincoln in 1932, as first found published.

Duplicate Treasury Securities

And how do you prove destruction of bonds that are destroyed? Did he take pictures of the bonfire- did he turn in the charred stubs? There is nothing like the word of a gangster for pure integrity in guiding the U.S. Treasury.

What's in Lincoln's RSSID ?

Federal Reserve World Class Encryption on Display


Is the RSSID a de facto id? The answer is yes because it is federally assigned identification used for transferring money, establishing jurisdiction for criminal prosecution. NIC the Tool is our public data access, but this database is dynamic, and over the last twenty-five years there have been comings and goings, while financial institutional histories or entries have been removed due to acquisitions or other activity. Removed relevant entries are saved in the Kryder data base, since about 1993. In 1993, the Kryder REIT expired, and the Federal Reserve assigned this ID to Lincoln National Life Insurance Company, which was regulated by the F.R. until 2012:


The popular "How many words can you make from such and such a word?" game is a lark, but none of the words you find have to relate to any of the others.

A perfectly encoded sequence breaks into many parts which literally all mean the same thing.

So what can be made from 2025708?

2025 St. Joe Boulevard, Fort Wayne, IN, 1919-1963 Minnie Kryder Historical Dutch Colonial House
rm 202 and rm 225 Standard Building, Fort Wayne, IN Historical Offices of Kryder 1930-1950
Superior Court Doc 58070; Kryder REIT Trust per stirpes ; off the books

Taxpayers (IRS EIN):

2285 North American Benefits FL
2285 Flagler System FL
8500 Raytheon
5070 North American Shopping Center FL
7005 Lincoln Underwriters
0752 North American Mortgage and Investment of New Mexico (domiciled Canary Islands)
2285 Summit Asset Management FL
2758 Summit Medical Supplies, FL c/o Walter P. Helmke, Indiana
5207 Fort Wayne Health and Casualty Insurance FL
8702 Exchange Bank Acquisition, Fort Wayne
0758 Barnett Bank Premises of Oakland Park FL
7080 Ohio National Life Insurance, OH
7852 Colonial Insurance OH Ltd. "active in Florida"
8220 L.M. Berry (1963 Minnie Estate Closed)

20 Federal Reserve Bank City Indianapolis (ABA)

Standard Industrial Classifciations

2080 Beverages SIC (SEC)
2205 Knitting Mills SIC (SEC)
5080 Wholesale Machinery SIC (SEC)

Recording the Name of the Kryder REIT, it is written, "This Trust shall be called Trust F.S. 58070."

F.S. could represent a set of related things, related to the numerically defined entities:

First State (Bank of IN)
Flagler System
Florida Statutes
Franklin Security
or even Fred Shoaff

Unlike the word game, every piece of Lincoln Life 2025708, along with the F.S.s, all comprise one and the same thing.

When Numbers make Literal Sense, we have discovered a code, E pluribus unum. We also see how this motto of the United States has been perverted by a perverted institution to consider itself The One, to imagine itself as God.


Back to the Future Exploitable Cases Part II.

Re-think'n Lincoln Re, WTC Insuror


In The Nick of Time, the Patch delivers on the 1967 U.S. Secret Service Memo, with a double flush, along with the Federal Reserve "Keys" for Lincoln Life Insurance Company, 1905:

This full Hand of 44 is built of de facto ids explicitly related to the 1967 SS Memo, Michele Picot-Strawberry and her parents, hereinafter MP-S, and the relocation of MP-S/Katherine Kryder as Ma dec., now Pa dec., inheritance of government securities to other locations for the use of adversaries:

1922 Kryder Gold Bond Securing Kryders Additions (Deed Record, Allen Co.) 8262 Or
1943 Kryder Recorded per stirpes REIT F.S. 58070 (Allen County Superior Court)
1953 MP-S FL BC 10970671 (Vital Stat)
1967 SS Memo Doc ID 32401465 ( unclassified archive)
1968 Waterway Restaurants, Inc., Leonce Picot (IRS) 2862 Or see 1922
1974 Fort Wayne Bank Realty 10967681 (F.R.)
(recently extirpated from NIC data) Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company (2010 changed Picot Policies) 1584075 (F.R.)
1987 Exchange Bank Acquisition Corporation (Fort Wayne National Realty/Bank) 8702 (IRS)

Following is transmutation into a double flush:

Flush 1. 1911-Present

1911 Exchange Bank, Indiana 71706 (ABA)
1958 Lincoln Life Annuities 2760 (IRS)
1960 Estate of Minnie V. Kryder 14518 (Allen Superior Court)
1979 Nabanco (Leonce Picot, Founding Director in Oakland Park, and Ongoing Client ) 6299 (IRS)
1994 Barnett Bank Premises of Oakland Park 0758 (IRS)
2001 North American Properties (FL) 6847 (IRS)
2017 Wells Fargo Securities 6000 (IRS)
2017 Wells Fargo Government Bond Fund 5183717 (F.R.)
New! Lincoln National Life Insurance Company 2025708 (F.R.)

Flush 2.

Here is where the Anchor was dropped in 1967- following the lack of accounting for the 1943 Kryder Securities which generation-skipped an otherwise 3612 Frank Kryder death tax in 1966. Minnie Kryder was never issued a taxpayer number.

1911 German American National Bank aka Lincoln National Bank 7127 (ABA)
1943 Origin of present Raytheon/Parkview Lease 8085 (IRS)
1967 Continental Trust of Puerto Rico 220611 (F.R.)
1967 Southern Wine & Spirits, Inc. 4475 (IRS)
1968 Lincoln National Corporation, Inc. 0070 (IRS)
1972 Charter Allen Co. Bank and Trust of Leo, IN, failed 1985 7725 (U.S. Comptroller)
1994 North American Van Lines FL 0893 (IRS)
1999 Fred Shoaff "U.S. Capital Leasing, Inc." 5678 (IRS)
2010 Bacardi Business Solutions FL 8669 (IRS)
*Generation III: Judge Paul Helmke 765002 (Indiana Bar)

*Here it can be noted that the former Valley American Bank, now the South Bend Branch of PNC (Fort Wayne National + National City Bank) , South Bend becoming Paul Helmke's new place of residence after a lifetime in Fort Wayne, is emblazoned with Minnie Kryder's Estate Number #14518 on its FDIC Certificate. Have a good career, Paul. "Environmental Judge" is what YOU should have, though it is Minnie Kryder's lineal descendant Michele Picot-Strawberry who is the outstanding scholar in ecosystems, the coastal zone, and wetlands remediation. The misused iteranant legatee of Allen County's good and true builders never stood a chance since 1963, and is still trying to find just a trailer she might call her own someday.

Allen County National Bank

Try and find this ACNB with FDIC or anywhere- it existed 3 days on the books of the Comptroller only. Notice how things center around Paul Helmke's landing place in South Bend. It had been assigned certificate 20070.

Back to the Future Exploitable Cases Part I.

DQ Home Phone


Time travel is possible, and the tesseract is real, but both require, not a flying car or dial-up booth, but an airtight chronology running decades backwards and forwards from your Anchor position. Thus we have Cold Cases, because an Anchor is dropped somewhere after an acummulation of time-sensitive events has created suspicious circumstances, extreme loss or violence, warranting investigation. But complex crimes often cannot be seen until after another series of events which have yet to take place is complete. There lies the problem since the instruments of insurance companies, banks, and railroads outlast the span of a career and lifetimes, as calculated. Their devises survive decades of agency changes, turnovers, re-districting, and these days "retention times." The architects of Biff's World are expert in predicting lifespans of all sorts of things, animate and inanimate, so they are always a step ahead of detection.

4/4/1967 Branigan SHAMROCK- Memo became ordered Classified by SS in 1976 as an exploitable future case. Doc ID 32401465 p5

By 1964, Frank H. Kryder had arranged a generation skipping transfer of his parents' Registered Federal Death Tax Securities with tax attorney Glenn W. Bordner. Frank required Bordner in 1963 to file a special affidavit stating Bordner, 1907 Fort Wayne Bank Building, was Secretary-Treasurer of the Kryder Company and was in possession of the Corporate Seal. In 1964, the Treasury offered a last exchange of the original chain of Home Owners Loan Corporation Bonds, for higher yielding Treasury Notes of 1976. That was Frank Kryder's last exchange. The HOLC Bonds are recorded in 1934 as belonging to the senior Kryders and were security for their development of Waynedale Gardens, 1,2,3 and 3 extended and the mortgages they accepted. They are waiting to be redeemed.

Things that existed in 1967 and became related in the future:

SS Memo Doc ID 32401465

Pepsico 4203
Michele Picot-Strawberry 1645

With these 8-digits can be transmuted the MP-S FL Birth Certificate number, which very closely resembles Federal Reserve RSSID Numbers of the former Continental Illinois Bank, Bank of America, Fort Wayne National Bank, Bacardi, and The German American Bank:

Possible Future Case 32401465 c.1967
MP-S FL BC 10970671 c.1953

It was a year of setting up, 1967- Machus Red Fox, Inc. created; AMBASSADOR HOTEL COMPANY OF LOS ANGELES was incorporated.; 08/29/1967 ICC examiner recommended that Spedco, via K.W. Maxfield "Our North American Cousin" be allowed to buy North American Van Lines in exchange for 22 million in Pepsico stock.

Rum and Pepsi had their day in the streets in 1963. Yet there was so much more to come, so much more that is forgotten, or never taught or witnessed. What couldn't be seen in 1967 when MP-S was all of 14? By then it was Leonce Picot who had 100% control of her past, present, and future, and had more knowledge of Kay, his wife's Kryder past, than Kay did.

Here is one, for then and after later:

1924 Fort Wayne (First National) National Bank 7121 (ABA)
1927 Tri-State Safe 5630; 1957-1967 Picot Home Phone for Mai-Kai and Rums of Puerto Rico, 5630 (L.M. Berry Mark)
1982 Bordner Check deposited to (7121) re-deposited into (7119) defunct Old National Bank 4461 (Lincoln National Bank and Trust)
1984 Monterey transfer to Picot/Edgerton via Don Q International 9070 (IRS)

And one for now and then, using a full deck of 44, in fact, why not let this puppy go home once and for all- then we can learn the new game replacing Liar's Poker, Lawyer's Bridge.

*1927 Philpott Secret Service, Ft. Wayne 4394 (L.M. Berry Mark)
Possible Secret Service Future Case 32401465 c.1967
Victim MP-S FL BC 10970671 c.1953 (FL. Vital Statistics)
1974 Ft. Wayne National Bank Realty 10967681 (F.R.)
2010 Altered Secret Northwest Mutual Life Insurance Polices of Leonce Picot 15109480
2010 Altered Secret Northwest Mutual Life Insurance Polices of Leonce Picot 15010371

Now, if the Strawberry Patch didn't work, if the numerical hand didn't make sense, it could not possibly pass the Judge Judy test, but it does. Then, the Strawberry Patch is literally a FIX- it supplies missed sequences which allow guaranteed U.S. Treasury instruments to be parted from their registered owner, vaulted, and leased to others.

Pieces of Eight


As we approach The Big Reveal, the cold case unit is furnished with a set of ABA, SSA or EIN derived-pairs, formed by perfect chronological and historical sense, as well as by the U.S. Treasury, which identify the players in the case and their relative financial involvements, or entanglements. For general edification, taxpayer ids are significant flags in the System for money transferring or money laundering or money concealing according to the last four digits. That's all anyone needs- your last four digits. The first five merely indicate the regional issue, something irrelevant when money is constantly moving on an interstate grid.

Player 1 Player 2 Financial Relation
Frank Kryder 3612 (assigned 1942) Fred Trump 6123 Real Estate Developers/Subdividers
FL Nat'l Bank, Ball/DuPont 5519 Hughes Aircraft 9515 Lincoln Trust, Fort Wayne IN
Flagler System Holding 8212 Fort Wayne National Corporation 2812
Thomas Shoaff
Bank, Railroad and Mortgage Securities Holding
Tri-State Loan &Trust Co. IN 7124 B. Goodman, Hannan RE Co 7421 Frank Kryder/ Kryder Company, Inc.
Kryder Real Estate 9381 (LM Berry) Mai-Kai Restaurant, FL 1398 Katherine Kryder (Daniel- alias) Picot, Leonce Picot, Continental Bank of IL (BOA)
Frank's Lawyer Empowers Himself 5789 Failed SE Bank of FL 5879 Fred Shoaff II and III; Est. of Paul Smith (2002)
(1927) Kryder Gold Bond RE Security 8262 Waterway Restaurants, Inc 2862 Leonce Picot m. Katherine Kryder (1953 )
Wells Fargo Financial Leasing 4725 FEC Ry Realty Holding 2547 German Amerian National/Lincoln National Bank & Trust

There are two Jokers in this hand, Shoaff and Disney, wed in the Berry Street Fort Wayne Bank Building, with Central Soya and the Shamrocks. So much for bringing down the nice family atmosphere of the country.

Player 1 Player 2 Financial Relation
ROIC, Inc., Fred Shoaff III, FL 2883 Walt Disney Theme Parks, FL 2883 Shamrock Capital

For those who think real detectives ignore even one coincidence, please subscribe to Britbox and get up to speed.



The Cathedral of Rum


The New York Supreme Court Decision of April 28, 1936 made it law that a Bacardi cocktail must contain Bacardi Rum. This largest family-owned privately held spirits company in the world is housed in Hamilton, Bermuda, no taxpayer id necessary. Holders of spirits, wardens of the soul, Bacardi has a Federal Reserve de facto id.

To authenticate our cocktail, now officially named The Rum Runner, by a world class mixologist, we, by Law, have to add Bacardi.

Bacardi 1093684 (F.R.)
Continental Illinois Bank 1090516 ("purchased" by BOA, Barnett Branch/Sons of Italy Branch) (F.R.)
First Data Merchant Services (original Nabanco via Picot in FL) 1098086 (F.R.)
Leonce Picot Broward County Mortgage 109503408 (Clerk of Court)
Leonce Picot Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Policy 109480 (NWML 9570 IRS)
Michele Picot-Strawberry Birth Certificate 10970671 (Florida Vital Statistics)

Herein is a perfect hand, 44 digits of perfectly related de factos, like Column 44, the codebreaker.

What eluded Michele Picot-Strawberry was Bacardi. Leonce's bottles in her childhood household were Don Q. Conquistadors and 151 were the drink of gourmets. She knew the Pimm's Cup man, but nary a BAT logo was ever seen in the house. As a formally educated ecologist, Michele Picot-Strawberry the adult knows the Bacardi bat is not drawn as an icon intended to garner conservation and sympathy for the fruit bat.

Daddy Leonce was involved with Rums of Puerto Rico from her childhood, and Don Q International is of record, during the BCCI, part of his much later life dealings in Monterey, CA with the deposed and cocaine-troubled Burger King. She could not have known as a child that Rums of Puerto Rico was Bacardi, escaped from Cuba bit by bit during the Batista regime. But even earlier, perhaps 1956-1957 she remembers Leonce's trips to Cuba- he brought her back a cloth woman doll, black as pitch, with CUBA stiched in white capital letters across her breast. L'il Michele called her "Cuba." She had no way of knowing in 1960, that when her mother left for Puerto Rico, the family which claimed to have made Cuba Great, a Paradise, was rafting her over on a wave of Bacardi, breeding new recruits and bright, poor, eager PR men like Leonce Picot to make up for in the U.S. liquor trade what was left to Castro.

Why would Judge Kenneth Gillespie want to serve the original sugar plantation bosses? The Permutator has him in a box with FL Bar No. 83054, handling all the Picot estate tag ends in a ridiculous fashion, consigning Michele Picot-Strawberry to white slavery, in his court.

The Gavel of Gavels comes down rightly, on the side of Truth. Norfolk Southern Corporation is nothing more than a tent peg in the Big Top we are about to see for what it is.


Ashes to Ashes, Judge to Judge,
Indy to Florida, The Trail of Fudge


On The Strawberry Patch, Michele Picot-Strawberry (FL Birth 70671), as 12/17/1953 daughter of Katherine Ann Kryder (IN Birth 0834) has been defined as RICO Victim 0 by Judge Paul Helmke ( IN Bar 765002) and Judge Kenneth Gillespie (FL Bar 83054). The Helmke Law Office in Room 309 Standard Building aka, following Kryder Real Estate, Moss Engineering, Hotel/Motel Builders is established de facto by Polk's City Directory 1952-1982. In 1982 Walter P. Helmke, Trustee, sold the building at a substantial loss to another lawyer from out of a client's charitable trust. So in his day, Walter P. had to function as a handler of judges, and remained a lawyer, though his son Paul became Fort Wayne City Mayor and is now an Indiana Judge. Paul was Mayor when Michele Picot-Strawberry first traveled to Fort Wayne in 1993-1994 to pull Deeds and Records from deep dark corners. Paul boasted to the newspapers that Allen County maintained some of the largest charitable foundations in the territory.

We first presented to The Permutator

Judge Paul Helmke 765002 (Indiana Bar)
Judge Kenneth Gillespie 83054 (Florida Bar)
Michele Picot-Strawberry 70671 (Florida Vital Statistics)

which sees

Lincoln National Corporation 0070 (IRS)
Katherine Kryder aka Picot 6781 (IRS)
Subdividers and Land Developers 6552 (SIC)
Allied Coatings and Engraving Services 3470 (SIC)

In the sub-notes, (1) the 1919 Recorded Partnership of Clarence Frank and Frank H. Kryder stated its distinct purpose as Subdividers, Developers, and Builders, aside from Kryder Realtors, Kryder Insurance, and the later Kryder Company, Inc. (2) A Broward Judge appointed 1966 ex-husband maleficio Leonce Picot as Katherine's PR and he did not cancel her SSN in 1972 upon death, or ever. Doing so would have triggered a notice on Death Tax securities being used in money laundering (3) Fred Trump's SSN 6123 is a permutation of Frank Kryder 3612 (4) Whether $20 bills once printed by the Bond/McCulloch bank for all neighboring Allen County banks as well as their own are coming back new and improved, to haunt the black man today, remains to be seen.

This latter statement is followed by a complex permutation which explores First and Tri-State self engraved serial number 000539 (pictured below), of 1929 vintage, in relation to the main Kryder bank intermediaries, Judge Gillespie, and Lincoln Financial Advisors of Monterey, California, where Picot and Edgerton formally joined hands.

The Kryder Company, Inc. 300798 (Indiana Corporations ID)
Wells Fargo, Jacksonville, FL (originally a Barnett installation) 794037 (F.R.)
Bank of America Charlotte (Flagler/Kenan source) 480288 (F.R.)
Frank Kryder Lincoln Account Tunnel to Old National Secret Bank 550311 (Lincoln National Bank and Trust Company)
Lincoln Financial Advisors, Monterey, CA 81251041 (F.R.)

All the foregoing establishes the same relationship by de facto permutated logic:

Judge Kenneth Gillespie 83054 (Florida Bar)
1929 Fort Wayne Printed $20 bill 000539 (Treasury Registrar E.E. Jones)
Fort Wayne National Bank 4340 (FDIC)
1969 Fort Wayne National Corporation (multi-bank holding) 2812 (IRS)
1928 Secret Old National Bank for Frank Kryder 1983 Deposit 7119 (ABA)
actually originated 12/17/1953 Parkview Medical Complex Lease 8085 (IRS)
1969 Universal Restaurants of Florida, Edgerton, Burger King 7171 (IRS)

Next will be introduced the role of Northwestern Mutual Life, holder of at least two Leonce Picot Life Insurance Policies as of 2010, along with Northwestern Mutual subsidiaries, in obfuscating three generations of Michele Picot-Strawberry's family legacies through the use of Probate Judges and Lawyers able to conspire and rule against deceased Trustors, and against the Law.

Were it not for the sloppy bungling of Carl G. Santangelo, Tr. with (deceased sometime between Aug-Sept 2018) Leonce Picot's Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Policies, and the crude way in which he attempted to humiliate, strike, injure, and take the legs out from under Michele Picot-Strawberry, as a Trustee for her father, in a time of deep grief, the Numerical Witnesses may not have incorporated Bar Numbers- the actual missing link. It takes a Judge to dispose of assets after death. Santangelo had no rights to act without a co-trustee and was therefore an officially NOT appointed interloper who tore apart the work of John H. Payne, a lawyer stuck with a Methodist conscience. Judge Gillespie does not abide by the Rules of Probate, and doesn't look out for curious fraud upon the innocent homeless. So, youse interstate Judges and so forth may never have become linked to the Kryder securities and their concealment and all that which has been wrought against them, were it not for your friend, Santangelo. Instead, one of your own has confirmed the River City heretofore suspected 1,2,3,4,5,6, Pockets in a Pool Table, producing tremendous fruit for the Strawberry Patch. FYI.

Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance 1584075 (F.R.)
Judge Paul Helmke 765002 (Indiana Bar)
Judge Kenneth Gillespie 83054 (Florida Bar)
Carl G. Santangelo, Esq. 290191 (Florida Bar)

beneficiaries which veil

Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company 9570 or Lincoln Gaming 9507 (IRS)
Land Subdividers and Developers 6552 (SIC)
Hotel/Motel Builders 7011 (SIC)
Fort Wayne National Bank 4340 (FDIC)
Parkview Medical/Raytheon Lease 8085 (IRS)
Burger King Canada 9021 (IRS)

supported here by a further permutation in logical juxtaposition

Northwestern Mutual Life Wealth Management 3017081 (F.R.)
Judge Paul Helmke 765002 (Indiana Bar)
Judge Kenneth Gillespie 83054 (Florida Bar)
Carl G. Santangelo, Esq. 290191 (Florida Bar)

by the Permutator

Wholesale Beer, Wine, Distilled Beverages 5180 (SIC)
2018 new Lincoln National Life Insurance 2300 (IRS)
1928 Closed but Used Old National Bank 7119 (ABA)
1928 Kryder Real Estate 9381 (L.M. Berry Mark)
Florida East Coast Railway Realty Holding 2547 (IRS)
Wells Fargo Securities 6000 (IRS)

Raise another glass!


Room 0309

Carl G. Santangelo, Florida Bar 290291 Stuck with the 1950 Queen of Spades


Room 309 Standard Building, Fort Wayne 2, IN forged an essential link in judiciary estate fraud between Indiana and Florida. Too bad for Carl Santangelo, Trustee ex maleficio, someone dealt him 0309 for his Realty Loans Management Company in the time between the death of John Houston Payne, author of Leonce Picot's estate work, and 2010 when Santangelo began plotting his own modifications for the pool.

Clarence Frank Kryder died April 2, 1950, North American Properties was formed, and so was the Florida Bar. Up until 1950, Polk's City Directories tracks Clarence Frank, Minnie, Kryder Real Estate, Kryder Insurance, and two Kryder building companies in Rooms 225-226 Standard Building from the time Farmer's Trust closed in the crash, and Clarence Frank moved into Secretary Harley Somers office (Somers moved to the Federal Farm Loan Bank in Louisville). In the late 1940's, John Martindale, architect worked in the 225 office which was also used by associate Jap Jones (8084), chain hotel owner and manufacturer's agent dealing in steel.

The 1950 Polk's indicates that the bookkeeping department of Anthony Wayne Bank moved into the old Kryder offices in Rm 225, and Kryder Real Estate, Moss Engineering, Hotel/Motel Builders moved to Room 309. The next occupant was Judge Walter E. Helmke, a depression judge charged with appointing receivers. Some owed it back to him at death, like the Trust Estate of James I. Evans, no heirs.

(The banker-printed note shown is of the last series before the crash, signed by bank officers Scheumann and Neizer. Scheumann was made a receiver, and Neizer owned a major supplier of fuel oil).

Judge Helmke was succeeded in Room 309 by his son Walter P. Helmke, attorney, whose partner's father, Robert Beams, father of George Beams of Helmke, Beams and Boyer had come up in the world as a Kryder sales agent, to become Fort Wayne City Controller.

To proceed further, recall Leonce Picot, ex-husband of cruelty and desertion, had a Broward judge appoint HIM personal representative of Katherine Kryder's estate eventhough he was remarried and he had driven her to suicide, if not helped her or someone pull the trigger. SSA was not notified of the 1972 death and her SSN 6781 was active until Michele Picot-Strawberry caught it in 1995 at the local Social Security Administration office. Why was this? Since the senior Kryder securities remained untaxed, not taken possession of by Frank, Jr., at least not Katherijne's share, and Glen W. Bordner as a tax attorney and secretary of the Kryder Company at the end was to have arranged a generation-skipping transfer to Frank's three daughters, a Notice of Death on her number would have generated a U.S. Comptroller's Notice of tax due, because the Kryder Securities originated as Death Tax Securities, deeded to their direct descendants.

Currency Printed by BanksThen, Leonce's fame at Liar's Poker gave him years of nights of experience with serial numbers. Starting simply with the present facts:

Carl G. Santangelo 290291 (Florida Bar)
Locally Engraved 1929 Tri-State Bank Note 000539 (Registrar)
Katherine Kryder (Picot) 6781 (SSA)

shows us

Kryder Real Estate Room 309 Standard Building or Santangelo Realty Loan Managers 0309 (IRS)
Davmor (Dave Edgerton and Mclamore, Burger King) 9020
Burger King Corp 2511 (IRS)
Real Estate Investment Trust 6798 (SIC)

The Numerical Witnesses are fortified by the uninterrupted stream produced by major publishers of phone books, city directories, and industrial, transportation, and finance manuals back then to now. Year to year businesses, people, professions are permanently archived together in time. Therefore, though de facto ids can be plural, and decades may pass, with pinpointing data as is preserved and now guarded with a vengeance by genealogists, it is not such a stretch to join 1950 to 2021 with logical sequencing.

Here is a story in Time:

1929 Tri-State home- printed bank note 000539 (Registrar)
1983 Frank Kryder Banking Pool account used to deposit into (7119) closed depression bank 550311(Lincoln National Bank and Trust)
voluntarily closed 1933 Tri-State National Bank 7124 (ABA)
1927 Kryder Real Estate 9381 (L.M. Berry Mark)


1928 Old National Bank Ordered Closed by Comptroller 7119
1927 Bond Engraving 0355 (L.M. Berry Mark)
1933 Bank of America 3510 (FDIC)
1893 Merchants National Bank of Muncie (First Merchants via Nabanco) 4218 (IRS)
and Room 0309, Kryder Real Estate, Judge Helmke, Standard Building, or Santangelo Realty Loan Management 0309 (IRS)

Now the Witnesses reveal just what Room 0309 is all about:

Judge Kenneth Gillespie 83054 (Florida Bar)
1981 Fort Wayne National Bank Realty 67681 (F.R.)
1943 Kryder Trust per stirpes F.S. 58070 (Allen County, IN Superior Court)
1953 Michele Picot-Strawberry 70671 (Florida Vital Statistics)
and Room 0309, 1950 Kryder Real Estate, Judge Helmke, Standard Building, or later Santangelo Realty Loan Management 0309 (IRS)

is a beautiful permutation to behold

Hotel/Motel Construction 7011 (SIC)
REIT 6798 (SIC)
Coatings and Engraving Supplies 3470 (SIC)
Parkview Medical Complex Lease from Raytheon 8085 (IRS)
LPM Management, Leonce and Dave Edgerton 3756 (IRS)
Wells Fargo Securities 6000 (IRS)


The Strawberry Patch


The de facto Florida Bar Number belonging to Judge Kenneth Gillespie, 83054, is so tied to interstate estate fraud in the same financial/legal cell, it must be an old number. The Numerical Witnesses are always chronological, thus right application tells the truth age to age. That is the stuff for RICO, the dread of all who wrong for long.

Clarence Frank Kryder died April 2, 1950 and shortly after his nephew, Kenneth Maxfield, a lawyer, started to work North American Van Lines through North American Properties. On that day in 1950, Clarence and Minnie Kryder's per stirpes REIT (F.S. 58070) was re-recorded. Up till then, there was no Florida Bar. It was founded April 1950. So Bar Numbers were now needed, to distinguish Florida's loose association of attorneys and judges, one from the other as North American Properties moved in to Florida

Orange Maxfield signed Frank H. Kryder's WWI Draft Registration in Leo, IN. Kryders and Maxfields were Leo-Grabill neighbors since the 19th century. Orange also ran the Grabill Bank which was stuffed with money, considering the demographics, before ultimately ceasing to become a private bank and be purchased by First Merchants, Municie 4218 (IRS) (of Picot Nabanco contribution).

Ranking the data, the top association of a Federal Reserve id and Judge Gillespie's Bar Number is completely logical when you fill in Kryder estate history. Norfolk Southern Corporation is the top of the hierarchy to which Maxfield delivered an amazing sale of a shoddy moving and storage company, allowed to run down as Kryder securities sat in cold storage. It was hundreds of millions in 1989 that Maxfield laundered through NSC, in this sense laundered money meaning assets of concealed origin.

While there are still the Bond-McCulloch Fort Wayne-engraved bank notes of yore available on e-bay, they should be scooped up for forensic comparison, by the counterfeit squad. A man was recently slain by the law for a counterfeit $20-


Judge Kenneth Gillespie 83054 (Florida Bar)
Norfolk Southern Corporation 3286971 (F.R.)


Katherine Kryder Birth Certificate 0834 (Indiana Vital Statistics)
Frank H. Kryder, father of Katherine 3612 (SSA issued Indiana), son of Clarence Frank
Minnie V. Kryder Estate Closing Coincident with creation of "NAVPAC" for Pepsi, by Maxfield- 5789 (Allen Superior Court)

5789 was as well Canadian Thomas Gordon Moorhead's SSA id. He worked for Frank, Jr. from 1922 onward and Thomas M. Moorhead, his son was Vice-President of the Kryder Company 1962-1969 (Frank owning all shares no par) had taxpayer id 5805 which comes up again in logical appearance.

Judge Gillespie's Seven Little Monsters of the Leonce Picot estate take second seat to the establishment of Florida Bar Number 83054 with every major institution used in disenfranchising the children and grandchildren of Katherine Kryder Picot and Leonce Picot, a perfectly troubled family making a perfect "target" for the legal pool which benefits by separating grieving people from control of their assets.

The cream has risen to the top, all of a sudden, the Permutator's Office shows. Apparently, Gillespie's number turned the key and demonstrates the cell suspected of concealing Kryder since 1966, and in the end of time, he attempted to wipe out the Strawberry Girl forever, because she had the facts, knowledge, and witness throughout time. Therefore, the Permutator has given her a desk, and a box of wipes of her own for wiping.


Judge Gillespie 83054 (FL Bar)
Northwestern Mutual Life Wealth Management (NWML Having 2 of Leonce Picot's Life Insurance Policies ) 3017081 (F.R.)
Frank H. Kryder 1966 Estate 3612 (SSA)


First Merchants Data Services origins with Nabanco 8086 (IRS)
North American Title 3130 (IRS)
Fort Wayne National Bank (1911 Bond-McCulloch) 7124 (ABA)
Bank of America (1933 Barnett-Shoaff) 3510 (FDIC)


The Burger King and Judge is not so funny:

Judge Gillespie 83054 (Florida BAR)
Burger King Holdings 4017163 (F.R.)

turns out

Katherine Kryder aka Kay Picot 6781 (SSA) with Leonce obscuring the number from 1972-1993.
Forth Wayne National Bank 4340 (FDIC)
Bank of America 3510 (FDIC)

IV. corrected on 7/14/2021 as scrivener's error

Judge Gillespie 53084 (Florida Bar)
Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance 1584075 (F.R.)


Judge Gillespie 83054 (Florida Bar)
Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance 1584075 (F.R.)


Parkview Lease from Raytheon 8085 (IRS)
Bank of America 3510 (FDIC)
Southern Wine and Spirits 4475 (IRS)

Southern Wine and Spirits was Leonce Picot's exclusive purveyor, including wines from deals which Leonce had arranged himself with Antinori and other vintners, personally witnessed by Michele Picot-Strawberry. Native to column 44-, yet to be shown, SWS 4475 is just the less rummy side of DQI 9070.

(Here a brief digression to illustrate the link between a closed Old National Bank 7119 deposit from deceased Frank Kryder's funds into Fort Wayne National Bank 7124, in 1981, proven with hard copy evidence of the check 4461 written to G.W. Bordner, Secretary of The Kryder Company, Inc. from 1962-1969. Bordner was Frank's tax attorney as well and arranged the Kryder generation gypper 1035. Compared are Old National Life Insurance with Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance taxpayer identification:

Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company 9570 (IRS)
Old National Life Insurance Company 8312 (IRS)

the Witnesses say equal

Lincoln Trust 7932 (IRS)
Wholesale Wine and Distilled Beverages 5180 (SIC) ).


Judge Gillespie 53084 (Florida Bar)
Deutschebank International Miami 1217515 (F.R.)


FEC RY 1115 (IRS)
fka Hamilton Bank lka Northwest Bank 1933- 5758 (FDIC)
fka Pepsi Sales (Florida) 4302 (IRS)

Judge Gillespie 53084 (Florida Bar)
Deutschebank Canada 2283179 (F.R.)


fka Pepsi Sales 4302 (IRS)
Minnie Kryder Estate Closed, no death tax on registered gov't. securities 5789 (Allen County Superior Courtt)
or 5789 for Canadian lawyer Thomas Gordon Moorhead
Old National Life Insurance 8312 (IRS)

VII. Here we complete the Florida-Indiana-California Triangle of Slavery

Judge Gillespie 53084 (Florida Bar)
First Lincoln Financial Corporation Monterey 1251041 (F.R.)


Fort Wayne National Bank 4340 (FDIC)
Burger King Corporation 2511 (IRS)
Wholesale wine and distilled beverages 5180 (SIC)

Thus outlined are the major entities linking the Kryder Securities with the Leonce Picot Estate, via his marriage to Katherine Kryder, daughter of Frank, disenfanchised by Frank's Trustees in 1966. Santangelo was not authorized as a sole Trustee. But that does not stop interstate estate fraud supported by Probate judges who are supposed to have an eye out for suspicious and contrary circumstances.

A more complex permutation links to the 1927 anchor, Fort Wayne via the Parkview Lease granted by Raytheon (Hughes Missile/ Hughes Aircraft) whose stock was purchased from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, created on the day of Michele Picot-Srawberry's birth as was Raytheon.


Judge Gillespie 83054 (Florida Bar)
Frank Kryder post-death bank account deposited into closed 1930 Indiana Old National Bank, in 1981-
550311 (Lincoln National Bank and Trust, Fort Wayne)
Wells Fargo Financial Leasing FL 3989241 (F.R.)
Hughes Aircraft (Foundation 1953) 401760 (F.R.)

and find

Anchor Agent Philpott 1927 Fort Wayne 4394 (L.M. Berry Mark)
Parkview Medical Raytheon Lease 8085 (IRS)
North American Title 3130 (IRS)
Burger King Corp 2511 (IRS)
Don Q. International 9070 (IRS)
Michele Picot-Srawberry 1645 (SSA)

These are the seven bigger monsters. Seven Little Monsters on the Strawberry Patch are coming up sometime-


They threw the master in the ditch

In the Court of the Burger King


The parallel Canadian BCCI has not raised its head in the case until now-with the coincidence of a failed bank in Leo, IN with the Monterey transfers of Edgerton on behalf of Picot. To top off the fare, a Florida Probate Judge who attempted to hide the truth in one of the most conflicted- in- interests estate cases to raise its head in Broward County, dating from an estate and divorce in 1966, tried to consign Michele Picot-Strawberry to a ditch in one final travesty of justice. This is illustrated thoroughly by the Office of the Permutator, following. Whether Gillespie was fitted up with his de facto number or not, he is certainly in the deck of the Northwest Banking Cartel. Further, he should have instantly recused himself from any complaints of the Strawberrry Girl. Examining the debacles under the Witnesses will show why

To Tell The Truth

Favorite Games and Game Shows of the Little Strawberry Girl

For reference, since much of the living witness emanates from Michele Picot-Strawberry her profile in this area is quite a short list:

To Tell the Truth

For Judge Gillespie, in Broward County, her reference of truthfulness is former Davie Sheriff Duke Sistrunk, if he still lives.The Strawberry Girl was engaged in the 1990's to mitigate on his behalf against unscrupulous wetlands developers. Keeping it short, in a meeting with surveyors, his partner, and others on the project, former Sheriff Sistrunk, a devout Christian who would not eat rare meat, announced his assessment to the room full of men, on the veracity of Michele Picot-Strawberry,

"She's too good a girl to lie."

David Edgerton, ex- Burger King, in the 1980's was embroiled in a cocaine situation. Leonce's mother, begged her rising son for years to stay away from Edgerton.

Mama Nell said, "I told him (Leonce) if he goes out to San Francisco with that man (Dave Edgerton) , he'll lose everything."

Using a complex set of permutations by the Numerical Witnesses, the next section parallels Edgerton obtaining Leonce Picot's Power of Attorney in Monterey, CA as BCCI Canada was established parallel with BCCI Miami, and the coincidence with the failure of Allen County Bank and Trust of Leo. IN, neighbors with North American Van Lines HQ.

Yet the Strawberry Girl wishes Agent Mazur to know, becoming steeped in layer upon layer of successful and burgeoning criminality does take its toll, especially on an unsupported satellite. Too good to lie, she can't go down to the pub or keep a bottle in her desk or flask in her coat to drown it away, like a DCI can. And considering her mother was taken by poorly elucidated violence, she lives in expectation of a North American Van lines driver showing up at her door with Guns and Roses. The bright side is, slaughtering the Strawberry Girl would force an investigation, and at least she would be with her beloved mother and kin again.

Home of the Whopper

Flame Broiling is Almost Too Good For the Trustee Who Scars then Eats Their Client's Grandchildren

Before showing how Carl G. Santangelo, stand-in Florida Trustee for the Estate of Leonce Picot, not actually fully appointed, but overlooked in that detail by the Broward Probate Judge, has diverted with Numerical Witness, Burger King Canada shares assigned to Leonce's grandson, conversions effected by Leonce and Dave of Katherine Kryder's property after her death. It shall be shown numerically the custody of Kryder securities by Fort Wayne National Corporation 1969, Lincoln Financial Group, created on the day of Katherine's death in 1972, Lincoln National Bank 4341(FDIC) in Fort Wayne (1905 formed), and Frank H. Kryder 3612(SSA) who at the age of 47 obtained a Social Security Number 7/17/1942, the day the FDIC incorporated a rare office in Indianapolis, IN.

All New Deal special condition U.S. Treasury securities registered to Frank Sr. and Minnie Kryder were tax free- and had they been taxed, since WWI or so, it would have to be on Frank, Jr.'s number. It is not. His parents had no tax numbers and lived tax-free on their interest, with dispensations as Farmers and Indians.

The Numerical Witness System relies on its Science of 4 and cannot deviate from the rules. We are a C-4 universe. Though some crucial de facto identification, such as Federal Reserve IDs, bank accounts, corporate state registrations, state legal bar numbers, vital certificates, and deeds may have 5 or 6 digits or more. All these identifications are esssential to establish a tax avoidance or general veil of obfuscation of an OCG financial cell. (A cell contains a bank and trust, two lawyers, a judge, a commisions distribution company, or "service company" and life insurance).

Establishing universal validity of the Numerical Witnesses, the science is tested by combining 4,5, and 6 digit identifications to demonstrate a structure. The only requirement is that the total digits are a multiple of four, where it all began.


Bank of America (Barnett-Shoaff) 480228 (F.R.)|
1983 Bank Account of Frank H. Kryder deceased in Fort Wayne Lincoln National Bank 550311
Frank H. Kryder 3612 (SSA)

shows the 1983 adverse holders of the untaxed and continuously fenced Kryder securities:

Fort Wayne National Corporation (1969 illegally constructed bank holding company) 2812 (IRS)
aka Flagler System Holding 8212- take your pick, it was planned that way

Bank of America (Barnett Florida -Shoaff faction) 3510 (FDIC)
First Merchants Bank Muncie ad nauseum 4218 (IRS)
Lincoln Financial Corporation 0365 (IRS)

Before Santangelo is exposed as a client cannibal, a short background history of Burger King Canada (9021 IRS) (Florida Corporation 1969) is that this was Dave Edgerton's enterprise which moved from Indiana (Insta-burger) via Detroit into Canada. Navistar likewise was moved to Canada.

Edgecot, Inc. formed 12/17/1984, California, Edgerton and Picot. This was of course on Michele Picot-Strawberry's 31 st birthday, just another year when she was typically on the edge homeless while in the Picot employee program..

Following is a short time line of events, building to the height of BCCI:


NOTICE OF BULK TRANSFER Recording Date 06/07/1985 12:00 AM Grantor (3) GALLATINS RESTAURANT INC Grantee (2) EDGERTON DAVID and Leonce Picot Monterey, CA ***California Registration 198530100044

(New Gallatins- a restaurant in one of Kay Picot's books) MONTEREY OLD HOUSE, LTD. Registration Date:10/28/1985 Jurisdiction:FLORIDA Entity Type:FOREIGN Status:ACTIVE Agent for Service of Process:DAVID EDGERTON 500 HARTNELL ST. MONTEREY CA 93940 Entity Address:3000 EAST OAKLAND PARK BLVD. FORT LAUDERDALE FL 33306= (Down Under Restaurant, Waterway 2862 (IRS) aka 8262 Kryder RR Gold Mortgage Bond securing real estate devlopment)

POWER OF ATTORNEY Recording Information Document Number: 57989 Book: 1899 Page: 925 Recording Date: 11/14/1985 12:00:00 AM Number Pages: 3 Names Grantor: PICOT LEONCE Grantee: EDGERTON DAVID 11/14/1985 Lincoln Trust Co /Sunair Development

(F.R.) 1985-11-23 ALLEN COUNTY BANK AND TRUST COMPANY of Leo, Indiana (Allen Hamilton Bank), almost next door to North American Van Lines HQ, failed and was merged into National Bank of Detroit. With that merger went a number of mortgage securities owned by Frank H. Kryder, Trustee for his descendants, which had been in trust since the 1920's at Peoples Bank and Trust Company, Fort Wayne, securing development of 23+ acres of The Original Plat of Waynedale Gardens, all in evidence by recorded Deed.

11/14/ is the birth date of Leonce Picot's only grandson, on which date Edgerton in California acquired Picot's Power of attorney.

Most in the Office of the Permutator are tending toward the likely casting of Leonce and Katherine (Kryder) Picot's grandson into poverty to be the direct personal decision of Carl G. Santangelo, who is distinguished by a 6-fiqure Bar Number:

Carl G. Santnagelo 290191 (Florida Bar)
Leonce and Kay Picot Grandson 092210 (Florida Vital Statistics)


BK Ca 9021
BK Ca 9021
BK Ca 9021

Why three accounts? Burger King Corp. has three Real Estate Leasing Partnerships registered with the SEC:

#1 0947 (IRS)
#2 3321 (IRS)
#3 8415 (IRS)

(Before the permutations are shown which complete an outline of Florida's Whopper OCG Cell, it is important to know that the Flagler System, Florida railroads, the Intracoastal Waterway, the Interstate Highways, and bridges are absolutely bulging with easement lands, in most cases either originally taken by adverse possession of preferred stockholders, or freely granted by the Florida Legislature 1917- . Driving south on 1-95 Broward to Dade every row of shops and firms along the road, crammed side by side, are easement leases. This land is the stuff of franchise development, from ritzy waterfronts as sold by North American Properties, Inc., to chain stores, motels, hotels, restaurants and any manner of small or large business built upon lease easements of hidden origin. Hidden, because, most represent assets stripped from common stockholders in bankruptcy while the juicy stuff went into the vault for long leases controlled by the big people. A 99-year lease spans two generations providing opportunity to either monopolize for a select group of owners as well as to lose or redirect benefits to heirs uninformed. These anonymous lease lands comprise vault securities on which counterfeit or fresh paper can be printed.)

The above three Burger King Corpse Real Estate Leasing Partnerships show in an excellent two sets of permutations, why the integrity of the United States Treasury NEEDS systematics whose use has not been imploded by interfering jesters.

Take your pick or eat them all at once.

From the tapayer identifications of the 3 Burger King Realty Leasing Partnerships, 0947, 3321, 8415:

(this section has been corrected-)

We have our anchor, Agent Philpott:

BCCI Miami 3794 (IRS)
Ordnances 3480 (SIC)
Burger King Corpse 2511 (IRS)


Agent Philpott 4394 (L.M. Berry Mark)
Leonce Picot Grandson disenfranchised, literally, by Santangelo 8207 (SSA)
Wells Fargo 3511 (FDIC)

It is very easy for a corrupt court to eat your heirs for lunch. In the upcoming section will begin those outlines which cement the Numerical Witness conspiracy of Gillespie, Wellikoff, and Santangelo and their involvement with the Northwestern Banking association. They thought they were getting a piece of cake win, since Leonce seems to have been leased Katherine Kryder's assets by her adversaries, not that Leonce, who beat her down wasn't the worst adversary of his own love of his youth. When a man dies at $0 with no paperwork, we call that a red flag.

Laura Picot-Sayles was bought by Santangelo, who over-compensated her with Leonce's goodies under the judge's nose while robbing Michele Picot-Strawberry and Leonce's first and only grandson, using typical textbook estate fraud technique, very sloppy at that. Though Laura and her darling daughters were also robbed, as per stirpes beneficiaries through Laura's REAL mother, Katherine Ann Kryder Picot. But Laura Picot-Sayles doesn't care about dead people, and she has forgotten who her mother was, for her Judas pay.


Internal Corruption in Florida Judiciary

Jeepers Creepers, Where'd You Get that Bar Number?

Hence, Agent Mazur, if you discover WHO assigned Kenneth Gillespie his Bar Number, you will have a top dog and successors, from the FEC RY Bankruptcy in 1930, the close of the Homeowners Loan Corporation in 1954, the conversion of Kryder federal securities in 1976 to another federal security of like kind, the BCCI, up to the present, because someone fitted up an upcoming judge with a very hot number, 83054, linked from of old, older than Judge Gillespie.

Now it can be demonstrated that this number was used against Clarence and Minnie Kryder direct descendants, of which there are very few, in the ongoing fence of registered vault securities guaranteed by the U.S. Government to the Registrants, in this case Clarence Frank and Minnie Viola Kryder. More federal records of the Kryder's National Farm Loan Association and the accompanying securities are archived in Louisville, KY.

This Gillespie example shall be shown first, as it directly involves Treasury fraud through a Probate Judge, and because it involves the Kryder Home Owners Loan Corporation Bonds secured by their development of Waynedale owned in fee, which record exists permanently in Allen County Records. Unless Waynedale Gardens 1,2,3 are excavated from Allen County, the evidence can't disappear. Because these bonds were converted but never subjected to death tax in any of the Kryder Estates, their custody can be traced, you Secret Service work-aholics. The U.S.Comptroller as well as the Deputy Secretary of Records confirms that the chain of custody of HOLC Bonds is a bound hard cover government record, so to speak.

The permutation is complex- it utilizes the Original Grant by Clarence Frank Kryder, developer, of Waynedale acreage to Farmer's Trust, and the revised Deed following the Crash, owned by the Kryders who accepted HOLC bonds for houses built. It demonstrates how Judge Gillespie 83054 and Carl Santangelo 290191 were linked in the stripping of Leigh Michele Picot-Strawberry, daughter of Katherine Kryder, in the 17th Judicial Circuit of Broward County, Florida. Because these securities fell under control of the Lincoln Barnett Shoaff Vault in Fort Wayne, anything in said Vault and the most valuable assets of the FEC RY came to be converted through Florida National Bank then Barnett Banks of Florida with the help of assorted actual mobsters, and North American Properties, which gave Leonce Picot various pieces of realty to "hold" in exchange for his role.

Let's get to it:

Broward 17th Circuit Judge Kenneth Gillespie 83054 (Florida Bar)
Picot Trustee ex maleficio Carl Santangelo 290191 (Florida Bar)
Original Grantor Clarence Kryder, of Waynedale acreage 10534 (Allen County, Indiana Recorder)

OBFUSCATES by permutation

(because, we have Agent Philpott here, to authenticate the association and the previous concern of the Secret Service)

Philpott Secret Service Agency 1927; 4394 (L M. Berry Mark)
Wells Fargo Securities 5000 (IRS)
FEC RY 1115 (IRS)
Kryder Deed Recording Acceptance of HOLC Bonds for Waynedale 1934; 3289 (Allen County Recorder)

You bastards.

In the upcoming section, because the argument for coincidence is well shot out the window, shall be demonstrated Judge Gillespie's Seven Little Monsters of estate fraud victimizing Michele Picot-Strawberry, in concert with Scott Wellikoff 20341, defense counsel for Santangelo 290191 which reveal, via the Four Numerical Witnesses, the institutions which are receiving the lion's share of American legacies, through Trusts and Probate. Lawyers and judges are essential to the process, and nowhere are people more vulnerable than in Family Court. (This is why Frank Kryder, Jr. had all his marriages and divorces in another county other than Allen).

Seven Monsters is sufficient to establish the scenario. One essential Rule of the Witness System is that relationships should be established with at least a four-way tie, four sets of related de facto ids lock in a relationship. However, some points can be carried onward and upward into national organization. Here is published just one Loop of the Road, KRYDER, because the Frank Kryders did everything in federal securities, insurance, and real estate development of land they owned, they are unshreddable, indelible, written in stone.

Lawyers and judges out for themselves see every asset in a troubled family which may become theirs. They are expert in family behavior, and will exploit the tiniest crack. They love divorce and multiple children from multiple parents. They love discord and tragedy. They think like con-men. If you have trouble in your family, you deserve to lose your family assets. These are invaders of the field with no regard for natural laws of succession and the meaning of family strength. They are trespassers, predators, aggressors, and noxious weeds. Such charlatans will make civil war in your family, pitting brother against brother, then clean up like carpetbaggers. Judges decide for themselves who gets what after death, and no Rules of Court or Conflicts of interests stop them, because something besides a thirst for Justice makes them don the robe.Could it be election funds?

Organized Interstate Judicial Corruption, Florida to Indiana

The Judge Who Laughed at the Strawberry Girl

Line of Duty Season 6 concludes with AC-12 more weakened than ever before, by top level cops officially stating there is no public interest in internal institutional corruption because it does not exist. The lesson learned is that all institutions of human design are corruptible and in a continual state of decay. People change but numbers do not.

Therefore it is futility to make a Bar Complaint against lawyer, nor a Judicial Complaint against a judge- both are an exasperating waste of paper, designed to be that way, and then go on to be evaluated by the divvils themselves. The Four Numerical Witnesses are there to take away the ruse, the inaccessibility to justice and truth. The Numerical System is logical and so must work with State Bar Numbers of lawyers and judges to provide irrefutable evidence of conspiracy and organization to re-direct annuities, commissions, and inheritances of their marks to the appropriate financial institutions, if such criminal organization exists.

If conspiracy exists, the irrefutable numbers prove it. Elsewise, lawyers have nothing to do but file malarkey all the day long to prevent the truth from being told.

The following sections here and above must be laid out with extreme care for they are gravely serious, and as crimes, pitiful to behold.

The most direct example is the selling of the Strawberry Girl into slavery by a Broward County, Florida Probate Judge:


As the very old roots of the Numerical System, originally a Protective Brotherhoood concept, are established 4-square, de facto ids of more than four numbers can be linked, provided the result is a logical and related set of four-digit de facto ids. Zeroes must be included for such numbers as 0900, or 0088..

Organized crime uses the System to link itself by assignment of numbers. Several times in fictional films a theme has been re-iterated:

The Secret is in the Order. Though on the outside clue seekers are caught up with Societies or Fraternal Organizations, Mysticism, or Magic, the phrase is exactly what it means.

The Secret is in the Order of Numerals. That is the origin of the code which keeps everything running past IRS, SSA who knows what else? The Secret is in the Order. Example: Frank Kryder 3612, Fred Trump 6312. Frank has a handwritten SSN on his application.

The best way to demonstrate this is with an absolutely current example of Florida estate fraud linked to 1963 and the closing of the Allen county, Indiana fraudulent estate of Minnie V. Kryder, and to 1950, the death of her husband Clarence Frank Kryder when no estate was opened.

Following is a complex set of (4) five-digit de facto ids permutated to their logical financial conclusion in the theft of Katherine Kryder's per stirpes share devised by her grandparents, partially leased to Leonce Picot until his death, and the attempted stripping-off of Frank Kryder's grand-daughter forever, upon the death of Leonce, Kay's ex-husband:

Judge Kenneth Gillespie 83054 (Florida Bar)
Leigh Michele Picot 70671 (Florida Birth Certificate- State File 109)
Fort Wayne National Bank Realty, Fort Wayne, Indiana 67681 (Federal Reserve 109-)
First Merchants Bank Muncie, Indiana 17147

These numbers reveal a story of multiple secret account books and reach the logical conclusion of their origin with the death of Clarence Frank Kryder in 1950, and the concurrent founding of North American Properties, Inc. by Kenneth Maxfield, concurrent with the re-recording of the Kryder 550 mortgage per stirpes REIT, concurrent with the awarding of the Certificate of Anthony Wayne Bank which bookkeeping department moved into Clarence Frank's office upon his death.

Here is the permutation, of the (4) 5-digit ids made into (6) 4-digit ids, like Jesus with the Fish:

Lincoln National Bank 4341 (FDIC)
L.M. Berry 1963 - Mark close of Minnie estate/ new NAVL- 6007 (IRS)
Date of 70671= Date of Raytheon/Howard Hughes Medical Institute 5717 (IRS)
Fred Barnett Shoaff 5177 (SSA)
Katherine Ann Kryder aka 6781 (SSA)
Katherine Kryder aka 6781 (SSA)

Recall Leonce Picot had himself appointed Katherine's Personal Representative when she killed herself, and neglected to notify SSA. Recall 5717, technically an administered foundation, originated adjacent to and within hours of the birth of 70671, Katherine's first born, in Broward General Hospital.

How does this indicate double books? Permutate the "doubles."

Fred or Howard 5177 (SSA)
Katherine Kryder 6781 (SSA)

North American Properties, Inc.8717 (IRS)
North American Van Lines Atlantic 6517 (IRS)

This is the essential solution to the concealed Kryder securities. You bastards.

See below sections of the 1035 Exchange of Leigh Michele Picot's Birth Certificate 70671 at Exchange Bank (Indiana) 71706, the relationship to Fort Wayne National Bank Realty, FWB 2990 and so on.

Certainly Judge Gillespie had no knowledge of being implicated in an old Treasury case by his assigned Bar Number. Perhaps had he not laughed at the Strawberry Girl in formal court proceedings, and dishonored the Trust authored by John Houston Payne, it would not have been considered.

Not only did he cause it to be considered, but the Bar Numbers of the conspiring lawyers who through Judge Gillespie funneled concealed assets to alternate recipients were analyzed with his and that is how it came to be discovered that the Four Numerical Witnesses are in a vault high above corruptible courts and administrators, and despots. AC-12 always loses power via the Crown Prosecution. People die, people lie. The Witnesses Stand, immoveable.

In the coming sections, it will be shown by irrefutable numerical witness how across our great nation, it only takes two private lawyers and a probate judge to sell the birth right of a Daughter of the American Revolution to the enemy. It's a bit Nazi, tisn't it?


James Bond and The Trail of Death


109 Graves Mark the Potawatomie Indiana to Osawatomie, Kansas Trail

The Prime Number 109 was used by the Federal Reserve to prefix certain Northwest Banks such as Continental Bank of Illinois (BOA), the German American National Bank, Fort Wayne National Bank and in the State of Florida, State File 109 was created at one time for certain Birth Certificates, such as that of Michele Picot-Strawberry who is filed in State File 109, under her birth name, and parents, Kay (aka Katherine Kryder) and Leonce Picot. But her mother was owned by a 109 Bank up north, see.

There being several Trails of Tears in Native American History, the deportation of the Miamis was originally called,
"The Trail of Death," a bit closer to the Truth.

There is a nuance in the Witnesss System concerning Katherine Kryder's Indiana Birth Certificate 0834 (Vital Statistics), and her half-brother-in-law, James Ewing Bond 6948 (SSA). This is why there is a Witness:

James Bond 6948 (SSA)
Katherine Kryder 0834 ( Indiana Births)

by the Permutator is

North American Van Lines Leo, IN 4988 (IRS)
Miami Indian Patents Box B 4360

which with Transfer Agent G.H. Walker and Company, MO 8603 (IRS) changes into
First Merchants Data Services (109) 8086 (F.R.) fka Nabanco etc.
and Lincoln National (Wells Fargo) Bank 4341 (FDIC)

Though One Grant by Treaty to the Chiefs and Tribes of Indiana was from President George Washington to the Indiana Tribes, this was subdivided into two boxes of patents, despite the protests of Allen County Indian agents, by those in Indiana who have always had a better way of running the government for the rest of the country. ONE Grant became two boxes, Box 4360, which traveled theTrail of Death to Osawatomie. The poorer of the natives, "savages" they were called, were forced to leave Little Turtle's former real estate, Indiana, and their picayune grants were archived as Box 4360.

The illicit Box was Allen Hamilton's Box of Evil, 5456 which contained government-guaranteed patents to Indiana natives who were tricked out their Deeds using various devices such as selling patent land for voting rights. This acreage was bundled together as Northwest Bank 5758 and that was the number later assigned as its FDIC Certificate. It was bundled together with the Richardville 19,000 acres in the Straus Commercial Bank and Trust, within the Lincoln Trust and controlled for anyone but the benefit of the rightful heirs.

The history of Allen County, Indiana estate disenfranchisement and theft of legacies, and specifically the Fort Wayne, Leo, Grabill, and Cedarville parts, frankly, can now be summed up in the First Merchants of Muncie (17147) , for the agents who were thrown off the scent.

Carl G. Santangelo, Esquire Liar 2

A Florida Wells Fargo Kiosk Attachment

Carl G. Santangelo, plays the ponies, borrows personal notes from Trusts then files Chapeter 7, as Trustee ex maleficio suspected of Leonce Picot elder abuse conspirator in Broward County.

Clienrt dies and he files nothing first, none of the required filings of the Court, hoping to have already defeated those he was wiped out. If you chase him down after the death of your father, he still follows no Rules of Court.

He only makes a filing after death if he is caught by an heir. Then he files hundreds of pages of malarkey to waste away the father's child's funds.

He acts against the Rules of his clients' Trust, acting as a SOLE Trustee when the Client Trust calls for TWO Trustees.

He distributes estates solely, ecretly, without accountability. He gets a free pass from the Judge.

Hire a Tower of Trustees, but once you are dead, your property is in their pockets.

As John H. Payne said, "Just because something is filed, that doesn't mean it is legal."

James Bond

James Ewing Bond 6948
Father's Day 2021

Now Ken the Worm and Joyce the Fix see how miniscule was Leonce compared with the man everyone everywhere wants to know more about, James Bond.

The marriage was arranged by the time Rosemary received her de facto id from SSA, a few years before her half-sisters did. Rosemary was born in 1924 to Frank Kryder's second wife, Rose, and Katherine was born in 1931 to Frank and his third wife LeVonne Lawhon. Frank's third child, Rebecca, was born in 1936. All in all, Frank was married to LeVonne longer than to Rose, and after so many years, Katherine and Rebecca were whisked from Fort Wayne in the middle of the night somewhat in fear of their lives.

So examining the pre-arranged marrriage of James Bond to Rosemary Kryder, who wasn't worth a farthing, using the Numerical Witness System:

James Ewing Bond 6948
Rosemary Kryder Bond 6850

is seen as

First Merchants Muncie, where Katherine's Share was pointed, through Leonce Picot. 8086 (F.R.)

Again, the Lincoln/Bond/Barnett were Depression and War family banking enterprises, at the disposal of Prescott Bush during and after WW II.

James Bond 6948 (SSA)
Fort Wayne Intermediaries 2145 (IRS)


Michele Picot- Strawberry 1645
National Banc Card (Nabanco) via Leonce Picot 8294

You see Joyce and Ken Fix , et al., "If You Can't Run with the Big Boys, Stay Off the Road."

Speaking of roads, Transtar is Transportation, and Navistar is Transtar, and those of you in retail land who aren't liking the shipping prices these days better listen up because Transportation owns Oil and Food, and We Have Trouble in River City.

James Bond 6948
Transtar 5643


Pittsburgh National Corporation (National City) 6384

In keeping with the relationship between Anson Bond- Leslie Charteris and Leslie Charteris- Kay Picot, The SAINT would have to cover all this in a big way, yes? Where did Katherine and Rebecca's interest go?

vs. James Bond and Transtar

Leslie Charteris 5613
Transtar 5643

wields a great double pair:

Raytheon Charitable Foundation 12/17/1953, 5153 (IRS)
Howard Hughes Blood Bank 12/17/1953, 4366 (aka 6643 Hughes Aircraft) (IRS)

Michele Picot-Strawberry 12/17/1953, 1645 (SSA)
Detroit Commerce, 1927 Red Book, 6355 (L.M. Berry Mark)

As read in the exclusive Red Book, Detroit Commerce and Tri-State Commerce both used 6355. Kryder Real Estate Developers and Puritan Engraving used 9381, all L.M. Berry Mark.

6384 is a PNC synonym for Leonce's Picot's employer the day Michele Picot was born, Jones for Loans 3648. This being a good moment to say something of Frank, Sr's. associate Jap Jones 8084 (SSA.)

Mr. Jones was a hotelier in the mid- northwest, and owned a health resort in Martinsville, IN. Near the end of Frank Sr.'s life in the 1940's, after the war, Mr. Jones was listed at the Kryder address in the Standard Building Rm 309 (a later realty loan IRS identification of Trustee Carl G. Santangelo, Tr. (see above 0309 ). At that address the concern was named Kryder Realty Hotel/Motel Builders; Jap Jones Manufacturer's Agent.

Jap Jones is native to column 8000, his SSN id being 8084. This is in sequence with the Raytheon to Parkview Lease 8085 and First Merchants, Muncie 8086 F.R.).

The SAINT and The StrawBerry Girl

Why and How Leslie Charteris Marked Kay Picot and Her Daughters for Frank Kryder and the Treasury Secretary 1551 (ABA)


Strawberry Girl by Lois Lenski is a Newbery Award book for children most treasured by Kay's eldest daughter. Michele Picot and her school friends maintained a contest as to who got the newest Newbery winner first when it hit the library, and who could read the most in a week, so it is a large selection of Newbery literature from which Michele liked this book best- the story of a migrant girl whose dream it was for her family to have a secure home and not move from camp to camp with picking seasons. Like the Strawberry Girl, Michele liked to be barefoot and wear a sun hat. She tried making bread according to the migrant girl's recipe. It was flour and water baked on a hot summer Florida sidewalk. Such were the treats for the Strawberry Girl, when mama had spare flour. It turns out, Michele spent her whole life trying to get her own little home and a little greenhouse, and lived much the same as her childhood heroine, though affording home made polenta sandwiches versus sidewalk bread has been an upgrade in old age.

The Straus Brothers, from Austria then Ligonier, IN, pre-war, is the most likely link to William Borchers 0615 (Continental Bank of Illinois 0516) who married late in life, a somewhat spooky young Austrian princess, ok in looks, but nothing like Kay, an All American Beauty. She was spooky in appearance and demeanor the same way as were the Ligonier Straus Klan, wearing the heavy make-up and veiled black hats of death as she twirled her flute of Brut in Casa Vecchia. William Borchers, buddies with John W. Berry in Dayton, wooed Laura Picot Sayles into cancelling the employee insurance plan for Leonce's restaurants, taking away all employee perks, as well as convinced Leonce to buy Borchers' golden Rolls Royce and an over-priced load of the princess crown jewels for Carolyn. The princess died young, at Kay's age, leaving behind her young children for old Borchers to groom.

"It was very sad," said Carolyn, who by that time was becoming double-wide. Money and privilege cannot overcome terminal disease. But they will make you fat.

Straus merged into the Lincoln Trust in 1928, but within the Trust Vault was retained an unlawful mining lease to manage, via Senator Fleming who overrode the U.S. President, the explanation for the 19,000 acre Richardville Reserve in Allen County, becoming carved away incognito by DuPont shell-contractors, to the present one acre. The Lincoln Trust also included the German American National/Lincoln National Bank, so along with 18,999 native American acres of Indiana limestone from Reserved Native lands granted by Washington, illegally mined for the greatest buildings of New York, and a tightly knit family of bank note engravers, the little Norman Rockwellesque Fort Wayne attracted the attention of Treasury agents, spies, and FDR.

That is where The Saint Steps In, as a most reliable Anchor, Tie, and Lighthouse in the numerical witness system, born of The Great Depression and the Roosevelt Administration. The Saint stamps this newest mystery he is in with credibility. It may also help Laura understand how the wool was pulled over her eyes so that she would choose the cheaper prize behind the curtain.

Leslie Charteris 5613
(J.W. Berry) U.S. Impressions 4929


Straus 3192 (L.M. Berry Mark)

as The Saint was there when the Thyssen Fund was frozen and history had to be preserved for a better time, or decade.

Leslie Charteris 5613
BCCI 3794


Edgecot (Leonce Picot and David R. Edgerton, Jr. 3617
Hamilton Bank Box 5456 aka Northwest Bank Fort Wayne

hence Northwestern Mutual Life as Picot's Life Insurance vehicle and another agent not yet introduced, Agent Leo Alexander 0398 (L.M. Berry mark)

Leo Alexander had a Secret Service Agency, like Philpott, listed in the Fort Wayne Red Book.

Hamilton Bank is an excellent Vault placeholder for an operation like BCCI.

There are nuances to both these agent names in that the town of Leo, where the senior Kryders lived outside Fort Wayne, was once named Hamilton after Allen Hamilton, the notorious disenfranchiser of Indiana's native people. Alexander Hamilton was the first Secretary of the U.S. Treasury as Hugh McCulloch of Fort Wayne National bank was the Secretary of The Lincoln Administration Treasury, while it lasted.

Thus, Leo Alexander.

When it is said we graduated from boxes to FDIC numbers, this is literal. Allen Hamilton maintained a separate Box of land patents of the Pottawatomie and Miami tribes throughout Indiana which had been swindled by the Ewing Briothers et al. John Tipton, Allen County Indian agent, wrote to the U.S. President and The Indianapolis Star to no avail. Allen Hamilton's box 5456 became Fort Wayne's first Northwest Bank, which after 1933 was assigned FDIC Certificate 5758.

"Philpott" suggests the fortunes of Little Turtle, another big ticket item from of old. The chief was both Miami and Pottawatomie and was the toast of Philadelphia until he wearied of the white man's dress.

There is

Leslie Charteris 5613
BCCI 3794


Great Tastes ( Laura and Leonce- imports) 1933


Moving along with Leslie Charteris 5613
Leo Alexander 0398 (L.M. Berry Mark)


Kryder Real Estate Developers 9381 (L.M. Berry Mark)
Tri State Safe and Kay Picot and daughters 5630 (L.M. Berry Mark)


Leslie Charteris 5613
Rescon (Leonce Picot and Al Kocab) 6547 (Leslie knew Al very well too)

links back to

Allen Hamilton (Northwest Bank) 5456
Edgecot (Picot and Edgerton 3617


Leslie Charteris 5613
Berry Group 4559

is a job for The Permutator:

Allen Hamilton (Northwest Bank) 5456
Birth of Raytheon and/or Michele 1953

Leslie Charteris 5613
Laura Picot Sayles 2619

Saints preserve us as this shows 1956, Birth of Laura (2619, an aka after Leonce died)
and Frank H. Kryder 3612
and Hughes Aircraft 9615

How many of these do we need? How about

Leslie Charteris 5613
German American Trust Company 7129 (ABA)

being tagged as
Frank Kryder 3612
Old National Bank Secret 7119 (ABA)
and the Mortgage given by Rockford National Bank (get The Rockford Files) when Minnie Kryder's house was sold after death 5791.
There's Laura P. Sayles again in that combination too as 2619.

But wait! We almost forgot The Saint and L'il Michele as the Strawberry Girl ! And, this is a true disappointment, because it fixes Ken Fix to Joyce Fix (see below segment, Joyce Fix, Imperial Pointer) , Carolyn's sister who robbed L'il Michele and Kay's grandson through Northwestern Mutual Life 9570. Michele's Achilles has always been creating her image of people in her society as being much more high-minded, loving and good-hearted than they really are. She is guilty of loving where there is nothing to give back.

Let's check that:

First 9570 is a permutation of Lincoln Gaming 9507.

Leslie charteris 5613
Northwestern Mutual Life and/or casino 9570


Minnie Kryder House to Rockford National Bank 5791 (Allen Superior Court)
Tri State Safe and Kay Picot and daughters 5630 (L.M. Berry Mark)

Michele first met Ken Fix when she was landscaping Leonce's restaurants for $8.00/hr. Michele worked for Leonce at some sort of labor many more years than Joyce, Ken, or Laura ever did. Joyce and Ken were brought onto the scene by Carolyn, as stand around restaurant personnel. Michele had already landscaped two of the restaurants by the time the Fixes put the fix on her. Ken is some sort of psychologist or counsellor. He had enough on the ball to see the state Michele was in when she was in her early twenties, reeling from Kay's death, being yanked out of college, and put to slavery at the Down Under. Michele thought Ken was a nice guy, too nice for snappy Joyce. Folks just figured Joyce wears the pants in the family. But little did Michele know, that for so many years these wretched outsiders who took over her first life, as if she were nothing, as if she didn't pop right out because of Leonce's sperm, were plotting to rob her of any of her father's remains, when the time came:

Leslie Charteris 5613
Michele Picot Strawberry 1645


Ken Fix 4636
(1927) Old National Bank Fort Wayne 1155 (L.M. Berry Mark)

which makes complete sense in the phone book king's pattern of tracking.

Then ha-ha-ha- Joyce and Ken never knew The Saint who saw them coming.

(Eye of theTiger)

When L'il Michele was dressed up decently by Kay to be brought out by Leonce to say "Good evening" to the Charterises, Mr. Charteris would pop in his monocle, looking her over with a big smile. And it has always been a curious idea in her mind that either her real grandfather was the Monopoly Man, though it was the Saint who appeared with his monocle in place of Frank. She had never or ever seen anything like this man, while Audrey Long and Kay were equally Indiana- beautiful. LC is our Saint through eternity.

Oh, Ken, Ken, Ken, you're such a tool!

Joyce and Ken Fix were passed a cool $300,000 from Leonce's Northwestern Life, via a Northwest Banker Trustee ex maleficio who violated every rule of probate and life insurance transfers. This violated an Irrevocable Trust drafted by John Houston Payne, having known Kay and Leonce since they were 14, and all that had transpired in Leonce's Little House of Violence, which after his death the succession of Trustees went into dementia and an outsider stepped in and proceeded to take matters into his owns hands and decide, without the required co-trustee, who was to inherit what from Leonce's "shell" left over once his operation had been folded, no longer of use to North American Properties, Inc..

The Fixes immediately commenced a $300,000 addition their Imperial Palace, the Trustee paid off a $100,000 construction loan on his roof, and Laura Picot Sayles, who had had one listing for two years, Leonce's condo, suddenly got her 2619 and became another South Florida realtor with tiny lots and over-priced construction to sell. They accomplished all this before Michele, ten miles from her father, found out in the newspaper Leonce was dead and that Laura was the daughter of Carolyn G. Picot. Michele searched records for the Adoption papers. As if- she was in much in Carolyn and Joyce's way as Michele, though more controllable with her emotional scars. Both women expressed their dislike of Laura publicly. Construction loans and realty Agent Mazur learned in Training are one of the fastest ways to obfuscate illicit gains and bury them under the concrete.

Indeed, the three of them conspired to push Leonce out of his homestead while he was dying in hospice, into a rental, so the real estate lost its Homestead status just before his death, they sequestered him, kept him from his daughter, to further the theft of Kryder assets on the Northwest Bank fence. Meanwhile Strawberry Girl sat under a Writ of Eviction , a caved in roof, in the midst of a roach and rat infestation, powerless to fight, after a lifetime of homelessnesss and lies she believed from the father she served well and trusted, somewhat.

As Mr. Payne might have said, "To take someone's money not knowing where it came from doesn't show a lot of sense."

Leonce spent the last third of his life scrambling for dough, so he said. The wallower in luxury never had enough. He was being blackmailed. He claimed Laura and her daughters Caitlin Picot-Sayles and Kristin Dick had been over-helped by him and he couldn't help anyone anymore, even if his Michele was on the street. Ironically, Leonce had always received help- Frank Kryder's money went through LeVonne, Kay's mother, to put the down payment on his first real estate, which he pulled out from under the Kryder descendants. And of course, his whole restaurant hallucination was "financed" by others.

Fortunately, Ken Guerard's Line, Joyce and Carolyn, is extirpated and will become extinct with the death of Joyce. Pity the child who might have been born to either of those women. The Lord hath Mercy on Those Who Fear Him, and the thought of either of those icebergs raising a baby is fearsome. Their love cannot go beyond snappy inbred expensive dogs and presents for themselves.

Carolyn, Joyce, and Ken may have thoguht they were pretty hot stuff, getting in on Leonce's act.

However they are ice next to the U.S. Treasury Good Guys at

U.S. Treasury Office 1551 (ABA)
Ken Fix 4636 (IRS)


Michele Picot 1645 (SSA)
Leslie Charteris 5613 (most likely, FDR via SSA)

You are such a tool, Ken 4636 - a Hughes Tool and a slimy leechy Gollum. Well done.

Hughes' 12/17/1953 Blood Bank- 4366; 6643 Hughes Aircraft (IRS)

These are all part of Michele's Life- about which the Fixes never knew one true thing concerning. Her life never became water under the bridge, nor did Katherine's, nor did that of The Kryder Company.


See it like a Bent Banker


Laura Picot-Sayles had one last advocate, her full-blood sister, who did not speak with forked tongue after her mother Katherine died. Now she doesn't even have that.

When in the fourth grade, Laura Picot was sent to St. Mark's Episcopal School on Oakland Park Boulevard due to her un-Christian behavior and social problems in Oakland Park public school, where her sister, Michele Picot, was a thriving scholar since the age of 5, a favorite of Principal Lucille Waters. But St. Mark's wouldn't take Laura Picot back for a second year in their enclave. She had a habit of accusing people of taking her things, and a love for tarnishing the character of her peers.

How easily Borchers and Berry and Don Q came at her with the bucks, not the truth. She lied to the newspaper in the county of her birth, where Kay and Leonce had been sweethearts since 1942, where they became her parents, where Kay made her life a fairy tale at 5630 (L.M. Berry Mark), until interference was run on the household, beginning seriously upon the death of Minnie Kryder.

Laura lied to the newspaper in 2018 in Leonce's obituary and said Carolyn Guerard Picot, d. 2015, was her mother, to get a larger Trust share. She did what she was told by adversaries of the Kryders for years, for money, as did her father, Leonce. Though, Katherine had her daughters convinced their father was a "very good man," and would be very famous one day, he certainly never proved it by Katherine. Laura was too young to understand that very good men would never have run the house the way Leonce did. Laura does not know what a very good man is- elsewise she would know how to be a very good woman. But she was traumatized by Leonce beyond endurance for her age when young, then completely corrupted by Leonce and Carolyn at age sixteen with jewels, cars, luxuries Kay never had or would have allowed. Leonce and Carolyn thought it was a joke, telling the world, "We created a monster."

Leonce did not know who Don Q were- vestigial slave drivers. He graduated from milkshakes to daiquiris. But L.M. Berry & Company and Don Q knew where the Kryder Securities were, how they wanted to use them, and for whom they were in Trust- Katherine Kryder, Rebecca Kryder, and Rosemary Kryder Bond- it can be said they knew since numerical logic of asset-moving identifiers demonstrates it.

Recalling that the day of Katherine's death 9/15/1972, Lincoln Financial Corporation formed in Cuyahoga Ohio:

After "hiding" Leonce Picot's death for some months, on 11/16/2018 Laura Picot Sayles obtained de facto id 2619 while in the act of defrauding her elder sister via Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance 9570, an insuror of Leonce Picot.

The Permutator shows

Laura Picot Sayles 2619
Nowestern Mutual Life Insurance 9570


Lincoln Annuities 2760
Raytheon (Fort Wayne) 9519

The quirk in this being that Raytheon was born 12/17/1953, the day Laura's elder sister Michele was born to Kay, as Howard Hughes sat 45 minutes away creating a Foundation in Miami, later HHMI 5717 which "sold" its Hughes stock to Raytheon in Fort Wayne, which leases out the Parkview Medical Complex 8085. (see below section).

Keeping on topic we have

Edgecot (Picot + Edgerton) 3617
HHMI 5717

as permutants of

Burger King International of Florida 7171
L.P. Management (Edgerton + Picot, Florida) 3756.


Laura Picot Sayles 2619|
Southern Wine and Spirits 4475


Tri-State National Bank 7124

Recalling, L.M. Berry marked the Tri-State Safe 5630 in Fort Wayne
then marked Katherine, Leonce, Michele, and Laura at 5630 in Fort Lauderdale, the family's only shared legal address.

(The Bush connections come through Brown Brothers Harriman, thus affecting the senior Kryders who had been retaining railroad gold bonds for two generations since the inception of the Pennsy. The Lincoln Bank had been the German Bank. There were along with Klansmen, monied Nazi supporters in the area. Any thriving American family on The Grid recruited by the North American Company into their Vault eventually ended up mingled with mergers and unsavory things over which they had no control).

They always knew where Katherine was- she was also circled in the Fred Reynold's library copy of Polk's in 1941, the last year before Levonne Kryder pulled her daughters out of town in the middle of the night. Katherine was circled along with Kryder Real Estate and Kryder Insurance. There is a copy in evidence since that Polk's was retired in the 1990's for a clean copy.

The oil and petrol aspect has not yet been brought in, though SIC used 2990 for oil and petrol chemicals and when Fort Wayne National Bank was cohabiting with National City on Berry Street, 2990 was the de facto F.R. id for Fort Wayne National's part coexisting with National City 1482. The short history is, Burger King and Zapata Oil and a number of things in the Organization were begun, renamed or made over in 1954.

1927 Philpott Secret Service Agency, 4394, Fort Wayne:

Laura Picot Sayles 2619
Philpott Secret Service 4394


Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. fka Lincoln National Bank, Fort Wayne 4341 (FDIC)
NaBanco (Leonce, First Merchants, Muncie) 6299 (IRS)

The Kryder RR Gold Bond in the vault, securing Kryder's Additions in 1922 is 8262. It is on a Warranty Deed from Goldie Plasmyre.

Laura PS 2619
Lincoln Financial Securities 5490


FWNB 2990
Leonce and Katherine's firstborn, Michele Picot 1645

The system has already shown that social security or taxpayer numbers of the deceased retain usefulness, even if just as markers, and that even 1930 closed banks such as Old National 7119 receive a deposit of Kryder assets through Frank H. Kryder's tax lawyer, Glenn W. Bordner (check 4461 in column 4400), re-deposited from Lincopln National Bank by Fort Wayne National Bank 7121 ( or 4340), in 1983.

Here we go with Bureau of Vital Statistics and Federal Reserve de facto ids, regarding the Kryders' per stirpes Deed 2627 to unborn heirs:

Exchange Bank, Churubusco, IN (merged into FWNB) 71706 (F.R.)
Michele Picot Florida Birth Certificate 70671 State File 109

109 is/was the Federal Reserve pre-fix for Continental Bank of Illinois (BOA) The German American National Bank, Fort Wayne, and Fort Wayne National Bank and other NW entities

71706- 70671 = 1035. "A 1035 exchange is a provision in the tax code which allows you, as a policyholder, to transfer funds from a life insurance, endowment or annuity to a new policy, without having to pay taxes."

In the whole story, it is flabbergasting, and sad, to what extent and by whom Michele Picot 1645 has been used to cover tax evasion and money laundering, in Indiana and Florida.

At the time of this Exchange Bank merger, the Federal Reserve had two ids for the doings at Fort Wayne National Bank, one for the money, and another for $33,400,000 in realty which appeared on the books in late 1981:

Fort Wayne National Bank (109) 67181
Fort Wayne National Bank Realty (109) 67681

Poor L'il Michele- subtract the real estate from her birth certificate exchange and there is a new Fort Wayne National Bank 2990 (F.R.)

70671-67681 = 2990.

On and on it goes- the whole Magilla- tied together with numerical code forty which ways. Elsewise, these things could not be published. Truth is the sure defense, and too many coincidences indicate an intelligent design. Considering the morgue, this is a case of publish or perish. By the same token, these things may never be read except by Mr. Mazur. Now he has some answers.


Four Foundations


Here are four Fort Wayne/Florida inbred foundations which as a group can be another group than what they appear to
IRS de facto, or vice versa :

Howard Hughes Medical Institute 5717
Parvin Foundation (via Meyer Lansky) 8989
Burger King Worldwide 1696
Parkview Foundation (Fort Wayne) 8085

since they also work out to

Katherine Ann Kryder (aka Kay A. Daniel , Kay Daniel Picot) 6781
Raytheon (Fort Wayne) 9519
First Merchants Data Services (Muncie) 8086
Recorded Custody of The Kryder Company Corporte Seal in 1963, 5789, also the SSN of Thomas G. Moorhead, father of Thomas M., both who were Frank H. Kryder's lawyers 1922-1968.

Pretty chummy. These are just the numerical facts- financial entity identifications which can be used to divert royalties, annuities, benefits, and legacies, to convert or change the character and representation of what's in the vault and what is credited to which id..

Inside the Morgue


How then was Katherine Kryder further used after her 1972 death to fuel a money laundering enterprise? On top of every other indignation cast upon the young beauty, it was discovered in the 1990's, when the research began into Minnie V. Kryder's Estate, that after doing Katherine in, her de facto taxpayer identification number 6781 was used by Don Q International 9070 to track the transition of securities from the 1933 Tri-State National Bank 7124 in Fort Wayne through Leonce Picot to their present destination in Muncie First Merchants 4218.

It must be noted that as an abusive, cruel ex-husband, Leonce Picot got himself appointed Katherine's Personal Representative following her Smith and Wesson debacle. He did not notify Social Security of her death and it was discovered while researching the Kryder Estates in 1993 that Katherine's Social Security number ending 6781 was active. It was ordered cancelled which marked the shutting down of Leonce's enterprises, collapsing one by one.

Are you still awake Agent Mazur, because this is where the action picks up on your patch.

Tri-State National Bank 7124 (ABA) closed 1933
Walt Disney World TP 2883
OR Fred (Barnett) Shoaff 2883

are also arranged as

Southern Airways Trans. 2387
First Merchants Muncie 4218 (FDIC)

Since there are two 2883's, both associated with Barnett-Shoaff (Shamrock) and Disney (Shamrock)

we can afford to subtract one from Don Q (Bond- Fort Wayne National Bank):

9070-2883 = 6187 or 6871, Katherine Kryder Picot

Here's a fun one:

Don Q (Fort Wayne National Bank) 9070 -5630 Tri-State Safe = 3440 or Fort Wayne National Bank 4340 (FDIC).

In 1957, Katherine and Leonce bought a home and were assigned the same phone number as the Tri-State Safe -5630. This is a language for selected bank presidents who began their careers as Treasury agents.

Here is a demonstration of Burcon 1582 (Dave Edgerton, Burger King)
German American National Bank 8620 (F.R.)

being the other side of

Wholesale Wine and Distilled Beverages 5180 (SIC)
Waterway Restaurants, Inc. (Leonce Picot ) 2862

Now some Nitty Gritty

Continental Bank of Illinois (BOA/Barnett/Sons of Italy) 0516 (F.R.)
Burcon 1582


German American National bank 8620 (F.R.)
Old National Bank Fort Wayne 1927 Red Book 1155 or 1551 Office of the U.S. Treasury (ABA)

Recalling same Old National Bank 7119 (ABA) ordered closed by Comptroller in 1930, continued to accept deposits in 1980's
with Burger King International 7171

as interchangeable de facto identification, in the eyes of a banker, or vault keeper.

Following will be publication of more Burger King Keys with those which tie the knot tighter and tighter as the world comes into focus.

Golden Keys and Ruby Slippers

The Lord of the Tri-State Holds Many Mansions

So here is your de facto proof, then to now:

Southern Air Transportation (BCCI-Miami) 2783 (IRS)
First Merchants Bank (+Grabill Bank), Muncie, IN 4218 (FDIC)

are Permutants of:

Tri State National Bank, Fort Wayne, voluntarily closed 1933 7124 (ABA)
Walt Disney World 2883/ ROIC c/o Shoaff-Barnett 2883 (IRS both)

It is the Golden Keys which prove ORGANIZATION- organization for purposes of avoiding detection, and for recognition of entities and hierarchy.

The coincidence argument fails; there are Golden Keys throughout, linking the group through time by their applicable de facto ids which they manipulated from within.

It was the original task of the Secret Service to disrupt collusions of bankers, insurance companies, munitions exporters, alcoholic beverage exporters, wire lines and transportation, to protect the integrity of the United States Treasury. Integrity is undermined by the two-faced coin of money laundering and counterfeiting. Keeping with Just the Facts, money laundering/counterfeiting is Secret Service jurisdiction. Tax evasion, financial fraud, federal and state bank embezzlement are their own thing. The latter crimes are not considered violent. They are federal summer prison camp crime.

Macro-money laundering and counterfeiting a national treasury is violent crime with no one to pursue it.

Where does this RICO begin, for practical purposes, where can it be shown what has coagulated in Muncie, Indiana, 2021, became organized for the purpose of enriching a controlling class over servants and labor, by theft, murder, need, want, and fear?

A good place to anchor is 1911, when both the Standard Oil Trust was ordered to be dissolved and The American Bankers Association published The Numerical Key . The Key established bank identification by state and in which cities Reserve Banks were located.

The Federal Reserve Act in 1913 established its identification system. In 1913 Henry Flagler began selling the stock for various parts of the Flagler System, bankrupt from 1930-1970. The trail of bodies has not been connected, and ever so many players are dead now.

We have the Keys to the Kingdom, that which they took by stealth from others. We have their playbook and the story. So much is embroiled in Florida because in 1913, it was scarcely developed- open ground for noxious weeds.

Without wandering off then, that is enough to set a financial connection between bank note engraving in Old Fort Wayne and Florida's cash enterprise and important real estate development up to now.

Keys show a plan, aside from the columns of the second Ledger.


Kryder Gold Bond for Kryders Additions (see also below with BOA) 8262
Leonce Picot, Waterway Restaurants, Inc. 2862


Flagler System Holdings 8212
Fort Wayne National Corporation 2812.

To Mazur, With Love

May 25th, 2021
90 years since the birth of Katherine Kryder, 1 year since the murder of George Floyd for a Counterfeit Bill

Counterfeiting isn't thought of as a violent crime, by the people, though if they realized it is the other face of laundered money, the book could be opened on the trail of bodies in the twentieth century United States, which are never connected to the ruthless sons of bankers whose forefathers crippled the guardians of The Treasury.

Using a Skeleton Key


The simplest demonstration of Keys in the second Ledger is Kryder, Katherine herself becoming a skeleton via Smith & Wesson, which has a primary de facto 3688. 6299 is a de facto link between the Kryder 1927 real estate development company and Philpott 4394. 9381 and 4394 are linked through 6299 to Ordnances 3480. Katherine 6781, Frank Kryder's daughter, a per stirpes heir married Leonce Picot, originator and user of 6299 for Waterway Restaurants 2862, in Broward County, FL. It is de facto that in 1981, past the deaths of Frank and Katherine whose inheritance never left the vault, Fort Wayne National Bank re-deposited assets in Lincoln National Bank, from Glen W. Bordner, Frank Kryder's federal tax attorney, via check 4461 (native in column 4400 ) into bank 7119 (ABA), Old National Bank ordered closed and liquidated, by the U.S. Comptroller, in 1928.

With this simplest Key, you can use the Nabanco Numbers but they will reappear at the end. But, these de factos were chosen because they lead to the present First Merchants in Municuie, IN 4218, right through BCCI.

To wit, the three very relative to each other identifications can be numerically re-arranged into related unseen de factos, resulting in

Nabanco 6299
Old National Bank 7119
Smith & Wesson 3688

Therein three licenses to kill Katherine Kryder, hearty and hale as she was, trying to save herself from organized crime with yoga, health food, and Roger Miller, was an unforgettable tragedy to witness. Because her half- sister married James Bond, of the original engraving family, and because Katherine had married Leonce Picot it was easy to keep her inheritance in vaults such as closed bank 7119. L.M. Berry, Co., was stalking Kryder before Katherine was born, May 25, 1931. So when she married her high school sweetheart, he was instantly recruited by Don Q International. For who are they but the ruling class of the original slave trade, rum runners with sugar plantations in Cuba, Florida, Haiti, always hidden behind the social rank of America's first banking families such as the Bonds and Barnetts, and Shoaff-Barnetts. Leonce was the perfect good guy profile susceptible to corruption by greed. These are they who are directly pertinent to Kryder; others on the by-ways will not be narrated, till after later...

Now for The Infiltrator's Birthday Gift, three KEYS with case de factos which reveal the hidden relatives to Mazur:

Starting with Nabanco, which has had had various tax i.d.s through time, it is not a problem for a timely Treasury mole to operate by issuing the last four digits requested by a conspirator who only has to call on the phone for an instant new number to which assets will be assigned.. (We were graduated from 19th Century 4-digit Box Numbers to 4 digit phone numbers to 4-digit FDIC Certificates. to the only meaningful last 4-digits, both to the detective and the evader.

Key 1- Mazur's BCCI

Nabanco 6299
First Merchants, Muncie 4218
BCCI, Miami 3794

Rearrange and find these related perps and de factos all with numerical and living witnesses-

National Banc Card, Leonce Picot incorporator aka Nabanco 8294
(L.M./John) Berry Services 4929
Edgecot, the infamous Monterey Edgerton (Burger King) and Picot (Waterway ) partnership till very lately 3617

Key 2. Mazur's Southern Air Transportation

SAT 2783
Waterway Restaurants (Picot) 2862
Walt Disney World, FL 2883


Fred Shoaff ROIC, Venice, FL. 2883
Clarence Frank and Minnie V. Kryder 1943 recorded per stirpes Deed to realty, secured by RR, 2627

This rare instance yields two for three because of the exceedingly rare existence of doubles in tax i.d.s in the same state. What makes it weird is the Shamrock merger in 1985 when Shoaff, Disney, Barnett, Fleming, Soybeans and the families they hold captive were joined together in a private family trust. There were no Shoaffs in the Kryder estate or business legal work until after they were all dead. Then Thomas M. Moorhead, estate lawyer for Minnie V. Kryder and last VP of the Kryder Co., Inc., took the corporate seal to Baker and Daniels, and Shoaff. Which leads to Key 3 and reveals two high ranking players.

Key 3. Mazur's BCCI and Barnett's Bank of America

Recorded Kryder Gold Bond securing real estate development 8262
BCCI 3794
Bank of America, N.A. 3510


Frank H. Kryder 3612
Thomas G. Moorhead, Thomas M. Moorhead, Minnie Kryder Estate Closing 5789
Pepsi Sales, Florida 4302


To Agent Mazur

The Evidence Board is a Ledger


Since the coming of Britbox into American homes, we have been let onto the dismal reality that in the United States, seriously motivated anti-corruption units do not really exist in our system of justice. It is embarassing, really, that Great Britain, for all its class struggles, has managed what is rightfully called "British Intelligence," while over in the Land of the Free, a piggish, unmannered ruling class has developed which became that way by undoing laws and of course infiltrating into the highest places such as the Treasury and the Comptroller's office. Our only chance for anti-corruption investigations of great importance are vestigial purebred Hounds, left on their own without rank or back-up, or so it would seem.

A film in 2016 about the 1985 BCCI days seems mighty tame, on the face. If you live in South Florida, smuggling, murder, rape, money laundering, all vices, are the norm, having become more and more that way since the 1950's. Not that nastiness isn't almost everywhere, when it becomes concentrated in "cells" as they are called in investigatory work, you have an infestation. There is no going behind the security gate, there is no retreat or neighborhood for the normal rich where you can not have a criminal for a neighbor.

So why bother about BCCI? Isn't that water under the Clearwater Bridge?

As promised, we have never been without a witness, though it has taken a cycle of 90 years to open The Ledger, irrefutable proof of the Second Treasury, minted by the earliest American Bank families. In plain words, Agent Mazur, the clean bank money substituted for the vice money is counterfeit, minted against two-hundred years anonymous American railroad gold kept in the vaults, as they say.

In Florida, from the Berry Street days of Philpott and Leo Alexander, Barnett Bank of Alachua County, 0200, (aka Bank of America/ Sons of Italy) was an early hub in the cell originating with the engravers who were founders/owners for the most part of Fort Wayne National Bank and Lincoln National Bank (German American National Bank.) Early control of Florida's development, including food stores, chain markets, amusements, vending machines, laundromats, all cash venues, where the turnpike would run and who owned the motels and concessions was theirs- they needed that cash money. Tourists spent cash and settlers owed the bank.

As BCCI was in full swing, Fort Wayne was busy merging Central Soya, Disney, Pepsi and Moving and Storage with some Texans into an unrecognizable fund fondly known as Shamrock. We all know, that was the end of Walt Disney and imagination.

In between we have Anthony Wayne Bank which ledger-wise attaches the estate of Minnie V. Kryder from Anthony Wayne Bank 1943 Certificate Issue to the merger of Grabill Bank into First Merchants, Muncie, IN. There ends a long and winding road, and many, many answers.

But WHO is between Bank of America Barnett, the Flagler System, Lincoln Road and F.M., Muncie? WHO can be nabbed?

NABANCO! Who else, Agent Mazur? Not many see the Divine Comedy. NABANCO 6299 in the ledger connects Philpott through the 1980's, all that jazz, to First Merchants with certain Kryder kin in it today.

Leonce Picot was an incorporator and director of National Bancard Corporation, 11/01/1976, upon conversion of Treasury Notes in Trust, last exchanged by Frank Kryder in 1964. It was an excellent year for the Second Treasury, i.e. "Administering the assets of failed banks made the FDIC liquidation division the nation's largest realty investment trust and in terms of private business, the 49th largest U.S. conglomerate;" plus Howard Hughes died, leaving Fort Wayne sequestration service in control of Raytheon and Magnavox Defense Electronics, City Hall maintaining an odd relationship with a Washington State Boeing executive, Todd O. Thompson..

Morphing into NABANCO, whereas cash from Waterway Restaurants was originally driven to Landmark Bank, this changed to daily dashes to NABANCO which went through Atlanta before becoming First Merchants.

Leonce Picot and his partnership with David Russell Edgerton, our Burger King, carries us through BCCI to 2018. Edgerton, Borchers, John Berry, all came together out of the blue into Leonce's life in the early 1980's. Carolyn Picot called him "Uncle Edgy Burger," behind his back. Edgerton was no Dave Thomas or Col. Sanders then. He was sallow beneath his Florida tan, with purple circles beneath his eyes.

"He had a little trouble with cocaine," Leonce explained, "but we're taking care of all that."

WHO are we, and what have we done? Picot and Edgerton became odd partners till after both their deaths in 2018.

Therefore, we have Agent Philpott to First Merchants, Muncie, IN, and we have a Second Treasury circulating since before 1927. The history is fascinating, but it takes years to absorb, and you have to have an interest.

Still Prosecution needs not just evidence but proof- proof which can't be convoluted, misconstrued, de-natured or refinished.

That is what the Four Numerical Witnesses provide- corroborated absolute numerical proof . The legitimate world is all in the Ledger, for inspectors, examiners, agents. If we are unoccupied sufficiently, in twenty-five years or so an individual might construct the framework of the legitimate Ledger. And the legitimate Ledger catches and convicts the rogue, but not the elite, and we have little interest raging over anti-corruption and the Treasury.

Wouldn't it be fun if the supra-wealthy idle sudddenly learned they had no legitimate cash, but money printed elsewise, even freshly printed double-bonds?

Agent Mazur understands that the criminal side have to have a second Ledger and always did. They have to identify and keep track, and avoid detection. Those who know the second Ledger have it as protection from each other, but the number has to be extremely small who could crack it without intimate knowledge of Katherine Kryder. The early counterfeiters did not anticipate, well, computers, for one, but mainly that after so much passage of time, generations later, there would be anyone assigned to interpreting their ways and means.

For such a mansion of trick rooms, one needs a Skeleton Key- Three Entities each with a 4-digit de facto identification.


Demonstration of the Key will follow. Forensics can ensure a conviction around these three numbers. Kryder and Philpott were on NABANCO and Ordnances in 1927. The rest is filling in a lot of blanks which should not exist at all.

Finding the building blocks likely would not have ocurred had Minnie V. Kryder's Estate not been pulled out of the Allen County Courthouse basement 34 years after her death. It is Berry Street's web of lies which finally reveal a major flaw running across the continent, like an earthquake waiting to happen. To the Fort Wayne partners, it was the last thing they ever expected, especially secure in their little citadel. The case was cold as ice, but not unsolvable. Real estate developers leave a huge paper trail that does not disappear, if you stay on the path.

Yet, the Hounds can come home now, for we have all their numbers and know how they are used in the second Ledger.

The elite criminal element is organized in its own book, utilizing their legitimate de factos as obtained from the Four Numerical Witnesses. The columns show combined relationships of de factos, which reveal organized unseen relationships, in numerical sequence, in columns running 1000, 1100, 1200, to 9900.

For example, by de facto i.d., Flagler System Holdings 1115 and the 1927 Old National Bank 1155 exist as "natives" in column 1100. Then, there are relative combinations which result in meaningful serialization of the column. Such as 900 Treasury Mole + Barnett Bank Alachua County 200= 1100. A column heading will relate other entities in a cell, through combination of de factos.

In column 1100 are also found in combination are National Bancard, Old National Bank, First National Bank #11, Continental Bank of Illinois (Bank of America) William S. Borchers, 1963 L.M. Berry, Inc., a Kryder gold bond, Tri-State National Bank, and a few others.

Column 4400 is the most filled-in as it organizes the Fort Wayne-Florida players with Kryder fiduciaries, Tower Mortgage, Leonce Picot's mortgages, Fort Wayne National Bank Realty, BCCI, Prescott Bush, The U.S. Treasury, Edgerton, Burcon, Anthony Wayne Bank, Minnie V. Kryder, FEC Ry, National City Bank, Fort Wayne National Bank, Waterway Restaurants, Borchers, Kryder gold bond, L.M. Berry, Instaburger, Wolf and Dessauer,4441and so importantly, Southern Wine and Spirits, 4475.

The columns are not coincidence and a forensic account who is straight will understand in short time. You really can't get more cut and dried than a logical Ledger, 1-99.

What's in Lincoln's Laundry

Every Hair is Numbered


Agent Philpott, of 401 Tri-State Building is our Anchor, with a solid grip on 1927 Fort Wayne through time to the present. He identifies the upper echelon of the Berried Mint, then to now, never losing a stitch in time, never losing track of Kryder Real Estate whose gold mortgage interest is forever tied to the railroad, and that is final.

Philpott shared his office with The American School of Honesty, an incorporated entity described as a collection bureau. In short, all de facto identifications up to now are verified by Philpott 4394. It is that simple. De factos of the yet to be born in 1927 are anchored to Philpott; mergers, name changes, new entities, as disparate as they may appear on the outside, are all one degree from Philpott central. Lined up in their columns, they tell the true story. True, because it is numerically proved as it is told.

Without an anchor, the four numerical witness systems are a maze which could be wandered forever. So who does Philpott identify as the Privateers who concocted their own U.S. Treasury on paper, backed by buried gold in a vault within a vault? What is needed is an old fashioned gathering in the Study, by invitation, of the inner circle, who shall be served Beluga caviar and champagne as Philpott paces 'round their seating area, revealing secret marriages, deprivation, means, motive, and opportunity, so the dish can run away with the spoon.

Our Berried U.S. Treasury

Asleep in Seattle, Double Mint Gumshoes are No Longer Clueless in Fort Wayne


Agent Mazur, or someone, stated in 2016 "The Infliltrator, " the (BCCI) bodies are piling up so fast we'll need Burger King for a morgue. A flippant Hollywood scripted remark actually nailed the Treasury case which has manipulated U.S. growth and development onto some very bad roads, very bad, worse than anyone could imagine.

In 2016 Hollywood at the same time re-opened a book long shut on rum-runners and gangsters, telling us in a plain way that BCCI laundered paper money backed by gold and securities kept in the vault. It laundered white collar money together with everything in the underworld. The Agent finally gets to take down a ring of creepy drug and human traffickers, but just like the best coppers of Britbox, is left with the realization an aristocracy fostered the violence, got rich by it, then called the law to exterminate the cockroaches. Crime marches on.

To establish crime organization over a century, to be able to demonstrate ongoing-ness unto the present, perpetuated through the generations, if such a feat were accomplished, the investigator has to present succinct, irrefutable, inescapable proof .

To wit,

1. The Key to the Numerical System of the American Bankers Association, 1911
2. Federal Reserve Numerical Identification Systems, 1913
3. SSN System 1935; EIN System, 1976
4. SIC of the SEC, 1938

On the brinks of a second world war, SIC numbers were enacted by the SEC to work with the existing systems of banking, commerce, and industry regulation by government, to classify traders into separate categories of money intended to be, for the good of all, kept separate. For instance, with SIC numbers, wholesale distilled alcohol, beer, and wine share a numerical two-digit suffix with both guns and international depositaries.

The Four Numerical Systems combine in The Ledger as de facto identification. The Ledger is inarguable as the Four Witness Systems were made to work together for keeping track.

Mr. Mole, though, has been very, very busy since the turn of the last century, creating artificial columns over time, a parallel Ledger, to this effect:

An unauthorized second U.S. Treasury, handed down through our earliest official banking families to their heirs and assigns forever, has raised a flag or two throughout unsolved crimes and debacles over and again, undetected, covered-up, or case closed with a few small, careless operators nabbed.

Except for the L.M. Berry Company, who is here to recall the historical collective atmosphere of The Kryder Company, Bond Engraving, and the Secret Service agents of 1927 Fort Wayne, all bunched together in two blocks of downtown with the primary banks, Western Union, Dun and Bradstreet, and the courthouse? Lincoln Trust could wire anything to UBS, Switzerland, the foreign correspondent of Straus Commercial Bank, next to the telegraph office.

Between Indiana's Klan governor in 1924 and 1927, all Fort Wayne phone numbers were changed.

Still, L.M. Berry Company and family stalked the Frank Kryder Family in time all the way to Clarence and Minnie's great-great grandchildren. We know it because the Ledger is four-way proof which connects: FEC RY Holding to BCCI; Kryder Gold Interest (a numbered tracer, attached to Kryder subdivisions) to BCCI; Kryder Gold to Fort Wayne National Corporation; The 1927 Kryder Company to John Berry; Minnie Kryder's House and Estate documents to Bond Engraving; BCCI to Bond Engraving; Southern Wine and Spirits to Bond Engraving, and Agent Philpott, surveilling ordnances and banking, to Bond Engraving, 1927. And this is the Bond Engraving descended from Hugh McCulloch's and Charles Bond's First State Bank No. 11 Fort Wayne Branch, aka Fort Wayne National Bank.

These are not by a long shot near the amount of links and relationships elucidated by just four of the Ledger columns undergoing completion. What was needed to span a schism, are the links from the old regime of Secret Service agents listed in 1927 Fort Wayne to BCCI, through the life and death of Katherine Kryder to the death of the Burger King and Leonce Picot, John Berry's target, to the shifting of FEC RY laundry assets, marked by the Kryders, through Leonce Picot to National Banc Card aka First Merchants Data Systems nka The old Grabill bank gone to Muncie town. That is a predatory organization proved by the official proving system, 1927 to the present, without gaps, chinks or anomalies.

Without the Kryder Company, Frank, Sr.'s and Minnie's one patriotic missing piece of gold from the U.S. Treasury, none of the "doubles" can be seen. Ex-treasury agents as President of the Bank felt safe. They did not reckon survivors of Katherine might one day change into interesting victims of a pre-planned genocide.

Plug the Kryder de facto identification numbers into a parallel Ledger with the right cast, and watch the connections snap into place. It's hanky panky in the banky like you'd never believe.

Picot (NaBanco), William Borchers (Kettering Boulevard, Dayton), Edgerton (Burger King) and John Berry (Yellow Pages), united in Florida and California smack during the BCCI Miami years. It is a problem placing who worked for whom, or who was who. Leonce was an unsurpassed liar when it came to serial numbers on paper currency. But he had no family money, to him an Achilles heel. He was indeed very smart, but not so much so as his ex-wife Katherine Kryder of Fort Wayne.

Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Charteris ceased wintering in Palm Beach fall of 1972 when their friend Kay Picot died. They dissolved their SAINT corporation in Florida. Borchers tore apart Picot's imaginary kingdom with absurd financial advice, luring him into purchases he could not afford. John Berry delivered a lasting blow to Picot's bravado, bringing lawsuits which threatened Picot, his children, and the children and grandchildren of Katherine Kryder, with Tobacco Road forever. That is the picture painted by Leonce- for very little reason one of the richest men in the country singled him out to ruin him permanently, for losing a million Berry dollars in restaurants on Nob Hill, San Francisco, and Gallatin's, in Monterey. Yet, was this for real or diversionary? Was Berry out for Picot, or Kryder?

The Bank Notes once printed by Fort Wayne National Bank, Old National Bank, and Lincoln National Bank still come up for sale on e-Bay. The McCullochs and Bonds who owned the banks, had permission to engrave their own notes. No wonder, considering the anonymous gold in Allen County, "too far from the federal arm of the law," by the time the deportations were completed and DuPont began using alias outfits to exploit Reserve land .

If you've a vault of gold the government doesn't know about, and the genuine materials and artists employed for engraving U.S. Currency, and are even a maker of the dyes and inks of currency, and have interest in a string of family banks and insurance companies, why not be just like a second Treasury, one the government doesn't have anything to do with- one reserved for the worthy captains of industry? It's real currency, isn't it, if it's backed by gold and securities? It's not on greasy paper with the wrong color ink. Only Mr. Mole knows for sure.

So, Mr. Mazur, you and your successors are up. Please go to 1928-1930 Treasury Cause 3285, Comptroller's Consolidation 344, the Allen County, Indiana Section directing consolidation, liquidation, and transfer of assets between three Bond banks. and what outcome was ordered. The instructions were not followed. Moody's was given misinformation to publish, as if the order had been followed. The proof gap is bridged from then to now. The system works now as it did then, with the second Ledger of the rogue Treasury paralleling the U.S. Desk Copy.


The Don-Q 60's: 151 Rums of Puerto RICO, Tobacco, Assassination

11/22/1963 My President, My President!

by Michele Picot, daughter of Kay and Leonce

It is 11/22/2019, and for the second consecutive year there has been no memorial or acknowledgement of the man who was murdered in font of the world because of some of the people in this country are too big for their britches, and have been getting way with murder since Abraham Lincoln. A whole generation has come up who were barely conscious in 1963, but those of us who were studying Centerville in grade school or above in 1963 did not escape the deep trauma of being yanked out of our developing concept of family, society, and the Great United States into turmoil, an overturning of our existing ideas about all races getting along, and the horrifying realization that the adults in our daily lives were not at all at one or necessarily in control.

11/22/1963 is a date which should be entered into a large database of simultaneous financial transactions and maturities. At the end of the day, money makes the world go 'round. Assassination most certainly is an acceptable avenue to the brewers and bottlers who have a history of doing it to inconvenient people.There is a trail that filters right to 411 Elm Street which happens to intersect Minnie V. and Frank Kryder, North American Van Lines and Pepsi in Dallas. Bring home Allyn & Bacon.

Nevertheless, to not annually memorialize the highest elected official of the United States assassinated in the line of duty, with all its impact and wake of trouble affecting so many families for years to come, a troubling thing that has made Thankgsgiving moldy, to me, is bizarre. We make a spectacle out of a groundhog every year, but we do not commemorate an important, widely loved president, cut down in his prime.

The assassination of President Kennedy is date-worthy millenial history. We are an irreverent self-concerned bunch, eh what? Black Friday has more influence over our brains.

If this has to do with dumbing down the young ones, when I started on the Kryder Estate and Florida East Coast Railroad, I began to learn what should have been taught in college about the state. So there are things which can't be found in historical textbooks, and where have our textbooks come from over time, what has been left out, or slanted?

College funding, the important kind, edits what professors are allowed to say.

I think about causes of holiday depression, why are some people never depressed, why others are. Childhood memories play role




Mrs. Leonce PicotSpeaking of Bars, The Tiki Bar model conceived by the Thornton Brothers was a deadly culture for innocent children and helpless wives flying over our heads as this womanizing planned House of Pleasures destroyed the marriages of nearly all who worked there. It was very sad for we kids, using drink stirrers, colored plastic thin straws and cocktail napkins for crafts and Christmas decorations. People were always arguing, parties and gatherings never ended well, and it was very disturbing to the children. Very.

The Mai-Kai girls were the model of the Playboy Bunny, but more revealingly draped in the popular post-War Polynesian motif. I wished I would be a Mai-Kai girl when I grew up, because then my father would look at me. You see at the table both Bob Thornton and Leonce- always seated at the edge, ready to fly away to some important thing. You never felt like you were really at the table with Leonce, or that he was ever with you even. He was always pointing out this beautiful girl, or some set of legs, perhaps criticizing a tasteless cocktail dress, even if you were mid-sentence.

Imagine how Katherine felt- she was exceedingly more beautiful than any of them. You see in the promo photo she is centered and the other ladies around the room are checking her out. To say she lit up every room she entered is an understatement. Her only jewelry was her plain gold wedding band and her St. Christopher. She had this from her Episcopalian days at St. Mary's College, Raleigh, NC. When she lost it shortly before her death she saw it as a foreshadowing, and I think I did too.

Mr. ans Mrs. Leonce Picot

The Mai-Kai was not inherited by the lineal heirs of their grand-parents who completely financed the operation for their sons Bob Thornton and Jack Thornton. Bob tricked Jack in a stock exchange and in the end Jack's children were wiped out and the intention of both the maternal and paternal grand-parents was thwarted. Bob had no children. Therefore no one in the Chicago blood lines of those who set up the Mai-Kai for their descendants in Florida has an iota of interest in their own family bucks a half -century later. It is owned by new blood, so-to-speak, and the Jack Thornton heirs were severed. Bob Thornton did not think twice about wiping out his own blood totally, ignoring his parents' wishes and turning the Senior Thornton investment over to an unrelated family. That's the curse of rum, the wrath of Papa Q.

A Half-Century of Liar's Poker at the Molokai Bar, Mai-Kai Restaurant, Fort Lauderale, Florida*

(*This is my disclaimer, because I have not crossed the threshold of the Mai-Kai since I was last forced to in the early 1980's, nor will I ever again: the new blood of the Mai-Kai, having become so by marriage or having been staff there for at least part of the term Leonce worked there, may not have known about The Game those years they were just staff, and may not have known Leonce played there years after Bob Thornton died. The Thorntons may not have known the game was on. I heard there are altogether unrelated new owners. Best of luck.)

Many a Down Under waiter knew about the game in 1973 and people who spent afternoons at the Down Under bar talked freely. I made flower arrangements, and just in placing them around, heard things I didn't want to hear. I thought, that is why the bars were once called Speak-easies. Good place to go if you are trying to pick up intel.

But in those times I too had rum, after the flowers were finished. The bartender liked to make me the house special- rum whipped in butter pecan ice cream as an afternoon treat. I could definitely afford the calories, so yum-yum, a buttery, nutty rum milkshake. It was served in its own special custom-made handled mug. I would take it back to the wine room to escape the bar crowd, and hide, though I was usually followed by someone who thought I needed company.

It as bad enough when I came home from college, that waiters and staff clamored to tell me goodies about my father. It was painful, what they thought would amuse me. But customers or people who knew Leonce or said they did ruined my rum milkshakes with gossip, and I would leave many work days at the Down Under down in the dumps, driving exceedingly carefully home.

Cristino Alicea worked for Leonce who grabbed him as purchasing agent from the Mai-Kai. Cristino was Puerto Rican and drove an average of 50 in town, 90 on the highway. I wouldn't ride with him after one trip. He raced cash to NABANCO.

One day I was in the kitchen and he loudly announced to twenty or so personnel, "I donno how such an ugly man like Leonce can have such a beautiful daughter!"

"Because I look like my mother."

I was mad. Cristino knew Kay, and what Leonce did to her, and all the doin's of those small town playboy high-lifers. The others around the kitchen who laughed never knew or saw my mother. Carolyn told people she was my mother, against my wishes. It would not have been seemly to correct those who thought Carolyn was my mother when Cristino put me on the spot. I wanted them all to know that Kay named the Down Under, that Kay wrote the books and developed the lifestyle which gave the ugly man a credential in fine food, that she was so beautiful Leonce had to help destroy her. He benefited by her death!

Nevertheless, I personally knew about the Liar's Poker because Leonce gloated over me, his Cinderella, burbling too much when he won.

Liar's Poker after hours in the Molokai Bar was an elite game run since almost its opening during the life time of Leonce Picot, at least till 1997 or so, unless Leonce was lying about his winnings. Men who play it drink The Mystery Drink, Yeoman's Grog, and libations in Shrunken Heads; they have completely lost judgment over maintaining this little nook of racketeering in quiet. Of course our mothers tried to make we little girls think life was a fairy tale and distract us from the lurid lives of our fathers after dark. But Leonce Picot, my Daddy, was crowned Molokai Liar's Poker champion of the City throughout his life, and those looks on his face after a big winning night were sinister to me.

He always bought himself a treat after a win- a little collectible soldier, a Fiat Spyder, clothing, art, laughing the ghoulish "hoo-hoo-hoo" laugh which curiously piqued Kay to nickname him "Lurch" as early as the 1960's. Convert your winnings to art and collectibles.

Leonce's Molokai Liar's Poker was played with serial numbers on U.S. Currency. That is all I know about the game, but what a BS jab at the U.S. Treasury- gambling with the serial numbers. I will not say my father was not patriotic- I am pointing out what RUM will do to the very very best of us, injuring the innocents along the roadside. It made power-driving fortunes here in these United States by doing irreparable damage to families via inhumane acts long ago which have never received due acknowledgment in United States History, much less relief for survivors. The power of the brewers is not fully in the public perception- they are heavily veiled, with influence over transportation, amusements, hospitality, fruit crops, sugar, everything.

Ye who think U.S. Sugar is the end all, Guinness LLC is higher up the ladder.

We as a society share the "curse" of addiction, on multiple fronts, including law enforcement and rehabilitation costs. The same people make the money curing a problem they caused, if you climb the corporate ladder. You can't ignore a bad foundation, especially as the condo grows taller and taller. Think about all the things floating in that cocktail as you imbibe- all that went into it, including the dead bodies from human families like your own, forced and beaten in broiling fields of sugar cane for the Boss. Or, if you are country-club only, think about the mangled, charred kids in their Teslas, crashing on the way home from Graduation.

(Wine makes me think of Leo Goodwin, ordering up a party from Leonce in the Down Under Wine Room, to celebrate the day he would be released from jail for vehicular homicide. Though, grapes have been reserved for another section of this writing).

Let's embellish Rum in America with elegant Christmas gift packaging, fruit twists, orchids, paper umbrellas, plastic sticks and elaborate drinkware. Why are these drink trinkets so colorful, attractive and fun? They are manifestations of the eldest witch doctor in the world, hidden deep in the jungles of the forgotten Haitian Sugar Company. He has appeared in various fiction novels- one I read from the Lutheran library. He was called Papa something. He steals young girls from convents. He has never been caught when his captives were rescued. Papa Q.

Remedy the past, re-insure the integrity of the future.

Papa Q will work his way into families to ignite trouble where there was none. Your family may be good as gold, but Papa Q works on us as a Nation because we have invited him into our home.

Back in the 1990's I was at my local IRS unit making payment arrangements on my meager income and in the cublicle next to me was a Korean man pleading with an undercurrent of hysteria about criminal charges over his weekly poker night with friends.

"It is just friends...we get together and play cahds."

The agent was explaining the agency's point of view on unreported cash flow and poker games. I was trying to not overhear. I was still impressed by the fear I heard in the man's voice and the idea that IRS had enough manpower to track down residential poker games, while so much large ticket financial mischief can't be prevented, and less glamorous cases where fleecing rests on the fine line of criminality have to be fought in court by victims.

Oakland Park, the municipality of the Mai-Kai, used to have a 4:00 A.M. closing ordinance for bars and liquor stores. Men could treat their wives to an uncontestably pleasant dinner and atmosphere, then send them home to tuck in the girls as they slipped into the Molokai wee hours of overly tanned hips and breasts leaning over to serve them another hit of 151 for a tip. They were shifty-eyed behind their fans of paper money, and thorougly intoxicated.

Actually, I am not sure how the game Liar's Poker is played- but by the age of twelve I could easily beat Leonce at Clue and Hearts, to the extent that he forced me into Chess to get ten minutes of his time, though I was never taught the game. He was always the happy winner- he beat me at Chess, and he beat the town playboys and hot shots at Liar's Poker, a game I never heard of except as being played at the Molokai. How he justified this in his upright anti-mobster, no casinos in Florida position is with RUM.

Rum drinks can make a person do or say anything they would not ordinarily say or do. Rum is sold by what is called "purveyors of spirits."

If rum is to be a spirit, then we have to classify this, for the sake of the young.

Is it a good spirit or a bad spirit?

There is a house in New Orleans, from which there is no return from rum. I am a witness. I saw Rum drinks tear down healthy American families one by one- the licentious, "we can do anything the best" Mai-Kai killer drinks, womanizing culture. It is not illegal for adults to drink rum, but if they have children, the children will now or in future generations pay the price. Why can't this be recognized once and for all?

Rum in America is the Spirit of the Slave Trade, and say it all you want, there are some places in the past from which there is yet to be any semblance of "moving on."

Leonce continued his Liar's Poker reign over the decades, though he had fallen out with Robert Thornton over starting his own restaurant, or maybe that was a lie as well.

The Down Under, named by the literary one, Kay Daniel Picot, was only a beautiful Al Kocab illlustration to gather investors when Bob Thornton found out and immediately fired Leonce, leaving him without an income and two young girls and an ex-wife to support.

Well I remember those days, just coming into the first level of maturity, Leonce sold print advertising to banks in Sarasota, and around and about, for small time rags and mags.

Finally Bob Thornton died of the traditional outcome of a life of cigarettes, rum, and charred meat, and this made Leonce even more comfortable returning to what he imagined was his creation, the Molokai, enjoying many more years winning bucks for the talkative Carolyn and himself. Like Lotto tickets, Liar's Poker was a necessity as they aged and became very poor.

Here's some non-fictional Mai-Kai History only Michele Picot can tell:

Michele Picot

"Here I am photographed in Kendall Green, Pompano, by my Uncle Charles Zawadzki who married Rebecca Louise Kryder, aka Beckilou Daniel etc., Frank Kryder's third and youngest daughter, b.1936 in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Becky and Chuck were both artists. Their one daughter was our one cousin, Tamara Veronica. The family was separated, but all three died within three years of each other.

Do I look joyous, August 1962?

Uncle Chuck was an upbeat commercial artist for the times, and was hired for most of the Mai-Kai print art, which was copious. He was a very sensitive, gentle person around children. I never saw him angry or never heard him raise his voice. When I was over 40 Uncle Chuck told me, "Leonce is a cold fish."

My nickname for my father was "Peapod," after my friend's "Pe-pa." We ate a good deal of sauteed peapods, pork fried rice and bamboo shoots, just to make him happy. To win his approval, as a child I feigned to enjoy steak tartare and oysters. Blech. I became at risk for serious infection after puncturing my foot on a stone crab claw which had fallen out of the garbage can outside. We didn't wear shirts and we didn't wear shoes.

Leonce whistled for me like a dog when he wanted me to come home from a friend's yard. I could go where I wanted from the age of five if I remained within whistling reach. He had a separate whistle for the beagle.I was the laughing stock of all the girls. I protested very young and believed the whistles were a humiliating act. Now it fits with the profile of men who go too far. Nobody's mother or father I knew whistled them home.

In my neighborhood, Oakland Park, and in my school, my best friends that I liked were of the Protestant neighborhood churches. I liked Baptist Bible School in summer. My best friends were Lutherans, Presbyterians, and Methodists. I was welcomed and loved in any family, eventhough I learned young they thought of me as Whiskcopalian. How hard is it for a child under the age of ten to be in conflict with the religion of the household? The Episcopalians at the time were a real cocktail set, and so were my parents. Leonce was in the grog set then. He never had wine till wine became cool after people realized they needed to ease up! Before the Napa craze, all was concocted spirits.

I wanted a normal house like what I saw at my friends' houses, not focused on idols and over the top booze. If you have rum in a cupboard, it's for flavoring festive baked goods.

I was younger than ten when I began picking up thoughts that as a Mai-Kai child, I was regarded by decent people as the child of a debauched home. And I was. It is embarassing to be born into an odd life. I did not want the tiki gods, the blowfish lamps, the cocktail shakers, the shaking hips, heavy eye-make-up, long coconut oil hair and jiggling bodices. I did not want to be conspicuous, and judged by the parents of my friends.

In my mind, I wanted to cry out, " none of this is me or of my choosing. " Children cannot articulate family and deep spiritual conflict, but never at anytime do they like it or want anyone else to know it is there.

My father, Leonce Louis Picot was kept in an underling station at the Mai-Kai, jealous of the Thornton Brothers and any peer in general who was set up in college then financed in business by their parents. He coveted their clothes and cars. Leonce wanted a wardrobe to rival Jack Thornton's, things to amuse himself with, to be able to eat and drink and do anything he desired. Ironically, though he considered himself the cleverest in the bunch, his salary as Public Relations Department was less than the manager's. The bartenders and serving girls probably earned more. His office at the Mai-Kai was a closet. He did much to promote the Mai-Kai with creative advertising and publicity, and worked nights on the door, to make ends meet, and to be there till 4:00 A.M. I am certain he was more intelligent than Robert Thornton, but the rich guys liked to keep the ambitious Leonce down in his place, west of Dixie Highway.

He had wanted to go to University in style, and festered over it so much in his soul over the years that he was determined his eldest daughter, the proven scholar, would not receive adequate clothing, heat, or food at North Carolina State University, or enough to complete a university education in general. Though, had I been a man, he may have seen worth in me.

Never mind, I did it myself later, but having to leave North Carolina State University, Raleigh was the worst thing for my welfare as a 19 year-old whose mother had just comitted suicide. True I was starving, even with waitress jobs, but at last I was thriving at State, in Botany, in good favor with the Department. I was absorbing the aftershock of losing my mother to suicide at a distance, in a stabilizing environment around professors who were interested in my scholastic progress. It was the first time I had felt anyone was interested in me since the sixth grade. I was living on my own, I was in love, and we were trying to make do. But Leonce promised me better things, if I would leave college and get into his act.

I worked on the Leonce Picot genealogy, but he didn't want to see any of it. was interested to see if Daddy was hiding from any relation to the Sykes-Picot Agreement. Though Leonce was a more perfect Bill Sykes.

Carolyn Guerard Picot, Leonce's second-wife who was an avid RUM-TALKER at the Down Under bar, told of the terrible nightmares he suffered night after night, throughout their marriage. They must have developed after he married her, because they never happened in our house. Leonce told me perhaps he really needed a psychiatrist- and truly he did. You can't sit around the champagne and caviar table, and tell about the day your father burned up in a fire.

Once I researched Leonce, I felt compassion for him, regardless of his abuses, because I believe he had blocked that memory of his father's violent death, confused it with another story that he almost burned his house down playing with matches under the fir tree. It was said the Commissioner likely fell asleep in bed smoking in a downstairs bedroom. Leonce may have accidentally burned up his father, or it may have been an enemy. City Commissioners had lots of trouble in East Orange. At 10, there is no telling how Leonce remembered the trauma, what he was told, or what the real story was, is there? He denied the value of knowledge of ancestry, as though it can be severed from the eternal chronology and marching on of Truth.

Gilbert Picot, a third cousin, traveled once to try and meet Leonce but my father refused to speak with him on the phone. I would have liked to have met Gilbert! Leonce's people migrated to Manhattan from France, were merchants, representatives of the East India Rubber Co. and maintained households with three or more servants. He was born and lived for 8 years a block from his grand-parents, but he never met them.

Who can anticipate a child's perceptions of trauma at 8 years of age? Emotional trauma in children is a neurologically complicated jolt to an undeveloped nervous system. If adults are making cover stories and are misleading, the future will become worse, don't you know?

People who say, "Forget about it, that's the past," don't realize this is not an answer or advice.

I used to think if Kay had not been so stripped to poverty, maybe she would not have lost her Faith and lived. She may have made a comeback and continued witing. She had one of the strongest spirits fixed on the Most High I have ever known. She was deserted by her mother, sister, and husband. Good candidate for suicide- plus, lost her father at age 10.

She was managing the Mai-Kai situation well, gathering up some feminist resistance, writing the restaurant books, until the John F. Kennedy assassination. We were let out of school at 1:00 and I lived across the street from school. I walked in and Kay was in the living room crying buckets. She was glued to the television streaming tears all week. She scarcely pulled Thanksgiving together for company. I did not know what was going on. She rallied for that Christmas, the last one I care to think upon, but by Superbowl she was clearly in trouble. Essentially, she cried from 1963-1972, holding back for trips to the store. Those were the years of her darkest sunglasses, black chiffon bandanas and turtlenecks, The Diana Rigg years.

It is haunting to me, that Robert Kennedy's grand-daughter not only stated and published her feelings of hopelessness ahead of time, her access to the finest medical treatment, wealth, social station, fun things to do, the prime of youth, beauty, and a huge family makes no difference. When a person publishes their statement of hopelessness, there is no time to lose.

I've learned that generational lies and/or secrets lead to suicide after a period of incubation, maybe one or two generations later, or continuing down the line as part of medical family history. I have watched it, lived it, noted the reactions of others, felt it, fought it. We who are subjected to violent trauma in youth need truthful answers to our questions in order to untangle incorrect, distorted, or deliberately created mis-perceptions, fragmented memories, and general distillation of thought which starts to challenge our identity and logic, and worst of all Faith. Or call it Hope, or Will to Live, they each one way or another are on the Bob's Barricade to overcoming melancholic pain in those who have been battered or confused with lies. No matter what course you take in your mind, all is vanity, there is no hope. It is an agonizing thing to endure, but like a hurricane, it will pass over if you wait. Your thinking will clear faster if you do not add depressants to the chemistry of it, ever.

One Lie can cause a logical, healthy human being to self-destruct. One Lie lives on generations, who knows how many?

The Liar's Poker King, died business partners with the flame-broiled Burger King. To think I was born with the literary sense to be able to put that in words.

I wore my Alice in Wonderland Dress to the Mai-Kai once. Leonce left me alone in the kitchen with the cooks and Mariano, the mixologist. I was so young, visiting daddy's work, wearing my white gloves. But Leonce was too busy to hang around. Mariano was going to make something special for me. I had to take my gloves off. Then, he had me cup my hands which he lined with crushed ice. He added some fruit juice with fresh pineapple and maraschino cherries. My hands were starting to burn and ache from the ice. Where was my father? I was only 6. I started to cry from confusion and pain and all the staff crowded round trying to get me to drink the juice from my hands. It hurt! By the time Leonce returned I was hysterical and Mariano was holding my hands under running water.

I had to completely compose myself in a short time for the return home. Seems like my childhood was occupied worrying whether or not people could tell if I'd been crying. I would not dare tell Kay. She constantly rallied for child safety, though rallying had a different form then. Her rules and regulations on what was appropriate for little girls to wear, see, eat, say and do should have been a magazine for juvenile sophisticates. She guarded us like a lioness, and had she known Leonce had left me alone in a room full of men who filled my hands with ice that hurt, there would have been fury.

All this was complicated by daily afternoon war movies featuring Oriental people crawling through the jungles on their bellies with knives in their teeth to kill Us. The movies were both WWII and Korean War movies- at the Mai-Kai was a mix of Polynesia, China and Korea. The movie South Pacific was released. We weren't allowed to see it, but Leonce had the soundtrack and played it everyday. I was 6 and couldn't put it together. For years I avoided the history- but my mind was so tangled. Such a stage set with tappa cloth, raffia, grass skirts, women with breasts, knives, war, daiquiris, destruction, betrayal- pikaki perfumes, sarongs, women painted on black velvet, mystery drinks!

Did this have to be Leonce's career? Very bad choice of work for raising little girls. Accidental little girls, I should emphasize.

I wish Lewis Carroll were here.

They were all of them nothing more than a pack of cahds. "



"Offshore banking" is both celebrated and criticized as a tax escape for oppressive corporations who get to cheat the U.S. Treasury while the country folk live in terror of rising taxes, of any sort.

It is also a way to hold assets out of sight until they are ready for Integration. Leonce Picot's 1974 Mansion was passed to early Mossac Fonseca clients, per 1979 conveyance. He was in the Panama Papers long before they were published, beginning on April 3, 2016.

In 2016, Carl G. Santangelo, FL BAR 290191, altered Leonce Picot's Family Trust with a signature notarized in 2005.

Following is a descending list of notable Picot and David R. Edgerton, aka EDGECOT, maybe even Sayles entities in the ICIJ files, of course, just innocently happening to pop on and off the rolls over the years since
KETTERING INVESTMENTS LIMITED Connected to 1 intermediary Incorporated: 16-MAR-1966 Struck off: 30-JUN-1978 Registered in: Bahamas


4/03/2016 Panama Papers Leak

Note: There may be artifacts in this list, but the S-Patch uses chronologies because money never moves without significance, and we do the best we can with what we have here at the Patch which is next to nothing.

CENTURY 21 HOLDINGS LIMITED Connected to 1 address Connected to 2 officers Incorporated: 13-MAY-2016 Registered in: Malta Linked countries: Malta Data from: Paradise Papers - Malta corporate registry

5/06/2014 PICOT ENTERPRISES CORP. Connected to 1 intermediary Incorporated: 28-OCT-2005 Inactivation: 06-MAY-2014 Struck off: 30-APR-2014 Registered in: British Virgin Islands Linked countries: Switzerland Data from: Panama Papers Agent: Mossack Fonseca

SLOAN INVESTMENTS LLP Connected to 2 officers Connected to 1 intermediary Incorporated: 18-JUN-2014 Status: Active 7/18/2014

8/12/2014 2014-08-12 Filing dated 12 August 2014 Incorporation EDGECOT UK Veysel Das Unlicensed Restaurants, Mobile

KETTERING HOLDINGS LTD. Connected to 1 intermediary Incorporated: 24-JUL-2014 Registered in: Bahamas

2/26/2013 SLOAN DEVELOPMENT GROUP S.A. Connected to 2 officers Connected to 1 intermediary Incorporated: 26-FEB-2013 Status: Active Registered in: Panama Linked countries: Switzerland Data from: Panama Papers Agent: Mossack Fonseca

2/01/2011 EDGERTON ASSOCIATES INC. Connected to 4 officers Connected to 1 intermediary Incorporated: 04-JAN-2011 Status: Active Registered in: Panama Linked countries: Colombia Agent: Mossack Fonseca

9/19/2011 EDGECOT INVESTMENTS Company Number 2011-117894-07 Status In Business Incorporation Date 19 September 2011 (about 9 years ago) Company Type Private Company Jurisdiction South Africa Registered Address 12 FICUS PLACE WESTMEAD 3608 South Africa

12/29/2010 Berry Trading Ltd Connected to 1 address Connected to 5 officers Incorporated: 29-DEC-2010 Registered in: Malta Linked countries: Malta

9/23/2009 PICOT GROUP CORP. Connected to 1 officer Connected to 1 intermediary Incorporated: 23-SEP-2009 Status: Active Registered in: Panama Linked countries: Switzerland Data from: Panama Papers Agent: Mossack Fonseca

RESCON ASSOCIATES LTD. Connected to 1 intermediary Incorporated: 23-OCT-2008 Status: Active Registered in: British Virgin Islands Linked countries: Latvia Agent: Mossack Fonseca

1/10/2007 Sloan Investment Holdings Ltd. Connected to 4 addresses Connected to 12 officers Incorporated: 05-JUN-1997 Closed: 01-OCT-2007 Registered in: Bermuda

5/10/2007 BURGER KING Connected to 1 address Connected to 1 officer Incorporated: 20-DEC-2002 Closed: 10-MAY-2007 Registered in: Aruba

10/25/2006 Antinori International Ltd. Connected to 1 intermediary Incorporated: 25-OCT-2006 Registered in: Bahamas Data from: Bahamas Leaks

10/28/2005 5/06/2014 PICOT ENTERPRISES CORP. Connected to 1 officer Connected to 1 intermediary Incorporated: 28-OCT-2005 Inactivation: 06-MAY-2014 Struck off: 30-APR-2014 Status: Defaulted Registered in: British Virgin Islands Linked countries: Switzerland Data Agent: Mossack Fonseca

12/19/2005 PICOT ENTERPRISES S.A. 19-DEC-2005 Inactivation: 05-OCT-2010 Struck off: 15-JAN-2012 Status: Changed agent Registered in: Panama Linked countries: Bahamas Agent: Mossack Fonseca

1/22/2004 Active EDGECOT INVESTMENTS LIMITED Company Number C33049 Jurisdiction Malta Registered Address 93 MILL STREET QORMI Malta

12/20/2002 BURGER KING Connected to 1 address Connected to 1 officer Incorporated: 20-DEC-2002 Closed: 10-MAY-2007 Registered in: Aruba

5/11/2001 INDIANA SHIPPING LIMITED Connected to 1 address Connected to 1 officer Incorporated: 11-MAY-2001 Registered in: Malta

1/05/1999 PICOT ENTERPRISES INC. Connected to 1 intermediary Incorporated: 06-MAY-1994 Inactivation: 05-JAN-1999 Struck off: 31-DEC-1995 Registered in: Bahamas Linked countries: Guatemala Agent: Mossack Fonseca

2/22/1999 ANTINORI HOLDING INC Connected to 1 intermediary Incorporated: 22-FEB-1999 Registered in: Bahamas Data from: Bahamas Leaks

12/12/1995 CARL SANTANGELO secretario asistente, Panama flag R CRUISES,INC. (Panama, 12 Dec 1995- ) inactive
CARL SANTANGELO secretario asistente, Panama flag inactive R SHIPPING, INC. (Panama, 12 Dec 1995- 9 Apr 1998)

5/06/1994 PICOT ENTERPRISES INC. Connected to 1 intermediary Incorporated: 06-MAY-1994 Inactivation: 05-JAN-1999 Struck off: 31-DEC-1995 Registered in: Bahamas Linked countries: Guatemala Data from: Panama Papers Agent: Mossack Fonseca

6/09/1994 EDGERTON ASSOCIATES LTD. Connected to 1 intermediary Incorporated: 09-JUN-1994 Inactivation: 05-NOV-1997 Struck off: 31-OCT-1997 Registered in: British Virgin Islands Linked countries: Switzerland Data from: Panama Papers Agent: Mossack Fonseca

10/05/1994 SAYLES CORPORATION Connected to 1 intermediary Incorporated: 05-OCT-1994 Struck off: 31-OCT-1997 Registered in: Bahamas Data from: Bahamas Leaks

10/25/1993 INDIANA TRADING INC. Connected to 1 officer Connected to 1 intermediary Incorporated: 25-OCT-1993 Struck off: 30-APR-2014 Registered in: British Virgin Islands Linked countries: Switzerland Data from: Panama Papers Agent: Mossack Fonseca



Leonce truly did not know much about the moneyed world, least of all, how to conceal it. He had never had anything to conceal until Katherine died. But even when he was broke, raising his family, he had no qualms about displaying his own indulgences, expenditures on himself, for little painted soldiers, clothing, hi-fi, etc., while the ex-Mrs. Frank Kryder bought Leonce's first house and the lion's share of his daughters' clothing.

So, in 1972, as soon as the ink was dry and he became PR of his ex-wife's estate, he bought everything in sight. Michele finally got a winter coat after two years at college in Raleigh, NC., chronically ill from the cold. He was dripping with material goods. To intimidiate Michele, he forced her to watch him load Carolyn up with jewels in Firenze. The only jewelry he ever gave Kay was a gold charm of The Empire State Building he picked up at a Restaurant Association Convention. Though, she was not a lover of jewels and she didn't have a charm bracelet. He made it an instant point to conspicuosly show Michele everything he promised Kay was going to be thrown onto Carolyn- the Idlewyld House, the restaurants- all Kay's DREAMS, all the promises he made to us as little children while Michele literally washed his cars and polished his shoes were now going to The Guerard Sisters who didn't have a mother either.

It is well known that real estate is the number one layering device for bulkier sums. Leonce went from backstreet warehouse apartments to a multi-millionaire's mansion in one step. The Down Under wasn't that successful. All of the real estate he occupied the rest of his life was beyond the scope of his earnings, and when he died he didn't own any real estate.

William Borchers, Dayton, Ohio Insurance person, a savvy money person, sold Leonce jewelry, cars, and furnishings privately. Cash transactions, way beyond Leonce's means.

While in San Francisco and Monterey, Leonce and Carolyn claimed they had to furnish their apartments there up to speed with the John Berry Family.

Leonce broke his Nob Hill lease and absconded in the middle of the night with all the kitchen equipment. Once back in Florida, the equipment filled the rest of the wine warehouse space.

MPS was asked to store an antique Chinese Altar Table in her house. She did not know at the time they were hiding it. It must have been quite valuable, and something they didn't want seen in their North American Properties Beachfront. Likewise, without recompense, she was asked to not park her cars in her garage so that the San Francisc o Picot Bedroom Suite could hide there for about a year.

Now, MPS spent a number of years working for very wealthy clients who used interior designers. These clients enjoyed telling MPS what they spent on everything.

So, the Strawberry Girl pondered the sleek gray wood and Italian leather bedroom furnishings. She knew what they were worth. Why didn't the Picots sell it? Why was everything thrown so topsy turvy into the Strawberry garage?

It is not so hard to hide 2 million every five years, just by spending it, since no one knows you have it anyway.

And with all that at his disposal, not one savings bond, not one stamp was saved for his own grandchildren. As said, those grandchildren who did receive a "Trust" received an indentured obligation Leonce owed their father.

The father of Leonce's grandson was simply just ripped-off for his service.

But, Joyce Fix was paid $350,000. What a reward for wiping out Kay's grandchild and daughter! She must have had to really keep quiet about something. As if, she didn't already have a house, and her own father's copious dough.

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